Please Help Us Foster Gamble

Dear Mr. Gamble,

I can’t tell you how absolutely thrilled I am to finally see a mainstream figure such as yourself actually talk openly and publicly about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report structure of government accounting. (see video below)

Now that you have bravely brought this forward, and now that you are starting to comprehend that this document is the holy grail of government accounting – showing trillions of hidden wealth and investments in perhaps the biggest open secret in history – it is time to put your money where your mouth is (with all due respect). Walter Burien and myself are the only two figures who are attempting a mass public disclosure of these financial statements. We are both the only people willing and capable of critically and correctly disclosing the information within the CAFR’s – due to the purposeful and deceitful lack of disclosure by government and by the purposeful omission that you disclose by government in your video.

I want to personally thank you for this, by the way, and can at this point only hope that you realize that this topic of government accounting as it is hidden from the public comprehension is the most important subject out there. It is directly responsible for not only the poverty in the United States and indeed globally, but for the corporate takeover/buyout and enslavement of the entire world.

I can only ask of you, man to man, to do the right thing… and to do it right. Already there are too many incorrect statements being made about the CAFR’s, like the erroneous statement by yourself that these are anything remotely close to what you referred to as “rainy day funds“. I assure you, they are not. It is of the utmost importance that we educate the people in the right way, without misinformation and without error. Only with myself, with Walter Burien in the lead position as my supervisor, can we do the job properly.

And so I am asking you for the financial support necessary to do the job right, and for your help to implement Walter Burien’s Tax Retirement Fund solution.

You have the very real opportunity to literally save the world here; to actually bring forth and re-distribute the government investment wealth to invest in cures for disease, for alternative energies, and for all of the things that will bring this world and its inhabitants into its true potential.

The ball is in your court, as is the corporate wealth…

The world has been waiting for someone like you. So what will you do, sir?


–Clint Richardson (
–Sunday, July 8th, 2012