Sorry, But There’s Nothing Left To Inflate

For those that wish a more easy to understand template for what is happening to the financial markets of the nations today, and also just what inflation causes and what its eventual result in all cases must be, we must try and metaphorically consider the so-called “economy” as a ballon. Some may say it’s a bubble, or that it is full of sector-based bubbles like the exploding and then imploding tech bubble not so long ago. Remember that now president Trump, in his pre-elections speeches, declared the whole economy to be essentially the result of a massive “bubble” about to burst (paraphrase). Now he uses those same, insubstantial bubbles to declare that his administration has improved the economy. But so would any president of any corporation take credit for this scheme. It’s just business. And the king must have his pretended glory.

Please understand that for the organized criminal element of the commercial government, banks, and its institutionally stock-owned corporate, commercial world, inflation is a wonderful tool. It works! For them…

But Confuses say: that which inflates must also deflate. Well, not really. But I’m sure that’s what he would say. What goes up must come down, etc.

The problem with deflation is that, unlike inflation, which pumps artificial value (form with substance) into the “economy, deflation represents the destruction of both that artificial value plus the actual (market) value as it deflates back to nothingness it was built upon. In other words, the foundation of the market is not inflated, only the overhead space above it, so that the market appears stronger than it is. But when the deflation hits, it takes the foundation down with it. In sound engineering and editing we might call this as compression. To create inflation, first compress the foundation, then bring it back up so that its “volume” is louder but not necessarily of any more substance.

So let us now consider the ballon. What is actually happening to the ballon with inflation? It is not that more air (substance) is being pumped into the ballon, it is that inflation squeezes and tightens the ballon to the point where it appears to expand, and is then tied off. What remains after the tie is the True effect of inflation of the form, which is deflation of the substance. This never-ending cycle of the cause and effect of pumping in false value and then pumping out Real assets (as value) is called reflation. Once the initial inflation happens, and the necessary compression and detraction of deflation results, each new cycle is a reflation.

But what is reflation?

Reflation is the process of that squeeze and tie off of the ballon, until eventually only a small part of the balloon is actually inflated, the rest lying dormant and without substance. The ballon is compressed, leaving even more empty form, and that compression expands the lie that is the appearance of wealth and prosperity. The “economy” (compressed ballon) appears to be just as large as it was 10 years ago, and yet even bigger from completely unsubstantiated “growth” (false valuation). But the fact is that it’s only the elasticity of that ballon (economy valuation) that has now been squeezed so extremely tight that all the real or actual value of the original substance is so low as a percentage of the balloons’ actual value (substance) compared to the injected filler, the false value (form) caused by inflation. In other words, the economy is full of hot air. It’s like a 10×10 foot box that is filled with Styrofoam all to hold and protect a single, minuscule small coffee cup. And I think most people at some level deep down already know this to be True.

The problem we are seeing today is that these current attempts at reflation are having none or little effect on the actual market, because most of that small amount of actual market valuation is already a result of the inflation process. In other words, there are no ice cubes left in the glass to float when the glass is filled with water. There’s no more room or elasticity to inflate and crimp the rubber walls. And any newly infused inflation does not cause the actual value to increase anymore, just remain stagnant. The growth is artificial, no longer effecting the bottom line. There is just not that much actual wealth left to prop up. The ballon is so tightly squeezed that its about to pop.

So what does our current economic ballon basically look like? It looks like this massive, overstretched air bubble at the very tip of the ballon, while the majority of the actual balloon is completely depressed (deflated). The real wealth has already been extracted, leaving a bubble unrooted to any foundation.


Are you grasping the metaphor?
Can you see where there once was inflation, now there is devaluation (depression),
while reflation causes it to appear the same size in form without substance?


Oh, and here’s what the “tech bubble” looked like in 2007,
Only you have to imagine the empty tail of this stinking rat to go on another 10 feet!

Awe, how cute. I’m Joe public. All I really see is a cute little ballon animal.


Meanwhile, so as to extract all of the public wealth out of the public sector
and into the hands of government and corporate money-changers,
here we see a behind the scenes look at the real movers and shakers of these bubbles.

That’s a bed of nails, in case this isn’t clear.


But don’t worry. Be happy!
For as your entire wealth and prosperity is being drained
like a bunch of hot air from this economy you love so much and have gambled
your whole life and retirement upon, government is allowing other types of
legal glass bubbles that are enjoyable for one and all…

 These stylish bubbles are guarantied to make your
half-gram or 1-ounce investment get you feeling even higher as well,
at least, while the effects of the bubble last.
Note: resealable baggies can be blown up like bubbles too!
I also enjoy bubble wrap.

And Congress says:
Be a doper or a crackhead, your choice. Just stay out of our business!
Meanwhile, let us suck your investments funds dry
like a delicious, artificially flavored Slurpee from 7-11
so that we can continue on with the war on drugs.


In conclusion, we are being exposed to two types of extremely mind-altering bubbles here, and it may very well come to pass that only the users of the second type may not feel the need to kill themselves or even notice the economic depression that will happen because of the first type. It’s a correction, they tell you. We must correct the inflated markets. Duh! You inflated them, assholes, with the intent of stealing any actual wealth, replacing it by toxic-debt-instrument-backed pretend reflation, and now you are playing Captain Obvious?

This is not a confession by these organized criminals, mind you, just a bit of business-as-usual, social programming-based disclosure that our public psychological tests show most people will just sit back and watch it happen. They will even speak of it as if it’s normal, or as if they know how and why it happened.

What’s so damned funny about this little practical joke called the market economy is that all that wealth, all that real estate, all those foreign exchange certificates and bonds, all those precious metals, and all of every other possible asset made contracted or incorporated and thus redeemable since the dollar got turned into the worthless fiat shit-show it is today, the dollar of course being the most extreme example of an over-inflated bubble imaginable, has all but been removed from the value markers of all these investment and debt instruments. In other words, if the stock market crashes tomorrow, the truth of the matter is that if all stocks went to $0.0, this should not effect in any way the actual corporate structure of that which the stock supposedly represents. The stock and its value is so distant, so detached from the actual company and its business dealings and earnings, that everything could just crash go on as usual, except that the stock market would be gone.

But it’s not that simple. Here’s the real problem: The only way for governments and corporations to make profits and gains is to invest in stocks, bonds, and other debt instruments. On paper, at this moment, a corporate stock may be trading at and therefore artificially valued $100.00 per share. But that’s only if you are holding the stock itself. To realize that price, the holder must do one of two things. Sell the stock, or use it as collateral, as a false equity, so as to acquire the value of that stock in the form of a loan against it. For if one institutional holder sells the stock, this may trigger others to start the same sell-off, bringing the completely artificial market price of the stock and the market itself, which represents the artificial bubble based on the artificially reflated prices with nothing of substance backing them, into what we are entrained to call as a crash, as if it was an accident the could not be avoided.

But make no mistake, my fellow debt-slaves. When this happens, every time it will happen and has happened in the past, this is nothing more and nothing less that exactly what by now you should have figured it out to be, a well-orchestrated extraction of trillions of dollars of wealth from all of us by replacing real assets with paper ones. This is not a correction, it is the greatest continuous wealth exchange in history. It is the virtual selling of all public assets and shareholder control to government and corporations (institutional investors). It is the communistic takeover of the entire economy and public and private wealth. It is the final flight of the phoenix burning to the ground and emerging as that New World Order we all love to drone on about but never do anything about.

Remember. It’s all a practical joke. It was designed to fail, because failure to us is access to them. Try not to take it so seriously. It’s just fiction in the end.

Thank you for attending this Red Pill Sunday School once again.

Look out for my next post, here, which will be a large section of my 2nd book, titled for this blog as:

Replacing “God” With “Logos” – The Most Unholy, Logical Fallacy

Just in the final editing now, coming in at over 125,000 words so far, and certainly designed to both enlighten, cause unwarranted controversy, and generally piss you off like only I can with the Truth, not to mention keep you busy for a while.

Until then, fare thee well brothers and sisters. Why not grab a lawn chair, a bong or fruity cocktail, and an oversized umbrella so we can watch the best shit-show on earth together, the completely staged, global economic meltdown, sponsored by the Congress of the United States and its investment strategy and stockholder portfolio that most of you have no idea even exists. But why learn now that governments own all corporations by ownership stock holdings in those companies while also passing all the laws that give those corporations license and permit to be total dicks? The deed is done, and so if you’re a nationalist you should be happy about this. For the corporation nation that is the commercial “United States” along with its United Nations partners is about to take control of the entire economy in one fell swoop. That’s what stockholders receive, for they won’t be selling but buying what you and your agent sells. And what care does government have if its economy crashes if in the end it stands collectively with the other governments of the world as the majority owner of the entire corporate structure and the almost totally privatized public infrastructure?

I think I’ll go watch The Corporation Nation (15 parts) and The Great Pension Fund Hoax again for posterity, and to say: see, I told me so.


–Clint richard-son (
–Tuesday, October 30th, 2018




A Parable For In Dependence Day

I’d like to tell you a story…

This year as every new one, on a hot and balmy evening in July, a man sat with his young son upon the balcony of his mansion in the hills overlooking the city. As the darkness of night began to encroach upon the day, the little boy began to get restless, for his yearly experience each 4th of July was quite different from most children, even anti-climatic in a way. From this distance and vantage point way above even the farthest of rockets launched, as the sun was just beginning to set, it appeared that the whole county was ablaze in tiny explosions, a ballet of distant flashes and bangs without the accompanying decibels. One might compare this scene to a war zone, if one had any such experience as that. But alas, as with all elite, such wars and battles are watched from afar.

But oh, how the boy would beg his father each year to take him to watch the fireworks shows up close and personal, only to be denied and silenced with a wisdom that he couldn’t quite fully grasp in these tender years. As the darkness settled and the intensity of each individual household’s shooting of multi-colored rockets into the air increased into a crescendo of non-rhythmic, barely controlled chaos, and as the spectacle of so many participants lit up the sky, the boy knew it was time for his father to speak his wisdom. For his pride was overwhelming, spilling over as he marveled at what he and his alliance of upper-class families had created to control and satiate the masses.

Though he knew the answer, the boy also knew it was time to prime his fathers ego, to ask his leading question not as an inquiry but rather as another actor might read his lines before the other spouts a monologue.

“Father,” said the boy, already knowing the answer to come, “why can’t we go down there some time to watch the fireworks?”

Pausing for only a brief moment, the father reflectively and with great care responded as such:

“Son, We are not like those people down there. We are above them. You will learn this in time. What you are seeing here from the vantage point of this high mountain is the best lesson you can learn in life. If you were down there, amongst the common goyim, you’d be under those explosions, the subject of them, marveling in stupefied awe at their artificial colors and sounds, imbibing on one of the many poisons we provide to them for such occasions. We do not participate in such low, base celebrations or sport. We always watch from afar. For we are the object of their subjection. Now, let me explain again to you exactly what you are seeing here, and every year, as long as we remain unseen high upon our hill, in our higher status and privacy. What you are seeing here is a collective farm of slaves celebrating their perception of freedom. You must never forget this fact. Our ammunitions corporations sell more gunpowder in these late weeks of June and early July than in any other month, and for that matter any other war. Where you see only tiny explosions, I see bright and beautiful dollar signs. We allow them to engage each year in the power and symbolic expression of war without actually destroying anything but their own bank accounts and credit. Their municipal taxpayer funds are squandered while their neighbors and even family members go hungry and homeless and their potholes go unfilled. What you see here are many fools that are more hopelessly enslaved to us than they can ever imagine, and the 4th of July celebration stands as proof of that fact. What you see here before you, son, is absolute control. Through these holidays, we are able to confirm each year as a sort of unspoken census that indeed our power and control over their minds as a collective is absolute, for they go through these same customary motions each year to celebrate the fact that they falsely believe they are free. It is these moments indeed, where the whole multitude can be seen expressing themselves through such ridiculous actions as lighting off gunpowder bombs and rockets, that we know with certainty our control grid remains in place. And the next day they will be back in their suits and ties and causing traffic jams again, just to carry on our agenda and corporate system, as if tonight’s delusion of freedom never even transpired. At this point, my son, they don’t even know why they are doing it. It’s purely a custom with no reason valid behind it. It is for most them just a night of licensed, controlled chaos sold as the loosest form of patriotism. Just as we turned Christmas into a celebration of greed and Passover into a celebration of one of our most addictive drugs, sugar, so too is the meaning and purpose of this night lost on most participants. As long as we can commercialize that which should be worshiped with respect and dignity, they will never wake up to our designs over them. Son, we are sitting here above them tonight not to watch the meaningless lights in the sky, but to witness the spectacle of all these people that can no more see past those lights than they can the shackles around their own necks. You must never be tricked by our own deceits as they are. You must always remain the object of their subjection. You must always be above their customs and fallacious holy-days. They must always be a spectacle for you to behold, and their voluntary participation in such debasing, low behavior must be imagined by them to be a product of their own choice and false beliefs. And for every 4th of July in the future I expect to find you as you are here today, with or without me, high above them, watching them as they celebrate in the darkness of our gunpowder lights, knowing you are their master whether they comprehend it or not. You must always be above them, for they are our sport. Do you understand, son?”

“Yes, father. I understand…” replied the boy unconfidently, fidgeting in place as his overwhelming childish desire to see those fireworks up close and personal still dominated his young passions.

“Now, son,” said the father, “we’ve been watching this non-stop charade patiently for over two hours. And amazingly, it will continue for a few more hours, as a non-stop barrage of waste and moral abandon. For as with their lamed wills, these goyim will eventually eat, smoke, and drink themselves to sleep, and nothing will have changed for it. There is no climax. There is no final show or grand finale. The will of these people has a shorter life than their attention span. Come now, let us retire and leave them to their pointless franchises. For tomorrow will be like yesterday to them and to us, for we must also continue in our roll as their unseen masters just as they as our unwitting servants. And son, while you may not understand this fully today, you will certainly understand when you become a young man and it is time to fulfill your inheritance. Until then, I forbid you to mix with those heathens or to speak in their base, common language. Now go and study your Latin.”

“Yes father. Good night, sir.” replied the boy.


–Clint > richards-son (
–Friday, July 6th, 2018

Doctors: Good Actors And Spokesmodels For Very Bad Drugs And Vaccines

Authors Note: Please read this to its end. This will change your whole perspective on history. There is way more happening here than meets the eye, and this will both shock you and explain why every generation is so different from the next, why some are up and some are depressed. Why? It’s not the economy. It’s because we have all been on different drugs promoted by doctors and false advertising! You won’t believe what I’ve put together here. After days of collecting and organizing these photos, please pay me the curtesy of fully examining this incredible history of one drug-induced generation after the next. This is extremely important. Thank you. -Clint


When someone gives a recommendation for anything, especially a lettered professional, is it not common to assume that such a recommendation is backed by research and experiential data? Sure, but is it reasonable to assume such a thing? Does the white coat and stethoscope of a doctor, for instance, cause one to believe in the veracity of that doctors claim, in whatever commercial, profit-driven drug product that doctor is selling? But wait a minute! The serious problem and really the brilliant marketing tool that is the picture of a doctor promoting a drug is exactly that he doesn’t actually directly sell any drugs. He is not a wholesaler (merchant) or a retailer (grocer/usurer). Rather, the doctor has the much more valuable and coveted, ultimately highest power of prescription. In other words, he can put both the manufacturing merchant and the usurious retailer out of business by simply choosing not to prescribe any of the illegal drugs they sell by license. Without the doctor, no illegal drug could be sold.

But does that choice for doctors really exist? I’m not sure anymore. For it seems the causality of prescription drugs and their recommendation is solely in the hands of the makers of those drugs and the contracted corporate conglomerate hospital names those doctors work under, not the prescribing doctor him or herself. This is no different than a congressman passing a bill on behalf of the giant drug corporations paying him clandestinely to do so. The business arrangement is behind the scenes, indirect, and often well before or after the transactional fact. The senator, like the doctor, is wined and dined and offered unrelated payoffs in exchange for voting yes or no. Likewise, a doctor has the right to say yes or no by prescription, but his choice is apparently guided by the same corporate, profit-driven interests. In short, the corruption happening in order to ensure that these elicit, pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed by the only doctors and nurse practitioners that can do so is rampant. These medical professionals, as we profess them to be, have become nothing if not mere middle men, granted the trust and integrity of one of the most powerful legal tools that exists, that of the authority of prescription (defined and explained below). They have become no better than my local weed or heroin dealer, being but the final chain link in a drug-dealing system, having no real clue as to the purity or efficacy of the drugs they are dealing. The only difference is that drug dealers on the street aren’t insured for malpractice. If you are killed by street drugs, you are a victim. If you are killed by medically prescribed drugs, you are a patient and a statistic for research purposes.

How many of us have pretended illness to acquire otherwise illegal drugs through legal prescription? How about canibus? Oxycontin? Amphetamines? Viagra? How many of us buy these drugs illegally (without prescription) from those who lie or steal on our behalf? How is a doctor that prescribes dangerous poisons any different? Because he can do so legally? Moonshiners can become legal too. So can canibus growers. So can murderers. And so can abortionists. Does that change anything, really? Is the legal drug trade any different from the illegal one in its intent and purpose, which is profits? Does it make sense that an ounce of pot is only legal if you get a doctors prescription, and that without it, you can go to jail for possession? Possession of what? A drug that is not prescribed by a doctor? Are you starting to understand the power that lies in the power of prescription? And are you starting to understand that when those who hold such a power are corrupted in their intent, that only then may corruption and organized crime take over? Do you understand the moral and ethical responsibility that lies in the granted power and trust to prescribe?

Most frightening of all is the fact that a doctor very seldom researches the drugs he or she prescribes, including of course vaccines. A spokesmodel cares not what he models or speaks well about, as long as he is paid in some way for doing so and it sells like crazy. So how many doctors do you think really care, considering that doctor-caused (iatrogenic) deaths are the third leading cause of death in America and that unnecessary but very costly surgeries are rampant? Many of these are, as expected, drug-related deaths. So you tell me, how wise is it to trust a doctor that is getting kickbacks for prescribing an illicit, illegal drug, while at the same time that doctor has malpractice insurance that will cover his actions when those drugs cause harm or death? Trust me, I’m insured! If I harm or kill you, a big corporation will give you money as remedy and other doctors will then prescribe you more remedial drugs if I don’t kill you first!

Now don’t get me wrong here. Physicians that practice natural science and healing without such illicit drugs, though few and far between, are to be commended and supported. There is a welcome place for healers and always will be. Most are bashed publicly and shamed in their peer groups though, often fired for not cooperating with the for-profit hospital prescription policy of these mass conglomerate medical corporations, unions, and drug companies. But like in most drugs, nature and natural healing properties are nowhere to be found. They simply cannot patent what is in Nature, what is actually Natural, and so they genetically modify and compound (mix) these substances until they create a novel (unique) combination that can be called as property. And in order to acquire and sell that protected, illegal property (drug), they must somehow convince a doctor or hospital or union of doctors to prescribe it legally. And they will pay handsomely to acquire those product placement privileges, doing anything and everything they can to puppeteer those doctors ability and sole privilege to prescribe. It is precisely the comparison in this video stand-up routine to a doctor healing wounds and a doctor recommending vaccinations that is the problem, and also the very foundation of propaganda. Healing broken bones is not the same as poisoning and purposefully infecting the unbroken body with disease. There is no comparison to be made, unless you are a fallacious comedian or paid propagandist preying on people’s inability to logically conclude that what they are saying is absolute bullshit.

The downfall of the medical profession is nothing more and nothing less than exactly what you’d expect it to be. Money. Mammon. The for-profit model. Usury. Grocery. The selling of drugs and services. Competition. This can only ever lead to conflict of interest. There is no other path, no other destination than corruption when commerce interferes in any way with charity.

And to go with this sales model, there must, of course, be propaganda… Lots and lots of propaganda.

So let’s take a look at this strange, profit-driven, seedy underworld and history of using doctors and nurses to advertise and be spokesmodels for both legal and illegal, quite harmful drugs, many of which are now outlawed and proven deadly and sold only illegally on the street.

I was sent the following video clip of the Jimmy Kimmel show where he arrogantly promotes vaccines, not by providing any evidence or study of their efficacy at all, but by fallaciously insulting anyone that doesn’t vaccinate themselves or their own children. This commercially-driven tactic is not new, made to cause the sense of false-normalization and inclusion into the dumbed-down majority, that it’s perfectly natural and normal to get a vaccine. It’s the same immature peer pressure used by 16 year olds in high school. Somehow man survived for all this time since our origin without vaccines, but now we cannot thrive without 65 doses in childhood? And if we don’t all get them, those that don’t vaccinate will somehow infect those that do, even though those that do vaccinate are supposed to now be immune from the disease that those that don’t vaccinate will potentially carry due to non-vaccination? Doesn’t that defeat the point? Doesn’t that irrational fear mean that vaccines aren’t expected to work on those that do get them?

Of course the usual, quite provable lies are told, that vaccines cured polio, even though no vaccine in the world has ever made the claim that it can “cure” any disease. This would be illegal false-advertising, and it is well known that the rest of the supplement and drug industry cannot make such false claims or use the legal word cure without being fined or arrested and shut down, having that cure seized by federal agents. Most people don’t contemplate that the word cure is what we do to dead meat to preserve it from decay. What they can do, however, is bold-faced obfuscate the facts of history and lie thereof without consequence. History is not fact. It is not provable. It can be altered and lied about at any time without legal ramification. There is no law about lying, except that you cannot lie to government or about things such as ingredients and medicines. Lying to the public is otherwise perfectly legal. News channels do it all the time, because according to the courts, they are entertainment companies, not reliable information. Remember, the news channels also make fictional television shows and movies. Propagandists after-the-fact like these can simply ignore all the legally required, reported side-effects and call you crazy for wishing to preserve instead the purity of your children’s blood. They can say anything they want, as long as they don’t use the word cure, treat, heal, or other medical (legal) terms reserved and patented for proven medical curatives. They are not required to say what was already publicly posted regarding side-effects. That is your fault if you trust a late night talk show host and paid spokesmodels that happen to be random doctors. In this video, most people will not notice that these “doctors” specifically and purposefully did not give medical advice. They just slandered and made fun of those who question their authority.

Please understand that the intention of a vaccine is clearly and without argument as a preventative, so how can a vaccine also be labeled as a curative? Legally and rightfully they cannot, which is why no claims of curing or even treating disease are ever made. How can a disease be treated or cured before a patient ever contracts the disease? Thus, these words are not allowed to be used nowadays in advertising. But, without saying it, the propagandists of the drug world can certainly make it sound like they will “save the world.” Saving the world, though, just so you know, is not curing a disease. They are two different things. The world is not vaccinated, because it’s a planet. So saving the world is just a clever, non sequitur of a logical fallacy designed to feed off this vagueness of terms. People somehow equals the world. Product sold. The only reason they are forgiven for using the term prevent or prevention is because that term means to be in readiness for. Vaccines do not in any way prevent disease, for this is impossible, and at best they create a few antibodies that, by their nature, lay in wait until a foreign body with their coding is recognized. But is this at its best really prevention, or just the bodies natural, systematic reaction to an infection by someone stupid enough to allow a “doctor” or his henchmen of hardly researched nurses to sting them with a needle containing a known disease product within? If vaccination with a disease is prevention, then why isn’t that rusty nail I stepped on as a child, which pierced my foot to the bone and bled all over my shoes… why isn’t that incident just considered as a preventative vaccine? Instead, I am irrationally sold that I need an injection containing tetanus to be safe from the rusty nail containing tetanus. How does that make any kind of sense? And for that matter, how can a tetanus shot help me if I’ve already stepped on the nail? Why preventively vaccinate (infect) me if I am already infected? How do you prevent that which has already occurred?

But most importantly to me is to ask: why don’t doctors ask these same questions?

The answer. Profits. Vaccines are considered the most profitable drug in the medical industry.


In further consideration, really the worst part of this commercial campaign for the spread of vaccination is the use of actual medical doctors, most of which have no actual research, experience, or understanding of vaccines and how they work, or don’t really care. In fact, in watching this video, these “doctors” state very clearly that they “believe” in vaccines. Belief? That’s religion, faith, not good, natural science. On this popular belief alone they are willing to make fools of themselves while believing they are making fools out of we the sane, questioning, honestly concerned and often educated and well-researched folk. This tactic of shaming is part of the normalization process, to cause otherwise reasonable people to do extraordinarily outrageous things with agentic behavioral patterns.

Before we start, please check this demeaning comedy routine out here so that we know what we are dealing with, namely a bit with no science or evidence whatsoever, using only the public masses of useful idiots to support a maddeningly shallow and shameful attempt at humor:


Here we see flatteringly titled “doctors” unscientifically promoting pharmaceutical drugs, in this case, the most profitable one of all, vaccines. Now, the whole point of this expose’ is that you keep in mind that this isn’t the first time doctors have been paid to create public propaganda in entertainment and advertising to sell extremely harmful and deadly products, legal or illegal, as mere clueless spokesmodels with no evidence, citations, or scientific backing whatsoever. And on that note, I think we should take a good, long look at this history of the use of doctors and nurses in white coats selling the most dangerous, mind-altering, depredating, soul-eating drugs as profitable commodities for health and pleasure. Let’s take a look at the history of “doctors” and nurses posing as authorities in the selling of addictive, harmful, and even deadly commercial, recreational (non-medical) products to unsuspecting innocents in the public, and especially to children. Please read this in its entirety, for the end conclusions of this expose’ are truly a shocking revelation for us all…

I now present to you doctors and nurses propagating yesterday what today would be considered an outrage (please note that you may click on any of these to enlarge for reading or to download them):








Read this one very carefully!




And just what was a soda fountain?






Link–> The strange history of amphetamines:




DDT, ARSENIC, and other POISONS (pharmaceuticals)






There’s a reason they call it a campaign to get people vaccinated!








When I started this little project, I never expected to have reached the revelation so obviously shown in this pictorial history of legal drugs with regards to the cultural shifts in each new generation. I thought I was merely showing the usefulness of a spokesmodel capacity in complacently ignorant doctors and nurses. Most drugs that were at one time merely salable over the counter drugs are now prescription only or outlawed altogether. In other words, only a doctor can now prescribe them, which means he must necessarily support them despite their illicitness. Again, without doctors, pharmaceutical companies would be in ruins. Big pharma is like the vampiric parasite guiding these doctors as witting hosts, blinding their rational and reasoning with $ signs, all-expenses paid meals and vacation-like conferences, and lavish gifts.

But I had no idea, for instance, that the so-called soda fountains I saw only in period piece movies were actually located in pharmacies, being licensed as over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs themselves, from the lithiuomated recipe in 7-Up to the coca leaves used to make cocaine that were added to Coca-Cola for “medicinal” purposes, each sold to adults and especially children as elixirs and tonics for “good health,” energy, and vitality. They were even promoted by doctors to be “good for you.” Imagine if that sort of fraudulent advertising were to take place today? Drink Jolt Cola, its good for your liver. Actually, you don’t have to imagine, but instead just pick up a magazine or watch television for a while. Soon enough a paid advertisement for some vaccine or other drug will most certainly appear. Soft drinks filled with empty sugars and syrups are still sponsoring sporting events and the olympics, as if an athlete would ever load up on a soda or eat a Big Mack while training and competing. While the methodology and delivery have changed, requiring the amazing list of unbelievable side-effects to be listed for prescription drugs, the advertising today is just as ridiculous as it was for the last century and longer, changing only as the cultural bias changes towards the medical and pharmaceutical pushers.

But for me, in studying closer these snapshots of the past, an even more incredible and sinister realization has now come to light about the history of past cultural, and specifically generational change and what is behind it. We have all either heard or remember a time when giving a thimble of “medicinal” whisky to a colicky baby was, at least culturally speaking, perfectly reasonable. Yet for us in the younger generations, ideas such as these are the subjects only of jokes, as things that we know are both morally wrong and physically harmful, yet at the same time being perfectly logical. We marvel at the idea of the now lost ideal of the 1950’s housewife, the June Cleavers and Ozzy and Harriets of the world with unlimited energy and a seemingly unbound joy of housework, a scene which, between the feminism, pretended equalization of the sexes, and prescription drugs of today seem a world away. People say when they do crystal meth that they want to clean the house because they have so much energy to express. June Cleaver, in other words, was just high on doctor recommended “tonics” like coca-cola and amphetamines. Her job was house-keeper, but so was her therapy. Dress it up in nice clothing and you have the Truman Show on acid. The advertisements pictured above paint the picture of a generation of women completely hooked on amphetamines and meth-amphetamines in one form or the other solely because that’s exactly what the doctor recommended and prescribed! Seriously, a look at the history of what is now called as “crystal meth” turns out to be an addiction problem stemming back into the late 1800’s. Please check out this website and especially the video therein for a shocking reality of what was prescription meth from drug dealers calling themselves as licensed “doctors.”


This is a must-read article and video. For it turns out that this pharmaceutical meth-amphetemine product, both in pill, injection, and inhaler form, was the number one most prescribed “antidepressant” drug for over 20 years, starting in the 1930’s and through the early 1960’s, which was about the time where mass-psychosis and other unknown side-effects started really showing up after so many years of housewives and businessmen high on meth-amphetamines, until it was finally banned in the 1970’s. This shocking statistic, in this author’s opinion, sheds a completely new light on just what happened between the seemingly innocent “Happy Days” era and its music in the 1950’s and the strangely celebrated, spiraling out of control 60’s and 70’s sex, drug, and rock and roll era. One might even say that from the early 60’s to the mid-70’s, this strange trip was nothing more than a transition from the seemingly good side-effects of decades of controlled (medicinal) amphetamine, opioid, and other poisonous usages to the toxic degradation of uncontrolled (illegal) usage and bad side-effects of addictive, recreational use. In point of fact, the same could be said about the roaring 20’s followed by the depression of the 30’s. Different drugs, same manic shift in cultural personality. Every new generation has literally been rendered into a redefined, redirected, drug-induced cult of personality. Perhaps the 80’s might even qualify as the next careless time-frame of good drug side-effects, leading us into the complete perturbation that is our current state of controlled and uncontrollable substance abuse. What does an economic depression matter when you have medical antidepressants?

Essentially, every new generation is but a new chapter in the quintessential and perhaps timelessly continuing stage play of emerging addicts in Long Day’s Journey Into Night.

But the main point to be made here is that behind all of this there is but one constant, and that is the wicked combination (conspiracy) of the pharmaceutical drug, food, and beverage industry and that of government licensed doctors in the medical industry that are the only profession able to legally prescribe them. One can blame the nurses, except that regular nurses cannot do anything without a doctors orders, barring nurse practitioners. They work for the doctor, and do what the doctor orders in the ultimate agentic relationship.

Why can’t we seem to relate to our parents, and why are they so judgmental of our own drug-induced, strange behavior? Why are we so different than them? I am postulating here that the answer lies in what we have seen so far in the advertisements above. Quite simply, we cannot relate because we were both brought up on different mind-altering drugs, including especially today those called as food ingredients, supplements, and additives. And who is this supply of drugs controlled by? Why the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), of course. The FDA is like a rancher controlling the drug and food intake of its cattle to assure proper yield and desirable traits and effects in the whole herd, slowly perfecting the process through a system of controlled trial and error of different drugs.

Many of us in these newer generations, those born in the late 60’s and beyond, have learned our history almost exclusively from television and movies, most of which are in and of themselves a simulacra of invented history. While a simulation is at least an attempt to honor the origin of something it is copying, the simulacra is a copy without source, or at least without the law and history governing that source. To consider source (truth) without the limitations of actual source (truth), is a virtual state of nihilism. A nihilistic history is a humorous oxymoron. We are not taught history as students, we are shown false idols of history so as to be doomed as its victims. Rinse, wash, repeat.

The problem with each new generation is that each has no True referential point to what was a normal cultural behavior before that of their own parents generation. That in which we do receive is in the form of entertainment and education only, form without substance, information without experience. Each new generation represents the birth and death pains of yet another drug-induced false-consciousness, and each is entrained to believe they are better than and can save the world from the last. There is no self-responsibility. Each generation is no longer a copy of the last reared to carry on the traditions of previous generations, instead becoming each their own simulacra (a copy, but one without referential or effect of the original). The cultural and educational divide is such a deep chasm at this point that one is unrecognizable from the next, the son no longer wishing to be nor acting in any way like his father. We are totally high on different drugs, having different experiences and seeking different ways to satisfy the effects of our generational drug addiction.

This phenomenon between families, or what we are seeing and calling as the break-up of the family unit and fall of the foundation of civilization, is not so much a disrespect by children towards their parents as it is a complete lack of foundational principal, of empathy. Parents and children are worlds apart, psychologically speaking. They are foreigners to each other’s drug-induced perceptions of reality and the lifestyles that ensue there from. And in this new age of technology and artificial intelligence, that chasm is growing into quite another dimension, again one with no original to draw experiential knowledge from.

Take the patriot movement for example, as those who constantly say they want our society, law, and culture to go back to some point when it was somehow better, though they have no referential to actually point to, except perhaps the history and Hollywood versions of what those times might have been like. But the truth is that we can only go back to whatever generation is either enjoying the false-positive effects of a new drug culture or one that is coming down from that same drug into depression, anxiety, or debauchery. In truth, there are no good times to go back to that won’t end as quickly, as cyclically, as badly, and even as differently as any other times, only some point in time where a bunch of drugged up people are being steered in one direction or the other with the assistance of the latest legal or illegal drug craze. Every appearance of good times in our drug-induced history is just a trap leading into bad times.

Let me put this another way… would you actually want to be in the best of times with a manic depressant, knowing full well that the depression phase would soon follow after that short-term elation of his or her constant mania? Would you choose the good part of any disease knowing that inevitably it will bring you crashing down into oblivion until the next dose may give some temporary relief from that unavoidable depression? Is it not true then that the various different societies we’ve experienced from one generation to the next is and depends solely on how the culture of popular drug use from alcohol to Adderall happens to go through waves of uppers and downers, of good times and bad times, economic booms and recessions, and of health to disease, just like any other drug user?

If we examine the history and etymology of these terms doctor and the term pharmaceutical, we find that nothing has changed from their early history but the publics perception of just what these flattering titles actually stand for. In fact, before their were doctors, there were barbers!

The word barb means a beard, Latin barba, or something similar in appearance such as the human region of pubic hair. It also means to clip or mow. In its etymology, though, we find the strange and twisted history of the modern physician:

barber – (noun) – “one whose occupation is to chave the beard and cut and dress the hair,” c. 1300, from Anglo-French barbour (attested as a surname from early 13c.), from Old French barbeorbarbieor (13c., Modern French barbier, which has a more restricted sense than the English word), from Vulgar Latin *barbatorem, from Latin barba “beard” (see barb (n.)). Originally also regular practitioners of minor surgery, they were restricted to hair-cutting, blood-letting, and dentistry under Henry VIII. The barber’s pole (1680s) is in imitation of the ribbon used to bind the arm of one who has been bled.

physician – (noun) – early 13c., fisicien “a healer, a medical practitioner,” from Old French fisiciien “physician, doctor, sage” (12c., Modern French physicien means “physicist“), from fisique “art of healing,” from Latin physica natural science” (see physic). Distinguished from surgeon from c. 1400. The ph- spelling attested from late 14c. (see ph).

physic – (noun) – c. 1300, fysike, “art of healing, medical science,” also “natural science” (c. 1300), from Old French fisike “natural science, art of healing” (12c.) and directly from Latin physica (fem. singular of physicus) “study of nature,” from Greek physike (episteme) “(knowledge) of nature,” from fem. of physikos “pertaining to nature,” from physis “nature,” from phyein “to bring forth, produce, make to grow” (related to phyton “growth, plant,” phyle “tribe, race,” phyma “a growth, tumor”) from PIE root *bheue- “to be, exist, grow.” Spelling with ph- attested from late 14c. (see ph). As a noun, “medicine that acts as a laxative,” 1610s. The verb meaning “to dose with medicine” is attested from late 14c.

pharmacy (noun) – late 14c., “a medicine,” from Old French farmacie “a purgative” (13c.), from Medieval Latin pharmacia, from Greek pharmakeia “use of drugs, medicines, potions, or spells; poisoning, witchcraft; remedy, cure,” from pharmakeus (fem. pharmakis) “preparer of drugs, poisoner, sorcerer” from pharmakon “drug, poison, philter, charm, spell, enchantment.” Meaning “use or administration of drugs” is attested from c. 1400; that of “place where drugs are prepared and dispensed” is first recorded 1833. The ph- was restored 16c. in French, 17c. in English (see ph).

pharmaceutical – (adjective) – 1640s (pharmaceutic in the same sense is from 1540s), from Late Latin pharmaceuticus “of drugs,” from Greek pharmakeutikos, from pharmakeus “preparer of drugs, poisoner” (see pharmacy). Related: Pharmaceuticalspharmaceutically.

drug – (noun) – late 14c. (early 14c. in Anglo-French), “medicine, chemical ingredients,” from Old French droge“supply, stock, provision” (14c.), which is of unknown origin, perhaps from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German droge-vate “dry barrels,” or droge waere, literally “dry wares,” but specifically drugs and spices, with first element mistaken as word for the contents (see dry goods), or because medicines mostly consisted of dried herbs. Compare Latin species, in Late Latin “wares,” then specialized to “spices” (French épice, English spice). The same source produced Italian and Spanish droga, Swedish drug. Application to “narcotics and opiates” is late 19c., though association with “poisons” is 1500s. Druggiefirst recorded 1968. To be a drug on or in the market (mid-17c.) is of doubtful connection and may be a different word, perhaps a play on drag, which was sometimes drug c. 1240-1800.
I offer this excerpt from my book, Strawman: The Real Story Of Your Artificial Person, in support of this etymological history of the art of medicine, to further make the distinction between the physicist of natural science and healing and the modern doctor that prescribes potions of purgatory poisons, as compounds (mixtures) of wholly unnatural (manmade) things, which is the legal definition of a “drug.”
Begin Excerpt:

So what does it mean (for us) to have the right to use property by prescription?

We commonly (vulgarly) know the common word prescription to be what a doctor writes as instructions for the usage of drugs. In other words, the authoritarian governing master and syndicalist professor of medicine is laying down the laws of how the subservient patient may use those (otherwise illegal) drugs legally, according to the laws prescribed by government. The doctor is an agent, the patient a third party. But the patient never acquires the drugs as his own property, only being granted the ability to use what is not his for a heavy, usurious charge. Hospitals and pharmacies are merely grocers of poisons called as pharmacopeia.

Perhaps this is a good point to explore this word pharmacist and doctor as it pertains to magic (vs. healing) and those syndicalist automatons who prescribe it. It is only the perceptions of what pharmacopeia was and is that have changed, not the actual meaning (or practice). And the bonus money is abounding for such witting and unwitting but legally licensed doctors acting in deceit and fraud.

The word pharmaceutical is an adjective from the 1640s (pharmaceutic in the same sense is from 1540s), stemming from the Late Latin pharmaceuticusof drugs,” and from Greek pharmakeutikos and pharmakeuspreparer of drugs, poisoner.”

The noun pharmacy then comes from the late 14th century with the meaning of “a medicine,” from Old French farmaciea purgative,” from Medieval Latin pharmacy and Greek pharmakeiause of drugs, medicines, potions, or spells; poisoning, witchcraft; remedy, cure,” from pharmakeus (fem. pharmakis) “preparer of drugs, poisoner, sorcerer” from pharmakondrug, poison, philter (love potion), charm, spell, enchantment.” Its meaning of “use or administration of drugs” is attested from the14th century, and that of a “place where drugs are prepared and dispensed” is first recorded from 1833. A pharmacist is a noun, a flattering title, stemming from 1811, replacing the obsolete pharmacies from 1720. The Latin word was pharmacopola, the Greek pharmakopoles.

A pharmacist, like a witch, prepares a recipe, from the 1580’s, meaning a “medical prescription,” from Middle French récipé of the 15th century, and from the Latin recipe meaning “take!,” the second person imperative singular of recipereto take” (i.e., receive). This word (take) is written by physicians at the head of prescriptions. Figurative use is from the 1640s, while its meaning of “instructions for preparing food” was first recorded 1743. The original sense survives only in the pharmacist’s abbreviation Rx.

Rx represents whatever formula is concocted by the pharmacist, this word formula stemming from the 1630’s meaning “words used in a ceremony or ritual” (earlier as a Latin word in English), from the Latin formulaform, draft, contract, regulation.” In law, it takes the meaning of “a rule, method;” and literally “small form,” a diminutive of formaform.” Modern sense is colored by Carlyle’s use (1837) of the word in a sense of “rule slavishly followed without understanding.” From 1706 used as “a prescription, a recipe.” Also used mathematically and in chemistry, and more modernly in motor racing.

Interestingly, the verb (action) of doctoring something stems from the word doctor, taking its meaning from the1590s, as “to confer a degree on,” the word degree as used in education and licensing having the meaning of a “degree of crime,” from the noun form of doctor. But in verb form it has the meaning of “to treat medically” from 1712, and the sense of “alter, disguise, falsify” is from 1774.

Like a remedy at law, (prescription) drugs offer no cure or solution, only symptom relief. The disease is doctored (disguised) by chemical pharmacopeia, but never cured, for pharmacy is only the illusionary practice of magic as “medicine.” The doctor slavishly prescribes drugs without actual understanding of their qualities and effects especially with vaccines, just as so many other legally titled and licensed persons in the idiocracy of legalism and flattering title are degreed to do in exchange for a piece of mammon in usufruct.

The word physician is equally of interest in the magic arts, stemming from the noun leech, an obsolete title for “physician,” from the Old English læce, and probably from Old Danish læke, from Proto-Germanic lekjazenchanter, one who speaks magic words; healer, physician.” As cognates we find Old Frisian letza, Old Saxon laki, Old Norse læknir, Old High German lahhi, and Gothic lekeis, all carrying the meaning of “physician,” literally “one who counsels,” perhaps connected with a root found in Celtic (compare Irish liaigcharmer, exorcist, physician“) and Slavic (compare Serbo-Croatian lijekar, Polish lekarz), from lep-agiconjurer,” from root leg– “to collect,” with derivatives meaning “to speak” (see lecture). For sense development, we can compare Old Church Slavonic balijidoctor,” originallyconjurer,” as related to Serbo-Croatian bajatienchant, conjure;” as well as Old Church Slavonic vrači, Russian vračdoctor,” related to Serbo-Croatian vračsorcerer, fortune-teller.” The form is merged with leech in Middle English, apparently by folk etymology. In 17c., leech usually was applied only to veterinary practitioners. The fourth finger of the hand, in Old English, was læcfinger, translating Latin digitus medicus, Greek daktylus iatrikos, supposedly because a vein from that finger stretches straight to the heart.

Of course, we know what the purpose of a magician is in all its black art forms, including especially the legal one. The word misdirection is a noun taken from around 1768, having the meaning of “action of a conjurer, thief, etc. to distract someone.” And the word illusionist is a title (noun) for a “conjurer, magic act performer” from 1840, stemming from the earlier notion of “one suffering from illusions,” from 1812. Middle English had illusor, meaning “deceiver, deluder.”

Finally, the word medicine has an equally interesting history in its origins of magic, as that bestowed by a conjurer to distract and mislead, most often as a remedy without cure, or as a design to prolong the disease state to ensure future return use and profits.

The noun medicine stems from the 12th century with the meaning of “medical treatment, cure, remedy,” and was also used figuratively, of spiritual remedies, from the Old French medecine (Modern French médicine) “medicine, art of healing, cure, treatment, potion,” from Latin medicinathe healing art, medicine; a remedy,” and also used figuratively, perhaps originally ars medicinathe medical art,” from the feminine of medicinusof a doctor,” from medicusa physician” (see medical); though OED finds evidence for this is wanting. The English meaning is format he mid-14th century as “a medicinal potion or plaster.” To take (one’s) medicine is to “submit to something disagreeable,” first recorded in 1865. The North American title of an Indian medicine-man “shaman” is first attested 1801, from American Indian adoption of the word medicine in sense of “magical influence.” The US-Canadian boundary they called the “Medicine Line” was first attested in 1910, as it conferred a kind of magic protection: punishment for crimes committed on one side of it could be avoided by crossing over to the other. A medicine show as a “traveling show meant to attract a crowd so patent medicine can be sold to them” is from American English, circa 1938.


“As we cannot use physician for a cultivator of physics, I have called him a physicist. We need very much a name to describe a cultivator of science in general. I should incline to call him a Scientist. Thus we might say, that as an Artist is a Musician, Painter, or Poet, a Scientist is a Mathematician, Physicist, or Naturalist.

—William Whewell, “The Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences,” London, 1840


Webster, in his 1828 compilation, defines the word pharmaceutical as such:

PHARMACEUTIC, PHARMACEUTICALadjective – [Gr. to practice witchcraft or use medicine; poison or medicine.] Pertaining to the knowledge or art of pharmacy, or to the art of preparing medicines. (Webs1828)

PHARMACYnoun – [Gr. a medicament, whether salutary or poisonous.] The art or practice of preparing, preserving and compounding substances, whether vegetable, mineral or animal, for the purposes of medicine; the occupation of an apothecary. (Webs1828)

DRUGverb transitive – … 2. Any commodity that lies on hand, or is not salable; an article of slow sale, or in no demand in market. 3. A mortal drug or a deadly drug is poison. 4. A drudge. 1. To season with drugs or ingredients. 2. To tincture with something offensive. (Webs1828)


And finally, we can consult the ancient languages of the bible, and especially its warnings.

Lexicon: Strong’s G5332 – pharmakeus

From pharmakon (a drug, i.e., spell-giving potion)

φαρμακεύς pharmakeús – far-mak-yoos’; from φάρμακον phármakon (a drug, i.e. spell-giving potion); a druggist (“pharmacist“) or poisoner, i.e. (by extension) a magician:—sorcerer.

1. one who prepares or uses magical remedies

2. sorcerer


Lexicon: Strong’s G5331 – pharmakeia

From φαρμακεύς (G5332)

φαρμακείαpharmakeía, far-mak-i’-ah; from G5332; medication (“pharmacy“), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively):—sorcery, witchcraft.

1. the use or the administering of drugs

2. poisoning

3. sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it

4. metaphorthe deceptions and seductions of idolatry


To put it simply, man’s body is made up of minerals, including water. A pharmacist, on the other hand, creates compounds, which simply means two or more minerals bound together, generally within these corporations in an artificial way so as to ensure patentability (unique combinations). For nothing can be patented unless it is not of Nature. The sorcerers of the pharmaceutical industry must therefore magically (through technology) mix together that which does not grow in Nature, which we call as unique or novel, and therefore patentable drugs. The US Code defines a “drug” specifically as two or more substances mixed together. (So how is a plant possibly a drug?)

Title 21, section 321(g)(1) of US Code let’s us know not only that the word drug is a (legal) fiction, but also what government considers us as patients, that is, as just another animal.

(g) The term “drug” means (A) articles recognized in the official United States Pharmacopoeia, official Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, or official National Formulary, or any supplement to any of them; and (B) articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or other animals; and (C) articles (other than food) intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals; and (D) articles intended for use as a component of any article specified in clause (A), (B), or (C)…


A “drug” is an article? A drug is a group of words? So the fiction of law that is a “drug” doesn’t actually exist in Nature, for anything the legal authority says is a “drug” becomes a fictional “drug” by its descriptive sentencing and flattering title. Poof! And a plant is magically (named as) a “drug.”

ARTICLEA separate and distinct part of an instrument or writing comprising two or more particulars; one of several things presented as connected or forming a whole. A particular object or substance, a material thing or a class of things. Material or tangible object. “Thingof value. (Black4)

ARTICLES – 1. A connected series of propositions; a system of rules. The subdivisions of a document, code, book, etc. A specification of distinct matters agreed upon or established by authority or requiring judicial action. 2. A statute; as having its provisions articulately expressed under distinct heads. Several of the ancient English statutes were called “articles” (articuli). 3. A system of rules established by legal authority; as articles of war, articles of the navy, articles of faith. (See infra.) 4. A contractual document executed between parties, containing stipulations or terms of agreement; as articles of agreement, articles of partnership. 5. A naval term meaning employment contract(Black4)


Do not for one-second think that this use of the word article is strange or that it might be a misprint or misuse of the word. It’s just word-trickery by artful conjurers. The subjects of these lawmakers must be in agreement with these terms of art for them to apply to any thing of value (in mammon), for the word drug only refers to that things valuation as a commercial product (salable article). The US public citizenship is of course the implied and recognized agreement and constant to this US code, and thus consent to its assigned punishments and fines for breaking that legal law of the Food and Drug Administration.

You see there, its all in the name.

“Administrative” law, not judicial… It’s not constitutional and certainly not Natural.

In other words, it is what government (the FDA) says it is and that’s that. The FDA code is strictum jus, strict (Roman) law, as that which is opposed to equitableness (Natural Law) and unburdened by actual consideration of any intent. It allows poisons to be called as “medicine.”

While we may certainly find compound substances in Nature, such as chalk (calcium carbonate), the body of man and of animal and of insect and of plant needs these uncompounded minerals in their individual natures, just as plants use the trace minerals of the soil to thrive, not compounds. Put a piece of chalk in a glass of water for a week and you’ll see why “supplements” in compound form on grocery store shelves are all but worthless. They do not dissolve in water, which composes around 70% of our body. Almost the entire vitamin and mineral market is a pharmaceutical fraud, a magic trick. These compounded minerals in combination are of course broken apart by the fulvic acid content in the soil, leading to these minerals (metals) increased solubility in water and thus making them able to be absorbed by all the various Life forms of the earth. In other words, Nature is the only medicine (cure, healer), and like anything else artfully created, the pharmaceutical industry stands as adversarial (satanic) to the True meaning of medicine, which is only of Source, not sorcery. Magic and sorcery is not True medicine, and neither are drugs. Drugs cause disease, having the side effect of sometimes masking symptoms of other disease while causing ever more problems. For poison is no curative…


“And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee… for thy merchants were the great men of the earthfor by thy sorceries (G5331 – pharmakeia) were all nations deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.”

—Revelation 18: 23-24, KJB


Chlorine, fluoride, anti-depressants, cocaine, alcohol, amphetamines, MDMA, opium, tobacco… you name it and chances are the sorcerers of the poisonous “pharmaceutical” industry have patented and legalized it as a helpful and healthful “drug.” That is… until its deadly effects harm enough “patients” and it’s recalled as no longer profitable.

End excerpt.

I’ve come to respect the warnings of the Bible. Mostly, they have already come true. And this one certainly covers what has already happened to all nations, especially the United States. The “merchants” spoken of here in this Bible passage are translated as Strong’s #G1713 – emporos – a word meaning:

  1. one on a journey, whether by sea or by land, esp. for trade

  2. a merchant as opposed to a retailer or petty tradesman

The most easy to understand distinction here would be as a wholesaler, like a big pharma corporation, as opposed to a pharmacy, which retails the wholesalers products in trade. Yes, indeed, it is the merchants of the sea trade that have deceived all of us, through their trickery and more importantly, with their pharmakeia. The point of this historical overview of the tradesmen called as doctors and physicians is that they too have been poisoned by this merchant class, peddling their drugs for profits and kickbacks without ever doing due diligence into what it is they are prescribing. And without these prescribers of poison, the merchants would indeed weep, as the Bible with hope states:


“And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues…

“Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble, And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men. And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all. The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing…

–Revelation 18: 2-4 and 10-15, KJB


This is my unshakable dream — the end of commerce and thus the beginning of True Love, Charity, and Forgiveness in all men. A return to Heaven on Earth, a return to Nature (Jehovah) and Its Law. You can call me crazy, but if you are honest with yourself, you will know the self-evident Truth of it immediately, that this is the only way to everlasting Life in Peace and Harmony… a lack of trade, of “legal” commerce, of money (mammon), of merchants and retailers, of grocers and bankers, and of greed and its cause in all forms. No interest or grocery. No debt and no credit. No legal (fictional) names, numbers, titles, or rights. What is not of Nature has no place in Nature and Its Law. If that is crazy, then I stand so accused.

But I digress…

I will leave you with this final bit of history regarding the origin of our aptly named doctors before hitting you with our last set of photos, signifying our own drug-induced culture of today, which is not too different than that of the early part of last century. I draw attention here to the origin of the physician and the doctor, which strangely enough is the barber. Remember the psychotic doctor from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street? Well, it is interesting to note that the notion of being a doctor comes from the trade of the barber. And of course the barber is even today the retailer of many tonics and medicinal potions, poisons compounded pharmaceutically for application on the hair, scalp, and other naked parts. Yes, your doctor is but a hair away from his barber roots, pun intended. But instead of retailing their poisons and magic potions, they simply prescribe them through word magic.

Here is the general historical timeline of the rise of the barber-physician, extracted from the the official website of the National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame:

The art of Barbary – the origin of the modern physician:

900 – Barbers of the middle ages not only practiced shaving, hair-cutting, and hair-dressing, they also dressed wounds and performed surgical operations. They were called barber-surgeons.

1096 – The barber-surgeons formed their first organization in France in 1096.

1300 – In the fourteenth century in England, barbers formed into two classes: those who practiced barbering and those who practiced surgery.

1450 – The barber’s company and the surgeon’s guild were united by law in 1450. The law was enacted so that no one during surgery should practice barbering and no barber should practice any phase of surgery except the pulling of teeth.

1745 – In 1745 a bill was passed separating barbers from surgeons. When the barber-surgeons separated, the barber kept the pole as their identification. The pole consists of red and white, or red, white and blue stripes. Red for blood, white for bandages and blue for veins.

1770 – Most men of the colonial times were smooth shaven and many of the rich wore wigs. Also in the colonial days, barbering was hardly considered a white man’s trade. Hence it was mostly confined to black barbers. Wealthy people became slave owners and the duty of the barber was shifted to the servants.

1799 – George Washington was bled to death by his physician in 1799. He suffered from a prolonged windpipe infection. He died calmly counting his pulse at the age of 67.

1848 – By 1848, bloodletting instruments had disappeared from most doctor’s satchels.

1886 – The Barbers Protective Union was formed on December 6, 1886, in Columbus, Ohio.




And so the collective of barbers had a personality split. The hair-scaping barbers continued to cut and shaved hair, while the demon cutters (surgeons) and druggists became solely physicians, pharmacists, and of course psychiatrists.

It was then that these witch-doctors began to really meddle in the idea of inoculation and vaccination, creating the entire framework for most modern disease today by “inoculating” un-filterable animal blood (serum), proteins (including prions), and cancerous cells and viruses (puss) into the clean, pure blood of children and men (male and female). And indeed, the history of vaccination is a truly grotesque and remarkable tale of death and putridity, involving the bruta cutting and collection of cow puss from a live animal and literally scraping it into the human body to cause infection. Yes, this was the newfangled trend called as “vaccination,” a barbarous and disgusting attack upon not only the flesh and blood of men but upon reason itself. The demon barber hoard of physicians had outdone themselves, turning this grotesque ritual into the multi-trillion? dollar market it has become today, now charging as much as 800,000 percent in profit over the cost to manufacture the actual drug. This strange and twisted history of the demon barbers turned doctors is shown below in the pictures of the time, leading to not only the following quotes taken from then and now, but also to the same, persecuted and unheard anti-vaccination groups of today as existed then:




Vaccination is perhaps the most ridiculous and harmful fraud ever perpetrated on man and animal. But as we have seen, vaccines are only part of a much bigger conspiracy. The term drug-culture has just taken upon itself a whole new meaning!

To end this exposure of cultural, drug-induced madness, I would like to extend one more family of so-called drugs that, at one time, before it was outlawed, was a pharmaceutical compound being heavily pushed on society as well. That would be canibus. We can already see it happening again today, as the canibus craze is becoming more and more regulated and taxed, while at the same time being fallaciously labeled as both free and legalized. However, these genetically altered source plants are not the main goal, but rather the compounding of their extract with other chemicals to make a patentable pharmaceutical “drug” by legal definition in commerce. What is natural and curative must be turned into a profit-driven nightmare. And so I warn anyone with the sense to listen that what is coming is not the freedom of use of canibus, but the utter takeover of it by the parasitic merchants hell-bent on profiting from God’s abundant and Free Creation. To own it, they must change its structure, turning it into a simulacra of itself, a copy without and wholly different from its original, while outlawing or propagandizing the original out of mind. And so it is, to say the least, fairly predictable that we, the newer generations, are being gifted with their own newfangled, generational gap drug. The new and improved, compounded chemical combination of yesteryear. This is history repeating itself, but with a new look and feel, and a whole new generation of prescribing doctors leading the way.

Rest assured though, for this is not the first time this elicitation of canibus was attempted:



Then And Now







And so once again we have a clear glimpse of this particular up and coming generations prescription drug of choice — a generation of stoners coming off their antidepressants and antipsychotics. Perhaps we are about to see a temporary upspike in the culture, or perhaps it is the opposite. It’s hard to say right now, though obviously canibus was big business during the last great depression era. After all, as the High Times magazine reports, we mustn’t forget just what was the largest pusher of canibus in the world…

Big Pharma Companies Were The Original Medical Pot Sellers


At the turn of the century, before the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, Eli Lilly, Parke-Davis and Squibb of Bristol-Myers Squibb, were marketing cannabis extracts and tinctures labeled as “uniformly effective at dose levels of 10 mg.”

In those days, most medicines had the same generic characteristics, so drug companies had to rely on marketing and brand recognition to sell their products.

According to the Antique Cannabis Book, six percent of all manufactured drugs at the time contained cannabis in one form or another, whether in powder, tablets, fluid extracts or tinctures. Some call that period, from the turn of the century to 1937, the “Golden Age of Medical Cannabis” as marijuana products flourished with little to no stigma or legal ramifications.

Then, like now, cannabis was prescribed for a variety of ailments including epilepsy, migraines, stomach worms, mental illnesses and some addictions. It was also used by veterinaries for pets.

While smoking was not common, tinctures and extracts were developed on a regular basis. The pharmaceutical companies had the benefit of their own expertise in standardizing and establishing dosing and responses. They initially used weed grown in India but soon realized growing their own was more reliable. In doing so, they learned about sinsemilla (seedless) cultivation.

Parke-Davis (now owned by Pfizer) worked with Eli Lilly to create its own plant strain called Cannabis Americana, a domesticated Indica strain.

According to Forbes, Parke-Davis did not stop with weed. It sold various types of cocaine before it became illegal, developed ketamine and held the patent for PCP.

A Pfizer spokesman told Forbes it was no longer involved in cannabis research. Eli Lilly nor Bristol-Myers Squibb would comment on whether they would get back into the field.



Just FYI… before you get too excited, you should know that “snake oil” was also sold to “cure all” the same ailments. Keep that in mind.

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