Sand Wars: True Crimes Against Nature

I don’t say this often, but stop! Watch this documentary. Do nothing else today if not this. Your livelihood and possibly your life may depend on it. For what you are about to see is the most important documentary ever made. As a documentary filmmaker myself, this is no small praise.

But what you are also about to see is the most shocking display of human arrogance and greed I have ever been made to witness, the consequences of which are being felt as we speak. To call this a crime against nature is not even a fair statement, for man has finally found a way to subvert the very harmony and foundational structure of the Earth that supports us. And so when I say to you that beaches everywhere on Earth are disappearing into the ocean, and that islands are “sinking” as they also recede into that watery oblivion, you better damn well pay attention to this.

However, what is most astounding about this film is what is not said. So many pieces of the “conspiracy” puzzle are filled in by this film that I doubt it would have been allowed to air if these obvious conclusions were pointed out within, from geo-Engineering the land and sea to the official story of climate change and supposedly rising oceans. This film shows us what no one else could, by showing us not the conclusions but the causes of so much corruption.

Now, before we go on, and since my following discourse here will not make sense otherwise, please, please, watch this documentary film NOW!




Note: The Youtube title attributed to this film is “Flat Earth…” Please do not let this distract you, for this video is nothing but the movie in question called “Sand Wars.” To their credit, the poster of this video also comprehends that this is the key to understanding the official story about “climate change” and how it is being used as a smokescreen to hide this “sand war.”


At this point, I’d like to talk about this film and what it says, but more so what it does not say outrightly. For whatever you are feeling right now, prepare to be a lot more angry after the following is presented.

Let’s take these one at a time…

Soylent Blue:
Dredging Life, Recreating Sand.


As this movie presents with stunning clarity and evidence, this neo-facist corporate structure and the governments that support it have declared war on the sea floor. By dredging for sand, that is, by virtually sucking up in a vacuum everything sitting upon the ocean floor, everything on that underwater beach is rendered dead. Life forms from crabs to coral are being gobbled up and crushed into micro-pieces of their former existence, and so literally are being turned into “sand.” This is also taking place on rivers and lakes, and in the Great Lakes.

To be clear, a Live Science article explains the origin of much of the ocean sand:

“Tropical islands, such as the Hawaiian Islands, don’t have a rich source of quartz, so the sand is different in those locations. The beach sand on tropical islands often looks white because it is made up of calcium carbonate, which comes from the shells and skeletons of reef-living marine organisms, including corals, mollusks and microorganisms called foraminifera.

Sand  forms when the reef breaks down, either by mechanical forces — such as waves and currents — or from bio-erosion caused by grazing fish, urchins and other marine life. The famous pink sand of Bermuda is also composed of eroded calcium carbonate; the sand gets its ruddy hue from the abundant red foraminifera, Homotrema rubrum.

“Tropical beaches may also have black sand, which is composed of black volcanic glass. Sometimes, erosive forces separate the mineral olivine from other volcanic fragments, leading to green sand beaches, such as Hawaii’s Papakōlea Beach…”



As revealed in the movie, sand takes many centuries to break down, form, and finally deposit itself so as to become a life-sustaining environment for other ocean life. But what if you could simply put it all into a blender and create your own margarita of ocean death, a commodity that you simply title as “sand” and sell it on the black market, with government approval of course?

You’d be creating the new Soylent Green, only in this case it’s the ocean’s Soylent Blue.

Now, I’m sure most of my readers have heard of the terrible death of the coral reefs in the oceans, as reported by so many sources. We are told that the cause of this kill-off (die-off) of ocean life is due to everything from Fukushima radiation to warming ocean temperatures. And yet no one is talking about Soylent Blue. No one is speaking to the fact that at any moment massive drudging tankers are scouring the ocean floor trying to vacuum up every living and non-living thing that can be mutilated and turned into sand. After all, bones and shells are made of calcium. After a while, whatever biological material that once made up the essence of life will fade away, leaving only the trace elements necessary to make sand.

So what is killing off coral reefs and ocean life? Did you happen to catch the clip in this movie about the Maldives where they admitted to dredging coral reef to specifically crush it into sand?

Isn’t it suddenly, clearly obvious why the ocean reefs and life is dying?

Can we sink any lower in our collective moral degradation?

While this fact alone should be enough to cause a standing war against every government and corporation that even thinks about harvesting sand to build empty cities while the price is still cheap for sand, I fear even this most horrific destruction of our finite biosphere is still not enough to cause true action against such crimes against nature. Silence is the worst trait of a well-conditioned society, one primed to look the other way towards the benefits of such crimes, not the problems. And honestly, if this doesn’t cause a revolt and a revolution, nothing will.

Ghost Cities

What can I say but mystery solved. I need not comment much on this subject but to say that while 100’s of millions of common people live in shanties and slums, massive amounts of sand and other material resources are being turned into massive multi-dwelling apartment complexes and then kept purposefully empty until a point in time where building costs will skyrocket due to the worldwide shortage of properly, naturally formed sand. Then and only then will the supporting governments of these projects begin selling these sardine-like abodes. This isn’t government, this is organized crime, as displayed in the movie.

And so we see here that the greed of these corporate sycophants (self-seeking, servile flatterers; fawning parasites) are able to exist and continue building empty empires only through government support of such profit-making schemes, while at the same time its people are starving, many due to their ocean fishing habitats being destroyed by sand dredging and mining.

At the very least, we can now put all the theories aside and be assured that these ghost cities in China and elsewhere are being built purely out of greed and corruption, and because the current sand wars and future scarcity of this non-renewable material of life demand it.

But it get’s worse, for even the victims of this disgusting, legally licensed and black market business venture are being paid to harm themselves. So desperate have the poor been made in their seeking of income that they are willingly stealing their own supporting sand structure right out from under their own beaches. Literally, their own homes are losing their sandy resting places.

And this leads us into the ultimate propagandist media lie…

Rising Oceans, Or Receding Beaches?

How often do we hear that, due to “man-made global warming,” the oceans are in the slow process of rising enough to destroy many cities and coastline infrastructures around the world? Were we right to be skeptical? Were we right not to accept the “consensus” of lobbied and paid-for scientists working for the same governments that are pounding the sand wars?

You bet ya.

As this movie documents, it is not the oceans that are rising, it is that up to 90% of our beaches are collapsing back into the oceans, giving the appearance that the water levels are rising. And as homes are swallowed up by the sea, even while the sandy foundations have obviously receded, we are still being told that we are the cause of these disappearing beaches, islands, and beach-front cities.

And so we find that this whole global warming hoax has been designed to cover-up these sand wars and their effects upon all the land, even as dredging operations sponsored by those same propagandists literally destroy the coastlines and maritime boundaries of the entire world.

I remember when George Carlin comedically insisted that man was not and would never be a significant enough presence on earth to change it, that the whole save the earth campaign was a foolish profit scheme and that the earth wasn’t in need of being saved from us. Well, it appears that man has found a way to cause even George to roll over in his grave. And if he saw this movie, he would no doubt agree that the time for jokes and holding up signs is over. He would say its time to forcibly remove those “owners” of us now, that its time to destroy their “club” that “we ain’t in.”

It was a profitable crime scheme, and it worked. But now we can see the fruition of their business ventures, even as they hoard what little viable sand remains.

The Recycling Lie

Kudos to the filmmaker for attempting to stay in the lines of the typical problem, reaction, solution model of most documentary films. But I must declare here that the solution of recycling glass into sand and then using that sand in an non-recyclable construction project is basically a non-starter. The rest of this film is so reasonable, and so my critique here is only a protest to the unreasonableness of this so-called “solution.”

As the film states, once sand is used in reinforced concrete, it cannot be reused for any other purpose. And so we find that while sand is turned into glass, the notion of turning glass back into sand seems to make sense on the face of it. But the reality of this recycling scheme is akin to feeling good about being a canniblist while at the same time realizing that soon all eatable people will be consumed and thus no viable food will be left to canniblize.

One can only rape and pillage nature as long as there is something to take.

The point is that there is very little difference between using glass as reclaimed sand and just using sand. There is merely a middle step in between the taking and the using of the sand, where for a brief moment that sand was used as someones bottle or glass. But “recycling” that glass back into “recycled,” or perhaps “un-cycled” sand and then using it for a building material is hardly any more “sustainable” (their favorite catchphrase) than just harvesting it directly. This solution is ridiculous. And this is my only critique of an otherwise brilliant movie. For even the best of us can be made to fall for the Hegelian Dialectic, when the only real and true course of action available is to stop using what we cannot replace.

I’ve always known recycling was merely another government sponsored material resource scheme, and we can certainly see why.

Corexit: Sand To Oil And Back Again?

The oil industry is now happily creating technologies to “turn sand into oil.” While this is not quite an accurate description, the corruption of the foundation of our environment is the same, causing sinkholes and structural degradation as the sand is disrupted from its natural course and settlement in a multi century journey.

In the above article on what is sand, we find that sand is also formed by what is known as “bio-erosion.” Funny, but that sounds a bit like what Corexit does. And so I had this horrible thought that maybe, just maybe, this stuff is designed to bio-erode the coral reefs of the gulf, or even to turn oil into some form or component of future sand or into tar sands to harvest!

Scientific American reports:

“FORT MCMURRAY, Alberta—Where does the U.S. get the bulk of the imported petroleum to support its oil addiction? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not Saudi Arabia—it’s Canada, which supplies the U.S. with more than two million barrels of oil per day, or more than a quarter of all its imported oil. And more than half of that output comes from bitumen melted out of the buried sands of northeastern Alberta—a sprawling deposit of extra-heavy oil underlying more than 142,000 square kilometers, or an area roughly the size of Florida.

“This Canadian province—only slightly smaller than Texas—exported more than $52 billion worth of crude oil in 2011 because it’s “one of the few places in the world where you can actually mine oil,” notes Cameron Brown, director of advocacy at the Alberta Ministry of International and Intergovernmental Relations.”



The amount of water used for this process is a whole other subject, as dwindling reservoirs are blamed on thirsty consumers even as oil companies like pirate ships loot those secondary reserves. An amazing amount of towns have died as their reservoirs dry up or are polluted due to these types of mining operation. And of course, the sand of those abandoned buildings, including that which was used in the damn to create that reservoir in the first place, is trapped permanently in time like a fossil record of man’s stupidity.

But as I was watching this movie, a friend and I got to discussing the Gulf Oil “spill” and how live video showed massive amounts of Corexit being pumped into and combined at the source of the possibly purposeful oil leak. As the oil flowed, so too did 1.84 million gallons of Corexit EC9500A and Corexit EC9527A. And so I got to thinking about this. And though I came to no concrete (pun intended) answer, I have the sneaking suspicion that this was somehow connected to the sand wars. What exactly happens to that oil, and what does it turn into once combined and compounded with this horrific chemical? Does it create future tar sands? Does it help to make sand? Was this some sort of really immoral reclamation project as the sands of the gulf are being harvested?

I have not had time to research this angle fully, but I can’t shake the feeling that this has something to do with this sand war. Perhaps my readers may shed some light on this particular connection. For, according to reports, Corexit was just about the worst possible choice of solutions for that situation, unless the goal was to get the Corexit into the ocean legally by causing an oil leak. Food for thought…

Victims Of The Sand Wars: Climate Refugees

The notion that the poorest of people being effected by this corporate boondoggle of our world are being called as “climate refugees” is perhaps the most reprehensible propaganda we have all been fed. While we are told to open our hearts and our borders to so many victims of “climate change,” another favorite, undefined catchphrase that ultimately has no set meaning, kinda like the fallacies of  “terrorists” and “hate groups,” we can now see that these people are seeking refuge only because their governments sold out their lands, and more specifically their sands.

And governments with open arms and force are requiring this multiculturalist phenomenon to happen. After all, with every refugee the government can sponsor more construction, and with more construction comes more sand production. And with more sand production, scarcity abounds and profits soar.

But we must here and now, before its too late, realize that we are all in the process of becoming climate refugees. It is not merely these foreign peoples lands that are being ruined, it is the entire planet’s. For if we do not protect what is all of ours mutually, and instead if we allow these few corporate and governmental agents to take what is our very life force and inheritance of Nature with permissive license and utter silence and inaction in their wake, then we deserve the very real dystopia we will allow to be built out of this once harmonious biosphere.

We are at a threshold. If this is not stopped, and violently so, we will be depopulating ourselves. We will be the cause of more construction to rebuild the old. We will do what I always thought was impossible, we will alter the surface of the Earth to the point where most of our cities will be under water, and all that sand used in the construction of those cities will long and year to be reconnected with that which surrounds it, stuck in a form that is completely un-conducive to the life cycle it was once a part of.

I am truly humbled and amazed that this war of resources has been happening without even a pop on my radar. It seems almost too bizarre to be true. And yet I have never witnessed anything so Real in my life. I hope this movie has the same effect on you, and that you won’t be merely a forgetful hearer of these words. We must be change or we will be changed. And writing your corrupt congressmen, the very lawmakers that make all of this organized crime happen, is not going to change a damn thing. This behavior of trust in lies and liars must change as well, the foolish belief that the cause is also the cure.

We are all victims of this. There is not one of us that is an exception to this rule, even those making huge profits from this crime against nature. We cannot point to others as the victims or the problem, for the problem is each of us and our wants and desires. We cannot continue to play these devil’s advocates.

Dams And Other Geo-Engineering

In this movie we see what are referred to (titles as) “Coastal Engineers,” which is another term for geo-engineer. As I was shocked to discover in a previous research trail, geo-engineering is a sought after degree in many of the worlds most prestigious colleges and universities. Be it the altering of the natural sky, land, or sea, this term geo-engineering is the total education package of the psychopathy of arrogance involved in mitigating man’s ignorance of the harmony and Laws of Nature. All degrees are sought after so as to gain permission and licensure for different government-regulated job titles. Geo-engineering, in whatever form and title, is vastly becoming a needed workforce for the meddling of governments and sponsored corporations around the world, and especially in sand-rape mitigation. Whether it is building a dam, constructing a dyke, or sucking up sand to move it to another site, these geo-engineers or “climate mitigators” are becoming a new age corp of engineers.

But I remind you that this is not a climate issue, that this is an out-of-control black market issue, that this is a governance issue, and that this is a profits over nurture issue.

Never realizing or purposefully ignoring the problem, our governmental strategy has been directed full force into the reactive mode, in a pure symptom relief without cure of all the damage it and its licensed corporations are causing in the name of pointless expansion and growth. For without such growth, most of government’s pointless bureaucracy would be unneeded, that is, if government was actually only there to preserve what is necessary and right for our harmonious existence in Nature under Nature’s Laws and not to buy and use up all the resources it can in the name of the fictional economy of its own currencies.

Don’t believe in chemtrails or Geo-engineering? Well it believes in you, and wants you to get a degree in it. If you haven’t read my research into this college degree program in geo-engineering, you had better quickly realize that these aren’t degrees in fiction:


And so as we tear apart the very fabric and structure of sand that supports our coastal megalopolises, it is no doubt that more insane geo-engineering agents will be needed to mitigate the total arrogance of man’s corporate adventures into madness. This is not teaching our children well…

Why Dolphins Die And Birds Fall Out Of The Sky

As a final plea to the sanity of my people, I wanted to leave you with this. For to depend on government for abatement and remedy of this problem will be our downfall. To understand why this is true, we must understand how legal licensure destroys any responsibility to the Laws of Nature and how legalism is opposed to life itself, by causing all things living to become merely legal words without soul.

Ever wondered why whole flocks of birds suddenly fall out of the sky?

How about when millions of fish suddenly wash up dead on the shore?

Beached whales and dolphin… Is it suicide? Is it Natural? Or is something sinister afoot?

As it turns out, these mass killings are being done on purpose by the very government that claims to be the legal protectorate of these “lower life-forms.” Not only is this mass culling considered perfectly legal and acceptable, but it is also publicly disclosed to a population that chooses to pretend its not happening, turning our heads away from such actions of government on our behalf. It’s really just business as usual.

Perhaps you have taken some only-in-America style comfort (or cognitive dissonance) in the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established long ago to protect our wild and marine life from the follies of man and the corporations we build. Perhaps you have always thought that these types of Federal agencies are set up with the best of intentions; to ensure that endangered species and other life on earth, including man, are safe from corporate and military pollutions, testing, and purposeful, knowing destruction. Perhaps you believe that these regulatory bodies would never betray the trust bequeathed in them by our President and Congress on behalf of the voting public as the protectorate of these species and the lands they inhabit…

But perhaps you should start to rethink your beliefs and opinions and replace them with the facts.

Bouvier’s Dictionary Of Law defined the “United States” as the following:

“5. The United States of America are a corporation endowed with the capacity to sue and be sued, to convey and receive property. 1 Marsh. Dec. 177, 181. But it is proper to observe that no suit can be brought against the United States without authority of law.”


So what happens when that which is “sovereign” is an unthinking, unfeeling corporation (body politic) charged militarily to purposefully and without conscious destroy life?

The inherent paradox of this problematic definition would sound something like this: You have no recourse against government (a limited liability corporation) because it makes its own laws, of which you must follow in order to sue it, and you can only sue it if it allows you to by its own laws and in its own courts. Individuals are not responsible for their own actions in a limited liability corporation, and so you must take on the whole corporation of the “United States” for the actions of even one bad apple… and the apple tree is certainly full of rotten fruit.

Bouvier’s Dictionary of Law is an important peice of American History. This dictionary was…

“A LAW DICTIONARY ADAPTED TO THE CONSTITUTION AND LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND OF THE SEVERAL STATES OF THE AMERICAN UNION. 1856 (Revised) – Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine, BY JOHN BOUVIER”


For the purposes of this essay, it is intimately important for the reader to grasp the importance and consequence of this fact; that the United States is seated in a municipal corporation, of which the 50 state governments (as commercial jurisdictions, but not as the territory of the actual States) are incorporated districts of that main corporation in Washington D.C. In order to gain power over these jurisdictions, each actual “several” State (People) gave up much of their sovereignty over much of their lands to this central holding corporation when, as territories, they became part of this corporation through “constituting” to the United States to become states, at which point they are no longer called as territories of the 50 united States of America (in congress assembled).

In the “enabling acts” of most State constitutions we see the evidence of this, where the original Territory must have agreed and ratified with the following to become a “state” of the  federation or “union” of the “United States”.

In Utah, it was agreed:

“Second. That the people inhabiting said proposed State do agree and declare that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within the boundaries thereof; and to all lands lying within said limits owned or held by any Indian or Indian tribes; and that until the title thereto shall have been extinguished by the United States, the same shall be and remain subject to the DISPOSITION of the United States…”



In Colorado, it was similarly and uniformly agreed:

§ 4. Constitutional convention – requirements of constitution.

“…that said convention shall provide by an ordinance irrevocable without the consent of the United States and the people of said state… secondly, that the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States; …and that no taxes shall be imposed by the state on lands or property therein belonging to, or which may hereafter be purchased by the United States.”



And the same uniform act can be found in New Mexico as in most other state constitutions:

“Second. That the people inhabiting said proposed State do agree and declare that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated and ungranted public lands lying within the boundaries thereof and to all lands lying within said boundaries owned or held by any Indian or Indian tribes, the right or title to which shall have been acquired through or from the United States or any prior sovereignty, and that until the title of such Indian or Indian tribes shall have been extinguished the same shall be and remain subject to the disposition and under the absolute jurisdiction and control of the Congess of the United States…”



James Madison insisted:

“…the Western States neither would nor ought to submit to a union which degraded them from an equal rank with the other States”… Since the admission of Tennessee in 1796, Congress has included in each State’s act of admission a clause providing that the State enters the Union “on an equal footing with the original States in all respects whatever.” With the admission of Louisiana in 1812, the principle of equality was extended to States created out of territory purchased from a foreign power. By the Joint Resolution of December 29, 1845, Texas, then an independent Nation, “was admitted into the Union on an equal footing with the original States in all respects whatever.”



Interestingly, the Republic of Texas is the one exception, as it retained its unappropriated lands when it entered the union. However, on March 1, 1845, the act of this date annexing the Republic of Texas to the United States (5 Stat. 797) functioned as an equivalent to an Enabling Act authorizing formation of a State government and Admission thereafter; the annexation was formally accepted by the Republic of Texas on 4 July 1845.

From 5 Stat. 797:

Second, said state when admitted into the Union, after ceding to the United States all public edifices, fortifications, barracks, ports and harbors, navy and navy yards, docks, magazines and armaments, and all other means pertaining to the public defense, belonging to the said Republic of Texas, shall retain funds, debts, taxes and dues of every kind which may belong to, or be due and owing to the said Republic; and shall also retain all the vacant and unappropriated lands lying within its limits



As time passed and the entirety of the territories within “America” became states (districts) of the United States Corporation via constitutional conventions and the compacts so created, The Federal government (United States Inc.) began a systematic and total land acquisition of these unappropriated and un-granted lands, with such altruistic titles as Land ManagementNational Parks, and Federally Protected Public Lands. And for those lands that it desired to control, which were already granted or appropriated either to private persons (citizens) or other interests, it began to utilize its so-called constitutional right of “eminent domain” through due process in its Judicial arm to rape that land from the common (public) people, whom were now in compact as residents in the state under this Federal Corporation. To be clear, the term “law of the land” means nothing more or less than “due process of law,” which is held by the courts of the United States. It is nothing more Romantic than this.

The point of this is to set the standard of care for these lands, meaning that their care and “disposition” is at the whim not of any individual people or whole people’s of any state, but by congress assembled in the “United States.” This centralized power over the very well-being of nature itself is the height of insanity. And for a corporation calling itself a government, where profits and commercial interests in interstate commerce is its main goal, what else can we expect than this most corrupt of “care” for our environments. Government cares only about its own fictions, its currencies and taxes, and its created corporations that by law must show profits to exist in appeasement of their shareholders. And anyone who has read my CAFR School artifices or seen my own documentary films ( knows that governments around the world are by far the major collective shareholders of all corporations. So why should we expect anything different that what has been shown to us in this documentary film? Why should we expect anything less than the rape of our wild lands, our skies, and oceans, lakes, and rivers?

Bouvier’s Dictionary Of Law defines the word “rape” as:

RAPEDivision of a country. In the English law, this is a district similar to that of a hundred; but oftentimes containing in it more hundreds than one.


This gives new meaning to the phrase “government is raping us,” now doesn’t it?

But why is this important? Why the history lesson?

Because what is the “public lands” and maritime jurisdiction of the United States cannot be protected by the actual States (People) nor their governments and politicians. What is ceded and unclaimed or unappropriated to Congress is under the full control of the corporate United States and its U.S. Code and international, commercial codes. In other words, the law of these lands fell into a completely commercial corporation calling itself as government, and its only purpose is to profit by ensuring the profit of other corporations.

RESIDENTPersons. A person coming into a place with intention to establish his domicil or permanent residence, and who in consequence actually remains there. Time is not so essential as the intent, executed by making or beginning an actual establishment, though it be abandoned in a longer, or shorter period.

PERSON – This word is applied to men, women and children, who are called natural personsIn law, man and person are not exactly-synonymous terms. Any human being is a man, whether he be a member of society or not, whatever may be the rank he holds, or whatever may be his age, sex, &c. A person is a man considered according to the rank he holds in society, with all the rights to which the place he holds entitles himand the duties which it imposes. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 137. 2. It is also used to denote corporation which is an artificial person. 1 Bl. Com. 123; 4 Bing. 669; C. 33 Eng. C. L R. 488; Wooddes. Lect. 116; Bac. Us. 57; 1 Mod. 164. 3. But when the word “Persons” is spoken of in legislative acts, natural persons will be intendedunless something appears in the context to show that it applies to artificial persons (corporations). 1 Scam. R. 178.


We must comprehend that by being titled and given a legal, political status called as a “natural person,” we are no longer being considered as pure-blooded men (male or female). We are in legal attainder, a corruption of blood, from a legal view. And so our will and our wishes are only as powerful as that status allows us to be, which under a sovereign government is nothing at all! By causing all things in this world, living and non-living, to be legal named and titled in some person, place, or thing (noun) and therefore as only a fictional legal status, all of the Natural rights of that entity are taken away by that contractual relationship. Thus a whale is no longer a Natural consideration, but merely a commodity to be raped and dispossessed at the will of they who have patented those names and titles (statuses). And so congress and its licensed corporations in this legalistic escapism may pretend to be immune from the Laws of Nature and of the Natural Law, for their only dealings and laws are over fictions and the legal status of legally “natural” and “artificial” persons, places, and things.

When we think of the 14th amendment we thing of the word “persons” as meaning only citizenships (i.e. natural persons). But the 14th amendment was for all persons, including corporations, for “all persons,” not real men. In other words, for all statuses of subjects under the United States. And there is nothing of Nature in a legal, “natural” person any more that the word “all natural” on a food product means it actually grew in Nature. The legal term “natural” is not the same as the common term. To be legally natural or anything for that matter is to be a fictional creation not of Nature (God).

Many legislative acts have been passed over the decades and, through legal code and corruption, the United States has claimed not only the public, unclaimed territory of what is known as the municipal corporations of states, but also the mineral estates of these lands (which it grants to its own supported private corporations – i.e. artificial persons), water rights of all navigable and now non-navigable waters, and most imporatantly maritime jurisdiction over the oceans we fish and boat upon and the airspace we breath and fly within. In short, The Federal “United States” corporation has incrementally taken over the management and responsibility of just about everything you see through grants, federal funding, and infringing and encroaching federal laws. Where federal money lands and is consented to, so too do federal restrictions on the use of those monies. It is the will and law of the giver, not the receiver, that is followed.

In such a rogue corporation as our United States government, which in its “sovereignty” requires neither constitutional permission nor the common people’s acquiescence in its exploits against those lands, air, and seas, against nature, and against the commonalty of people ourselves, we can see the true callous disregard for all life on earth from within the United States Corporation’s own U.S. CODE, and from its own military functions and testing. After reading the following information, you’ll understand that these government agencies, as corporations (persons) not men, has no empathy or respect with regards to its self-proclaimed responsibility of dominion over our lands and seas.

The following information is painful and is equally if not more shameful than all of the wars and unlawful occupations by the United States combined.

Bouvier’s Dictionary Of Law defines the word Take:

TAKE – This is a technical expression which signifies to be entitled to; as, a devisee will take under the will. To take also signifies to seize, as to take and carry away.

TAKING – Criminal torts. The act of laying hold upon an article, with or without removing the same; a felonious taking is not sufficient without a carrying away, to constitute the crime of larceny. (q. v.) And when the taking has been legal, no subsequent act will make it a crime. 1 Moody, Cr. Cas. 160.


So what happens when this “taking” is the taking of life itself?

Again, an applicable translation of this would be that government agencies (corporations and the artificial persons that it employs) are entitled to willfully take or seize anything it wishes under the corporate protection of the United States, and they can do this without consequence because government makes the laws which make such an unlawful seizure and destruction against nature legal. Again, the people have no recourse, for they are subject to its will and law as well, the law of persons (legal status).

But in the modern U.S. government verbiage, the word “take” has been altered to refer to lifeforms as well, not just private or public property. Life on this planet (including “human life”) is considered nothing more than a mere public commodity to be tossed aside (taken) for research and development, and for “scientific purposes,” to be tested, modified, and killed without true cause, moral law, or empathy.

So let us take a look at just what it is that government considers is the “taking” of life to dredge up sand from the oceans, taking what is of Nature and crushing it utterly into man-made sand.

Take = “Harass, hunt, capture, kill or collect, or attempt to harass, hunt, capture, kill or collect.” — U.S. Department of Commerce – NOAA (NMFS) as defined under the MMPA

Take = “To harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or collect, or to attempt to engage in any such conduct.” — U.S. Department of Commerce – NOAA (NMFS) as defined under the ESA

Incidental Taking = “An unintentional, but not unexpected take.”

Potential Biological Removal (PBR) Level = Defined by the MMPA as the maximum number of animals, not including natural mortalities, that may be removed from a marine mammal stock while allowing that stock to reach or maintain its optimum sustainable population. The PBR level is the product of the following factors–

  • the minimum population estimate of the stock;
  • one-half the maximum theoretical or estimated net productivity rate of the stock at a small population size; and
  • a recovery factor of between 0.1 and 1.0.

Unmitigable Adverse Impact = “An impact resulting from the specified activity that–

  • is likely to reduce the availability of the species to a level insufficient for a harvest to meet subsistence needs by
    • causing marine mammals to abandon or avoid hunting areas;
    • directly displacing subsistence users; or,
    • placing physical barriers between the marine mammals and the subsistence users; AND
  • cannot be sufficiently mitigated by other measures to increase the availability of marine mammals to allow subsistence needs to be met.”

Enhancement permits = As defined in the MMPA, they are, “permits issued for the recovery of a species or stock where taking or importation–

  • is likely to contribute significantly to maintaining or increasing distribution or numbers necessary to ensure the survival or recovery of the species or stock; and
  • is consistent with any conservation plan adopted by the Secretary for the species or stock, or if there is no conservation or recovery plan in place, with the Secretary’s evaluation of action required to enhance the survival or recovery of the species or stock…”


These psychopaths have created a whole legal (anti-Nature) language to avoid ever referring to anything of Nature, of God’s Creation, if you will. For all things must be non-religiously considered (separation of church and state) in order for the immoral legal law to reign over the minds of men over the Laws and Reality of Nature.

This “taking” of life, as defined above, is responsible for untold deaths in the millions upon millions of “animal and marine life” around the world, and billions upon billions of life forms in the food chain of oceanic life. The government defines the extinguishment of sea life as a “taking.” This purely unemotional, immoral, un-empathetic, unnatural legal term can only be utilized by a defeated people, by paid mercenaries willing to carry out the orders of their president and all its executive agencies and heads. We are told to support the troops at any cost and despite their actions against life, against even our own well-being. I cannot do this, and neither should you. To be paid wages for prostituting ones self to the constituted authorities of a totally corrupt corporate government is not an honorable profession, and we should stop treating it as such. For it is us that allow these “soldiers” to be paid. It is our labor and our silence that allows both corporations and military testing to destroy as much “life” as the corporation sees fit and with license of Congressional agencies on our behalf.

In this disturbing letter from some of our more illustriously evil legislators written to NOAA and dated June 19th, 2009, including Senator Feinstein and Congressman Waxman, the following was transmitted:

“…In many regions, the Navy plans to increase the number  of its exercises or expand the areas in which they may occur, and virtually every coastal state will be affected.  Some exercises may occur in the nation’s most biologically sensitive marine habitats, including National Marine  Sanctuaries and breeding habitat for the endangered North Atlantic right whale. In all, the Navy anticipates more than 2.3 million TAKES (significant disruptions in marine mammal foraging, breeding, and other essential behaviors) per year, or 11.7 million TAKES over the course of a five-year permit…”



But don’t worry, these are only “takes” and not death and destruction of life, right? This is the evil of legal thought processes.

Now imagine being in the position to put your seal of congressional approval on that request! What else can you call this but the epitome of evil? Oh, that’s right, we call it the United States government and its military. My bad…

Instead of going into full detail about this murderous but perfectly legal “taking” of life in our oceans and on our lands and in our skies by a complicit government and its congress and legal agencies, here are a few links that will get you up to speed on the militaries use of sonar weapons testing, and how these legal “taking” laws allow everything from whales to starfish to be slaughtered merely to test these weapons without care. And this is the same taking that is allowed in sand dredging of the “public waterways” and seas.

“Bad News For Whales and Dolphins: Navy To Expand Sonar Testing” –NBC News



“Navy raises sonar impact on dolphins, whales dramatically” –NBC News



“Killing With Sound” –Huffington Post



“But Balcomb’s years of research unveiled a disturbing trend: Mature orcas were disappearing in the prime of their lives, and no one knew why. Then, when his equipment was blasted by a cacophony from a passing Navy vessel, Balcomb suspected he’d found at least one piece of the puzzle…” –LiveLeak



“Does Military Sonar Kill Marine Wildlife?” –Scientific American



Under Sea Warfare: The official magazine of the U.S. submarine force

SMMTT – Submarine Multi-Mission Team Trainer


Note: this is an underwater video game for the military. It’s power source is aquatic life. You pay for this, people!


Federal Register: The Daily Journal of the United States Government

Takes of Marine Mammals Incidental to Specified Activities; Taking Marine Mammals Incidental to the San Francisco Ferry Terminal Expansion Project, South Basin Improvements Project”

Notice; Proposed Incidental Harassment Authorization; Request For Comments.


NMFS has received a request from the San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) for authorization to take marine mammals incidental to construction activities as part of a ferry terminal expansion and improvements project. Pursuant to the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), NMFS is requesting public comment on its proposal to issue an incidental harassment authorization (IHA) to WETA to incidentally take marine mammals, by Level B harassment only, during the specified activity.



Now what good is a “Marine Mammal Protection Act” if at any time it can be overruled by unscrupulous government agents? We cannot be fooled by these types of supposedly protective “acts” anymore, for government’s main function is the protection of its licensed corporations for which it is also the majority shareholder of. These “acts” are only as good as the criminals who pass and regulate them. They protect only legal things, not Real ones.

This cannot continue, and not only for reasons political and personal, but for those essential to our own existence as a species and our responsibility under the Natural Law to protect that which cannot protect itself from our psychopathy. This is not something that can be left up to governments, it must happen because, after all, we are still men of God (in other words, we are of this Earth/Nature, not the fictional persons of some legal realm of nations)! We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect different results, the very definition of insanity, for this corruption doubles with each new set of voted-upon politicians (prostitutes).

We cannot fall any further, for what lies under that protective layer sand is surely a hell of our own making.

Now you know…

Please support this filmmaker in any way you can and recommend him to your favorite radio and TV hosts. Thank you.


–Clint Richardson (
–Tuesday, June 14th, 2016


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  2. The video is preposterous. It purports there are no solutions because @ 7:00 you have a guy claiming all the sand and gravel deposits on land are all gone… just gone. Without a single source to back that up, so, we’ll just take his word for it. Well, they are not… do a search… there are gravel operations in all 50 US States alone. Then, again, @ 7:33 that guy says open pit quarries are not an option because they ruin the landscape. Isn’t that the same argument used by the petroleum industry against wind generated energy? This is weak at best. I struggle to imagine what they are angling for in this documentary. Side note: why is it i had to remove my thumbs down to be able to comment under that video?

    And i think i know what the issue is… And… here we go… here is the reason for the documentary… to gain more regulation and control over resources: Sand and gravel mining may be one of the least-regulated of all mining activities…

    They have already gained control over water… next to water, silica is the next plentiful resource on the planet… our wants and desires factor little, how many of us need or want skyscrapers? The problem is with the greed and over-reach of the system.

    Pretend there is a problem that needs to be regulated… problem, reaction, solution.


    • Remember, the U.S. is a commercial corporation posing as a human government, therefore,
      government–global government–already has complete control over this resource, because by law, corporations must earn profits for their shareholders of which government is the main shareholder. Corporations are only carrying out the dirty work for their corporate master.

      In other words, the government doesn’t have to pretend there is a problem when there is no problem, for them, anyway. It only becomes a problem for them when we, the people discover what’s going on and even then, the people have become so docile, helpless, obedient, indoctrinated to government authority, that I doubt this poorly distributed/circulated documentary will make a difference. Tell people about it and watch their eyes glaze over…However, if someone decides they will watch it–it’s not on Netflix and I just tried to order it through my state networked library system and no one has it–they’ll search for it on the Internet and see “Flat Earth” the only place I could find it, and people will automatically assume it’s worthless without even giving it a chance.


      • Excellent points


      • Regardless… that’s how they do anyhow. That is how they get us to consent to giving up our rights and to giving our resources over to them to control. We saw that recently with the campaign to legalized marijuana. When we should have been clamoring for decriminalization, instead, we gave the government the power (and the precedent) to control a plant… a natural plant. Just think where that will lead. We have seen this all along… how many women, do you suppose, were sitting around thinking how unfairly they were being treated in the workplace and by men prior to whores like Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug showing up to tell us what a big problem it was? I know i wasn’t. They continually alert us to this or that non-problem in order to generate consent. They need our consent. We need to realistically assess where ideas like this are leading us.

        Not all corporations are global… many are private.


  3. drewjosephcarter

     /  June 15, 2016

    I watched the Movie last night on the big screen, very tragic story.. that We have been forced to live with here where I am. The county where I live has more open sand & gravel pits than anywhere esle in Canada. Along with the major garbage dump that We have been fighting here for 4 years, We have become entangled with the “Gravel Mafia”! The aggregate industry, is run by mafia period. The build every road, every building, anthing in the province, they control the construction Unions, and the Politicans. The “Aggregate Industry” has fast track environmental assessment – which means they never have to clean up any mess, and as the “economic” engine of our province is “construction” – they have been given exceptional powers. We have tried to get local politicians to pass bylaws – which would force them to “rehabilitate” their open sores in the land, but the Province has designated them “special economic status” – and No bylaws can stand up to that! Ontario sand is some of the most valuable in the world, as their is no sodium content, (it’s all fresh water sand)! Now on top of that the Gravel Mafia wants to fill these holes up with Toronto’s garbage! And once again because they are $$ engine of the Province .. they always win. It’s an incredible mess, this movie just brought up so much of what We have been going through here in Ontario. Pirates are removing sand from the Great Lakes beaches.. because – it’s so valuable, with zero sodium! I’ve been to every township meeting for 2 years trying to fight the Gravel Mafia.. and for all that effort .. We have gotten nowhere! This legal fiction that We live in is killing us, grain of sand by grain of sand!


    • Thanks Drew… I was chatting with Greg Q today and we postulated that these sand tar pits might be stealing not just the oil but dredging the sand as well. We also came up with the idea that they would be replacing the sand with other materials, garbage landfill being one of them. Of course, Nature cannot be summarily replaced, and so we get sinkholes and washouts because dirt cannot replace sand, etc.

      This would be a great outreach film to show locally so as to educate local townsfolk, especially near the beaches and lakes.

      I really don’t know what to say, except as usual, we will all just sit on our arses waiting for one of us to do something about it so that we can follow him or her, that mysterious hero that never shows up. We deserve what we are apathetic about.


  4. drewjosephcarter

     /  June 17, 2016

    “I really don’t know what to say, except as usual, we will all just sit on our arses waiting for one of us to do something about it so that we can follow him or her, that mysterious hero that never shows up.”, Here in Oxford County, We’ve been fighting the proposed mega dump, and the “Gravel Media” for over 4 years. Many of Us in the fight aren’t hero’s but We’ve engaged local politicians at every single meeting for over 2 years. I now know more than any human should ever have to know about local county politics. (I know I’m allergic to politicians)! A small core of people have forced the mega dump to go to the next environmental step, not a small undertaking: The company “Walker Environmental” hoped to be filling up the pits with garbage long before now, but We have forced them to another 7 year assessment.. (Not another small feat either)! We have collected letters from over 60,000 people – and used them to force the next environmental step – not bad for a town of 12,000) My point is NOT all of Us are waiting for someone to follow! In our spare time We feed the local needy people, over 100 weekly, with local donations that I’ve driven far and wide to collect! Here on the internet, You may need Hero’s to follow! Here at home, We become the Hero’s because We have to!


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  6. Many years ago I was fortunate unuf to go to Australia. Whilst there I walked round the outside of an island; I think it was called kangaroo Island; rocks and boulders mainly.
    Without warning or pointy sign post, I stumbled upon a near spherical rock rolling about inside another indented rock as the waves sloshed about atop of it. It was a natural pestle and mortar crushing up crabs and other such crustaceanenens presumably into Sand? It was utterly mesmeric & a bit sad watching tiny things utterly dizzy with panic surrounded by so much crushed up Shell. I often wonder whether it’s still hard at work?


  1. SAND WARS: The Most Shocking Display of Human Arrogance And Greed | OUR GREATER DESTINY

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