Your Child Is Retarded, Not Autistic, And Here’s Why

Yeah, yeah, before the brave new world order social justice hate speech newspeak fucknut manifests out from under your multiple personality syndrome-induced social media reeducated persona, I advise you to read the following information before succumbing to such manipulative media conditioning. Because the more you ignore the actual problem, the more retarded we all will become.

In researching for my upcoming documentary, I have come to understand that this is not only a war on our mind, body, and soul, but a battle of words.

I remember the time period, without recalling when or where it actually began, when the word “retarded” was systematically removed from the English language and labeled as some sort of hate speech or improper terminology to describe otherwise retarded people, especially kids. Anyone that grew up in my generation knew what that word meant and exactly who fell under that label. And while it was used as an insult like any other word for “normally” functioning kids as well, we understood the difference and weren’t afraid to use it. A rose by any other name is still a rose, it is said, and I dare say in this day and age that a retarded kid is still a retarded kid by any other name… including “autistic.”

Autism. The flowery term that nobody can quite define and which replaced the classics like retarded, deformed, handicapped, and harmed. Autism. How dare we call them anything else but by this non-binary term of normalization and non-hate. What idiots we truly are.

So I decided to ask the question, why? Why did retardation suddenly become a bad word, a hateful term? Why were we entrained and brainwashed into not using this perfectly descriptive term of nature to describe a condition that is obviously not in harmony with nature or normal functionality? Oh, sorry, am I not supposed to use the word normal now? Is it normality-challenged? Or is it that we are so unhealthy from diet, drugs, and vaccines that there is no comparatively normal state of health to utilize as a guidepost anymore?

Let’s cut to the chase…

A better question to answer is this: Who benefits? Who receives the advantage when a word like retarded is suddenly stripped from the proper verbiage and use of the common language. Most would answer with the classic excuse, to protect the children. Bullshit. If anything, this ignorance of the facts has caused more harm to children, as is evidenced in health statistics. So what about pharmaceutical companies? Legal, licensed drug pushers? You know, the ones that came up with the “ask your doctor if this poison is right for you” marketing strategy? In the end, what possible benefit could be had by removing the general term “retarded” and replacing it with quite specific, non-provable psychiatrical terms of art like “autism” and “Attention Deficit Disorder” and thousands of other mental or physical retardations by any other name?

Let me show you.

From the website for vaccine side effects, we read:

Possible Side-effects from Vaccines

Any vaccine can cause side effects. For the most part these are minor (for example, a sore arm or low-grade fever) and go away within a few days. Listed below are vaccines licensed in the United States and side effects that have been associated with each of them. This information is copied directly from CDC’s Vaccine Information Statements (VISs), which in turn are derived from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendationsfor each vaccine.

Remember, vaccines are continually monitored for safety, and like any medication, vaccines can cause side effects. However, a decision not to immunize a child also involves risk and could put the child and others who come into contact with him or her at risk of contracting a potentially deadly disease.

What are the risks from DTaP vaccine?

    • Long-term seizures, coma, lowered consciousness, or permanent brain damage happen extremely rarely after DTaP vaccination.

As with any medicine, there is a very remote chance of a vaccine causing a severe allergic reaction, other serious injury, or death.

What are the risks from inactivated influenza vaccine?

    • There may be a small increased risk of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) after inactivated flu vaccine…
    • Young children who get the flu shot along with pneumococcal vaccine (PCV13), and/or DTaP vaccine at the same time might be slightly more likely to have a seizure caused by fever. Ask your doctor for more information. Tell your doctor if a child who is getting flu vaccine has ever had a seizure.

As with any medicine, there is a very remote chance of a vaccine causing a serious injury or death.

What are the risks from MMR vaccine?

Moderate events:

      • Seizure (jerking or staring) often associated with fever
      • Temporary pain and stiffness in the joints, mostly in teenage or adult women
      • Temporary low platelet count, which can cause unusual bleeding or bruising
      • Rash all over body

Severe events occur very rarely:

      • Deafness
      • Long-term seizures, coma, or lowered consciousness
      • Brain damage

What are the risks from MMRV vaccine?

Moderate events:

      • Seizure (jerking or staring) often associated with fever
        • The risk of these seizures is higher after MMRV than after separate MMR and chickenpox vaccines when given as the first dose of the series. Your doctor can advise you about the appropriate vaccines for your child.
      • Temporary low platelet count, which can cause unusual bleeding or bruising
      • Infection of the lungs (pneumonia) or the brain and spinal cord coverings (encephalitis, meningitis)
      • Rash all over the body

If your child gets a rash after vaccination, it might be related to the varicella component of the vaccine. A child who has a rash after MMRV vaccination might be able to spread the varicella vaccine virus to an unprotected person. Even though this happens very rarely, children who develop a rash should stay away from people with weakened immune systems and unvaccinated infants until the rash goes away. Talk with your health care provider to learn more.

Severe events have very rarely been reported following MMR vaccination, and might also happen after MMRV. These include:

      • Deafness
      • Long-term seizures, coma, lowered consciousness
      • Brain damage

What are the risks from meningococcal vaccines?

As many as half of the people who get meningococcal ACWY vaccine have mild problems following vaccination, such as redness or soreness where the shot was given.

What are the risks from rabies vaccine?

A vaccine, like any medicine, is capable of causing serious problems, such as severe allergic reactions. The risk of a vaccine causing serious harm, or death, is extremely small. Serious problems from rabies vaccine are very rare.

Mild problems

      • soreness, redness, swelling, or itching where the shot was given (30% – 74%)
      • headache, nausea, abdominal pain, muscle aches, dizziness (5% – 40%)

Moderate problems

      • hives, pain in the joints, fever (about 6% of booster doses)

Other nervous system disorders, such as Guillain Barré syndrome (GBS), have been reported after rabies vaccine, but this happens so rarely that it is not known whether they are related to the vaccine.

NOTE: Several brands of rabies vaccine are available in the United States, and reactions may vary between brands. Your provider can give you more information about a particular brand.

What are the risks from rotavirus vaccine?

Serious problems following rotavirus vaccine:

      • Intussusception is a type of bowel blockage that is treated in a hospital, and could require surgery. It happens “naturally” in some babies every year in the United States, and usually there is no known reason for it.There is also a small risk of intussusception from rotavirus vaccination, usually within a week after the 1st or 2ndvaccine dose. This additional risk is estimated to range from about 1 in 20,000 to 1 in 100,000 US infants who get rotavirus vaccine. Your doctor can give you more information.

What are the risks from chickenpox vaccine?

More serious events following chickenpox vaccination are rare. They can include:

      • Seizure (jerking or staring) often associated with fever
      • Infection of the lungs (pneumonia) or the brain and spinal cord coverings (meningitis)
      • Rash all over the body

A person who develops a rash after chickenpox vaccination might be able to spread the varicella vaccine virus to an unprotected person. Even though this happens very rarely, anyone who gets a rash should stay away from people with weakened immune systems and unvaccinated infants until the rash goes away. Talk with your health care provider to learn more.

What are the risks from Yellow Fever vaccine?

Severe problems

      • Severe allergic reaction to a vaccine component (about 1 person in 55,000).
      • Severe nervous system reaction (about 1 person in 125,000).
      • Life-threatening severe illness with organ failure (about 1 person in 250,000). More than half the people who suffer this side effect die.



Oh, I’m sorry, am I allowed to say the words brain damage, lowered consciousness, brain infection leading to encephalitis and meningitis, brain seizures causing blank staring, paralyzation, and all these other forms of RETARDATION of the brain and body? Or am I being politically incorrect, even though these are the exact medical terms of artful language used by the CDC, which is immune from such social justice hate speech bullshit?

Are you so dumbed-down and pacified that you will actually ignore such purposefully utilized terms and seek damages for a word not even acknowledged here, like autism?

What you will seldom if ever see is that a vaccine causes autism. General retardation? Yes, obviously so. Autism? No sir. All of these above listed “side effects” are very specific terms used to describe very specific and localized retardations of the human body and its symptoms. Autism is non-specific, not qualified, and therefore is not a side effect. Autism is a syndrome, not a specific disease. Autism is a creation of psychiatry, not medicine. If your child has autism, that means he or she has several side effects that have RETARDED his or her brain and other systems of the body. A syndrome necessarily connotes more than one condition or problem into some new age term that is pretended to be nice and fairy-like, where in the land of autism children can do amazing things and even hold steady jobs that require no critical thinking while riding magical unicorns and be free of that horrific Truth doctrine, where the state can take control and utilize that hoard of “special” people for various mundane tasks and call it gainful employment (use). In the novel Brave New World, these were the Deltas, or Gammas, the lo-level ordinaries that served only one purpose – to serve the Alphas and Betas.

Back in high school, I remember that this was the collective group of retarded kids that attended “special education” and rode the short bus. This was not an offensive term, merely a very accurate and even empathetic term used to describe their collective plight. In fact, the good kids like me often helped, volunteered to hang out and tutor, and often protected the retarded kids from the bullies and other sociopathic kids, you know, the ones that grew up to become today’s corporate CEOs, Doctors, Psychiatrists, and pharmaceutical makers and marketers. But today, we apparently cannot acknowledge the truth, that these kids were destroyed internally through vaccines and/or other drugs, so as to limit the liability of the drug-makers and their agents that all but run and make policy within the CDC and FDA.

Retardation is not a bad word. It’s ok to acknowledge the Truth, even in a world gone mad with institutionalized lies and socially restricted speech.

RETARD – verb transitive – [Latin retardo; re and tardo, to delay, tardus, slow, late. See Target.] 1. To diminish the velocity of motion; to hinder; to render more slow in progress; as, to retard the march of an army; to retard the motion of a ship. The resistance of air retards the velocity of a cannon ball. It is opposed to accelerate. 2. To delay; to put off; to render more late; as, to retard the attacks of old age; to retard a rupture between nations. My visit was retarded by business. – verb intransitive – To stay back. [Not in use.] (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


That’s right, to be retarded is to be held back, as in, from the rest of the class. But as the effect of a biological weapon like vaccines, this word retard describes exactly what has happened to a very large and infinitely growing minority of children today. In my generation and before, we didn’t call them retarded because of some deformity, but because their capacity to learn, to think, to perform, or to function was diminished. And despite the childish, immature rhetoric of school children, this term was one of neutrality used to properly identify and care for kids. The fact that you have been tricked into not using such an accurate, perfectly descriptive word is not helping your child in any way, but is rather a sign of your own retardation of common sense and saneness.

And guess what. Here we have the vaccine manufacturers and the CDC openly admitting that vaccines cause retardations due to brain damage and the like. But nowhere does it say autism. So why would you try and sue a company that openly admits it causes such physical and mental retardations by calling that rose by a different name, a name that they are adamantly opposed to being a side effect or symptom of its drugs, and where such nonsense is protected legal speech by government agencies? Why call it autism when they call it brain damage (retardation)?

This newspeak and willful ignorance is getting so bad that they are expanding the “spectrum” of autism to engulf and erase the names of many other disease states, even to the point of normalizing sociopathic, psychopathic, and non-empathetic behaviorisms.


Careful! According to this lady, everyone I know, including myself, is suffering from high-functioning autism in some way. Don’t like crowds of loud, drunken idiots? You must be high-functioning autistic. Have a problem with pointless, nervous small talk? You may be high-functioning autistic. Are you preoccupied with your daily routine? You may be a high-functioning autistic. Are you like me, someone that wants to learn everything about a subject before pretending to know everything about a subject? Well, you must be a rain-man, a high-functioning autistic. Want to move on to another subject after you fully learn another? You guessed it. You may be on the fucking spectrum. Want to correct someone that is full of shit? You must be high-functioning autistic. Hate pep rallies and shitloads of people acting socially unacceptable to you? Feel like you need to remove yourself from groups of people you don’t like and don’t want to associate with? Hate watching sports? Well then, you must be high-functioning autistic. Are you introverted? You are likely autistic, but high-functioning. Are you extroverted but intrusively social? You are also autistically high-functioning. Apparently, according to these psychiatric frauds, I’m the king of highness on the high-functioning autism spectrum. But then, who isn’t? I bet you are right there with me. How can anyone not be? The sociopath, perhaps, is immune, as one who can pretend to relate to anyone they choose while in actuality having no mental or spiritual connection at all to anyone, no moral Law or normally developed feelings to get in the way?

If that’s my choice, go ahead, call me autistic.

After all, normal is the new retarded at this point.

Or perhaps I’m just a high-functioning neuro-typical?

If everyone is autistic then nobody is, and we can all pretend to exist in the land of unicorns and imbibe in magical normality potions (psych drugs).

I heard the other day that games like Minecraft and Pokemon are designed by “aspies,” that is, men with Asperger’s Syndrome, now called as high-functioning autistics. This includes men like Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple’s Steve Jobs. Think about that for a moment — Bill Gates, the pioneer of innovative, sustainable, world-wide vaccine delivery to ALL CHILDREN around the globe.

As for the rest of her presentation, yes, vaccines and especially the metals used therein are a known cause of destroying the frontal lobe and mirror neuron functionality. But you’ll have to wait for the documentary for that, or actually look it up for yourself. But then, doing research yourself instead of trusting your doctor might make you a high-functioning autistic. In fact, according to the psychiatry field and its DSM, the term “neuro-typical” or having a non-retarded or normally functioning brain is being used to demonize anyone not autistic!

Let’s be clear. Cancer is not normal. Obesity is not normal. Diabetes is not normal. And autism is not normal. We should not treat any of these as if they are.

Remember, it is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Believe it or not, today this type of neuro-typical, absolutely reasonable and self-evident thought is now considered politically incorrect. And for someone like me, who has no desire to succeed or find wealth or status in this profoundly sick society, according to the world-view of the psychiatrist, I am a high-functioning autistic suffering from moral rectitude. Normality, that is, a man that has no brain damage and exists without retardation, is today considered as a psychiatric disease.

For more on the pusillanimous nature of banning not only words but the masculinity (power) behind words, check out my blog here:

Do vaccines cause the actual symptoms behind the diagnosis of autism? Of course they do, and admittedly so. See my blog here:









–Clint richard-son (
–Friday, September 6th, 2019




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  1. Mark R. Elsis |

     /  September 6, 2019

    Dear Clint

    Right on.

    Love Is The Answer Mark R. Elsis An environmentalist, filmmaker, poet, web entrepreneur / developer and writer, here to protect our future generations.


  2. Joey Virgo

     /  September 6, 2019

    I was 16 when I finished the full complement of vaccines the schools and the doctors forced me to take from the age of 5 while growing up in the Fifties and early Sixties. No sooner had I had my last vaccine than I came down with meningitis at 16. No one else in my family got it, but I did. I was listed in critical condition and the doctors prepared my parents for my eventual death. I had a rash all over my body, loss of all physical sensation such that I couldn’t feel my hand holding a cup, and I had a killer headache making it impossible to be vertical at all. Needless to say, by intravenous penicillin, I was brought back to life and survived a near-death catastrophe. Now that i”m a senior citizen, however, I have severe arthritis, necessitating I undergo double-knee replacement surgery, foot fractures that take forever to heal and even upon healing still cause a lot of pain, and now in the last few years since starting retirement a case of rosacea due to uncontrolled inflammation — all of which I attribute to vaccines from childhood.


    • As Patrick Jordan postulated, we are all vaccine damaged in various ways according to lot number. Some are far worse than others, and some dead or wishing they were dead, but none of us are immune to those immunizations. My documentary will make this very, very clear. I’m sorry and empathetic to your manmade plight.


    • donnaofhouseiehoshua

       /  February 14, 2022

      Hi, Im am vaccine injured from the Hep B due to working in healthcare for 25 years and “believing” the lies while working there. I have celiac and a few years ago, I was having MS-Iike symptoms too, but many of them have disappeared depending on my diet. I have been on a research fugue the last 10 years looking for remedies outside of mainstream medicine as I do not want to be on steroids and painkillers, tied to doctors office visits for the rest of my life. I have tried many diets, and detox programs and am finally making headway controlling pain, inflammation and many other symptoms I rarely suffer from now.

      After all this research, what I believe is we have not only been lied to about these vaccines and drugs, but also about what disease is and how it happens so that they can use their lies to scare us into taking the drugs. I am now seeing compelling evidence that viruses do not exist–something hard to believe and yet there are many studies done trying to prove we can catch disease from other people that were not able to prove contagion even when injecting snot from the nose of a sick person and putting it into the nose of a healthy person.

      We have also been lied to about what to eat to be healthy and a whole host of natural types of medicines that actually help us recover from disease.

      Much of our food had been adulterated on purpose because the same people who profit from corporate farming, profit from us being sick and being sick, we are easier to deceive and control.

      The easiest, and most inexpensive full body cleanse I have tried is Essiac Tea found at You will need patience as there is no magic pill, no magic cure, there are only toxins that need to be safely removed and that takes time.

      Most people with high levels of inflammation also have parasites and NO it not just a 3rd world problem. The vaccines will cause the worst reactions with children who also have an undiagnosed parasite problem. Dr Andrew Moulden showed via angiograms, how vaccines cause stroke in the capillary sections of our vascular system. He was able to prove these strokes via facial changes to one or more of our cranial nerves, after vaccination. His video, “Tolerance Lost” explains all of it.
      Watch before the algorhythms delete it at

      Regarding symptoms used to diagnose on the Spectrum, I want to leave a link to a book, “Healing from the symptoms known as Autism”:

      The protocols in that book can help with any inflammatory disease as will making peace with our heavenly Father. I pray that you know Him and that you dont amputate your knees because of the retardedness of the doctor who wants to treat you.


  3. Francis

     /  September 6, 2019

    RETARD … protard/ entard/ pretard/ intard/ contard … it’s time to DeTard this world asap!


  4. Everything is backwards

     /  September 6, 2019

    This is amazing considering I sent an email around on August 3, 2018, about the very same subject! No one responded. I even posted on Facebook.

    Also, I had attended a meeting with the Sacramento County Planning Department. The employees showed some regulations on their large TV. When they saw the word RETARDED, they were all over themselves explaining they had to remove that word as it was not politically correct.

    Here is my email: Ginny Linn

    Aug 3, 2018, 6:59 AM

    to Richard
    If you Google retarded you can get somewhat of a time line on how far back they used the word: into the 2000s. Also as the on line dictionary defines it, it could fit many ppl now classified as autistic.

    All things that were normal, now are not. Our tongues are tied with political correctness. Our speech is truncated by acronyms. Our emotional communication (feeling), is dimished by texting and emails.

    Our lives as individuals have been quietly, gradually incorporated into the collective hive mind. It has been done, and only those who truly still know what is happening, who can see it with clear, focused mental accuity, and try to sound the alarm are still truely human.

    Please don’t tell me you are one of them, because although you do better than most, there is much you do not see or understand. Your focus is on your work relating to law or inventions, mine is on life under seige, connecting dots, and sounding alarms. Mostly there is no one to hear me, or even understand what I’m trying to say.

    I want to thank you, Clint, for this most important post. I will share on Facebook and my email list.

    Ginny Linn


    • Great letter… and indeed, many deaf ears. But most of all, thanks for not being afraid to speak the right words. Now you must be remanded to the nearest thought-crime detention and relearning center for social maladjustment disorder.

      I suppose the more information we have at our fingertips the less original we become in our thought, until all ideas are patented and all words are copyrighted to the point that nothing new is possible. Sounds hellish, but seems probable.



  5. reba

     /  September 6, 2019

    Thank you Clint. I disagree with you Ginny, emotion isn’t reduced to texting at all, emotion is all there seems to be. Everything these days seems to be ruled by emotion rather than common sense, logic or fact- only feelings. The retarded are the lucky ones. I used to teach special ed and many were very happy, loving people, except when one of their peers ate the chocolate in their lunch bag. Knowledge isn’t power any more-we know things, but we can’t affect the crazy world around us-could be poison from all the tattoos and hair coloring, or flouride, gmo food, water, air, therapy, vaccines and prescriptions. The highly educated are the least educated because they are indoctrinated and know nothing-and they are very angry, in continual crisis created by fabrications of their imaginations and those around them suffer the consequences.


    • donnaofhouseiehoshua

       /  February 14, 2022

      The emotions are caused by a combination of food additives, watching TV and public education. The food and TV cause brain damage, lack of self control, impatience, short attention spans and more. TV also programs the brain full of false information. Public education stopped teaching problem solving 70 years ago and is used to program people with a false history, a false sense of self and to obey propped up fake authority figures rather than parents. They act out until someone comes along and fixes the problem.
      Hidden technology in TV:
      Dumbed-down education for a planned economy:


  6. Morgana

     /  September 7, 2019

    Excellent piece Clint.


  7. Maxx

     /  September 7, 2019

    vaccines are just another measure of how fallen we have become. How collectively insane we are. How parental instinct has been bred out of the goyim and a medical surrogate was put in place.
    No female wolf would allow a doctor in a white coat, needled syringe in hand move on and inject her pup. Never happen.


  8. Timothy

     /  September 9, 2019

    /sarc-on “But polio was cured…. and measles!” /sarc-off

    Clint, you and I share being very sick at a young age. I’m the first in US jurisdiction to have HUS0157, a syndrome caused by e.coli. Those doctors almost killed me in their attempt to save me. I think, for me at least, that illness defines my outlook, and it puts something in me that other people who’ve never been there cast to the wind and prestigious experts.

    Working with computers and networks all the time I reflect that what was once done primarily with chemicals, i.e., vaccines and drugs — the change of/to or distortion to information in the minds of men — can increasingly be accomplished without the chemicals, the adjuvants, and with direct electrical input, as, for example, the documentaries at TruthStream Media are showing. I seem to recall Jules being onto this subject a little too. A dark night might soon present the Platonic Republic, but it will only appear to the Alphas as the lights go out in a binary-zero forever in the minds of men. I just wonder if the late insistence to vaccinate is the last chemical dumbing down before the mass electrical lobotomy?


    • It’s funny, because the truth of the matter is that measles isn’t supposed to be cured. We are supposed to get it. It’s Nature’s way of sending us an upgrade to our genome, to protect us from many other disease states, cancers, etc. I believe that measles will become a superbug that is genetically altered enough to resist all drugs, like antibiotics have become, and that it will kill many people. And not only measles. Flu? Yes, we are supposed to get the flu. That’s why it exists, in human and in other animal form, to naturally reprogram our epigenome. We are all sick, ironically, because we aren’t benefiting from getting sick, from childhood diseases we are supposed to catch once and then be immune. The whole thing is nuts, but it appears they know all this and continue, at least according to their studies I’m finding.

      As for frequency, I’d say all they have to do is reverse the Royal Rife discoveries and make them harmful. Inversion, the devil’s playground.

      I think we should prepare for a mass die off one way or the other, instead of worrying who’s responsible. The meek shall inherit the earth. The word meek means spiritually prepared, and thus in tune with Nature and Its Law. Those who cannot be husband to the land will not survive unless by adultery of the land, stealing from the meek.



      • donnaofhouseiehoshua

         /  February 14, 2022

        Hey Clint, there is a virologist in Germany who has a $100,000 reward for anyone who can prove the measles virus exists. I think his name is Stefan Lanka, Phd. Apparently someone tried to claim the prize, took Lanka to court and won, but then on appeal, it was proved what what shown was not a measles virus so that the case was overturned.
        If you have proof the measles virus exists…you might want to contact this guy.


  9. Severant of Yah

     /  September 23, 2019


    Keep writing. How can meet with you to have a face to face conversation?



  10. donna

     /  November 9, 2019

    There are ways to reverse the symptoms identified and used to claim a label on the Autistic Spectrum. A common occurrence that is being found, is these children have overgrowths of parasites, many born with them that affect how their gut produces and assimilates minerals nutrients and hormones. The vaccines and the extra toxins in them seem to exacerbate this condition causing the child or even adult to withdraw within themselves, and/or develop other symptoms like seizure disorders, food sensitivities, joint pain, difficulty understanding language and talking , etc.
    Parasites are attracted to the heavy metals in vaccines and our food supply and these metals also react with RF, EMF, WiFi and other frequencies we surround ourselves with.

    With proper detox and special diets that eliminate dairy and many grains, these children can be brought back. I have also read of cases where homeopathic remedies helped the body reverse the symptoms in children.

    The problem is our monopolized healthcare system is a sickness industry which only profits from its customers being sick and so the incentive is to keep them sick and always in need of a return visit in an endless cycle of chemical poisoning and sometimes amputation, until the customer either runs out of money or dies.


  11. This dilemma has since worsened due to the Coronavirus vaccines. But at least more and more people are waking up to this reality than ever before, which is one good outcome of this organized insanity.


  1. “Regime change” + “make the economy scream” = neoliberalism = death – Piece of Mindful

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