Clint Interviewed For Common Sense Summit 2021

Many of you know my past experience with conferences. You know my experienced-based opinion (and have now seen the results) of what commercializing any sincere movement does and the cult of personalities it forms. And you know that I am very cautious about just whom I will allow my good name to be associated with after all these years.

To those that attended the so-called “Free Your Mind” conference with me, you know first hand what this type of barely organized bread and circus event amounts to, from professional shills to parroting, unwitting liars to way-out-there hippies peddling energy crystals and 5G protective moonrocks. And you know that I’ve not only openly called out the “organizers” of these for-profit alternative commerce-fests, but also sought out the ultimate question in parting – how can I possibly free my mind inside a coldly partitioned, fancy Hilton hotel conference room? And the answer, unwaveringly, is that we can’t. And we never will.

What you also know about me is that I’m no salesman. But in this case, it turns out, that’s a good thing…

For here I find myself in the midst of it again, though this time wittingly participating in a different kind of conference, one that is online and even FREE to watch for a short time. Clyde Cleveland’s Common Sense Summit main page has this to say about its organization and style:


What is The Common Sense Summit? – The 5-day digital event consists of 48+ world-class experts in the field of patriotism who are sharing their inside secrets, tactics, and strategies on finding solutions that you can use today to restore your freedoms and basic human rights. The Common Sense Summit is an online virtual event you attend from any location using any device when your schedule permits. Our expert interviews and presentations are available for free on the day they launch for the summit to anyone who has claimed their free pass. Access links are emailed each day of the summit for the presentations going live that day.



For the list of speakers, including myself, please visit the website and sign up for either the free viewing or take your time with a paid pass. Putting on this type of conference is not easy, and the line-up certainly appears like something worth the price, Clyde being an excellent host.

And so I am inviting you to attend, from the comfort of your own home. My personal interview will not be seen anywhere else, and I will not be posting it out of respect. Clyde Cleveland, a gentleman I have respect for in his efforts, invited me to my surprise into this fold, a cornucopia of famous and infamously eclectic speakers, a series of short interviews that is sure to be interesting. Most importantly, for my high standards, we can read this caveat:


BUILT LIKE A COURSE – Enhanced Education – It’s our process of creating online events that resemble college-level courses delivered by world’s leading expert speakers and hosts. We craft each summit and masterclass to deliver a complete educational experience on each topic.

NOT A PITCH FEST – No Hidden Agendas We do not allow speakers to pitch their products, courses or services on our summit.  That means YOU GET a full 100% learning experience without wading though time-consuming sales pitches.  Your experience is our #1 Priority.


They just single-handedly deflated my basket of critiques for every other conference! Of course, I find myself wondering just how my 45 minute presentation will “jive” with the rest of the speakers, considering the sites’ use of empty flattering titles like patriot and sovereignty. But I sense good intentions. It’s impossible not to be on guard, yet I remain hopeful that the above descriptions reign true. It felt like a great interview, perhaps one of my best, and perhaps that’s because I knew those listening would still be chained (and patriotically so) in the legal matrix that is this corporation nation, the open-air debtor’s prison, yet perhaps open enough (or finally hopeless and grounded enough) to see those national, contractually bound chains. I wonder what dissonance happens inside the mind of someone that flies gleefully the United States commercial flag, the very banner of their own neo-feudal captors. I wonder, do they still believe they are the actual People (States), that “the constitution” somehow protects them as foreigners in the actual States united, or that their inherent God-given rights somehow come from codes and other documents of that corporation in Washington DC and its constitutions instead of from God? Will they listen, or will they continue seeking their freedom and privacy from the men that seek to deaden their spirit so as to control (govern) their minds (mentis), while contracted in the corporate public realm, unable to overcome this false, legal persona and all the benefits of that lowest form of feudal tenure?

Yet it appears I am not alone in this subject. Reading some of the speaker descriptions suggests that maybe the truth movement mythos no longer has a such a stranglehold over us all.

To be frank, at first I was not going to advertise my participation in this online conference, as at the time I was not aware just who my name would be placed next to, learning from past experience. But in hindsight, I find it fascinating that people can listen to myself, an uncredentialled alternative researcher, next to government employees like Alan Keyes, etc. Can such men of government speak truthfully about such things? This strange dichotomy, the pitfalls of national patriotism (Stockholm Syndrome), and the exposure of these strange truths about the nation, the states (People), and of this docile truth movement (the movement that never moves), may just bring reinvigoration to this co-opted alternative construct, and that alone may be worth the price of admission, which again is free for a limited time each day.

As always, use caution, trust but verify, and never forget that you are the master of your own chosen path. Remember that God-given, inherent rights come from God, and that no man is sovereign (can’t have two gods). Remember the Bible is very foundation of the common law and of the maxims (principles) of law, and that all disease is contracted. Remember that patriotism is “the last refuge of a scoundrel”, according to Samuel Johnson’s infamous dictionary, and that the delusion of patriotism is just about all the illegitimate (de facto) national government has left in its bag of illusions. Loose use of this term brings caution, for no actual patriot would ever call himself as such. True love of country, of ones fellow man, is not the same as the false love of dependent enslavement to personhood (legal status) in a nation. Do not lose yourself in nonsensical, repetitious rhetoric, promises that have not and cannot ever be kept, or gurus selling you something that is the opposite of the only True Freedom of self-government, self-existence, and self-evidence. Never forget what you are. Never forget that the matrix cannot be fixed from within or while you are subject to it. Never forget that spiritual problems cannot be solved by secular, legal things. And most of all, never forget…

  • “Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” –T.S. Eliot
  • “Hell isn’t merely paved with good intentions; it’s walled and roofed with them. Yes, and furnished too.” –Aldous Huxley

With those mental notes in mind, I invite you to discerningly partake and support Clyde and his Common Sense Summit, August 2nd-6th, and to help spread the word. Please note that I will personally not be taking any financial rewards or “sharing” in this or any other event, a personal rule, which is why as always I may speak candidly with no conflict of interest. I believe the organizer indeed has good intentions, but it is your own intent, knowledge, due dilligence, and mastery of terms that matters. It’s sure to be an interesting, mindful experience.

Check out the speakers real quick, here:


Thanks, and be well…


–Clint > Richard-son (
–Tuesday, July 20th, 2021