The Constitution Will Not Protect You!

I have a question…

If we as the people of America are ever to regain our freedom, don’t we first have to realize and admit that:

We are not under the constitution?

The constitution is an idealistic piece of paper that has no relevance to anyone but the men who signed it (We The People = Founding fathers)?

A contract only applies if it is entered into voluntarily, signed, acknowledged, witnessed, etc…?

We retain no rights from the constitution because the constitution has no authority to grant them to us?

Countless legislation including bankruptcy, reorganization, Gold Standard, Federal Reserve Act, Executive Orders, and other acts and bills within multiple and continued declared states of emergency in U.S. history extinguished our so-called constitutional freedom long ago?

If we are to be a free people, must we first not stop believing in our false-entitlement through an obsolete and unfounded contract between a bunch of lawyers that have been dead for 200 years – the constitution. Only when we can as a people come to realize that the constitution is long dead (but possibly revive-able?) can we then get our country back from the bankers who stole it. Until then, the belief in this fictional piece of paper will serve no other purpose than to stop otherwise good men from taking action against a tyrannical beast called the bank of Rothschild – “The Crown” – under which all banks call home.

There is nothing constitutional about our government or our country, because it is not bound by the constitution!!!

Yes, our politicians quote it and take false oaths to it. Yes, our false courts pay homage to it pretending to use its ideals in their decisions. And yes, our whole political paradigm and culture is centered around the idea of the constitution. But this illusion is not reality.

And who decides the constitutionality of our government’s actions? The judicial branch of the government. The king decides what the king can and cannot do, according to Article 1, Section 6 of the very document we hold so dear!

The moral of this story is this: Until we stop our foolish idealism and extinguish our belief in this non-existent, non-applicable document, we will continue to be slaves to our “government’s” will. And they will continue with incremental precision to take away all of your rights as you continue to cry foul on deaf, unconstitutional ears, through such weapons as United Nations treaties, Supreme Court decisions, and rigged votes by corporate controlled secretly coded (secret from congress) voting machines. Nothing they do is unconstitutional if they are not bound by the constitution in the first place. And our “rights” listed in the second amendment are in reality held by sheer firepower and the much founded fear by our government of the ones holding those guns – the people of the United States. It is not the constitution or the second amendment, but the guns themselves that give us the right to bear arms.

The only question is… what will you do when the government comes for your guns?

For if they pass a bill that declares the fake 2nd amendment to be null and void, despite the fact that it was always null and void, will you be duped into following your constitution as if it were your bible, and as if God Himself were confiscating your guns?

These are the questions you should be asking yourselves…

For what is freedom but a state of mind?


— Clint Richardson (

— Monday, May 24, 2010