Who’s Responsible For Federal Crime?

As I have pointed out many times, there is only one elected official in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. That official – the President – then appoints each cabinet member and other bureaucracies that in turn appoint (hire) a full staff for themselves. Elect one person, and you are stuck with millions of appointed people.

Does this still sound like a representative government to you?

I don’t think so either.

In fact, as I was interviewing former New Jersey Senator Dick Larossa today, we came up with a fantastic idea…

We, the people have only allowed one man through election to be the President of the United States. We have, in fact, granted him or her complete command of the military, and total autonomy over the Executive Branch of government.

And herein lies the solution.

You see, every time someone screws up or commits treason in any of the Executive Departments of the Federal Government, the responsibility for this crime rests solely on the person who appointed that office-holder. That person is the President of the United States. Not the Vice-President, for he or she is simply the appointed running-mate of the President. You don’t really vote for that office. They are just along for the ride.

Let’s put this into perspective here:

1) If my child commits a crime, as the parent I must be responsible for that crime as the parent or legal guardian of that child.

2) If I have a power of attorney over my mother or father due to their old age and incapacity to care for themselves, I am also responsible for their actions, and must pay for their antics.

3) If I am the CEO of a corporation, I am responsible for the actions of my employees. I hire them, or I hire the person who hires them.

The theory here is to place all responsibility and punishment for any actions taken in any Presidential appointed office on the President of the United States who appointed them – with the intent and full knowledge that if you run for President, you are guilty until proven innocent of any crime committed in your Departments.

The politicians and attorneys would scurry away like cockroaches, scared of the light, and actually afraid of being in power. Only an honest man would take on a public position such as this. And the opportunistic slime who currently inhabit the bureaucracy of the Federal Government would quickly crumble and fade away.

As it currently stands, the president can get away with just about anything because he can always blame one of his appointments as the patsy or guilty party. In this way, massive crime can be committed with total deny-ability.

So, from now on, I say Obama and any future elected President (including myself) is automatically responsible for his or her staff’s actions, until proven to be innocent. After all, he is the only guy we elected!

Oh, and that just happens to include EVERYTHING that happens in the:

Is this really too much to ask?


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Thursday, August 4th, 2011