Degrees In Geo-Engineering And Sustainable Development


 “Geoengineering’ is a new term, still seeking a definition.
It seems to imply something global, intentional, and unnatural…”

–Thomas Schelling, 1996


“But there are at least 26 reasons why geoengineering may be a bad idea.
These include disruption of the Asian and African summer monsoons,
reducing precipitation to the food supply for billions of people;
ozone depletion; no more blue skies; reduction of solar power;
and rapid global warming if it stops.”

–Alan Robock, Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences,
Rutgers University, 2013

A Crash Course:
Geo-Engineering 101


If you are like me, you’ve given up pointing to the unnatural lines in the sky in a futile effort to try and convince people about the reality of Geo-Engineering, also commonly but incorrectly called “chemtrails”. The permanent haze that inhabits and incubates our horizons seems somehow perfectly natural to most people. Go figure…

Through officially sourced grammar and logic, I continuously try and present different reasonable ways to show that this phenomenon of weather and climate manipulation and engineering through pseudo-science is happening right under- er, over everyone on Earth’s collective noses. Obviously, the strangeness of visibly organized pollution in the sky is not enough. After all, straight lines don’t happen in nature, or so I’ve heard. X’s, hexagrams, and pentagrams, therefore, should be a real eye-opener considering they are being written overtly for all to see.

And so to supplement the obvious spraying of our skies, I’ve presented within several research articles the legal laws regulating Geo-Engineering both nationally and internationally. I’ve dug up and presented government announcements of weather modification and their results around the globe. I’ve linked, copied, and pasted the various international treaties and white papers, military weather weaponization projects and plans to control the weather, and even the very public notices in newspapers from across the world stating clearly the corporate intent to get permission and license from government to create “Weather Modification” through Geo-Engineering.

And so I continuously ask myself… What else can I possibly present as proof of this ultimately destructive death-sentence to man and nature to the ultimate skeptics and useful innocents out there?

Today, as I watched yet another presentation by Dane Wigington of “GeoEngineering Watch” (, a strange thought occurred to me… How can there be so many experts, scientists, and lecturers within this now open field of Geo-Engineering? Who exactly made them the official “experts” on modifying the weather? Where did they get their credentials? And where did they earn their masters and PhD of climate change and environmental engineering theory?

In other words, I thought… Is it possible that colleges actually offer courses and even specialized degrees in “Geo-Engineering”?

The answer was quite shocking, and is yet another trophy of the true idiocy of mankind, that something so real and taking place right over our collective heads should be treated as just crazy nonsense and mere “conspiracy theory”.

But as I was searching for and finding a multitude of accredited college courses and degrees in “Geo-Engineering”,  something much more sophisticated and sinister began to take form. I started to notice the overwhelming push and descriptions of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development ideals being published along side of these Geo-Engineering courses. The effects of “climate change” and both its effect and causality on society as a social medium for career oriented jobs in Agenda 21 became the obvious and main interconnected theme. And it is now
apparent to me that the altering of the climate through many different forms of Geo-Engineering  in the air, within the ocean, upon and beneath the land, and even within the societal and social/urban realm and its impact and control of “sustainable”, “green”, “smart” population centers due to said environmental engineering is now becoming a most sought after career choice in both the public and private sectors.

Apparently, the process of changing the climate through Geo-Engineering requires a diverse team of players, thinkers, designers, monitors, grunts, and data collection specialists. And as it turns out, many of these career fields can be entered into on different levels with either an Associates, Bachelors, Masters, or PHD in “Geo-Engineering”.

As I thought critically about our current generations of children and newly young adults, all of whom have grown up with a personal computer and an internet-linked cell-phone as their constant companions and guide – in a world where video games and media have dominated over nature and reality – we now have entire generations that actually believe with perfect reason in the concept that completely altering and disrupting the climate and designing the sustainable urban centers and green livelihoods of all people in controlled environments is a perfectly reasonable career choice. In short, nerds are in the process of taking over everything, using their models and projections to create a computer-controlled weather system while using the actual ecosystem and atmosphere as their no-2nd-chance testing ground. True empathy and appreciation of the laws of nature has been removed. And somehow in its place a false sense of god-complex has taken over the psyche of our aspiring youth, who believe that altering nature and creating new genetically modified life to suit these man-made “engineered” changes to the environment and to nature’s cycle of life itself is perfectly acceptable and moral behavior. Amazingly, as we will read, Geo-Engineering is being sold as something these freshly and ethically lobotomized young minds can do as a career to save the world, save the population, and be hero’s outside of the virtual video game realm.

It’s truly a nerd’s wet dream. I know, for I grew up in the first-nerd generation with my Commodore 64, the original Pong and Atari cartridge-game systems, and pre-clone IBM personal computers that could barely animate stick figures let alone model all life on the planet. And after watching and personally managing the evolution of gaming and media while working 7 years in the development process as a sound designer and engineer, I shutter to think of where my own state of reality and empathy would be today had I been indoctrinated in modern technology – if I would have been born too late to see the evolution of this digital process and instead would have been born smack in the middle of its “miracle” to be considered second nature.

I have compiled the following unbelievable collection of educational opportunities in the field of Geo-Engineering, so that the next time someone looks at you like your a nutter when you point to the lines in the sky, you can show them the reality of their own part in playing the fool…

–=– explains and defines “GeoEngineering” and lists many top universities offering “sustainable” courses in this field, and then amazingly lists dozens and dozens of acredited colleges that offer courses in environmental engineering:

GeoEngineering Graduate Programs

GeoEngineering is also known as environmental engineering; it refers to the process of intervening in the earth’s climate system for the purpose of mitigating climate change. It encompasses two primary practices: carbon dioxide removal andsolar radiation management.

GeoEngineering is a relatively new field. Graduate programs that may involve geoengineering include ocean technology, civil and environmental engineering, geological engineering, aerospace engineering, hydrology and GPS technology. Both campus based and online GeoEngineering graduate schools exist.

GeoEngineering Graduate Programs and Curriculum

Interested students can explore geoengineering in the context of disciplines ranging from environmental engineering to ocean technology. Students pursuing graduate degrees in these areas may take classes ranging from earthquake engineering to dynamics of ocean structures.


U.C. Berkley

The U.C. Berkley campus offers degrees in Geo and Environmental Engineering for the climate as well:

Energy, Civil Infrastructure and Climate

The objective of the Energy, Civil Infrastructure and Climate (ECIC) program is to educate a cadre of professionals who will be able to analyze from engineering, environmental, economic, and management perspectives complex problems such as energy efficiency of buildings, environmentally informed design of transportation systems, embodied energy of construction materials, electricity from renewable sources, and biofuels, and address such overarching societal problems as mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation of infrastructure to a changing climate. The ECIC program also promotes research at the intersection of energy, infrastructure and climate science

— Energy, climate, and infrastructure systems are closely tied together, and these connections manifest in many forms. Our society cannot function without energy and infrastructure systems. Energy systems with the lowest possible greenhouse gas footprint are a key to mitigating climate change. Civil infrastructure systems are a backbone of society, and they are also major users of energy that needs to be reduced for a more sustainable development.


Environmental Engineering

Management of environmental resources to protect human health and the systems that support life is one biggest challenges facing modern society. In recognition of the interdisciplinary nature of these challenges, UC Berkeley’s Environmental Engineering Program provides students with training needed to address current and future environmental issues.


Geoengineering is an interdisciplinary program that offers excellent opportunities for students with background in Engineering and Earth Sciences who are interested in all aspects of soil and rock mass characterization, development of advanced simulation techniques, performance of earth structures and underground space, and identification and mitigation of natural hazards.


Columbia University

Switching over to Columbia University:

…Master of science in Earth resources engineering (M.S.-E.R.E.) graduates are specially qualified to work for engineering, financial, and operating companies engaged in mineral processing ventures, the environmental industry, environmental groups of in all industries, and for city, state, and federal agencies responsible for the environment and energy/resource conservation. At the present time, the U.S. environmental industry comprises nearly 30,000 big and small businesses with total revenues over $150 billion. Sustainable development and environmental quality has become a top priority of industry and government in the U.S. and many other nations.

Water Resources and Climate Risks

Water Resources and Climate Risks focuses on the movement, availability, and quality of water throughout the Earth, on scales ranging from individual rivers and watersheds to the entire globe. Providing this valuable resource for society is the overarching goal, and the risks posed by climate variability, extremes, and change is an important and inherent part of all research projects. Specific projects range from the management of available supplies to forecasting future availability to underlying scientific mechanisms, and span a number of disciplines such as hydrology, hydroclimatology, water resources engineering, atmospheric dynamics, and land-atmosphere interaction

A complementary degree (master of arts in climate and society) is available through Columbia University for students who are more directly interested in social or planning aspects of climate impacts, and are not quantitatively oriented.


University Of Texas, Austin

So who monitors all of this Geo-Engineering currently taking place? After all, someone needs to keep track of the changes in the Earth’s atmosphere from all that Geo-Engineering spraying. Well, first you need to go to college to learn all of this kind of stuff:

The Center for Integrated Earth System Science (CIESS) is a cooperative effort between the Jackson School of Geosciences and the Cockrell School of Engineering. The center fosters collaborative study of Earth as a coupled system with focus on land, atmosphere, water, environment, and society.

The center integrates the university’s strengths in earth system modeling, observing and monitoring, computational science and engineering, supercomputing, air resources engineering, hydrology and water resources, sedimentology and depositional processes, energy/policy, outreach/communications, and other fields.

The Center for Integrated Earth System Science (CIESS) seeks a deeper understanding of the physical chemical, biological and human interactions that determine the past, present and future states of Earth.

CIESS places a strong emphasis on the societal impacts of research in earth system science and provides a fundamental basis for understanding the world in which we live and seek sustainability.

CIESS views Earth in a holistic way, linking the atmosphere, ocean, biosphere, cryosphere, and solid earth as a coupled system. CIESS uses powerful methodologies such as satellite remote sensing and supercomputing simulations which are now profoundly changing research in earth system science.

Specifically, the goal of CIESS is to answer a wide variety of earth science questions including:

  • How do Earth’s atmosphere, ocean, biosphere, cryosphere, and lithosphere interact on all time and space scales?
  • How can we use in situ measurements, global satellite observations, proxy data, and computational analysis to describe and understand Earth’s dynamic system?
  • What has been the impact of human activity on Earth?
  • What is the future of our environment under climate change, land use change, and water use change?
  • How accurate are climate system models in providing seamless predictions at daily, seasonal, decadal or centennial timescales? Can we improve these predictions?
  • How can we reduce modeling uncertainties and make reliable predictions of extreme events at regional scales? How can we make rational decisions under uncertainties in order to mitigate, prevent, plan for or adapt to the negative potential impacts of global change? How can we apply the lessons learned from climate system models to other earth sciences and engineering?


Harvard University:
Center For The Environment

Yes, even the most prestigious of schools are in on the game.


Solar geoengineering is the concept of deliberately cooling the Earth by reflecting a small amount of inbound sunlight back into space. It is the only currently known method for reducing temperatures in the short term (years to decades), and therefore has the potential to reduce many of the worst impacts of global warming. But what would be the side effects, both physical and socio-political? How would it work and who gets to decide if it is deployed? Does humanity have the wisdom and the institutions to govern the development of such a powerful technology in this messy, multi-polar world?

This seminar series, held jointly by the Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE) and MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, will explore the science, technology, governance and ethics of solar geoengineering. In bringing together international experts, participants will learn some of the greatest challenges and hear opinions on how this technology could and should be managed.

A recent seminar just took place, for example, explaining the already conducted Geo-Engineering of our planet (click on link):

Wednesday, April 30
“Eastern Pacific Emitted Aerosol Cloud Experiment: Recent Findings and New Directions”
Lynn Russell, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
MIT, Building 35-225, 127 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

And here Harvard states that a number of experiments have already been funded:


There is a growing number of publicly funded geoengineering research programs around the world and this document is the first attempt to draw together the basic information on all of them in one place. It will update as new information becomes available.  If it is missing any program information or there are any errors please contact or

Link to Harvard document keeping track of Geo-Engineering projects around the world:

University Of Oxford
Geoengineering Programme

At the University of Oxford, we can see that a program already exists to study the already existing effects of Geo-Engineering!

What is Geoengineering?

Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to counteract climate change.

There is wide range of proposed geoengineering techniques. Generally, these can be grouped into two categories:

Solar Radiation Management (SRM) or Solar Geoengineering

SRM techniques aim to reflect a small proportion of the Sun’s energy back into space, counteracting the temperature rise caused by increased levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which absorb energy and raise temperatures. Some proposed techniques include:

  • Albedo enhancement. Increasing the reflectiveness of clouds or the land surface so that more of the Sun’s heat is reflected back into space.
  • Space reflectors. Blocking a small proportion of sunlight before it reaches the Earth.
  • Stratospheric aerosols. Introducing small, reflective particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect some sunlight before it reaches the surface of the Earth.

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) or Carbon Geoengineering

CDR techniques aim to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, directly countering the increased greenhouse effect and ocean acidification. These techniques would have to be implemented on a global scale to have a significant impact on carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.  Some proposed techniques include:

  • Afforestation.  Engaging in a global-scale tree planting effort.
  • Biochar.  ‘Charring’ biomass and burying it so that its carbon is locked up in the soil.
  • Bio-energy with carbon capture and sequestration.  Growing biomass, burning it to create energy and capturing and sequestering the carbon dioxide created in the process.
  • Ambient Air Capture.  Building large machines that can remove carbon dioxide directly from ambient air and store it elsewhere.
  • Ocean Fertilisation.  Adding nutrients to the ocean in selected locations to increase primary production which draws down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • Enhanced Weathering.  Exposing large quantities of minerals that will react with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and storing the resulting compound in the ocean or soil.
  • Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement.  Grinding up, dispersing, and dissolving rocks such as limestone, silicates, or calcium hydroxide in the ocean to increase its ability to store carbon and directly ameliorate ocean acidification.


About Us

The Oxford Geoengineering Programme was founded in 2010 as an initiative of the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford.

Geoengineering – the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to counteract climate change – is a contentious subject and rightly so.

The Oxford Geoengineering Programme seeks to engage with society about the issues associated with geoengineering and conduct research into some of the proposed techniques. The programme does not advocate implementing geoengineering, but it does advocate conducting research into the social, ethical and technical aspects of geoengineering. This research must be conducted in a transparent and socially informed manner.

The University of Oxford is involved in three major projects on geoengineering funded by the UK Research Councils.

They are: The Integrated Assessment of Geoengineering Proposals (IAGP) in partnership with The University of Leeds, Cardiff University, Lancaster University, University of Bristol, University of East Anglia, The Tyndall Centre and the UK Met Office; Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering (SPICE) in partnership with The University of Bristol and Cambridge University; and Climate Geoengineering Governance (CGG), a recently announced Oxford-led project in partnership with The University of Sussex and University College London which will examine the governance and ethics of geoengineering.


Participants, Partners and Sponsors:




The SPICE project – Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering

The SPICE project will investigate the effectiveness of Solar Radiation Management (SRM) using stratospheric particles. It addresses the three grand challenges in solar radiation management: 1. How much, of what, needs to be injected where into the atmosphere to effectively and safely manage the climate system? 2. How do we deliver it there? 3. What are the likely impacts? These questions are addressed through 3 coordinated and inter-linked work packages which are summarized here and described in detail in section 3.

CUED is responsible for the Delivery systems (WP2):

WP2 Particles are to be injected into the stratosphere at heights upwards of 10km (mid-latitude) and 18km (equatorial). A range of delivery systems have at various times been proposed including batch delivery by aircraft, balloons or ballistics and steady-state delivery by thermal plumes, or from a fixed tower or pipe supported by a balloon. The rate required for global climate modification is upward of 1Mte p.a. and at this rate the delivery costs for batch methods are estimated to be well above £1bn p.a. but an order of magnitude less than 1/10 of this for the pipe delivery method.

WP2.0: Before SPICE begins a process to evaluate alternative delivery systems will take place so that WP2 can begin its primary tasks without delay. Delivery systems identified so far include aircraft, weather balloons, ballistics, towers, tethered balloons or dirigibles and tethered jet engine platforms. For each the preliminary investigation will outline engineering, development, capital and operating costs and timescales, environmental and social impact…


University of Oxford also houses a mind-bending reference library of proposed Geo-Engineering methods and techniques that will make your head spin:


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

About PAOC

PAOC oversees a broad program of education and research in atmospheric, oceanic, and climate sciences. We are engaged in some of the most intellectually challenging and important problems in science, such as the physics of hurricanes, and the dynamics of ice ages. PAOC is part of the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT and includes members from other MIT departments and from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

The phenomena under study involve a large array of scientific disciplines – geophysics, geochemistry, physical and chemical oceanography, meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, and planetary science. The program carries out research and gives instruction in all of these principal areas. Perhaps more than any other program in the world, PAOC offers its students unique opportunities for interdisciplinary study and research. In all areas we emphasize a combination of theoretical, observational and modeling approaches.

Students and researchers come from all over the world attracted not only by our programs but also the city of Cambridge and its environs which contain many institutions active in atmospheric and oceanographic research; Harvard University, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and the Boston Office of the National Weather Service, as well as many private companies.

Contact with all of these institutions is maintained through seminars and symposia. Moreover students can formally take subjects at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Harvard University. The research and educational programs of PAOC also benefit from the larger intellectual milieu provided by MIT with its strengths in science and engineering. In research there are no departmental boundaries and we collaborate freely across discipline. PAOC is also involved in undergraduate education within the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences.

To give you an example of the learning seminars and symposia mentioned, one of PAOC’s senior research scientists has some interesting lectures, which are broadcast to many colleges around the world. These type of video lectures are commonplace in Geo-Engineering courses.

Name Chien Wang

Title Senior Research Scientist

EducationPh.D. in Atmospheric Sciences, 1992, State University of New York (Albany, New York)

Bio and Interests – Physics and Chemistry of Aerosols and CloudsTropospheric ChemistryAerosol-Climate and Chemistry-Climate Interactions

Dr. Wang’s recent researches include cloud dynamics and microphysics, interaction between cloud-scale and large-scale processes, aerosol-cloud-precipitaion connection, and atmospheric chemistry. He has developed a three-dimensional modeling system to simulate the dynamical, microphysical, and chemical processes of clouds, especially of deep convective clouds. He is also working on a global-scale chemistry and climate model and use this model to study the sensitivity of climate change to atmospheric chemical processes. Another research focus of Dr. Wang and his group is to understand the role of aerosols in climate system. He and his group have developed an interactive aerosol-climate model and used this model, aided by observational and retrieval data, to study the climate impacts of anthropogenic absorbing aerosols particularly on critical precipitation systems such as the monsoons. They are also trying to understand how aerosols emitted from biomass burning can affect regional and global climate.

Dr. Wang’s research interests include cloud dynamics and microphysics, interactions between cloud-scale and large-scale processes, and atmospheric chemistry. He has developed a three-dimensional modeling system to simulate the dynamical, microphysical, and chemical processes of clouds, especially of deep convective clouds. He is also working on a global-scale interactive chemistry and climate model and using this model to study the sensitivity of climate change to atmospheric chemical processes.

MIT also hosts the “Laboratory For Aviation And The Environment“, in association with Harvard University.


And of course the Civil and environmental Engineering degree program is listed as follows, followed by a detailed listing of each course in the graduate program:

The mission of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) is to provide human services in a sustainable way, balancing society’s need for long-term infrastructure with environmental health. This positions CEE to play an essential role in solving some of the most pressing problems facing humanity, including concerns about energy and the environment.

Research domains

Research in CEE falls into six overlapping, cross-disciplinary focus areas:

  • Smarter Cities
  • Ecosystems
  • Coastal Zone
  • Water and Energy Resources
  • Chemicals in the Environment
  • Materials

Undergraduate Education

We offer two accredited majors, in civil engineering (1C) and in environmental engineering science (1E), as well as a flexible unaccredited program (1A). The core curriculum introduces principles of earth systems and sustainability, provides a grounding in the fundamentals of solid and fluid mechanics, and incorporates project-based labs that teach the processes and skills involved in planning, design and construction. The curriculum provides students with both a rigorous foundation in theory and the practical, hands-on experience they need to succeed in the field.

Graduate Education

At the graduate level, CEE runs two very successful professional engineering programs, the Master of Engineering and the interdepartmental Master of Science in Transportation. Both attract excellent applicants from leading U.S. and international universities. These programs provide a critical link between the department and companies and governmental agencies concerned with the environment, transportation and infrastructure. About one-third of our doctoral graduates go on to accept faculty positions, making our training of doctoral candidates in a wide range of research areas a point of pride. Our scholars regularly produce high-quality, impactful research and go on to shape the intellectual future of the field.


University of Michigan

In this amazing admission by Joyce of the University of Michigan, she lectures about the ALREADY GEO-ENGINEERED ATMOSPHERE and how it is already protecting us from global warming!!!

“For cloud seeding – we are already doing that. We have satellite images of ship-tracks available that tell us that in fact the emissions from the ships brighten the clouds in the little lines you see (chemtrails) and change the radius of the particles in the clouds. So we’re already doing that.”

“We also know that the aerosols that we are currently emitting are already protecting us from global warming to a certain extent

“We have already seeded marine clouds.”

Link to video:

James Fleming, from Colby College, lecture about his historical book “Fixing The Sky”:

Link to video:

The now infamous David Keith, also lecturing at MIT about “The Case For Geo-Engineering”:

Link to video:

Here David Keith is made to look the fool by Steven Colbert:

Link to video:

David Battisti, from the University of Washington, at the MIT lecture hall:

Link to video:

Judy Layzer, from MIT, also lectures on making the choice to Geo-Engineer the planet and the politics of Geo-Engineering, stating that those against Geo-Engineering are irrational only after first stating that she “knows very little about Geo-Engeneering”:

Link to video:

Catherine Redgwell, University College London, is an attorney with the Royal Society of London, speaking of governance of Geo-Engineering:

Link to video:

And finally, all these speakers together:

“The sword is Geo-Engineering, and it’s what we’re going to do if you (population) don’t take your foot off the accelerator”.

Link to video:

Washington Geoengineering Consortium

The Washington Geoengineering Consortium is a collaboration between a set of academics from Johns Hopkins University and American University in Washington, DC. We are concerned with the social, political, and legal implications of geoengineering technologies. Our public outreach efforts are guided by the observation that, to date, the conversation about geoengineering’s development, deployment, and implications has been confined to a relatively narrow set of voices. Our goal is to generate space for perspectives from civil society actors and the wider public, to produce a heightened level of engagement around issues of justice, agency, and inclusion.

In a recent closed-door meeting, we learn that the true nature of Non-Governmental Organizations is to “act” like concerned citizens and then to convince real citizens on how to buy Geo-Engineering. In other words, NGO’s act as the voice of the public while selling the product of Geo-Engineering to the public as its voice:

Civil Society Meeting Report

On November 4, 2013, the Washington Geoengineering Consortium organized a meeting for civil society actors based in Washington DC.

The meeting brought together around 40 people from major environmental, development, and justice NGOs, to consider the challenges and opportunities presented by geoengineering technologies. There was much rich conversation throughout the day…

Executive Summary

On November 4, 2013, the WGC hosted a closed-door meeting on geoengineering for Washington, DC-based civil society actors. More than 40 individuals registered to attend, from 30 different organizations

During the first breakout session, participants were invited to look at the potential benefits and risks for people and the climate of various geoengineering proposals, and began to consider the possible contours of civil society engagement. The second session focused more particularly on questions of ethics, justice, governance, and of framing.

Risks and Benefits of Civil Society Engagement

Many argued that the present reluctance of civil society actors to engage with the geoengineering conversation must be overcome. If the world gets to the point of having to choose between climate disaster or geoengineering, politicians are almost certain, it was suggested, to choose geoengineering. This understanding of the political dynamics driving the world toward deployment of geoengineering technologies suggests a need for urgent and more far-reaching civil society attention.

How Should Civil Society Actors Frame Geoengineering?

Some suggested that the dominant framing for geoengineering now is as a “solution” to climate change. Few scientists would make such a claim, but the general public may still construe the promise of geoengineering as “this will make climate change go away and, so, we don’t have to change our behaviors.” A few suggested that, to shift the conversation in productive ways, geoengineering should be characterized publicly as a “terrible choice.” Geoengineering, in other words, can be viewed by civil society organizations as a strategic opening, as a way to bring home the horrors of climate change to policymakers and the public.

Perhaps the slimiest of all careers in the field of Geo-Engineering, the political selling of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development through the perceived threat of a global catastrophe takes the cake. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) are charged with impersonating the will and concern of the public, literally acting as socially responsible representatives of the public while in reality just posing as salesmen and propagandists for the Agenda 21 and environmental engineering industrial complex. These actors are the backbone of corporate and government propaganda delivery to the dumbed-down masses – a false-consensus gathering machine of no equal, that nullifies the voice of the actual public and voters. Here we see that though few scientists would make the claim that Geo-Engineering is an actual solution to the problem, the job of the NGO is to act as if the opposite is true by pitching and selling the lie if that’s what the consortium concludes is needed, or to spin the oposite theory as a threat to force people to accept Agenda 21/Sustainable and smart growth lifestyles. This is called “framing” the propaganda.


I’m not sure what else needs to be said here. I’m not sure how any sane and rational person can possibly still consider Geo-Engineering merely a theory or that the photos of persistent contrails utilized by the above university professors to illustrate Geo-Engineering practices can be anything else but “chemtrails” used for research in atmospheric research, as they themselves claim.

But then again… I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The interconnectedness of Agenda 21 and the supposed climate change is becoming obvious, and this external threat of climate seems to be yet another false flag creation of think-tanks that is being utilized to scare the population of earth into excepting Agenda 21 in totality in order to avert and avoid the supposed “global catastrophe” concluded by the elite nerd class.

It should also be very concerning to the reader that the university system around the globe is being utilized as the main venue for the justification and funding of Geo-Engineering and Sustainable Development. This poisoning of our young minds will directly effect your future and that of your future generations unless this madness is nipped in the butt and the influence of corporate, governmental, and non-governmental organizations is removed from school curriculum and funding.

This field extends to every facet of environmental and geological tracking and engineering. One should no longer limit their purview of Geo-Engineering as just lines in the sky that spread out to form “urban haze”. It requires a massive network of everything from annalists and engineers to secretaries and computer input specialists, and involves land, sea, air, social society, and even space.

Whether Geo-Engineering is a scare-tactic or a truly necessary tool to save the planet, I have to conclude that by their own comments and admissions of not knowing whether or not this thing will even work or whether it will itself kill all life on the planet and rip a hole in the ozone, I can safely say that you who are reading this should likely be of the opinion by now that this bunch of assholes listed above should not be given the controls to the atmosphere, climate, and natural ecosystem of planet Earth.

For God’s sake and for that of your children, we must not let this revenge of the nerds continue to take place.

Government will not protect you, because it loves the idea, and is inhabited by the same nerds!

Fight this with your life, for that is all you have left.

All life on Earth is literally in the balance…


–Clint Richardson (
–Sunday, May 11th, 2014

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  1. Turley Thornton

     /  May 11, 2014

    Greed. In Dr. James Mccanney’s broadcast of May 8,2014, from, he reveals that Monsanto is positioned to take advantage of aluminum deposited in the souls if the earth by selling their patented seeds that are supposed to grow in soil laced with alum.


    • Turley Thornton

       /  May 11, 2014

      Typo correct: Soils of the earth. No souls yet, I hope.


  2. Turley Thornton

     /  May 11, 2014

    If we can survive the assault on our environment by the Queen’s lawyers and accountants, I would like to see the goof balls going along with this destruction stripped of their degrees in science and philosophy.


  3. Bruce

     /  May 11, 2014

    My wife Cynthia and I organized a THRIVE Solutions Group in Santa Cruz, Cali. – Meetup Site at: – one of our solutions is raising awareness locally about geoengineering, which has created a three-year synthetic drought in California. We’ve created a 2-sided flyer on Chemtrails/Geoengineering which I put up on Dropbox at: – if anyone wants to distribute it, we can customize it with your group and contact info.

    Dane Wiggington considers himself an associate of Malthusian lecturer Guy McPherson, who is stumping the country telling people that it’s too late to stop “climate change” and humanity will be extinct in 20 years. Dane has bought McPherson’s line that humanity has pulled the “Clathrate Trigger” and an unstoppable torrent of methane gas will blanket the planet. None of the major climate change chicken littles ever mention a peep about Geoengineering or HAARP. Guy McPherson told us that he’s an “agnostic” about chemtrails and must distance himself from Wiggington as Dane doesn’t admit “the Truth” about humanity’s doom.


  4. With geoengineering and the climate change lobby we are witnessing the activities of the Pale Horse of Revelation which is a corruption by miss-translation and should read the Green Horse or the agenda 21 sustainability BS.


  5. paul

     /  May 12, 2014

    Geo Engineering at the earth’s surface where I live:

    My guess is that If I had my own Air Force I would direct it to do the same thing in the sky.

    I will resist in any way I can. AS ABOVE ~ SO BELOW . If I can stop the local Govt Agents from spraying me at arms length then It has to be possible to stop them from doing it from miles above.


  6. An amazing amount of work gone into this post, thank you so much for doing your bit for humanity. I will do mine by spreading the word as much as possible.


  7. For more info on Geoengineering 101 as to who, how and why, see here
    HAARP, Chemtrails, and Weather Modification – The True Source of Climate Change

    As for the Dane vs. McPherson Ad Hominen attack in the comment section, both these men are speaking truth to power that few wish to hear. One is independent and free to say what he feels, the other comes from a major university steeped in contracts with government/corporate interests who has told what he can say and what he cannot talk about…or else…


  8. The problem with this blog is; 1.. Geoengineering may combat global warming if reflective are out into the Stratosphere (some commercial planes cannot do), but this is not being done, a few very small test have been done in the past, but today it can all be done on computer simulations, and is not some big secret:
    .Besides. it’s only being looked as as a possible last resort to combat global warming. But one that may have dire consequences of it’s own, which one can get an idea about that by looking into “global dimming”
    2. Clint doesn’t believe global warming is actually happening. See for yourself:
    3. His long winded blogs are in fact the logical fallacy: “proof by verbosity” a favorite of conspiracy theorist (sophist).


    • Ah, the cult use of logical fallacy to proclaim superior intellect by falsely accusing others of same. I love it. My post from 5 years ago must prove that what I say today is invalid, even as I copy and paste from government and university websites??? Wonderful use of red herring there. Clint doesn’t “believe” in global warming because of that post from 5 years ago? Priceless.

      I believe in global warming and cooling, which in the end cancel each other out now don’t they? As Mars and Venus heat up and cool down, I am also inclined to believe in interstellar climate change, mostly because CLIMATE ALWAYS CHANGES and has never been stable. Is global warming actually happening? Every day. Is global cooling actually happening? Every day. Is man causing these changes because he can somehow out-fart a volcano? More fallacy. Could it happen because we blew the atmosphere away with our dabbling in nuclear and atomic weapons? Much more likely, which explains why the recent IPCC report claimed that now that we started we can’t stop Geo-engineering.

      “The Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that, despite global side effects and long-term consequences, geoengineering techniques involving solar radiation management (SRM) should be maintained:

      “If SRM were terminated for any reason, there is high confidence that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the greenhouse gas forcing.” [emphasis in original]”

      “Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis,” (referred to as “AR5”) supersedes the former report published in 2007. The IPCC’s First Assessment Report was published in 1990.”

      Perhaps, me thinks, you need to do a bit of self discovery and figure out why it is that you don’t “believe” Geo-engineering is and has been “being done”?

      If you would have completed the article, you might realize that you “believe” exactly what the “Civil Society Actors” have framed for you…

      “How Should Civil Society Actors Frame Geoengineering?”

      “Some suggested that the dominant framing for geoengineering now is as a “solution” to climate change. Few scientists would make such a claim, but the general public may still construe the promise of geoengineering as “this will make climate change go away and, so, we don’t have to change our behaviors.” A few suggested that, to shift the conversation in productive ways, geoengineering should be characterized publicly as a “terrible choice.” Geoengineering, in other words, can be viewed by civil society organizations as a strategic opening, as a way to bring home the horrors of climate change to policymakers and the public.”

      Proof by verbosity? Lol!!! By that definition nothing you’ve ever read – all of your grammar – must be false, for everything you think and believe comes from someone else’s words. Again, the superiority fallacy that your grammar is better than anyone else’s rears its ugly head. And your fine use of Wikipedia certainly shows a flaw in your choice of sourced grammar. I spend days pulling together University sources and all you can do is wiki-attack? Go home, amateur.

      As for me, I’ll stick with the facts presented and not rely on some false sense of superiority because I know how to throw around the Trivium fallacy without the use of required burden of proof to back up my fallacious claims.

      Thanks for trying…


  9. Clint, fantastic article. Thanks for this thorough presentation. I’ll share. There are people out there that want to see the truth – the mind control is cracking.


  10. What a waste of good University courses – . And no one has yet brought up what happened to Hurricane Erin around the time of 9/11. Dane Wiggington won’t talk about it and neither will anyone that I’ve come across in a University environment.
    This reminded me of the meeting I attended at the Royal Society in October last year – the last talk was pretty weird. It was some think-tank guy telling the climate scientists in the room that they had to make a good job of marketing the importance of their research to the public. It was given by this guy

    Poke round the website and look who funds this group. Yikes. One scientist I spoke at a Royal Society meeting to wouldn’t even take a leaflet about Hurricane Erin. So it’s best to just “shut up”, walk in line and get a nice career helping these evil people trash the planet… and remain ignorant so you don’t feel bad about it.


  11. Doreen Agostino

     /  May 14, 2014

    Thank you for the research and sharing Clint!

    Climate Change: ‘Excuse to Wage World War’

    OR NOT!

    Geo-engineering the weather is responsible for [see chart at]


  12. LOL You’re not sticking to “the facts”. There has been small test in the real world on geoengineering, but nothing large scale, or by commercial airplanes that don’t even fly in the stratosphere. Today they are all done on computer simulations. It’s being looked into as a possible last opinions to combat global warming. Which over 99% of climate scientist say man is contributing to. Anyway, I’m not going to waste my time with a disinformation retard like you. Your reply conformed what I had said about you, you dumb shit. buh bye


  13. mahwah

     /  May 25, 2014

    Ok, as I read the threads or “threats” in a comment section, this may come handy “Just In Case” you want to know.
    An open admittance of an aerospace mechanic who was installing chemical devices on airplanes.
    He got fired (no surprise there) and is willing to testify before ANY investigation committee. I can’t believe I was watching this video BEFORE I came here to read all the comments. What an appropriate timing. There is a force that guides us to hold the truth up high. Just In Case, God bless you!


  14. Doreen Agostino

     /  June 7, 2014

    People are waking up to extreme deception, and taking peaceful action to end lawlessness. Our voices are strongest when counted together.

    Geo-engineering Criminal Lawsuit Florida

    Ask for police protection from CHEMTRAILS; an INHUMANE ACT ON A POPULATION, crime against humanity, assault on Earth, and all life.

    A Common Law Court of Justice was established in NYC to prosecute people responsible for chemtrails. For information email Kevin Annett

    How to set up a Common Law Court of Justice

    Chemtrails/Geo-engineering Law Suite Fundraising Site


  15. Kimberly A Whitaker

     /  July 3, 2014

    Hello this is Kimberly from Montana I have sent you several messages and attached my information that we discussed on a Withdraw of Consent would you please contact me ASAP~~~Kimberly


  16. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your
    webpage? My website is in the exact same area of interest as
    yours and my users would really benefit from some of the information you present here.

    Please let me know if this okay with you. Cheers!


  17. S.Raschilla

     /  August 22, 2014

    Yea your right, but who should hold the keys to the earths future?


  18. Joe Justsomeguy West

     /  August 30, 2014

    Never entertain or respond to the debunk-tards at metabunk or contrail (non)science. They use the developed psychological operations SOP from their manuals that their gooberment handlers provide to them and provide training for. It’s so easy to spot a gooberment shill. They sit around over there at their “just some guy” websites self-congratulating one another on how they use “science” to “debunk” obvious operations. Anyone my age knows that the current skies are not the skies of 15 years ago. In fact, and I do mean FACT, over the past two to three years they have increased their geoengineering operations exponentially. Never call it chemtrailing – that makes you a target for the debunk-tards, for you when you call it what it is, the scientific terminology, you’ll hear no resistance. It’s all standard psyops – using words that mean the same thing to try to shame you, insult you, claim you are ignorant, uneducated, etc., ad nauseum, when none of the debunk-tards have scientific credentials yet claim to be experts. This simple fact alone makes it clear they are operatives. Anyway, don’t feed them. Don’t listen to them. Don’t entertain them. Mostly, don’t let them get you emotional or upset as that is exactly their intent so as to distract from the discussion and get you off target and diverted from the important discussion. You see I am insulting them, just as they do to you, because YOU TOO can use their 25 or so SOP steps against them. In other words, turn their guns back around on them – spray their shit-stink right back in their faces.

    I’ll just start calling myself by this name: Joe “just some guy” West.
    My credentials:
    B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. candidate, engineering
    published scientific author, instructor, researcher, developer, and practicing engineer for over 20 years in various fields including electronics design and simulation, aerospace systems, defense systems, telecommunications, and more.

    By default, working in aerospace and defense makes you – forces you – to become quite well-versed in atmospheric sciences. Things that fly really fast fly really fast through air, humidity, and yes, even “chemtrails”. There’s much more to their aerosol spraying operations than SRM. In fact, that’s just cover for the real purpose. It has nothing to do with their sulfur compound ideas of SRM and such from Caldeira and co. (they talk about spraying at much high altitude than the current operations). It has a lot to do with weather, manipulation thereof, and high-power synthetic aperture RADAR systems to steer and concentrate massive amounts of EM energy onto the ionosphere. HAARP was the test best. Now every single NEXRAD station has been equipped with the same, and that’s why they are closing HAARP. It has served its purpose, the lessons learned have been applied with retrofits and upgrades to ALL NEXRAD stations. Even debunktards can go look, if they wish to spend the money for the tools, at the various operational modes of the NEXRAD stations, especially the “unknown” modes, and see the effects of the generated vortices, beam forming, and concentric EM waves and the results. One may simply look up during massive spraying campaigns and visually see, that’s right, you can see them, the waves formed in the sprayed metallic compounds. Think this: rock dropped in a pond and watching the concentric waves spread out. At any rate, try watching the National Doppler Radar networks of NWS. They remove much of it, but you can and will catch their manipulations including increasing storm intensity, steering storms, creating rotating storms, and destroying storms. Watch long enough and you’ll see it happening right in front of your eyes.

    What are these “mick-westian cult follower” credentials? That’s what I thought: NONE. They programmed games at one time or another? Perhaps they rode on the back of a garbage truck or worked as checkout clerk at Wal-Mart. So they think they are debunkers of proven facts and proven science(?). No insult meant to garbage workers or Wal-Mart employees – it’s just an illustration that they have no scientific credentials.

    Don’t get drawn into their web of deceit and NEVER let them get you emotional. Just smash them like an annoying fly, the mindless droning insects they are, move on, continue to educate yourself and others, work together, and never give up! They have no place in the conversation other than to disrupt it and distract from the valid discussion.


  19. Thanks for article on chemtrails.I am trying to get a piece done on same.If you want a quick scan of the history of Agenda 21, my stuff is on under Agenda 21 and Agenda 21 in Action on Gary Browns site Greta Kaslik.


  20. Doreen Agostino

     /  September 22, 2014

    How The Hard Science PhDs Have Wrecked The World | Geoengineer PhDs are especially dangerous and deadly in their doings


  21. Doreen Agostino

     /  September 22, 2014
  22. Catbird

     /  November 23, 2014

    Excellent article, will share it far and wide. The pieces of the agenda 21 puzzle are falling into place quickly. The facebook page look at the sky, documenting chem trails witnessed by citizens, pretty much is evidence this horrific storm in the Buffalo area, is manmade homicide!

    Pretty safe bet if you enroll in these geo-engineering degrees, you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement not to spell the beans with the ‘stupid’ Americans.


  23. Excellent work Clint! I’m a long time follower keep it Up! Early in your blog you talk about our younger generations growing up from day one in this internet age and how they are programmed from an early age to accept all the lies and Disinfo out there, and I couldn’t agree more. It reminded me of a radio show that John Taylor Gatto had done about home schooling and in the interview he talked about the fact that we have or were about to reach the point of no return in what the Elder’s can teach us from their years of using common sense and their life experiences that were not tainted or distorted by Government schools and mass media! but now we have or are approaching the point when our Elder’s and Educators have grown up with these institutional lies and deception and that the lost knowledge is irreplaceable and the downward trend of the dumbing down of America is in full force!


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  10. Archons, Mind Parasites And Extremophiles by Clint Richardson – AetherForce

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