CAFR SCHOOL: The Vatican Is Broke?

In a small blurb on a back page of the Salt Lake Tribune was this little gem of a story, referencing a recent Associated Press article. I laughed out loud when I read it, and I think you will too…



Vatican posts $19 million deficit, worst in years
The Associated Press
First Published Jul 09 2012 01:28 pm • Last Updated Jul 10 2012 12:17 am

“Vatican City • The Vatican has registered one of its worst budget deficits in years, plunging back into the red with a (euro) 15 million ($19 million) deficit in 2011 after a brief respite of profit.

The Vatican on Thursday blamed the poor outcome on high personnel and communications costs and adverse market conditions, particularly for its real estate holdings.

Not even a (euro) 50 million gift to the pope from the Vatican bank and increased donations from dioceses and religious orders could offset the expenses and poor investment returns, the Vatican said in its annual financial report…”


Note here that we can all learn from this official statement from the Vatican in a big way. For this is exactly the same scam that all governments are claiming around the country, some even now in bankruptcy proceedings. So let’s list these similarities:

1) The Vatican is a corporation, as is each individual and Federal government entity.

2) The Vatican and government operate both in the non-profit and for-profit realm.

3) Both have an Annual Financial Report, and both have a budget report.

4) Both the Vatican and the Government have real estate holdings, as well as stock investments, foreign currency holdings, and both invest heavily into the world-wide corporate structure and fund its liquidity.

5) Both promote their debt, while hiding their investment asset balances.

6) Both have a central bank, which bails it out in moments of need, and then expects Catholics/taxpayers to pay the bill despite its liquid investment holdings.

7) Both openly lie by omission to the people of Earth, while in a position of trust, referring to a deficit while completely ignoring its investment holdings – as if these fund balances don’t even exist.

8) Both use the “depreciation” of capital assets (land holdings, buildings, etc.) to show on their financial reports a liability against other assets, in order to decrease reportable value of these investment assets.

9) Both create budgets that are falsely imploded with such things as future liabilities so as to justify its raising of taxes and its request for tithing.

10) Both create separate sub-corporations with their own financial statements as for-profit entities, but do not use those profits for the benefit of the people.

11) Both call the people “customers”, not people.

12) Both lay off employees with the excuse of budget shortfalls, still not dipping into their vast trillions in liquid investment capital.


In this truly ironic statement by the Vatican we can see perhaps the best example ever of how a government corporation lies by the act of utter and ridiculous disassociation and nondisclosure of its true wealth. And yes, the Vatican is a corporation, and it is the government of Vatican City – as a “nation state”. It just happens to call itself a church.

Associated Press story continued…


“The Vatican said it ran a (euro) 14.9 million deficit in 2011 after posting a surplus of (euro) 9.85 million in 2010. The 2010 surplus, however, was something of an anomaly. In 2009 the Vatican ran a deficit of (euro) 4.01 million, in 2008 the deficit was (euro) 0.9 million and in 2007 it was nearly (euro) 9.1 million.

The Vatican city state, which mainly manages the Vatican Museums and is a separate and autonomous administration, managed a budget surplus of (euro) 21.8 million. That’s largely due to a spike in revenue from the museums: More than five million people visited the Sistine Chapel and other works of art in the Vatican museums last year, bringing in (euro) 91.3 million in 2011 compared to (euro) 82.4 million a year earlier.

And the Vatican could also cheer that donations from the faithful were also up last year despite the global economic crisis: Donations from Peter’s Pence, which are donations from the faithful to support the pope’s charity works, rose from $67.7 million in 2010 to $69.7 million last year. That money, however, doesn’t figure into the Vatican’s operating budget, though contributions from dioceses, religious orders and the Vatican bank do.

The Vatican bank, known as the Institute for Religious Works, is able to make such a big contribution to the Vatican’s budget each year based on investments.

Draining the Vatican’s finances were the high costs for its main job of spreading the faith via Vatican media: Vatican Radio, the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano and Vatican television all have significant expenses and little or nothing in the way of revenue. Vatican Radio, however, is expected to save hundreds of thousands of euros a year in energy costs each year after it cut back short and medium-wave transmissions to Europe and the United States from its main transmission point in Rome.

The Rev. Federico Lombardi, who runs the Vatican radio and television departments and is also the Vatican spokesman, stressed that layoffs among the 2,832 Holy See personnel aren’t in the offing, although he acknowledged that savings must come from elsewhere.

During the meeting of cardinals who oversee the Vatican’s finances this week, he said, there was a “request for prudence and savings.”

“I’m not an expert,” he said of the deficit. “Yes, it’s bigger than in past years, it’s true.” But he noted that the amounts on a global scale aren’t alarming. “Certainly they indicate a need to pay attention and see the criteria the Vatican’s assets are administered.”



I’ve written extensively on the trillions in government investments that are covered up in the same way and completely ignored on the budget report while being reported on the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

The Vatican is no different. In fact, it is the extreme example of the government (nation state) hoarding of wealth that would benefit the people of the world.

Think about it for a moment…

Just one of the thousands upon thousands of artifacts, paintings, sculptures, precious metal coins and treasures, and every other trinket and parchment of knowledge that the Vatican holds within its bowels – just the value of one of those literally priceless artifacts could feed the entire world, let alone cover a 16 million euro deficit in the selectively presented budget report of the Vatican politicians.

And so, I’ve come up with a few propaganda slogans that I think might help the Pope, the Black Pope, and his financial officers continue to fool the useful idiots that keep donating to this massive for profit country called the Vatican…


“We can’t sell our assets. They are priceless.
There is not enough money in the world to buy just one.
Therefore, we are declaring bankruptcy.”


“The Saints organized a union,
and they are demanding health benefits.
Please give.”


“Where in God’s name did I put my savings account?”


“I’m sorry, but God just called.
He says we’re broke.


I could go on… and on and on and on… but you get the point. The organization of corporate religion is not a Christian one. And the Vatican is a corporate camel with no chance of fitting through even the largest gauge needle.

In the end, if you understand what has been written here, then you understand the entirety of the government investment scheme. And you understand that the people of America are wealthy beyond imagination, but that wealth is being hidden in plain sight while government creates welfare programs to sustain the poverty level while collecting even more taxes from the poor – never fixing the very problem of poverty because that is the only thing that will create wealthy men and corporations.

Welcome to America… a potential heaven on earth, kept in purgatory by government obfuscation and hoarding of its actual wealth.


–Clint Richardson (
–Friday, July 13, 2012

Religions And Political Parties: What’s The Difference?

In my last article, I revealed that the Social Security System has been implemented in over 130 countries, that it is run by the United Nations and World Bank, and that it was created by the League of Nations 8 years before it was implemented in the United States. I then referred to this system and the Social Security number as the precursor to the Number of the Mark of the Beast.

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Surprised by the response, I was truly disappointed at the comments left by readers. I found the rigidness of their religious dogma disturbing to say the least, literally bypassing the facts presented in lieu of correcting biblical citations and interpretations. And thus, I started thinking about how religion often takes people away from not only knowledge itself – but from God Himself; how the legal system takes the simplicity out of God’s law to do no harm; how corporations like pharmaceuticals take God’s natural healing out of medicine; and – depending on which of the over 1,000 one true religions they are a member of – how similar the joining of a religion is to the joining of a political party. And so I came up with the following list…

Religion and Political Parties
What’s the Difference?

Both start out with a corporate charter of beliefs by the leaders of that religion or political party.

These charters and beliefs are claimed by both entities to be divinely inspired.

Both change these charters and beliefs as times change, as technology improves, as law requires it, and as opposing knowledge and books become more accessible to the public at large.

Both are registered with the State via their Articles of Incorporation.

Both write and re-write history; and then edit and interpret their own writings.

They are both a form of control, both in political and moral correctness.

Members of both fear excommunication and public ridicule for questioning or acting against these chartered beliefs.

Political parties make the laws of the land and command consent, while religions teach that members must follow the “law of the land” as God commands.

Both give power to otherwise powerless men, who dress in robes and judge all people.

Political parties call law the Bible. Religions call the Bible the law.

Both must swear upon and to the bible (God) before giving testimony.

Both project a public persona that each is separate from the other…

Yet both are hopelessly intertwined.

You must be registered to both to be a member…

If you are not registered to both, your voice doesn’t count and your vote is not counted.

You are allowed to change political parties or religions at any time – as long as you are in one of them and aren’t thinking for yourself.

Both claim to be transparent and honest, doing their deeds in the light…

Yet both are well known to hide some of their deeds in the dark; without disclosure, and even against the very ethics they set for themselves.

Both claim to be non-profit…

And both avoid taxes on their for-profit ventures.

One allows atonement of sin through faith, followed by probationary good behavior…

The other allows atonement of sin through prison (or execution), followed by probationary good behavior…

And both offer these atoning people free bibles and religious last rights.

Both include many minority races and creeds…

And both focus those cultural differences into one divinely inspired political focus – to the detriment of any minorities who won’t consent or believe.

Both are non-governmental corporations that heavily influence government and politics.

Both have a list of ten things for which many of their beliefs are influenced in a major way…

Both preach these rights, ethics, morals, and family values virtually non-stop…

Both continuously break their promises to uphold these or live by example.

Both have been caught many times over in pedophilia related activities…

Both are very protective of this fact and the people involved in these activities…

Both have public relations officers to handle the public’s outrage at these actions so as to ensure the continuity of the corporation…

And both are protected from these crimes and from any major public scrutiny or punishment by the court system (BAR) and in the mainstream media (Public Opinion).

Both are the subjects of countless jokes made in poor taste.

Both rely on the ignorance of their members with regards to their business related and political activities…

And both despise watch-dog groups.

Both accept and rely on donations.

Both have leaders that wear expensive suits and receive very good pensions.

Both promise hope and change to the poor and working class, but never quite deliver.

Both offer a welfare system that’s never quite enough to really make a difference in society… other than to maintain the poverty level.

“In God We Trust” is the credo of both – after all, it says so on the thing they both worship the most.

Both have national and international rules and codes…

Both have members who do not question these rules or their leaders for fear of public ostracizing and ridicule.

Both have a healthy fear of some of the other well-connected-to-each-other members.

Both adhere to strict political correctness in public…

Yet both talk badly about other members behind their backs, and sometimes even in public forums or elections.

Both affect the lives of every person in the world… whether those people are members or not.

Both claim that they know what is best for We, the People.

Both declare that they are the one true and only way to salvation…

Both promise this eventual salvation from tyranny and evil – if only their members will have faith in them and wait patiently, for long enough…

Of course, both have been making this promise for many, many, many generations.

Both blame every other political party or religion for all of the problems in the world.

Both influence and help to define and legislate the legal definition of marriage…

Both cooperate and promote marriage as a legally binding contract where the State is the third party and legal owner of the fruits (children) of that marriage…

And both veil this legal contract in God’s will and blessing; providing marriage “ceremonies” and “services”.

Both claim that the constitution of the United States was divinely inspired, despite the opposite opinions of the personal writings of many of the founding fathers (prophets) that signed it.

Sadly, both believe and falsely preach that the right to congregate in public and worship comes from the constitution and “Bill Of Rights” instead of from God Himself.

Both are effusively and irrevocably supportive of the illegal “State” of Israel.

Both define Jews as the chosen people.

Both are more afraid of AIPAC and the ADL than of the devil himself.

Both are heavily influenced by the United Nations.

The CIA and other government agencies have infiltrated both.

Government regulates both.

And yet both pay little or no taxes to government.


And after all of this… do you still wonder who came up with the
rule that you shouldn’t discuss religion or politics in mixed company?


Next article: Priests And Politicians: Is There A Difference?


–Clint Richardson (
–Thursday, May 10, 2012