Child Abuse Sponsored By Government

There are many subjects that I have come across in my now decade of researching, but none are more disturbing and mentally debilitating as the severely under-reported reality of child ritual abuse, trafficking, rape, and murder.

I am ashamed to say that I stay away from this subject for this very reason, for I am cursed with what I call hyper-empathy.

I feel…

Though I do not get my hopes up that this will be the breakthrough coverage that will turn the tide and wake up the masses to what is happening within the government, its investment held corporations, and its protecting court system that never hears these cases without dismissal, I do hope it creates some momentum within even the most ardent truth-seekers.

When I talk to people and they ask me why I care so much about so much that I don’t see with my own eyes or feel with my own feelers, I can only try to enunciate my hyper-sensitivity to what is the reality of the society we live in, and its darkest, deepest bowels that go unnoticed while most people work two jobs just to survive.

My question to them is, How can you live comfortably knowing that this is happening?

And I fear the unspoken answer…

In a world where we do not stand up for others, where child ritual abuse and rape are more prevalent than anyone not in the know can imagine, I am happy to present this mainstream news interview (from Canada) that will likely not be replayed in the United States – the true hotbed for child porn, rape, and abuse.

Dare I hope that the people will rise up against this organized crime outfit called government, if only to protect the children for which government pretends to protect while doing the unthinkable?

This syndicated interview is the tip of a very large iceberg…


–Clint Richardson (
–Sunday, November 25, 2012