Red Pill Sunday School: Special Guest: Kurtis Richard Kallenbach


Join me this Sunday for a special live discussion with Kurt Kallenbach. Check out some of his works, here: (

If you’ve missed some of my past shows, including my three part series on the True history of the United States (#12, 13, 14), please revisit my archives where all my guest appearances and regularly hosted shows are archived:

Past guests on Red Pill Sunday School have included Patrick Jordan and Daniel, catching up on our adventures in our Republic Broadcasting days. I plan on doing more live shows from here on in, as requested, so stay tuned to this archives site for future guest announcements.

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Thanks one and all for your generous gifts and especially your kind and supportive words to keep me going on this path, where so many stumbling blocks have been placed before us.

Until we meet on our paths in the Real, let us remain united and meek (spiritually prepared) together as we may in this strange realm of the digital simulacra…


–Clint>richardson (
–Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 (Anno Domini)
–22 Tevet, 5778 (Anno Mundi)*


*Yes, Kurt and I will discuss these alternative timelines!!!

The Corporation Nation Radio Show

I will be hosting my own talk-show on Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN).

“The Corporation Nation”
radio program.

My first show will be this Monday, October 14th, 2013


5-7pm Pacific
8-10pm Eastern


Topics: natural rights and law, artificial persons, government CAFR investments,
trivium, Agenda 21, Common Core, vaccination, comet ISON, and much more.

This week’s tentative guests will include:

Jan Irvin (
Vicky Davis (
Freeman Burt (

I will be looking for sponsors.

Seeking an archivist.

Please join me and spread the word.

We have a lot to talk about!