AA+ Downgrade Is By Government Owned Corporations

The truth has been so twisted and turned that our belief system in America has become our biggest enemy.

We believe that the stock market is an independent structure, operating within government guidelines… But when we open up government’s Institutional Fund and Pension Fund investment portfolios and asset listings, we can easily find that the stock market is owned through stock investment by government funds.

Here, for example, is what just the New York Pension system holds:

.                                                                Shares            $ Market Value

NYSE Euronext                                 1,044,464               18,695,906
NASDAQ OMX Group Inc                 539,840               10,570,067

How about the Dow Jones?

Dow Jones                                             201,002                 7,899,379

And most importantly, the rating companies:

Moody’s Corp                                     1,001,702                71,581,625
Barclays plc                                         2,558,517              29,889,010

The moral of the story is that while we listen to the government owned media report to us that the government owned stock market is taking a nosedive because the government owned rating companies have downgraded the government owned economy of the United States, we actually believe the lie!

And that is just sad…

A puppet show of this magnitude needs to be torn apart and examined to its core, and that is why I spent 8 months collecting this information into a movie:

The Great Pension Fund Hoax:

01:14:00 – 01:18:00 Government owns China and the Oil Companies

01:42:00 – 01:57:00 – Government owns the media, Diebold, Monsanto, General Electric, etc…

02:27:00 – 02:42:00 – Government owns the banks and rating agencies

4 hours of your time will explain the whole shell-game.

Otherwise, just keep on believing…


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Sunday, August 7th, 2011