Red Pill Sunday School S2 Episode 1

Greetings programs!

Apologies for the delay. Hope your holidays were swell. I have three radio shows to share with you…

This first episode is a combination of a few similar topics, and so is longer than most will be. But what a journey to discovery…

Remember, I only offer you the truth. It can be painful and it can be bittersweet. But in this episode, so many questions are answered and so many layers of word magic from the legal matrix are pulled away. Here is my new show, a deep study into the conspiracy of the organized system of religion, it’s foundation of idol worship, how it has purposefully hidden the name of God with masterful success, and once and for all how and why the Bible is indeed the foundation of the English and American common law systems. Deeply controversial as this subject is, I refuse to be silenced for finding and telling the truth out loud. Truth is the only possible freedom:

Here I appear with Eric77 again, speaking generally and historically about the War Powers, which you may have surprisingly heard a bit about lately as the congress considers limiting the War Powers of the presidency around invading Iran:

And here Jules and myself discuss current technological madness, CRISPR, and other futurist nightmares on Republic Broadcasting about a month ago:

Commercial free audio only:

From the network (with commercials audio only):

Hour 1 –

Hour 2 –

Hour 3 –

Until next show…


–Clint > Richards-son (
–Sunday, January 12th, 2020

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  1. farmerkarl

     /  January 12, 2020

    Aloha clint,

    Is it possible to make mp3 files out of the movies? For some reason I cannot convert them I get an error.




    • Rick

       /  March 11, 2020

      I use a little app called ClipGrab to convert video to audio MP3 and haven’t come across too many that failed to convert, especially you tube videos.



     /  January 13, 2020

    farmerkarl; You can’t convert a video file to an MP3, the are two different format’s. Get a free copy Audacity and copy the audio file portion of the MPEG4….


  3. steve kelly

     /  January 14, 2020

    Love the radio shows, Clint. Glad you’re back on the radio. Hearing anything on “batch” Hollywood actors, sports stars, etc. using CRISPR?


  4. Sean O Halloran

     /  January 26, 2020

    I’m not meaning to be critical Clint . I am feeling that you are being a champion of lost causes. If this is the construct that we live in , then did we not choose to participate before we incarnated ? If Jehovah is the ” I am that I am” then what and who am I ( or you ) being ? Why are we being what we are being ? Is it all about overcoming resistance and negotiating the path of least resistance through knowledge, wisdom and understanding.?
    I appreciate all your research and goodwill. You are doing a great job.
    Ireland ( Éiriú )


    • Greetings Sean…

      As your question is one involving the manmade, that is, non-self-evident ideas of reincarnation and pre-life existential consciousness, I cannot in any way provide you with an answer that would be proper. These things may or may not be Truth. I don’t know. I’m only interested in obtaining and sharing the spiritual knowledge I am able and meant to obtain in my present form and essence. I seek the Truth and speak to It and Its Law. These concepts you present are of the tree of good and evil, the concepts of the imaginations of men, of which are not my concern except to the end that they effect and harm Reality (Nature and Its Design). These fruit of the fig-apple tree are a mystery and will remain such, be they imaginary or actual in their nature. So let’s concentrate on what we can know instead…

      Now, if you are searching for the meaning of life, I hate to disappoint you, but it’s certainly not to entertain or satisfy your ego. Nor mine. Nor anyone’s. Life, that is existence, is the only real point of life. The beautiful struggle. The spark of spirit behind otherwise dead things. If that’s not enough for you to love and cherish and fight to preserve then I would invite you to waste your life searching for some other non-universal, non-self-evident purpose, if you so choose. If you find it though, be prepared that such an narcissistic opinion won’t be accepted as my own purpose, nor that of most other people, but in fact only your own. For that matter, it seems silly for you to be asking me what yours or anyone else purpose is. That’s just silly, especially since I’m just a stupefied, dumbed down American.

      If you ask me though, then I would say that when removing myself from the equation… the purpose of man’s existence until further notice is to overcome and/or remain pure, to protect that which sustains this wonder of existence, which is the whole Design and co-existence of Nature, and that each of our purpose or rather duty is to die for that very Highest purpose if need be, and therefore to fight with every ounce of mind, body, and soul against those that seek to alter and destroy (or replace) the Truth of Nature and Its Law with their own flawed, artful (technological) designs. The purpose of the children of God is to fight a war against our own desires and wants, and to seek and live in Truth at all costs.

      One thing I am sure of… the salvation of man is not a lost cause, for it is through such salvation that will also save what man will destroy in Nature if such deliverance doesn’t happen pretty damn quick.

      But who am I to say?


  5. Timothy

     /  February 14, 2020

    Here’s the predictive programming brought to you by the Rand Corporation’s friend, I hear, EUGENE Wesley Roddenberry.


    • You gotta believe that they knew the retina scan (or any biometric identity) would be the future mark of beast-hood. This is what I tried to warn about in my book, the fact that once biometric data becomes identity, there is no way to deny personhood. It’s a trap. The fingerprint was the first step.

      Life from non-life… perhaps. But can man create the spirit behind life from non-spirit? The answer to this question is why man is not God and should not try to be. What man invents is not creation, only an elementary existence (form) without spirit. The eco-system (purpose of life) cannot be invented, nor the natural instinct for environment if that environment is without soul, without natural evolution (the eternal creation process).

      Thanks for the comment.



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