Searching For Palestinian Soldiers

I clicked onto a random Youtube video today; one of the multitude bearing the familiar tag line of “Israeli Soldiers Abuse Palestinian _____.”

As I listened, it turned out instead to be the typical defense of Israel type of plea. The subject was the recent peace talks between Palestine and the Israeli “State”. And of course the narrator lamented upon the poor Israelis having a disadvantage in those talks. And now they’ve broken down yet again.

As I thought about her words juxtaposed to the film footage of Israeli soldiers engaging Palestinian pedestrians, a wonderfully ticklish feeling of confidence and sorrow came over me as I constructed an idea…

Even before I asked myself the question, I knew to my bones the answer. I didn’t just know it, I felt it.

Any time a man can dispel his own cognitive dissonance by logically destroying his own fallacious thought patterns programed since birth, a feeling of liberation and relief follows. Today, I found the ultimate weapon to showcase the true purveyors of abuse in the Holy Land. So simple…

And so I grabbed my keyboard and mouse to verify my new revelation.

First, I re-visited Youtube to utilize my two-part verification method. Therein I typed the phrase:


Up came a massive collection of video clips that showed Israeli soldiers interacting violently with the non-uniformed, non-militarized, Palestinian people. Abuse, bloodied and dismembered children, depleted uranium-exposed people on both sides, executions, violent arrests, child and elderly abuse, and all-around disrespect of life and liberty shown 100 times over; armed guards against an unarmed people.

Now came the victory dance. For I then typed into the search box the words:


Now I didn’t expect to see very many videos of Palestinian Soldiers, but I was a bit shocked at my own ignorance to see that not only were there no videos at all showing Palestinian soldiers, but the same exact videos that came up with my previous search appeared on the screen, again showing Israeli soldiers abusing Palestinian men, woman, and children.

Just to be a bit more clear, I typed in a different search:


Of the 15 or so videos that came up, one was titled “Horse abuse by Palestinian on Jewish Land”.

The other videos were titled as follows:

Orthodox Jewish woman harasses Palestinian mother

Jewish settler hate

American Jew Abused in Israel Tel Aviv… (refering to Israeli Jew on American Jew – jew on jew – crime)

More Palestinian/Hamas Child Abuse. Kids TV

Life in Palestine under Jewish Occupation

Newt Gingrich trying to show loyalty to Israel by abusing Palestinian rights!

Historical Images: 900,000 Palestinians Fleeing,
Tens of Thousands of Jews Seizing their Homes

Israeli Checkpoints: Assaulting International Observers and Abusing Palestinians in Hebron

Israeli Soldiers & Police Attack Palestinian Children When Playing Near Al Aqsa

Mizrahi Jews steal Palestinian homes


So where is the Palestinian Army? Police? Soldiers? Anyone?

Where are all the videos of them abusing the Jews? Because they appear to be almost non-existent!

And then I thought… really? The organized efforts of the ADL, AIPAC, dozens of duel-Israeli citizen Cabinet members and politicians, the Christian/Jewish alliance, the CIA and the Mossad working side by side, and countless other pro-Israeli organizations and congresses… and they didn’t think to flood Youtube with either real or fake videos of Palestinians abusing Jews? I laughed out loud at the thought that this stupid little after-thought just turned into the most honest, in your face proof through logic, reason, and sheer in your face video evidence and fact, that the Palestinian people are completely suppressed by the Israeli army and have no weapons or army to fight back with. They have sticks and stones against sub-machine guns, tanks, planes, and a holy horror of illegal weapons designed for maximum carnage and suffering.

Incidentally, It is important to mention that I could find no videos or articles of Palestinians stealing any Jewish land or homes.

And of course, as I deconstructed the true situation over there, I realized that the Palestinian people have no army, navy, air force, or any protective force at all.

That’s the people. The people are defenseless, bravely using their own bodies as their only weapons, often in defense of their families and communities.

The Palestinian government, if you can call it that, is a bit different.

From Wikipedia:

The signing of the Oslo Accords in September 1993 brought about the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority. With the opening of Gaza International Airport, the PNA established a 200-strong Aviation Police (Shurta al-Jawiya), subordinate to the Palestinian Civil Aviation Department and based on Force 14 personnel. Consisting mainly of guards and security personnel, the unit initially also comprised crews responsible for maintaining and operating the authority’s fleet of three Mil Mi-17 helicopters. These, however, were all destroyed by the Israeli Air Force on December 3, 2001, during the Al-Aqsa Intifada.

The Palestinian Security Force is financed by the United States which, according to media estimates, pays an annual 3 million dollars for it.

As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict goes on, the security forces notably co-operate with other law enforcement agencies, such as arresting militant sub-groups and assisting the Israeli government with prosecuting those picked up. According the Jerusalem Post as well, “In the past, Palestinian security forces have released arrested terrorists and then quietly tipped off Israel to mitigate internal public criticism against handing over Palestinians to Israel.”

From the late 1990s, the CIA played the central role in building up PA security forces, in close co-operation with the Israeli military and intelligence. After the killing of three US officials in the Gaza strip in 2003, British forces played an increasingly active role.

Mohammed Dahlan was the first chief of the Palestinian Security Force in Gaza from 1994 to 2002. Dahlan was replaced by Rashid Abu Shbak. Jibril Rajoub was the chief president of the Palestinian Security Force in the West Bank and was replaced in 2002 by Zuhair Manasra.

The current state and activities of Force 14 are unknown, though it was reportedly still sending recruits on various training courses throughout the world in the mid 1990s.


Hmm… Well then, what happened to the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA)?

Considering its enemy is the Israeli “Defense” Forces (IDF), they don’t exist in Palestine anymore. However, it has been reported that approximately 4,500 PLA members remain in Syria.

Wikipedia reports that:

PLA soldiers later became the core of the Palestinian Authority’s (PNA) National Guard, after the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords, when they were allowed to enter the Palestinian Territories to take up positions in the PNA security services.

And what of the Palestinian Authority, which “keeps the peace” in the yet unrecognized status of the Palestinian state?

Palestinians in the diaspora and inside Israel do not vote in elections for the offices of the Palestinian Authority.

As I pondered this notion, I came to the startling realization that this is almost the exact story of what America went through, where it’s militias were demonized and replaced by the United States central government’s peace-keeping version of the lawful militia, called the Federal de facto “National Guard”. The people do not vote for their peace-keepers here either… but then the American people have no idea they are a militarily occupied union under the Leiber Code. Just like in Palestine, the army and the guards are there to protect government from the people, not the other way around.

So then what, pray tell, would happen if I searched the whole Internet for some small trace of a resisting Palestinian Army?

And this is about where I kicked myself…

Dear God!, I realized. Palestine is a country with no defense! It has no army, navy, air force, or any force at all – except the undying will of a totally oppressed people! Of course the Palestinians have no army. They have no ships or planes. They have nothing but their lands and homes; though this appears to be a conditional use at best, until the so-called Israeli “Jews” steal them while claiming right of return to a place they do not belong and have no actual historical right to claim.

So I’m supposed to believe it when the media states that the poor, poor Israeli “Jews” are being abused by a people with no military authority or force whatsoever, and that this justifies the most brutal of retaliation and genocide? By a people that don’t even have access to most streets? By a people oppressed in every conceivable way through Apartheid tactics? By people so desperate as to throw sticks and stones because all of their weapons and planes were confiscated or destroyed by the Israelis (which the United States paid for)?

Is there any greater internationally syndicated fallacy today then that of the cry of these oppressors as an appeal to their theft and murder of innocent men, women, and children in the name of plunder and racial superiority? Can we really expect anything less in our own lands if we stand by and do nothing as our own government’s contribute billions and billions to this travesty of morality and international law? Are we ourselves so corrupted by Talmudic, Zionist devices, brainwashing, and false patriotism that we silently consent to this atrocity in infinitude, even while our own governments around the world fund it?

Perhaps the Muslim’s are chanting and cheering “death to America” because they realize that the wholly Zionist United States government and its complacent, tacitly consenting, brainwashed people are the only thing keeping the “state” of Israel alive? Well, that and the Crown Corporation Sole, which militarily took over Palestine in the first place to reclaim its “Kingdom of Jerusalem.”

Ugh… now I’ve done it. I must officially be un-American, anti-Semitic, and a domestic terrorist for speaking the truth.

Give me a fucking break!


–Clint Richardson (
–Wednesday, November 12th, 2014