World War 3… or 3rd World War

What’s the difference? World War 3 would be a war in which all the world would be made to choose sides and fight for what their governments believe is the right ism; Capitalism, Socialism, Fascism, Globalism, Corporatism, etc… But we are not quite there yet. Almost. But not quite yet…

The 3rd World War, a state of war in which the United States has been deeply involved in since before World War 2, is simply defined as a war against the 3rd world. These poor, hungry, technologically lacking, and militarily obsolete places in the 3rd world are countries like Congo, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Ecuador, Rwanda, and so many others. They or their governments are not now, nor ever have been a threat to the United States. They have no strike capabilities against us. They have no armies or Navies. Hell, some of them don’t even have electricity or plumbing. They don’t even have smaller weapons like ICBM’s… or for that matter any rocket capabilities whatsoever. If they did, we would not have invaded and killed so many of their people for fear of retaliation and actual publicity from a media not controlled by the elite of this world. If they do have weapons it’s because we sell or give them away with the intention of using these people later to invade or commit genocide on a neighboring country. These pointless occupations, bombings, and cold-blooded murder are perpetrated onto people who cannot defend themselves, under the guise of secrecy and in the interest of national security.

When was the last time America attacked a 1st World Nation? Do you remember U.S. paratroopers ever dropping in to say hi to France, Russia, Norway, or any militarily capable country in Europe? How about Japan? Australia? Nope. Ok… how about anywhere in the world with a stable economy, or even the capability of filming such horrendous war crimes and broadcasting them? No. Nada. Never going to happen.

But, there is one thing that these poor 3rd world locations do all have in common: a richness in un-tapped minerals, precious metals, oil… and an abundance of cheap or indentured slave labor to mine it. And the United States and other ruthless countries take full advantage of this fact.

And so, the next time you buy a diamond ring, remember where it comes from (DeBeers is actually owned by the Rothschild family). The next time you drive your car, remember that it is blood that powers your motor, not just oil.

And now that we have raped and pillaged these once sacred lands, let World War 3 and the depopulation of these beautiful but molested people begin.

Peace out.

-Clint Richardson (

September 15, 2009