The Corporation Nation

As a professional sound editor and designer, I was able to break free of the media monopoly and use my skills to make self-produced, written, and edited documentary films. I am a one-man production team.

All of these films are presented free on Youtube, and you are encouraged to download, copy, share, re-post, show publicly, and in general use these films and the information within in any way you see fit. No permission is necessary from myself in any way.

You may view these documentaries at my other website, here:



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  1. Chris Fisher

     /  January 20, 2014

    Clint you will never know the impact you made onto me one day long ago. You were a Guest on the Joyce Riley talk Show. I thought I was awake – Until you came along ! You woke me up faster than anyone could. I realized my eyes were so opened I hated what I saw and and my description after it all sunk in. Two things came to mind My God we ARE living in a Fishbowl, a Matrix and everything I thought was actually an illusion, So I am sharing you with an interested FB Friend. I haven’t visited you or the Straw man in a while. So I’ll be back here off and on and know this, you have a Friend in Texas – Austin!
    Christanna Fisher

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  2. Ali Reza Dabiri II

     /  November 7, 2014

    Thanks for all the info!! Knowledge this whole broadcast station has is amazing!! You especially. I heard a caller tonight get derogatory. I suspect you scare this person, you remind him how stupid he is sometimes. I also suspect the NSA, etc is calling RBN constantly to throw wrenches in the shows here recently, lol!!! The origins of anything is very important. Keep up the facts, you really point out some amazing facts. Thanks again Clint!!! Pure Genius!!!!


    • I thank you for your supportive words… I have the choice to accept or not accept calls that are known “trolls.” I take them anyway. Sometimes, without knowing it, they actually ask good questions intended to just be contrary. I figure if I cannot overcome their contrariwiseness then I need to study a bit more to perfect my grammar and rhetoric. Insults in ad hominem just reveal the intent and lack of intelligence, so I don’t mind that so much. So trolls. without intending to, sometimes lead to even more self-enlightenment. That’s a better revenge than censorship, me thinks…



  3. Del Amitri

     /  July 30, 2015

    There is a groundswell occurring, internationally, born of information and knowledge through practice. Whilst the ‘Matrix’ is all around us, that too is showing cracks, as evidenced in the increasing levels of tyranny that pervade ‘our’ societies.
    Don’t ever feel alone, as consciousness is rising, as their kosh is swung harder.
    It may well, however, get worse before it breaks.
    With a deep respect, for your studies, understandings and sharings.
    A man from (the Island) called Ireland.


  4. Keep up the great works…. your films on vaccinations and agenda 21 are invaluable .. as well .. thank you for being one of the brave indie media types to interview Niki Raapana .. during my years on Facebook I headed down lots of rabbit holes .. luckily one of those was finding the work of Joan Veon which led me to Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich’s work .. since I prefer reading leaving Facebook at the end of last year was the best thing ever .. the New Weird Order is laughable when you really look at it .. people are great, one on one.. as George Carlin used to say .. its when they start clumping they become hard to tolerate.


    • Love your comment. Niki is yet another unsung hero, indeed. As Patrick J says, I’m just waiting in hope for the promised commits to fall…


  5. debra

     /  November 25, 2015

    Clint you are truly a god send and I have introduced your website to so many of my friends, and they are thanking me. And I am thanking you so much you are greatly appreciated.



  6. neil

     /  February 7, 2016

    I have watched your videos and listened to your podcasts, and I just want to say, from the depths of my soul, Thank You! I think what you have shared with us is more important, than anything else I’ve had access to. I have over twenty-five years of foundational research and study behind me, which aids me in understanding what you say in context. Since I was in grade three I wanted to know why things are they way they are, when the leaders spoke always of freedom and protection. well, now I’m beginning to understand.
    My experience trying to help others understand this reality seems to depend on whether they have an awake questioning mind or not. I doubt very much, that we can get through to minds too far gone, whose fear is high and whose curiosity has been ruined. Perhaps experience may eventually break them loose.
    I am very excited to read your book, and know that when you’ve found a workable process for truly solving this problem, you will share it with all who will listen. I will listen. And I will understand, and I have you to thank for that.
    I think you’re doing a great job, but I fear you haven’t seen the response you were hoping for. I’ve had this issue myself, and it appears to be a consequence of being so early to the scene of the crime. Others are yet unaware there’s even been a crime! It is such a simple, yet fantastically complex set of problems, I think only those like us who are willing to invest years of study without initially seeing many results, are likely to understand the true weight of what you are sharing. Unfortunately proximity isn’t enough, or my immediate family would also have already benefited. I believe that this is ultimately a problem of perception and not intelligence, but it does require the effective use of mental faculties and some fluidity to see from new angles, and, an uncompromising demand for absolute reality. Sadly, if my experience is any guide, the number of entities so composed are relatively few. But, where scouts dare to investigate, the many will eventually travel. I don’t think we need to reach everyone.
    I’m going too long here, so I’ll wrap it up.
    Thank you Clint, for what you’ve contributed so far, and thank you for future gifts!
    You have been a great teacher and more help to me than I can express!



    • Well Neil I truly appreciate your comments. You are trying desperately to thank the thanklessness of my thankless efforts, and I understand the sentiment completely. And you are right, if I was in this for any other reason than simply to know and to share I would have got a job at Walmart long ago. And finally, you are certainly correct that the path is narrow, that bread and circus is more compelling the the average man than Reality. I accept that for its self-evidence, and I fight my own battle between Netflix and searching for comprehensive knowledge every day. So cheers to ya, and I hope my book is all its cracked up to be. I wonder every day at the acceptance level it will receive, being the rawest bite of Reality I’ve ever formed, and being that it pretty much calls everything and everyone out as a fraud, including me.

      Thanks again for making my day…



  7. I am struck by the coincidence that in your most recent post you cite INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS which I had just finished reading. Often the subjects of your work parallel my own line of thought. I find your depth of commentary — and analysis — to be worth the read every time. The “Mandela Effect” seems contrived on a scale that borders on the ridiculous. Whether it is a AI glitch or a serious psychological operation to measure mind frames is open to speculation. Half way through one youtube video and I felt bored enough to change the subject; therefore, move on to more important matters and connections. These past weeks, my reading turned to 19th century spiritism. Time magazine had two articles about upcoming programs involving religion and the occult — Priest and Outcast, respectively. I doubt they will last. Why? Let me venture an answer on the quick: the concepts entail a rich source of contrast that have the capacity to bring out a full dimensional plot line and an equal quality of character conflict on both counts. But modern television, and its propensity for superficiality will turn it inside out and flush it into living rooms without any of the most provoking themes. For one only, think of the red thread in the Bible — the fallen, the tribes, the prophets, the redeemer, the sacrifice, the physical prison of the spirit or soul, the invisible world beyond the fish bowl of the material one, whispering … taunting … In short, the war in heaven brought down to earth. Are the chosen people actually the opposite? “My father,” she said, “is not my father.” The foremost problem: current programs present evil as an invincible force that no man, good or intentionally focused on the good, has the power to overcome. Priest will have some inner demons that will corrupt him. I suspect Outcast too will suffer the same foil. In contrast, Constantine was engaging through both plot line and character. The complexity in the background maintained a subconscious guessing as the story unfolded. So it can be done. I do not trust it will be worth any more time than Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.

    I do not see a season finale being a mystical battle on the astral plane between either protagonist and the present Pope. The purpose of the “Mandela Effect” is to prevent cognitive rejection of randomness and uncertainty in thought. But remember the power of imagination. The pod people had become serene to an extent that some might be envious yet not tell any one; but it cost them the desire to create, improvise, improve, imagine alternatives — all of which must be given in order to make anything of any worth in life. Point of this being — you know not how perfect your analogy compares to the state of the world today. Strike that: of course you do.



    • Appreciate your comment my friend. After going through the Bible and reading the concordance and lexicon entry for most of the words, I have come to the strong conclusion that evil exists only in the minds of men, but that good is the permanence of the “design” of Nature (Creation). So evil is and can be only one thing, which is the consequences of the unchecked imaginations of men. Evil is only what is not of nature, what is artificially created by men, be it fiction or technology. It’s really that simple. And so it is inescapable in some regard, for the minds of men will always seek ease, and only through technology (or slavery of man and beast) may ease be achieved. The scriptures are a guide to avoid this evil. But the church and state in their combination (conspiracy) have caused the Word to be broken, to support evil over good for the good of man. From my research, it seems no more complicated than this.

      But then, I’m a firm believer in the known fact of brain parasites, and that they are causing havoc on the population and minds of men, causing evil thoughts, if you will. But in this regard, the parasite would merely be a part of nature, unless it is a lab creation of man or a result of man’s technology.

      One could go mad in this loop.



  8. Deborah

     /  September 2, 2016

    Check out

    The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita

    The Proticols of Zion

    A freemasinic pope was instituted Blessed Puus IX he received and accpted the graces of our Lord to turn agaunst his kind and lambast albert pike and the freemasins and he was in turn kidnapped. Good goi g Blessed pius IX! The freemasons and illuminati figured they better not install one of their own but yrsin one in life from boy hood nonchalantly. Pope Francis is not Catholic and is one of those pooes that they learned from Blessed Pius IX pope Francis is following the New World Orders will. Pray for his con version daily. He is suppose to consecrate Russua. President Putin asked hi. OCT 13 2013 AND HE The holy Father told Putin we will not speak of Fatima. The Pope has the Key to turn the world around and we had 100 years to do it and times will be up by next october 2017.

    Check out

    The on the internet.

    On dogpile or startpage search engines

    My Catholic Church has nearly been destroyed and is down to a remnant now of faithful Latin Mass Catholics who are prepared to die for the Faith and Teach the 6 to 12. Or 13 or 14 of their children to be true soldiers of Christ. True Catholic Families trust in the Lord on their family size and do not corrupt the marriage bed with birth control and Onans ways. Onan was struck dead by God for a reason.wasting his seed. All marital telatiins is suppose to be open to life. A very selfless oebedient act to our creatir. Marriages sole purpose is to begt and raise children for heaven and to help your spouse get to heaven. Its not about lust and marital relatiin desires. God expects full obedience most of all. Follow and live the scriptures. David did not always ibey. Sololmon not either… In 1931 the first faith to adopt birth control was the anglican church. Our popes predicted abortion would soon follow and divorce would skyrocket and living together with out being narried. Nothing new under Solomon’s sun.We are the Church Militant. We pray for the Holy Father DAILY that he may be coverted to the Catholic Faith and Her 200 year old teachings- Pope Francis..we have not had a decent Pope since Pius


  9. R.
    In your response you said: “But then, I’m a firm believer in the known fact of brain parasites, and that they are causing havoc on the population and minds of men, causing evil thoughts, if you will. But in this regard, the parasite would merely be a part of nature, unless it is a lab creation of man or a result of man’s technology.”

    I had been doing some work on my Linkdin today, so decided to do some scanning over the web to cool off. I know it has been some time since I posted a message, but I reviewed it and some thing struck my attention — the remarks in the quotation above. The nature of evil is not a popular subject, except in Hollywood — where it seems to persist at a higher degree than anywhere else except Washington. My recurring use of of the term “except” being ironic of course.

    Evil does manifest from the internal aspects of man — mankind. I had grown into my thirties before cutting the chains of empiricism and materialism, randomness and uncertainty, scientism and false supposition. If evil attaches to any concepts in doctrine, then it has done so. The attitude of scientists today reflect the hubris so expected from men who forgot they did not know everything, which they realized when young boys and girls, but then forgot again. So I agree, to some extent, yet propose one minor point: all evil may not manifest by conscious intention; some times evil emerges by unconscious desires and motivations. Beside this notion is also another.

    One of the most perplexing notions which caused me to be appalled and alarmed simultaneously was “empty portals” — the state of a being who exists without a soul or spirit. You see — I had always held as fact, not idea, that people living on Earth all had souls such that each was a spirit being combined with a physical form, the body. When first understood otherwise, it dimmed my senses for some time.

    It was as if I had to accept the possibility in order to deal with it. Steadfast denial had the feeling of disingenuous confidence. If I expressed it in terms of a metaphor, it would be this: I had experienced a window crack and fall to pieces, in my mind and heart, and had to overcome the shock that the window could ever be scratched, let alone broken. Since then experience has given me reason to think “empty portals” do exist among us. I work with some borderline personalities, which fit the description. But not all of them are confined to a State institution.

    So as to the phenomenon to which you point out. I had a personal experience related to training in martial arts. The details are not important, and too long to cover here, yet the events and behaviors I lived through during my preparation for third Dan literally changed my perception of life and universe, man and “telos”. In short, Japanese culture has within it superstition, which to the Western mind is dismissed as an anachronistic pantheism — which may not be the correct term.

    For six months I had trained almost daily to perfect my knowledge and skill. Over that time, some thing changed inside me. I WANTED TO TRAIN EVERY DAY FOR A NUMBER OF HOURS. I HAD SOME INNER DESIRE TO PRACTICE TECHNIQUES WHICH WERE ‘EFFECTIVE’. (Translation: fatal: to terminate: to end life). Others noticed it before I did. At one point, I almost took my Sensei’s head off with a wild one-handed swing during weapons kata.

    This only gave me a glimmer of awareness that I had to find out what was happening. Now think on this: I was practicing aikido, not wrapemup-fuckemup do(krav maga). Although it sounds banal, I turned to the Christian Way, where I learned to walk the way of Jesus, the way of spirit. Only then did I truly see what had occurred. A friend had told me something had possessed me during training with others, from other places in the world. I believed it to be possible. She told me it had happened to her. What I do know is that I had a real desire to train for the purpose of killing — which I had never in my life believed was the grand purpose of my effort.

    I had always affirmed the purpose of my training was to refine my character — today I say spirit — and make myself a better man, and the world a better place to live. Subsequently I found a book based on a similar experience. So I also believe in beings using our physical forms as vessels. Puppet Masters gave me the first glimpse of that idea. However, I cannot fathom good as powerless against evil. After all, knowledge is present before there is a shadow of doubt. Perception of things comes by way of light, and makes a foundation for experience to become recognition, the knowing. Obviously, I spent a lot of time on doubt.

    Not sure why that had to come out. But there it is nonetheless. Be well. Looking forward to your printing. Looking forward to paying you some more FRNs.



  10. Heather

     /  April 26, 2019

    I appreciate your great writing skills , easy to comprehend way of putting things and sense of humor… the content is exactly what I was wanting to learn. Thanks because I know you have put an unimaginable amount of time on getting this info out! Thanks it matters to me! Just wanted to say that..


  11. Stephanie O’Neal

     /  August 12, 2021

    I wish everyone would listen to you!!!!!!



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