The Naked Body Scan Picture Hoax


I just found something very interesting, and I’m not the first…

When the infamous picture came out with the portrait of the naked woman from a body scanner that showed full frontal nudity, the media outlet responsible chose a beautiful well-endowed woman who looked like she could be a model.

Then, someone claimed to have reversed the picture to make it appear that they had found a great conspiracy – the body scanners were in fact an almost perfect naked image of the human body!

Naturally, Alex Jones and Infowars were one of the first scare-mongers to pick this story up, proceeding to rant and rave about how “they” are going to oooogle and gooogle over your naked body scans as well.

But guess what? The whole thing was a fake!!!

As it turns out, that beautiful woman with the lovely breasts who looked like she could have been a model… was in fact, a model! Someone bought that picture from a German website called ( and photo-shopped it to look like an X-Ray picture.

But then someone took that photo from this website and photo-shopped it to make it look like a reverse processing of the homeland security photo – which was of course fake in the first place.

Here is the Homeland Security/Alex Jones article featuring this grandiose discovery of conspiracy:

*** Notice that they even added a picture of someone else in cloths, which is obviously not the same woman. Where did this picture come from, and why did they attach it to appear to be the same woman?

Here is the page where this lovely model is featured (warning – these are live nude photos for art drawings):

*** Notice that the sixth picture to the right, top row, #518430 is this same exact picture – not an airport scanner image!!!

Now this is not to say that these creeps aren’t laughing at your genitalia as you pass through these scanners. This is only to expose the suspicious nature of the way sites like Infowars disseminate information, and to question where this info comes from in the first place, and how they get it. Could it be that these great finds are purposeful and deliberately “exposed” by people like Alex Jones while working for this system of disinformation?

If you would ask why he would do this, as a devil’s advocate, my first answer would be to scare people (something Alex Jones is quite talented at) so that they are less likely to fly, subverting the freedom of travel through fear while appearing to expose a criminal activity for the very government he may work for. It also sells a whole lot of seeds, gold, and survival products. Why do I suggest this? Take a ride back in history and listen to Bill Cooper’s take on Alex Jones and his lies about Y2K 10 years ago. Go here: (

This is just my best analysis, and I could be completely out in left field. But at least I’ll admit it if I am proven wrong. (And that is an invitation to prove me wrong, by the way!)

Will this article get detracted by the Infowars staff? Probably not. They’re never wrong because they blame the source they didn’t verify in the first place!

With the recent exodus of radio circuit personalities from the Alex Jones and Infowars pit of dis-info (I.E. Mike Rivero, Jeff Rense, Jack Blood, Alan Watt, etc…) and the advent of stories like this turning out to be complete unchecked hogwash, I believe it is time to step back and start asking ourselves who in any form of profitable syndicated media can we trust?

Operation Mockingbird was brought to light over 30 years ago, but it never stopped.

Beware of these final gatekeepers of information. If you really want to get at the truth of the information war, you need to separate yourselves from these self-proclaimed truth-tellers, and start doing your own research.

What are the best things to research?

Start with the very things that evoke an angry irrational response and unreasonable avoidance by these fear personalities to their caller’s questions. Listen carefully, and you’ll know what I’m referring to.

Thinking for yourself does not mean listening to other people speak about what they say you need to know. Research for yourselves; you’ll be shocked at what you find. And you’ll no doubt ask yourself… Why doesn’t Alex talk about that?


***Note – I am not able to pinpoint the actual origin of the photo-shopped picture referred to in this article. From other website comments, it appears to have been originally created by the Drudge Report, but I seem to remember it was Homeland Security. If anyone has an insight into this, please leave a comment below with a link. This however, has nothing to do with this photo’s promulgation as a real scan photo taken by these machines – a blatant lie. Thank you… -Clint-


Clint Richardson (

Tuesday, November 23, 2010