World Without Gray Radio Show

For a brief stint I switched to hosting of my own weekly show called “A World Without Gray”.

Unfortunately, due to unresolvable technical and broadcast issues, I decided to cancel the show after Episode #5.

I will be archiving various radio shows I’ve done over the years as guest soon as well.

Here are the few productions that made it over the airwaves…


Episode #1 – A STRAWMAN for everything – an interview with free man Burt on the illusion of law called legal.


Episode #2 – Total Genealogical Immersion – The Royal bloodlines of our rulers (5 hour special presentation) (sourced)


Episode #3 – Agenda 21 with guest Vicky Davis of


Episode #4 – coming soon…

Episode #5 – cancelled!

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  1. Gordon Peters

     /  December 23, 2015

    Good times!


  2. Corey Unger

     /  March 22, 2017

    trying to find the the information solely being that for ,strawman UUC1,2,OR3 REDEMPTION of the birth certificate trust account and how it works meaning the process of using it with that of the A4V,accepted four value


    • That’s all bullshit, honestly. The UCC system was not created for public persons as much as for “THEM” to operate in trust.


  3. Armand

     /  May 23, 2018

    Clint, you should resume Red Pill!! Great show!!


    • I thank you. Perhaps some day.


      • Chris in Outback Queensland

         /  February 16, 2019

        Tick tock. Gen Z are listening to such geniuses as Chris Cantwell (
        Jan gives himself away with how he treats his guests.
        I’m a new listener to both of you. The difference is obvious. People figure it out in the end.
        You win every time you speak. No point in writing if none reads anymore. But they do listen.
        Ideas don’t have a listener count, they just spread quietly.



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