Rowdy Rebel Jamboree – Oct. 23rd, 2021

I am formally inviting all of you to come out of your holes and embrace the freedom of private assembly that you were born to enjoy. My good friends Jimmy Coppolo and Daryl Wayne are throwing this one-day conference/social gathering free of charge for you, in celebration of the last vestiges of liberty this false paradigm of a legalist freedom-franchise will allow. Are you tired of the random videos and unknown voices of the armchair liberty movement? Are you tired of the patriot mythology and false history narrative thrown at you like a religious cult? If yes, then come out and join us for what may be one of the last chances you ever get to congregate and associate in the open. I mean that. The incredible and historical space Jimmy has rented, the Pitman Theatre in downtown Gadsden, Alabama has been reserved and the event is mostly planned. All you have to do is show up!

To those still spiritually awake and active, to those not afraid of their own shadow, and to those still able to break free from the molded lies we are constantly being set in, I say get off your ass and come out, meet and greet like-minded folks, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t!

Here’s the website:

There will be live music between speakers, and who knows just who might get up and jam!

Considering this is a completely free event (so far without tickets), please do us and others the curtesy of hitting RSVP ONLY if you are sure you will attend. That link is at the bottom of the website. We will have to limit seating if capacity is reached, a problem we certainly hope to have, and we can generally plan a better experience knowing how many will show. It’s free, man, a no-brainer. And damn would it feel good if we filled that theatre up with the last vestiges of the lawfully rebellious! 

I’ll for sure be around as well on Sunday, for anyone that wants to just hang out downtown or take whatever adventure may result. Restaurants and hotels, many within walking distance, are listed on the website as well.

Don’t be afraid, don’t be intimidated, and don’t bear your moral defeat by staying home and wishing you had grown a pair for the occasion! Come join us for a celebration of life, liberty, and self-evident truth, and the good people that love and seek to share it with each other!

Website will be updated as needed:

Lastly, we are attempting to get Judy Mikovits to attend as a speaker, but have not heard back from her. As she is not confirmed, we may need to replace her with another. 

Let me know if you have any questions…

I hope to see you there!


–Clint > Richardson (
–Monday, September 13th, 2021

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  1. sure would be kool if Hal attended / lectured…


  2. Hi Clint, How’ve you been, buddy?  Doing OK here.  Fighting against the criminal Hoaxid narrative. Dene


  3. Phil

     /  September 14, 2021

    The Atlantic is a bridge too far for me to make it – but I hope you all have a wonderful time.

    Think you might film a little bit of it?

    Best wishes


  4. Truthfully, guys, this may very well be my retirement party. My back is permanently disabled and I want to get back into music. I’ve sacrificed enough of my life and health for this non-sequitur of a so-called movement and have almost nothing to show for it. If I can’t attract and gather 300 lonely souls together free for a day then I have no business making films or writing books and blogs that ultimately go nowhere and aren’t shared. I’m an encyclopedia, and no one reads those anymore. I’m shelved like Funk and Wagnall’s brainchild. I’m censored and so rely on you all to share my stuff, word of mouth, and that simply isn’t working. There is no underground. There is no resistance. We’ve allowed ourselves to enter into a dead end, like horses to slaughter. If anything the lack of turn-out proves my point, and that we all lost long ago. And so I’m going to spend my own money to show up with or without you and enjoy myself and party like it’s the proverbial 1999, because it is. I will probably sell an old guitar so I’m not broke when I get there. And no… I don’t think I will film it. Someone else might. But ya’ll don’t need more excuses to not participate in real life anymore, to ignore people in favor of digital hypocrisy (simulation). All we can say now to each other is “see, I told you so,” and that’s no reward at all. These weren’t merely predictions, they were predictive programing and we its propagandists. And now through our own sickening inaction we are beginning the miserable journey through those troubled times. It looks to me that many of you are already dead, spiritually, and thus bound in the consequence of physical decay. And so let’s just call this what it really is… this is the “we tried and failed” party; the “were fucked concession” convention, the “last chance is past” memorial foundation wrapping up its last vestigial meeting before closing its chapter of useful idiots and dupes and the trolls that love them. So do as thou wilt, for thanks to all of your silence and tacit consent, that will soon be the law. Until then, I’m looking forward to being with a few good friends to celebrate our self-perpetuated, self-fulfilling apocalypse. Consider this my potential pre-resignation.



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