A Glimpse At Your Own Future

More and more I find myself having hope…

But not the kind you might think.

You see, I keep hoping that this whole 2012 Hopi/Mayan/media prophecy of world-wide destruction or “change” actually comes true – that it will shake off the infestation of greed, hypocrisy, sheer bloody ignorance, and a complete lack of empathy that has plagued the people of this earth. For everywhere I look, I am reminded of these common traits that now define a “civilized society”. These traits are praised and incorporated into the business-plan of government and private industry; a cold and calculated machine made of flesh and bone without emotion or substance. And the hardest reality of all is the lack of humanity shown as a side-effect of it all – an uncaring absence of action or empathy based on nothing more than the appearance of greener pastures to replace the used, abused, and irreplaceable pastures left behind.

At times, I allow myself to hope that the only reason that men of power and influence could possibly be so evil is that they know that the world is ending as we know it, and that their actions are simply those of hopeless men, with a knowledge that their actions today will not matter tomorrow. Not that this could possibly be any excuse for what is happening in the world now. But then, when I think of everyone else out there purposefully ignoring these things as is the civilized way, any hope I have of a new and wonderful society vanishes with the wind.

Case in point:

For those that aren’t familiar with the “Prime Directive” of “non-interference” straight out of the Star Trek series, there was a basic law that decreed that no planet or country could be mined, cultivated, or otherwise “terraformed” if lifeforms – especially sentient ones – inhabited that space. Many a plot for these series revolved around the removal of people (or advanced species) from areas rich in mineral deposits or other technological needs of the “Federation”, which is what America actually is:

A federation (Latin: foedus, foederis, ‘covenant’), also known as a federal state, is a political entity characterized by a union of partially self-governing states or regions united by a central (federal) government. In a federation, the self-governing status of the component states, as well as the division of power between them and the central government, are typically constitutionally entrenched and may not be altered by a unilateral decision of the latter. The governmental or constitutional structure found in a federation is known as federalism.

And the International Forum of Federations lists the world’s federal countries, including the United States, here:

Link–> http://www.forumfed.org/en/federalism/by_country/index.php

“Democracy” has been turned loose in America and created a system of concentrated irresponsibility in the people, where collectively they grant their consent and power over to a group of unethical and un-empathetic men and women, who then create public law on behalf of the people. Thus, the people have become irresponsible and have left derelict their duty to protect one another and the world around them from the very men and women they call government – who in actuallity are nothing but representatives of the corporations that are destroying the place we all live. In short, the people have placed their personal responsibility into a limited liability corporation that, as long as it then provides them welfare, services, and benefits, the people no longer care how evil and seditious government becomes. The people have turned a blind eye to reality; now living in a televised and media driven simulation of humanity. And the land and its lifeforms suffer for this ignorance and lack of knowledge.

And now for a current glimpse into the future of how you too will be ignored, forgotten and passively spoken about without action or consequence in the very near future for the common good…

We are cursed with this foreshadowing even now.

The documentary series below is perhaps the best simulation of Agenda 21 principles and best practices I can think of as it relates to the people of the world and their future. It is more than an allegory, for it is the future of human capital management, shown here as it pertains to America’s so-called “national treasure”.

The current removal and killing of wild horses and burrows from BLM land is as bad or worse than the history of the removal of native American Indians from the territories sought by the corporation of the United States, and of the imprisonment of those native peoples on what government calls “reservations”. There is no escaping the fact that this history of murder and harm was done by the people, for the people, by government. This is our bloody legacy of justified intolerance and genocide.

Now, as government seeks to utilize those conquered lands and territories for which it now calls “federal lands”, the BLM has been purposefully starving to death and sending to slaughterhouses one of America’s last treasures. You see, government created laws which restricted its own use – a prime directive, if you will – of lands inhabited by wild horses and burrows. Government and it’s “Land Management” construct became the caretaker and steward of these magnificent beasts and the land they roam upon, with the peoples unspoken consent.

But the lawmakers are lawless!

Now corporations want that land, and government is the manager. And government’s solution is to literally round up those wild horses, place them into pens, starve them to death, or truck them away to slaughterhouses. It is not rounding up dear, wolves, millions of domestic cattle, or any other form of life. Just horses. Because horses are the only thing standing in the way of corporate expansion due to their own “nature protection” laws.

All this for the crime of being free…

And because the “prime directive” of government and corporations is to make a profit, AT ANY COST!!!

Under Agenda 21, the same plan is being implemented for the human race. While this is merely the likely and indeed planned future of humanity without obstruction, we can see the roots of this global plan today with horses and burrows.

I beg of you to watch this series. As you are watching, keep Agenda 21 and “sustainable development” in mind, knowing that soon your land will be up on the long-range target for government. And if the parallels aren’t apparent to you; the lack of empathy, the immoral behavior of people, and the complete lack of human decency or respect for life… then at least become an advocate for these once cherished beasts of burden, as all creatures great and small should indeed be cherished.

Government is breaking its own laws, as government always does.

Your government will not stop this torture and killing of innocence unless you stop it.

And if you don’t defend and stop this genocide, who do you think will stop it from happening to you, when you or your family or neighbors inhabit the lands wanted for corporate takeover?

And perhaps the silent answer to this question is why I have no hope for humanities future or for my own, because I’m betting this will not be stopped, and that after watching this, 99.9% of the people will not lift a finger to do anything about it.

I hope that I am wrong…

Part 1:

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–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Wednesday, September 5th, 2012