Red Pill Sunday School S2 E4 – Strawman Book Pt.3

Welcome to the third installment of my third book, entitled Strawman Logic: A Choice Between Two Evils. As I continue reading and commenting on my latest, always free work, we finally get to the meat of the subject, that is, how our soul (spirit) is separated from us, so that our mind and body may be controlled (driven) without spiritual considerations, which is called incorporation (emancipation). To incorporate is to disallow spiritual action, to temporarily kill the souls of men, replacing the moral (unwritten) law with man’s (strict written) or Roman (contract) law. Without choice, without free will, there is only administrative law, otherwise known as bureaucracy. Once free will is replaced with merely empty choices leading to the same evil, the STRAWMAN is complete. This is the path we have all been tricked into following instead of (in the place of) the example of Christ (Logos). And now the purpose and intent of The Corporation Nation can be understood and, if the will is still there, overcome.

The choice is and always has been in your hand and yours alone.


–Clint richard-son (
–Friday, July 10th, 2020

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  1. karl kremeyer

     /  July 11, 2020

    Hi Clint,

    Fab that you are doing this but you still make the movies too long to be converted by on line converters to mp3 files and for those of us who are bandwidth challenged we don’t get to participate (other then via the book, which is great, but I am a fan of listening while my hands are busy). Anyway it would be nice if you could extract an mp3 file for those of us who can’t watch the video and would like to listen to the audio (we can’t convert it online as the move is to long …. we can’t edit the video as we don’t have the bandwidth to download it and extract the mp3 ourselves. I’d guess that on your movie maker whatever it is there is an easy way to make an mp3 file. Please please please make and post that file for this episode the pervious ones and any future ones. I’d really like to listen just not really a reality with my current setup.

    Thank you



  2. not you

     /  July 11, 2020


    where are the texts for 2 and 3? i much prefer reading to watching or listening.

    are there a pdfs available?


    not you


  3. Timothy

     /  July 18, 2020

    Thank you for the latest part.

    This video is an example of IDENTITY.

    “What do you mean we don’t own our own names….”


  4. Timothy

     /  August 2, 2020

    …. (lol) and now back to our regularly scheduled program.

    I’m looking at Dept. State and USC and I haven’t been able to understand where one without an identity would go. If one crucifies the ID/Person/title/status/citizen then is there’s anywhere (that remains in the real) for one to physically stand, except in a jail cell of detention? The land is covered in man’s law. Indeed following Christ in Truth is illegal.

    The Dept. State writes that a Person can renounce citizenship, but can someone practically renounce the ID/protection/insurance/Person/citizenship? — because, they must attain or retain a status of another jurisdiction in order to remain inside the renounced jurisdiction, or become detained for the remainder of their non-persona life, or nearly so all alone inside the jurisdiction they gave up. A conundrum. They would remain under the US/EU/UN detention rules, which seems to be different than legal death & truth. I don’t understand how to get through to legal death without detention (and the concomitant vaccination). Is it possible to do it? Is there something in the story of Jesus before Pilot that can help?

    Here’s Barry Dunham on citizenships’ importance. Notice his body language / hand gestures when he speaks of the plural “we.” I don’t think his “we” is me. I’m more like, “it.” The thing he speaks of.

    Thanks for your patience with me.


    • Brother

       /  August 2, 2020

      The Name is the Citizen. You can just use the name, but don’t claim it, don’t say it is yours. The Bible says be Nothing. No Thing. The name is a thing. Be in the world not of the world. Imbatman57 will help you with legal stuff, without any paper or USC crap. Look for the fast tracks.
      Hope that helps Brother.


    • This question answers your logical fallacy…

      When an “illegal alien” is caught without visa, he is deported to the country (corporation) his person belongs to (is property of). That person (status) is his burden to bear.

      So here is your question…

      If you are caught without a United States citizenship, as if that’s somehow illegal (it’s not), and let’s say you were born in the “STATE” (People) of “NEW YORK”, then where will/can they deport you?

      It’s a trick question, of course. Deportation is only for goyim of the corporation nation. New York is a private People with God-given and constitutional protected right to travel within the constituted 50 States (People) united under compact. Without a person, there is nothing for them to detain, for you aren’t carrying and claiming to be their property. Privacy needs not proof. To be foreign from the United States (District of Columbia) is not to be foreign to the People of New York, in compact with the other 49 States (People).

      Somehow you have been made to believe that US citizenship is involuntary. So go prove it.

      The Truth is that there is a path, and I’m able to show it to you up until the point you become free or private. What you do then is covered by the Christ example. Most men fear the unknown. If you don’t want to know the answers to your questions, then you will never take that first step. If the unknown scares you, then simply don’t follow the exit signs and resign yourself to your current status (persona). You are in company that is good and plenty, myself currently included. Freedom is not for most men, and most men are happy to have sold their freedom for the false security of franchise incorporation.

      Your questions cannot be answered until you decide to take the action to answer them. We are all in the same boat, waiting for some sign to take a leap of faith, and most of us will die wondering what true freedom is. One thing I am certain of though, is that you must claim it. That which is not free, namely government, cannot grant or declare your freedom, for its own status is lower than that of God’s Kingdom and ITs law of Nature. What is lower than The legal devils can only influence, never interfere. It is you that must walk the path, and it is your actions alone that will set you free.


      • Timothy

         /  August 22, 2020

        Let me see if I comprehend what you write….

        I must repent of my need for predictability and practicality.
        I must meet duties/debts and then relinquish national (goy) citizenship, but then I should expect (some persecution and) the so-called “deportation” to the home state? From there, while following Jesus’ example, might I become just a private man, a good son of God, and witness freely through the land, but trusting only in God?


        • brother

           /  August 28, 2020

          hope you dont mind my 2 cents…

          I must repent for my need……No
          I must meet duties/debts………No
          I must relinquish national citizenship……No, you dont have National Citizenship, only the Name does.
          Deportation to your home state…..your home state is God’s Green Earth.

          Trust in yourself, which is trusting in God.


        • Actually, the only predictability is in Nature, the legal system making men act unnaturally and therefore unpredictably. This is why they join in societies, some secret, and identify themselves thusly, so as to declare a predictable set of law when meeting. Thus Freemasons have their signs and symbols. But the legal person is indeed unpredictable, not the man under the Law of God (Nature).

          One must act honorably in whatever realm he operates, though honor is a falsehood in the legal. Citizenship is a performance debt, not a monetary one. The debts you owe are to other creditors, not government. And so part of your performance, in my opinion, would be paying the debts you acquired while acting in another’s persona, as they were for your benefit or need. Stand in honor at all times. If that’s not possible, then use the law like Trump does and declare legal bankruptcy. In legal, that is honorable (honor among thieves).

          The rest of your false inquiry is mere sarcasm, not worthy or respectful of answering. But if you have genuine questions I’m always here.



  5. John Andrew

     /  August 4, 2020

    Hi Clint great episode as usual and for people that want to record these I would recommend using a download recording YouTube videos and make DVDS or use a men drive. As far as no one wanting you back on their shows be thankful of that because most are still in the world and part of it . The last show you did with Bryan Parker , he is all over the place and is involved with Crypto currency now and associated with some these people pushing this Private Association groups and the one guy I know he is involved with is misleading people . Keep doing what you are doing and being separate from these people. Here is the link for recording YouTube videos ,

    Liked by 1 person


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