Media Finally Reports On Covid-19 As Biological Weapon, Sort Of

This is the first time we find anything even remotely close in the mainstream news to what my documentary, Wagging The Dog, exposes and clearly points to.

Here’s the link, and definitely worth the watch:


But please, don’t get your hopes up. Let’s examine this a bit closer so that you don’t mistake this controlled opposition op-ed for actual good news reporting…

First of all, as I’ve been saying for 7 years, Fox News has now positioned itself officially as the controlled opposition of the mainstream media. In other words, as John Stadtmiller pointed out to me years ago, the Fox network has become the poser of alternative news, meaning the network has attempted to replace the independent sphere with its own artificial brand of alternative news reporting. In fact, over the last year or two, Fox hosts (not reporters, but talk show hosts) have been referring to the rest of the conglomerate corporations as the “mainstream” and to Fox News as their sole opposition.

Basically, Fox News is pretending to be the alternative media. This transition and shift in propaganda and marketing started many years ago, with the advent of “Patriot Radio” talk station on satellite television. They have even taken over the alternative advertising plan, promoting gold and silver and storable food, along with other survival and similar, obscure products and services.

Now, the legerdemain trickery has reached new heights of idiocy, as they pretend to be threatened with cencorship and general hatred by what they now refer to as the “mainstream media,” as if Fox News is not mainstream. It’s a practical joke even I didn’t think they could pull off. And yet here we are…

Fox has gone from being the joke of the mainstream, the company sued for lying and blatant censorship multiple times in as much as such behavior is protected by the courts (there is no law that says “news” entertainment has to tell the truth), to what is the now lone defender of free speech today. Really? To that I must laugh out loud. It’s as if all those years of very bad reporting and censorship was just erased from the memories of what was the actual alternative listenership, a disorganized band of misfits trying desperately to appear organized like those mainstream corporations, but failing miserably.

Essentially, Fox News and its talk show hosts (non-news reporters) have filled the throne of Alex Jones, in that their sole responsibility is to guide the followers of this neo-alternative crap-fest into the dark light of secularism. The Jewish-Australian Rupert Murdoch-owned media conglomerate, in pretending to be Christian and pro-conservative constitutional America, is merely the new voice in the old predictive programming model of exposure without consequence, of talk with no action.

If I were to guess the most logical course, now that the powers that be have Truly played their Trump card, Fox News will continue warning about the “mainstream” media and its censorship, not for your benefit but because the plan is to de-platform Fox News just as other alternative news outlets have been. This is akin to a spy killing one of his own to prove he is not a spy. Imagine how you will feel then, believing that the one news outlet that appeared to be on your side is not dead, causing further separation and disorganization in a alternative movement that was dead before it was invented by political strategists long ago.

And that is my deepest concern here… Let us not be fooled that such limited, hand-selected coverage of what I clearly spelled out in my documentary, and what is spoken openly about in so many public forums on the subject, will actually have any affect. Anthony Fauchi, being clearly guilty of the crimes presented, did so under the license and legality of governmental protectionism, under the exception clauses provided in against the enactment of the Biological Weapons Convention and Act. These biological weapons are being created and reorganized at an astounding rate, where now every virus and toxin known to man has been weaponized under the guise of “peaceful” research protected by US Code.

Fox News is reporting just enough information to not accomplish any result, careful not to put any official blame or accusation on the guilty parties, and certainly not revealing what I have in my documentary. And it’s agenda seems to be some form of war with China in any way possible, the only real reason I can fathom for this much information being spread on the “China virus”. But make no mistake, Covid-19 comes from American research in American labs. Plausible deniability cannot be allowed to hypnotize further the crimes and complicity of this sick band of corporate and congressional opportunists responsible for recombining through gain of function research the most deadly viral weapons ever imaginable.

If you haven’t seen it, perhaps now you have a really good reason to watch. Because now it’s reached the mainstream. And before you are fooled into dismissing it as anything non-criminal, and before this controlled opposition leads you down the path that this accidental release of a duel-use, gain of function, biological weapon was anything but a known, warned against, and legally banned experiment, you really need to educate yourself on the full story…

To stop this madness, it will take more than a Fox News report designed to satiate and inspire the same old inaction and ‘I told you so‘ mentality that is the root of the inaction that drives the alternative sphere. When good men do nothing, especially when they site the law as their reason for inaction, then there are no good men left.

Meanwhile, just as the alternative media has done for decades, Fox News will continue to report on all the horrific things government does while at the same time salivating over the Untied States flag and constitution, causing the same old dissociative, patriotic Stockholm Syndrome we are continuously paralyzed by. And we will continue to worship both the source of our legal, fictional “rights” and the source of our greatest tyranny, for they are the same source. Therefore, in other words, good men will continue to do nothing because they mistake government and its legal system as that which will ultimately protect and save them. Good men will not act because they do not see what is right in front of them, that their captor is their hero, that history is a lie designed to cause that cult-like worship of a legal fiction, an artificial person (corporation) pretending to be a legitimate government, whose sole purpose is to legally protect a political and scientistic army destined to destroy every part of Nature in order to recreate it in their own image.

This documentary, along with an information sheet, was sent to every house and senate member, and to a vast majority of University and political members. It has been downloaded over 35,000 times by said members. The response has been dismally pathetic, insulting, and to say the least disheartening. There are no good men in these places.

I’d tell you to flood the inboxes of Steve Hilton and Fox News if I thought it would do any good. It won’t.

It is and always will be up to you…


–Clint richard-son (
–Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

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  1. SeeBee

     /  January 26, 2021

    Steve Hilton was handpicked by Rupert Murdoch and given a show on FNC. The entire Fox News Channel as a “conservative” voice…died with Roger Ailes. Now it shills openly and unabashedly …cause shilling is what msm does. They are hoping to manipulate the Trumptards back in.
    Appreciate all your work, Clint. You are reaching plenty of people…And all the right ones at that.


  2. Rames

     /  January 27, 2021

    No new interviews, Clint?
    Would love to listen to a reunion of you PJ and Jules for example.

    Oh by the way, have you read papers of Miles Mathis? Another highly intelligent researcher.


    • Yes, some of Mathis. I’ve been a bit detached lately after my computer crashed and I had to rebuild my stuff.

      Will be on the Higher Side Chats mid February, which was rescheduled.

      Otherwise, not much going on, as usual. Nobody loves me!



      • Rames

         /  January 28, 2021

        Clint have you seen this guy?

        “Aerosolized prion disease”

        His research seems to resonate with yours. A neuroscientist. Maybe you can reach out and come on his stream?


  3. Sally Dunne

     /  January 27, 2021

    Quote from Maribel Tuff:

    “Bringing together the US emergency bank lending crisis and the now massive Covid response, I’ve concluded that one of the main reasons it is happening, apart from the corporate looting, is because of a historic event, the USA’s economic collapse and the dollar’s demise, which started just weeks before this Covid operation kicked off, and has been put on hold by a world wide manufactured economic ‘freeze’.”

    I would be very glad to have your views on this article. There seems to be so many different angles.


    • Many angles indeed… The truth:

      All the world’s a stage. Enough said…

      We have put our faith in banks, in money, in mammon. Enough said…

      The ponzi scheme is, as the snake eating itself faster than it can heal, coming to an end. Enough said…

      Such schemes are designed to be unsustainable. Enough said…

      All debt can be erased with a swipe of a presidential pen, if government (organized crime) wished that to happen. It’s their money, their debt, not ours. You have no debt but what you’ve contracted for personally. The “public debt” is owned by the public, which is the United States, just as it owns the “public lands”, and not you. The debt they create in the form of IOU’s to themselves. The taxes they collect are already spent!

      Covid was a planned event, and started during one of the strategic planning consortiums, 201.

      Covid is a terrorist attack. Look up the word terrorism and it says what governments do to their own people to further manipulate and control. The fact that they have introduced a meme, the “great reset” into everyone’s consciousness shows the organized crime behind it. They don’t need to do anything, just introduce the meme and conduct business as usual, throwing the term in for effect.

      The truth is that this is not the Fed’s fault. Blaming the Fed is like blaming a knife for stabbing someone to death. The tool is not the cause. You are the cause. I am the cause. And more than anything, pensioners are the cause. We’ve allowed government to invest in all the largest corporations in the world, so much so that government is the controlling interest and head of corporate governance (shareholder voting) for each corporation. This fact, I assure you, has not changed. That is where the majority of your taxpayer money has gone, with the delusion that it benefits pensioners. They tax citizens to pay for pensions because with that money the buy stock and debt instruments.

      The entire social security system is based on debt instruments. Evil men and governments become wealthy through buying debt, not paying it. So here’s the moral of the story, the part they are not telling you in this article or any other…


      1) Government has purchased everything, from corporations to land to housing to debt instruments (contracts of money and interest due).

      2) It offloads any bad debts onto the “public debt” which it lies and says is on you and I. And it rids itself of toxic debt instruments by dumping them into banks or other investment schemes and then bankrupting the company or crashing the market, same effect.

      3) Every once in a while they crash the market, not unlike what they are doing today, but only after they build it up with false valuation. Then they crash it. That “value” doesn’t disappear, it is like a dividend payoff. They make billions or trillions each time the strip the market of value, and even bet (long and shot) against it, having pre-knowledge of its fate.

      4) These are also “resets.” And all profits from that reset didn’t exist before the last reset, for these markets don’t create money they create value. The artificial value is then monetized and called a crash or deflationary period or whatever the new meme is.

      Bottom line: THEY DON’T CARE. Their money, their false valuation, has already been made. They own all or most corporations of significance in the world through collective pooling and corporate governance. What do they care if things “reset” as far as global currency? It will make their control structure over corporations through shareholder proxy in all countries that much easier to manage. They are not losing anything, they are merely balancing the books. And in the end, they walk away with complete stock ownership and control of the entire production, agriculture, banking, and other industries from all over the world. So yes, they will need a great reset, or rather a global governance fit to run all corporations in a communist dictatorship unlike any understood or known in history. Their stock values will plummet, and much of the competition will die as corporate entities, leaving a monopoly (lack of competition) for world governance that cannot be seriously challenged.

      This is not a reset, it’s the fruition of a corporate takeover, a plan that was funded by taxpayers and pensioners who were too greedy and stupid to see the scheme happening.

      I could go over the details in the article, but they would only serve to distract from this truth, from the plan. It would be like describing the pattern of the knife handle. It’s simply how the tools of manipulation and corporate tyranny are used. And what a knife it is.

      FYI… this is the time where gold will finally be a reasonable investment. The idea behind gold is to trade it in for the new global currency at the same value as the old system. However, that just means you are voluntarily admitting yourself to being a new debt slave to a new global slaveholding company.

      If anything, this is a chance to reset your self. Walk away. If not, then embrace the NWO like a good taxpaying global citizen should.



  4. Shelby

     /  January 27, 2021

    I love you Clint I post your stuff everywhere I can

    You might find this book of some interest

    ‘Legislation’ put in place to protect the guilty

    Doling out the cash for the ‘contracts’

    I listed a coupe from the above linked book.

    Be sure to click on each link and read everything


  5. Bryan

     /  January 28, 2021

    I know this blog post is kind of preaching to the choir here, but I thought it might be of some interest. This post was posted in the comment section of an ex-paleo blogger I follow.


  6. Justin Lee

     /  January 29, 2021

    Everything I hear from you is an eye opener. I was a mod for Jan,but he really flipped. I quit his show show and still catch flack for it. I’m in touch with other former mods who feel the same way. I’m not at liberty to say whom. You doing a show with Chris Weinert didn’t sit well,but I’m forgiving. Anyway,I think you should do a show with Big Sib. I mentioned you in his live chat and he was basically saying the Bible as literal truth. I believe in creation,but I’m with you on it being a guidebook. God doesn’t write books. Truly….Justin Lee


  7. SeeBee

     /  January 29, 2021
    This made me laugh my arse off. Is that wrong?


  8. Much Love for Your efforts, Brother.


  9. Kata List Productions

     /  March 5, 2021

    Co-Vi-D = covid = corona virus = crown virus .. fake royals… fake pandemic.
    New Age New King King John III – Joseph Gregory Hallett


  10. SeeBee

     /  March 15, 2021

    Question for Clint and Company…
    If partners exchange DNA, will the modified DNA of a vaccinated person be transferred to an unvaccinated partner?


  11. Timothy

     /  March 19, 2021

    Watching again….
    The DVM here

    is confirming what you were reading from the papers about gain-of-function. Tests showed tested animals in worse condition post vaccination, e.g.


  12. Vicki

     /  April 1, 2021

    There was a Hudson Institute Discussion published on March 12, 2021 which discussed this, or the two theories, as they term it of this viruses origin. One being wild and the other created in a lab, stating the lab origins theories being mor probable, while Continuing the narrative of solely blaming China. They also discuss Gain-of-Function Research. One of the men asks what evidence is their for the benefit of this research. The answer, none, it’s merely theoretical. Anyway, it’s an interesting discussion to listen to.


  13. The only thing I seem to disagree with is the claim that Covid-19 is a “biological weapon”. While there may be some merit in the suggestion that many of the pathogens called “viruses” are manufactured or manipulated in labs around the world, I haven’t seen any believable evidence that this strand (Coronavirus) is actually real, much less biologically engineered in a lab. The “bioweapon” scenario seems to contradict the admissions made by many prominent institutions that they haven’t actually purified or isolated Sars-CoV-2.

    Otherwise, many of them would’ve gladly provided ironclad evidence for the existence of COVID-19 if they had any in their databases or records.

    I do agree, however, that Fox News is obviously controlled opposition. This is the same network that used to pander slavishly to the warmongering Bush administration in the post-9/11 era and heavily promoted the lie of “Islamic terrorism” in America. This is also the same network that has stringent COVID-19 “safety” guidelines for its staff that’s actually more strict than even Biden’s vaccine mandate for companies that employ more than 100 workers.


  1. Good Men will Continue to do Nothing – Gabriel Roberts

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