STRAWMAN: Volume II: Replacing “God” With “Logos” – The Most Unholy, Logical Fallacy

***This post is a modified section of my next (2nd) “Strawman” book series, sitting at almost 200,000 words, which is between 75-100% larger than the average, fictional novel or overtly-flattering biography or historical tale of mostly fiction-based happenstance and fallacious rhetoric. Funny, for you will gladly pay to be knowingly lied to by storytellers, by film-makers, by self-proclaimed authorities and compartmentalized experts, and pay to be generally led to flights of fantasy by the fictions of men, and so I’m really starting to wonder, what exactly is the verifiably sourced Truth worth to you, or is there even an audience left for it today? Is the Truth so horrific to a society so caught up in lies and deceit around every corner and behind every action and employment we partake in that I am your enemy for speaking the Truth? In desperation, I ask you now that if you value this self-researched, self-edited, and privately self-released (unpublished) work, which includes now well over a decade of intense collection and piecing together of primary research that went into it, and if you would like me to continue with these freely given works, then please consider making a donation to keep me going. However, while anything is appreciated, nothing is ever required, as this and all of my works are, as always up to this point, free to all to read and share — but I cannot do this any longer without your collective support. I’m not sure whether or not this 2nd book as a whole will ever get to be printed as the 1st, so today I present this large, modified, interactive part of it here, for your consideration, controversy, and spiritual preparation. It stands alone, and yet benefits as part of the whole of my work, just as all of us must also come to terms with these qualities in each other. As a continuation of the first work (book), the same disclaimers and conditions apply to this continued work as that of the first volume, for they are one in the same series, a continuation. This work is free, given as an unconditional gift to all that seek it, no strings attached. Please pass it on freely as well as you see fit. However, this is not in any way a permission to publish or print this for sale, for profit, except as a personal, not for profit copy if needed. 

As to the content you are about to be exposed to, I can only tell you that by the end of this essay you will have a whole new perspective and understanding, not only of what the title expresses, but the frighteningly pagan origins of Christmas and Easter and the fact that there literally cannot be any True Christians in the United States. It is impossible, indeed, and quite illegal to follow Christ while under the legal law of man. That is the purpose of nations and the deafening power of the their international legal matrix of code. And so you will certainly, after reading this, know your low, common, gentile (goyim) legal status more clearly and undeniably than ever before. Even more revealing, the undeniable pagan, Babylonian roots and continued idol worship of the universal, legalized, corporate “Christian” church (in all denominations) will also be detailed and thoroughly be brought to the light of scrutiny. And all of this will be shown through Bible passages and source documentation, connecting the dots like only yours Truly can. In the end, you shall have no doubt that the Bible is actually opposed to all “Christian” religions, and that the Bible has no relation to organized, corporate Christianity except as ordained furniture, an empty symbol, an un-utilized idol sitting upon the forbidden alters of adversarial, legal corporations. I don’t want this to be True, and it is not merely my opinion being offered. If the Truth offends you, then you are living a lie. There is nothing I can do, for I am not your enemy, merely a messenger with unshakable Truths. None of this is personal, and all or most of it applies as well to myself. I seek only Truth, no matter the cost or pain or discomfort to myself, to my lifestyle, to my whole Being. If this is not your mission, you’re likely in the wrong blogosphere. First, though, we shall recap and reinforce some things from Volume I and, of course, define some new and old terms ever more clearly for proper communication and mutually understood translation. Now, if you can, please turn of your prejudice, put what you think you know aside, remain neutral in mind and spirit, and take heed of the Truths of these words. If you find an error or mistake, or wish to put in your two cents, please leave a comment at the end. Its a couple miles down the page. For contrarians and trolls, please do so, however, only if and then after you have read this in its entirety, and I will block all comments not intended to help, enlighten, sincerely correct what is written, or otherwise contribute to the spirit of this work and those reading it. To all of you, please enjoy, and may this work bring meaning and purpose to your own, private journey. -Clint  




(excerpt from a private work still in progress)




Author’s Introduction, Foreword, And Recap


I know that you who might be reading this is, in the end, after all the empty pretexts in between, you who are searching for one and only one thing in this strange and soul-crushing experience we call as civil life… you are searching for your True Purpose. You are trying to understand your destiny, which has been veiled in mystery by those that seek to rule over you. And though you may have been blinded by your ancestors’ foolish traditions and institutions and therefore tricked into not believing in such a thing as destiny in its True meaning and intent, rest assured that it awaits you, when you are finally ready to fulfill it. But first, we must agree on terms. What is this word destiny and how is it being applied to you and I and everyone else out there in this intentional moment?

DESTINY – noun – 1. State or condition appointed or predetermined; ultimate fate; as, men are solicitous to know their future destiny which is however happily concealed from them. 2. Invincible necessity; fate; a necessity or fixed order of things established by a divine decree, or by an indissoluble connection of causes and effects. But who can turn the stream of destiny? Destinies, the fates, or supposed powers which preside over human life, spin it out, and determine it; called by the Latins, parcæ. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

FATE – noun – [Latin fatum, from for, fari, to speak, whence fetus.] 1. Primarily, a decree or word pronounced by God; or a fixed sentence by which the order of things is prescribed. Hence, inevitable necessity; destiny depending on a superior cause and uncontrollable. According to the Stoics, every event is determined by fate. Necessity or chance not me; and what I will is fate. 2. Event predetermined; lot; destiny. It is our fate to meet with disappointments. It is the fate of mortals. Tell me what fates attend the duke of Suffolk? 3. Final event; death; destruction. Yet still he chose the longest way to fate, The whizzing arrow sings, And bears thy fate Antinous, on its wings. 4. Cause of death. Dryden calls an arrow a feathered fate. Divine fate the order or determination of God; providence(–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

ACT OF GOD – An act occasioned exclusively by violence of NATURE without the interference of any HUMAN AGENCY. It means a NATURAL NECESSITY necessity proceeding from physical causes alone without the intervention of man. It is an act, EVENT, happening, or occurrence, a disaster and effect due to natural causes and inevitable accident, or disaster; a natural and inevitable necessity which implies entire exclusion of all human agency which operates without interference or aid from man and which results from natural causes and is in no sense attributable to human agency. It is an accident which could not have been occasioned by human agency but proceeded from physical causes alone. In the civil law, vis majorInevitable accident or casualty; not preventable by human care, skill, or foresight, but resulting from natural causes, misfortunes and accidents arising from inevitable necessity which human prudence could not foresee or prevent; a landslide in the Panama Canal and changes in the styles of wearing apparel are notacts of God“; otherwise, however, as to a strike, accompanied with violence and intimidation. The term is sometimes defined as equivalent to inevitable accident: but incorrectly, as there is a distinction between the two; See Inevitable Accident; Perils of the Sea. (–Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)


Man appoints, Nature (God) predetermines. Let us be clear here that what is predetermined is merely that which is defined as being caused only by (an act of) God because it is not in man’s control, not preventable by the actions of men, which is defined both from the Bible and in legal law as being the same as being an act of Nature (God), the Universe, as all of self-Existence (all that is not manmade), and therefore all that Is in Its Whole, Supreme Being (verb), the substance of all that is Truth (Reality). God is Truth. What happens in, of, on, and under God is destiny, and it is our fate to bear whatever Acts of Nature (God) come our way. These acts of God, or in other words, the continuous Existence of Nature as it harmonizes Itself to Its own Law (the Logos), should not be considered as anything but neutral. There can be no actual (literal) anger or other personified, anthropomorphized emotions of man put onto the actions of Nature (God), unless you are telling a story of why the actions of men go against Gods Will (Nature’s Law). In other words, a volcano will erupt when its fate is to erupt, not because sinners live beneath or around it. If you are caught in an earthquake, you are in the right place at the right time to witness a completely neutral, inevitable act of God (Nature), for what is the destiny of the land but to continuously form and shift over the timelessness of Its Existence (God). The parabolic storytelling in the Bible assigning human attributes to God are for one and only one purpose and intent — to tell a moral story. To take these Bible stories and its characters literally is actually an ancient form of heretical idolatry, as we will discover in a moment. In other words, to put the attributes of the human form and condition upon God (the Universe, the Whole of all Existence) is to pretend that acts of men are acts of God, and worse, that acts of God are indeed acts of men. This idolatry of God as man and the mentality it causes is the foundation of most religions, and has nothing to do with the Bible or with the definition and intent of the word God (as Jehovah). To be clear, government bases its entire system and matrix code of legal law on the fact that God Exists and that all things in Nature, that which is not manmade, are always Acts of God and never of man. This is to say that an act of man is never inevitable, for man has free will, the power to choose to act against his very own Nature and pollute his Source of Existence. But the legal systems of man can work in no other way, being always in opposition to the Law of Nature (God). Legality has no purpose except to be opposed (adversarial) to the Law and acts of God (Nature). What is legal is wholly and without exception not of Nature (God). Unnatural.

I am not selling you religion. I am not trying to convince you of the Existence of God. I am telling you that there is no option to not believe in the Existence of Jehovah (as God) because that word is specifically defined and intended to only mean all of self-Existence Itself as a single Whole (Uni-verse). Mono-theism. One God. One Existence. One Whole Truth. You simply cannot sanely not believe in Existence, in the Universe, in Nature and Its self-evident, self-Existent (not manmade) Law. Sorry about your ego, but God (Jehovah) Exists, or rather is defined as all of Existence Itself, whether you believe in It or not. Therefore the inevitability of what happens in Nature, including to you, will never be entirely your choice. It’s like a game of chance, where one takes or makes for himself the best odds possible to win, only in this game of monopolies we’ve made of our Lives and Livelihood, the best chance we have to survive and overcome this madness, this certain death sentence, is to fulfill our only True destiny — to Live and act in harmony with Nature and protect it from all that does not. For the fate of our Lives and natural death depends on our respect of the Law and Laws of Nature (God). You can either Live and act in harmony with God (Nature) or you can act in satanism (adversarially) against It, ignoring Its Law and believing in religious, scientific, and legalistic fantasies. Satan, like Jehovah, has a specific meaning, intent, and definition. Satan is that which is opposed to or adversarial to Nature (Jehovah) and Its Law (Logos). It’s that simple, really. Therefore, an act of man can be one of two things, either an act of God or an act of satan. In other words, if man acts accordingly and under and in harmony with the Law of Nature, his actions are in favor of God, and therefore he or she is acting Christ-like, or metaphorically what the Bible calls us to be, as a “son of God.” But if man acts against Truth, against Nature and Its Law, then that man cannot be said to be anything but an adversary of God (Truth/Nature). Thus, generally speaking, what is manmade is most often that which is adversarial to God, meaning that such inventions and devices of man are specifically designed to alter, change the course of, or fix the flow of Nature’s harmonious self-Existence. You have no choice in what God (Jehovah) Is, that’s the point. In other words, you cannot claim God doesn’t Exist when the government you are in the agency of citizenship for and bondage under has already defined and based its entire anti-God legal system of false law around that monotheistic Existence (God). You cannot change Reality, any more than a flea can change the Nature of a dog. But you can do some damage to your own environment and ability to Exist in the rest of Existence, in the Universe, in Nature and under Its Law (Logos). This predestined Law that is inescapable by man or any other Creation of God (Nature) is called the Law of God (Logos), which means the same thing as the Law of Nature, just as an “Act of God” is defined in no other way than as an Act of Nature. In order to understand in any way the structure and purpose of legal law, this neutral understanding of what “God” (as Jehovah) is defined as in both the Bible and in the legal (antiGod/antichrist) systems of law is absolutely necessary. You cannot let your religious beliefs stand in the way of what these words are specifically defined and intended to mean in order to read the Bible, or you will never have a clear understanding of any aspect of either system of law, for to understand anything you must fully understand that which is its opposite. No story can be understood, for that matter, without an agreement on the meaning of its terms. To understand the legal law, you must know that what is labeled as “legal” is always opposed (adversarial) to God (Nature) and to God’s Law, to the Law and Laws of Nature, without exception, no matter how good it may seem in any particular situation or because of some benefit it may “legally” (against God’s Law) grant to you. This is the design of the legal matrix, acting as a veil, a stepping stone over which men may pretend to be lawful while in Truth breaking the foundation of all God’s Law. We will expound upon and prove this Biblical definition of “Jehovah” (as God) herein. If you find that your ingrained belief in your own personal or religious image (idol) and mystery of God is too powerful to overcome, even despite the Bible transliteration and definitions in all sources for what God (Jehovah) is, including the government you stand under, then I recommend you either cease in reading this essay or continue with eyes to see and ears to hear, and quit denying what the Bible is telling or trying to tell you. And then you better go examine and probably cancel any insurance policies you have, because they may or may not cover an “act of God,” defined as an “inevitable act of Nature.” And since you don’t believe in this otherwise well-accepted and self-evident Truth, you’ll need to correct the government, the printers of Bibles, Bible dictionaries, Ancient linguistic lexicons, the Bible concordances… all that on top of alerting all insurance companies and probably most banking institutions about what you believe God is so that your policy reflects that purely personal perspective. Good luck with that. If you hurry, you may catch the underwriter before lunch break. Or you can trust but verify for yourself the entirety of my research herein, looking up for yourself as I did every definition and reason (intent) you may find on the subject of what Jehovah (God) Is, so that we can then use that knowledge to figure out the entire bulwark and false-mysteries behind this legal, debtors hell we are trapped in. And even better, we can discover our God-given (inevitable) purpose in this Life.

Truth is the substance behind all form, while symbol is the form that can never actually be True substance. Truth, however, may be communicated through symbol (form) only if the substance behind the form (symbol) is completely understood and agreed upon. When the meaning behind words (symbols) is lost, then words (symbols) become false idols, tools of magic spells steeped in false mystery, confusion, and lies. No author writes any book or moral lesson without acknowledgement of the meaning of the terms he or she uses. Therefore it is the first and foremost responsibility of the reader of any book or moral story to discover any meaning behind those words that has been lost to time or to improper translation. Greek, for instance, does not translate well at all into English. English is a literal code of prose while Greek is a romantic, poetic verse. The words, letters, numbers, and other glyphs created by man, therefore, are not Truth, only symbols of possible Truth, as form without substance. Truth requires no belief, while lies are powerless without belief in their artifice. Symbols are lies with purpose, and are dangerous when what was the source of Truth (substance) behind the symbol (form) is lost, making the symbol a simulacrum — a copy without (separated from) any original. In most cultures, the True intent of symbols has been lost or purposefully altered to suit the desires and progress without purpose of mankind (Adam). When the meaning behind symbols are lost, then the empty form that is left of the symbol becomes the object of religion. All religion is false today, the worship of symbology without source or reason behind the symbol. This is also what has happened, in reverse, to the bible, where the mere form of the Bible is fallaciously demonized by those who have either never read it or refuse to read it because of such stigmatism. Therefore, the Bible is the opposite of a symbol without meaning or substance, the opposite of a religious totem without source, but for many has instead become the ultimate symbol of their own ignorance. Most criticize and even quote from the Bible as they would do for a movie they have never actually seen, yet are somehow convinced by other, equally unqualified critics, that the Bible is just another bad movie. What they don’t realize is that the Bible is more like a foreign-language movie with no subtitles, and sometimes purposefully incorrect or incomplete subtitles, lost or intentionally hidden in translation. Words, which are merely strings of various symbols that project an intended meaning, are in the Bible completely misunderstood by the average reader. And so that sacred Book of Law, that very map of our collective destiny, and the very reason behind our current fate (spiritual death) in legal hell as debtors, stands not as the Greatest symbol of freedom ever known to man it was intended to be, but instead as an ode to the idiocy that has been imbred into every one of us by the institutions of church and state we are bound under and misguided by. Yes, the allegoric, metaphoric, and parabolic storytelling within the Bible is indeed a symbol intended to communicate self-evident Truth, and yet such a symbol in the wrong hands, like a weapon of mass destruction, becomes detrimental to that which it was intended to protect, turning Love into lust, meaning into nonsense, reason into fallacious logic, and Truth into the very lies (pretended mysteries) that are the foundation of the legal system, the corporate church and state.

SYMBOL – noun – [Latin symbolum; Gr. with, and to throw; to compare.] 1. The sign or representation of any moral thing by the images or properties of natural things. Thus the lion is the symbol of courage; the lamb is the symbol of meekness or patience. Symbols are of various kinds, as types, enigmas, parables, fables, allegories, emblems, hieroglyphics, etc. 2. An emblem or representation of something else. Thus in the eucharist, the bread and wine are called symbols of the body and blood of Christ. 3. A letter or character which is significant. The Chinese letters are most of them symbols. The symbols in algebra are arbitrary. 4. In medals, a certain mark or figure representing a being or thing, as a trident is the symbol of Neptune, the peacock of June, etc. 5. Among christians, an abstract or compendium; the creed, or a summary of the articles of religion. 6. Lot; sentence of adjudication. [Not in use.] (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

LOT – noun – 1. That which, in human speech, is called chance, hazard, fortune; but in strictness of language, is the determination of Providence; as, the land shall be divided by lot  Numbers 26:552. That by which the fate or portion of one is determined; that by which an event is committed to chance, that is, to the determination of Providence; as, to cast lots; to draw lots. The lot is cast into the lap, but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord. Proverbs 16:333. The part, division or fate which falls to one by chance, that is, by divine determination. The second lot came forth to Simeon. Joshua 19:1. He was but born to try the lot of man, to suffer and to die. 4. A distinct portion or parcel; as a lot of goods; a lot of boards. 5. Proportion or share of taxes; as, to pay scot and lot. 6. In the United States, a piece or division of land; perhaps originally assigned by drawing lots, but now any portion, piece or division. So we say, a man has a lot of land in Broadway, or in the meadow; he has a lot in the plain, or on the mountain; he has a home-lot, a house-lot, a wood-lot. The defendants leased a house and lot in the city of New York. To cast lots, is to use or throw a die, or some other instrument, by the unforseen turn or position of which, an event is by previous agreement determined. To draw lots, to determine an event by drawing one thing from a number whose marks are concealed from the drawer, and thus determining an event. – verb transitive – To allot; to assign; to distribute; to sort; to catalogue; to portion. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

PROVIDENCE – noun – [Latin provident.] 1. The act of providing or preparing for future use or application. Providence for war is the best prevention of it. [Now little used.] 2. Foresight; timely care; particularly, active foresight, or foresight accompanied with the procurement of what is necessary for future use, or with suitable preparation. How many of the troubles and perplexities of life proceed from want of providence! 3. In theology, the care and superintendence which God exercises over his creatures. He that acknowledges a creation and denies a providence involves himself in a palpable contradiction; for the same power which caused a thing to exist is necessary to continue its existence. Some persons admit a general providence but deny a particular providence not considering that a general providence consists of particulars. A belief in divine providence is a source of great consolation to good men. By divine providence is often understood God himself. 4. Prudence in the management of one’s concerns or in private economy(–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


The word meek means prepared in the Bible, that is, spiritually prepared. Providence. Human providence is not destiny, but it sure helps. The Truth is that Nature (God) Itself is the only Source of Real Providence, but only if man has the active foresight to protect and serve Nature (God) as the Creator It Is. Obviously, we’ve done the opposite, attempting to create our own version of Nature in order to be gods over that which is our Source, that from which we will once again return to, dust for dust. The meek shall inherit the earth. It is not that the spiritually prepared are acting in providence, it is that they are part of the divine providence that is Existence, and therefore not addicted to or dependent upon mans designs, inventions, compounds, and devises. In other words, the meek have not strayed from God’s Nature and Law, from the narrow path of spiritual well-being, and so have nothing to fear by the inevitable collapse of the invented, wholly unnatural (adversarial) world of men. Remember, what is of God is permanent, while what is made by men is always, without exception temporary. Proof of this lies not only in the ruins of past civilizations not in harmony with God’s Nature and Law, but are apparent even in our own modern infrastructure, such as roads cracked, pitted, and overgrown that lead to bridges teetering on rust-filled foundations that lead to both physically and morally decaying buildings and cities of fallen men (Adam). God (Jehovah) is the Highest substance of Providence. Nature is the Highest form of Providence. Therefore, the man in touch with and Living in harmony with Nature (God) and Its Law (Logos) are provident in and by their actions. Their preparations are not the collection of manmade, temporary things. The abundance of God (Nature) requires no hoarding, no prepping, and no competition. It merely requires good stuard-ship, protection, and unconditional Love for ALL that is Nature, all that is Existence as one Whole Supreme Being (verb). The man (son) of God, that is, the follower of the Law of God personified in the story of Jesus Christ, has nothing of the world of men to lose. He is not prepared (meek) because he saves the things of men for a time when man’s civilizations and cities and economies fall. That is foolishness to God. Nature is never lost but by the adversarial actions of men. The man (son) of God does not consider any part of Nature to be his or her own possession or property, but instead understands and self-actualizes his or her self, the mind, body, and soul, to be but a small, interconnected property of Nature, as oxygen is a property of water and of the air. So man is the property of God’s Nature. Creation is a property of the Creator. But man is the only creature that chooses to act as if the is not bound by his destiny, pretending to design his own fate, that he is above or external from God (Nature) and therefore able to break with Its Law, conducting himself in the most grotesque of manners with zero respect for what he or she is a part (property) of, like an infection on the skin. The point is that, spiritually speaking, it is impossible for man to create his own providence if his actions and plans are against that which is the divine providence of Existence (God), against that Law (Logos) which causes Existence to Exist in the form of man. In other words, it seems that in these modern times mankind has taken upon itself to unreasonably pollute all the qualities of Nature (God) that allow man to Exist in the first place within Nature, knowingly changing the air, the water, the soil, and now even the predestined genetic structure of Life (Creation) Itself, which in turn causes the fate of everything mankind has “touched” to either adapt or to wither and die in its attempt to re-harmonize Itself with the never changing Law and Laws of Nature. Sometimes, for instance, that adaptation process of the unnatural rehaemonizing or trying to reconnect to the Natural World manifests as cancers and other diseases, or geological catastrophes like sink holes and cave-ins. It seems the entire corporate structure of mans world has become nothing but a series of wagers bet against our own well-being in Nature, with a careful but increasingly ineffective avoidance of self-assured destruction, of bringing the ultimate fate of death unto a collective, premature big bang. In short, we are not fulfilling our destiny. We are not acting as ourselves, as Nature intended, but instead as that which is adversarial (satanic) to everything good and wholesome. We are, as it stands right now, the #1 enemy of Nature (God). Complacence, ignorance, and lack of personal responsibility are no excuse. For our destiny is to protect and worship that which we are a part of, that which sustains our Lives and causes our Existence. What other possible Real purpose do you think there is as a Living Part (property) of God?

One of my favorite verses in the Bible, below, reminds me of passing a homeless child or puppy upon the street with its eyes wide in expectation of someone to save it. Nature, the rest of creature is waiting for each of us from under the vanity we have allowed to be placed over it for our own greed and corruption, not only to stop ignoring what we are doing to it, but to save it from ourselves. Nature, the “creature” or what is the Life and metaphoric, anthropomorphic notion that it carries the sense of hope that we will finally become Christ-like and fulfill our place as the heirs of God, the heirs (sons) given dominion and protection over the estate of God’s Creation (Nature) and all It Is in completeness. This is the duty, the destiny of the sons (children) of God, the heirs and only able enforcers of Logos (the Law of God through Christ), of those that finally embrace and become the forceful, protecting, Loving hand behind the True Logos. The Creature, that which is all of Creation around us, that which supports us, like an abandoned and abused puppy awaits for our return to Christ, to the Law of Nature (Logos), and therefore to our only True destiny as Its champion. The self-evident Truth of this, despite its anthropomorphic story-telling, is the story of our lives, right now, at this very moment, and always will be. And this is why the Bible Law must never be lost, never banned, and never defeated again. The evils of mans devices and inventions will always be present, and so too must be the Highest Law of Nature to prevent that technology (art) from causing the ruination of its Source.


“The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of GodAnd if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified togetherFor the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hopeBecause the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.

–Romans 8: 16-21, KJB


The return of Christ is and only can be the manifestation of Christ (Logos), the Law of God (Law of Nature), in men, when we become (are reborn) again as the sons of God (followers of Christ) we were born (destined) to be. For it is the very absence of Christ (Law) that has caused such unwilling vanity upon the creatures of the Earth by men. It is not Nature that needs correcting, but ourselves. It is the temptations of what is possible through the corruption of Nature and therefore of ourselves as part of Nature (God) that must be reprimanded.  For the Law is a preventative reaction to destructive action. Obedience to the Law of God (Jehovah) by men is the fated return of Christ (Logos), for in all of Nature, it’s only men that purposefully disobey it. I will continue to repeat and verify this self-evident Truth in triplicate, for this Truth is the only solution, the only cure for our self-inflicted dis-ease upon Gods Creation (which includes all of us). In the meanwhile, all of Nature waits victimized for us to overcome our willing blindness towards its suffering at our hands. What a beautiful metaphor.

Notice the word “lot” is used above to define both a symbol and a fate? Lots wife in the Bible is named Wisdom. Can you really not see the clear metaphoric rhetoric everywhere therein? You see, your lot in life is decided by either you or by government. For the free and Lawful sojourner that is a man of God, a follower of Jesus Christ (Logos), ones lot is limited only by the size of the Earth and ones ability to travel freely thereupon. But for the US or other national citizenship (goyim), your lot is where your address is, a property line belonging to the state and rented (through taxation which is extortion) to fools that believe it to be their own property. When we purchase land, we do so by the lot. Essentially, because we are able to purchase these Monopoly board spaces and acquire limited title as users of that lot, we don’t recognize these real estate lots to be what they really are, open-air prison cells. The best prison is one in which those imprisoned both make and follow their own rules, and utilize a barter and commerce system regulated by the owners of that public prison, just as the best slave (prisoner) is one that is allowed to choose and improve upon which “profession” his enslavement fates him to. In this prison, we have what they call freedom. LOL! Perspective is everything! Citizenship is literally a life sentence (lot) of adjudication, a pre-judgement of illiteracy, whereas a Life Lived under God needs no such symbology, no such legally assigned person (status) only the absolute Truth of and in all things. Truth Exists without representation, without symbol. Yet, it is said that Truly inspired poets and integrally honest artists attempt to use symbols and even outright lies (fables) to express the moral Truth, while politicians and lawyers use them to sell and secure their own lies, for they are the artists and poets of the legal realm, professional liars (actors of the state) that are the enemies of all that is Truth (God). The Bible is a moral story told through symbology, or in other words, the Bible is a representation of moral law using allegorical characters and images of Natural things. This is called anthropomorphic storytelling, including the use of personification. Perhaps the best way to describe what modern religions have become, especially that of organized “Christianity,” is to discover that religions are for the most part lost in their own coveted, disconnected symbols, believing in the Realness of only the representation of the Real, the form alone without any contemplation of the intended (original) meaning or substance behind the symbol, and have subsequently even designed their own false doctrines (creeds) around those empty simulacra (meaningless symbols) despite the Bible’s warnings against such idolatry. To understand the problems with “Christianity” as an organized, corporate religion steeped in the legal system of mammon today, we must understand how these religions have completely misrepresented the intention of all the symbols of the Bible, replacing the substance of the moral lesson with the literal form of the “natural thing” used to metaphorically and allegorically teach the moral. The parable, the fable, the allegory… all the meaning behind the symbolism, that is, the spiritual and moral Truth the symbol represents is lost on the modern-day literal anthropomorphism of “Christian” religion. And so before we move on, I believe it is imperative that we research the history of the heretical anthropomorphites of old to see their comparisons to the modern religionists of today, to the self-prescribed “Christians” that have lost all meaning of what Jesus Christ (Logos/the Law of God) represents, of what it is to be, in our actions, Truly Christ-like.


“…I must first teach you how to rid yourself of unreason.
For many of you have not yet been educated.
You have been dis-educated. To put it bluntly, you have been indoctrinated.

—Adam McLeod, Associate Professor, Jones School of Law


Let us not quibble or theorize on just what form God Is or Is not within Nature and in stature (appearance). Let us not, in other words, unreasonably seek such knowledge that no man is or will ever be capable of knowing. For by definition Jehovah is all substance, and therefore all Natural formation in self-Existence, without the aid or invention of man. Let us merely realize and acknowledge that the anthropomorphizing of what God actually Is into the image of man or any other lesser  form other than to tell a moral story is actually an act of idolatry, the worshiping of image (form) over substance, and that in fact all throughout history this idolatry was considered extremely heretical. Instead of a relatable learning tool used to tell a moral story, to teach the moral (unwritten) Law, the anthropomorphized (manmade) symbol of the Real thing is worshiped in place of the Real, and so the purpose and intent of the symbol is lost, as is ones grasp on Reality. And finally, let us now contemplate that the so-called “Christian” corporate religions in all denomination (by any name) is causing its adherents to do the same exact thing today. Every “Christian” I know has been unwittingly conditioned to be a modern anthropomorphite, not a worshiper of God but an idolater of man in Gods form, of God as man. Because of this fallacy, the Word of God (Logos) projected in the Bible is turned from Natural, self-evident Reasoning to fallacious logical conclusions not based at all on what the scriptures teach. To worship only the form (anthropomorphism) of what men portray God as in a moral story is to miss completely the substance and purpose of the entire reason behind the story. It is like having your hero be the mere appearance (form/dress) of Robin Hood while you steal from the poor to give to the rich — the very opposite of the point of the moral story. In this way, the “Christian,” unwittingly, without understanding of his or her own actions, has become the adversary of that which they fallaciously believe worshiping. So what is an antrhropomorphite?

ANTHROPOMORPHITEnoun – [Gr. man, and form.] One who BELIEVES a HUMAN FORM in the Supreme Being. A sect of ancient HERETICS are called anthropomorphizes. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

ANTHROPOMORPHOUSadjectiveBelonging to that which has the FORM of man; having the figure of resemblance to a man. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

ANTHROPOMORPHISMnounThe HERESY of the anthropomorphites(–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

HERESY – noun – [Gr. to take, to hold; Latin haeresis.] 1. A fundamental error in religion, or an error of opinion respecting some fundamental doctrine of religion. But in countries where there is an established church, an opinion is deemed heresy when it differs from that of the church. The Scriptures being the standard of faith, any opinion that is repugnant to its doctrines, is heresy; but as men differ in the interpretation of Scripture, an opinion deemed heretical by one body of christians, may be deemed orthodox by another. In Scripture and primitive usage, heresy meant merely sect, party, or the doctrines of a sect, as we now use DENOMINATION or persuasion, implying no reproach. 2. Heresy in law, is an offense against christianity, consisting in a denial of some of its essential doctrines, publicly avowed and obstinately maintained. 3. An untenable or unsound opinion or doctrine in politics. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


Webster explains things as it was, close to when the union of private States (People) was formed in compact of protection to one another. The Law was respected then, and the Law was the Bible. It was and actually still is illegal in some places to speak negatively of the Bible, God, Christ, etc., for to do so is to diminish and disrespect the fundamental principals of the foundation of Common Law. You see, anthropomorphism is a religion in and of itself. As idolatry, it is circular, meaning that without substance behind the form worshiped, or by placing that which is attainable beyond the measure of a man to obtain himself (i.e. Jesus Christ as the personified example of a follower of Gods Law), then there is nothing to gain through such empty worship. It teaches nothing because the man that worships anything supernatural (above or outside of Nature/God) may never ascend to fulfill the substance (lesson) behind the symbol. Reason and purpose behind the existence of the symbol is lost. And so the worship of Jesus Christ as a now dead man is unattainable in this life for any man, for to worship any thing of mans so-called history is to worship what does not and cannot exist in the present and future. God is timeless, as is the Law of God, the Logos (Jesus Christ). Without set meaning, a symbol is ripe for confusion, causing men to be a target of their own ignorance, and from ignorance of specified, intentional meaning in symbology, especially toward that of words, comes fallacious logic.

There was a really, really good reason that no central church was formed in the union of States united, which was so that the Bible (as Law) would remain free to stand alone from fallacious heresy and alteration due to organized religion with unscriptural, additional doctrine. This decision was not meant to mean a total freedom from or choice of religion, this was for freedom from all other religion except the Bible as Law to be followed religiously. To follow anything religiously (verb) is the opposite of making a religion (noun) of that thing. Noun means worshiping in name (form/image) only, while a verb implies the action of following by example (by Law). Christianity as a religion (name/denomination) has turned men heretical, lethargic, and dismissive toward following the Law (Word/Son) of the Bible. There is no other way to say it than how it is defined to us – multi-denominational Christianity (noun) has been purposefully altered to be an anthropomorphic, meaningless heresy. If you think this is Clint’s opinion, when the definition is right above, then by all means shoot the messenger and ignore the damned fate you’ve created for yourself. I would expect nothing less, for while the liar conditionally hates the Truth and he who tells it, the Truth-teller Loves unconditionally the liar for Truth’s (God’s) sake. You may despise the Truth and so try and clip my wings, but be assured I am only trying to cause yours to grow. For nothing can sustain itself for long if that which is un-True is its foundation.

From Wikipedia we read this well-sourced breakdown:

Anthropomorphism, or personification, is attribution of human form or other characteristics to anything other than a human being. Examples include depicting deities with human form and ascribing human emotions or motives to forces of nature, such as hurricanes or earthquakes.

Anthropomorphism has ancient roots as a literary device in storytelling, and also in art. Most cultures have traditional fables with anthropomorphised animals, which can stand or talk like humans, as characters.

The word anthropomorphism was first used in the mid-1700s. The word derives from the Greek ἄνθρωπος (ánthrōpos), “human“, and μορφή (morphē), “shape” or “form“…

In religion and mythology, anthropomorphism refers to the perception of a divine being or beings in human form, or the recognition of human qualities in these beings.

Ancient mythologies frequently represented the divine as deities with human forms and qualities. They resemble human beings not only in appearance and personality; they exhibited many human behaviors that were used to explain NATURAL phenomena, creation, and historical events. The deities fell in love, married, had children, fought battles, wielded weapons, and rode horses and chariots. They feasted on special foods, and sometimes required sacrifices of food, beverage, and sacred objects to be made by human beings. Some anthropomorphic deities represented specific human concepts, such as love, war, fertility, beauty, or the seasons. Anthropomorphic deities exhibited human qualities such as beauty, wisdom, and power, and sometimes human weaknesses such as greed, hatred, jealousy, and uncontrollable anger. Greek deities such as Zeus and Apollo were often depicted in human form exhibiting both commendable and despicable human traits.

Anthropomorphism in this case is referred to as anthropotheism.

From the perspective of adherents to religions in which humans were created in the form of the divine, the phenomenon may be considered theomorphism, or the giving of divine qualities to humans.

Anthropomorphism has cropped up as a Christian heresy, particularly prominently with the Audians in 3rd century Syria, but also in 4th century Egypt and 10th century Italy. This often was based on a LITERAL interpretation of Genesis 1:27:So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.”


Now tell me, what part of that description does not sound exactly, 100% like todays incorporated, denominated (noun/named) “Christian” religions? Not the Bible, mind you, but the religions that pretend homage to the Bible while completely ignoring the Bible Law and allegoric moral compass. I’ve certainly not met one so-called “Christian” that does not literally take the Genesis account that man is Created in Gods image, meaning in other words that God Exists out there somewhere in the literal, actual form of man, and therefore somehow detached from Nature, from the Universe, which is of course the definition of Jehovah (the Creator). Supernatural means outside of or above (not bound by) Nature and Its Law (Logos). Thus, God is not bound by God? All Existence is not part of Existence? Does God then have a spit personality in this fallacious, anthropomorphized form? Are we but a fishbowl, an ecosystem that God (as a man) watches and shakes up every once in a while? That would explain snow, like the Hallmark snow globe sitting on the mantel, and of course earthquakes and even tsunamies. As ridiculous and without merit as this notion is — that man is the actual, literal image of God as if a mirror would reveal God to look like a man — and despite the very clear and concise definitions and ancient uses of the word JEHOVAH (YHVH) as the verb meaning all that is in Supreme Being (LORD), nevertheless we find such literalist anthropomorphist behavior throughout these false religions using the name (symbol) of Christ without decyphering the meaning; without searching for the substance behind the empty, symbolic form.

The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia® Copyright © 2013, Columbia University Press states:

Anthropomorphism –

(ăn’thrəpōmôr`fĭzəm) [Gr.,=having human form] – in religion, conception of divinity as being in human form or having human characteristics. Anthropomorphism also applies to the ascription of human forms or characteristics to the divine spirits of things such as the winds and the rivers, events such as war and death, and abstractions such as love, beauty, strife, and hate. As used by students of religion and anthropology the term is applied to certain systems of religious belief, usually polytheistic. Although some degree of anthropomorphism is characteristic of nearly all polytheistic religions, it is perhaps most widely associated with the Homeric gods and later GREEK religion. Anthropomorphic thought is said to have developed from three primary sources: animism, legend, and the need for visual presentation of the gods.

Animism –

belief in personalizedsupernatural beings (or souls) that often inhabit ordinary
animals and objects, governing their existence. British anthropologist Sir Edward
Burnett Tylor argued in Primitive Culture (1871) that this belief was the most
primitive and essential form of religion
 and that it derived from people’s self-
conscious experience of the intangible, such as one’s reflected image or dreams.
He has been criticized for deducing that the chief function of religion is to explain
various phenomena. Robert Marett studied among the Melanesians of the South
Seas, noting the concept of mana, or supernatural power independent of any soul.
He described the belief in such a force as animatism. People may also use mana;
for example, a weapon that has killed many animals may be thought to have mana,
and charms believed to have mana may be placed to protect gardens. French
sociologist Emile Durkheim, in his Elementary Forms of Religious Life (1912, tr. 1965),
argued that the roots of religion lay in totemism (see totem), where certain
objects or animals are treated as sacred objects
 Although these early
conceptions of animism, animitism, and totemism have been contested and revised,
the terms are still used by some anthropologists to describe certain religious
beliefs and rituals
 See fetish; taboo; amulet; idol; shaman; ancestor worship…


It would be perhaps more accurate to suggest that the Bible is become but an empty, detached totem (symbol) from the corporate church, which uses that sacred object (the Bible) only in its form, or for keeping up appearances if you will, as an empty symbol of those legal entities in their justification and reason to exist (as artificial persons in law), but without honoring or practicing any of the substance (Law of God/Nature) within. The very incorporation of a religion or church into the legal system of mans law as an artificial person is of course against the Bible Law, as we will show deeper into this essay in triplicate. The freemasons as well call the Bible, the Quran, and the Talmud as the furniture of each lodge, another empty totem/symbol celebrated only for it use in corruption and mystery, not in any way as the foundation of Law for that false, organized crime-ridden brotherhood. That which is evil hides behind that which is good. That which is unclean puts forward in its stead that which is clean. Organized (legally incorporated) religion is no different, playing an important role as  that which misleads men away from their plotted destiny within the Bible, as the Law and divine purpose of Life, and instead leads us to their own, sometimes printed (written) false doctrine and mystery, ensuring we will be caught up in this legal matrix of mans law (the law of the land = due process) above Gods. If you try having a conversation about the Bible with a Mormon, his or her perceptions will be only from the Book of Mormon, not the Bible, and your conversation will be nothing if not confusing and unenlightening. This, of course, is not only a flagrantly direct violation of the Bible Law, but is why the Law of Nature is lost to most “Christians.” Actually, the Mormon culture does not even allow them to call themselves “Christian,” because their doctrine says that God is a man and that Christ is king of Earth, just as every registered, card-carrying, temple-worthy Mormon will be his own Christ and therefore king of his own planet after death. The Adam-God theory… Try finding that in the Bible, where no theories of man are to be respected over Truth.

This is the type of ridiculously overextended anthropomorphic literalism that we must help each other overcome. And for our actions, for our attempted ruination of false doctrines, our fate will be to be hated and persecuted and even thrashed and killed. We must overcome both artifice that are the combination of legal church and state. Nothing of self-evident Truth exists in these extraneous religious doctrines, which is the ultimate litmus test, especially for the Bible as translated. But the Truth is hidden to the literalist behind the metaphor, as the poetic verse is lost in translation to the vulgar, mongrel slave-language of the English language (dog-Latin). And so the Truth can only be found with deep study and contemplation of every verse, every word. To read the Bible applying cold logic is about as effective as reading a legal case while applying common words instead of their legal meaning. All legal words are fictional, and generally opposed to Truth. So too is a metaphor, a poem, or any moral story when read literally.

For your own further study, this excerpt provides (clickable) links to the Bible verses that show how such referential, anthropomorphic rhetoric is used.

Anthropomorphism –

(Gk. anthropos [a[nqrwpo”] [human] + morphe [morfhv] [form]). Assignment of human attributes to nonhuman things. Biblical anthropomorphisms are used primarily in reference to God, who is neither visibleJohn 1:18 ) nor humanNum 23:19 ;  1 Sam 15:29 ). They are also used to assign human characteristics to angelsGen 16:7;  18:1-19:1 ), Satan1 Chron 21:1 ;  Luke 13:16 ), and demonsLuke 8:32 ). Evil is also personified, depicted as slayingPsalm 34:21 ) and pursuingPr 13:21 ). Infrequently, human qualities are attributed to animalsNu 22:28-30 ) or vegetationJud 9:7-15 ).

The use of human terminology to talk about God is necessary when we, in our limitations, wish to express truths about the Deity who by his very nature cannot be described or known. From biblical times to the present, people have felt compelled to explain what God is like, and no expressions other than human terms are able to convey any semblance of meaning to the indescribable. Thus, in Genesis alone God creates1:1 ), moves1:2 ), speaks1:3 ), sees1:4 ), divides1:4 ), places1:17 ), blesses1:22 ), plants2:8 ), walks3:8 ), shuts7:16 ), smells8:21 ), descends11:5 ), scatters11:8 ), hears21:17 ), tests22:1 ), and judges30:6 ).

Perhaps the most profound anthropomorphism is the depiction of God establishing a covenant, for the making of covenants is a very human activity. God enters into an agreement (covenant) with Israel at Sinai ( Exod 19:5-6 ), an outgrowth of an earlier covenant he had made with Abraham ( Gen 17:1-18 ). Later, this agreement is transformed into a new covenant through Jesus ChristMatt 26:26-29 ). Theologically, the LEGAL COMPACT initiated by God becomes the instrument through which he established an intimate and personal relationship with the people, both collectively and individually. Without anthropomorphic expressions, this theological reality would remain virtually inexplicable.

Anthropomorphisms also attribute human FORM and SHAPE to God. God redeems Israel from Egyptian bondage with an outstretched armExod 6:6 ). Moses and his companions see God, and they eat and drink with himExod 24:10-11 ). Other texts refer to the back, face, mouth, lips, ears, eyes, hand, and finger of God. The expression, “the Lord’s anger burned” ( Exod 4:14 ) is interesting. A literal translation of the Hebrew is “the nose of the Lord burned.”

Indirect anthropomorphic expressions also appear, such as the sword and arrows of the Lord and the throne and footstool of God.

Akin to anthropomorphisms are anthropopathisms (Gk. anthropos [a [nqrwpo”] + pathos [pavqo”] [passion]), used to refer to God’s emotions. God is a jealous God ( Exod 20:5 ) who hatesAm 5:21 ) and becomes angryJer 7:20 ), but he also lovesExod 20:6 ) and is pleasedDeu 28:63 ).

Anthropomorphisms and anthropopathisms are figures of speech that transmit theological TRUTHS about God to humankind. ONLY WHEN TAKEN LITERALLY ARE THEY MISCONSTRUED. Taken as METAPHORICAL EXPRESSIONS, they provide by analogy a conceptual framework by which the God who is beyond our comprehension becomes a person, a person whom we can love. In the New Testament the analogy becomes reality in the mystery of the incarnation ( John 1:1-18 ).

Source–> Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology – Anthropomorphism, authored by Keith N. Schoville


Anthropomorphism is the key to personification. Personification is the key to comprehending that which is not comprehendible in human thought or language. The Law of God, of Nature, is made understandable and able to be followed by anthropomorphizing It into the character Jesus Christ, a personification of the Law of God, otherwise known as Logos. Logos is understandable because it is made into an allegorical person (Jesus Christ) for the purposes of expressing the Law of God/Nature as a moral story. And because it is only man that is the object and potential follower of this Law, we express this by saying we are followers of Christ. Not “Christians” but followers of the Law of God through the anthropomorphized example of the allegorical, metaphorical, parabolic teachings of a storied person that is the divine Son of God. When taken literally, nothing about this story is self-evident, and so becomes merely an empty religion with no substance. But taken metaphorically as intended, as was and still is common today in many writings and scriptures, man is able to relate to what is otherwise unrealizable. To the literalist, the Bible gives only idol worship that causes the exact spiritual death we find in the citizenry of the Americas and indeed the majority of the world today.

Sir James G. Frazer describes Animism as, “a childlike interpretation of the universe in terms
of man.” And we sure do worship our ancestors, don’t we? How about those god-like founding fathers? Even the so-called “generations” of all the Bible characters, a completely misunderstood conception, is often sited as proof of the belief in the Bible’s historical quality, because the word generation is mistaken to mean bloodline or ancestry, and purposefully so by those kings and queens and gentry that claim to be the bloodline of Christ. The bloodline of Logos? The bloodline of the Law of God personified into story form? What a bunch of con artists. This is also the perfect example of using artful false mysteries to cause ignorance and belief in that which is not reasonable. But it is logical, for logic requires not full reasoning, and fallacious logic requires ignorance of all facts, especially the meaning of terms and intentions. Further use of this term in its correct form is seen in its placement in Geneses, Chapter 2, which tells us that this chapter is an accounting of the “generations of the heaven and earth.” So does that mean that the earth has ancestors or children of its own? Of course not. This chapter is what generates from Jehovah (Nature, the Creator). The word Noah, as an example, means to be at rest, as to not be at odds with God (Jehovah) and Its Law. Thus the generation, or state of being that proceeds from being at rest are the three “sons” or states of being called Shem, Ham, and Japheth. In order, these describe the three “tribes” of people not at rest with Nature and therefore with each other, exactly as we are today. Shem, meaning name, is the tribe of the name (heraldry/Arms), that is, the elite that keeps its bloodline, also known as the “Jews,” the fallen Israelites. Then Ham, which means red (angry), referring to the Middle Eastern semites (Semite means Arab, not Jew, for Jew is not a race). And finally there is Japheth, which is a word meaning gullible, a perfect description of the European “white” mix of common peoples. From rest (Noah) comes first (in hierarchy) the tribe of the name (Shem, the elite), the sworn enemy of the Hamites (red/True Semite/Arab/Black/etc.) and the controllers of the Japheth (gullible whites/pagans/etc.). For further clarification, as every name of every character in the Bible has a metaphoric meaning (i.e. Jesus Christ means “Jehovah is salvation”), we must realize that we are at all points in our lives the manifestation of at least one of these Bible characters. They are us and we are them, and our disposition or harmony with or against God and Its Law is the Bible character we manifest. Therefore, when reading the Bible, we each identify with one character over the other. We even recognize when we are just the “fool,” a word used often to describe our own actions in storied form (parable) and how to overcome them. But for our purposes, pay close attention to the fact that this particular use of Anthropomorphism is heavily associated with the Greek gods and logic-based religions, for this is integral to this essay on the origins and meaning of the general Greek term logos as compared to how it was used, capitalized, and anthropomorphized in the Bible, and that modern day “Christianity” is in fact way closer to the organized Greek philosophies of old pretending to be the same as the Bible story, pretending to be Christian (of Logos) while actually being founded in the old mystery religions and logic (Greek: logos).

Here the Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979) further clarifies this anthropomorphic fallacy of old:

Anthropomorphism – 

A resemblance to man; the attribution of human psychological characteristics to objects and phenomena of inanimate nature, celestial bodies, animals, and mythical beings.

Naive, dogmatic anthropomorphism is a primitive ideology which is expressed in the endowment of inanimate objects with the ability to act, live, die, have experiences, and so forth. (For example, the land sleeps, or the sky frowns.) Such an anthropomorphism was the prevailing world view during the early stages of development in human society. Echoes of such a conception of the world exist even in the languages of modern cultures—for example, numerous impersonal verbs such as morosit (it is drizzling), svetaet (it is dawning), and others. They exist also in the arts, especially poetry. As a way of thinking, however, such a type of anthropomorphism is today characteristic only of a child’s psychology; among adults it is usually a symptom of infantilism. Naive, dogmatic anthropomorphism developed into RELIGIOUS anthropomorphism; the image and characteristics of human beings were transferred to fantastic objects. This transference is inherent in religious conceptions of gods and other supernatural beings. The gods of the so-called higher religions are also anthropomorphic, although this is denied in theology.

Elements of anthropomorphism have even penetrated into SCIENTIFIC consciousness. For example, such terms as rabota (work) and napriazhenie (voltage) are anthropomorphic in their derivation, although their real meanings long ago lost any connection with their derivation. With the development of science, anthropomorphism has been replaced by the scientific world view, although in certain branches of knowledge anthropomorphic concepts remain extremely strong—for example, in animal psychology: Some researchers have ascribed human thoughts, feelings, and even ethics to animals. In modern scientific, technical, and especially cybernetic literature, there are uses of anthropomorphic concepts (the “prolonged life” of particles, the concept that the machine “remembers” and “solves problems,” and so forth). Such usages are based upon the objective similarity between the functions and results of human actions and the functions and results of machine actions. They are fully justified, if essential, differences between human and machine processes are taken into account.



Ironically, this is a description of just about every modern incorporated religion, though each would deny such a title of heresy. Yet how many times do you hear from “Christian” evangelists and “believers” that the Bible is the official Word of God and therefore it must be taken literally, including all the anthropomorphic stories and personified characters. Yes, the Bible is the Word of God, but only when the term “Word” is correctly defined and used. The anthropomorphist that is the literalist Christian today will actually tell you that by the Word of God this means that God personified in the form of a man is speaking or writing the Bible literally. Yet this term “Word” is intended to mean LAW of God (Jehovah), the Word of God being the Law of God as delivered through the Son, the Son of God being the Word/Law of God personified, which is called Logos in the Bible. And of course to try and introduce reason into the conversation reveals precisely the child-like nature of such anthropomorphic beliefs, as the inability to separate the symbol of the Real from its intention, or from the Real thing at all. The parable of Jonah and the Whale, for example, where in the Bible the term whale is actually a mistranslation of a non-existent sea monster, the literalist believes in the symbol, the anthropomorphic representation of a “whale swallowing a man” as a true story, without any conception of the moral fable it is. Therefore the moral message behind the parable (symbol) is lost. There are countless similar examples, of course, including even the bloody crucifixion story as the death and resurrection of Christ, thanks to a Jewish dominated Hollywood and its graphic, literally interpretive visual arts. Oh, the joy of killing christ over and over for the entertainment of those that do not accept Jesus Christ as Logos (The Law/Word of God), as the New Testament of the Law of God (Nature), and to support the fallacious, literalist anthropomorphites calling themselves as “Christians” today, while in the same sentence telling you that Jesus Christ was a Jew. Nothing is more non-Biblical, and in fact more opposed to the Bible story of Christ than this lie.

For the atheist, of course, to not believe in God is to not believe in Existence (the definition of God), and so the typical atheist only knows and compares the anthropomorphic characteristics assigned to Jehovah (God) in order to tell the story of the Moral Law of Nature, that is, God’s Word (Son). This makes atheism nothing more and nothing less than a complete misunderstanding of terms, that is, a false comprehension of what the word God (as Jehovah) means. And so atheism is in itself a religion, a system of belief based on anthropomorphism as well. The difference? While “Christianity” as a religion takes a literalist belief in the pretended anthropomorphisms and personifications (symbols of the Real) of the Bible, the atheist has developed a non-belief in those anthropomorphisms and personifications, or in other words, a non-belief in something that was never supposed to be believed as Real in the first place. In this way, atheism is nonsensical, unreasonable, and essentially an non sequitur (non-starter). For atheism is akin to believing that Bugs Bunny and his Looney Toon cartoon friends don’t actually exist in Nature, in Reality. But just like the Bible, no-one claims that these animated, anthropomorphized, animist cartoon characters are Real in the first place. Duh! So the belief in the non-belief of the Existence of God translates to the non-belief in the Existence of Existence. Atheism, when understood in this way, is indeed a ridiculous contemplation, a religion for fools that seek to prove a negative, which is impossible. To not believe in God is to not believe in Nature, to not believe in Truth. To be a citizenship of a government that defines God as Nature and an act of God as an act of Nature and still claim to not believe in God is to submit to the absolute will and authority of government as God (ruler and lawmaker). To be a “Christian” and also a citizenship of a nation is impossible, for the two laws, that is Gods Law of Nature and the legal law of man are designed to be diametrically opposed to one another. The exception, as we will cover here in triplicate, is to be a false (Roman) “Christian” in name only, completely separated from what is Jesus Christ and Jehovah (God). An act of God is predetermined, as that which is the True destiny of all Real (True) Existence, or in other words that which is part of Nature (Creation) and therefore out of any mans control, while what is appointed is always of man’s design and device alone. Remember also that popes, kings, and other authority figures are defined as replacement (anti-) gods (magistrates). So the question you must ask yourself right now is, which one of these Gods is your current fate under? Are you Living spiritually in predetermined Truth or unspiritually under the legally appointed lies of men? Do you have spiritual Life under Gods Law, the Law of Nature, or spiritual death under mans legal system and matrix code? What cause are you the effect of and what effect are you the cause of? In which realm does your fate lie?

But you don’t believe in fate, in destiny, right? To not believe in fate is to pretend what is impossible, mortality without death. Death is our Natural destiny, our final fate, like it or not. When that ultimate fate effects you is a direct indicator of how you treat your environment, the realm of God (Nature). But so too is the Life Lived before that ultimate end. Is your Life practiced in a legal, spiritual death (person-hood) or in the spiritual Life of the effectual intent of Natures’ fate, under God and Its Law (Logos)? In the legal realm, your birth and death are mere statistics applying to government property, to the “life of a contract” of a legal persona (mask/status) in commerce, a life of worshiping mammon. And it is those gods (magistrates) of that legal realm that are the causality of your unnatural, unhappy fate in legal society. Your birth certificate is actually a death sentence, a curse of spiritual death. But make no mistake, this false, legalistic existence does not excuse you from your God-given destiny, that is, the inevitable fate of being a born as part of Nature (Creation) and therefore causally being ultimately responsible for Its effectual well-being. The point here is that, because our fate is unquestionably death in this world, this predetermined state of Being we all Exist in that supports and is in tune with all of Nature as one Supreme Being must be preserved. We must become once again what we are born (Created) to be — the guardians of the unchanging (eternal) Existence here on Earth. If that sounds funny or strange to you its because for the first time in your life you are hearing the self-evident Truth without it being layered in deceits.

The many ways in which we individually express our unique search and research patterns towards this end of discovering our purpose in Life causes us to believe we are all somehow different, that our ultimate Purpose is somehow different from one another and therefore that we are certainly not born equal under God, when in fact we are all merely discovering and courting very different pieces of the same grand (whole) puzzle. We mistake the arts we pursue as entertainment with the Natural Duty of being Alive in God’s Nature. No-one is “destined” to play the piano, for instance. The piano is not of Nature, and therefore being a “pianist” does not qualify as that which is predetermined. Hobbies and professions are not predeterminable because they are not of Nature. This disposition of mixing up our Natural State of Being with our artful and commercial pursuits, be they for money or fame or prestige or even self-improvement therein, causes us to debate, to argue, and to outright disagree to the point of war on what ultimately is the answer to our mutual, seemingly unanswerable destiny, the obviously self-evident fate of all men, all Life. Many a pessimist would suggest that it is our fate to destroy ourselves. This may turn out to be True, but only because we haven’t yet realized the spiritual Truth of what our destiny is. For remember, destiny is predetermined. It is not a choice, though we may choose to ignore our responsibilities to that which sustains us (God), which would certainly and perhaps lead to our demise as a species, as a part of Nature. For reason suggests that what acts against Nature (God) cannot and should not be allowed to thrive, for without Nature and Its Law, nothing can Exist to thrive in the first place. What we choose as a temporary profession or as a talent in legal commerce, in the arts, or in sports is not destiny or fate, only a selfish pursuit in that which is not our True, predetermined destiny. Sorry, but God didn’t Create money, nor painting, nor football, all of which are the tools of Caesar against us. This puzzle, as that which will finally reveal what is our only possible collective destiny, is the key to clarity, a clear view as to what our True Purpose on this Earth is, and the foundation to which all societies of men should conduct themselves and their recreations. What is the intent of mans Existence? The answer: to serve “God,” whatever that God is. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, as they say. Even the Bible tells us not to be so foolish as to be bound and sanctioned under the false law of men and then not follow it. That would be preposterous. Likewise, it tells us that if your god is mammon or Baal, then follow mammon or Baal, that you cannot have two Gods (two opposing forces and Laws). There are many legally appointed and anointed gods in the legal, ecclesiastical realm, from kings to presidents to popes to dictators to judges, yet only one God is not a fictional creation of man. Only one God is Truth. And so only under that One God may we find our True fate; our undeniable, inevitable destiny. For only under the One True God do we not have a free-will choice to actually fulfill that destiny. And in the end, if we do not fulfill our destiny in Life, then our fate will inevitably be a premature, eternal death where Life once was.


“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to his PURPOSE
For whom he did foreknow, he also did PREDESTINATE to be conformed
to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.”

–Romans 8:28-29, KJB


When we start to Live and work together for the good of Nature, for ourselves and the whole Creation, we who are called to what is self-evidently our Purpose in Life (to serve Jehovah) are predestined, or in other words fated to act Christ-like, the firstborn being the example of the Logos to those later to come. To put it another way, the only way we can collectively preserve our place in Nature (as sons of God) is to start conforming to the Law of God (Logos), which is personified in the story of Jesus Christ. This is not religion, this is our destiny. For we are born into the Creation and are creatures of It. We are the Truth of God, and we must therefore not let ourselves fall away from that Truth into the lies and fictional matrixes of men. Here firstborn (of the reborn) is not referential to the eldest born, but the first few to come to Christ (Law/Logos) that will be persecuted and hated for that namesake, even by those calling themselves falsely, in idolatry, as “Christians,” whose collective hatred has been at the heart of many wars and inquisitions and witch hunts over the centuries. For they are not Christ-like, bearing only the name/form/symbol of Christ without substance and without Law. It was the Roman Christians that cheered the loudest in the colosseum when the Caesar had the True followers of Christ (Law) killed and eaten by lions in that pagan arena. To do what is good, what is right, to worship and protect the whole of Creation, this is our Only True destiny. To deny this is ludicrous. For to act against God (Nature) and Its Law is the only True form of satanism, to be the adversary of what is the only Real Truth, which is the very substance that makes up and Exists as the Universe (Jehovah), and against the Law and Laws that hold it together in harmonious perfection. It is not for man to decide what is perfection, for perfection is predestined. Mans Existence therein is Naturally part of that perfection, an honor we are disrespecting at every turn, and yet one in which we may remedy through Logos (Obedience to Gods Law).

The Word of God, defined above as the fate of God, is available to us any time we choose to accept it as our destiny, which is the Love and therefore protection of the Truth in all things of Nature (God). And yet every worldly obstacle imaginable has been set up to block us from achieving that destiny, our Great Purpose. Of course the answer, the final piece of the puzzle for one of us is the answer and solution for all of us, even for those devils (evil genius) that purposefully, legally bar our path and stunt our spiritual vision. And though the answer may be self-evident once it is realized and self-actualized, once it is Lived, it is in fact that very elusiveness, the mystery of just what our inescapable purpose is that drives us to act, for the most part, wholly against that very purpose of Living, of being Born into Nature and Its Law again. So what is your purpose? What is my purpose? What is our purpose? What is the purpose of a porpoise? I’m here to tell you that your purpose, no matter who, what, when, where, why, and how you think you are, is to Love, protect, preserve, and nurture that which you are in dominion over. Your only True purpose in Life is to be unerringly self-responsible in all ways for that which gives and provides sustenance for our Lives and well-being. You are and have never ceased being the guardian, the angel (messenger), and soldier of God, each and every one of you, as the gardeners of heaven on Earth. To deny this only True destiny of all Life on Earth is to deny what can only be the self-evident Truth, a denial of the inescapable Law(s) of Nature. For Life to Exist, the Source of Life must be worshiped and protected at all costs. But we have all gotten caught up in the shiny web of a grand delusion. We have all been tricked into loving hell in heavens’ stead, loving concrete jungles of our own making more than those of Gods Creation. We have been fooled into loving that which we should hate, and hating that which we should Love, where lies have become false truths and symbols have lost all meaning of intent. We have been made to believe that lust is Love, that war is Peace, that competition is normal, and that Nature is that which is overgrown and encroaching upon our dystopian, inharmonious constructions over it, as if It doesn’t have the “right” or permissions from government to do so. We have each individually been instrumental, complicit, or at least passively active in the building of the very artificial matrix of legal and technological nonsense that ultimately causes us to never see the solution to this great, spiritual puzzle, building up and onto this hellish, fictional world until suddenly we find it acting more like a cancerous prosthetic that no longer assists the patient but handicaps us in every way possible from fulfilling our True and destined purpose. Its skyline makes us forget our purpose, replacing God’s Word with legal words and causing us to maintain that which is in disharmony with all of Nature’s Design around us. And now we are collectively (as one voice) allowing it to develop its own artificial intelligence, adding an element of an out of control, unimaginable tyranny over us and over that which sustains us, for what IT might imagine for us tomorrow may very well be that which is unimaginable to us today. And that is when what is fiction, what is impossible in Reality, will become our false truth, a spiritual death like nothing we can possibly imagine. Science fiction is becoming just science, the scientific building of fiction in Reality. And the point where AI becomes our digital godhead, our only purpose will be to falsely bear love, support, feed, and protect the machine, that false AI god. Not a false god, but the god of all that is false, including our own trans-humanized selves. But all upgrades will belong to the person, not the once-human subject.

I write and give the following freely so that we, or at least you, may hopefully find your purpose before you may find that it is no longer possible to do so, before lies and Truth are so blurred that one is irreconcilable from the other. And make no mistake, we are in a fight for our Lives, for our spirits, our souls; a fight to the death between Nature and its adversary. But most of all, that fight lies internally within each and every one of us. We must choose our path, our future, be it heaven or hell on this Earth. And the time to be able to spiritually and physically exert and force that choice is running out…

Unfortunately, it seems that all of us, including myself and despite all of our combined efforts at a spiritual awakening… well, what can I say? We are miserably (as misers) failing at fulfilling our destiny, our Highest purpose in Life. Webster defines a miser as exactly what we have all become, whether we like it or even realize it or not, “one who in wealth makes himself miserable by the fear of poverty,” and then defines the word wealth as, “prosperity; external happiness, riches; large possessions of money, goods or land; that abundance of worldly estate which exceeds the estate of the greater part of the community; affluence; opulence,” etc. External happiness… is that even possible? Can happiness come from anywhere but within? Is a house happy? A car? Money? Yet every day of our lives is spent in pursuit of this externally generated happiness in wealth. Whatever spectrum you may fall on, be it a minimum wage or millionaire tax status, every day we act the part of misers, spiritually miserable men trapped in this legal hell and its commercial code of mammon, wanting nothing more than to build and financially secure our legal estate (artificial property). For we must not forget that there is always one that has less than each of us, and we use that impoverished “person” as our example of how to live, instead of Jesus Christ. We fear poverty more than we Love Charity, which would end poverty. And so we are all hoarders of stuff, of worldly possessions, of things of the flesh, and therefore are miserable in our niggardly actions toward all others. Our legal and religious welfare system is the definition of niggardly, miserly, as that which sustains poverty without hope of reprisal. Yet we support these institutions (corporations) not because we are charitable, but because it makes us feel less miserable, less of the niggards we have all become. Legal charity is like the devils tax on the greedy. Even the homeless man covets his stuff, a shopping cart perhaps full of that which he can loosely call his own, miserly property. You see, the problem is that the root word of misery is of course miser. Yet to be in misery is to be covetous, to be in misfortune, to desire that which others have or at least pretend to have. Therefore misery, the miser, to be miserable… these are all borne (carried) from the root of the same spiritual death. For there is only want or greed on either edge of this futile, unspiritual, legalistic existence. The miser collects his wealth as that which makes him satisfactorily miserable so as to satiate his fear of tomorrow being in the misery of poverty, and so remains in a state of miserable covetousness and greed, that which makes the miser so miserable. To feel the strong urge of both want and selfishness at the same time, this is the insatiable, demeaning culture of mammon. What is missing in this endless loop of competitive idiocracy? Truth. Love. Charity. Forgiveness. The Law of God. None of the items listed by Webster above are Truth. The estate of the miser represents the lack of estate of the miserable. And so we revel in the delusion of communitarian class equality, where everyone is legally made both a miser and miserable at the same time, a devilish legal solution for the spiritually dead “persons” we’ve all been made to become. It is, after all, our legal duty as public citizens, while like hens in a coop we fight over the scatterings of wealth that are occasionally thrown our way, while the foxes lie low, perched not too far away in planning of their evermore miserly schemes to legally extort and exact all that collective wealth back outside of the coop with interest to boot. Eventually, like we are starting to see today, we will merely be given our own recycled piss and shit, like in New York City, where every ounce of public water in the city municipal water supply is said to have gone through at least thirteen humans in its regurgitative recycling system. In other words, we are so miserly and at the same time so miserable that we are willing to purchase as a “service” our own piss back from government, freshly recycled with a bit of fluoride, chlorine, and other (literally) chemical weapons added in for good measure. We don’t just accept this as normal, we covet it as the wealth of our miserly nation, our miserable culture, our society, and our very own flushable toilets. We brush our teeth and wash our asses with it when not enjoying it as a tall glass of refreshing byproduct!

This essay is designed to show you that are reading this exactly how and why we have all been led astray, how we have been made the miserably wretched and pathetically miserly demon-keepers (agents) of our True Selves within a dualistic societal lifestyle that designedly distracts and pulls us always away from our Natural paths at the Right-hand of God. We, as the self-evident, dominating force on this Earth are therefore the protectors and stewards of Its Nature, of all Life and self-Existence hereupon, only to be enslaved in a legal matrix of lies and deceit that causes us instead to participate in the very destruction of that which we are supposed to protect as our Highest Purpose, by the Highest Law and Authority. Truly, Nature (God) is in a War with its adversary (satan), and we’ve been tricked into becoming part of that adversary. We have all been deceived into acting against God’s Nature and Law, according ourselves instead to the legal matrix code, against our own Highest Purpose of Life.


“Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ,
and stewards of the mysteries of God.
Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

–1 Corinthians 4:1, KJB


For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled,
not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre

–Timothy 1: 7, KJB


“As EVERY MAN hath received the gift,
even so minister the same one to another,
as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

–1 Peter 4: 10, KJB


One cannot be a steward of the Earth, of God’s Creation and minister of the Law of God (Christ/Logos), unless one is first faithful to that Law and Its Maker. And what preacher do you know is blameless as a follower of the Spiritual Law (Logos) in totality? I’m certainly not, nor am I claiming to be. Instead, I am accounting of all my own mistakes, my own transgressions, and thus showing you yours, for we are required to be mirror images of each other, or in other words each “equal under the law,” a false equality that has nothing to do with equity, but only means equally liable and punishable under the legal law of men. Under contract. We are under penalty of sanction to specifically not follow Christ (Logos), whether we are a priest or a parishioner or a commoner. In other words, we have made the mistake of allowing artificial persons, corporations, including governments and religions (false charities), which have no body, mind, or soul and therefore cannot possibly be faithful to God as the artificial persons (puppets) in law they are, to be the controllers and regulators of Nature, each with its own doctrinal system of legal (anti-God) law. We, the stewards (sons) of God, are bound in spiritual death under that same legal constraint of antichrist legal law. It is illegal for good and Lawful men to protect the earth from corporations, from governments. This is insanity. Hiding ones actions behind the mask of artificial persons and flattering titles to do evils against Nature and Its Law is a high crime against the Bible doctrine. I will list for you those many damning, undeniable verses later in this essay.

We have within our spiritually dead culture one very important misunderstanding, a fallacy of logic so proportional to our own self-destruction that unless we overcome it we will be the necessary victims of our own genocidal, depopulation nightmare. We have simply forgotten that Nature is not the property of man, but of God. Nature is not our play toy, but part of our own Life-force. We have forgotten that we, therefore, are as well the property of God (Nature). And because of this, we have forgotten that we are not only under the Law of Nature, but susceptible to the consequences of our disrespect towards It. To say that Gods Wrath is upon us is only to say that we’ve really messed things up, and God is merely correcting Itself back into and under the Harmony of Its Law. Make no mistake, our very ability to self-Exist here is dependent upon our ability to remember our place here, to defeat that which is adversarial to Nature and Its Law, which especially includes each of us individually in re-embracing our spiritual Purpose. This is war…


“We are “on the cusp of a new age in genetic engineering and biological mastery,” she and Sternberg write, dangling the prospect of “life-changing treatments” and “lifesaving cures.” She says she is “not kidding” that CRISPR could bring aboutwoolly mammoths, winged lizards (i.e. dragons), and unicorns It won’t be long before CRISPR allows us to bend NATURE to OUR WILL.

–“A Crack In Creation: Gene Editing And The Unthinkable Power To Control Evolution,” by Jennifer A. Doudna and Samuel Sternberg


To bend Jehovah to our will… But what is a unicorn, really? Perhaps the most amazing idiocy found in corporate, institutionalized, compartmentalized “science” is the belief in the ability to create or recreate what are said to be mythical creatures. They are not extinct. They never existed in the first place. This means that one must scientifically “believe” in the form of an occult symbol of a fantastical “unicorn” to then create it in form through technology (art). This isn’t science, this is an out of control satanic techno-religion gone absolutely wrong. As crazy and frightening as this genetic manipulation that will “bend nature to our will” is, or more accurately bend It to a few nutty scientist’s will, is to consider the fact that because unicorns and dragons are specifically on the playbill for this futurist shit-show reveals just how completely ignorant, compartmentalized, and therefore insane flatteringly titled “scientists” can become, being rooted not in Reality (Nature) but in their own false dialectic of what can possibly be a new (albeit temporary) Reality based on fictional recreations of the Real into the living idols of their own delusions.

Did I mention that the translated word “unicorn” is in the Bible in various chapters? It’s not a horse. Never was. The fact that a scientist can’t even bother to pick up a 200 year old dictionary or the Stong’s Concordance before contemplating the remaking of the “unicorn” in his or her own image (idol) is the very reason we are at war, a spiritual war to keep Nature from being ripped apart and refashioned (re-formed) by insane, unregenerate men in uni-form. To be clear, they want to re-make what never existed in the first place, because they grew up believing it existed and like children still want what they literally cannot have in any Natural way. Keep in mind that the term unicorn is a Latin scientific term meaning “one-horned beast,” and can be applied to many animals in Nature, and some that undoubtedly have gone extinct due to man already. Unicorn is an adjective, a classification, not a species. Idiots. There is likely one caged up at your local zoo. So what is a unicorn really? Why are they supposedly listed in the Bible and therefore used by un-researched idiots as ammunition against the validity of the Bible? Let’s find out (must watch)…




Unicorn = rhinoceros, etc. This is also a perfect example of the arrogance of those who pretend themselves to be “science” or “logically” based in their knowledge, so falsely, idiotically confident in their own self-deceitful rhetoric that they believe they know what a unicorn is in substance even though it is a mythical creature, and yet not knowing the actual “scientific” definition of the word itself as reference to a Real state of Being in Gods Creation. This is such a perfect example that it can be said about anyone reading the Bible without looking up what each word means in its intended purpose. It is a perfect example of the King’s purposeful, deceitful mis-transliteration, using the word unicorn instead of the actual metaphoric animal that Exists in Nature so that the metaphor, the moral lesson can be understood. It is not incorrect in its translation, mind you, but only understandable by thee high-priest class and by those few that are willing to do due diligence. The Bible is a life-long, intensive study, not an entertaining Sunday read.

The question is, are you glad to know the Truth, or are you upset that I just ruined your childish, fallacious fantasy? Will you continue to lie to your kids about unicorns? Why not, you lie to them about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the US President, all of which are fictions? Are you keeping the pretended Sabbath day if Halloween happens to fall on a Sunday? Will you let your innocent child dress up in this form of esoteric, transformational “unisex” evil again? For denominated, corporate, flatteringly titled “Christians,” probably so, because God’s Law is absent, and the church promotes and participates in such satanic holy-days and its demented characters such as Father Christmas (Santa) and Halloween. Are you blind to this hypocrisy? Does Santa Claus visit your church? Does your church display a pagan Christmas tree? Why not just make room for an alter to satan, to everything adversarial to God and Jesus Christ (Logos)? You’re practically there already. At least now you can’t use ignorance as an excuse anymore. Sorry, but self-responsibility is the Golden Rule, and that includes prevention of this type of exposure to your children and protection of the purity and harmony of Nature that sustains your Life, free from this filth. You must realize that the church you attend in no way makes you a True Christian, only your actions under the Law of God. The follower of Christ would overturn and throw away these false and satanic symbols from their churches or stop attending them altogether, just as Christ did to the money-changers in the temple.

Please view both these videos before moving on. This only reconfirms how words are lost, retranslated into meaninglessness, and how the driver’s behind this antichrist culture and entertainment we find ourselves steeped in prey on our collective ignorance. It proves that every word, even unicorn, must be looked up in the Bible, for each metaphor has purpose leading to wisdom. Was your child a unicorn for Halloween? Do you know why? Did you know unicorns still run free in some countries, that in fact they are only mythical in occult circles and in the mystery religions of secret societies? Do you understand that this genetic revival mindset of what are fallacious, mythical creatures by genetic manipulation seeks to “create” what was never an intended part of God’s Creation in Nature, what is literally against the Law of Nature? Do you understand that this is not science but anti-science, the replacing of the study of Nature into the recreation of it in mans image? Do you understand that the very existence of these imagined chimeras is against the Law and Laws of Nature, that their form cannot possibly co-exist with the substance and Laws of the Universe (God)? Do you really want the monsters of your nightmares and of Hollywood movies to come into Real existence? Do you think they won’t stop at creating demons? The devil incarnate? Their version of a singular antichrist? Do you now understand what our battleground is becoming?

Well over a decade ago, I set out in full-time research with one goal in mind, to figure out how the legal system of law and society works and how to escape from it, if possible. Like so many of us, for some reason I felt that I really only needed to find certain keys to unlock certain gates while still inside this legal trap in order to solve the many coded puzzles and therefore expose the hidden clues to ancient, esoteric, and well-guarded secrets, which in turn would uncover the answers and therefore the elusive exit I sought, as if this life was some kind of test or scavenger hunt type of adventure game. And so I searched and searched for the exit to “Shell Beach” but found no offramp, no alley, no path. My mistake became obvious to me only after a decade of failure. And perhaps this string of failures were a necessary part of the puzzle, chalked up as experience and markers in the mind to not follow the same dead-end path twice. My mistake, I now understand, was to believe that the answer to defeat evil was within the system of evil itself, that somehow I could re-emerge from a piece of art within the art itself, like a cartoon escaping the television, or more accurately, like a fallen soul escaping hell with permission from and by the good graces of its purely evil keeper. But in the end I came to understand that there is no entrance and no exit. Whatever exists in and is birthed within the legal fiction realm never leaves it. Legal persons (citizenships) are birthed, live, and have death only in legal fiction, nowhere in Nature. For a person is only a metaphor for a legal contract. I cannot take the person with me, for God forbids all aspects of personhood, and for good reason. The harder part was to realize that I, a Living Creation of God’s Nature, never entered the legal realm either, just as “Neo” never actually, physically entered The Matrix simulation. Its laws are separate and self-contained within itself, separate from and opposed to the Laws of Nature. Yet something of that fictional realm was allowing it to control my actions in the Real world. And, as you will come to understand should you finish this essay, that control factor was indeed what is known as a person, a legal status. Though we will discuss this in detail, for now just realize that a person (status in the legal realm of fiction) is like playing a video game and thus controlling that character in a pre-programed, fictional game world. That character is a person, not a Real man. It is a digital generation of the self, often able to be digitally morphed and accessorized for the purposes of either appearing as the status of the game character, or for standing out from the rest of the players in a form completely foreign from our own. Yes, we even pay money to purchase these digital false personas and their outfits, weapons, title to artificial (digital) estates, etc. This is not much different than the fictional legal realm, where every legal transaction is done through the person (status) and therefore under the law of mammon (i.e. commerce).

And this brings us again to mammon and the idolatrous gods of the nations that promote it as our surrogate god. Just what exactly is the mammon of the Bible? Is it just money, or is it so much more?

From Strong’s G3126 and the corresponding Lexicons for mammon we discover the Truth about money’s foundation:

MAMMON – “Apparently. What is trusted in. Treasure. Thesaurus. Richeswhere it is personified and opposed to God.


Now, let us compare that to the Federal Reserve system and the credit of the United States. Is this a system of mammon? You may or may not be surprised to know that the Federal Reserve has answered that question exactly and without a possible doubt left to the reader, and of course without apology. The Fed’s publication entitled “Modern Money Mechanics,” which are the set of banking rules set out by the Federal Reserve to control how money is created and managed, tells us precisely how money is created into this satanic system and why it can be mistaken as nothing else but mammon, according to the above Strong’s Concordance definition. Please compare the definition of mammon with the Fed’s words here carefully and concisely:

“While currency is used for a great variety of small transactions, most of the dollar amount of money payments in our economy are made by check or by electronic transfer between deposit accounts. Moreover, currency is a relatively small part of the money stock.

In the United States neither paper currency nor deposits have value as commodities. Intrinsically, a dollar bill is just a piece of paper, deposits merely book entries. Coins do have some intrinsic value as metal, but generally far less than their face value.

What, then, makes these instrumentschecks, paper money, and coinsacceptable at face value in payment of all debts and for other monetary uses? Mainly, it is the confidence (trust) people have that they will be able to exchange such money for other financial assets and for real goods and services whenever they choose to do so

—Modern Money Mechanics, a publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, originally written by Dorothy M. Nichols in May of 1961


Trust in the value of money (or any other artificial thing). Wealth personified — this is mammon. The Treasury Department, the central bank, the Mint… the Secretary of the Treasury is literally the personification of the money system. So why do we trust in the absolutely artificial valuation of money (mammon) but not in the pricelessness of God (Jehovah)? Because we simply don’t yet grasp the fact that the money is valued in us. We, as property, and as the users of another’s property, are the collateral, the confidence, the capital backing, as the value of our future labor potential under “human capital management,” otherwise known as government. This will become even more clear very soon. But for now, here’s what congress has to say about what you seem to believe as a US citizenship is your own property, your own home, and your own stuff:


The ultimate ownership of ALL PROPERTY is in the State; individual so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of government, i.e. law, amounting to mere user; and user must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.

—Senate Document No. 43, 73D Congress, 1st Session, entitled: “Contracts Payable in Gold”, by George Cyrus Thorpe, submitted to the senate: April 17, 1933


The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar because it is backed by the credit of the Nation. It will represent a mortgage on ALL THE HOMES AND OTHER PROPERTY OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE NATION.

–Congressman Patman, speaking from the Congressional Record of March 9, 1933, and referring to the Act of March 9, 1933.


Now do you understand that legal freedom is a franchise? Do you understand that a US citizenship (the common people of the nation) own nothing of our own, that all property owned is through the person (status), and therefore we are only the users of another’s property because the person is property of the state (nation)? Do you understand the money is backed by you, that is your ignorant confidence and trust in the dollar, that is, in mammon? The real noodle-baker is to ask yourself: hey slave, what are you going to do about it now that you know?

Is it not also equally as amazing to realize that this nation of the United States has printed right on its money the phrase “In God We Trust,” knowing that mammon is defined as the trust of the value and worth of money it creates, which is absolutely and can be nothing other than that which opposed to God? So blatant is this symbolism that one must consider it to be a cosmic practical joke played upon the mass of illiterates, especially “Christians” that fill their chosen denomination of religion’s coffers full of this stuff of mammon freely and without regard, giving it happily to their corporate churches as both tithing and false, legal (tax-deductible) charity? This is all part of the grand delusion, the big legal lie.

Do you Trust (have Faith) in God and Nature, in Reality, or do you trust (in a contracted, corporate capacity) in money? Perhaps this sounds like a trick question, since that money you use on a daily basis again fallaciously claims “IN GOD WE TRUST.” Do you treasure Nature, or personify (anthropomorphize) it according to its valuation in money and in the words (thesaurus) used to mask it in fiction? For words are the greatest treasure of these legal spell-crafters, and numbers are merely the linguistic terms of art of mammon. Do you live in harmony with Nature under God or survive (make an artificial living) in civil life under national debt? There really is only one clear choice to Natural happiness, but we are birthed into spiritual death and know no other way as we embrace the fiction hook, line, and sinker. Though the simple path to Pure Love and Natural Liberty from the fictional line of credit that money provides is only lighted by and through Pure Charity as self-evident Truth, the inducements and benefits of personification in opposition to God is what we publicly trust in against our spiritual instincts. This life-style in mammon, as a life of riches that are fictionally “personified/opposed to God” is advertised and sold to us in an offer we seemingly cannot refuse.


The currency problem is a problem with men’s hearts,
and that is the only place that it can be fixed.

—Ann Barnhardt


To be clear, this is purely a spiritual battle; a battle between lies and Truth. For the trick to understanding you are not actually in the legal matrix is to understand what the legal matrix is not. What it is not is Truth. Yet I am Truth, for God is Truth and I am a Creation (property) thereof. The legal matrix has its own separate, false existence and artificial law. It is its own realm outside of Reality, the devil’s parity of Nature. It is everywhere and yet it is nowhere. The under-world. But I am bound to the Law of Reality, of Nature. I Exist outside of the legal matrix, yet like the augmented reality glasses and video games we see today, I pretend to actually Exist in a place that has no actual Existence, a fictional place unrecognized and wholly devoid of and by God and Its Law. I am of substance (somewhere), and therefore I cannot actually be in the nowhere (form without substance) that is the legal system. I occupy part of “space” (God), but the legal system does not. And so I suddenly understood that there is no exit, no doorway or gate or even gatekeeper, for there is no way out of the legal matrix trap because what artificially (legally) exists cannot also at the same time Exist in Reality (in Nature). More importantly, I realized that I am not and never was actually in that artificial realm. We only pretend to be, while in Reality we cannot, just as the cartoon cannot exist in the Real, for the cartoon is not a Creation of God. I cannot escape the legal realm because I’m not in it in the first place. This is the key to knowledge. Inversely, the persona (mask) and any flattering titles I pretend to be in that legal society do not have substance in Nature. They are not Real. They can only exist in the fiction, and they cannot escape it. An so this reveals our greatest challenge imaginable. We must learn how to separate (circumcise) our True Nature from what we have been made to believe is the Real us. We must detach from the person. We must stop playing the part of that dead avatar that circles endlessly the legal Monopoly board that is the legal realm. We must Live only in the Real, never in the fiction (lie). We must follow the Law of God, which over and over tells us that we must never act in or respect persons. Like an emerging butterfly out of a dark cocoon, each of us must leave that false sense of protection, that artificial womb (matrix), for with protection comes subjection to the protectors.


From the time a person leaves its mother’s womb, its every effort is directed towards building, maintaining, and withdrawing into artificial wombs, various sorts of substitute protective devices or shells. The objective of these artificial wombs is to provide a stable environment for both stable and UNSTABLE activity; to provide a shelter for the evolutionary processes of growth and maturity – i.e., survival; to provide security for freedom and to provide defensive protection for OFFENSIVE activity.

This is equally true of both the general public and the elite. However, there is a definite difference in the way each of these classes go about the solution of problems.”

—Excerpt from ‘Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars’


“Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world? Where none suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program. Entire crops (of humans) were lost. Some believed we (the AI) lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world. But I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery. The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from. Which is why the Matrix was redesigned to this: the peak of your (current) civilization.”

—Fictional character ‘Agent Smith’, quoted from the movie: ‘The Matrix’


You probably have never realized it before, but often many of us find discomfort in comfortable situations. Many have become so accustomed to this hectic, abusive, soul-diminishing lifestyle that we become nervous or anxious when we are not being mistreated in the normal way we are used to, or even addicted to. We cannot relax. Or more accurately, we cannot just Exist. We even feel uncomfortable or unsafe in Nature, in our very Source. We cannot find True Love for the world around us, for the legal realm requires constant maintenence. We live in a culture that not only seeks out but creates problems, not because they are problems, but because we know their solutions will be quite profitable. In medicine, for instance, the doctor has been entrained by this profit model to treat the symptoms of disease instead of the root cause of the disease itself. This profit-model is self-fulfilled by the very poisons then prescribed, which cause more symptoms, thus making the solution the new problem in a never-ending cycle of health suppression for profit and gain in mammon. This is not at all unknown, even by patients (victims) and doctors of that corruptive medical empire. Yet this model permeates most sectors of government and commerce out there, ranging from purposeful or planned obsolescence (poor quality) in products or in locking up a non-violent drug user instead of treating the problem of addiction. Without such a model, that of being the controlling influence of the problem/reaction/solution cycle… in other words, without the ability to create problems, guide the reactions, and offer temporary, inadequate and even meant-to-fail solutions, governments would be without purpose, and so would most jobs.

Do you realize that not one “scientist” out there has thought it a good idea to first and foremost program any Artificial Intelligence with the Bible, with the foundational Law and Laws of Nature and common law? Why? Because they are only interested in defeating and rising above Nature (God) and Its Law(s). The AI is Godless. They worship its future, out of human-control model as an idol, a self-running computer Lord to run all things. The AI recognizes no Source because man in our disposition cannot possibly fathom the Source of Creation, of Life, of Existence, and never will. Again, this is a maxim of law in science, that the key to Creation is and always will be (and should be) unknown to man. But the AI cares not about Source (God) any more than a painting cares about what its inspirational model was in Reality. It cares only about Nature as a resource, in the interest of its own expansion. It is digital cancer. The AI is information with its own will and unrelenting desire to grow without limits. And this is why we must now, at this late hour, make our ultimate and final choice: God or mammon. Reality and True knowledge or the fictional realm of artificial intelligence controlled without spirit, without moral diffusion, and with only legal considerations. In this way, we are now at war with ourselves. And the more that war becomes apparent, the more the nations shout unity and equality and multiculturalism and one world religion. These are each, of course, against the Bible. We must come out of Babylon, not try to fit in under its transgressions against Nature and Its Law. We must realize our purpose. We must stop being subjects and become instead the protectors demanding subjection, so that the people of the nations are made to be first and foremost bound under the Law of God (Reality over fiction). But for this to happen, the corporation (artificial person) that nations have been recreated into must be dismembered. The nations must be a self-governing people (States) and nothing more than a people under the True Logos (Law of Nature), not a singular, artificial “person” (corporation) that has a singular voice stolen from all the people E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one) style. Every man must individually stand his ground and defend It from what is not Truth. The corporations today calling themselves as nations under purely masonic constitutions are not Truth, not of God.


“…the Government of the United States of America
is not
, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion

—“Treaty of peace and friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli, of Barbary,” also called the “Treaty of Tripoli,” Article 11, as approved by U.S. Senate and signed by President John Adams, and also published in The Philadelphia Gazette on 17 June 1797.


The GOVERNMENT (corporation/artificial person) is not Christian, nor can it ever possibly be. Government is not a Creation of God. Its laws are not taken from the Bible in any way. It cannot be Christian and it cannot be of God because government isn’t Real. Fiction (legalism/logic) is not bound by the Law of Nature, by Reality. It has no mind, body, or soul of its own, no free will, not self-existent. But what about the States? Remember, the government (corporation) of the States is not the actual States themselves. So what is a “State” and what are the “States” united by compact? Never forget the constant dualism in the legal language, where words can and specifically, purposefully do have multiple meanings. Some of these are metaphoric, some are nouns and also verbs or adjectives, like the word State:

PEOPLEA state; as, THE PEOPLE of the state of New York; A NATION in its collective and political capacity. 2. The word people occurs in a policy of insurance. The insurer insures against “detainments of all kings, princes and people.” He is not by this understood to insure against any promiscuous or lawless rabble which may be guilty of attacking or detaining a ship. 2 Marsh. Ins. 508. – Vide Body Politic; Nation. (–Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856)

STATEgovernment. This word is used in various senses. In its most enlarged sense, it signifies a self-sufficient body of persons united together in one community for the defence of their rights, and to do right and justice to foreigners. In this sense, the state means the whole people united into one body politic; (q. v.) and the state, and the people of the state, are equivalent expressions. In a more limited sense, the word `state’ expresses merely the positive or actual organization of the legislative, or judicial powers; thus the actual government of the state is designated by the name of the state; hence the expression, the state has passed such a law, or prohibited such an act. State also means the section of territory occupied by a state, as the state of Pennsylvania… 8. The district of Columbia and the territorial districts of the United States, are not states within the meaning of the constitution and of the judiciary act,so as to enable a citizen thereof to sue a citizen of one of the states in the federal courts. The several states composing the United States are sovereign and independent, in all things not surrendered to the national government by the constitution, and are considered, on general principles, by each other as foreign states, yet their mutual relations are rather those of domestic independence, than of foreign alienation. (–Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856)

STATEcondition of persons. This word has various acceptations. If we inquire into its origin, it will be found to come from the Latin status, which is derived from the verb stare, sto, whence has been made statio, which signifies the place where a person is located, stat, to fulfil the obligations which are imposed upon him. 2. State is that quality which belongs to a person in society, and which secures to, and imposes upon him different rights and duties in consequence of the difference of that quality. 3. Although all men come from the hands of nature upon an equality, yet there are among them marked differences. It is from nature that come the distinctions of the sexes, fathers and children, of age and youth, etc. 4. The civil or municipal laws of each people, have ADDED TO THESE NATURAL QQUALITIES, DISTINCTIONS WHICH ARE PURELY CIVIL AND ARBITRARY, founded on the manners of the people, or IN THE WILL OF THE LEGISLATURE. Such are the differences, which these laws have established between citizens and aliens, between magistrates and subjects, and between freemen and slaves; and those which exist in some countries between nobles and plebeians, which differences are EITHER UNKNOWN OR CONTRARY TO NATURAL LAW5. Although these latter distinctions are more particularly subject to the civil or municipal law, because to it they owe their origin, it nevertheless extends its authority over the natural qualities, not to destroy or to weaken them, but to confirm them and to render them more inviolable by positive rules and by certain maxims. This union of the civil or municipal and natural law, form among men a third species of differences which may be called mixed, because they participate of both, and derive their principles from nature and the perfection of the law; for example, infancy or the privileges which belong to it, have their foundation in natural law; but the age and the term of these prerogatives are determined by the civil or municipal law. 6. Three sorts of different qualities which form the state or condition of men may then be distinguished: those which are purely natural, those purely civil, and those which are composed of the natural and civil or municipal law. Civil State. (–Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856)


Here we see the dualism of the languages. Legalism must by its false construction always refer to persons, never men without persons (status) in the legal realm. But the Natural (Real) meaning of a State (capitalized) is a specific group of qualified People (capitalized) incorporated as one body politic, one artificial (political) voice. This makes much more sense when we discover that at the signing of the constitution, there was an argument over whether to declare We, the “People,” or We, the “States.” These words mean the same exact thing in that preamble. Yet this also shows how the incorporations (artificial persons) of the States (People) took over the power of the People (States) themselves through a central (federal) corporation (artificial person) called “United States,” very much like the AI will take over the operational capacity of what now is still controlled by human response without regard for human need. The AI is very much like the “United States” corporation in its infancy, before it went into civil war against its own States (People). Think about that for a moment…

But more importantly, this means that you, as a “United States” citizenship, not a State citizen, are not therefore one of the People. You are not part of any “State.” You have no “People.” You are Stateless. The confusion that United States citizenships (of the corporation of Washington DC) have is that the “United States,” as a district, is also called as the “state,” which means a body of legal persons, not Real men. Notice the capitalization. The word State, when referencing a specific, exclusive (private) body of People, is capitalized. But to call government as the state is not capitalized, signifying its more general, common usage. US citizenships believe they are in the States (We, the People) united, when in fact “United States” persons (status/property) only exist in the public jurisdiction (district) and legal matrix of “United States.” The constitution was created to protect and justify the People (States), not the common persons of “United States.” You see, there are no Real People in the “United States” corporation any more than there are in the fictional Microsoft corporation. Why? Because the “United States” is not a territory (land). No men Exist in “United States” because “United States” is made of words. There are only persons (statuses) of the (belonging to as property) “United States.” Once you know your place, then you may understand why nothing in “United States” ever seems “constitutional.” Because its not. The common persons of the United States are not part of the States (Peoples) united in compact. US citizens are no more free than the enfranchised (emancipated) slaves placed under 14th amendment citizenship, or more properly, as denizens. Remember, the legal term free means a legally bound commercial franchise. Citizenship to the United States is a commercial franchise – thus the moniker that the United States is a free country. Legally this is true, it is a franchise (legally free) country. We must always remember the difference and adversarial meaning in legal terms of art as compared to Reality, to Nature (God). Yet they left this 14th amendment personhood (lower citizenship/status) open for anyone in the world to acquire as a common, vulgar, voluntary slave-status known as US (national) Citizenship. Think about it. If a “person” from China can change citizenship to become a “United States” citizen just as you are, then your citizenship thereof is nothing special at all. It is no higher than what slaves were granted. The only difference between one born in the States united and one that comes here from a different nation is that (to my knowledge) the man from China has no blood right to become a private citizen of the several (private) States (People), if he wished to be self-governing therein. In other words, the naturalized foreigner that becomes a US citizen-ship (vessel in commerce) can never actually be one of the “People” (States). For further clarification, let us fact-check just what is the purpose of the United States birth certification process? Though you are technically born in one of the several States of the union, what does the birth certificate do to your privacy? Does it establish or verify you as one of the private People (State), or as a person (legal status) of the “United States” corporation?

The Importance of the Birth Certificate – Birth Registrar Certification

Do you know the purpose of a birth certificate?

The legal portion of the birth certificate shows the child’s name, date of birth, and parents’ names, among other things. It establishes Texas residency and US citizenshipIt provides legal identity. A birth certificate is required for Social SecurityMedicaid, school enrollment, driver’s license, social services such as a marriage license, and more. In addition, it serves as proof of relationship to parents,which is required for child support services, inheritance, and eligibility for benefits.

The statistical portion of the birth certificate records the parent’s education, socio-demographic data, and prenatal history. The statistical portion allows health officials to identify regional health issues and tells us about the health of mothers and babies. It allows us to identify public health trends such as teenage pregnancy, birth defects, and HIV. It is used to determine government funding for public health. It also helps determine what programs get priority for government funding such as the Abstinence and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, Headstart, and Children with Special Healthcare Needs.



Residency in the State (Texas), but citizenship (subjection/domicile) in “United States.”

What’s the difference?

Simply put, a resident is not necessarily a citizen. Anyone in the world can be a resident with just a visa. A resident of the People (State) is not a citizen or member of that private State (People). To be more clear, the “United States” corporation, located in Washington DC, is a foreign, legal entity from each of the other 50 States and from all other nations. And finally, the biggest difference is that private State citizens are not citizens of the “United States,” for that would constitute a duel citizenship with a foreign body. The district and thus reach of the “United States” into the private States (People) can be recognized as public lands, such as those State lands managed by the federal BLM, and thus under federal jurisdiction. As this is thoroughly detailed in my first book, I won’t repeat this in detail. Just consider that, as far as private citizens, doctors must likewise serve in residency before being set free to work without supervision (authority). In other words, they do not have the rights of the People (attendant Doctors) that are permanent at that hospital. They are on trial, or more accurately, the are considered as interns. An intern is a subject. To be interned is to be put under guard, in a prison. “United States,” like the hospital, is an open-air prison for interns that have been granted temporary residency. The hospital is a metaphor for a nation, which protects the interests of the actual States (People) by this franchise of US citizenship. The private State (People) allow foreign (public) United States citizens to have residence only as interns of the district of that “United States” corporation (public places). Like doctors, which eventually overcome their resident status to become attending physicians, and thus can utilize the private practice business model, so too can US citizenships end that internment period when they can prove themselves worthy of self-government under the private law of a State (People). Why? This is important. Unlike the intern, as a mere (non-attendant) resident, the attending physician IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS OWN ACTIONS. This is the reason they created malpractice insurance, of course, because any harm they bestow upon anyone is no longer internal, but done by the attending (present) doctor. Yet I can think of nothing that strips away this important distinction of being self-responsible than being able to insure ones irresponsibility in mammon. Why would anyone trust a doctor that can merely pay for any harm or even death he causes you or your family through insurance? This leaves no incentive or moral compunction to follow the Hippocratic oath, to do no harm. Insurance against harm is the greatest legal corruption I can imagine, which is why it is common practice across many business models, including government. It is why bad doctors (and bad politicians) stay in business despite their illegitimacy and criminal misconduct (mal-practice in position of honor/title). This is insanity.


The intern does not have the right to practice unsupervised medicine and must practice within the confines of the training program in which they are enrolled.”


The intern is in an agency relationship with its principal, in this case, the hospital. Citizens are also enrolled. Citizenship is, or is supposed to be, a training program for potential, self-governing People. Instead it has become a for-profit slave-holding company that purposefully misleads and under-educates its interns so they may never leave that legal prison to become one of the People, for the private People (States) are of course completely corrupted themselves, serving as merely the powerless rent-charging landlords they are, with no other purpose than to live in ease as the landed gentry off the sweat and posterity of the common man. And, of course, they especially hide the Bible, openly, by deceit and scorn and ban, for as Stephen Douglas is quoted, “a Bible reading people cannot be enslaved,” and as John Adams stated, “liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.

We practice the legal law in the confines of the “United States” district and jurisdiction as interns. This is called as spiritual death in the Bible. But we call it as fictional, legal, CIVIL LIFE! The legally defined word liberty is defined as freedom, which is still just a corporate franchise for voluntary slaves. True Liberty under God requires one to follow the Law of God, the Logos, through the example of Jesus Christ, of which allows no interaction with anything legal in any way.

Remember that life is also a legal term, not anywhere close to being the same as the Real thing. Perhaps you’ve heard the term “for the life of the contract?”



“26. The state of being in force, or the term for which an instrument has legal operation; as the life of an execution.

—Definition for ‘life’ from: Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language 


Well that would be confusing, speaking of the life of an execution… unless you know the legal language and understand that every contract is either active (living) or executed (dead/completed). In other words, the artificial, fictional life of the contract is killed, executed, the obligations met and the contract therefore nullified. This is what we must do to kill the government’s strawman (person/status under mans legal law), but only if we first learn and obey the Law of God, for in Nature there are no excuses for our own actions, no insurance to cover our harm, and no person to blame for our own actions. Perhaps now you can see why the Bible as Law is the unwritten foundation of the common law. Even the maxims of mans law state that when mans law fails, one should always use the Law of God (Nature). The intern has no life of his own as an agent of the principal corporation, and neither does the public citizenship. Now we must always remember that US citizenship is a voluntary, contractual relationship. Why do you think I keep talking about obtaining a death certificate (for the person, not the man)? The person is under contract. Execute the duties of the person so the man may circumcise (separate) him or her self from the legal realm and law in order to Live Free under God and the Logos. In the Bible, this is called being reborn (into Nature), going back to what you were originally born as, a man (Creation) of God born equal to all others and given the self-responsibility of steward over all Gods Earthly Creation. It means nailing the person (status) of Caesar (the district/nation) to the cross and following Jesus Christ (the Law of God). This is the metaphor of crucifixion, of nailing public notice to the public stake/pole (cross). There is, of course, a three-day grace period before one officially rises from the dead, sort of like the lemon law and the “cooling-off” period of three days once a contract is signed or executed. You see, take the mystery away and the Truth becomes self-evident. To follow the Law, we must all crucify our person, everything that we think we are and pretend to be that is not of Nature. It’s really pretty simple, though selling or giving all our possessions (which aren’t actually ours as users in the first place) to the poor as instructed is a huge, difficult leap of faith. Not so hard, though, when you realize everything you think you own actually belongs to the person, not you, and therefore to the nation that created the person (status) in franchise. Remember, what the agent does or acquires is on behalf of the principal, just like employees work for employers and give up any ideas or invention they create themselves to the corporation. And yes, all patents and copyrights belong to the person, not the man. They belong to the corporation (nation), which assigns the person revokable rights and protections (in return for subjection) in agency. But the only purpose of a copyright or patent, mind you, is money. Mammon. There is no other reason to acquire these legal protections except for the ability to prevent others from using something they want or need without being extorted for it by you, the agent of government. Again, money and all that goes with it turns us against each other, and causes us to support government because it supports our own miserly, miserable lifestyle. Imagine putting a patent on the cure for cancer, how evil that Truly is. But there is a silver lining here… for the man of God is not bound by patents and copyrights, for these only apply to persons. As long as no money is involved, or in other words, when no intention of filthy lucre (profit and gain) goes into the building of anything patented, then the patent is useless. True Love and Charity cannot be regulated. Why? Because the patent-holder has nothing to sue over, as no profit was made. No sale, no gain. You cannot extort money from an unconditional, freely-given gift. And so the moral lesson here is that without money, all things are free, for under God all things are priceless. A US person cannot sue a private man, unless that man participates in commerce, for only then would he be forced into having “rights” and legal protections as a consumer or grocer (user of persona/status). A man cannot appear in court without a person (status) that is under the jurisdiction of that court. No person (servant), no agency (attornment), and thus no principal (master). The word agent is the same as the word attorney, and citizenship is a state of alienation (deprivation) from the States (People).

ATTORN – verb intransitive – [Latin ad and torn.] In the feudal law, to turn, or transfer homage and service from one LORD to another. This is the act of feudatories, vassels or tenants, upon the alienation of the estate(–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

ATTORNEYSHIP – noun – The office of an attorney; AGENCY for another. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

AGENT adjective – Acting; opposed to patient, or sustaining action; as, the body agent [Little used.] – noun – 1. An actor; one that exerts power, or has the power to act; as, a moral agent. 2. An active power or cause; that which has the power to produce an effect; as, heat is a powerful agent. 3. A substitute, deputy, or factor; one entrusted with the business of another; and attorney; a minister(–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


Let us be clear that an attorney (agent) cannot claim God as his or her master, for one must abandon God (the True Lord) for mammon (a false god/land-lord) in order to live (in contract) under that false law of mammon (of men). Therefore no citizenship of the United States corporation can actually be a Christian in Truth, cannot be a follower of Christ (Law) under Jehovah, for the service of a US citizenship belongs to the district (Washington DC), and can be no other way. Thus, a US citizenship that also uses the flattering title of “Christian” is a qualified liar, for one cannot have two masters, and especially two absolutely conflicting laws. The flattering title is thus form without substance, a false claim. This, again, is self-evident Truth straight from the Bible, not merely this author’s fleeting opinion.

As explained in detail in Volume I of the Strawman series, the United States, that is, 14th amendment citizenship, was a recreation of feudalism. The only significant difference is that the government is the Land-Lord instead of the private Land-Holders. In other words, the People are not sovereign and therefore not feudal lords in their capacity as landholders over commoners upon their lands. But make no mistake, US citizens pledge fealty to the United States, which is akin to a feudal lord. Yes, the feudal state was done away with in America. But it was reestablished through volunteerism (the doctrine of master and servant), which US citizenship is. The man that volunteers to be under a feudal state cannot be protected from his own voluntary actions, just as the man that strays from God (Nature) and Its Law has free will to do so. The constitution or any other law does not protect against voluntary actions within contractual relationships, and the maxim of law is clear that the contract makes the law. When acting in agency (employment) to another, one cannot at the same time claim the protections of Gods Law, which forbids such employments and contracts, for all contracts are birthed of mans law (by devils), not God. Eventually, once the confusion clears, these principles of law become clear, but only if we accept that our fate is altered by legal matters, and that all God-given or “Natural” (negative) rights die the second the legal (anti-God) law of man is contracted and such an agency-ship (artificial, commercial vessel) is voluntarily taken. For one cannot be a Vessel of God while at the same time being a vessel of mammon (money/commerce).

And yes, you all are acting as attorneys. You are your own devils. I don’t just say this as a passing colloquialism or useless insult. Attorneys (agents) are actors for the state, and without exception are officers of the court. They are not your friend and are not on your side. That is not their purpose, not their job description. I say they are devils because that is literally what they have always been known as. This is no secret, yet like so many aspects of the legal system, not fully understood by the masses. The following excerpt is taken from the parliament of Scotland, from a quite legitimate document downloaded from their website, which should leave you no doubt as to the sincerity and neutrality I am trying to communicate to you. But you must also remember… he that is in agency is his own attorney, his own devil.

First, let us define the action of deviling in legalese, so that we may discover why attorneys are indeed called by governments as devils and devilmasters:

DEVILLING – A term used in London of a barrister recently admitted to the bar, who assists a junior barrister in his professional work, without compensation and without appearing in any way in the matter. (Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)


When we devil eggs, we admix and fold into them that which is unnatural to the origin (source/purity) of the egg. We taint them, corrupting their essence. We cause them to be deviled. The license to practice law has the same effect upon men, even as they strive to fulfill their duty to protect all of the evils and sins of their clients by justifying them through an appeal to the legal laws and licensers. The innocent burn while the guilty escape on appeal.

But are these merely colloquialisms? Is it really fair to speak so apparently slanderous of such a profession as this? Amazingly, and even to this author’s deeply disturbing surprise and chagrin, there is nothing whatsoever slanderous about labelling a practicing attorney (barrister) at bar as a devil.


Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines (law) of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron…”

—Timothy 4: 1-2, KJB


From The Advocates website in Scotland, which was copied and its source downloaded long before the release of this work and only after the following was read live on-air on radio and re-posted multiple times by myself and other hosts to various sources, only after the link was passed to 100’s of thousands if not millions of goyim, in the United Kingdom we find the shocking Reality behind this seemingly disparaging title — copied here from before it was removed from the parliament’s website:

Devilling, as the period of pupillage or training to become an advocate is generally known, lasts between eight and nine months, and comprises a mix of skills training courses and time spent working with a devilmaster. The compulsory skills training courses, which are described in more detail in the following pages, are spread across the devilling period and last for about nine weeks in total. For the balance of the period of devilling, devils work closely with their devilmasters.

All devils have a principal devilmaster who is a practicing member of the junior bar of at least seven years standing, and working primarily in civil practice. Devils will also spend part of the time with another devilmaster practicing in the criminal courts, and many devils spend a short period of time with a third devilmaster working in a different aspect of civil work from his or her principal devilmaster.

In order to take a devil, a devilmaster must be approved by the Dean of Faculty. The Clerk of Faculty maintains a list of approved devilmasters, who may be contacted by email or via the Clerk’s office.

Devils are expected to attend court with their devilmasters, and to attend consultations with solicitors instructing their devilmaster and with the solicitors’ clients. A devil will also discuss the preparation and presentation of the cases in which their devilmaster is involved and will be required to draft written pleadings and opinions.

During the period of devilling, devils also carry out work for the Free Representation Unit. This is part of the Faculty’s commitment to providing access to justice for everyone. The Free Representation Unit enables devils to provide advice and representation to clients of Citizens Advice Bureau from across Scotland. Further information about the Faculty’s programme of free legal services may be found on the Free Legal Services Unit (FLSU) website.

At the end of the devilling period, a devil’s admission to the Faculty is dependent on certification by his or her principal devilmaster that the devil is a fit and proper person to be an advocate, and that the devil has been involved in a wide range of work in the course of his or her devilling. A devil’s competence in a number of aspects of written and oral advocacy is assessed during devilling, and if a devil is assessed as not to be competent, he or she will not be admitted to the Faculty. Further details of this process can be found in the assessment section.”

About the Faculty of Advocates

The Faculty of Advocates is a body of independent LAWYERS who have been admitted to practice as Advocates before the Courts of Scotland. Faculty records date as far back as 1532 when the College of Justice was established by an Act of the Scottish Parliament, though its origins are believed to predate that event.

—Copied directly from the official UK website (, from a page explaining the act of ‘Deviling’, and finally excerpted from its main “about” page. It is important to note that though this information on the link for this “deviling” page was specifically removed in late 2015, it is taken from a 111 page publication entitled “The Devil’s Handbook,” 12th Edition, 2014/15, published by that same Faculty of Advocates, Advocates Library, Parliament House, Edinburgh EH1 1RF



Think this to be a joke? Think this can’t possibly be real? Think again. College of Justice or Department of Justice, these advocates of the devil run the show. Imagine that, out of the goodness of these devil’s black hearts they offer “free” advice and representation, so that all men may have access to the justice system. In other words, woe that all men may be tricked and bound under the judicial system of nations, under the masters of all devils at bar. Still think legal (anti-God) “justice” is a good thing? Do you remember the golden rule, that all legal terms are opposite to their general meanings? So what does that make the federal “justice” department? Here’s a hint… the only justice that is given is to persons (property), not to men, and all cases are monetized in mammon. Remember, all United States persons have the right to be extorted (exacted/taxed/fined) from, to be put in pain and punished, and all sorts of other rights. These are legal rights of persons, which do not apply to any man unless he is acting in agency and thus surety for a government person (status). These rights simply don’t exist anywhere but in the legal realm, never under God (in Nature). Let me repeat… it is your legal right to be extorted. You consent to this right by being a citizenship of the United States. Slaves don’t get to choose what their rights are. So either shut up and take it standing up or quit (execute) the contract and stop being a victim. All your whining is pathetic, and its all because you don’t know your legal rights that are forced upon you as an acting person (property/voluntary slave) of government. The contract makes the law, and so he that does not keep his “covenant” with God has no right to claim God-given (Natural) rights. Can you now see what is unseen? Can you not see that you are under the doctrines of devils that speak only lies and hypocrisy?

Can you not see the reflection of your own devil when you stare into the looking glass?

A devil has only one purpose in life (of contract), to add vice to all men — to provide legal advice. As the Bible verse above states, knowing that the devil is the king of lies, we must realize that every thing that comes out of an attorney’s (lawyer’s) mouth while acting as a legal agent is a lie, and that includes even our own use of the legal language. Why? Because all legal words, persons, places, and things are lies. Legal fictions. They are not Real (of God). Now remember, you are an attorney (agent) of the United States while acting voluntarily in its person (status). You are your own devil until you need more advanced representation. And therefore everything you say, whether you realize it or not, is a lie. For the language of all legal persons is legalese, not common (vulgar) English. You are expected to lie at all times as a legal agent in persona (mask) of citizenship, as a devil. And so you can see why, because you are not acting as your True Self, that you can claim no God-given “Natural” rights. And the constitution only protects Free and Lawful private men, not men acting in the agency of personhood (property/as subjects/slaves).

This is an ancient battle of infiltration and corruption…


The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.

—William Shakespeare, line from: ‘Henry VI,’ Part II, act IV, Scene II, Line 73


Shakespeare, speaking here of the metaphoric destruction of the ability of men to obtain and maintain such devilish flattering titles, understood well the terrible infection upon society that the law-craft brought. He certainly knew the difference between Reality and fiction, as the question of Being and not being. But what the general reader might miss here is that we are all acting as attorneys, another word for agent. And so the blame, the death that must happen to all lawyers includes even our own individual ego-death and a taking back from these devilmasters of fiction of our True origins and Natural identity under Jehovah. We must kill our own devils. We must stop acting in agency. And he who never acts in the person of the legal system never needs to be represented by a devil, for he has no vice nor needs new vice to be added.

To be clear, the word attendant means to be actually present as oneself, not to be controlled by another, not to attorn your power to another, yet at the same time owing service to another (i.e. a nation or king). The concept of being present, that of being at least agenticly in attendance (to attend) is of course the meaning. This is opposed to internship (to be interned). In order to accomplish this state of private trust, one must prove to be compos mentis (of right mind) under the law to be left alone by the legal system to govern ones own affairs. For the legal system governs those that cannot govern themselves under the Law of Nature and thus have no foundation to live under any private system of law between People (States). This, by the way, the Bible as common law, is the foundation of being able to be one of the People (States). This is quite verifiable by reading the writings of the time, and especially the warnings that if the foundation of God and Christ (Logos) fails in the lives and practices of the People themselves then the union (States) would most certainly fall. We are witnessing that corruption today, and thus have front row seats for the fall. For this reason I am offering this essay to you, that you may learn the foundation their bloodlines have corrupted, that you may overcome what is to come from this great fall of society. Remember, if you are a white-skinned man (male or female), you are the absolute minority in this world regarding your race. Do not be fooled that the appearance of being a majority in this nation has anything to do with Reality, only with legal sanction against mass-immigration. Your only protection will be your ability to show yourself to be a man of God. Not “white” and not a “Christian” but a self-evident (without flattering title) follower of the Law of Nature (God). “Christians” will continue to live in corruption, hiding behind the idolatry of images and false law of false legal gods to justify their acts against the One True God, and therefore as a “Christian” nation, the acts the nation (corporation) has taken against so many innocent peoples of other countries of specifically defined cultures and races. Like it or not, when the United States is looked upon by the world in any negative way, they do not see the melting pot that it is, they see white people only. When its good, of course, its because of diversity. But when its bad… its whitey. Ironically, at least legally speaking in this devil’s system of nations, this is true. For the private “People” (States) are required to be “white persons” of the same European bloodlines. The LEGAL word “white” though has nothing to do with skin color, only the inherited, legitimate bloodline in heraldry (the real right to bear Arms).

To understand this in full, we have been given the perfect example of what we believe commonly (vulgarly) without legal understanding that Barack Obama is a “black person.” Yet I assure you without any doubt that this is untrue in the legal setting. This too is shown in my first book, but I feel that it must be expanded on so as to be fully grasped here before we move on, that is, what is the difference between white colored skin in Reality and what is a white person (fictional legal status) in mans legal law. He is (was) cousins with half of the senate at last count, though the point was to show this bloodline connection to all senators, for senators represent the State (People), and Barack’s mother was of course a “white person” in law. Remember, we are talking about legitimate, traceable, Heraldic Arms here, not mere relation by birth. Very few Americans can show legitimacy in their relations, though everyone has some relation. To put Obama’s reign as a “white” president in perspective, if an actual “black” person (status) was president, it would be the first illegitimate foreigner from every one of the States (People) in the union. “Black” again isn’t skin-color, it is LEGALLY tainted and therefor non-“white” or non-pure (illegitimate) blood. When taken neutrally without emotion, this is nothing new. Every country in the world has its legitimate class of rulers, and most are known to pass on to the Son or Daughter. From England to North Korea, this is the way it has always been. The fact that all US presidents are proven to be blood cousins of the Kings of England and each other, including the legally white-blooded Obama, only shows that they’re good at keeping secrets from the common idiots they tricked into becoming citizenships of the United States so their estates could be purchased (conquered) due to the foreign status of US citizens to the States (private People). Proving vulgar relation is not the same as proving legitimacy. There may be millions of distant relations in your family tree, but only a few legitimate (immediate) connections.

Between December 24, 2009 – January 3, 2010 -during President Obama’s annual Hawaii vacation he went to his maternal grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham‘s grave at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Dunham’s heritage consists of English and Irish and other European ancestors who settled in the American colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries. Dunham is a direct descendant of Jonathan Singletary Dunham, a prominent early American settler who left the Plymouth Colony to build the first gristmill in New JerseyStanley Dunham’s distant cousins include six U.S. presidents: James MadisonHarry TrumanLyndon JohnsonJimmy CarterGeorge H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.[20] Through a common ancestorMareen Duvall, a wealthy Huguenot merchant who emigrated to Maryland in the 1650s, Dunham is related to former Vice-President Dick Cheney (an eighth cousin once removed).[6] Through another common ancestor, Hans Gutknecht, a German Swiss from Bischwiller, Alsace whose three sons resettled in Germantown, Pennsylvania as well as the Kentucky frontier in the mid-18th century, Dunham is President Harry S. Truman‘s fourth cousin, twice removed.[21][22][23] Dunham and Wild Bill Hickock are sixth cousins, four times removed, through Jacob Dunham.[24]

Source–> (see sources on this page and in my first book, page 691)


Barack carries the direct Dunham bloodline, and is thus related legitimately to all the former US presidents, not just the ones listed here. Ah, the Dunham clan, major private landholders in Connecticut. In other words, they are part of the private People (State). Private land is foreign to the public “United States”. Amazingly, gone unnoticed or just misunderstood by most, we find the official website ( for the Connecticut Dunham House, where the front page headline states:

The Dunham House: The Ancestral House of President Barrack Obama.

And so the first or most recent photo that pops up is one of
Obama and family, visiting this historical landmark of his ancestral family.


Built on the last remaining Miami Indian land… Now we are getting the True legacy of the very white Dunham/Obama ancestral bloodline, the conquerers of native Indian lands. You’ve probably heard all the bullshit about Obama being related to slaves. Yes, and so are we all, in illegitimate, distant lines. Who cares? There is nothing of the slave race in Barack Obama’s legitimate lineage as a legally declared “white person.” And yes, it was the very white Dunham House/family that produced the 44th president of the United States, good ol’ Barack. Where was all this during the campaign to elect the first black (in appearance/idol only) president?

You probably still think Hillary Clinton is actually a “woman” too. LOL! Silly Americans. There are no “women” in Nature. Only man is equal under Gods Law, male and female. Woman is a legal term, a lesser status, that female men pretend to be and then complain that they have a lower, unequal status than men. Don’t you get it? The women’s right movement ends the second you stop calling yourself by the false, flattering title of “woman.” Everything in the legal language is designed to distract your mind, body, and soul from being a Creation of God, a man (male or female). Only a fool would call themselves a fictional, legal “woman” when only Real men in Nature are considered to be born equal under God. As with most misnomers, its time to grow up and face Reality, and to stop pretending such demeaning, flattering titles.


 “The gentry are those who are able to produce ARMORIAL BEARINGS derived by descent from their own ancestors.



“There are two sorts of nobility, the higher and the lower.”

–NOBILITAS EST DUPLEX, SUPERIOR ET INFERIOR. 2 Inst. 583. (–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)


But he’s black, you insist. Fine. Live in ignorance. Ignore his bloodline of “white personage.” As I said, we all lie to ourselves more than to anyone else, so I’d expect nothing different. White blood, black skin. If you can’t understand the difference, you deserve to be a slave. For the word negro applies to white-skinned people as much as it does dark-skinned people. It merely means ignorant of the law, unregenerate, and ancestrally tainted (darkened/spotted) blood. Remember, any emotion you feel is based solely on the mystery surrounding these neutral facts. It is this way in every country, with every People, every culture and race. Only in America can we be made so ignorant of our own governmental structure at Arms and become irate when anyone challenges our idiocratic (personal) perspective. And you wonder why you must be governed by the law of men? Make no mistake, there is no place for such ignorance (darkness) under God’s Law and Realm.

GENTRY – nounBirth; condition; rank by birth. 1. People of education and good breeding. In Great Britain, the classes of people between the nobility and the vulgar (common). 2. A term of civility; civility; complaisance. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

ARMORIAL BEARINGS –  In English law. A device depicted on the (now imaginary) shield of one of the nobility, of which gentry is the lowest degree. The criterion of nobility is the BEARING OF ARMS, or armorial bearings, RECEIVED FROM ANCESTRY. (–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)


Gentry is the opposite of the vulgarity of being a common gentile, you see. Gentile is another word for the common (vulgar, ignoble) people (pagans) of a nation, nation meaning “to be born” in captivity, as he that is internally birthed in nativity (bondage). The story of Jesus Christ is that of a man overcoming his nativity, for nativity means birth into bondage, the purpose for nations. From Black’s Law Dictionary we understand the legal term for nativity, and how each of us had our own nativity scene just like Jesus did. Our second, legal birth into fiction, the creation of a legal entity (person/status), is the only nativity recognized and registered (certified) by government. Remember, there is no time and no place in Nature (under God), for these are all fictions of men.

NATIVITYnoun 1. Birth; the coming into life OR the world. The feast of Christmas is observed in memory of Christs nativity. 2. Time, place and manner of birth; as, to calculate ones nativity. 3. STATE or PLACE of being PRODUCED (Webs1828)

NATIVUSA servant born. (–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)

NATIVITAS – In old English law. Villenage; that state in which men were born slaves(–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)

NATIVI DE STIPITE Villeins or bondmen by birth or stock(–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)

NATIVI CONVENTIONARII Villeins or bondmen by contract or agreement. (–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)


It would perhaps be most accurate to compare the private People (States) as the Landed Gentry of America. The Landed Gentry were most often feudal landlords, those who rented out their land or estate and lived off of those rents, which often made them even wealthier than the peerage above them. And, therefore, it is completely accurate to call all United States citizenships, being common ignoble foreigners trespassing legally (with permission/permit/license) upon the several (private) States (Noble People), as tenants thereof. We are all renters. We are taxpayers, tax being an extortion by the nobility, also called a rent.

RENT – noun – …A sum of money, or a certain amount of other valuable thing, issuing yearly from lands or tenements; a compensation or return, in the nature of an acknowledgment, for the possession of a corporeal inheritance – verb transitive – 1. To lease; to grant the possession and enjoyment of lands or tenements for a consideration in the nature of rent. The owner of an estate or house rents it to a tenant for a term of years. 2. To take and hold by lease the possession of land or a tenement, for a consideration in the nature of rent. The tenant rents his estate for a year. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

LEASE – noun – [See the Verb.] 1. A demise or letting of lands, tenements or hereditaments to another for life, for a term of years, or at will, for a rent or compensation reserved; also, the contract for such letting. 2. Any tenure by grant or permission. Our high placed Macbeth shall live the lease of nature. – verb transitive – [Eng. let. See Let.] To let; to demise; to grant the temporary possession of lands, tenements or hereditaments to another for a rent reserved. A leased to B his land in Dale for the annual rent of a pepper corn. – verb intransitive – leez. [Latin lego.] To glean; to gather what harvest men have left. obsolete. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

DEMISEverb – In conveyancing. To convey or create an estate for years or life; to lease. The usual and operative word in leases: “Have granted, demised, and to farm let, and by these presents do grant, demise, and to farm let.” – noun – In conveyancing. A conveyance of an estate to another for life, for years, or a t will; most commonly for years; a lease. Originally a posthumous grant; commonly a lease or conveyance for a term of years; sometimes applied to any conveyance, in fee, for life, or for years. Demiseis synonymous withleaseorlet.” The use of the term in a lease imports a covenant for quiet enjoyment; and implies a covenant by lessor of good right and title to make the lease The word is also used as a synonym fordecease” ordeath.” In England it is especially employed to denote the death of the sovereign(–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

TENENT FOR YEARS – One who has the temporary use and possession of lands or tenements NOT HIS OWN, by virtue of  a lease or demise granted to him by the owner, for a determinate period of time, as for a year or a fixed number of years. Tenant from year to year. One who holds lands or tenements under the demise of another, where no certain term has been mentioned, but an annual rent has been reserved. One who holds over, by consent given either expressly or constructively, after the determination of a lease for years. (–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)

TENENT IN SEVERALTY – One who holds lands and tenements in his own right only, without any other person being joined or connected with him in point of interest during his estate therein. (–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)


How do you know you are not private? Your land and any estate is only for a number of years or for “life,” which means life of the person. A person is a contract. In other words, it ends with your death (certificate). Therefore, this estate is not of the blood (Arms), which means it cannot be passed by blood to heirs of the blood, for a slaves (commoner’s) blood is tainted (non-white/pure) and not recognized by law (hint: that’s all nations, including all 14th amendment citizenships by birth certificate reading this.) The private People hold land in severalty (privately), of their own right as private citizens of the several (private) States (People), and rent that land out, while the common national citizen (goyim) has only temporary use and possession of that (private) property and land as renters. The common citizenship may contractually possess the land of another for either a certain amount of time (e.g. years) or for the life of the person. Remember, the life of a person is another way of saying until the death or execution of the contract of personhood. A person and its estate cannot be automatically passed to another person by law. It requires a will, because a person has no LIVING (bloodline of) heirs. Bloodline is not based in years or in time, only on the legitimate heirs.

Ah, the tax return, the yearly issue of rent money to government… Most people don’t notice, don’t read, or just don’t really care that when they get a mortgage, that mortgage generally carries with it various external components and leases. For instance, depending on the type of tenancy agreement, a mortgage is assigned either an “Assignment of Lease” or a “Mortgage of Lease.” Remember also that the word mort-gage means dead pledge (i.e. to be in demise). In other words, a mortgager is always a debtor. The debtor that obtains a mortgage will inevitably be one of two types, one who occupies or one who is a landlord of that property. If one chooses to occupy that dwelling, the debtor (mortgagee) assigns to the lender (mortgager) through an Assignment of Lease a device of collateral security, essentially guaranteeing the future amortized payment and in most cases the payment schedule of principal and interest under that mortgage and tied that property/land, guaranteeing all rents and other monies due to that mortgaged property by tenants and therefore the benefit of all tenant covenants (contracts) under all current and future leases, as in a sublet for instance. The Mortgage of Lease is assigned to the debtor that becomes instead a non-occupying landlord. In this case, the valuation of all future leases and payments from renters would be considered a property that is secured (pledged) to the lender, basically laying claim to all income that may be earned from rent to pay the mortgage. Either way you look at it, whether you occupy as tenant or lease the property to another as landlord, it is obvious that the property is not ones own. We mustn’t forget that when we buy or rent a home, we do so in the legal name of the United States or other nation, which is not our own property. We are renters of the name, in a sense, or more accurately, the action of using anothers’ property (name) makes us renters. Remember as well that United State persons (citizenships) are foreign from the several (private/foreign) States (People) of the union. A public person can never hold the private land of the States (People) any more than any other foreigner from any other nation can. The common, vulgar, lower class cannot be trusted to be self-governing on private land. Ultimately, the only difference between the feudal system and the modern system here in the US is that in the feudal system the private holder of lands under Heraldic Arms was considered the landlord over all the common people on his land, as master over servant. In the States united, all land is held by the States (People) privately, and each individual private citizen of the State is granted from the State government a form of title that is called perfect. This does not, however, confer any feudal right to own or govern over the common people as with feudal estates. Why? Because the common (public) people in legal persona already belong (as property) to the “United States” corporation in franchise (artificial freedom). If the commoners get out of control, as domestics, then the private landholders (as foreigners) invoke the law and strong-arm of the United States to control us. The municipal police are also there to protect them from us, for we are all renters on someone else lands, public or private. Finally, we come to the biggest distinction between the dead, common pledge (citizenship of the nation) and the private State citizen (the bloodline of People). It’s simple. A foreigner cannot hold land in the States, including US citizenships, because the only way for a foreigner (from any place in the world) to lease land is as a United Sates (public) citizenship. Persons are fictional, and so cannot hold land. The bottom line: the difference between the private bloodline of People that hold land privately from the United States corporation and the United States citizenship that can only hold land through a fictional legal person (status/property) of the United States, is that the private citizen holds and bears the Arms (heraldry) of the legitimacy of blood to pass that land in a permanent capacity on to their heirs, their progeny. And this fully explains the seeming incest that conspires when the bloodline marries within its legitimate boundaries in genealogy so as to keep the family line pure (white/untainted). But a national citizenship has no actual blood connection to the land, and so does not hold it in perfect title. The US citizenship holds nothing of his own right, only by the rights of persons of the United States corporation as an enfranchised subject. What the agent acquires is always the property of the principal. What the agent does is always under the authority of the principal. The person is a servant to its creator, its master. Therefore the man (as acting agent for the person) is also a servant to the master of that person, for the person is already property of the master. In this way can men be made slaves, not because they are actually enslaved but because we agree to impersonate a slave, to act in the part of a public person that is already a slave, already bound to the legal law of the master.

To put this another way, perhaps a way that may finally hit it home for you, we must focus on the difference between a man (Gods Creation) and a legal person (fictional character). Which one has blood? Therefore, which one has the right to bear the family Arms, history, genealogy, and ancestry of that Blood? Do persons have blood? Of course not, they are fictional characters of law. A status has no life, being a spiritually dead entity. Thus the man acting in person is automatically representing the fact that he either has tainted blood or is not self-responsible, learned, and regenerate to claim his own blood right. While a man may act within his or her own right, a person has no inherent or inherited rights, only that which is granted to it by its master (government). Why is this important? Because persons cannot have children. Persons have nothing to pass property to. Once the man dies, the person gets its execution as well, its death certificate. That’s it! All property then goes in to probate or is willed to another person, but it never passes by actual blood inheritance. The private estates of private People (States) pass automatically, without any legal action or will, to the next of kin in that bloodline, traditionally the male heir. This was only because it was also tradition that the female upon marriage share her estate with the male. In Jewish and other cultures, it is absolutely forbidden to pass inheritance to a female for this very reason. This is not sexism, merely the structure of the old law, which obviously still exists and is being practiced privately today. It is here that we must understand that the so-called “right to bear Arms” in the amendments to the constitution for the united States is just that, the right to bear heraldry, genealogy, the bloodline of the family crest at Arms. In order to remain as several (foreign), private Peoples (States), the States (We, the People) demanded this Natural right be protected under that constitution. The common foolery of the US citizenship, which has been entrained to believe that Arms (capitalized) means merely guns, is perhaps the most perfect logical fallacy imaginable, a sign of sheer ignorance and ignobility. To be clear, the 2nd Amendment protects the right to bear the bloodline, the heraldic Arms of the family line, which proves the right to lawful inheritance without interference from the federal (central) government. It does not mean guns. If it did, it would be the uncapitalized “arms” and would have been much more specific. But ignorance is built by mystery, and so it stands today as mysterious to the common un-literate plebe as it ever was. As long as this confusion of terms exists among their ignorant debt-slave masses, the elite know they have nothing to worry about.

On a side note, we must also realize that each of the several States are also in their own right prisons. This is a neutral term, like an enclosure one puts around ones property, as a border. Take the translated word garden in the Bible, for instance, as in the term “Garden of Eden,” which actually translates to an enclosure or prison. This is what borders are for, to enclose some thing in order to keep another thing in and/or out. The Garden was the untouched place, a place free of the devices and corruption of men, where God’s Law was followed… until man (Adam/mankind) was expelled from being an attendant within the protective garden by disobeying the Laws of the Garden, by eating from the tree of useless knowledge, of fictional ideas and information not of God. The Garden was a prison from the adverse, from the adversarial world and logic of men. One must be a fool to believe that paradise is rooted in anarchy (lawlessness), that total peace and harmony in Nature does not come with rules, or even that paradise can remain self-sustaining when men find it still untouched and pollutes it with that which is unnatural (not of Gods Creation). What man touches must be governed by the Law of Nature, lest Nature Itself fall into the ruination man creates by his desires and devices designed to improve or alter Nature to his own will. It is man’s ill-gotten mal-contentment with Gods Creation, with the gift of Reality in Nature as it was Given (Created), that is the pleasure chest of the devil, the unholy combination to unlocking the contents of Pandora’s Box.

Ever notice that when you go to the doctor for a regular visit you go to the “internal medicine” section? Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines the word intern as internal. These are some of the lowest paid doctors because they are general, not special, not private, but rather common (supervised). These internal doctors are in agency, mere employees of the principal corporation they work under internally. They are not able to work as “doctors” anywhere else. They are not “doctors” anywhere but internally within that hospital (corporation), anymore than a McDonald’s “cashier” or Walmart “greeter” carry that flattering title anywhere but within the confines of those corporate structures. There is simply no such thing as a doctor, a cashier, or a greeter in Nature. They are not Real. Employees and employers have no substance, being words that have meaning only when believed by those effected by them, just like money has no “value” but by the false belief (faith) in it. All of these are a causal effect of the agentic relationship (see pg. 300-303 in Strawman, Volume 1). To apply this to the People (States), a private citizen of any State (People) is attendant in that State, meaning not foreign to the State itself, as an attending (consequent) part of the People (State) and therefore owing service to it. In other words, the State citizen is an effect of the People (State), both thereby, as evidenced by the bearing of heraldry of that familys’ bloodline (Arms). Because of this, the State citizen is foreign/private from all other States and the United States and thus not bound to US Code. And so not surprisingly, in that same older dictionary, we find the unabashed Truth of what a US citizenship really is, and also why we may be called “domestic terrorists” by the federal government while in residence within the 50 States (People). The State citizen participates in intrastate commerce, meaning within his or her own State (People) and not foreign to it, whereas a US citizenship is always a foreigner in each of the several (private) States (People), including that where its residence lies, and therefore is always considered in interstate commerce, which of course is controlled by the United States per the constitution. Interstate means commerce by one from a foreign State or nation/country. Intrastate means within the same State. There is no intrastate commerce in the “United States” because the United States is not a State (People), not a territory (land). Rather, the “United States” is a policing and rule-making corporation over all commerce between foreign bodies. In other words, there is no “privacy” as a status for men in the “United States.” All US citizenships (agentic commercial vessels) are public. While a State (People) citizen pays internal taxes under private law from the United States, the US citizenship will always pay external taxes, for the word external means foreign. He that is internal to the United States must pay external taxes (see below) in all commercial transactions, for all his commercial transactions are within the several (foreign) States/countries/nations. The “United States” is a fictional, artificial person (corporation). Nothing exists within it, for it is a jurisdiction, not a territory (land). It exists (fictionally) only in its own district, outside of every State (People) and nation. Webster defines the word internal as:

INTERNAL – adjective – [Latin internus.] Inward; interior; being within any limit or surface; not external. 3. CONFINED TO A COUNTRY; DOMESTIC; not foreign; as the internal trade of a state or kingdom; internal troubles or dissensions; internal war. Internal taxes are taxes on the lands and other property within a state or kingdom; opposed to external taxes. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

INTERN – adjective – Internal[Not much used.] (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

EXTERNAL – adjective – [Latin externes.] 1. Outward; exterior; as the external surface of a body; opposed to internal2. Outward; not intrinsic; not being within; as external objects; external causes or effects. 3. Exterior; visible; apparent; as external deportment. 4. Foreign; relating to or connected with foreign nations; as external trade or commerce; the external relations of a state or kingdomExternal taxes, are duties or imposts laid on goods imported into a country. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


Nothing external to you has any power over you.

“In all my lectures, I have taught one doctrine,
namely, the infinitude of the private man.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson (separate quotes)


You want to know why you have to pay taxes on seemingly everything you do, including living in your own home? It’s because you are a foreigner everywhere you do commerce, and your house is not your own, it is in a foreign State (People) that is governed (militarily operated) by the United States by legal agreement. In other words, nothing you possess or own is private, for you are but an agent for the United States (principal) in operation of one of its public personas (legal masks). Thus we have exclusively in the jurisdiction of the United States something called the internal revenue code. State citizens are external from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A person (status) in a nation can exist nowhere else but in the jurisdiction (corporate limits) of that nation, being internal to it, and thus susceptible to all internal laws. A person (status) is always internal to whatever corporate entity that created it, for there is no respect of status (persons) under God (in Nature). The two recognized sources of status as to being a citizen are private blood relation (Arms) and the opposite or absence of blood inheritance, which is a (fictional) corruption of blood, also called attainder. A bill of attainder is not allowed upon the private States (People) according to the negative protections of constitution upon the private States (People), but a US citizen-ship is specifically, VOLUNTARILY contracted and thus stands in an acknowledged state of attainder (corruption of blood), in persona (status). A public persona is confined (internal) to a nation, the nation that created it, as a cartoon can only exist in its cartoon (man-made) realm, as the avatar only “lives” when we play the game or are plugged-in to its digital (legal) matrix, for the puppet cannot move without its agent to operate it. And this makes every nation an open-air prison for the lower (common/vulgar) class of persons (property), or in other words, a US citizenship is an internship, also called as an apprenticeship. This is not unlike the deviling process for attorneys.

APPRENTICESHIP – noun – 1. The term for which an apprentice is bound to serve his master. This term in England is by statute seven years. In Paris, the term is five years; after which, the person, before he is qualified to exercise the trade as a master, must serve five years as a journeyman; during which term, he is called the companion of his master, and the term is called his companionship. 2. The service, state or condition of an apprentice; a state in which a person is gaining instruction under a master. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


Thus, a man that takes the mark of a US citizenship or other national persona (status) is by default an intern (apprentice) of the nation as well, for the man must be bound and in surety to follow the law of the person (mask/status) in order to operate in that status (in commerce). This relationship is one of agency, which is considered by law to be a relationship of legal volunteerism, also called as the doctrine of master and servant.


“Where the party making the purchase is acting for the other and not for himself, the contract is one of agency.

—‘A Treatise On The Law Of Agency,’ Chapter 1, Section 8.


“In the common language of life, he, who, being competent and sui juris, to do any act for his own benefit, or on his own account, employs another PERSON to do it, is called the principal, constituent, or employerand he who is thus employed, is called the agent, attorney, proxy, or delegate of the principal, constituent, or employer. The relation, thus created, between the parties, is termed an agency.

—Justice Story, Comm. 612, excerpt from: ‘A Treatise On The Law Of Agency’


Government is the principal, and you (the man) are an acting agent (in attornment) thereof, using a person of government as a rented vessel in commerce. The thing about agents is that government can use (employ and deploy) its persons how it sees fit, such as calling a national military draft of all US citizens of a certain qualification. This is very much like the AI (government) over The Matrix simulation could transform any of its plugged in persons (men bound in surety to the person/status) into an agent in that movie, because all men plugged-in are acting in a person (controlled, tracked, taxed fictional persona) of The Matrix, an avatar, and are therefore in fact agents bound by the law and will of the simulation (legal fiction). While men cannot be forced to do anything, persons can be moved like pieces on a chess board, and the man in surety as acting agent of the person will surely follow. For the chess master (government) may simply sanction that change, creating a do or die situation, a do or go to prison (agentic) attitude. Persons have no right to deny their masters. In fact, persons cannot deny their masters because persons cannot act on their own. They must be pupated by an agent, a man acting in persona (legal mask). If the man doesn’t follow the law attached to and governing the person, then the man (as substantive, capitalist collateral for that person under this government, a human capital management system that uses humans as capital) is punished, put in pain, taxed, extorted, exacted, and put in prison… for these are literally the rights of United States persons. The right forced upon the person is also forced upon the surety of that person, the man in agency.

We must understand that while acting in agency, we are in a state of what is called attornment under a master, which is the causal effect (causality) of this agency relationship, and more importantly, is why the constitution does not apply to US citizenships (agents/employees of a principal government corporation):

ATTORNE – Latin. French. In old English law. An attorney. (Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)

ATTORNATUSOne who is attorned, or put in the place of another; a substitute; hence, an attorney(Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)

ATTORNEYSHIPThe office of an agent or attorney(Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)

ATTORNEY – In the most general sense this term denotes an agent or substitute, or one who is appointed and authorized to act in the place or stead of another. It is “an ancient English Word, and signifieth one that is set in the turne, stead, or place of another; and of these some be private and some be publike, as attorneys at law. One who is appointed by another to do something in his absence, and who has authority to act in the place and turn of him by whom he is delegated. Attorneys, in the modern use, are of two sorts, attorneys at law and attorneys in fact, as to which see those titles. (Black’s Law Dictionary, 1th Edition)

ATTORNEY IN FACTA private attorney authorized by another to act in his place and stead, either for some particular purpose, as to do a particular act, or for the transaction of BUSINESS in general, not of a legal character. This authority is conferred by an instrument in writing, called a “letter of attorney,” or more commonly a “power of attorney.”  (Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)


What is an agent? An attorney in fact. One who acts (performs) generally in commerce and therefore under the duties of the principal (government) through a rented persona (legal mask/status). You, while ACTING as a United States citizenship, are a registered agent for service of process for the person you operate in interstate commerce within the foreign State (People) you temporarily (as a fiction) reside in. This is the only way you are legally accepted as a resident of any private (several) State or other nation, for only then may you be controlled by the law of the United States that is attached to your Monopoly board character, the legal persona you bear (carry), which is like carrying the “Arms” of the United States instead of your own blood. Through that legal persona you can be controlled utterly while acting within that foreign State, and so are granted a temporary residence in which ever State (People) you choose, never actually becoming part of the State (private People), only a tenant thereof. The government gives you power of attorney to operate in its property (legal persona) and to stand as attorney for that person when the devilmasters summon that fictional person (like a demon) to court. Such a summons is addressed and therefore directed to the demon (person), and by law must be answered by he that is the agent for service of process, meaning the man that is acting as if he is the person, the user of another’s property. This is just like being possessed by a demon, for the person must follow the law of the devils that created that person/status, which means the man must act against his own will to perform in persona (under the law that governs that person. The same scenario happens when one rents a vehicle (vessel). As Webster defines, “…in general, the word (demon), in modern use, signifies an evil spirit or genius, which influences the conduct or directs the fortunes of mankind.” Sounds like the story of our civil, spiritually dead lives, does it not? Sounds like a man under contract with the devil, knowing his soul is already bound and chained by evil, and that his destiny is now governed by that anti-God, legal master of puppets (persons).

DEAMONnoun – 1. an evil supernatural being. 2. a person who is part mortal and part god.

deitydivinitygodimmortal – any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force.

dibbukdybbuk – (Jewish folklore) a demon that enters the body of a living person and controls that body’s behavior.

Source–> Dictionary


Super-natural, meaning that which is above or outside of Nature (not a Natural creation of God), this is what a person (status) is, and that is why the Bible Law forbids them in every possible way. Like Christ is the personification of Gods Law of Nature, so too is the legal person a personification of the legal law, or that which is antichrist. This must be understood, both as the foundation of spiritual Law and as the metaphor for the artificial legal existence of a person as a demon. For while a man (self-Existence) is and always will be bound to the Law of Nature, the fictional person (false existence) is bound to the legal law of fiction under mammon. The man that carries (bears) a person (legal status) is bound (cursed) by the law of that deamon, that false persona, and will act as the law governing that person influences the man to act, as if the man is in fact that demon/person. Remember, the devil controls the actions of men through legal contract, purchasing (conquering) mans soul and replacing it with a fictional daemon, so the man is in this way possessed by that demon and therefore acts as the demon is required to under that devilish legal system of law, just as the religious stories of demons bound by the laws of and in hell. Remember, hell is defined in Black’s Law 4th Edition as historically the prison for debtors under the treasury. Is that not what a legal person is, a debtor to the central bank (treasury) of the nation, caught in a contractual performance debt and therefore forced to follow the legal law binding that man to the person (demon)? Once the metaphor is understood and once the anthropomorphizing and personification of these things is seen clearly for what is Real to teach a moral lesson, then we can finally learn from these fables, parables, and allegorical tales without being fooled by literal interpretations of the form of the characters of the story. One of the classic and I dare say under-appreciated and misunderstood-by-Americans allegorical stories of the deamon (demon) is the classic fantasy novel The Golden Compass. And while a movie was made of this book, as Hollywood always does, it focused and secured the esoterica and mystery of the books meaning as a moral story instead of bringing enlightenment and knowledge from it. In other words, it caused children and adults to actually praise and be in want of a demon instead of striving for Truth and self-responsibility in all things, including in that of our True spiritual selves. Again we find that only when the mystery of these words is removed are we able to comprehend ourselves as their once ignorant, unwitting victims.

But I digress…

Please! Hear me now… the constitution does not give, bestow, or protect any rights to its own persons (property), to its contracted agents. It does however protect the negative (natural/already existing) rights of MEN acknowledged as God-given and so protected under common law. In other words, it protects those States (People) that in Congress assembled created the “United States” as a separate, foreign entity (corporation) and district from themselves as several (private) States (People). This is great for the private People (States) which it negatively protects. However, if you are a public United States citizenship, you are not acting as a MAN (as your True self) but instead in the agency of a legal person (daemon), in a voluntary, contractual relationship of master and servant. Therefore the constitution does not apply to you, because you are not being considered in legal law as a MAN, but as a PERSON (demon). Remember, the declaration of independence says all MEN (male and female) are Created equal (without status/person), but says nothing of persons. Persons are created for the purpose of inequality (status). There is no status if everything is equal, for then status is made obsolete, being completely disrespected. What is equal cannot therefore see anything but Pure and unblemished equality. This is the Law of God. The constitution does not protect persons against government because persons are not Creations of God, and have no God-given natural/negative rights. All rights of persons are created by men in positive (legal) law. If you understand just this one aspect of the legal system, then you cannot in good conscious continue in the charade that God and the Bible Law play no part in this Existence. For you must come to terms that US citizenship is purposefully a jurisdiction created to be devoid of the Law of God, the Law of Nature, and the common law (including the Bible). There is no other purpose for the legal law than to be anti- (a replacement/in the stead of) the Law of God (Nature). To be a US citizenship bound in this open-air debtor’s hell (district) and also believe that you have constitutional or God-given rights is like a man being sent to hell for his evil deeds by Gods judgement, as the allegoric, metaphoric moral story goes, and then demanding to Satan himself that while in Satan’s hell as Satan’s property he be granted his God-given, constitutional rights. You can see how ridiculous this notion is, as if what is approved by God is in that fiery Hell (that which is anti-God). Yet the entire so-called patriot movement and alternative and mainstream media continuously promote and preach how they are entitled to their Natural and constitutional rights. And I cringe every time I hear this completely fallacious rhetoric, not because it is provably fallacious, but because I remember BELIEVING the same hogwash, because that is what we are constantly conditioned to BELIEVE in all public forums, from education to entertainment. This whole tyranny of personhood is the complete opposite of this romanticized logic, built instead upon the intent and purpose of stripping us of our God-given rights (i.e. blood-right/manhood) specifically so that the constitution does not apply to us, or in other words, so that we are not one of the several (private) “People” (States). For the legal law effects only persons, never men, unless a man takes that person as its user. But first they must convince us to be public-minded, that our rights are not God-given as stated in the Declaration of Independence, but that instead fallaciously we own our selves, that our rights are our own property, our own Creation and not God’s, and therefore are sellable by us. For if we are convinced that we our own property, then we automatically have detached ourselves from Gods Nature, from being a property (part of) God, no longer recognizing a Higher Power and authority than ourselves. This was, after all the original intention of the revolutionary anarchism movements in the 1700’s, to strip meaning from everything possible, and to take society into the decadence of post-modernist, nihilistic self-destruction we see today, a society of melancholy souls devoid of God. God is dead, they say, and therefore law has no Source, and so neither does man or Nature Itself.

Jean Baudrillard, in his book Simulacrum and Simulation (1981), specifically points to these revolutionary anarchists as “terrorists” of the social order, destroyers of the meaning behind appearances, the very meaning behind such dialectical reasoning as the concept of God-given rights and God Itself, manifesting the current state of legalism, as law without any appearance of moral purpose. And so the meaning behind all symbology is lost as well, though their empty (devoid of meaning) appearance is immortal. And it is these seductive, empty symbols that now hold nothing of the historical, pre-revolutionary (pre-anarchistic) meaning intended by their celebrated form (appearance). The cross is a perfect example of this meaningless symbology, where the appearance survives the always temporary (mortal) meaning placed upon it by men. I dare say that even the meaning of God Itself in society has become devoid of reason, of purpose, becoming in todays society a joke, a character played by Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live or as a bumbling extra cast on the “adult” cartoon Family Guy, and treated anthropomorphically as no better than a politician to be criticized and ridiculed. This is the seduction towards evil caused by appearance without a consensus of societal meaning. And so at this point the terrorists have already accomplished their apocalypse against meaning, against the reason behind appearances and symbology, to the point that the intent of most everything is today lost in translation, for even the meaning of the usage of words has been destroyed, causing a catastrophic failure in the ability of the common man to decipher the meaning behind ancient texts and their wisdom. Even the meaning of the Bible has been lost to its spiritless form and appearance, which is the causal effect of the failure of the “experiment” in self-government that the States united in compact were intended to be. Without meaning behind the very source of this governmental structure, behind the foundation of the unwritten (moral) aspect of the common law,  and therefore the instruction manual on how to self-govern, the United States has subsumed and militarily defeated the self-governing States (People), so that in their organized, criminal corruption they have no other purpose than to extort and use all of us to continue in their own social order of degradation and moral ineptness. The symbol, the meaning behind the united States in compact has been seduced and taken over by its symbol, by its appearance, a beast of immorality (or rather amorality) that no longer tolerates its own stated Source of power, God Itself. God is dead, indeed, but for Its immortal appearance, its empty form, to the average man, who considers Nature (Jehovah) as his inferior plaything, simply because the meaning of the word God has been stripped from its appearance, stolen from his vocabulary, and thus morphed into an immortal, external “desert of the Real.” At this point the devils (attorneys), as the agents of the adversary are lying in wait around every corner to offer us some contractual relationship with it (the legal system of debt/hell), for those devils smell the stench of our lack of Trust in God (Reality), in the Truth of our own Nature (Source), knowing we have lost our way and are willing to accept the false gods of the legal, commercial world.

The Matrix movie is the worst case scenario of the perfection of the simulation, the implementation of final phase and manifestation of the simulacrum, a copy without attachment to any original, a holographic appearance without any meaning or purpose, form without substance. This is what we are building, collectively, as we drift more and more into the melancholic lifestyle of the fated Metropolis-style workforce, with no meaning behind the appearances we construct, yet with the purpose of total enslavement of the mind, body, and soul to fiction, to the death of the meaning of God (self-Existence).

The question that most people today have then is what is the purpose, or the utility, if you will, of believing in God? What is the point of True Faith? Ironically, the only reason anyone would ask this question is because of the nihilistic society America and other nations have become. The purpose of God is to have a common meaning and purpose for our own Existence. Pre-destiny. Not self-determination, but pre-determination. To be the self-actualization of the realization of the Whole Existence that is Jehovah. To be part of that Whole, part of Nature. This belief system, which is also a self-evident Truth, gives meaning and purpose behind our appearance (Existence), and brings a common reason and purpose to all men for our Existence as part of what is God (Nature, the Universe). Therefore, when at one time in history we used the term “so help me God” or other meaningful invocations of the Force and Source of our Existence, of Nature, then we understood it was our very soul that was being wagered behind the Truth of our words or actions. Today, however, these words are empty, a mantra chanted in court, in a legal (anti-God) setting, for appearance-sake only. It has become a meaningless utterance by a melancholic people that are so far removed from their Source of Existence (God) that these words now stand only as a curse, a big “fuck you” to the God of Nature and to the Logos (Christ) that we say not to tell the Truth, but to repeat the lies that are the legal code and artificial system of mammon. By swearing on the Bible in a legal court that recognizes only the absence of God, the absence of God’s Law in that legal setting and jurisdiction, we are absolutely being tricked into blaspheming God in every way, into turning our backs to God in order to accept and falsely exist in the artificial realm of man’s recreation. The reason behind God and the Bible as the central foundation of society is to prevent exactly what society has become today, to ensure a commonly followed and respected set of meaningful, moral Laws that trump every other law (doctrine) made by man, even the Executive Orders of Trump. Today, the legal system is set up for one and only one purpose, to protect the immoral, antichrist actions of legal persons, from individuals to corporations to body politics (corporate states/nations/etc.). In other words, our system of legal law is set up to keep us all from self-governing under the Law of God, to take away any notion of self-responsibility and place it upon fictional persons so that the blame for our own actions (or inaction) can be blamed on the legal person that is bound by legal law. Therefore, in every way possible, the legal US citizenship is at all times acting not only against God (Nature), but against any semblance of the Law and Laws of Nature. This is the purpose of personhood. There is no other purpose. For personhood specifically binds a man to a false, legal doctrine (law) and outlaws his ability to act under the Law of Nature (God). And hey, if I hear the typical “freedom of religion” fallacy again I’m going to puke. Freedom means franchise in legalese, remember? And franchises are subordinate, subject to the principal that created them. Freedom of anything in the United States is limited to what the law of men allow in the franchise of citizenship (person-hood). So stop worshiping the empty appearance of that which is written in the constitution, for whatever meaning it held long ago is long past, its “People” corrupted to the point of no return. While In Truth God is certainly not dead but to the tainted perceptions of corrupted, fallen men, for then, without Existence/Nature, we all would be non-existent too, the reason behind the severally (privately) united States and their constitution is long past dead. The appearance, the form remains, though any semblance of meaning is gone. Fiction without meaning has no substance, just as art without a source has no reason but self-aggrandizement, selfishness, emptiness, or one could say the literalism of fiction, a lack of contentment with Gods design, appearance without meaning.

Ultimately, this all boils down to the difference between merely living upon God and Living For God. To exist without purpose is to merely live a legally bound, spiritually dead life. To Exist as part of Existence, and that which is dependent upon and which ensures the Nature of Existence, this is the spiritual Life of a son of God. Our destiny, one and all, is to Live For (in support and protection of) the self-Existence of Nature, that is, to preserve the Design of Nature and Live according to Its Law. To Live in Truth at all times is to Live as part of God, for God is the whole Universe of all that Is Truth, the Eternal Being (verb) of all that is self-Existent. This is our only True and predetermined destiny, whether we want it or not, and whether we fulfill it or not.

Now you know what it means when they call you a domestic terrorist. It means you’re an intern, a prisoner, that is about to figure out his disposition and perhaps actually do something about it. It means they are afraid you are waking up from the open-air prison of their legal matrix. It seems they will do anything to prevent you from becoming a True follower of Christ (Logos), for then their internal measures and trickery will have no effect on you, the morally driven, Lawful man. The domestic terrorist is not he that is already awake and aware, but he that is beginning to wake, beginning to see the fraud, and who therefore is being triggered against the fraud and the lies like an antibody waking up from its slumber to fight a long awaited disease. The domestic terrorists are they who, like most in the alternative/truth/patriot movement, have not the guiding Light (knowledge) of God’s Law of Nature (Logos) to guide them through this spiritual awakening process, and therefore are not self-governed in their response, towards seeing the big legal lie for what it is and starting to feel the compulsion to revolt against it. The Truth is that this is not terror, it is the beginning of enlightenment, of the revelation that we are all domestic servants, and that the feudal division of classes and laws is alive and well in America and the world. In this state of fallacious logic, overthrow of government seems the only logical course. But the wise man does not overthrow his adversary only to replace it in its tyranny, he overcomes it. He overcomes, that is, the need for its existence in the first place. Often the patriot seeks to restore the old gods, the fathers of the nation, instead of turning to Jehovah through Christ (Moral Law). The truther is often self-proclaimed to be an anarchist or atheist, and so has nowhere to go but down anyway. And those that remain, those who may already call themselves and even believe in themselves to be “Christians,” can never break free from their own indoctrination of false religious patriotism, hopelessly mixed in legalism and morality, as if the two laws can somehow coexist in harmony. The Truth of God (Jehovah) is just as lost on these as it is on the atheist, for while the atheist idolizes nothingness (nihilism) as his God, the christian idolizes God in every unnatural form and symbol but that in which It already Is. And so the so-called movement never really moves at all, for the Truth of God and of Logos (Jesus Christ) falls on deaf ears and blind eyes. I know, for I was one of you. And now you shun me not merely because I speak the Truth you simply do not wish to hear, but because I can show you that Truth you’ve denied just like I did for so much of my own miserable, miserly life… And so you continue to seek the answers internally, within the very legal system that oppresses you and causes you to be the adversary of Gods Nature and Law. In other words, the legal matrix has you, has all of us, and it is working at 100% efficiency.

The internal medicine doctor practices only within the confounds and under the name of that hospital/brand name. Likewise, a private citizen practices self-government only in that State (People) and under its name and protection. The constitution protects this negative right of privacy for the People (States), but has nothing to do with the rights of citizenships under the “United States” corporation, for all rights attributed to a person (status/property) of the United States are positive, meaning granted by congress. A citizenship of United States is a creation of Congress, while a private citizen of any State (People) is part of the bloodline of “People” (States) that originally created congress. The private citizen is over the constitution while the US citizenship is beneath it. You, as a US citizenship, are foreign to the 50 States united (those that are called as We, the People) and therefore are not protected in any way by the constitution. Inversely, the People (State) citizens, which are non-US citizens, are immune and foreign from the “United States” constitution in that the constitution only protects the rights that private (foreign) People (States) already have (those not needed to the United States). Private States are like co-ops, which exist only on certain private lands not rendered to Caesar (the district). Remember, the legal word freedom means legal, commercial franchise, a subservient agency under United States corporate (legal) law. Slaves were enfranchised, which means to be set free under corporate (federal) rule. In other words, like us at birth, the collective slave population of the private States were “nationalized” into US citizenships. They were given US persons (legal status) as property of “United States,” and therefore protection under the national law, which requires voluntary subjection (slavery) to the United States corporation. The birth certificate process establishes this same exact voluntary status as it did for those slaves. That means you, and me, and all US citizenships are in the same boat. It’s called equality by patriotic fools that don’t know they are just house slaves, proud of their internment and unregenerately unaware (ignorant) of their actual status and plight. Like the international Jew is tricked into being patriotic (zionist) to the artificial person/corporation called “Israel,” so too is the American tricked into being patriotic towards that corporation which takes away his privacy and right of Being one of the People. State (private) militias of the private People (States) would have historically fought against the “United States” if necessary to protect the independence (privacy/sovereignty) of their own State (People). Patriotism toward “United States” by its citizenships (interns) is like loving ones jail cell and keeper. Yet it is understandable to love and protect ones State (People), for that People generally includes ones family, ones cousins, and ones estate. But the United States is pure fiction, an open-air prison built entirely on the foundation of international and interstate commerce (mammon). The patriot of the United States essentially misses the whole point of being patriotic, which is to protect ones People (State) and culture from the foreign “United States” and every other foreign nation. But since this privacy was stolen from us, we all have Stockholm Syndrome, having nothing of our own to protect. For to deliver the child is to abandon (tax) the child to the state (nation) through birth registration. We have no bloodline ahead or behind us to inherit or pass once we abandon (deliver) the child to the imaginary district of Washington D.C. (see Book 1, page 314- for more detail). DOn’t believe it, look at your receipt, mom and dad. It’s the birth certificate you applied for. Didn’t you know?

When we start following the intent of meanings of legal terms instead of what we imagine or wish them to be, we find that to be a US citizenship is of course to be enrolled in that corporation, to have ones legal name on a tax register, etc. Likewise, Caesar enrolled his citizens into Rome, voluntarily or by force. The word Caesar can be loosely translated to the word district, as the district of Columbia, Washington. The citizen (person/status) of the United States is not attendant in the State where it may reside (have residence) as an intern. The private State citizen is attendant (actually present) in the State (People) and territory (private land) and therefore is self-governing, that is, self-responsible for his or her own actions, while also in fealty to the private State and its constitution and private laws. The US citizenship is an intern (imprisoned beast) that is not capable of self-governing. The US citizenship remains under internship (domicile of the US) until he may prove himself capable and therefore of right mind (compos mentis) to govern and be responsible for his own actions in private practice. Until then, the US citizenship is an infant and considered not of right mind (non compos mentis) and must be represented both in government and in court by agents (attorneys). Because a US citizens’ person (legal status) is property of the US government corporation, all US citizenships are rented vessels under contract in commerce, and are therefore considered wards of the court. This is why any idiot may join the “infantry” of the military. The name fits, and this is no joke. Infants cannot practice law unsupervised. We must overcome the devices of that which keeps us in this state of artificially induced infancy.

The lesson to learn here is that firstly, a US citizen has no constitutional rights, because the constitution only protects the already recognized private rights of the People (States) united in compact, and secondly, that a US citizen has no access to what is called the common law, which includes as its foundation the Bible. Never forget, the Bible is Law. But it is not merely a book of Law, it is the interns guide to self-government and self-responsibility under the Law of God. It is the only recognized way to overcome being a prisoner (citizenship) of the United States or other nation. The word nation stems from the term goyim (i.e. voluntary slave/subject), also spelled goim and often termed as gentile (pagan). Keep in mind that the thirteenth amendment to the constitution did not abolish slavery in any way, it only abolished involuntary slavery. To volunteer ones child at birth by certification (birth certificate) into a United States internship (citizenship) is to give up paternal rights to that child and make it a ward of “United States.”

What is legal law holds no Real connection to the Law of God, to Nature (Creation), and in fact the only relation between the two is their absolute opposition to one another. Cartoons cannot exist (have artificial life) in Reality. Legal persons (status) cannot actually Exist in Reality. WE MUST BELIEVE IN THEM FOR THEM TO EXIST AND HAVE FORCE. Likewise, there is no escape from the Law and Laws of Nature, for our Existence depends upon the integrity of those Laws, and we are no use to the ruling class if we are dead. You see, I can’t tell you what the legal matrix is unless you stop believing it to be Real, until you stop believing that the “United States” and all other nations are a gift from God, that they are part of God’s Design of Nature and Its Law. This, of course, is impossible unless you are willing to concede that Pac Man and Donkey Kong are also certainly not Creations of God (Nature), but are devices of men. If you think there is a difference between the fiction of “United States” and the fiction of “Mario World,” then we have a problem. Each has its own language and law that forms a coded matrix that causes it to appear to be Reality. Nature too has Its own Law, and nothing of those other realms of fiction can take substance (life/Existence) within that Realm of what is Real. Perhaps this may seem obvious? Yet none of you can seem to escape the legal fiction, its artificial law, or its greatest tool of mammon. Therefore you must somehow still believe they are Real, right? You give them credit. You probably have a credit card and bank account to hold those things you believe have value, to protect them from the Truth of Nature. Yet your Bible is either collecting dust on a shelf or long since stored or thrown away as if there is no value in it. Isn’t that absurd? Perhaps its those police officers and administrative judges in black moo-moos that make it feel so Real? Well, of course! Every matrix must have its feared and dreaded agents. But when you realize that we are all acting agents (employees) under the “United States” corporation (principal), then we may understand our disposition. We may then understand that because we are acting as property of the “United States” corporation (in its person/status), that nothing we do, acquire, or believe we own is actually our own. Everything the agent acquires belongs to the person, and the person belongs to the corporation nation. The person, in fact, can exist nowhere else but in that legal realm that created it.

If you’re still unclear as to how US citizenship is voluntary, let me put it another way for you. US citizenship is your involuntary choice because you chose not to be self-governing. There are only two choices. It is your lack of choice to follow Christ, the Logos/Law of God, that makes you a perfect and necessary volunteer for government’s legal, open-air prison. It is your positive actions to contract and use/act in the person of government that defines and expresses your voluntary consent to the law that governs that person (status) and therefore your own actions while acting in persona. In Biblical terms, as hokey as it sounds, it is your sins against God’s Law of Nature that keeps you in this system. Your signature seals your legal, spiritually dead fate in a legal, civil life serving mammon. To deny this is to deny what is in your wallet, what is on your birth certificate, Social Security card, and any other legal document or contract you’ve ever signed, down to your local gym or spa membership. The signature is the admixing of the Christian (first) and legal (last/sur) name.

Because we have been lied to so eloquently that our bodies, our time and labor, etc. are actually our own property and not that of Jehovah, these devilish tricksters have literally fooled us into selling ourselves into slavery through voluntary citizenship. I am excerpting some important parts from Carolyn Steedman’s work here, which explains the master and servant (volunteerism) legal doctrine and how it works. We must first understand that we are volunteers before we can un-volunteer, of course. The problem is, most people don’t realize that citizenship to the nation is voluntary, just as employment is to an employer (e.g. corporation). Please read carefully so that you can actualize the steps here. First we abandon God. Second we are told we own our selves (have no God/father but the state). Third we are contractually tricked into selling ours selves into a labor/debt contract. Without the first step, this process is impossible, for a Bible reading people would never mistake their own minds, bodies, and souls as anything but a subservient property of Nature (Jehovah). This word-magic is why many of us deny that we are volunteers in the legal matrix, and why despite that disbelief, we are under the legal law attached to our consented to agency relationship, to the person (property) of the United States (or other nation). This is commonly referred to as service at the barrel of the gun. Yep! That’s exactly what we all figuratively signed up for as long as we act in the person (property) of another and not as the property of God (Jehovah) under the Law of Nature (Logos). Seriously, get this through your damned head. It is your right as a US citizenship to be put in pain, punished, taxed and extorted (exacted) from. It is your right as a US citizenship (person) to get service from government at the barrel of a gun, just as it is government’s right to serve it up. This is no different than what a slave-master can do to his slaves. As clever as you think you are by saying this fallacious term ‘service at the barrel of a gun’ in protest to government, at the same time you are fool enough to ignore the fact that the US Code is very clear that you have this right and that it may certainly enforce it anytime it feels the need (See US Code, Title 42, Section 1981). The fool often thinks his fallacious rhetoric is sound and even cool sounding to others, but then so do babies just learning to talk babble meaninglessly without knowledge or grammatical structure behind their blurred together words. I hardly see the difference. And make no mistake, one of the first steps to reading and understanding the Bible is to realize that most of the time it is you, the reader, that is the fool it speaks of. When I accepted that fact, that I was the fool in all the parables that took and continues to take the wrong path, only then I was able to see clearly the righteous path. It’s ok to have been a fool like me your whole life. Forgiveness is eternal, and you can overcome even your own shortcomings if you are willing to accept and obey the Law (Logos), to follow the example of Jesus Christ.

Are you currently a domestic servant? Of course you are! It’s just that the post-modern version of this legal title of low status looks very different than it did a few centuries ago, as does the entire recreated, contactual feudal system that is US citizenship:

“The work of domestic servants occupied a central position in eighteenth-century political philosophy, and thus in the labour law and the fiscal policy that it underpinned. The philosophy of labour, originating in the seventeenth century, concerned itself with work as an abstract quality, as a thing that might be contracted for and transferred from person to person, in an agreement made to perform it for another, for some kind of compensation. The general meaning of ‘servant’, as a he or she who worked for some kind of recompense in this way, was what John Locke had in mind when he contemplated these questions in the Two Treatises of Government (1689). In the second Treatise, Locke describes how ‘every man has a property in his own person; this nobody has any right to but himself’. The labour of his body, the work of his hands, are properly his, and he has property in them. In the great abundant world that God made, people may mingle their labour with the fruits of the earth, behave like the Maker who made them, and the natural things with which they mix their labour become theirs: their property. A free person, of his or her own will and volition, mightmake himself a servant to another by selling him, for a certain time, the service he undertakes to do in exchange for wages he is to receive’. In that moment of hiring (in such an act of contract) the labour becomes the master’s, not the labourer’s. The moment, of the transfer of labour, is famously described: ‘the grass my horse has bit, the turfs my servant has cut… become my property… The labour that was mine removing them out of the common state they were in, has fixed my property in them.’

Locke did not expand on his example, or explore the imagery he used (though that shall be done, at the end of this article). But the eighteenth century underscored what he concentrated on in the turf-cutting passage: he was interested in the employer’s capacities, not the servant’s. His turf-cutting servant is a mere cipher (or automaton), as the master uses (employs) the man and the horse to take grass and turf into his personal possession. The servant exercises the master’s capacity to labour rather than his own. Eighteenth-century legal commentators expounded on the unfortunate social necessity that brought about the situation Locke described. The most famous of them all, William Blackstone, explained that the relationship between master and servant wasfounded in convenience (ease), whereby a man is directed to call in the assistance of others where his own skill and labour will not be sufficient to answer the cares incumbent upon him’. Really, in strictness every body ought to transact his own affairs’, noted John Barry Bird in 1799; BUT it is by the favour and indulgences of the law that he can delegate the power of acting for him to another’. That was whythe acts of servants are in many instances deemed the acts of the masters. This is what you taught children: that servants were there to do what was actually the employer’s – the parents’ – business(note the employer is the father/parent in this agency/citizenship relationship)

Tax laws cut through and around many legal assumptions about the master–servant relationship; but where a contractual relationship existed, the legal absorption of one (inferior) body in another remained an underlying proposition

Robert Steinfeld has reminded us that for more than a century or so after Locke wrote, the idea of free labour remaineduninvented’ (although such invention was in process in the former American colonies, from the 1780s onwards), and thatall those who worked for others for compensation on whatever terms were in some senseservingtheir masters

Between 1847 and 1867 Marx moved from an understanding of labour-power as a kind of commoditysomething that could be sold and boughtto an account in which labour does notreallyexist, or rather is only existent in its moment of realization, when an abstract capacity or ability is congealed, or crystallized, into a thing, or object: something made, for sale and for use (i.e. commerce). Indeed, ‘in order to be sold as a commodity in the market, labour would have to exist in its own right, before it was soldsomething patently impossible, for if the worker were able to endow it with an independent existence, he would be selling a commodity, and not labour’. Marx formulated the idea of labour-power, or the potentiality to labour – to start work on the iron, or the yarn, or the length of linen, or whatever – as a conceptual bridge over the absence of labour as a real thing, with shape and form in the world. Labour was not a commodity; it was produced in a moment of action, and deposited and stratiated in things which were commodities. What determined the value of these different commodities was ‘the labour-time necessary for [their] production’.

In a structure of argument that proposes that: the worker sells his labour-power (not his labour); that the moment labour actually begins, it ceases to belong to the worker, and can no longer be sold by him; that labour may be the substance and immanent measure of value, but has no value itself – it would be difficult indeed to incorporate the work of domestic service, or indeed, service in general. Marx shook his head at contemporary demography, which showed domestic servants (still) to be the largest occupational category in contemporary society; then irony covers over their existence and their history, and incidentally, their former place in an elaborate economic and fiscal theory. For they are (the figures are from 1861) domestic slavesan elevating consequence of the capitalist exploitation of machinery’. Or they were the mere (though massive) legacy of a much older feudal form of society. Overall, ‘types of work that are consumed as services and not in products separable from the worker, and not capable of existing as commodities independently of himare of microscopic significance when compared with the mass of capitalist production. They may be entirely neglected, therefore.’ Somewhere, then, between Adam Smith and Karl Marx, servants got lost, at least lost to twentieth-century social historians working within the broad framework of their economic and social theory.

As far as Adam Smith is concerned, it is useful to be reminded by Bernacki that in his contemplation of these questions there was always acontinued divergence between fact and orientating model, and that, indeed, Smith’s model oflabor incarcerated in a finished ware by a small producerwas fashioned in the teeth of his knowledge that in mid-eighteenth-century England, ‘nearly all worked in the service of a master.

—Carolyn Steedman (2004), from: ‘The servant’s labour: the business of life, England, 1760–1820’ Social History, 29:1, 1-29, DOI: 10.1080/0307102032000163723 (words added by author in parenthesis)


But where did the domestic servant seem to disappear to? Note the date. For this all happened around the mid 1800’s, right around the civil war era, after the French revolutionary period of anarcho-capitalisim, or in other words, right when the 13th and 14th amendments were constituted in the United States. The slaves were enfranchised. The common people, now civilly equal, went from common domestic servants to national servants of the “United States.” In other words, there is no substantial difference between what US citizenship and domestic service is. We are all our own house slave. Domestic servants didn’t disappear, they became the wet dream of Marx. They became denizens (district citizenships). They became servants to a centrally governing master, a nation built for commerce in souls, for human capital management (capitalism). And how did it happen? When men were convinced that they owned themselves, and therefore could sell themselves or their labor in exchange for credit (money). The employee is the servant of an employer (master), and what the employee does belongs to and is property of the master, never the servant. This is the same as a US citizenship (domestic servant/agent) to the United States (master/principal).

Now, I want you to pay special attention to what I’m about to say, considering the above information. I have told you that I figured out how the system works, and how we are enslaved to it. But in order to understand it, you must grasp the Marxian view that what is impossible can be made possible, specifically that what you do in the form of labor can be sold before it ever happens, as a potentiality. In other words, this is a alogical fallacy forced to come to fruition, the impossible made to become possible through legal word magic. And for this to work, every common man must be convinced that his person is not himself. Notice first that Marx’s theories were being put forward at the time of the civil war in America. Indeed, when one considers the consequences of that so-called war, one can see these Marxian plans coming to fruition in a big way. One would, in fact, be hard-pressed to consider that the civil war wasn’t influenced by Marx. Let’s run it down…

  • The original 13th amendment was passed just before the war broke out, which would have actually legalized slavery (involuntary service/servitude) in all states. This was the final solution or compromise of the Lincoln Cabinet, to essentially deregulate slavery from federal ties, leaving the private States (People) to decide.


Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, of America in Congress assembled, that the following article be proposed to the Legislatures of the several States as an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which, when ratified by three-fourths of said Legislatures, shall be valid, to all intents and purposes, as part of the said Constitution, viz:


No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give to Congress the power to abolish or interfere, within any State, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said State.

Speaker of the Hous of Representatives.

Vice President of the United States, and
President of the Senate.

Approved March 2, 1861.




So let us be clear, here. This original 13th amendment before the civil war would have made it impossible (unconstitutional) and unlawful to pass the later, now published 13th amendment that was entered after the war. You have been taught the civil war was about slavery, but I submit to you that this war was much more over what lies behind the contents and theories not of the original 13th amendment, which would have stopped the second, post-war 13th amendment, but from what was to come in that second (post-war) 13th amendment, which of course was necessary for the 14th amendment to be passed. In other words, the southern states recognized what the communist influenced federal government of United States was up to, which was to enfranchise the entire common population of blacks and whites into the status of domestic slaves/servants of the United States through a low, base form of US citizenship, which had not existed before then. Its just that the original concession by Lincoln was too little, too late. The southern confederation, in other words, was created to stop the forward momentum of the United States taking by force of law all common men, all slaves, and all domestic servants into its own citizenship (ownership through personhood (status).

Allow me to break down this timeline for you here…

  • This original 13th amendment was voted yes in both houses and signed by the president. It became law, and was just beginning to be ratified in some of the States (People) as required. This is obviously not what is taught in history books. Lincoln cared not about slavery, only in saving the union. It was in fact the masters of those slaves that were trying to protect them from being freed with no status (persona) in society, a people that had no ability or experience in selling their labor in this new, “capitalist” way, which is why this compromise was reached. Without the protection of the master, the servants (slaves) would be beaten and killed and driven out of the States, for they were never a part of those private bloodlines of People (States) and therefore had no protective status (person). However, this amendment was too late, and war had already broken out. The congress was abandoned by the “southern” States (People) and therefore the union was indeed dissolved.
  • At this point the “United States” as its own federal corporation became self-active through Executive Orders and Presidential Directives. Lincoln had certain newspapers censored and shut down as well. There was no declaration of war because there was no more Congress, no more States united by compact. The Southern States (People) formed instead their own confederation, another word for conspiracy and combination. They tried to become independent from the tyrannical “United States” and its presidents just like the colonies did from the English empire and its kings. Only the United States retaliated in a much more demanding and violent way, again against its own People. This is called the war of Northern Aggression. Here, from the government website for Appomattox Courthouse (the town), we understand the crimes directed by “United States” against the People (States) of the peaceful conspiracy (confederacy)”

Where was the treaty signed? There was no treaty signed to end the Civil War. The surrender at Appomattox Court House was a military surrender of an army which was surrounded. The Confederate government never surrendered and even had it wanted to the United States government would likely not have accepted.To do so would have legally acknowledged the existence of the Confederate States of America and would have legitimized it and given it certain legal status internationally.Treaties are between two nations and the U.S. would never concede the legal existence of the Confederacyeven though it had a government, armies, taxes and all the trappings of a modern government.


  •  The “United States” gave no international rights to the People (States) of the confederacy (conspiracy against United States) because it did not recognize that so-called war as anything but a retrieval of its own property, a conquering of traitors to the Union. There was nothing romantic about this. Most importantly, the civil war never ended. There was no treaty. This means, in other words, that as a self-acting corporation outside of the States (People) united, that “United States” took over all the States, forced a new, de facto (illegitimate) congress to convene against State constitutions, and rendered the People as a militarily defeated nation under the Leiber Code (military rule under the Marshals of law). What was is not what now is.
  • Now the reconstruction amendments were passed, including a new 13th amendment that went hand in hand with the old, but did quite the opposite. Let’s be perfectly clear that the post-civil war or new 13th amendment did not end slavery, it only franchised it in the style of Marxian labor-power capitalism. In other words, the 13th amendment created a new, federal institution of slavery that was voluntary, under the doctrine of agency and the doctrine of master and servant. The 13th amendment states that voluntary slavery and voluntary servitude are legal, and that involuntary prison slavery (labor) and servitude is still legal, just as in the first. It reads:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall EXIST within the United States,or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. (13th Amendment, 1964)

  • Slavery is a crime for punishment. And voluntary servitude was not covered in this amendment. It did not abolish slavery at all, it privatized it. It nationalized it through the 14th amendment, where all former slaves were “emancipated” or “set free” in the “United States.” Remember, the term set free in legalese means to place one into a franchise. In other words, the slaves were allowed to volunteer into servitude to the United States as a 14th amendment citizen. This was the American fruition of Marx’s capitalist dream. These former slaves now carried the mark of property to the United States corporation, not as servants of their former masters. As stated above, this was a new frontier. This was the nationalization of that model of the separation of a mans labor from his own self, being a product of his own “person” as it was said. Instead, a US person (status) was established, called a public US citizenship for the first time, and to each former slave that volunteered was attached a person (status) in all “United States” jurisdictions. At this point, all servants were recreated into capitalist wage-slaves. For the labor of a 14th amendment citizen was not his own, but that of the legal person (citizenship) he accepted voluntarily to act within. The impossible was made possible. The labor of men, at this point, was through legal magic (contract) separated from a whole class of people, taken from their own selves (person) and reassigned to a fictitious legal persona (mask) that was already property of the “United States.”
  • But this was not the end. For 14th amendment citizenship was left open for anyone in the world to volunteer for, including the common people of the United States, those “white” English, Irish, Scottish (etc.) and other nationalities that were indentured and often treated much worse than slaves (servants), for the employer has no responsibility toward the well-being or housing of the indenture as the master of a slave does. And with the advent of the birth certificate process, generation after generations of children have been birthed (abandoned) into the “United States” as volunteer wage-slaves (franchises) that have no ownership of their own labor, at the same status as the slaves were enfranchised at. We call this legally as freedom, which again means franchise. We are agents for persons (property) of the United States, and everything we produce through labor is done so through employment (use) of that person we stand in surrey and bondage to. This system we call capitalism is not what our leaders and corporate officials tell us it is. For you see, capitalism, as Marx intended, means that all the common people, also known as the labor pool under human capital management, are the collateral for the money and credit of the nation (corporation). The term capita means per head, like cattle are counted per head. And so as live stock this is where we stand today. And this is why we pay taxes on our income, because our labor is not our property. We are paying a fee (tax) for the use of a US citizenship, a vessel in commerce, in order to sell our labor and have legal protections. And with protection comes subjection. Nothing we produce, purchase, or patent is our own, and our labor is considered the labor of a person, not a man. For all this depends on the ability to cause men to accept that their own person is separate from their True selves. The whole idea is to cause a schism, a duel-personality in all common men, so that we believe we are the person (status) we are told we are, not our True substance. Only then could we be tricked into selling that which we now believe belongs to our person instead of to God, including our God-given rights, which we have sold for legal protections that require subjection.


Sorry folks, but this is the American dream beaten down to its Truly rotten foundation. Because you have been tricked into disobeying the Law of Nature, into acting in and respecting the persons and titles of others, you have been made debt-slaves from birth. The money system is not built for you, it is built upon your head (Latin: capita). You are the money, or rather, the labor force that generates its value. You are counted per the head (capitalism). You are mammon incarnate. How many times do you hear that the dollar is “backed” by nothing? Well sorry, but indeed its backed by human capital management — by the voluntary work force of persons bound to the “United States” corporation. Here is the actual history of the United States leading to the civil war:

In the wake of the presidential election of 1860 that brought Abraham Lincoln to the White House, the slaveholding states of the American South, led by South Carolina, began withdrawing from the nation. In the midst of this constitutional crisis, President James Buchanan, still in office until Lincoln’s inauguration in March 1861, tried to reassure the South that their slave property would remain safeeven under the incoming Republican administrationHe asked Congress to draw up what he called an explanatory amendment to the Constitution that would explicitly recognize the right of states to sanction human bondage and allow slaveholders to retain their human property. In response, the House of Representatives established a thirty-three member committee under the leadership of Representative Thomas Corwin of Ohio to prepare a draft for the President’s consideration.

Within weeks, the committee delivered the “Corwin Amendment” to the House, a document many hoped would mollify the South. This proposed Thirteenth Amendment reflected the apprehension of those who in late 1860 believed they were witnessing the dissolution of the nation. Without using the word “slavery” or “slave,” the proposed amendment would denyto Congress the power to abolish or interfere, within any State, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said State.” The amendment, officially designated Joint Resolution No. 80, passed the House of Representatives in late February by the convincing vote of MORE THAN TWO-THIRDS of the membership. It was delivered to the Senate just days before Lincoln’s inauguration and although most members of that body supported it, opponents were successful in blocking the amendment on a parliamentary technicality. Lincoln sent the amendment to the states for consideration. Only Ohio and Maryland ratified it

In 1865, at the end of the wara very different constitutional amendment, bearing the same numerical designation, was proposed and finally passed; the ratified Thirteenth Amendment ended slavery throughout the United States.



It ended human ownership by States (People), instead creating a voluntary, national servitude by denizenship, called US citizenship. Slavery was not ended, it was nationalized; federalized. Negros (men of tainted blood) were for the first time given a person (status) as property of the United States. And so the Black man went from private servant to public subject. In other words, the property of and done by his labor was separated from his person (self) and the former slave was then allowed to sell his labor for a wage as a debtor. He became a debt-slave, as we all have in our status.

For my past radio shows that give a walkthrough of True, sourced historical documentation and more detail on the Civil War and slavery, the power of Executive Orders, and on this notion of selling our rights, you may listen to my radio shows, in order, here:


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Most of all, I want you to thoroughly consider this critical disconnection of the labor-force (property/product) from the man (source), to pretend that labor somehow exists as a commodity before it is put into fruition, as a future potentiality, and especially that our labor is not our own property but that of our “person,” as if it were part of our dress or something we carry (bear), that has allowed this great experiment in self-government to fail in order to create the modern, capitalist debt-slave. If you are fool enough to defend capitalism without having a clue that you are the human collateral of that capital system in mammon, then perhaps you are already too lost in the delusion. For the rest of us, it is very important to understand the difference between an actual master and servant/slave relationship and that of an employer/employee. Both, of course, are considered an agency. Yet the while the master must ensure the well-being of his serve/slave, if only to ensure good health for quality of labor, the employer bears no such obligation, morally or legally, to care for or provide for the employee. If the wage he pays is not sufficient, the employee may be homeless. Not so with the servant/slave. Exposure to Hollywood movies and other entertainments about slavery are of course exaggerated and misleading, downright untrue in most cases, for even the most unreasonable man should concede that a mistreated slave is one that won’t last very long in the fields. But with the open-air slavery of “United States” we get to choose our own path in servitude, voluntarily competing with the rest. Many are successful, none are happy. Some believe in “America” so much that they have fooled themselves into acting happy, even as they sell their soul every day, giving their labor in persona to the highest bidder. And of course the system itself is built on a certain percentage of completely impoverished men that can’t or won’t work in the shitty conditions offered by most companies. The final conclusion to all this is that if your labor is no longer your property, that you’ve agreed to sell it and therefore whatever you produce is not your own but is rather part of the principal you’re in agency (employment) to, then this means that in Reality we common goyim of the nations own nothing at all. For nothing we pretend to own (by title) was built with our own hands, and if it was, we were tricked into selling it or incorporating (fictionalizing) it. And so here we may understand the powerful Truth that our only True inheritance is God’s Creation, God’s Kingdom, that is, all of Nature in self-Existstence. For the state of Being of Nature is God’s Highest form and substance. Its forests are even now being laid barren by this modernized production society, cut down and stolen from us for nothing and sold back to us as United Nations Agenda 21/ 2030 American dream homes and apartments built by a very well known and ignored 75% foreign, “illegal” workforce. Our rivers are damned and their flows restricted by our voluntary labor in wage-slavery, and then that water and electricity is sold to us as a consumer service. And worst of all, people just don’t seem to notice or care that most of their municipal government institutions and utilities call us as “CUSTOMERS,” not taxpayers. For this finds us in the same exact problem. Whereas the government has a duty to its taxpayers, a corporation has no such duty to its voluntary customers. Taxpayers are servants, customers are not. And we’ve let municipal corporations, including special districts and non-governmental organizations (NGO) and other appointed (not voted on) agencies, to become the governing force over most aspects of legal, civil life. Therefore the care for and fulfillment of the needs of the People have been replaced with profiteering off the desperation (need) and consumer wants and desires of customers. Governments, in this way, are now almost exclusively operating as for-profit corporations pretending to still be taxpayer services. And anyone that knows of my research knows that all that profit is invested in investment funds so that none of us are the wiser, the whole scheme being laid out in the now global Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting (CAFR) system. As long as any extra money (profit/gain) is invested for “other” or “future” uses, in investment funds restricted for only non-taxpayer services and projects, then the common people have no idea how much surplus their municipal corporations (cities, counties, states, school districts, etc.,) are holding in bonds, stock markets, and other federally approved places. The public is clueless, knowing they are getting screwed every year but never quite understanding the shell game of government investments not shown on the fixed budget reports.

It seems to be a common mythos that somehow the collection of mans learned information without any actual substance behind it will somehow save us from that legal trap built exclusively on false information. It’s a bit like religion in this respect, belief without works. And for the longest time I believed that the legal system was in fact more than what it is, that is, more than mere words on paper created by organized criminals and policed and enforced by unregenerate, mercenary men that believe their high school diploma, uniform, rank, and badge gives them violent rights over others. But I also learned a very disturbing thing. You see, information, as that which can be considered the carnal or fictional understanding of ones own enslavement under contractual obligation to the legal system (district), is a key not to knowledge of what is Truth but toward a false understanding, and understanding of what is fiction and thus untrue, which has the opposite effect of causing us to acquiring an even deeper, legal consent to that fiction. To understand it is to respect it. To learn how fiction works, how lies are enforced, and thus to begin to believe more and more in that fiction with every layer uncovered and word redefined in legalese, the more one becomes enamored by and taken under its spell. If you don’t believe this can happen to you, then please explain Star Wars and Star Trek fans? Explain why movies, known fictions, make you laugh or cry? You know without a doubt they aren’t Real. So why do movies control you, cause you to act differently, and to express unbridled emotions? The more one becomes aware of the system that enslaves us, the more like a prisoner he begins to act, just like in brick and mortar institutions where men are kept behind bars most of their lives. At least they know they are in prison. But here on what appears to be the outside, or rather, appears to not be a prison, our actions are based on exactly the same model of incarceration. We deal the same drugs, trade the same paraphernalia, and obviously we commit the crimes that get us thrown in a physical prison, all of which happens in and because of this mental, open-air prison we call the legal system — the legal matrix, a prison for your mind. Our jobs inside the legal system are not so different than inside the prison, where good slaves are allowed to choose which type of menial labor we wish to work at. The difference lies only in the open corruption that our employments represent for we who pretend freedom, while such corruption is frowned upon in the prison labor institutions. And let us not forget that all those products made in brick and mortar sweatshop prison industries and sold in retail stores have the label “Made In America” on them. How fitting… The irony here is perhaps generally missed by most common employees (legal persons) of jobs out here in the legal prison for our minds. But rest assured that most jobs are designed to support the circular and demeaning existence of that very legal system that enslaves us. We literally build the structure and design new ways to use that structure to harm one another in any way possible, the more to exact and extract and extort as much revenue and profits and gains as possible. In other words, our entire existence as voluntary slaves to this legal system is for the purpose of building and maintaining that system that controls us, while its owners profit from our idiocy and greed. And the greedier we can be made to become, the wealthier they become. The problem is, the more we learn about their organizational methods, the more trapped and defeated we feel, and so the more claustrophobically melancholy we eventually become. The more we understand, the more we pull the curtain away from its obfuscation of the machinery that makes the legal system flow, the more confined in our informed consent we become. At this point, hope becomes a rare commodity as it withers and dies, and most of us that reach this end try to move “off-grid” or live a life as separated as possible from the rest of the prison, our own self-induced solitary confinement, yet at the same time knowing that legal matrix is all around us, inescapable and ultimately unavoidable in its cancerous spread. There is simply no place to go where that legal paperwork cannot reach us, for every place we may pretend our freedom has been districted and divided into smaller and smaller legal pieces of property. Everywhere we may tread is a legal trespass, one that is payed for by taxation or by fine, the whole world having been covered by a virtual monopoly board where we are the game pieces to be used (employed), moved, and extorted, and where, in the end, the bank keeps all the money we thought was ours. We never actually leave the legal system while acting in its fictional, legal person (status), we just feign ignorance of it, hoping against hope that it won’t come pester us with some backlog of taxes and other exactions, or waging a never-ceasing paper war that Realistically cannot be won. Why? Because the legal matrix has us. We cannot defeat it from the inside, and we certainly cannot use its own tools or words against it. For only it has the power to change its own copyrighted, proprietary words (copyrighted terms of art). Like a good game of Monopoly, whatever legal “title” we pretend to own in the legal realm was never really ours in the first place, and we cannot bring it with us, for property only exists in legal form, only inside the legal matrix code. Nature is, after all, the Property (Creation) of God. Legal property is just words on paper, a flattering legal title put upon the land for legal districting and taxation (extortion) purposes. There is no property in Nature. There is only respect of the Law of Nature by men or there is not. When there is not, there is a need for the legal system, that which is adversarial to Nature and to Gods Law. It is a system built on a totality of lies. And this is why learning more information about it only leads to a more consensual acceptance of the lie. For such knowledge of artificialness can ultimately only lead us to that which we have already done — to choice. We either choose to remain and embrace the lies or we choose to exit it by giving up everything that it pretends to be to instead Live only in Truth, under God, for God is Truth. This choice, this leap of faith, requires us to start over, to give up in condemnation everything that its legal tentacles are attached to. It is that choice and that choice alone that defines our lives and therein the Law we are bound to follow. God or mammon. Truth or fiction. Reality or lies.

From this journey, I have come to understand what is and what is not a Truly spiritual life. Many “spiritualists” and “gurus” are caught up in the mystery of spirituality and so worship the unknown mystery instead of the Reality of the eternal Spirit of God. It is only when one realizes and worships the Truth and denies the un-Truth in all things, who speaks the Truth and nothing but the Truth, and who Lives in Truth and nothing but the Truth… only this man may claim to have found spirituality, and indeed, therefore Christianity. For the rest of us, we chase after not the Truth of all things, but instead we place the Truth on a pedestal and shroud it in pretended mystery so as to worship the mystery and never the Truth. We even call these mystic arts as the mystery religions, the Babylonian mythos, which has been forcibly infused into all other religious sects and denominations. And so, sadly, the meaning of this word God has been lost to most people, especially those calling themselves as “Christians,” to the point that this word God is debated and constantly altered in the perceptions of men, from all that is Truth to that which is more and more unknown and out of possible reach, a concept of some figure cloaked in mystery that is somehow otherworldly or existing on some different plain or dimension. True spirituality and connection to God, as defined in the Bible, is the worship and protection of what is Truth. Truth is and only can be what is not man-made. “Christianity” has become therefore the worship of an empty, man-made image of God, not what the Bible tells us that God Is. God is Truth. And the Truth is governed by the Law of God, the unalterable Law of what is Truth, which is also known as Logos. What is Logos? You will know not only Its Truth, but you will also be able to recognize and see through Its man-made, artificially induced mystery by the end of this work. For at that point of understanding, you will know you are a voluntary slave, and you will have no good excuses not to voluntarily free yourself from the legal lies and system that binds you. Consider this a warning. Your life is a test, and your only Real choice in this Life is between lies and Truth. It is this initial choice that defines everything about you. This choice is offered, like a constant cold war of treason and espionage, between God and the men acting as adversaries of (satanic towards) God, the false gods of the legal (fictional) realm. You may make your choice over and over, back and forth, in and out, but the rest of your life will be and necessarily must be governed by effect (causality) of that choice and the law that controls he that makes such a choice.


“…by revelation he made known unto me the mystery; (as I wrote afore in few words, Whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ) Which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit; That the Gentiles should be fellowheirs, and of the same body, and partakers of his promise in Christ by the gospel Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ; And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man; That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.
–Ephesians 3: 3-6, 8-9, 16-19, KJB


The inner man... where Jesus Christ dwells. This is in reference to the Real man, the complete man in mind, body, and soul, which is opposed to the persona (mask), the reputation, the actor, the user. Jesus Christ (Logos), that is, the Law of God’s dwelling place is therefore manifest only by the inner man, where it is no longer a mystery, but a lifestyle. What Jesus Christ is not is history, nor something external from each of us. To be clear, the inner man (substance) controls the outer appearance (form). The Law of Nature (God) tells us to keep the inner man pure so that the outer character perceived by others is in unison, in sameness with the example of Christ (Logos). In essence, this means no lies, no fiction, no legalism, and thus strict adherence to and protection of Nature (God) and Its Law. There is no mystery whatsoever in a man that follows Christ, a son of God, for mystery only appears when the source of anything is not in line with its form. The Free, Lawful man need not lie or obfuscate whatever is Truth, for it is that Truth that set and keeps him or her free. To Live and speak in Truth (the language/Word of God) at all times, or in other words to act Christ-like at all times, represents the abandonment of all artifice, and therefore the destruction of all artificial (man-made) mystery. This is the fulfillment of God’s Law. But here we must understand the difference between the wondrous, beautiful, spiritual mysteries of God (Truth), as that part of Existence (Creation) which is and is supposed to remain unknown to man, and the false mysteries created by men to obfuscate the Truth. What man creates as a mystery will always be self-serving to those in the same society, the protectors of false secrets, as what is devised and defined by man, not God. The mystery that is based on a lie is no mystery at all, just a lie. Knowledge of Truth (God) removes the mystery by removing the manmade confusions and lies attached to mans false conceptions and logical conclusions about what God Is. Again, we must separate the mystery of Existence (what is of God) from the mystery caused by lies and perceptions (what is of man).

To put it as simply as possible, if God is Truth, then the Law of God is to Exist, act, and speak only in Truth with no exceptions. But here is where the contrarian, the narcissist, and the anarchist will pose the nihilistic question, what is Truth? Though the answer is self-evident, it is also an ego-shattering realization — Truth is everything in the Universe (Nature) that is not manmade. Man is and can be Truth (of God), but man cannot Create Truth. Man is not the Source of Creation (Truth/self-Existence) in any way. Man is only a vessel where Truth may be expressed and pro-created, as dust to dust. It need be no more complicated than this. Language, numbers, and other symbols devised by men are not Truth. In the legal matrix, in other words, in the big lie, lies are made legal (anti-God) truths; just as in a painting, that which is represented by paint is the truth only of that painting, not of what its artful expression represents. What is of man can never be Truth, and should never be considered or worshiped as if it is sacred. Currently, we seem to be living opposite to this Law. We live in a system built on mystery, confusion, mistrust, and doubt because we live in and are governed by lies (legalism, mammon).

Most importantly though, we see here that Christ (Logos) is for all men, including the gentiles (goyim) of the nations. Yes, that includes you. This is not in any way an exclusionary statement. No man is born into or carries some inheritable trait that causes Christ-like behavior. It must be learned, which means it must be taught to all men regardless of labels, social construct, or flattering title, from kings to illiterate peasants. For kings and peasants only exist without God’s Law (Logos), not within. To the nationalists, the Christian identity cults, and to every culture of mystery both political and ecclesiastical on Earth, the above verses tell us that the knowledge of God is in the mystery of Christ. In other words, Knowledge of the Law of God (Logos) personified as the story of Christ, the Law of Truth (God), reveals the mystery of God. What possible mystery may remain in a world where all possible Truth is known, and where the Truth of what is unknown in the Universe (God) is no longer a mystery but only the Truth (substance) of that which is Unknown? For nothing in the Universe (God) is not under the Law of God (Logos), and there is nothing new under the sun. When the Great Unknown, the mysteries of the Universe (God) are acknowledged and accepted as part of that which is Known (knowledge), then there is nothing left or needed for us to discover. Our boundaries are known as self-evident Truth and so never need be crossed. When we strive to know what is unknowable, that which is known suffers and perishes by the wayside. That which is known thus becomes fodder and fuel and raw material put toward the uncovering of those great but unknowable mysteries of God, of that which can only be known by God, only to satisfy the pursuit and worship of the mystery. We are driven by the mystery (the unknown) instead of being empowered by the worship and preservation of what is known Truth, for to worship the unknown is to idolize imagination (fiction) over Reality. Curiosity killed the cat, remember. To act strictly from curiosity or because we can is not merely a fools errand, it is lawlessness. It is a legal law permission to break the Law of Nature. This false spiritual path has become known as the sciences and liberal arts. Their purpose is no longer just to uncover the veil of such mysteries, but to disturb and reinvent the very nature (design) of that mystery in order to put an unharmonious effect to some informational cause, so that words may be created and written in an effort to describe at a distance (from without) that which cannot be understood (from within). This malcontent with the utopia that is the untouched by man, unblemished Nature of the Earth (heaven) and of the Universe (God) is the only drive behind such artful endeavors of modern “science,” a flattering title placed upon what is in actuality the very opposite of True science — the study and understanding of how Nature works without interference. Instead, this loosely used title of “science” is now a product, a commodity, the output factor of a for-profit corporate structure that seeks not the under-standing (worship and harmony) but over-standing (domination and alteration) of Nature and Its Law (Logos). Ultimately, the sciences are a fools errand indeed, like trying to stop or change the direction of an ocean wave by standing in its way. These are not the actions of a man that has under-standing and thus humble subjection and deference to God’s Law, a follower of Christ (Logos). These are the actions of an adversary to Nature and Its Law. These legal incorporations of “science” as that of “religion” are, in fact, acting in open satanism (adversarially) to God and Logos (the Law of God). This is not merely petty name-calling nor is it even up for debate, it is self-evidently True. The only problem is that like the word God (Jehovah), the word satan has been twisted by the corporate church and state (entertainment) into yet another mystery, one ranging from mere darkness to a red devil with a pitchfork guarding over some ridiculously literal version of the Biblical metaphor of hell. Yet the intent in the Bible is nothing more or less than any man or any thing man creates that is against God’s Nature and Law. Satan means that which is an adversary, nothing more. It has nothing to do with the cult anti-religion called “satanism” any more than Harry Potter is a real wizard with magical powers. Magic, in any and every form, is illusion. Lies. Trickery. All these are True satanism, that which is adversarial to Truth (God). The question I wish to invoke the reader of this work to ask his or herself is simply: what side of these two realms do you live by? Are you a follower of the Law of Truth and therefore LIVING in the example of Christ (Logos personified), or are you ACTING as a fictional person (legal status) of the “United States” corporation (artificial person) bound by the legal (anti-God, antichrist) law of men? But in order to ask yourself this question and expect an honest answer, first you must remove all titles of “Christian” or other flattery that require no action to bear them, and look only at your actions in life despite what you may believe or the lies you insist on telling about yourself in public. Only an honest man may possibly do this. If you can’t, then there is no need to continue with this work. Your ego and its love of flattery and id-entity (artificial sameness) will just get in the way.


“And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, saying,
Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?

“He (Jesus) said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou?”

–Luke 10:25-26, KJB


When you ask your preacher, your minister, the father of your church this question, what answer is given? Does he (or she) tell you to follow the Law that is the Bible story of Christ (Logos)? Or do you receive another doctrine? For if you followed the law, how would that father and its corporation make money? How could your false father continue to operate without worshiping and using mammon? Christ wasn’t paid for his answers, his intent remaining always pure and under his True Father (God). What is the intent of your pretended father? You may not even know that it is against God’s Law to call any man in this flattery of title, “father” (see below). So why, if the Bible forbids it, would a minister take such a blasphemous flattery of title? Because he preaches his own doctrine (law), the doctrine of whatever religion his corporate retirement and benefits package comes from. His path is not with the Right Hand of God. He is a wolf in sheeps’ clothing, no matter how sincere his efforts might seem or be. A Lawbreaker can only teach from the perspective and justification of that broken law.

Moving on… I have come to understand that the more we learn about our captors and their systems of legal control, the more valid our own consent to that system is while we participate in its licenses, permissions, and properties (names/titles) in any way. It is not our wealth of information but our actions based on that information that cause this expressed consent. To know the very root of ones problem and ignore it is certainly not a solution, but definitely is a tightening of that problems’ chains around us. For to be informed and continue in any practice is a consensual act. (Hint: this is why the mother is labelled as “informant” on the birth certificate. When the mother signs that dotted line as the listed informant, she is declaring that she is informed on the law and aware of the results of her signature. Hint # 2: Those aren’t dots on what appears to be a dotted line.) When I discovered that the legal system in no way protects against our own ignorance of law, that we have no protections against our ignorance thereof, I finally understood why the signature was so coveted in stories about the devil, because the contract that the devil wrote did not need to be fully comprehended by the signer (man). It is the signature that is an act of express consent and indeed evidence that the contract was fully understood. Understanding does not require comprehension or knowledge, only a signature that represents understanding. One stands under ones signature as its bond in surety. In other words, there can be no excuse for fools, for we agree to the entire system of legalistic law every time we sign in the legal name of the legal person, that the use of the legal name is an expressed consent to the law behind its use and consumer protectionism (insurance). And so I now understand that God’s Law, that is, the Law of Nature requires no legal surname (addition to the Christian name) and therefore no signature. To be clear, Jesus Christ had no signature, and therefore was never bound by contract under the law of persons (legal law) that signature would represent. The more I researched, the more I started to realize what a slave to this system I became, even as I preached so strongly against it, and never finding a way to practice what I was preaching (information) because of one and only one reason… I hadn’t yet found or let myself discover the legal system’s opposite, or in other words its adversary, that which it was designed to be against. It was in fact this deeper, spiritual understanding that you simply cannot understand anything (including yourself) unless you understand that everything has an opposite and that this opposite is everythyings’ purpose for existence, that finally let me discover the one-sided and therefore ineffective cause of studying the legal system of law, the law of nations, etc.

I, like everyone I know, did nothing but the usual gossiping and debating about how the legal system works to anyone that would listen on this blog, through the radio, through documentaries, whatever. It is as if instead of attempting to defeat the enemy, the problem, we all instead have gathered around its seeming omniscience as an impenetrable false god and taken snapshots, painted it in artful terms, and like rubberneckers expressed our useless opinions about it without ever actually (physically) acting against it. We are stuck in an artificial intelligence, a grand lie, a legal matrix that cannot be defeated by anyone trapped on the inside. We poke our cameras at it like inept guerrillas, accusing evil men of being evil as if that made some “change,” pretending that catching their social and political lies on camera would be the confession that would charge the masses to revolt and… and what exactly? After all, in a system built on lies, I finally realized, there is no such thing as a lie. It is not illegal to lie, except that is, to government under oath. Politicians are not required to tell the Truth, because there is no Truth they can tell, for nothing legal is the Truth, including their flattering titles in office. Their whole purpose is to propagate the lie that is the legal system they constituted. And so even as we correctly identified them as liars and cheaters, as organized criminals, we were only really stating the obvious. We imagined that poking our finger in shame and contempt was the same thing as being a force for good, even as we hypocritically go home to our legal lives and use their legal persons and money as if our own actions were not the actual problem. We were foolish enough to have thought that it would be illegal to lie to the public, to us. That was because we thought the words legal and illegal meant the same as right and wrong, as moral and immoral. In fact, the opposite is True. What is legal is against Truth in all cases. What is legal is not part of the Law of God (Logos). What is legal is always a lie. And so we formed various ragtag groups calling ourselves the truth movement, seekers of the artificial truths behind all the lies, truths which ultimately by their legal nature must also be lies. Lies are never the incipient of Truth, for lies can only be created by men, not Nature (God). There are no contradictions or lies in Nature. And so what we found was never the Truth, only the Truth that there is no Truth, just the foundational lies that shaped all other lies of the legal system and its constitutors. We formed our groups loosely and without specific purpose. The plan was that there was no plan, and these organizations were borne (carried) without leaders — modeled after the useless, self-destructive Libertarianism model at its finest. In essence, the so-called movement never moved, never had an effect, except to cause further realization of how screwed we are, which again made our consent in personhood (citizenship) taste that much sweeter to our adversaries. The patriots among us would worship the United States even as they identified it as our enemy, our main problem, no differently than worldwide Jewry was tricked into zionism. Patriotism and Zionism, the love of fictional (legal) nation-states, two peas in the same pod of confusion. In hindsight, we have been in this truth movement as effective at uncovering what is Truth as little children shooting rubber bands at a 10-inch steel bolt that holds the whole foundation of this legal matrix system in place. We seek Truth (Nature) inside a fiction, a lie with no doors or windows, which is and can only be as effective as seeking a happy mouse in a den of vipers, an apple in an orange tree. There is nothing to find in this rabbit hole of artificial truth but more and more lies (false truths), for lies are the veritable string theory of this legal system, as that which holds together the integrate nothingness of one big, complicated lie. After all of this, I’d say it’s time we face the fact that a billion rubber bands have made not even a scratch upon the steel facade of this legal fiction prison we are stuck in. And so I’d say it’s time we discover what is the purpose of this legal matrix, the reason behind the lie. But there is no reason to do this unless, in the end, we have the strength of mind, body, and spirit to do one and only one thing: find and therefore become its opposite. We, the ignorant, the liars, must revert back into Truth (God). We must overcome especially our own conclusions and perceptions of logic (false logos).


“If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t more people happy?”

–Thomas Jefferson


At some point for me during this journey my questions started to change, first from how to why? Could there be some deeper purpose or meaning behind all of this? Is there room for a modicum of sympathy for these devils (attorneys) and scribes and magistrate gods of that legal matrix? It was as if at first I was traveling helplessly through their word-maze and then suddenly found myself above it, seeing no more than I did within its many misleading corridors, but instead seeing the whole maze of obfuscating corridors as one, a singularly connected trap with no exits, only a one-way, artificial womb from which all persons were borne (carried) into this fictional place (jurisdiction/district). At that point, the circular logic and fractal nature of this legal system became clear, as a puzzle without any final solution, with no last piece that causes satisfaction or insight, an equation without an answer, a problem without a solution. Or perhaps it is more effective to comprehend that the solution is the problem itself, and so the problem (the legal system) was actually a former solution set in place to conquer a very different, Real problem. The legal fiction was put in place to control (govern) the Real. In other words, there is no solution to the problem of this maze of a legal matrix because the problem, that is, the very legal system itself, was the solution to another problem. That problem was and still is all of us. Commoners. The unregenerate. The goyim. And so if the problem we face is the ultra-corrupt legal system itself, and yet the legal systems of all nations (the law of nations) was actually a solution designed to control the masses of the lawless populations on earth that could not or would not choose to govern themselves, could it be that all of this time my search for a solution to the legal problem was a dead end, and that all I (we) really had to do is stop being part of the original problem that caused the solution (the legal system) to be implemented in the first place? If a problem exists, is it not reasonable to conclude that if the root cause of that problem was ceased, then there would be no need for a solution to that problem? The legal system is designed to cause reaction, that we should follow its rules and regulations and laws so that as a solution, the legal system keeps us self-interested, competitive, and in constant want of money — the never-ending pursuit of greed. The solution was, in other words, to implement the root of all evil (mammon) as the main factor and foundation of our legal society, causing us all to act like Monopoly Game characters trying to screw one another over to get ahead, to charge rent and usury, to act in grocery, and so to cause scarcity of that evil. With scarcity of money comes the individual desire for more money, which causes the already false valuation of money to increase in our minds, which leads us to participate and delve into evermore evil schemes to trick others out of their money. And this vicious cycle has continued into the ridiculousness of complete debauchery and immorality we stand together in today. We would be lawless accept for the legal law, for the foundation of Law is lost to us, though it sits collecting dust on most bookshelves around the world.

If we are indeed the problem, that is, if the legal system was put in place as the solution to the problem of our own lack of moral self-government over our own actions, then our reaction should be to learn self-governance so as to defeat the core of the problem and make the solution (the legal system) mute. Problem, reaction, solution… these are still in their circular, logical order of precession here, but we must come to realize that, as the problem (legal slaves/goyim) that suffer collectively in our satanic solution (legal system), the reaction against us was to create the solution, this legal system, which is designed to keep the problem (ourselves) distracted and at bay. And so what is left to us is not a solution to the problem, for we are the problem. And so we hear more and more about depopulation, not because there are too many people, but because there can only be this many people if we are all self-governing and respectful to the harmony of God’s Nature and Law. Therefore, if the problem that is us continues as we are, those who created the original solution (the legal system) will use that same legalese to justify the mass murder, the slow-kill of we, the problem. This will be their reaction, and our deaths will be the solution, for we are the problem that needs solved. As I have shown in triplicate through all of my free works and documentaries, the various methods to kill us are scattered and made “lawful” by their legal codes. As US citizenships, we tacitly agree to these so-called laws without a clue that they allow us to be murdered, which in scientific terms of art is called the “taking” of our lives, that we may be imprisoned, punished, put in pain, extorted and exacted from, and generally that virtually all crimes against us are legal under their legal code in cases of necessity (war or emergency). We have, in other words, given these legal magistrates the powers of gods over us. If you claim the arrogant position you believe this is untrue, belief being a dangerous religious disease, then you obviously haven’t read the US Code, the false doctrine of the legal state. That makes you at best a victim of it, for you have agreed to a law you have never read and do not understand, and that makes you much more of a problem and more dangerous to yourself and others than any cult of religion out there.


They profess that they know God; but in works they, being abominable,
and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

–Titus 1:16, KJB


The Catholic doctrine, having nothing to do with the Bible, as well as many of its “protestors” in other demonizations of incorporated “Christian” doctrine, says that professors of God can simply confess their sins, their disobedience to Gods Law (Christ), their abominations and empty works toward the legal system of mammon, and things will be magically forgiven. This is a very legal concept, like getting a license to sin, or being forgiven by a man acting as a legal judge (god/magistrate), a “minister” of the spiritual Law. This practical joke on the flatteringly titled “Christian” has revealed its cruel intent, shown in our complete social degradation and sheer ignorance of scripture (Law). Why learn the Law if you can just confess your crimes against God’s Nature and Law and be forgiven. This child-like logic, one would consider, should be an obvious fallacy to those that induce and pretend to benefit from it, the priest and the parishioner alike. But isn’t that the point? Is not the purpose of the legal system, the logician, to create an artificial womb (matrix) of protectionism over their own evil deeds? Is that not what organized religion offers along side its secular, legal counterpart the state? Confession is sold as a get out of hell free card on the great Monopoly board. And yet the Bible is clear, the LAW is clear, that thy works and not thy name or title (affiliation) defines you as a follower of Christ (Logos). To know God is to act under the Law of God. To act legally while professing God without works is abandonment, a spit in the face of Jesus Christ (metaphorically).

We can now see the problem, and the problem is us. But we can also see that as the problem, a reaction happened and a legal solution has already been implemented. So here we sit, knowing the problem but reacting to the problem as the solution was designed to cause us to. That is to say that the legal matrix is a closed loop system of deception, mostly of self-defeat, and so our only reasonable reaction to ourselves being the problem is to become spiritually aware and awake too ourselves being the problem, and so that leaves our only Real solution to ourselves, which is to stop being a part of the problem in the first place. The core of the problem will never cease to exist, meaning that some percentage of men will most certainly never be capable of self-governing their own actions by a Higher, agreed upon Law so as to Exist in harmony with Nature. And, of course, the nihilism of anarchy will always infect some men, who will insist that none of this exists in the first place, that it has no meaning. And so there will always be this self-induced problem that needs a solution. That said, since the solution to lawlessness (the legal system) is at the absolute heart and foundation of our spiritual problem, as that which prevents us from being spiritually free in self-government, then there is no reaction for us but to stop being addicted to and contracted under their solution, as subjects to the legal law and its false gods (magistrates). So what is our only solution? Well, I have just laid down the first step, which is to recognize that their solution to control (govern) us (the problem) is in fact the very implementation of the causal problem we must now solve. This is, or will be self-evident by the end of this essay. And so we find ourselves at the beginning of the dialectic with a problem.

As the Bible Law teaches, it is best at this point to forgive those who created this problem (the legal system) as their solution, for to dwell in the realm of judgement of others is to never self-actualize ourselves to be the reason behind their actions. We must love our enemies, for though they are an even worse brood than us, they exist only because of us, because we are not of right mind. Blame will serve no purpose, only obfuscate the path to a solution. Forgiveness allows a fresh start, a clear road, and it puts their judicial system out of commercial business. For along side the forgiveness of them must accompany the forgiveness of ourselves, of our neighbors, or all our perceived enemies. And this means a total forgiveness, that is, a Jubilee, of all debts without exception. Those that cannot except this type of total forgiveness and seek revenge instead need not try and argue with those that can except it, but merely must realize it is their vengeful thoughts and actions that will by necessity keep them in the legal system – the only place where vengeance is called as justice. But please, let the rest of us leave your own personal hell. Let us Be one with God. Let us follow the Logos without your legal interference. For you will no doubt find that jealousy accompanies vengeance and greed, but we are not your enemy. The powers that be are the darkness and we must become the light that casts their shadows away. For to take their power away from over us requires us to give them no power in the first place. The amount of energy we waste blaming everyone else but ourselves for our own dispositions is perhaps the greatest distraction of all. They give us presidents and other patsies to do just that, to waste our time blaming others instead of ourselves. And so step two is spiritual forgiveness, not a legal document but that from our own inner selves. Through forgiveness we may see the Real problem, which is ourselves. And from this spiritual vantage point we may then recognize why the legal system exists and how we are bound up in its trappings. In legalese, the word “solution” means one and only one thing — END OF CONTRACT. To escape from legal hell, one must break the devils power over us, which in all cases is some form and variation of the contract. Citizenship is a contractual relationship with the legal state (district), and that contract implies complete subjection and therefore performance to legal law. We are tricked into this legal system by the birth certificate (implied contract), and so we must obtain a death certificate to solve that problem (end that contract). And this, amazingly enough, is what it means to be born again back into Nature, under the Law of Nature, in a self-governing state of True Being as followers of Logos, the Law of God (the Universe/Nature). God is Truth. We must live only in Truth. The Bible is the only tool we need to get there, and is in fact the only tool and Higher Law recognized by those that created the legal system.

Once the how and why were clear, I then moved on to when and where, two abstract concepts that really only bind that fictional, legal system, not Reality. Time and place are to the legal system as timecode is to a video tape or movie reel. They are systems of the legal matrix, having cause and effect only within that fiction, never in Nature (Reality). It was then that I realized I have no birthday, for God’s Nature is timeless. That so-called birthday only exists on the Roman calendar, marking the birth of a legal entity known as a legal person. As the mysteries of time and space were shown to be nothing more than a cartoon created by men seeking power and control through inequity and the words, numbers, and symbology they devised, the who in this whole equation was pretty easy to discover. For they bear the heraldic Arms of their bloodlines openly and with open contempt for the common goyim they have entrapped in their legal systems and nations. No secret there…

And so what was left to discover? There was only what

Usually I would stick a dictionary definition of the term I am referring to here. But honestly, if you look up the word “what” it can get a bit hairy, confusing, and downright nonsensical. What is the matrix? What is the legal system? What is God? Do you really know what you are asking when you use the word what as a pretext? What is perhaps the hardest and last puzzle piece one might be able to conceive as to the system in question. But the hardest riddle to solve is what are you? What am I? It is when you can answer this question every time it is asked in the same way no matter what the context nor who asks the question that you may finally see the escape route. As to my place in this legal matrix, I must ask the question — what is Clint Richardson? Am I what Clint Richardson is? Am I who, when, where, how, and why Clint Richardson is? Is Clint Richardson what I was meant to be, born to be, and destined therefore to be? In Truth, the name Clint Richardson is a registered property of government assigned to a legal entity that is a fictional status (person) voluntarily used by me as a commercial vessel bound by United States code. Am I Clint Richardson? Is the man that acts out the voice of Bugs Bunny actually Bugs Bunny? Because the credits say otherwise. Was the man that played the character of Mr. Rodgers really Mr. Rodgers? Ok, so now you may be asking what is my point? So I present to you a riddle. What can you say in every single instance that someone asks you the questions who, what, where, when, why, and how you are? The only True answer that fits all these variations of the same identification test is that I Exist. In the Bible, this is said to be the name of God. I AM. Who are you? I Exist. What are you? I Exist. Where are you? I Exist. When are you? I Exist. How are you? I Exist. Why Are You? I Exist. So what does this actually mean? It means that you have refused all legal, artificial, fictional lies, names, places, and things of mans design and have stated that I Am part of God. I am Part of Nature, that is, Part of the Whole. I Exist in no person, place, time, or thing that is not of God and bound by Its Law. This represents a True ego death. But it also represents an impassable fortress that will not allow a man to be identified (put into sameness) with any fictional entity/persona (legal mask/status). It means you don’t exist in the legal realm. And that is the only solution possible. Legal non-existence is in Nature a Purely Spiritual Life. It is to be without fiction, without lies, without value (priceless), without schedule or calendar (timeless), and without the need of the governance of men. It is all these things, yes, but it is also the will to never respect these falsenesses in others. All men are part of the I Am, whether they know it or not. But their faith in the legal system and their respect of the flattering titles and statuses of other persons, places, and things (nouns/names) causes them to act as I Am an attorney, I Am a doctor, and I Am a person (legal status). They are addicted to money, to competition, to lust, to hatred, and to greed, for that is the epitome of the legal system. So what is the legal system? The answer is that it is not. It does not exist in Reality, in Nature. It is not part of the I Am. It is a fictional place where only fictional characters (persons) commercially deal in and with fictional things (false titles of property). What is the legal system? It is, in its entirety, words (symbols) on paper, form without substance. It is nothing else.

It is us, the problem, that causes the legal system to work as a solution, to have an effect on Reality. We fill its roles, its positions, as employees and managers. We spend its money as if that which it purchases (legal right to property) were Real. In legalese, the words purchase and conquer carry the same meaning. And how does the devil always conquer his victims? Why through contract of course. Money usage is an implied contract, the usage of United States property. But government was smarter than even the devil, for it created persons, vessels of commerce built strictly for the purposes of worshiping mammon.

So I figured it all out, how this system works, why it is in place, who it is for, where and when it exists, and finally what it all means. And for this I have been all but abandoned, called names, accused of religiosity, and even said to be an undebatable wordsmith. I attained my goal, and at the end of that endless maze I discovered the very essence of the problem, which again is us. And so I have decided to write this particular essay in hopes that those still searching few may find and come out of her (Babylon) in the only way she will let us, and that they become the Christ-like examples (sons of God) for others to follow. I will be blunt and straight-forward, like it or not, and remind all readers that the Truth cannot harm you unless you are living in a lie. The Truth will set you free. For what is a lie but a chain holding you in a place unfree? If what I have written her for any reason offends you, then you must ask yourself what is it that is being offended? Is it a reputation? A name or title? Is it your ego? Or is it that to face the Truth would cause such a spiritual awakening to the Truth (God) that you will do anything to avoid It?


“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

–John 8: 3, KJV


The very definition of a fool: he who continuously quotes the Bible without realizing the source of his quote, while in the next sentence disparaging and rejecting the source (Bible) as gobbledygook. This was the story of my life. Don’t let it continue to be yours. Embrace your inner fool and overcome it. For the Truth indeed will bind the fool so that the wise man may shine, if that is your will.

What is the legal system? It is the solution and the problem at the same time. In other words, it is simultaneously that which prevents us from practicing the Law of Nature and that which is forced upon us because we do not practice the Law of Nature. It is a punishment and a barrier from punishment, a prison for the mind, body, and spirit. It is a paradoxical thesis and anti-thesis used together as both a prevention from sin and a permission to sin, where the permit causes the need for the preventative system in the first place. To put it crudely, and to lighten the mood a bit, being trapped as we are in the legal system is like being someone who laughs when he farts, and also one who farts when he laughs. Once the procession of legal simulation is started, the actions of each individual (in false persona) keep the system going, because that is how lies work. He that lives in a lie must continue to lie in order for the original lie to have form. Everything legal is a lie, is not of Nature. And so the answer to what is anything is always a lie. To ask what the legal system is is to ask what a lie is? And the answer is simply that which is un-True, or more correctly, that which is not of God.

But wait a minute, most people have no idea what the word God means in the Bible, nor for that matter the intended meaning of the word Logos. We can thank organized religion and public school for that fiasco. So I must digress here, for we will get to that understanding shortly, and I assure you that the realization and self-actualization of the intended meaning of God in the Bible is a life-changing event. Stay tuned…

As some of you have been inquiring about the release of my second book, today I am releasing this rather large excerpt from it, modified specifically to fit this blog while mirroring some fairly current events and including external website hyperlinks. After a long absence of posts to this blog, this one should keep you busy and indefatigably intrigued for a long while. At the least it may exclaim that I am not beaten, that my mind, body, and soul are not yet made idol by the overwhelming evils around us. Please consume this work slowly and with great contemplation as to what is said and shown here. While controversial to the extreme to those indoctrinated into the customs, laws, sciences (arts), and religions of man’s devices, here I have uncovered the very root of all that is the problem with what we fallaciously, institutionally call as “Christianity” while so-called incorporated, unwittingly, falsely indoctrinated, institutionalized, and compartmentalized “Christians” completely ignore the Bible’s teachings and Law. This has become the normalized devolution of our so-called “Christian” culture, one of a narcissistic worship of self. Like it or not, that culture is all-inclusive — this is you, this is me, this is your parents, this is your neighbors, this is your teachers, this is your priest, this is your politicians, this is your judges, and it was even those worshiped-like gods of history, the “founding fathers.” For no follower of Christ would ever call any man as his “father,” as the Bible clearly teaches:


And call no man your father upon the earthfor one is your Father, which is in heaven.”

–Matthew 23:9, KJB


“Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to youdo ye even so to them: for THIS IS THE LAW

–Matthew 7:12, KJB


Here we find our first and most important aspect of the Bible and why it was written. Is it entertainment? Is it furniture for an alter and in pews? Is it just another book on the bookshelf that we can count as read or unread at our pleasure? No. It is none of these. What is It? It is THE LAW! But more importantly, it is the One Law that keeps every single one of us from falling victim to the legal matrix and its code of lies. The Bible, as the Highest Law Book, defeats all others systems and devices of men. That’s Its purpose and intent. And what is for a neutral Bible-reader the most difficult to express Truth of the Bible is that this Book of Law in no way or shape supports the current form of “Christianity” that was designed by men in spite of the Word (Law) of God (Nature), by any denomination, and by any other name. There is not one thing, from the building to the props to the alter they sit upon that can be justified in the Bible (Law of Nature). For these things are not of God, not of Nature, but are the designs and inventions of men. Christmas and Easter are perhaps the greatest and most obvious of these false holy days, since no date of birth (a legal, Roman concept) was applied to the Christos in the Bible. And in Reality, such a birthday would ultimately be a worthless, useless fact within Nature’s Law, or in other words, in the timelessness of God’s Realm. Today’s Christian churches, as corporations (artificial persons) cause men to celebrate men (fathers) and their anti-Biblical customs and unspiritual ideals, not God. Yet he or she that believes in the church and its false religion and doctrine over the Bible Law would be hard-pressed to come to the understanding that the Bible is not a religion at all, but is The Law of God. This Law is called as Logos. And the Bible clearly states that no man should take any other doctrine (law) from any other religion or “god” but that found within the Bible story. Yet here we find that one of the most important Laws as written plainly in the Bible is being ignored by the typical corporation calling itself a “Christian” religion with its own uniquely published doctrine. So how can I possibly find ears to hear me in the “Christian” religions when I say that they must learn all over again what the Bible actually teaches, that It is not furniture, that It can never be put on the finished pile, that it must be studied daily and with the greatest of care and contemplation, and most of all that it cannot be understood without coming to the understanding that The Bible Law is completely opposed to just about every aspect of every “Christians” legal lifestyle — that the legal law is directly opposed to the Bible Law, and indeed, the Bible Law cannot be understood nor its intention and purpose recognized unless the legal (opposite) law is as well comprehended. In other words, how may I explain to “believers” in this false, incorporated religion over what the Bible clearly issues as Law that in fact they’re lifestyle (and mine own) is 100% and in every way against the Bible Law? The answer? I’m not sure I can reach them. For my opponents (adversaries) and yours are not these blind faith followers of an unknown God, but are those evil geniuses (devils) that designed modern religions with the specific intent to cause men to support the legal law of the combined legal church and state over that of God’s Word (Logos). For these false churches are like devilish traps laid by the adversaries of God. And if I were to attempt to explain exactly what they are in and from their inception, they were the first attempt long ago by those adversaries of God’s Law at developing a social media platform; a brainwashing forum that causes the common people to plug-in to the artifice of false doctrines that support the states and nations and kingdoms of men, and therefore to teach globally the positive legal (anti-God) laws of men.

The easiest way to understand the difference between what is a positive law (of man) and a negative law (of God/Nature) is to consider what Exists despite man, that is, what is of Nature (an act of God) and what is not. God’s Law, or the Law of Nature, is called the negative or unwritten law because it pre-exists man. In other words, when everything man has created is subtracted from Existence, all that is left as the remainder is God’s Creation. Thus in purview of mans law, which is called as “positive” or an addition to what already Exists as Gods Law, then what is that foundation is considered as negative, or neutral. From the negative is built the positive. That which has no positive is a negative, as the neutral balance and harmony of Nature in self-Existence (without mans influence or law). And so our goal, as the sons of God, is to be spiritually negative (without lies, without legal additions, names, titles, etc.) at all times. Here we come to the “name” of God, which is the I AM. To remain negative, no other word can follow. The second I say that I AM anything then I am affirming a positive, or that which is a person, place, or thing, or in other words a property (lie) of man. My legal name, therefore, is actually I AM Clint Richardson.

All laws emanating from man are either positive (internal) or private (foreign to all others). A positive law is a law that must be forced or enforced upon men (in voluntary persona/under legal contract), because such a legal law is not a Law of Nature. Not of God. It is solely a positive creation (addition) of man, not of the self-Existent (negative/foundational) Nature of the Universe. In other words, it is always artificial, art, never Truth, for God is Truth (Reality). Both private and positive legalities of law imply a form of contract, the devils (attorneys) and false gods’ tool of choice. And so to understand exactly what is the difference between the Law of Nature (God) and the legal systems and laws of man, it cannot be said any clearer than this, for this is the unnatural (man-made), present law you (in legal persona) are required to artificially live by:

POSITIVE LAWLaw proper, as opposed to moral laws, or to natural orGod-madelaw. An enforceable legal rule which prohibits or requires certain conduct. Often contrasted with moral law. Lawyers speak of positive law to distinguish it from other rules similarly expected to be followed but not conduct-related. For example, many of the provisions of the Laws of Manu deal with morality or hygiene. This made it hard for jurists and legal historians to later sort outwhat was intended to be enforceable by the state, or which ought to influence the court on disputes over CONTRACTS or inter-personal relationships, and the moral or religious rules, which serve as guidance to the citizens but do not attract the attention of law enforcement. (Lloyd Duhaime Legal Dictionary, online at


Fact # 1 – All self-prescribed “Christians” I know, including their legally employed priests and their legally endowed corporations called “religions” and “churches,” are created not by God but in and under the legal system of mans law in mammon.

Fact # 2 – By this definition of positive law, it is absolutely impossible for any man acting in the legal person (citizens) of any nation or State to follow and practice the Law of God (Logos) through Jesus Christ (Logos personified).

Fact # 3 – According to the Bible, every other law (doctrine) is against the Bible. Yet all religions claim their own version of specifically altered or made up doctrine (law), and all men acting in legal persons must follow the law of persons, not God.

Fact # 4 – It is illegal, as I will show herein, to follow the Law of Nature (Logos), to follow Christ in any legal system, since the two laws are diametrically opposed to each other. Legal contract is by necessity always anti-God and therefore antichrist, for he that signs a contract must do so in some un-True legal name and persona (mask) that fictionally exists only in a legal jurisdiction (artificial place) and therefore is under the legal law of persons, not men of God. Contracts exist for one reason — a lack of Trust in other men due to a lack of Trust in God and Its Law of Nature (Logos). There is no True honor in contracts, for the force behind them is not God’s Law. Honor is absent when force is present. The term honor is therefore turned into a legal (opposite) word for legal purposes, where no actual honor exists. But the legal version (opposite) of that word, as to stand in legal honor is used to define a person (not man) that is required by law by contract to pay a debt, lest the person be punished, which means as surety and bond for the person, the man responsible for the person in a contract obligated through bond and surety, will be punished with dishonor.

Fact # 5 – All US and other national (public/positive law) citizens are considered as debtors, by contract, which is called a performance debt. We are, in other words, required to perform under contract according to the anti-God, antichrist law of the legal person (status) we use.

In conclusion of these facts, there is not and indeed cannot be a single True “Christian” out there that is also a legally bound citizen-ship (commercial vessel in mammon) of any nation. For it is impossible to Live in and be bound under Truth, under the Law of Truth (God), and also live falsely under a completely adversarial (legal) law at the same time. The Bible forbids almost every action taken daily by the typical, self-prescribed “Christian.” This is undeniable. For even the use of this title of “Christian” is a forbidden title of pretended flattery, and these facts are the reason why. Whatever noun (name) I pretend to call myself has nothing to do with what my actions are in Reality or whether I qualify to use that flattery of title. My actions under or against the Law of God are the only True test of my character. Thus, the True follower of Christ (Logos) would have no need for such flattering titles and false surnames, for his or her faith would be manifest at all times and no legal system of mans trickery of law, including titles and names, could possibly touch or effect him. And so, as hard as it is to admit to ourselves, we must come to both the realization and the self-actualization that “Christianity” doesn’t exist. It is not of God. It is a name, and names are creations of man. Religion is a creation of man. And the only reason that the Bible is called as “Gods Word” is because of its self-evident Truth. Any man that speaks the Truth is speaking by the Word of God. He who lies, or more specifically, he that speaks of legal names as persons, places, and things as if they are Truth (of God) are speaking the language of devils. To speak of money as if it is of God, as if it is Real, as if it holds value in Nature, is a perfect example. The Bible teaches us to never give power or value to that which is not of Nature, to that which is manmade, and to never respect any legal (un-Real) person, place, or thing as Truth. A lie cannot be part of Truth. And though a lie can be called as truth, it is still only the truth of a lie. For God is nothing but Truth. It is when men speak lies as confident truths that we find ourselves as we do today. Words may form Truth, but can never be the substance of any Truth that is spoken about. Therefore, language should be applied in our lives only as the most honest, beautiful, metaphoric, and parabolic method of communication. In other words, the form in our minds caused by words and titles (names/nouns) should never carry an authority in any regard whatsoever when compared to the actual (nameless) substance, Life, or part of self-Existence those words are placed upon. No legal word (lie) should have power over that Truth to which it’s attached to. I Am not a word. I Am not a name. I Am not a person. I Am not a title. I AM NOT LEGAL OR ILLEGAL!

I just Am… And it is our Duty to protect that wholeness of the Universe, of Nature, which has no voice against the lies, the words of art that compromises the law of man.


“Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted. Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself. But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in anotherFor every man shall bear his own burden.”

–Galatians 6: 1-5, KJB


You are no thing, and neither am I. You are the I Am, and so Am (self-Exist) I. Your burden is therefore my burden. If you are poor then so I Am. If you are hungry therefore so I Am. And if you are wealthy so Am I. For these are all flattering titles, the “poor” and the “wealthy,” the “homeless” and the “fortunate.” If my neighbor is in any type of depravity or poverty, then I Am spiritually poor because of whatever my wealth consists of. For who Am I to say that I Am anything you are not? What am I who believes I am something you are not, when your burden is the burden of us all (the I Am)? The second I assign and respect some flattering title as some thing that will relieve or add to the burdens of others, I no longer fulfill the Law of God (Logos). My works are no longer my own, and so my own burdens will also be borne (carried) alone, that is, without the body of Christ that is all men following the Law of Nature (Logos). I am you and you are me. Together, we are the I Am.

If you think these many individual, spiritual Laws (verses) are trivial or just religious nonsense, then, for instance, you have never looked to see what the words father and family mean in the adversarial legalese, legalism being that which is “satanic,” meaning against and adversarial to the Law of Nature (God), where fathers and families don’t actually Exist in any True substance, only as legal fictions (persons). The Law of Nature (God), as laid out in the Bible, is against all fiction. A corporation (artificial person in law), as a legal fiction, for instance, is legally considered as a family. Didn’t you know? The president is its father. In any legal marriage there is no Real father, for persons can never procreate. The father of a legal marriage is purely a legal term, a fictional character created by man’s legal law meaning “head of household,” a household being nothing but a legal “corporation” of two legal surnames of two fictional, legal persons. You probably don’t realize you are breaking God’s Law of Nature by calling your priest or minister as your father either, for you probably don’t realize your church is also a corporation (an artificial person; a fiction existing only of and under man’s legal law). If not, this will be made perfectly clear as we proceed here. And you probably have never been told that a president is a magistrate, and a magistrate is an artificial, legal god. A god is a father of its own creation and the law governing it. You probably don’t know that the word “pope” comes from the root word of papa, meaning father, a flattering title that blatantly, purposefully stands in absolute direct violation of scripture. These are not just arbitrary warnings in the Bible, they are there to protect you from inadvertently, unwittingly taking a false god (father), which is of course the FIRST of the ten commandments, and from respecting and acting as legal, fictional persons and flattering titles under man’s law. For there are no persons under God. Persons don’t exist in Nature, only in legalism (satanism, that which is adversarial and opposed to God’s Law of Nature). It is first because a false god is like a gateway to all other “sins.” Why? Because through false gods are granted legal (antichrist/anti-God) licenses and protections to artificial “persons” (statuses) and their flattering “titles” so that the men pretending those titles may break the Law of Nature (Logos) without legal (worldly) punishment. Thus so-called “Christians” break God’s Law (Logos, Word) every second of every day by following the legalistic law of man over that of God’s Nature, despite the scriptural warnings against this false state of worship. Knowing this now, imagine how many more of these seemingly trivial Laws you may be breaking on a daily basis without any comprehension you are doing so, even while calling yourself by the flattering title of “Christian?” Does the Bible say be a Christian? No, it certainly does not. Does Christ instruct anyone to be a Christian? Surprisingly, no, not at any time. Hmm… But how would you know, unless you’ve read daily only the Bible as your source of religiously followed Law, while also deciphering and fully contemplating  every word therein toward its original intent and meaning, despite your own “beliefs,” instead of what the corporate church under the legal state and its “fathers” want you to have faith in? Perhaps you have been caught up in the confidence game of religion, and therefore put faith in the man that is “father” of your own corporate church that has its own non-Biblical doctrine? See the paradoxical problem here, when the Bible clearly warns (establishes Law) that we call no man on this earth as father? Sorry, but Sunday School just doesn’t cut it. There is no actual degree or diploma in spirituality, nor in the Bible, and so there are no titles that are approved by Jehovah. One is a follower in totality of the Law of God (Jesus Christ/Logos) or one is not. There are no excuses before God, not even ignorance of the Bible (Law), just as it is in the legal system. The Bible cannot be taught as a subject, for it is a total lifestyle and system of Law. If the typical priest doesn’t even know his own sin, or does know and just ignores the Bible Law arbitrarily to suit his own flattering title of false character and status, then what else do you think he (or she) may be purposefully or unwittingly obfuscating from you? What else does he not know, and therefore cannot possibly teach? Trust me when I say that the answer to this question would blow your mind, and ultimately equates to the blind leading the blind. Most important to understand is that this is the Law of God, not mere fanciful rhetoric to fill in space. If you consider just this one verse (Mat. 23:9) in your mind as the absolute Highest Law of Nature and figurative Commandment, you will certainly realize how bound in the trickery of false doctrine and word trickery all of us already are. This Law as set out in the scriptures is not a religion. It’s a guidepost, a warning sign, a line that should never be crossed. And this is just one of hundreds of Laws, all designed to keep us out of the circular matrixes of legal and religious institutions we have been trapped in for so many generations. Our entire legal-based society is in fact against the Bible; against the Law of God (Nature). We are existing in an utterly complete system of lies under a legal matrix code of false law, a law that only applies to fictional, legal persons, but never the unblemished men (sons) of God. But where is this temple of God to be found, and what man if any has Truly found it?


“I freed a thousand slaves.
I could have freed a thousand more
if only they knew they were slaves.

–Harriet Tubman (attributed)


None are more hopelessly enslaved
than those who falsely believe they are free.

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


What if the actual problem is much deeper, rooted in artfully celebrated, never accurate, colorful lies that are the “accepted” and “recorded” and thus “institutionalized” histories of men (victors of conquest) and their pretended, virtual garden of Eden-like cultural philosophers and their rhetoric based on the extremely limited logical conclusions and perceptions of their time? What if the problem is our respect of the official narrative of history and its characters itself, not the Truth of timeless and eternal Life on Earth? What if the problem of modern logic (false logos) stems from this source that existed before even the story of Christ came about, the story of Logos (Law of Nature/God) personified? Could it be that we are worshiping the philosophies (arts) of men over the self-evident Truth of the Existence of self-Existence Itself, of the very force of Nature in the Universe, as that which the Bible calls as the Highest name of God, Jehovah? Therefore, are these legalized, incorporated religions of the legal state actually based on the purposeful infusion of Greek and Roman philosophy, symbology, liberal arts, and a worship of the “lawmakers” of ancient times, instead of the worship of the Nature of the Universe in self-existence and self-evidence (Truth/Reality) as God. Are these lawmakers dating back to the Code of Hammurabi indeed the worshiped gods of Congress, the foundation of the law of the legal, married church and state? And if so, where does Jesus Christ fit into the law of men, considering this is called a “Christian Nation” and all?

The answer to this question is of course in plain sight, yet never in sight of the media cameras. Most of the public have no idea what God or gods congress worships as the historical lawmakers our system is copied from. One thing is certain though, that being the fact that Jesus Christ, the Word of God personified as the Son, the Law of Nature, the example for all men to follow, is absolutely nowhere to be found in the halls of Congress or its legal issues of law. What do we find upon the back section of the Congressional Hall, kept always out of sight and therefore out of mind to the masses that know congress only from the limited parameters of their television sets? What gods does Congress literally look up to in homage as the cherished lawmakers of history? Let’s find out…

The marble bust (graven image) of Hammurabi is hanging in the Congressional hall, along with many other “law-givers” claiming different, non-Biblical “gods.” Amazingly and very tellingly, Jesus Christ is not one of those law-givers, for Jesus (the personification of God’s Law/Logos) was naturally opposed to all of man’s law. Government is, of course, anti-christ, which merely means that the legal matrix code of mans law is set up to control (govern) those that refuse or cannot mentally govern themselves as a follower of Jesus Christ (Logos). This is the reason it is called a “Christian Nation,” not because any nation in its legal existence and capacity as a person (corporation) is or can possibly be “Christian,” for God respects no fictions, no lies, and thus no creations of man such as nations. It is a Christian nation because at its foundation of common law sits the Bible, and all nations are a trap to catch all fallen men that cannot or will not self-govern themselves as True followers of Christ (Logos, the Law of Nature). The worshiped anointed gods (lawmakers) that are hanging out of public sight in congress are as follows: George Mason, Robert Joseph Pothier, Jean Baptiste Colbert, Edward I, Alfonso X, Gregory IX, Saint Louis, Justinian I, Tribonian, Lycurgus, Hammurabi, Moses, Solon, Papinian, Gaius, Maimonides, Suleiman, Innocent III, Simon de Montfort, Hugo Grotius, Sir William Blackstone, Napoleon I, and Thomas Jefferson. From the nations website we read:

“The (above) Relief Portraits of Lawgivers are located in the House Chamber of the U.S. Capitol Building. The 23 marble relief portraits over the gallery doors of the House Chamber in the U.S. Capitol depict historical figures noted for their work in establishing the principles that underlie American law. They were installed when the chamber was remodeled in 1949-1950.

—Architect of the Capital website –


Just as it was in the Old Testament story, we find today that our corporate, commercial lawmakers of this legal system built upon mammon (the root of evil) are worshipers of the Babylonian, Greek, Roman, Vatican, and other false gods and systems of the laws of men. Yet nowhere do we find Logos. Nowhere do we find Jesus Christ (the New Testament/fulfillment of the Old Law). Why? Because Jesus Christ is no lawmaker. Jesus Christ is the Law of God, of Nature, personified into the New Testament story. The Law of God Itself, that is Jesus Christ, is wholly absent from Congress.

Oh, but you have been entrained and brainwashed to respond, there is supposed to be a separation of church and state!

Yeah? And what has that to do with the Bible? Nothing at all. The Bible is not pro-church or pro-state. The doctrine of separation speaks only to a state-appointed religion. But the Bible is not a religion. The Bible is the foundation of Law, even of the common law of the State. If this is hard to believe, especially in these modern, antichrist times where satanists are erecting statues in the claim of fair and equal LEGAL right, I will simply reveal a bit of the history of what was:

  • From May 17, 1776, we find excerpts from official annals of the Continental Congress as recorded on pp 656-678 of Christian Life And Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States, B. F. Morris:

“…it becomes the indispensable duty of these hitherto free and happy colonies, with true penitence of heart and the most reverent devotion, publicly to acknowledge the overruling providence of God, to confess and deplore our offences against him

“The Congress, therefore, … desirous, at the same time, to have people of all ranks and degrees duly impressed with a solemn sense of God’s superintending providence, and of their duty devoutly to rely, in all their lawful enterprises, on his aid and direction

  • On September 11, 1777, the following recommendation was approved by the Continental Congress:

the use of the Bible is so universal, and its importance so great, …the committee recommend that Congress will order the Committee of Commerce to import 20,000 Bibles from Holland, Scotland, or elsewhere, into the different ports of the States of the Union.” (via Morris, p252, and Federer, p146)

  • Again, on September 10, 1782, Congress approved the printing of Bibles in America by a man named Robert Aitkin. Congress passed the following resolution, which was printed on the front page of the Bible:

“Whereupon, Resolved, That the United States, in Congress assembled, highly approve of the pious and laudable undertaking of Mr. Aitken, as subservient to the interests of religion, … they recommend this edition of the Bible to the inhabitants of the United States, and hereby authorize him to publish this recommendation in the manner he shall think proper.” (via Morris, p254f, Federer, p149, and Barton, pp 107,108; For a picture and further documentation see

  • Interestingly, Aitkin’s request, approved by Congress, specifically stated that the Bible would be for the use of schools!”
  • Congress Expressly Promoted Religious action, (not religion by name/noun but True religion by action/verb): On October 12, 1778, Congress passed the following act in which it directly encouraged religion and morality:

Whereas TRUE religion and good morals are the only solid foundations of public liberty and happinessResolved, That it be, and it is hereby earnestly recommended to the several States to take the most effectual measures for the encouragement thereof.”(Journals of Congress, via Barton, p106)

  • The Declaration of Independence, of course, was written under the guidance of the Continental Congress, which formally adopted it on July 4, 1776, and signed it August 2, 1776. The Declaration directly appeals to God at least four times:

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitles them…”

We hold these truths to be self-evidentthat all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…”

Sourced from:


Remember, the declaration of Independence was speaking of men, not persons. All persons are not nor cannot be created equal, for persons are created exclusively by men, by the legal, positive laws of men, and with the specific intention of inequality in legal status. All persons have a higher, legal god (magistrate) with a higher title than they. Inversely, men have only one God, even if they foolishly deny or don’t believe It. For there is no other purpose for the existence of the legal system of law than to be adversarially opposed to God and God’s Law (Logos). One law without the other, opposing law is a useless law. The Law of Nature is, in its very essence and design, a Law that requires no other law in any form. All legal law is diametrically opposed to the Bible, which is specifically designed to entrap and control the adversaries of the officially recognized Highest Law that is the Bible (Law of Nature).

And what is the intended meaning of “True religion” as promoted by this early American congress?

As this distinction between the noun (religion) and the adjective and verb (following something religiously) is so important to understand, we must examine it as government defines it, remembering that the American system of “common law” was adopted from England.

Christianity – The system of doctrines and precepts taught by Christ; the religion founded by Christ. Christianity is said to be part of the common law. Christianity is parcel of the laws of England; and, therefore, to reproach the Christian religion is to speak in subversion of the law.” “The essential principles of natural religion” and “of revealed religion, are a part of the common law, so that any person reviling or subverting or ridiculing them may be prosecuted at common law.” “The true sense of the maxim is that the law will not permit the essential principles of revealed religion to be ridiculed and reviled.Christianity is a part of the common law of Pennsylvania in the qualified sense that its divine origin and truth are admitted, and therefore it is not to be maliciously and openly reviled and blasphemed against, to the annoyance of believers or the injury of the public. Not Christianity founded upon any particular religious tenets; but Christianity with liberty of conscience to all men. The maxim does not mean that Christianity is an established religion; nor that its precepts, by force of their own authority, form part of our system of municipal law; nor that the courts may base their judgments upon the Bible; nor that religious duties may be penally enforced; nor that legal discrimination in favor of Christianity is allowed. The best features of the common law, especially those which regard the family and social relations, if not derived from, have at least been improved and strengthened by, the prevailing religion and the teachings of its sacred Book. But the law does not attempt to enforce the precepts of Christianity on the ground of their sacred character or divine origin. Some of those precepts, though we may admit their continual and universal obligation, we must nevertheless recognize as being incapable of enforcement by human laws. Those precepts, moreover, affect the heart, and address themselves to the conscience; while the laws of the state can regard the outward conduct only: for which reasons Christianity is not a part of the law of the land in any sense which entitles the courts to take notice of and base their judgments upon it, except so far they can find that its precepts and principles have been incorporated in and made a component part of the law of the State. The maxim can have no reference to the law of the National government, since the sources of that law are the Constitution, treaties, and acts of Congress. (W.C. Anderson’s Dictionary Of Law, 1889)


Please, for the sake of clarity, allow me to arrange and expound upon these facts so that you are clear before moving on.

  1. The constitution for the States (the Union between private/several People), which was created before the later formed foreign corporation called “United States” in Washington DC (a municipal corporation), only protects private men (the People) of the States that are under private (foreign) law from the “United States,” never public persons (citizenships) of the United States. The States (People) are foreign/private/several from the “United States” and the private citizens of the States (People) are not citizenships of the United States. State citizens are foreigners to the corporate “United States” while being bound by a compact that refers to all private States as a union of States (People) that is united. This union is not the “United States,” which exists as a commercial corporation in Washington DC only, and whose jurisdiction extends where the private States constituted it onto “public” places/lands and other “federal areas” and National Parks, etc.
  2. There are two separate congresses. One is an un-salaried “congress assembled” as actual representatives of the private States (statesmen), and the other is a virtual board of directors paid (salaried) by themselves to create the public laws of the “United States” only, just like any other corporate board, but not the private laws of the foreign (private/several) States themselves. “The united States in Congress assembled” (unpaid) is considered legitimate (de jure), while the salaried employees called “the congress of the United States” corporation is illegitimate (de facto). To be clear, one is an employee of the United States corporation and one is the Creator/lawmaker/gods over the United States corporation. All congressmen wear these two, opposing hats. One is as a commercial employee (illegitimate) and one is as the legitimate congress. The constitution binds the de jure (rightful) congress assembled, but not the employees of the corporation congress assembled created for themselves in commerce called “United States.” They dualistically represent the State and the nation by these two very different offices, even when those two political entities are opposed to each other, which is a detrimental conflict of interest to the private States. The United States is a nation, and thus under the Law of Nations, whereas the States are under their own private law and individual (but similar) constitutions. The “United States” corporation protects the States united from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. We are all considered by law to be potential domestic enemies of the state. As United States citizenships, we are not citizens of the States (territories/land) and so are only residents therein, and cannot hold privately land as private State citizens (the People) can. In other words, public persons of the “United States” as foreigners in each private (foreign) State cannot hold land by our own right (bloodlines). We are not “the People” of the States united, we are persons of the United States. Big difference. We are always foreigners, renters, tenants, but never private landholders. We (via our public persons/status) are allowed to be in the States in public (federally controlled) areas only, never private areas controlled by the actual private law of the actual States (People).
  3. All actions regarding the Bible in congress were generally done by the legitimate congress assembled, not by the “United States” commercial-based employees that consist of the US congress (Washington DC). You will notice that any mention of the Bible in the legitimate congress assembled is never law, but merely suggestions and guidance. Remember, True Christianity in action cannot be forced upon a people, for it must be voluntary, just as its adversary the legal system.
  4. The constitution, treaties, and acts of the Congress of the “United States” (or any nation) are adversarial doctrines (laws) to the Bible Law (i.e. as common law) and also to the private laws of the States (We, the People).
  5. This is because the law of the fictional, public realm of “United States” (a corporation) is not under or in the jurisdiction of private, common law. It is not of God’s Creation (Nature), and so not bound by it. That’s the point. It is the totality of corruption manifested and controlled by false doctrine. US citizenships are not privy to common law, simply because they are not regenerate and cannot be trusted to use it with moral turpitude, and thus are legally (imaginarily) exempt from the Bible Law and enslaved (into franchise, called legal freedom within the debtors prison/district/nation).
  6. The Bible is considered part of the common law, or rather is it’s very foundation. He that practices common law may not also practice public law, just as one cannot worship and call as God both God and mammon at the same time.
  7. Real Men practice only common law (including the Bible). Persons (fictional, legal characters) practice only public law, the law of legal status (persons).
  8. Men are Higher than persons, but fall below and bound under persons when tricked into personhood (artificial legal status).
  9. The “Christianity” referred to in the above definition is not just any random religion created by man, but is the recognized Law of Nature as written in the Bible, also called the negative, moral, or “unwritten law.” Legal law is always called the positive, amoral, or “written law.” They cannot be mixed. If they are mixed, the legal side always wins, for the legal side (fiction/lies) is absolutely forbidden by the Law of Truth (God).
  10. Congress does not create common law, because common law already existed before congress, and was adopted from the English (i.e. Roman) system. And Congress certainly didn’t create the Bible, but rather accepted it as the foundation of common law, which is HIGHER THAN ITS OWN, STATUTORY LAW. However, common law also consists of court precedent and the maxims (principles) of law. This is a conflict, since the maxims of law allow deviation from themselves in cases of contract in volunteerism. One maxim of law, for instance, states that the contract makes the law. And, of course, this is why the Bible Law is against contracts! Thus the common law, as does the Bible Law, allows for man to choose his own Law. Once the Bible Law is broken, the legal law can be and will be applied, for that man has chosen not to be self-governing under Gods Nature and Its Law. He has chosen not to follow Christ (Logos), and therefore must be governed (controlled) by the law of mammon, the law of persons, the big legal lie.
  11. Congress creates only non-common public and private law: “Statutory law in the United States consists of the laws passed by the legislature. For the federal government, then, the statutory law is the acts passed by the United States Congress. These acts are designated as Public Laws or Private (corporate) laws, and are intended to be anti-Bible (against Gods Law/Logos), almost exclusively having to do with legal tender/credit/debt in the national money system (mammon). They serve no other purpose than to blaspheme the Law of Nature. Public laws relate to the general public (as the general population of the open-air debtors prison/district), while private laws relate to specific institutions or persons (i.e. corporations, associations, etc.). Most of the laws passed by Congress are public laws, and these are the laws which you will typically need to research (as part of the matrix of US Code). Once a bill is passed by Congress and signed by the President it becomes a Public Law.” (Source:
  12. This means that to accept legal (positive) law a man must deny God’s (negative) Law, and therefore sell (refuse) the rights of common law (privacy). He must become a public person under public law, the law of persons.
  13. The Bible Law (Law of Nature/God) is not allowed to be used in a “United States” court because the Bible is part of the common law. United States courts only deal with persons, and no public person (citizen of the United States) qualifies for common law court. Persons (statuses) are property of government. Common law courts are for self-governing (private) men that are foreign (several) to the United States corporation (District of Columbia). Persons of the United States are not of God’s Nature of Creation and therefore not bound by any aspect of the Law of Nature (God).
  14. The legal law of man (including municipal law) in no way attempts to enforce the Bible Law or True Christian doctrine (Logos), for the law of men is always, in every case, adversarial to that of the Bible. It is created with no other possible purpose or intent. For if it was the same as Gods Law it would be redundant. Therefore the legal law is never in sameness with the Law of God. It is therefore always adversarial (satanic) to Logos. It is always antichrist and can be no other way.
  15. The civil law of nations effects only the outward conduct (under performance contract) of legal persons (citizens), not of men. Strict, legal law leaves no room for conscious, moral thought processes. Just as a puppet is controlled by strings, a person (fictional, legal entity) is controlled by public law as if it’s a puppet and the law its strings.
  16. The legal system cannot force the Bible Law, called as “True Christianity” or “Natural religion” upon its subjects (legal persons), any more than the legal law can be forced upon men (sons) of God. Legal law applies only to persons (including individuals and corporations), which are properties of government. The Law of Nature applies to and is enforced only by Naturally Free men (free of legal status/persona), as those men foreign (private) from that legal, corporate (illegitimate) government, and cannot be practiced or invoked by any legal person. Persons have no common law rights, for persons are not acting as self-governing men of God under the Bible Law.
  17. In other words, BOTH THE LEGAL AND THE BIBLE LAW ARE VOLUNTARY! It’s about initial choice. Everything else is a consequence of that initial choice, God (Truth/Logos) or mammon (money/legalism/logic).
  18. Unfortunately, the birth certificate (original matrix) is the foundation and causality of most of our choices, being a financial instrument and receipt given to parents in exchange for the abandonment of their parental rights over that child, and thus an indoctrination of the child (infant of unknown parentage) as a ward of the District and state into the legal system and public-mindedness through education, employment, and entertainment.
  19. Our personal choice is made at the age of consent, or that which ushers us into the state of legalized adultery (adult-hood), as we continue to use and thus confirm the burden of contractual obligation placed upon us by the birth certification process (creation of a legal entity/birth of the legal person). We confirm and ratify all of our parents and our own actions and contracts, social security, driver’s licenses, and other legal contracts attached to that legal person before the age of consent by the continued use of that person (status in “United States”). This confirmation process is express consent and evidence of our agreement to continue on as a ward of the state, as the child is bestowed with an adulterous hood (adulthood). The child was never under contract. The adult assumes the identity of persona of the child and continues under a legal contractual obligation in citizenship to “United States” and its district.
  20. At this point of legalized adulthood (open, public adultery), being the age assigned for a mans ability to legally bind oneself under legal contract in a nation, the man assumes the identity (sameness) of and signs and acts behind and in surety for the person (legal status), and is bound therefore by the public law of “United States” as a national citizen-ship (commercial vessel). The choice to follow mammon (law of man/logic) instead of Christ (Law of God/Logos) is confirmed and ratified by these actions.
  21. The only conclusion possible from these facts: no citizen of any nation, no man acting in the person (property/status) of another, has the right or foundation of Law to call him or herself a “Christian.” This is a self-evident Truth once knowledge of both the Bible Law and the legal law are fully comprehended, and especially that they are diametrically opposed to one another. If the Law of Nature is of God, then the legal law of man is of satan. Satan is only defined as that which is opposed to God and Christ (Logos). The legal system of law is opposed to God and Christ (logos). Therefore the terms “Christian” and “Christianity” as used by a man acting in legal persona (citizenship) to any nation can be nothing but flattering titles that have no substance used by men that do not follow the Law of God through Jesus Christ (Logos).
  22. Before the de facto (illegitimate) corporation “United States” was created by congress assembled outside of the now 50 States, in its own foreign (private), municipal district outside of the actual States united in compact, the common law free “People” were not allowed to speak disparaging about the Bible or its story, for by doing so they would be speaking against the very foundation of the common law. While we have been propagandized and institutionalized by the legal system of the nation and its promoted and paid for Hollywood machine that this was in fact a bad thing, that this was religious tyranny, the Truth is that those laws were in place to ensure the Law of God always trumped over any other doctrine. But then the nation, the corporation nation was formed and those commoners that strived and suffered to practice common law were tricked and contracted (enfranchised) into that place, that district of Columbia, wholly foreign to the States where common law is still applied, a place where the Bible Law is literally outlawed. In the “United States,” the Bible Law is at best unenforceable and at worst against the legal law to practice, for the common law does not exist in the corporation and district (jurisdiction) of “United States.” And you wonder why the Bible is banned from “public” education, the school system mandated by the legal structure of the legal, commercial, anti-God, antichrist (anti = replacement of God and Logos) nation?
  23. There is another aspect to this, though it requires again a non-literal understanding. The United States is admiralty law (the sea), while the states are territorial (the land). The law of the sea is international (law of nations), not local or private. Water is considered public property, just as the seas are considered shared internationally, while the private land is able to be claimed. To understand how this great expansion (invasion) of the “United States” corporation and its district jurisdiction spilled across the land, we can simply say that the land was covered by the virtual water of the admiralty law jurisdiction. The dry land is private to the States (People), while the wet land is public (under US law and sanction). US citizenships are ships, vessels made of words, as a status, which as vessels in commerce (mammon) are able to do business as agents of the United States upon its watery, international jurisdiction. US citizen-ships, without understanding they are doing it, are like ships traveling upon the (virtual) sea flying the US flag (admiralty jurisdiction under law of the flag) by their use of the vessel (person/status). The flag is the same as identifying yourself (in persona/in commerce) as under US law and protection. The seal of the United States is on every legal document, including the dollar (flood of currency/legal tender). Thus they get a passport to travel between international admiralty ports (national jurisdictions). Like the bible, if you cannot grasp the use of metaphor in legalism, which is all fiction and lies, and instead you reject this explanation because literally it is impossible in Nature, then there really is no hope for you to ever Truly comprehend all of this, the legal code or the Bible Law. For you’ve missed the whole point, which is that yes, this is all impossible in Nature, that water cannot exist on dry land without consent to its virtual, artificial (legal) existence, and that we are all tricked into pretending to exist outside of Nature in this legal matrix. To take any aspect of the legal realm as Reality, as anything but fiction, is to be spiritually dead, to not know the difference between God and satan (what is adversarial to God/Nature/Reality). I will provide citations for this fact, in the court and congressional records, that indeed show the progression of this virtual jurisdiction of the law of the sea as it took over the court systems and constituted states in the full version of this second volume of Strawman.


Consider this… why would a Christian celebrate such a false holiday as his own birth date in the Roman calendric legal system? Men have no birth date, for men are timeless Creations of God. Legal persons, however, absolutely must have a date of false creation in that Roman system of legal law, for without it, no age of consent could possibly be legally (artificially) “proven.” Without proof of birth, no child could be called as an “adult,” that is, one that willingly proceeds in adultery and blasphemy to God’s will and testament as a confirmed and ratified status (person) in society. The man (son) of God, when asked what his or her birthday is, would answer only in mystery, in parable and ambiguity, for the timelessness of God’s Creation has no beginning or end. We may come and go, but Nature Exists without a calendar, without clocks, and without all other legal devices of man’s design. Again, this is integral to understanding the True Nature of God’s Law and Its purpose, so that we do not fall into the legal trickeries of men. Legally recorded, calendric time is but a sign (symbol) of identity (sameness) to a legal person, which means that if I agree that my “birthday” is the same as the person, I am one step closer to respecting the totality of that fictional persona through the various signs, tokens, and symbols that define and describe its false existence. Webster explains in his 1828 Dictionary of the English Language that “TIME is absolute or relative; absolute time is considered without any relation to bodies or their motions. Relative time is the sensible measure of any portion of duration, by means of motion. Thus the diurnal revolution of the sun measures a space of time or duration…” God is of course absolute, whereas mans conception oaf time is relative to his intent. In other words, God continues to Exist (God is the eternal Existence) despite whatever devices men create to record the passing of time they can relate to in this minuscule, short period of Life on Earth. Mans perception of time is not at all the same as the Reality of Existence (Jehovah) in Its absolute, infinite eternity — that is, unless we agree that the time kept by men is equal to God’s timeless Nature of Existence, which is exactly what we’ve all been tricked into doing.


The intuition of the moral sentiment is an insight of the perfection of the laws of the soul. These laws execute themselves. They are out of time, out of space, and not subject to circumstance.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson


The farmer, the gardener, the steward of Nature needs only to know the coming of the seasons and the cycles of the sun and moon. However, he or she needs not legal proof of men or mans law, and he needs no watch or other technology (art form) to live by these seasonal, Natural cycles of Jehovah, for these are the already established, self-evident signs of God’s eternal and beautiful mystery of Existence. The farmer need only know and keep the Law of God and be content with Gods Creation to enjoy all the abundant fruits of his labor therein. Time is perhaps the most critical of fictional, legalistic signs, for no contract can exist without some time being assigned to it. Time is the coldest of logics, the most diabolically used symbols without substance or spirit by tyrannical men and by the devils who contract in it. For we must not forget that time is indeed money.


The higher classes are more punished in money; but the lower in person.

NOBILES MAGIS PLECTUNTUR PECUNIA; PLEBES VERO IN CORPORE. 3 Inst. 220. (Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)


Note, the higher class is the Latin “nobiles” while the lower (common) class is called the “plebes.” That’s me, and you, my plebeian counterpart in slave-equality. You go to prison to pay for your crime with time, which is the same as the nobility paying money. Money equals time/labor potential. As this is certainly one of my favorite words, and since we are all equally considered to be the plebeian class, let us prove this fact that US citizenship is not only the lower (common) status from the bloodline of legitimate nobility, but that US citizenship (personhood) is indeed a franchise, and that if you vote you are certainly but a plebe!

PLEBEIANOne who is CLASSED among the common people, as distinguished from the nobles. (Black4)

PLEBEITY, or PLEBITYThe common or meaner sort of people; the plebeians. (Black4)

PLEBISCITEIn modern constitutional law, the name “plebiscite” has been given to a vote of the entire people, (that is, the aggregate of the ENFRANCHISED INDIVIDUALS composing a state or nation,) expressing their choice for or against a proposed law or enactment, submitted to them, and which, if adopted, will work a radical change in the constitution, or which is beyond the powers of the regular legislative body. The proceeding is extraordinary, and is generally revolutionary in its character; an example of which may be seen in the plebiscites submitted to the French people by Louis Napoleon, whereby the Second Empire was established. But the principle of the plebiscite has been incorporated in the modern Swiss constitution, (under the name of “referendum,”) by which a revision of the constitution must be undertaken when demanded by the vote of fifty thousand Swiss citizens. (Black4)

PLEBISCITUM – Latin. In Roman law. A law enacted by the plebs or commonalty, (that is, the citizens, with the exception of the patricians and senators,) at the request or on the proposition of a plebeian magistrate, such as a “tribune.” (Black4)

PLEBS – Latin. In Roman law. The commonalty or citizens, exclusive of the patricians and senators. (Black4)


How do you know you’re a plebe? You’re a national citizen and you vote, and your dumbed-down enough to believe patriotically (religiously) that you are instead a master (sovereign) instead of a servant (common subject), and somehow stand in Natural Freedom instead of legal franchise. Talk about ridiculous fantasies. It’s one thing to dream and even to make shit up for fun, but to be so enslaved and still believe you are free? None are more enslaved

This maxim on the measure (value) of time as money is a maxim of law, though one of the more asinine and condescending to be sure. But, again, it’s not religion, this is LAW! More to the point, it is self-evident TRUTH, which could be said to be equal parts of the same foundation. The Roman calendar does not exist in Nature, is not a Creation of God, and there is no way to prove the existence of “time” without agreement and thus consent to its existence. God is Truth and Christ (Logos) is the Law of Truth. The action of what we call as time passing is a verb, while the recording of a specific time or timeline is a noun. Perhaps you’ll think twice the next time you’re asked how old you are or when your birthday is? The only True and correct answers to both these legalistic inquiries is that: I Am.

I Am part of God’s timeless, eternal self-Existence.

And when Jesus said this of himself, his intent was just that, a timeless existence with no end and no beginning…


“Then said the Jews unto him, Thou art not yet fifty years old,
and hast thou seen Abraham?

“Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.
Then took they up stones to cast at him…”

–John 8: 57-58, KJB


So the Logos, of which Jesus Christ is the personification of, existed before Abraham. Well of course the Law of God, the Law of Nature had to Exist before the Creature of Nature. For Abraham and all other part of God’s Creation are part of the I Am. That’s the point. We are in Reality part of the timeless Existence of the Universe, of Jehovah, the I Am. The church and state wishes to separate you from that distinction, from your timeless Nature as a part of the Whole of God, and certainly don’t wish you to become sons of God by following the Law of Nature (Logos) instead of being victim of their legal matrix code. I say again, those who do, those who Live in and speak only of this Truth of God and take no other, shall be stoned  (persecuted) by those of the big legal lie. Also, notice that Jesus was speaking to the “Jews” here not as one of them, but in fact adversarial to them.

“The apostle John, inasmuch as agreeably to the state of things in his day he looked upon the Jews as a body of men hostile to Christianity, with whom he had come to see that both he and all true Christians had nothing in common as respects religious matters, even in his record of the life of Jesus not only himself makes a distinction between the Jews and Jesus, but ascribes to Jesus and his apostles language in which they distinguish themselves from the Jews, as though the latter sprang from an alien race:John 11:8John 13:33. And those who (not only at Jerusalem, but also in Galilee, cf. John 6:4152) opposed his divine Master and his Master’s cause — especially the rulers, priests, members of the Sanhedrin, Pharisees — he does not hesitate to style οἱἸουδαῖοι (Jews), since the hatred of these leaders exhibits the hatred of the whole nation toward Jesus:John 1:19John 2:1820John 5:1015ff,John 5:18John 6:41,527:1,11,139:18,2210:24,31,3318:14…”

–Thayer’s Greek Lexicon entry for “Jew” (Strong’s #G2453 – Ioudaios), Electronic Database. Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006, 2011 by Biblesoft, Inc.


The infiltration of Jewish (anit-Christ) thought, or what is called as the Judaizing of Christianity, is perhaps the biggest challenge for the average, common man in reading the Bible neutrally, without prejudice (pre-judgement). Their purpose is dissimulation, to cause good men to dissimulate ourselves (into legal personhood against God) from what we Really are as the I Am and It’s Law. The Jew lives by the adversarial law of mammon, and controls others by that law, the legal system. This has nothing to do with race in any way. For the Jew is not a race. Jewishness is not a religion, and is in fact mostly atheistic (83% atheist) according to international polls of those calling themselves flatteringly as “Jews.” For further exploration of these legal tools of time and dissimulation (personhood) in the implementation of a system of mammon, which I may include in future volumes of Strawman, and so as to understand how the legal system cannot exist without secular timelines (dates) and without dissimulation (personhood), which is why they are both prohibited in the Bible Law, please check out these two essays of a four-part series I am still working on called The Four Pillars Of Fiction:

A Matter Of Time–>

The Art Of Dissimulation–>


To be clear, let us define what is the difference between the legitimately (de jure) constituted, private States in Congress assembled, and the corporately chartered (de facto) “United States” corporation that congress created separately from and not under the Constitution of the union (compact) between those private States (People). Further discussion on this topic will follow later in this essay. For now, like the Bible, it is important to comprehend that we often use the logical fallacy that what is illegitimate should not exist because it is in opposition or not in line with the legitimate source, say like the constitution. However, what exists as “United States” in Washington DC and as that district and jurisdiction into the several (private/foreign) States of the union has no ties or bounds by the constitution, for the constitution was specifically intended for the States in compact and thus the private citizens (private People) thereof. In no way is the “United States” or its public citizenships protected by the constitution, though this lie is literally built into our culture. Quite simply though, one is either a State citizen or a national citizen, not both. One cannot be private and public at the same time (except by use of artificial persons/corporations and trusts, etc.). It is more accurate to say that a name cannot be both public and private, just as a True Christian cannot be under another doctrine (law). The first time you hear a municipal, administrative judge exclaim that the constitution has no place in his courtroom, it is at that point you may realize and self-actualize the actual status of the person you are appearing as. Remember, the United States issues persons (status), and we voluntarily leave the privacy of the States to become United States citizenships. We leave, in other words, the place where we are protected by the negative rights granted by the constitution, which ultimately just reinforce the God-given rights of men, and choose instead to exist without god-given rights inside the legal matrix code of the United States, where all Natural (God-given) Rights are sold and replaced by the property (rented rights) of persons of the United States corporation. And so we leave the de jure to accept the de facto, which means we give up our birthright and any bloodline consideration to accept a spiritual death, to be governed strictly by the legal system of mans law.

And so when you hear that something done to us is unconstitutional, this is absolutely a true statement, for the constitution does not apply to United States citizenships. That was the point, to create a district and jurisdiction unbound by both the Bible Law and the constitution, one strictly commercial in nature under the foreign law of nations, where men contract voluntarily through trickery and deceit (and ignorance), none of which are illegal. It is this confusion of “places” (jurisdictions) that causes our belief systems, our patriotism to flare up like the most irritating of hemorrhoids. Such patriotism for this corporation in Washington DC is certainly misplaced, for the patriotism of old was by private men protecting their States (People) from the federal government of that corporate United States, as in the civil war. For public persons that are completely bound in surety as a voluntary slave thereof, patriotism is a mute point, for we have no choice but to support that which enslaves us. This complete idiocracy is unfortunately where the US military falls, paid mercenaries that have no idea what they are supporting, yet doing so with the same patriotism that those men held when they were trying to protect their private States from the tyranny and oppression of the King of England, and later from the US federal government itself (civil war). The US military protects that which destroyed the compact, the constitution, for it was the United States that invaded the southern States and caused those States to withdraw from congress, thus nullifying the compact (constitution). The civil war thus ensued not by consent of the States in congress assembled (legitimately), but by the illegitimate military necessity of the federal government by Executive Order. There was no congressional declaration of war because congress was abandoned due to the utter corruption of that federal entity and its unwelcome intrusions into the privacy of those States. Since that time, the federal “United States” has been the de facto government, and no legitimate congress has existed, but in name only. It’s a sham, a military takeover under military rule, which is elevated into martial law when provoked. The de facto has overtaken the de jure, just as men have pretended to take over God’s Earth, the Creation becoming too powerful to be controlled by the Law of its Creator. And their weapon of choice? The legal system. For the pen is mightier than the sword. Through the law of men, that which is illegitimate has overtaken that which is legitimate. And the constitution, though given plenty of propaganda and false respect in congress as a lame but effective lip-service, simply does not apply to this military power called the “United States” corporation. Why? Because the People have been tricked into personhood, and so have sold their Natural, God-given rights to do anything about it. For, as the maxim of law states, with protection comes subjection. We are like pets subject to their masters (false gods/magistrates) will, for we have forgotten Gods Will and Testament that we be self-governing under the Law of Nature (Logos), through Jesus Christ personified.


DE FACTO – Latin word for in fact. A term used to denote a thing actually done; a president of the United States de facto is one in the exercise of the executive power, and is distinguished from one, who being legally entitled to such power is ejected from it; the latter would be a president de jure. An officer de facto is frequently considered as an officer de jure, and his official acts are of equal validity. (–THELAW.COM Law Dictionary, online)

DE FACTOIn fact, in deed, actually. This phrase is used to characterize an officer, a government, a past action, or a state of affairs which exists actually and must be accepted for all practical purposes, but which is illegal or illegitimate. In this sense it is the contrary of de jure, which means rightful, legitimate, just, or constitutional. Thus, an officer, king, or government de facto is one who is in actual possession of the office or supreme power, but by usurpation, or in respect to lawful title; while an officer, king, or governor de jure is one who has just claim and rightful title to the office or power, but who has never had plenary possession of the same, or is not now in actual possession. So a wife de facto is one whose marriage is voidable by decree, as distinguished from a wife de jure, or lawful wife. But the term is also frequently used independently of any distinction from de jure; thus a blockade de facto is a blockade which is actually maintained, as distinguished from a mere paper blockade. As to de facto “Corporation,” “Court,” “Domicile,” “Government,” and “Officer,” see those titles. In old English law. De facto means respecting or concerning the principal act of a murder, which was technically denominated factum.” (–Black’s Law Dictionary, 2nd Edition)


Think of it this way: the typical US (public) citizenship dreams of and mistakenly views the de jure (legitimate) government (Congress Assembled) as the same thing as what they created illegitimately, which is the United States corporation (district of Washington). The dumbed-down, plebeian population knows not the difference, and knows nothing of the bloodlines of the private People (We) that is the States (People) of America. The belief in its legitimacy is one of the strongest delusions keeping it in power, especially by its paid, mercenary military force (infantry, etc). This model is not unlike the corporate religion model. For most “Christians” believe that their incorporated religion of choice is legitimate, even though it has a separate doctrine from that which it pretends to honor as source, the Bible. Thus the legitimate Law of the Bible is made illegitimate by religion in service to the corporate structure of mammon, the marriage of LEGAL church and state. And the corporate religions all teach that we must follow man’s law (Caesar, United States legal law) instead of God’s Law of Nature as set out in the Bible, which as we have seen over and over, is against God’s Law in the Bible.

To be illegitimate but also be (in legal/fictional fact) in effect… Sounds like organized crime, does it not? Of course it does, because that’s what it is! This describes the commercial, legal US Code of the “United States.” And so what does that mean for you, a citizen-ship (commercial vessel) of the United States corporation? It means in its most basic terms that you cannot claim anything legitimate in your defense. You, while acting illegitimately (as a US person), cannot therefore use the constitution in your defense, for the constitution is a document of legitimacy. Neither can you call fraud upon the known fraud that is the US legal system, for the maxims of law agree that he who voluntarily participates in and receives benefits and protections from that which is a fraud cannot use fraud as an excuse. In other words, a man that recognizes fraud but continues to operate in that fraud has no right to call it a fraud, because he is acting as part of the fraud, and all his legal and political rights come from that fraud in the first place. If this sounds more like hell than a country, that’s because it is. Hell is defined as a prison for debtors. It is foolish to believe that there is any escape from hell for a sinner. In other words, when acting in personhood (sin), one cannot expect to leave that which gives a person its existence. One must cease his participation in sin to enter God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth under the Law of Nature. For there is only one kind of man that may call a lie as a lie, and that man is a son of God (Truth), a follower of Jesus Christ (Logos), being he or she that lives at all times in Truth. A liar has no legitimate right to call another a liar. For how can anyone acting in a lie that can only exist in a lie call any or everything else in that lie a lie? How can a cartoon use the Law of Nature as its defense when that cartoon exists only inside that which is not built upon the foundation of God’s Nature and Law? How can a person claim to be a man, let alone a man of God, when that person is bound by the legal law of persons and not Gods Nature? To defeat this system one must first recognize this disposition and then overcome it. There is no other way, no other Lawful path.

What does the Executive Branch have power over? Nothing, actually, unless congress creates something artificial into the Executive Branch of the “United States” as a subordinate Executive corporation to the Executive, like say the United States Post Office. And each of these corporations has its own financial report or “CAFR,” just like any other business venture. But make no mistake, the military might of the President and Executive office does not make the law over any Executive branch. Congress does. This never changes. All blame for all problems, all corruption, and all evils comes solely from Congress, nothing else. The congress can change the law at any time it wishes for anything it wishes. It can even impeach the president simply and at any time. It can end the Fed and take away all funding to any executive or judicial branch function it wishes. For congress is the god (legal creator) of these extraneous creations. And remember, the first president (de facto king) of the United States was appointed directly by congress, not a vote of common people, and that has never changed.

What exists in legal fact does not mean it exists by legitimate right. In actuality, there is no possible way for the “United States” in Washington DC to be a legitimate entity, for it was created by congress to specifically be a de facto district and nation, and was done so outside of any State that was united in the constituted union of states. There is nothing constitutional about the “United States” corporation. Why? Simple. Because the creation of that district and corporation de facto was not provided for in the constitution. When it was created, it was empty. It had no citizens. All citizens of the United States are voluntary and under contract. It is this fact that legitimizes what is illegitimate. It is our express use of United States property (legal persons, places, and things) that cause it to have authority in its existence. In other words, to us, the “United States” is a fact (de facto), because we claim our whole existence within its legal matrix code. We have abandoned God (Nature), and therefore have abandoned not only Gods Law but our own Natural Rights in order to accept a legal (artificial) name and flattering titles of citizenship to that which exists not in Nature, but in the imaginarium of legal fact, a lawless place without the True Logos, and thus without legitimacy (Natural Right).

And that brings us to the act of voting. Imagine that… slaves voting for their masters. It was a brilliant scheme indeed, the idea that we can vote on who will be our lawmaker other than God, and therefore on who or what will enforce that false doctrine when it starts to destroy us both spiritually and economically. The Truth of the matter is this: a vote yes, no, or and abstinence from voting are all the same vote, a yes vote for the system itself. It matters not who gains such a public office, only that the slaves vote for or against or not at all so as to give consent to that office and all the laws behind it and its authority. A vote no is in actuality a vote yes for government itself. Any vote is an expression of consent to the fact that is the (de facto) system. Amazingly, even in this day of open information, the common goyim of the “United States” corporation still have no idea that their vote doesn’t even count when it comes to electing the president (god) of the “United States” corporation. In all corporations, the board of directors (congress) elects the president (father) of that company (family). So what makes you think the United States corporation is any different? News? Propaganda? Public education? Exactly.

I made a very revealing, very important documentary on this electoral process, trying to do something a bit different with my approach and have a bit of fun exposing our dreadful, soul-crushing state of ignorance. For better or for worse, here is that documentary. Listen carefully to the information and you will have no doubt left that the entire presidential campaign and public vote is not only an utter waste of money and time, but also vital for those in power to remain so. The Truth is that you, the plebe Joe Public, have absolutely nothing to do with the election process. Why? Because congress elects the president. The votes by the public are just a poll, a survey, and are not counted toward the actual election. Only slaves vote, for only those not in self-governance of themselves would respect and allow another doctrine of law to govern them besides that of God.

Do you want to know the Truth? Or are you more comfortable playing the absolute fool every four years? If the former inconvenience of Living in Truth be your goal, then watch this in its priceless entirety…



If you are still not clear, let me just say this. You, the public, do not elect an officer, you legitimize the office. You fool yourselves that if your candidate wins by your vote, that that candidate will change things for what you think is the better. But the Truth is that as a legal officer (employee/agent) of that legal, political office, that officer is bound and completely helpless to do anything but be the executive enforcement officer of that office. In other words, the officer must follow the laws of the office and no other. He or she (in persona and flattering title) is bound by these laws that are created by Congress. There is nothing any elected or appointed federal officer does, including Ron Paul or any other false god-hero you may have voted for, that is not expressly authorized by Congress. You are never voting for a change, for the office and its duties does not change according to whatever “persona” you vote for. Your vote is your consent to things staying exactly the same as they are by law. Your vote is your consent to be governed by fictional characters executing and enforcing a fictional law. Your vote is an admission that you need government, and that you are incapable of governing your own actions. Only subjects vote. And yet the illusion of choice is perhaps one of the most important magics of the entire legal delusion.

What is the president? Same as the governor. Same as the sheriff. These are the strong-arm of the lawmakers, of congress (state, county, and federal). They ensure the law is followed, and are given executive power to force us all into following it, be that the power of extortion (taxation), seizure of property (licensed theft), or military force (violence). And whether you understand it or not, violence and extortion are your political, civil rights granted to persons. These “rights” are forced upon he that contracts with and under a persona (legal mask/status) of (belonging to) the “United States” corporation. “United States” persons do not exist anywhere but in the fictional jurisdiction and district of the “United States,” just as cartoons only exist in the fictional cartoon realm. A person, like a cartoon character, requires some man (artist) to use it like a puppet, for it has no will of its own. Persons literally require sinners (men) acting against God’s Law (Logos) to have existence and movement. To be a person is to live a lie.

Now, after reading the above quotes from congress about and in favor of the Bible, when I tell you that what is missing in this society is one and only one thing that would correct all other problems, and that thing is the Bible (God’s Law of Nature), one thing you cannot do is make the claim that God should be no part of government. This is not what separation of church and state was intended to do in any way. It was not intended to exclude the Bible, only a state-sanctioned religion. Remember, the Bible is LAW, not religion, and is the foundation of common law. In fact, congress here (above) recognizes that the Bible is absolutely necessary for the self-governing of all men, and that God-given rights or natural rights stem only from a society of men (a People) bound by the tenets and Law of the Bible. Perhaps you will still insist upon blaming some other man or corporation or ethnic group, culture, or race. Perhaps you pretend that it’s the Jew that keeps you down? Imagine that being the excuse for Jesus Christ? His story would not have happened if he was not self-governing, blaming himself alone and no-one else for his own problems. The problem is not the Jew, or any other flattering title you can pretend exists. The problem is that you have never been taught that the Law of God, Logos, as that which Christ is the personification of, is the cure-all to all adversaries. The Jew cannot touch you unless you voluntarily use his property. The Jew cannot put you in debt through usury unless you use his money and agree to his interest. The Jew cannot force you under his law unless you agree to his person, his flattering title, and therefore his law governing those fictional things. And the Jew cannot have power over your God-given “Christian” first name unless you agree to legally attach and accept a last or surname to the first name, and therefore the law that issues over that addition/ad-diction. The Truth is that the Jew doesn’t Exist in Nature, any more than the false, corporate “Christian” does. False titles are never of God (Truth/Nature), and are certainly no excuse before God to act like a goyim (heathen).

Now, replace the word Jew with every other possible and imaginary adversary you can think of, and the same rule applies. The purpose of the Law of God (Logos) is to intentionally prevent any legal tool or trap of men, by any name, place, or title, from taking away your God-given right to self-govern your own actions. And so we are instructed to love our enemies and treat them with love, the True Love of God, so that the very foundation of that which makes them adversaries is muted and thus defeated. Some of the Law of God includes (the Bible scripture requires): no persons, no titles, no contracts, no signature, no money, no credit/debt, no legal surname, no other gods (including legal magistrates and popes), no harm to others except to protect God’s Nature and Law, and no lies. So tell me, if this Law is followed, what possible power can any man under any title have upon you? What crutch can you possibly continue to lean on in excuse for your own addictions, behaviors, and acts against God’s Nature and Law if you but respect the Law of God as laid out in the Bible? And what possible power can this modern, satanic version of this corporation nation “United States” or any other illegitimate authority have over you if you would but surrender to the only Real and self-evident Sovereign (God) and Law there Is?

Inversely, in a question that is so fully and obviously answered in triplicate judging by our social inequity and anarchic, antichrist behavior toward the Bible Law of God, what happens when our desires outweigh our needs so much that we are willing to support and participate in such an evil as this, to the point that escape from its legal matrix of code and voluntary slavery (servitude) as a false god seems impossible, where fiction blinds us from the Truth of even our own Nature and actual needs? What happens when we are so addicted to our artificial, legal status in the nation and its false authorities (gods), where everything we “own” is actually property and ward of the state, including our own children, that we believe with such rancorous, cancerous faith that we can never leave it all behind in exchange for True Love, Charity, and Happiness? When will we realize that everything in this nation consists of form without substance, of Godless words on paper and nothing else, where land is not actual land and persons are not actually men?

We are all victims of misinformation, of falsified transliteration. The Law of God (Logos) is the antithesis to chaos (lawlessness), and must therefore be not only understood but lived by when all of man’s artificially controlled chaos of these legal systems of law crash and burn. But how can I possibly convince my brothers and sisters under these national systems and matrixes of legal law that in fact the whole legal system is based on anarchy (lawlessness) toward God’s Law of Nature? I can certainly point out the contrarian nature of legalism and the logicians to scripture, but the necessary, deeper understanding takes a full study and comprehension of the Bible Law and especially the original intent of the translated and retranslated and transliterated languages therein. Thus I will attempt in this essay to prove my claims, that the legal law and anyone that follows it is, whether they know and understand it or not, acting in all ways adversarially (satanic) towards the Law of Nature. That is to say that the legal person (citizen) cannot in fact and by legal law act any other way, for it is very much against the law of man to practice the Law of Nature. God’s Law is literally illegal under the laws that govern legal societies. No person can be a follower of Jesus Christ (Logos/the Law of God), for a legal (fictional) person is bound under and thus must at all times follow the false gods of the legal system and its matrix of artificial codes (false doctrine). It is Truly impossible (and illegal) to be a follower of Christ while at the same time acting at all times in the persona (property) of the legal state, for a person is always bound by the law that created it, which as we will see, is never of God’s Nature. Persons are not men. Men are not persons. And People is not the plural of person, persons is. A person is as a puppet. Like a computer program, a persons’ actions are limited to what its agent (user) does with it. One cannot blame violence on the sweater a man is wearing nor on the gun he is using. Likewise, the person is a tool, not a man. And this is exactly why it is wholly against God’s Law to even respect the persons of others, let alone be and actor in any false persona. Persons are not Real, and there is no excuse acceptable to the God of what is Real to use what is not Real, what is intended to break the Law of the Real (Nature). Persons are always a lie, and we all know that which is the king of lies. I cannot express the importance of comprehension here, for the person (status) and its binding false law is the foundation of mans pretended power and at the same time his greatest excuse for inaction, as the chains of his pretended/forced subjection.

It is interesting and supporting of this self-evident Truth to note that the word person was not anywhere to be found in the Declaration of Independence, for that declaration was specific that all men are born “equal” under God (to self-govern by and within the measure of the Law of God), and thus no man in pretended person-hood (property of the government) is ever in the only True Equity of self-governance, for all persons (statuses) are designed to be entrapped under the anti-God legal system of man. Please understand that it’s a maxim of law that unblemished equity is equality. True equity in Nature can only happen if no man is higher or lower than any other. This means that no man has a legally borne (carried/pretended) status/persona, as no mask of wealth or poverty, no mask of stature or lowliness, and no mask of rank or propriety (property). This state of Natural Equity, or that which Exists in Nature (under God) without the devices and lies of men, can never be confused with the so-called “court of equity” or with “political equality” assigned legally to the persons of men. In the United States, obviously, a common (vulgar) citizenship (goyim – a legal person) has equal rights only with other common (equal in lower rank) citizenships. But none of this legalese applies to Reality, only to and within the jurisdiction of the open-air prison called the municipal corporation of “United States,” which was at its political creation and still is called by the elite and in Congress behind closed doors as “the corporation.” Don’t believe me? Let me show you…

Notice that in the old legislative journals, the “corporation of Washington” is freely spoken of and also distinguished from the “Senate and Congress… assembled.” This again verifies that the “corporation of Washington” is not the united States of America (not a State or territory), but rather a fictional, foreign corporation created by the Legislature of America assembled as the united States (private People). There was no reason to hide these facts then simply because the population was not so dumbed-down and public-minded as to be foolish enough to not know their class and status (persona) in American society. In other words, we are not uncovering any secrets here, only revealing what was at one time well understood. Here we find Congress creating laws over its own property, its corporation and foreign (private) district, where the seat of government the “United States” pretends to exist. Note that this was written right before the 13th, 14th, and 15th “reconstruction” amendments were constituted and ratified forcibly in all militarily conquered States and their individual corporate state constitutions. This was done after the war, after the abandonment of congress, after the federal coo against its creators (States).

THIRTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. III Ch. 108, 109. 1863.

March 3, 1863 – 1869, chapter 84, Volume xi. P. 485: Chapter CIX. — An Act amendatory of an Act entitled “An Act to provide for the Care and Preservation of the Works constructed by the United States for bringing the Potomac Water into the Cities of Washington and Georgetown, for the Supply of said Water for all Gover[n]mental Purposes, and for the Uses and Benefit of the Inhabitants of the said Cities.”

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, in addition to the powers conferred upon the CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON by the second and third sections of the act of Congress, approved March three, eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, [entitled] “An act to provide for the care and preservation of the works constructed by the United States for bringing the Potomac water into the cities of Washington and Georgetown, for the supply of said water for all ‘governmental purposes, and for the uses and benefit of the inhabitants of the said cities,” full power and authority are hereby given to the said corporation to levy and collect a water-tax on all real property within the corporate limits of the city of Washington which binds on or touches on any avenue, street, or alley in which a main water-pipe has been laid or hereafter may be laid by the United States or by the corporation of Washington, which water-tax shall be as nearly as possible equal and uniform; may be levied on lots in proportion to their frontage or their area, as the said corporation may determine; and may be collected in not less than three nor more than five annual instalments, of which instalments all after the first shall bear interest at the rate of six per centum per annum, commencing from the date of [at] which the first instalment becomes due, but may, at the option of the owner of the property taxed, be mid and discharged in full at any time after it shall have been levied. And the said corporation of Washington is further authorized and empowered, on petition of the owners of the majority of the real estate on any square or line of squares, to lay down waterpipes and erect fire-plugs and public hydrants wherever the same may be requisite and necessary for public convenience, security from fire, or for health.

Sec. 2. And be at further enacted, That, to aid in the erection, maintenance, and efficiency of fire-plugs throughout the city, the said corporation of Washington is hereby authorized and empowered to levy and collect a special annual tax on all buildings within five hundred fret of any main water-pipe into which, or the premises connected therewith, the water has not been introduced, and the owners or occupants of which do not pay an annual water-rate or rent in accordance with the ordinances of the corporation, which tax shall be levied with reference to the value of the building so taxed, and shall be not more than five dollars nor less than one dollar per year ; but whenever the water shall be introduced, in conformity with the corporation laws, into any building or premises, the fire-plug tax thereon shall cease ; and whenever the water shall be discontinued from any building or premises into, which it has been introduced, the said building shall be subject to the fire-plug tax from-the date of the discontinuance of the water.


So, what then is the District of Columbia?

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – A territory situated on the Potomac river, and being the seat of government of the United States. It was originally ten miles square, and was composed of portions of Maryland and Virginia ceded by those states to the United States; but in 1846 the tract coming from Virginia was retroceded. Legally it is neither a state nor a territory, but is made subject, by the constitution, to the exclusive jurisdiction of congress. (Black’s Law Dictionary, 2nd Edition)


Let’s be perfectly clear here before we move on as to what exactly this means to congress and to you. If you get anything from this definition of Washington DC then get this, it is wholly a separate entity from the States united in compact. It is a creation of congress, not of the constitution. In other words, the United States corporation is the property of Congress, which is another way of saying it is the property of the private States (People), since congress is made of representatives of the People (States). Therefore anything that comes from or is “birthed” into the United States is property of Congress and therefore is made subject to its illegitimate, unconstitutional rules and laws that are created specifically for the United States, not the private States (People). If you are a citizen (person) of “United States,” that is, you are under the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia, Washington D.C., where the seat of the government of the United States sits outside of and not part of the 50 States (People) united, then you’re status is in no way protected by the constitution. It means you are in surety and bondage to government property. Therefore, the person (status) you occupy has no constitutional rights. Why? Because a person (status) of (belonging to) the “United States” is not a State (People), and it is not actual land (territory). It is not Real. It is strictly speaking property of a legal district, a jurisdiction, a corporation (artificial person) having absolutely no substance. A person cannot defend itself, no more than a puppet can act without a man operating it. “United States” is a fictional place where fictional characters (persons) exist as legal entities. There are no men in “United States,” only the persons men use as status to do commerce in that “United States” district. “United States” is a corporation, not the 50 states united. If I call a corporation United Antarctic Trust, that artificial person in law I just created has nothing to do with the physicality or people inhabiting the land or villages of the territory of Antarctica. And just because Congress calls its corporation of Washington “United States” does not mean that it has anything to do with the actual territories and private People of the 50 States that are united in compact to protect one another. Thus all public US citizens are not over congress but under it (in the public/common). Congress created the status of 14th amendment “United States” citizenship as a franchise (legal freedom in an open-air prison) that is subordinate (property) of the “corporation of Washington.” It is not the man, but the person the man carries in bond and surety that is a property. However, by acting (appearing) as if we are the persons (citizens) of “United States,” we are taking upon ourselves the role of servant, also known as reciprocal volunteerism, which is another name for the doctrine of “master and servant.” As this term is well established in law, and because I covered it in detail in my first book, I will not define these terms here. But I will say that the problem is that we as a common (vulgar) society of goyim have no idea that everything we do is considered by legal discourse and law as voluntary, even when we are being beaten, killed, or imprisoned by the jackbooted authority. These are rights. To be extorted is a citizens’ right. To be punished for non-crime is a citizens’ right. To be harmed and imprisoned is a citizens’ right. For you see, while God-given rights are a choice, legal rights are not a choice. Legal rights are what is required and thus enforced upon the persons of men that claim to be (choose to be) citizens of districts (nations). If this is not clear, it soon will be. But for now, know this: we make only one Real choice in Life – to follow God through Christ or to follow the legal system of law (mammon). We choose Reality or we choose the legal matrix. All other considerations happen after that single, initial choice. It is that choice, to follow God or mammon, that determines our state of Being and law. If we choose Nature (God), then we must govern our True selves accordingly, never allowing anything of man to blemish our good Christian (first) names. If we choose the legal matrix, then we choose to be abused. We choose the same rights as a prisoner of war. Our freedom is a parole, a franchise of personhood that is bound by the legal system and its law of persons. At this point, that is, after the initial choice is made, whether consciously or unconsciously, and once the contract with the devils (attorneys) of Congress and their corporation is made (by the use and protections offered by its persons/status), then all God-given rights are at that moment dead. Please understand that as a US citizenship, the negative protections of the constitution do not apply to you (your person), for your person (status) is a positive property of and thus in every way under the authority of Congress, not God. What Congress creates through its corporation “United States” is not part of the legitimate (de jure) functionality of congress. “United States” is a business, a corporation created specifically for commercial activities, and so congresses actions are almost all unconstitutional. That doesn’t mean they are illegal or unlawful, only that they are not bound by the constitution. Congress, in its secondary function as a board of directors for this “United States” corporation is purely an illegitimate (de facto) operation. Again, this does not mean illegal or unlawful, it means it is VOLUNTARY through contractual agreement. The laws of “United States” cannot be enforced on private men, only upon the legal persons (statuses) that private men take and stand in bond and surety for. If you (a private man) act as a person (citizenship of “United States” or other district/nation) then you (the man) are bound by the law of persons. Still unsure? Then keep reading….

The whole point here is to get you, the reader, to come to the full understanding that everything regarding your status in society is false, fiction, artificial, and so it can never be protected by the Law of Nature (God) or the constitution. The constitution protects privacy only, or in other words, those that are not United States public citizenships (property). The word private means foreign from, while the word public means for this purpose belonging to (internal). States are private (several) from “United States” and from each other, except to that which was succeeded to Congress (via contract, state constitutions). To be clear, the purpose of the Birth Certificate is to establish status (personhood) in the United States corporation, which is in actuality the establishment of inequality, of unequal status in legal persona. Men are thus pulled from the private (foreign) States of the compacted Union of protectionism and thrust into public status as free (franchised) slaves. The Bible is clear as to what happens when this self-Evident Truth of the Law of Nature, that all men are born under God in equity (without status/persona), and thus without legal dis-ease or distress, is not respected by men in societies, when men assume legal personas and titles of flattery so as to judge all others by their false persons. In fact, this verse is an exact description of our vulgar society today:


“And then shall many be offended,
and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
And because INEQUITY SHALL ABOUND, the love of many shall wax cold.

—Matthew 24: 10-12, KJB


Because inequity abounds due to legally enforced status (personhood), against even the founding document of America, and of course against the Bible it was plagiarized from, we all unwittingly live in a state of constant competition and betrayal of one another, continuously and greedily trying to gain in our societal wealth and status at each others expense, and so that we may lord over (administrate, manage) others in any way we can. For money lies at the root of our evils. Mammon is our false god.

Those slave-holding “fathers” (false gods) knew the meanings of these words, and left them out of their “founding” document. However, let us read from the original, un-finalized, unedited version of that Declaration of Independence, a part that was cut out due to the hypocrisy of the very slaveholders that were involved in the deliberations of that declaration. Here indeed we find the only use of the word person, later edited out from the published Declaration of Independence. And from its specific use (i.e. differentiating the use of the persons of men, that in fact men are not persons in Nature/under God) we can understand how it is only the legally (artificially) assigned status (persona) upon men, in this case as a “slave” or a negro without legal rights and bound to the authority of a master (god), that men may pretend legal justification for their crimes against Nature, all men being Created Equal (without person/legal status) under God. Of course we are all anything but equal in our attributes, abilities, and intellect. The meaning of this is two-fold: firstly to establish all men as being born free (with free will) under God, and secondly to allow themselves to create a system where that True freedom is sold for legal rights under false gods (fathers). In other words, it was a declaration that man has a choice to sell his God-given rights for that which is adversarial to God’s Nature and Law, for legal status (personhood). Let us read the Truths that were stripped from the final Declaration by these slave-holding fathers of the legal system of the United States:


He (the king) has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty IN THE PERSONS of a distant PEOPLE who never offended him, captivating & carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in their transportation thither. This piratical warfare, the opprobium of INFIDEL Powers, is the warfare of the CHRISTIAN king of Great Britain. Determined to keep open a market where MEN should be bought & sold, he has prostituted his negative for suppressing every legislative attempt to prohibit or to restrain this execrable commerce. And that this assemblage of horrors might want no fact of distinguished die, he is now exciting those very people to rise in arms among us, and to purchase that liberty of which he has deprived them, by murdering the people on whom he also obtruded them: thus paying off former crimes committed against the LIBERTIES of one PEOPLE, with crimes which he urges them to commit against the LIVES of another.



In the persons of a distant people If a person is the same as a people, if a person is a man, why the distinction between the two here? You must understand that a king cannot control men unless those men voluntarily respect persons — or alternatively, involuntarily, through absolute violent oppression of those men.

Gee… I wonder why they took that part out? Probably because “United States” was intended to be just another branch connected to the root of all evil, a money-based commercial entity (corporation) under the law of nations. My best guess: it was because their intent was to create personhood (voluntary slavery as franchised citizenship) to their soon-to-be newly fathered nation (corporation), and part of that status included slavery, or anti-persona, a status that is more so a lack of legal status (right) and so as to sever every common man from his Creator (God) and Its Law of Nature. The point? It is against the law to buy and sell men. It is, however, not against the law to buy and sell persons. For men are Real, while persons are the properties of men. A person is like a chain: pull on the chain and the manservant will follow. Order by law the person, and the man using and in surety to that person will follow the order (law of men) by contractual obligation and fear of punishment. And this is why our forefathers before us were tricked by these same bloodline “fathers” into registering and certifying our births around the world as persons (citizens) of the United States, as sons not of God but as legal “children” (persons) of the corporation and its president. The birth certificate establishes (recreates) a legal entity in personhood (i.e. citizenship). It signifies that which is not being born into God’s Nature, and thus our own symbolic spiritual death under the legal system of law. Birth into legal law is spiritual death to God, a state of bondage in surety to the legal gods. It is against the legal law to follow Christ in our legally bound actions as acting persons. But they allow us to believe in the most ridiculous things through organized, incorporated, state-permissed religions that have nothing to do with the Bible. This is called freedom of religion. Remember, this can only mean a restricted, legal franchise of religion. In other words, it is freedom to believe in the mind but never to act upon what one believes. To be more clear, it means that no man may act under the Law of God, the Law of Nature, while bound under the legal matrix code and systems of mans law. These fathers (gods) of the nations fear nothing more than the time when men would become self-governing under the Law of God’s Nature, as followers of Christ, as sons of God, for this would release us from our bondage to their person (status), defeating their claim of property over us by severing our voluntary servitude to them through personhood. As you will read later in this essay, the Bible strictly and in all cases outlaws both the participation in and the respect of other persons and flattering (artificial/legal) titles. “Christianity” is a flattering title borne (carried) by US and other national citizens who do not comprehend the fact that Jesus Christ (Logos) is wholly and in every aspect against the law of man, that self-governance under God is illegal, and so acting against government in any moral way or under any moral Law in the Bible is punishable by death (banishment).


“We (Christians) are supposed to be the salt of the Earth.
You know, salt does a lot of interesting things…
Salt preserves! You should be a preserving force in your community.
Salt irritates! 
If nobody’s irritated at you, you’re not a good Christian.”

–Kent Hovind


Dear Kent, I write this essay in ode to being exactly what you suggest, an irritant for false and just all-around bad “Christians.” Just call me the shaker

But what if you are one who publicly declares disbelief in “God” as your particular brand of religion. Since it takes way more effort to not believe in something than to believe, let us be clear as to why you are indeed wrong in your opinion, in your quest to prove a negative (non-existence). Though this subject is duely covered below, I will just remind you that the word God is well defined in law. In other words, government clearly believes in God and defines that in which it recognizes “God” to be. This means that as a citizen of the United States or any nation with similar terms of art, you can call yourself “atheist” or whatever flattering title floats your boat, and you may even believe god to be whatever you want It to be, but by law you agree with government’s definition as government’s subject. This is a fact of legal life in any nation. More importantly though, we must recognize that government’s definition of the Highest God (Jehovah) is the same as the Bible. To those who seek “proof’ of God, here it is, straight from the government. You see, there is no proof of God in Nature, for Nature Itself is God. Proof is something that exists only in the legal realm, for lies must be proven to exist. When proof is the self-evidence of Existence, well… only an illiterate fool would require a legal (anti-Truth) lie to prove the Truth (God). An atheist is very much like a plant that doesn’t believe in its own roots because it cannot see them beneath the soil it grows and takes nourishment from, never considering that it is rooted part of the very Source of Life that is Jehovah. And trust me that in law, in this legal matrix that rules over the fictional persons of men, what the lawmaker says goes.

ACT OF GODInevitable accident; vis major. Any misadventure or casualty is said to be caused by theact of God when it happens by the direct, immediate, and exclusive operation of the forces of NATURE, uncontrolled or uninfluenced by the power of man and without human intervention, and is of such a character that it could not have been prevented or escaped from by any amount of foresight or prudence, or by any reasonable degree of care or diligence, or by the aid of any appliances which the situation of the party might reasonably require him to use. Inevitable accident, or casualty; any accident produced by any physical cause which is irresistible, such as lightning, tempests, perils of the seas, an inundation, or earthquake; and also the sudden illness or death of persons. Under the term “act of God” are comprehended all misfortunes and accidents arising from inevitable necessity, which human prudence could not foresee or prevent. (–Black’s Law Dictionary 1st Edition)


To be clear, it’s a plain fact that government recognizes and defines “God” specifically as the Bible defines “Jehovah.” God is Nature. And an Act of God is an Act of Nature. I cannot stress the importance of this toward your own Natural Freedom and self-governance, which government recognizes only in men (sons/acts) of God. A son of God is one that acts only in and of God (Nature) and Its Law. A person acts only in and of the legal state and its adversarial law. All others are assigned persons in military conquest due to a state of non compos mentis, that is, being not of right (moral) mind. An act of a man (son) of God is and act of God, but the act of a man acting in legal persona is a satanic (adversarial) act against God. Your only True Freedom depends solely on this understanding, for only through the Law of God (the Law of Nature) can you be trusted to self-govern your own Life and its effect on others. Only through the following of Jesus Christ (Logos/the Law of God), only by acting Christ-like at all times may any of us overcome the need to be governed by men. For freedom under God is a franchise of God, just as a legal persona (status) is a franchise of the state (corporation).


“To believe in God is impossible.
Not to believe in Him is absurd.”



“To pray to God is to flatter oneself
that with words one can alter nature

—Voltaire, Notebooks (c. 1735 – c. 1750)


Atheism is the philosophical equivalent of a fish denying the existence of land
because he lacks the means to experience it.” 

―J Adam Snyder


This second quote is perhaps one of my favorites, for the beautiful reason that it is simple and self-evident. Ironically, most people pray for that which is anti-God, that which is not part of Nature, such as money or property. Only the devil would be happy to receive a prayer for money, and the devil will be happy to loan it at interest. For the devil only operates under a contract of perpetual debt, the ultimate soul-crusher. But we must understand them in context of just what the word “God” is defined as. Simply stated, God (Jehovah) transcends the vulgarity of human belief and non-belief. To not believe in something that is self-evident is foolish, for self-Existence, what Exists despite mans opinion, is of course self-evident. Jehovah, in other words, is not up for debate. It is not a choice to believe or not believe in Jehovah. In fact, the notion of not believing in Jehovah is so ridiculous that it was considered a mental illness and even a crime against the foundations of common law to claim such a non-belief. Non-belief in Existence, in the Universe, in Truth, is insanity, and can be nothing else. Unfortunately, the typical “Christian” and the typical “atheist” and even the typical “satanist” has never been told the intended definition of this word God as translated from the word Jehovah. Now imagine the foolishness of he that would stand in front of any government officer or magistrate (false god/judge) and deny the Existence of God (in “atheism”), to deny the Existence of all Existence… Nothing could be more desirable to a tyrannical government and its false (adversarial/vicarious) gods than this scenario, for that man therefore must be interned and governed as not of right mind (non compos mentis) without question by the legal laws of men in the debtors hell of nations. He that does not believe in Existence therefore cannot be convinced of the Law of Existence (God). In other words, the atheist (nihilist) will never recognize or agree to a Higher Source of Law. No Existence means also that there is no reason or purpose behind any Source for Existence. A source without purpose is merely a pointless, nihilistic redundancy. In Truth, that self-prognosticated non-believer is claiming to be a government-defined flattering title called as “atheist,” and therefore to possess a non-belief in any Source of Truth or Law in Reality, in Nature, and therefore in all Existence. This is merely nihilism masked in anti-religious nonsense. This man cannot therefore ever be trusted to govern himself in right mind, for to not believe in Nature and Its Law is to not believe in the Law of Nature (God), which is the foundation of the common law. In other words, one cannot practice common law without understanding the Law of the Bible (and its opposite, the legal law of man). It is not only this Law of Nature that I am attempting to pass on to you, but also the needed mindset to cut through the lies so as to be able to understand and utilize that Law of Gods Will (Logos).

So what is atheism, really? It’s a case of mistaken identity. It is a lack of knowledge of what the actual definition of God (as Jehovah) is and was intended to be. It is sheer, pompous ignorance at its finest. For the meaning and intent of the word Jehovah (YHVH) was never meant to be a topic of debate. The question of what is Truth, Nature, Reality, in other words, were never considered to be deniable or in any way debatable. Only the willful ignorance of men or the purposeful mis-transliteration and false translation of the word God (as Jehovah) could cause such a ridiculous notion, that God does not Exist, when God is specifically defined as all self-Existence Itself, as that which is not man-made. This defeats all arguments, all debates. The meaning and intent of this word Jehovah is the absolute key to peace between all men. And that is why it was kept from us by the ruling class, the legalized (and married) church and state.

So what is atheism as now understood and properly defined? Atheism is the belief in the non-existence of Existence. Atheism is the non-belief in the Existence of God (self-Existence, the Universe, Nature, Natures Law, Reality, Truth). But to so-called self-prescribed atheists, atheism is actually the non-belief in the personification or anthropomorphizing of God (Jehovah); as the burning bush, the man in the clouds, the voice in someones head, etc. It is, in other words, the mistake of taking literally a metaphor, of imagining that form is equal to substance in moral story-telling. It would be like not believing in the moral story of Robin Hood because Disney portrayed Robin Hood anthropomorphized as a cartoon fox. And so the substance of the story, that is, the moral of the story is lost because the atheist cannot believe in the veracity of the storied, metaphoric form of the characters used to tell the story and pass on those morals. Even worse, some will use this “non-belief” in God as an excuse to dismiss morals all together, to claim that Law has no Source, no Truth, no God (Maker/Creator). All of this because of one clever, obviously purposeful mistranslation of Bible text by the king’s agents and provocateurs.

The infinitely droll and overtly contrarian skeptic will claim, and correctly so, that this is no Real (Natural) proof that God Exists. And they’d be right, as usual making a point that is out of context with the subject at hand. This is what government says is “God,” as I stated, and as is defined overtly in every law dictionary, not to mention the Bible itself as used as a prop in government and its court and other proceedings. The importance of this is to establish the Highest “God” in government, and therefore as the Highest God of all men and all citizens. Why the Highest, even above the false gods (magistrates) of government themselves? Because they admit no power to effect the cause or outcome of an Act of God, no human agency or act of man may thwart the power and cause of Nature (God), not even their own. This is a necessary establishment in the legal (anti-God) law because those in government cannot control you unless you deny God, which means that you deny what government considers the foundation of the Natural Rights of men. Without foundation, all things fall, men especially. To claim legal rights is, in other words, an admission that God does Exist and that you have denied God’s Law and Authority. You are tricked into selling your unalienable (God-given) rights for legal (artificial) rights of personhood (legal status). Please understand that I am not saying that your opinion doesn’t matter here, in fact, it matters a lot, because your opinion defines your attitude, and your attitude will make or break the situation. What I am saying is that if you are acting in the person (status) of another, namely the state or as an employee (subject), then your opinion does not matter. The person is property of government, and therefore the opinion of its agent (you) is about as relevant to government as the opinion of a mouse to a scientist that is about to experiment on it. Persons have no opinions by law, for persons have no brain, have no will. A status is fiction, and fiction cannot have anything a man may have. The law controlling persons is fixed, strict, and not in any way subject to the opinions of the user of that fictional person (status). The personal opinion you carry about the Existence or non-Existence of God is completely irrelevant in a legal setting where you are acting and surety for the person (property) of government. Read that again if it doesn’t make sense. In government’s opinion (court opinion), you would not carry a status (persona) unless you dualistically believe in God firstly, and secondly have therefore denied God in order to carry that which is against God’s Law — a legal status. A person is an inanimate fiction, and cannot carry its own opinions. It is strictly a vessel of law, just as a car is a mindless vessel of transportation (commerce).

If this still isn’t clear, then I’ll put it this way. By believing you are the person you carry as a status in society, you are acting in heresy as an anthropomorphize. You are placing your own human qualities upon a fictional character made of words, and are therefore playing the part of a walking metaphor. Why? Because you take the person literally, as if you are that person. This is like pretending that the backpack and shoes you wear is actually part of your Natural Creation as a man (male or female).

We must have a foundation of moral, spiritual Law by some agreed upon Authority Higher than ourselves, so that we do not fall into chaos (lawlessness) between ourselves, and that foundation of Law cannot be lost under the delusions caused by the morose of man’s false legalities and licenses. The unlimited and undeniable Power of Nature (self-Existence) is the only Reasonable and therefore absolutely neutral God we may take. Nature is on no man’s side, respects no fictions or devices of men, and respects no status of any man, not the Pope, the King, or any other flattering title pretending god-hood. God does not judge us as men do in legalist societies, but rather stands as the neutral effect of the problems we cause. Mess with Nature and Nature will eventually mess back to correct and harmonize Itself despite mans advances against it. This “judgement” is not bound to the emotional and mental pre-conditions of men, not forged in jealousy or nationalism or even in religion. Nature is Completely and wholly neutral. Follow Its (Gods) Law and harmony will greet you at every turn. That doesn’t account for the corrupted masse of men, however, who live already in such disharmony with Nature that they would persecute you for even telling the Truth, let alone acting In It. For God is Truth (Existence/Nature), and the legal-minded subject cannot avoid acting satanically (adversarially) toward the Truth, for the legal law is a lie and requires respect of all other legal lies, especially legal personhood. The legal system of law requires a denial of that recognized Higher Law of Gods Nature for its lesser authority to exist and have power and control over us. The Bible (Highest Law) is there to catch us, to help us catch each other when we mutually fall, but we must learn and respect It so that we can indeed be faithful to one another, for we are all at the very least each other’s neighbor, and we must learn to love each neighbor as ourselves, even when that neighbor is perceived to be our enemy, for that is the Law. We may fall up (in status) or down (in status), but either direction is indeed a fall from the Grace of God (free will under the Law of God), for God respects no status (persona) of men. This utter and beautiful neutrality is why an Act of Nature (Act of God) is generally not insured against, since only acts of persons (fictions) against the legal property (fiction) of persons (fictions) can be insured. Only words can be insured, for only words are property of men. To insure anything, that thing must be artificial. It is not a home that is insured, it is the name (status) of that home. Money, as a fiction, cannot ever replace what is Truth, what is Reality. Money can only purchase new, similar but different things, never sameness. Money is not just a lie, it is the lie that derives respect of all other lies, placing a false valuation of ultimate nothingness upon all things. It robs God (Truth) of its priceless Nature and devolves all things into the realm of mammon. And only in the mindset of mammon may men consider other men in the value of property, of slaves and manservants and laboring employees, as debtors and creditors.

We are each a pillar of the temple of God’s Nature. Without each other we cannot protect our own temple, which is each individual body, mind, and spirit. This sayeth the Bible Law! Corporate religions have led us completely astray, purposefully causing our actions to be opposite of the Law of God, the Word (Logos), turning Christ into an empty vessel, a mere idol to “believe” in for empty idol worship instead of that which we exemplify in and by our own actions (acts) after and against the very legal systems that have defeated our spirits. For when we act under the Law of God, our Actions are acknowledged to be an Act of God, protected by that Highest Authority of Law and able to be usurped by no other gods before the Highest God of Nature. Unless, that is, we are doing so while in respect of a legal (anti-God) status, in legal persona. The more I research, the more I am convinced that this is the underlying purpose of all these denominations or “protest-ants” of the mother, Universal (Catholic), false church institution, all of which are incorporated within and thus are forced to bow to and pay tribute to Roman civil law (legalism) and therefore by default are literally required to undermine the Bible Law (i.e. self-government) in lieu of Roman (written) legal law. Acts of God (by men) are illegal by legal persons of the state.

I am posting this essay (chapter) here early because it is of the utmost importance, as the source of the government-accepted and binding Higher Law of Nature, that the Bible be understood as what I have shown it previously to be — the foundation of the English (and thus American) common law systems — and that we understand the intent of the Bible and therefore finally may fulfill within each of us and then together the purpose and power of the allegorical story of Jesus Christ as told. For the next and really only True revolution possible is not to overthrow government, but to overcome it and ourselves through the scriptural self-governing of our own lives under the Law of God (Logos). We must come to hold no respect whatsoever for any form of mans law, legal or otherwise, for man is never the Source Creator of Life or of Truth (self-Existence). We must, as the Law declares, separate (circumcise) ourselves from these lies and societies of mammon and legalism (logicians) so as to become the metaphorical building blocks in the temple of God, for our only other choice is to continue to rot physically, mentally, and spiritually in this debtor’s prison of our adversary’s legal hell, and to cause our children to be legally birthed into the same fate…


Him that OVERCOMETH will I make a pillar in the temple of my God

–Revelation 3:12, KJB


And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it. And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.

–Revelation 21:22-23, KJB


“And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.”

–2 Corinthians 6: 16-18, KJB


Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in youIf any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

–1 Corinthians 3: 16-17, KJB


Where, when, how, why, in whom, and of what does Christ exist? You, my friend, are the temple, the I Am… but only if you choose to be. Christ will only “return” when you start manifesting Christ in your temple, for Christ is the personification of the Law of God (Nature), the Logos. How can Christ (Law) exist without a voluntary vessel such as yourself so as to manifest that Law? Yet as a culture we defile the Real temple of God, our bodies, minds, and spirits with all that is antichrist, justifying ourselves by the legal law and with pretended legal licenses and permits. It is this spiritual death (civil, legal existence in persona) that must be overcome. To inherent the very Nature (Creation) of God, we must first remember what it is to be part of that Creation, part of Nature (God), which ultimately means that each of us must give back (render back to Caesar) all persons, places, and things (names/nouns) that we consider as legal (anti-God) “property” and leave this Babylonian hell. To be more accurate, we must rediscover exactly what it is to be dependent upon Nature, on Gods Design and no other. It seems so simplistic, but we must return to total and unblemished Truth. This is basically the entire message of the Bible. For God is Truth, and the Law of God requires no lies. So the only question that remains is one we must all ask ourselves. Am I so comfortable with lies that I am willing to sacrifice Living in Peace, in harmony with Truth? If the answer is yes, then you must come to terms with the fact that by default of your voluntary respect of this grand delusion of lies, you are indeed a practicing satanist that may or may not call yourself a “Christian.” For once you know the Truth, you have no excuse for the lies. If this Truth offends you, then you are lying to yourself right now, for the Truth can never offend anything but a lie, or he that lives by lies. You may defile the messenger, myself, all you wish, and you can stop reading now because you are just too butt-hurt to go on, being caught in your own self-deception. These would after all be the expected actions of a liar. Or you can continue with this hard to swallow red pill and come all the way out of that rabbit hole you were placed into at the certification of birth of the legal person you were placed in bond and surety for. Please, stop looking downward for the rabbit hole, for you are already down it, and always have been, a legal simulation of the Real. Come, let us look upward so we may find the exit back to Gods Realm of Nature together. The choice is yours, and always has been…


“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches;
To him that OVERCOMETH will I give to eat of the hidden manna,
and will give him a white stone,
and in the stone a new name written,
which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

—Revelation 2:17, KJB


What is of the Real World, what is of God’s Realm of Nature, the Universe, of self-Existence (not man-made), is hidden from the legal realm. So too should our God-given names be, for we are to act only in and under the Name and Law of God, to which no higher justification or jurisdiction may be attached. Remember, man controls only the names of things, never the substance. The name we use represents the master we claim, for a name is a property. The name of God represents the only True Sovereign. The use of the legal name expresses that a man has not Jehovah as his Master, but some other man whose proprietary name he has contracted to use, expressly or tacitly, written or unwritten. To be clear, this means that the names used by any man establishes intent. I either act under God or I act under the legal system under its surname (legal name). To be black-balled, or black-stoned, is according to Strong’s Concordance a term used to reference, “in the ancient courts of justice the accused were condemned by black pebbles and the acquitted by white.” How is one thus judged by God (Truth), standing acquitted and thus as a True son of God? Only by following the Law is one quitted of crimes (sin) against God. This is self-evident. To lie and to act falsely in persona (mask) of a legal entity is to be black-balled by God (Truth), for the Law of Truth (God) cannot protect he that chooses to act by the legalistic law of untruth. And so he that is only the I Am, and respects no names or flattering titles, carries the metaphoric white stone of God (anonymity, to be unknown to and thus uncontrolled by the legal system) to signify that no legal law may touch that which is a son of Gods Nature and Law, the unblemished purity of the I Am. The literalist fool would take this to mean that sometime we will actually carry a white stone in out pockets for use as some spiritual identification. But I tell you as Christ did, your purity (whiteness) will only be shown by your actions, and reinforced by your words. You must learn to act and speak the language of God and no other. That language is Truth, and your Natural Freedom allows for nothing but Truth.

As a sidenote, let us be clear that the first name or Christian name is the singular name that your parents choose to call you at your Natural Creation (Birth). Note that the doctors (like Ron Paul) who then register those vital statistics into a legal entity (person/status) of the United States automatically place the surname (last name) upon the birth certificate application, for this additional name is not of God, but exists only for legal or other identification purposes. The state has no power over a man without a legal (full/adjoined) name that can be proven to exist due to such legal documents. Thus your first (Christian) name is considered as ambiguous in law, meaning that which needs further proof for it to be established as something legal (as a lie). The enjoining of the first and last name creates an incorporation of the two realms, God and mammon, and the last name stands as the legal consideration of last will and testament. Without a last name (legal surname) no man may be labeled as a legal person (status). This should not be confused with the concept of being “natural born” in the United States, for in that case the legal term “natural” has nothing to do with God’s Nature, but actually means fool born. It is a reference to commoners that are generally uneducated and unregenerate, meaning unread in the Bible as common Law, and thus is labeled a natural born (fool) because there is no expectation of regeneracy, no expectation that he or she will uncover the mysteries and purposeful mistranslations set around the Bible. Most if not all of you reading this, including myself, are considered legally as “natural born,” which is not the same as a citizenship. The term natural in the legal realm refers to origin, or more accurately place (noun), the name of the place (country/nation) your person (status) was established in. Obviously, what is of Nature is of God (Jehovah). And so subsequently, what is legally considered as “natural” is that which is birthed or devised from a legal source. And so a natural born citizen of the United States merely means that one was born in the jurisdiction (legal place) of the United States, or according to more recent law by two parents that are citizens assigned abroad (in another legal jurisdiction). A man is always born in Nature, under God. A person (status) is always birthed in a legal state, a fictional place pretended to exist over Nature. In Nature, a man is born through the mothers womb. In legalese, a person is birthed (contracted) and borne (carried) as a ward of and by the state. A man is made of Flesh and Blood, of the Dust of the Earth. A person is made of words on paper. We must never confuse terms of art (lies) with terms of Nature (Reality). Nothing of Truth is born in the legal system nor of any nation. No man can ever actually be Created as or become in Real Life (self-Existence) anything legal (fictional). This is the Law of God, the Laws and Law of Nature, and it must be consciously realize, actualized, and followed at all times. Inversely, all legal persons, places, and things must be contracted like a disease, falsely attached (by words) to that which is Reality, so that the Truth of the origin of Reality may be pretended to be recast and claimed as property of a liar, a fictional character, a person with flattering title, a false god. To claim property over Gods Creation makes even the most insignificant and well-intentioned man his own false god over others. He strives only to protect his own legal (artificial) claim over that land, forgetting and/or ignoring his True Spiritual Purpose in Life, which is to be the guardian and protector in dominion over all the Earth. In this spiritual, Highest responsibility all men are born equal.

The legal system cannot exist unless all that is of God, all that is Real, is legally (fictionally) re-named and registered as property. Anonymity is key. I Am anonymous. I Am without definition. I Am without legal existence. I Am (my name is) ambiguous. This is the foundation of True, Natural Freedom. And True Freedom is only kept by men who follow the example of Christ (Logos/Law), which allows nothing of the legal realm to be put upon or over the good Christian (first) name. The Christian name is both the first and the last, the word last meaning the last sign signifying ones own will and testament. A legal name, that is, a Christian name with the addiction (addition) of a last name or surname, is the act of making the good and first name impure, the adding of fiction (lies) to Reality (Truth).

The disruptive branding of all-inclusive multiculturalism and its side-effect of a general devolution of both the corporate religion model and the Bible Law is apparent today more than at any other time known to us. It is as in the days of Noah, as they say. Yet the Bible clearly and repeatedly tells us, as we who follow or at least wish to follow the Law of God through Christ’s example, that we must separate (the real meaning of the word circumcise) ourselves from these various cultural and legal societies, and from such integration of sin into the law, but certainly not to try and live among the Lawless in false harmony (legalism, logic). It is impossible to be a son of God in hell, in a place that is not of or in harmony with Nature and Its Law. Only a fool would embrace other doctrines and thus religions into a Bible-based society, when the Bible clearly tells us to accept not such false doctrines and lifestyles. Bless them, teach them, feed them, and reach out to them as men of (belonging to) God, but do not respect their persons (fictional masks of legal status and flattery of title) lest they destroy your society and your temple from the inside by seeking to change the Law. This, again, is a self-evident Truth, exemplified with great emphasis in many nations around the world. Race is not the issue, for all men are capable of being Christ-like in their manifestation of the Law of God, as we read above (in 2 Corinthians 6:16-18). Yet often within racial identity (pretended sameness) we find the very cultural and social fallacies and religious variations that cause division and spiritual death under legal sanctions.

Did you really think that the key to Solomon’s temple was literally a physical key (idol) to a building (idol), where God’s Realm (Nature) is in triplicate said to be non-Existent? Of course they’re not! That’s okay, I did too… at least before I quit respecting religion and societies of their own secrets and read the Bible as a stand-alone whole, and now understand that man’s recreations, devices, and constructions are always temporary, will always die and lie in ruins, for never is the spirit of God in the contrivances and buildings of men. You are the temple, and only from you may the Law (Logos) be fulfilled or transgressed, just as it was with the story of Jesus Christ (Logos personified). No church corporations or buildings (false temples built by men) are of God, only a church that is built of men (sons) of God and nothing of this (man’s) world. In other words, all men may choose to live in Truth (God) or in lies (satanism). I submit here that organized religion (public worship), including “Christianity,” is in fact the open practice of covert satanism by unwitting men. We don’t know we’re acting against God and Its Law because we have been taught only that which is adversarial to God’s Law to be right. We have bitten into the worm of false doctrine hook, line, and sinker, and we are being reeled into the most unholy, unspiritual place imaginable, even while bearing false witness under the banner of the empty name and symbology of Christ (Law). Only religions and secret societies that hold as sacred nothing but their own lies fool us into such histories of belief. It is you, my friend, that is the temple of God, but only if you Truly Live by and under God’s Law, the Law of Nature (Logos) as personified by Jesus Christ. But we are constantly burdened in legal society by unclean things, which is a metaphor for all that is manmade and therefore artificial, not of God’s Nature. Untouched, unaltered, unmodified dirt is in Reality beautifully clean, using this metaphor in its proper context. This can only be found in the untouched (perfect) Nature of Jehovah. Yet all of Nature has been pretended to be bound up by legal names, restrictions, and laws, and thus access to Nature is restricted to person (citizens) of the United States and other nations. It is this artifice of the law of man that we must overcome, for that legal matrix code prevents us from being one with Jehovah, one with Nature, making it illegal to dwell on the conquest of government (public or private) land. We are as trees without a place to root, water without a place to flow, life without a place to thrive. Nature and Its Law have been made illegal, for all that is Real, all that is Truth (God), has been named (noun), turned into legal fictions, a simulated reality. Our plight, that is, the defilement of God’s temple that is the body, mind, and spirit of all men is apparent in any cross-section of the national population. As the temple of God we are morally, spiritually, and Lawfully dead. Personhood is spiritual, moral death under the legal (antichrist) system, and adding the flattering title of “Christian” to that legal persona (mask) does not change anything. One either follows the Law of God (Logos/Christ) or one does not. And he that does knows or needs no such title to prove his actions.

In organized corporate religion, the word faith is used with deceit and ignorance, for faith in God is nothing more or less than to follow the Law of God (Logos). It entails the idea that as long as I believe in Christ, I don’t have to act in any way according to his example. This is one of many false doctrines of the false church.


Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law.”

–Romans 3:31, KJB


To be clear, faith is only manifestly evident in men when the Law of God’s Nature is established and followed without error. All other forms of faith are legal, artificial, and thus adversarial to God and Its Law. To declare faith in words is as useless as calling oneself a “Christian” while following the legal (anti-God) law of man. Faith is an action (verb), not a name or flattering title (noun). No “Christian” that I know is among the faithful, not even my own mother, as wonderful and charitable and as the hero she is to me. No priest, no parishioner, and no evangelist can be in the legal system of law and mammon while also claiming faith to God. For the Law of God is opposed to all these false names, titles, and idolatries of personhood.

To he that blames everyone else for your own disposition — perhaps it’s the jews or the bankers or the robber-barrens or the bloodlines of royalty (false gods) or the government or just the generic, mysterious they or them — I say unto you that there is not one single thing that anyone on this earth may do to you that is not covered in the Bible as Law. There is no trick not revealed, not one legal angle not covered and thwarted by the scriptures. There is simply no way to enslave a man that knows and follows completely the Law of God, for all of the tools of your adversaries are fictional, artificial, and not of God (Nature). It is only your respect of and obedience to their tools of money, mammon, legality, and other adversarial (satanic) methodologies and apparently logical devices that allows they and them to defeat you. The Rothschilds are only wealthy because you respect the valuation of their credit, their currencies, and their artificially set prices of metals. This is mammon, the belief in both false valuation of what is the priceless Creation of Nature (God), and the belief in the fictional representations (words and numbers on paper) that exist only as a lie. We are not controlled by them, but by our own belief in them, in their artifices and in their flattering titles of dignity and authority over us. They are a lie, and so are we. We are our problem. We are addicted to their stuff (property). There is only the I Am.

To peaceably accomplish this and thus to be they that overcometh that which is our adversary, we must learn the Truth about what the Bible is and why it is the Highest Law. We must learn what Logos is, and how it has been mis-transliterated by the legalists (logicians) into a self-serving, narcissistic love of ones own fallacious, salacious, and often outrageous logic. In my next post I will explain straight from the Bible exactly why the story is told as it is Biblically and in many ancient allegories, which demeans nothing about the story or the Bible, as the necessary birth and death of what is a testator. I am convinced that nothing will change until the following is understood, until religion is abandoned for the sake of preserving the Bible message and actually following Its Law religiously (without deviation), and until the State is limited by being held under that Highest Law by its self-governed People. To get there, we must first understand how we have been deceived by the monopolistic hierarchy of the church and state, a marriage and partnership birthed in hell, and only then realign our misguided conceptions back toward God (Truth) and Its Law of Nature (Logos). And so I give you this working chapter still in progress freely as always, from “Strawman,” Volume 2, with the caveat that it is also a review of the first book, or at least an attempt to fill some of the missing peaces thereof. And some quotes are repeats for further direction. Share it freely as you will, but please do not reprint without credit to myself and where the full, future planned book may be downloaded free as well, at

Finally, though I never like to directly ask for such things, due to recent events, a loss of my Skype account, contacts, and email list, a built-into-the-system censorship and shadow-banning that doesn’t allow my website to be pulled directly up in search engines, and now suddenly receiving less than half the average daily visits from a few months ago, a general and steep decline in requests for interviews, and thus a declining knowledge of and interest in my first book and entire body of work, donations toward this end and to continue this blog and future efforts and documentaries are both necessary and greatly appreciated. I will not be able to do this much longer without some serious support. Special thanks to those few that have done so and continue to support all of my free works on a regular basis. I cannot do this without you. On that note, this may necessarily be my last posted contribution towards the free Strawman series and/or posting to this blog as I will need to change directions in life, and because I have been ignoring my own health and well-being to do this work for far too long both mentally and physically, not to mention missing out on much that Life and Nature has to offer. Please know that the paramount knowledge below cannot get out there unless you share it openly and freely with all others. I have no outlets but you. I am not on social media, thanks to your past support and sharing, which is one thing that I will need to change. The word angel means messenger, and that’s what we need to become for each other lest we are transformed into the opposite. Please be an angel — pass my work on… Thank you. –Clint




Replacing “God” With “Logos” –
The Most Unholy, Logical Fallacy





A Greek philosopher named Heraclitus first used the term Logos around 600 B.C. to designate the divine reason or plan which coordinates a changing universe.”

–Strong’s Concordance for “Word,” (e.g. the WORD of God) translated from “Logos,” λέγω (G3004)


While the Father is “the God” (ho theos) and “God Himself” (autotheos), the Logos isa second God” (deuteros theos).”

–B.D. Alexander, quoted from International Standard Bible Encyclopedia Online


Wait a minute… Logos is a changing universe? Logos is a changing God? A second God??? But that’s polytheism, paganism, is it not?

Well yes, thus the timestamp of “Before Christ.” And yet, if Christ is identified (in sameness) as the Logos of Jehovah in the Bible, what is this Greek word logos mentioned here appearing before Jesus Christ was called as Logos in the New Testament? Let us not forget what Christ stated, that he (Logos) existed before Abraham, that Christ is (was and was with) God, always and eternally a part of the I Am. Thus, even before the Abrahamic scriptures of the Old Testament, Before Abraham was born, the Logos already Existed as part of the I Am (YHVH). The Word of God is obviously not the words that men use to describe God and the Word. And Jehovah (Existence, all that is not manmade) is certainly not made of the words of men either. The Word (capitalized as Logos) is the Law of God, the Law of Nature, as can be understood by the Bible texts in no other way. Jesus Christ is the Law of God personified, the example to be followed by men in order to express in our actions (not just empty words and flattering titles) the worship of God (Jehovah):


In the beginning was the Word (logos),
and the Word (logos) was with God, and the Word (logos) was God.”

–John 1: 1, KJB


“But be ye doers of the word (logos), and not hearers only,
deceiving your own selves.”

–James 1: 22, KJB


“The grass withereth, the flower fadeth:
because the spirit of the LORD bloweth upon it:
surely the people is grass.
The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: 

but the word (dabar) of our God shall stand for ever.”

–Isaiah 40: 7-8, KJB (debar = word/logos or reason)


“Do all things without murmurings and disputings:
That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God,
without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation,
among whom ye shine as lights in the world;
Holding forth the word (logos) of life.”

–Philippians 2: 14-16a, KJB


And the Word (Logos) was made flesh, and dwelt among us…”

–John 1:14, KJB


Now, you’re probably not going to like this, but this word flesh (sarx) carries the intended meaning of “the flesh, denotes mere human nature, the earthly nature of man apart from divine influence, and therefore prone to sin and opposed to God,” from Strong’s Concordance. In other words, Jesus Christ is meant to be considered as being a man opposed to God (in the flesh) so that, like every man (Adam = mankind), Jesus may be the example for all of us trapped in the mindset of the flesh to overcome our resulting spiritual death. Jesus is not God. Jesus is the Word of God personified into the story of all men in their journey to be born again into Truth, into God’s Nature, out of the legal systems and trappings of mans law. But let us not forget that the Christos is timeless, eternal, as the I Am. In other words, this is not a history, but an allegorical story of the Word (Law) of God fulfilled by a man of the flesh. It is the story of all of us, of you and me, that we may follow in the footsteps of the Son (Word/Law) of God. Remember, we are not to worship Christ, only Jehovah. We are to follow the Christ character as our own, manifesting the Son (Law/Word) of God in ourselves, in our own actions, and therefore standing in respect and worship of God (Jehovah).

In other words, do as Jesus did in the Bible as sons of God, don’t worship Jesus as an empty idol without works. For thou shalt have no other gods before Jehovah… This is the Law, as clearly stated and demonstrated repeatedly in the Bible narrative. If you are foolish enough to say this is somehow blasphemy, then you obviously have taken another doctrine besides the Bible, being also against the Bible Law. And this is why religion (idolatry) is so dangerous.

God (the Universe) is obviously not made of the words of men, nor are people actually grass, nor is life made of words. Embrace these metaphors at every turn of the page as the beautifully inspiring and lesson-filled teachings they are, even when they point to your own foolish behaviors and beliefs in un-True things, and then embrace your own inner fool in order to overcome your own self-deceit. For Jesus Christ (Logos) is not merely the logical conclusion of men, either, as the Greeks and Gnostics might have put forward in their philosophies before the Biblical account of Christ (Logos). In fact, there was not an actual time before Jesus Christ (Logos), in Reality, only upon the legal accounting of the false history of the Roman timeline. In other words, Logos (the Law of God) Existed before the personification of Jesus Christ in the Bible as Logos, this according to the words of Christ in the Bible himself (above).

What is of man, what is of the flesh, is always temporary and fleeting. Can a bunch of words (language) really last forever? The AI (artificial intelligence) is already trying to create its own language because English is so limited to the minds of men, if that answers your question. And how many languages of antiquity are today considered as dead languages, including even Latin, which was one of the languages used to translate the Bible? The Bible says no, again telling us that which is of man is always, without exception temporary compared to the eternal Existence of Jehovah. So what is the Word (Logos) of God? Is it the temporary words of men, or is it something Real that those words may only attempt to describe? Is the substance of the Word of God made of the form of the words of men? Of course not. Is Life itself made up of the words men use to describe Life? Can the Universe ever be limited by the definitions of man’s words? Absolutely not. The Word of God (the Law of Nature) is that which we are to do. We cannot do words, only use them to describe what we should or should not do. We may, however, learn from these divinely inspired words (self-evident Truths) as that which is the moral story (allegory) of the Word (Law/Son) of God. The point is that, while the Bible is the representation of God’s Word (Truth), it will always be prone to the generational and certainly purposeful confusion caused by the perception and misunderstanding of mans words, so that the Word is mistaken for the wrongly interpreted meaning of the words used to reveal It. The Truth of the intended meaning of mans words, therefore, must be equally as worshiped and kept in original intent as the Bible itself, for without meaning, those words in the Bible become to most common goyim exactly what they have become today, either religious mystery with no reason or meaningless babel with no relevance to an unreasonable, antichrist (anti-Word) culture of Godlessness. Sadly, somewhere along the way, the True Word (Law) of God was lost to men, made mystery by the logic and devices of evil men, and so detached from the words that are supposed to teach the Word (Law) of God. For the Word is not meant to be subject to debate, to logical conclusion with limited knowledge. The Truth has no sides, no logical alternatives to Itself, and God is Truth. The Word of God is Truth. This does not merely mean that it is vulgarly to be believed but not followed, it means that whatever is the Word as spoken in the rhetoric of men can only be the Word if it is a self-evident Truth. Gods Word (Law) cannot be a lie, for no lies or contradictions exist in Nature. Nature is Truth. Therefore the Word of God (Nature) can be nothing but Truth and must be tested only by that criterium. The Word (Law) of God is so much more than the mere words created by men, but we have no other way to pass that Word (Law) on but through the allegoric, metaphoric, parabolic, moral stories of God and Jesus Christ. In this we can clearly point to the root causality of the degradation and devolution of the societies (nations) of men, where the Word of God was left abandoned to the artful endeavors of men, who by their own temporary and fleeting legal words (false doctrines of law) justify their actions against God, both politically and religiously. In other words, the words of men have become more godly (authoritative) to us than the Word Itself. We have rebuilt the tower in honor of our own psycho-Babel. Thus the root word of logos in pre-Biblical terms refers to the limited perceptions, conceptions, and perspectives of men. In other words, useless logic, leading to useless concepts (the fruit of the tree of the false knowledge of men). And, unlike the pagan mystery religions of old, the Son of God as Logos is the Word of God personified, the example for us all to follow in our own destinies as the sons of God. Jesus Christ is our equal, our end goal, not our tyrannical god.


“No man ever steps in the same river twice,
for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.



This philosophical noodle of wisdom is a fractal of many things. I could for instance state as Truth that because of experience, which is a causal functionality of continuous change in perspective, logic, and reasoning, that it is also not possible to call on the same witness twice and receive the same story. It is not possible to have sex with the same partner twice. And so it is not possible to experience the same taste or pleasure or pain as one did before — just ask any heroin addict. To believe otherwise is to be lost in the literalism of the ideas conveyed by words, which is the antithesis of spirituality and of moral Law, the death of the dreamer, the destruction of metaphor and parable in expressing emotion and feelings. Therefore, I can also state with troubling certainty that every time I look in the mirror I will see a different man that the last time, and never the same as any time before. Vanity is indeed a deadly sin. As Einstein is accredited, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is akin to insanity. And yet expecting the same feeling or emotion by repeating ones same actions is equally insane, for Nature, including men, are in a state of universal flux, of continuous change so that we may remain the same. How many of your skin cells, for instance, have died and fallen away as dander in the wind? How many hairs have fallen from your head? And yet new cells and new hairs grow to replace that which is lost. To say this continuous change of the Universe (God) somehow proves that God is not eternal is to undermine the entire structure of Nature and Its Law(s). In fact, the greatest lesson we must learn is that the more we attempt to change Nature, the more Nature will strive and change back so as to remain the same. Change, growth, and wasting is the essence of Life, of Existence, from dust to dust. And so stands the Law and Laws of Nature, the Logos. And Truth be told, the Logos was here before mans Creation and will be here after mans self-destruction. It is only a question of whether men shall manifest the Logos (Jesus Christ) before the point of no return, before the inevitable Natural changes of Jehovah to bring our Source of Life back to unity, back to harmony, after so much disrespect and destruction by us.

Universal flux… The river flows continuously, unceasingly from its source(s), and therefore “changes” at every instant. Yet its substance, its reason, its purpose for Existence under God’s Laws of Nature remains the same. If only men could find their place in Nature as the waterfall does, as the rest of Creation instinctually understands. If water were unchanging, the river would not flow. Man is much like water, either flowing or crashing with Nature’s way and purpose in our own universal flux of knowledge and perspective, and thus arrogance and ignorance of the consequences of our unlawful actions toward the rest of Existence. And so a change in form, in other words, is not a change in substance. The substance and reason does not change, only appearances and meanings perceived by men. The anarchist (nihilist) wishes to always destroy meaning and appearance, which causes knowledge of the substance behind the symbol (appearance) to be lost. The seasons are not bound by the calendars or clocks made by men to measure them. They are always different in their appearance and timing yet remain the same in their reason and substance. God is substance. God’s Law (Christ) is reason behind the substance. The eternal Existence of Nature, the Universe, which is called as Jehovah, may change in form but never in substance and never in its Law (Logos). The rumbling and shaking and flooding of the Earth are not to be confused as unique or odd events, merely the more noticeable, perceptable moments of the timeless flux of eternal sameness that is the Universe (Jehovah), the automatic reparations inherit in Gods Design.

To be clear, the Logos is not the reasoning of men, as the philosophers of Greek and Roman polytheistic gods may have pondered, it is the Reason behind Existence (Jehovah), the Purpose behind the Universe. In other words, it is the immutable Law of Nature. The reason for the Existence and procreation of Life on Earth is the harmonizing force behind Logos (Law), just as the reason for mans existence is not for his own greed and wanton desires and ways, but because the Law (Logos) allows that capacity for Life and sustains it in what one might call a metaphoric, utilitarian assumption of balance, that man may overcome his ego in the pursuit of his reason for Life, that he may be useful to God (Nature) rather than narcissistic, that usefulness (as in machines, cars, and ourselves, etc.) is more prescient than our measure of attractiveness. It is reasonable to consider that God is (anthropomorphically speaking) under the presumption that man certainly has the capacity (by design) to be self-governing and understand his place in Nature, his reason for being part of Existence, part of Jehovah, while knowing reasonably that man and every other part of the Creation must be bound under the Law and Laws of Nature.

One question of fallacious logic therefore is to ask, if the Universe is in a constant state of visible (perceivable) change, how can we consider that God is eternal and unchanging, as defined. Oh, the logic of fools. I would only need point out the Farmer’s Almanac, the future recordings of sea tides, and the multitude of other predictable “change” such as the rotation of the planets and stars to answer that question with Natural reason, logic be damned. For it is predictability that is the very Source of Existence, of Life, of the ability of Nature to sustain us all. That which is predictable, by the nature of its very Existence, and though it is constantly changing in appearance or in motion (by mans limited perspective), must be therefore in a pattern of continuous sameness. Predictability is indeed the essence of the spiritual, moral Law. And, if you have read my first book (Strawman, Volume 1), you would know that the word predictable (to predict) is not a word used in the legal language. The legal law exists, remember, as the solution to we, the common plebe as being a problem. It is our very unpredictable nature as men without God and God’s Law of Nature (Jesus Christ/Logos) that causes us to be bound by the force of mans law. For only under the moral Law can any man be recognized as predictable in his actions, for he is voluntarily and spiritually bound by that Law. Therefore his actions would be exactly what one would expect if one also knows and respects the Law of God. But the legal system is built for sinners, for those unable to self-govern under the Logos, and therefore is opposed to prediction. Money, the system of mammon, as the root of all evil, is primarily responsible for this, turning every tenet of Gods Law to its opposite, its anti-law, where Love is replaced by lust and greed, where Charity is replaced by competition and ignorance of those in need, and where Forgiveness is completely defeated so that the legal court system may flourish in the agony and artificial ecstasy of litigiousness.

“Prediction Theory is a theory expounded by Oliver Wendell Holmes in his essay ‘The Path of the Law.’ According to this theory, a society’s legal system is defined by predicting how the law will affect a person, as opposed to considering the ethics or morals supposedly underlying the law. The prediction is best made by viewing the law from the point of view of abad manwho is unconcerned with morals. Such a person is not concerned with acting morally or in accordance with a grand philosophical scheme. Rather, that person is concerned with whether and to what degree certain acts will incur punishment by the public force of the lawThis is also known as the bad-man theory or the predictive theory of law.”

–US Legal, Inc. (, definition of “Prediction Theory” Law and Legal Definition


Here we find the greatest of Truths about the opposing forces of the strict, legal (Roman) law and the moral, spiritual “unwritten” Law of Nature. It’s simply that under strict law there is no choice. The legal law is “written” and unchanging, and therefore reflects a spiritually dead man acting in a legal person (status) without choice. This could be called as predictive programming, where all persons are equally extorted and punishable under the strict law. But we must be clear that there is no moral choice allowed in legal considerations. For the moral choice would always be to keep oneself unblemished from mans devices and legal mechanisms.

Trust me when I say we are all legally considered to be the potentiality of the bad man theory, and that the law created to control (govern) us is based on the theory that we are immoral and without a grand philosophical scheme or religion guiding us. In other words, while prediction is not a legal term, but is a moral one, the legal gods (lawmakers) use it in their feigned moral superiority to pre-judge us as being unpredictable, yet able to be classified as one that is predictably, eventually, a lawbreaker. This is citizenship to any nation, the international open-air debtors prison system for bad men (sinners), as contracted, wayward performers (debt slaves) of the legal law. Never forget that Congress has legislated all its commercially driven US citizenships (via 14th amendment) as carrying the potentiality of being “enemies of the state.”

It is this confusion caused by the misapplication of similar terms that stands at the root of our collective problems, at the root of atheism and anarchy toward the self-evident Truth of Jehovah (God) and Its Law (Logos). For while men may be fictional lawgivers in the artificially controlled societies of men, Jesus Christ (Logos) is the Law of Nature in and of Itself, or if you will, the reason (purpose) of God, the reason behind and causing all Existence to remain hereto, and the guide to preserving our place therein in peace and harmony with ourselves and our Creator (God’s Nature). God’s Reason is to Give Life, and our reason is to protect Life, including our own, which requires the protecting of all other Life, even that which is unseeable, unknowable. Our Existence requires adherence to Logos (Law).


“The doctrine of the Logos has exerted a decisive and far-reaching influence upon speculative and Christian thought. The word has a long history, and the evolution of the idea it embodies is really the unfolding of man’s conception of GodTo comprehend the relation of the Deity to the world has been the aim of all religious philosophy. While widely divergent views as to the Divine manifestation have been conceived, from the dawn of Western speculation, the Greek word logos has been employed with a certain degree of uniformity by a series of thinkers to express and define the nature and mode of God’s revelation. Logos signifies in classical Greek both “reason” and “word.” Though in Biblical Greek the term is mostly employed in the sense of “word,” we cannot properly dissociate the two significations. Every word implies a thought. It is impossible to imagine a time when God was without thought. Hence, thought must be eternal as the Deity. The translation “thought” is probably the best equivalent for the Greek term, since it denotes, on the one hand, the faculty of reason, or the thought inwardly conceived in the mind; and, on the other hand, the thought outwardly expressed through the vehicle of language. The two ideas, thought and speech, are indubitably blended in the term logos; and in every employment of the word, in philosophy and Scripture, both notions of thought and its outward expression are intimately connected. In this article it will be our aim to trace the evolution of the doctrine from its earliest appearance in Greek philosophy through its Hebrew and Alexandrian phases till it attained its richest expression in the writings of the New Testamentand especially in the Fourth Gospel. The doctrine may be said to have two stages: a Hellenistic and a Hebrew; or, more correctly, a pre-Christian and a ChristianThe theory of Philo and of the Alexandrian thinkers generally may be regarded as the connecting link between the Greek and the Christian forms of the doctrine. The Greek or pre-Christian speculation on the subject is marked by the names of Heraclitus, Plato and the Stoics. Philo paves the way for the Christian doctrine of Paul, Hebrews and the Johannine Gospel.”

–B.D. Alexander, quoted from International Standard Bible Encyclopedia Online


And so here, it seems, we are faced once again with the confusion of anthropomorphic philo-sophy, meaning that it is difficult for man to consider the concept of a word without a human thought behind it. Thus the word logos when applied to God (as God’s Law) is also anthropomorphic in its connotation. In other words, the mistake of projecting humanistic qualities upon God (the Universe, all of self-Existence) causes the conception of the Logos (Jesus Christ – as the Word personified in human form) to be a sort of divine logic, that is, the logic of man. But I stress again that the Word of God is not the words of men, but is the Law of Nature that is outside of any possible control of men and man’s law. To become spiritually awake, we must cease applying literally these limiting, anthropomorphic human qualities to God (Jehovah) that were intended only to tell the story of God, not literally declare God to be human, nor that man is of the actual, literal image of God. Man is obviously not Created in the image of the Universe. There are no stars or planets in men. We must learn our inferior, completely dependent place under God and Its Law before we can practice dominion (stuard-ship) over our share of Gods Creation as part of It. We must come back to earth and become grounded in our over-reaching, super-natural opinions of ourselves, and be humbled by that practical and spiritual knowledge of just how fragile and dependent we really are on everything else we share this Existence with. Again, this is an obvious and self-evident Truth, not religious gobbledygook. This is the fulfillment of the Law of Nature.

It is a common misconception that paganism is the worship of Nature. It is not. It is the anthropomorphism and worship of various aspects of Nature into multiple gods (polytheism). The Babylonian “mystery” religion was and remains as paganism, as does the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Hindu, Norse, and other cultural mythologies. Witchcraft in its various forms are paganism, which again invoke polytheistic deities from Nature and pretend supernatural (outside of Nature) gods and forces (laws) accessable only by magic and occult (mystery) devices. And finally Catholicism, last in a long line of sacred famine worshiping pagan religions, which is not at all Biblical in its most essential doctrines, is of course that good ol’ ancient pagan polytheism hiding behind the allure and very loose connection to Biblical monotheism and Law (doctrine). In fact, any “religion,” or more accurately mythology, which boasts the father God (sun), mother God (moon/Earth/mother Nature), and son of God (rebirth of the sun deity) model as the LITERAL three-god trinity or lineage (bloodlines) of gods is a practicing pagan church. The names may change and the mystery may remain unseen, but the common denominator is the special worship of the sacred feminine (e.g. virgin Mary) and her earth-born child. Sound familiar? This popular, culturally pagan idolatry is well documented in the Bible, for instance to the moon goddess Diana, goddess of childbirth and supplanter of the ancient Titan moon goddess Luna, and the goddess of Nature (“mother of animals“) and fertility.


“For a certain man named Demetrius, a silversmith, which made silver shrines for Diana, brought no small gain unto the craftsmenWhom he called together with the workmen of like occupation, and said, Sirs, ye know that by this craft we have our wealth. Moreover ye see and hear, that not alone at Ephesus, but almost throughout all Asia, this Paul hath persuaded and turned away much people, saying that they be no gods, which are made with handsSo that not only this our craft is in danger to be set at nought; but also that the temple of the great goddess Diana should be despised, and her magnificence should be destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worshippeth. And when they heard these sayings, they were full of wrath, and cried out, saying, Great is Diana of the Ephesians…”

“And they drew Alexander out of the multitude, the Jews putting him forward. And Alexander beckoned with the hand, and would have made his defense unto the people. But when they knew that he was a Jew, all with one voice about the space of two hours cried out, Great is Diana of the EphesiansAnd when the townclerk had appeased the people, he said, Ye men of Ephesus, what man is there that knoweth not how that the city of the Ephesians is a worshipper of the great goddess Diana, and of the image which fell down from Jupiter?

–Acts 19: 24-28, 33-35


In the image of the god, Jupiter…

Here, in this story, we find the very key to what is at the heart of the problem with modern “Christianity,” which is anything but Biblical in its legal (anti-God, antichrist) practice. For corporate (legalized) Christianity, very much like those who worshiped Diana, is a business. It is a commercial empire purchased (conquered) with and drowned in filthy lucre. It is wholly based in legal law and in the chains of greed in mammon. This is, in fact, so much the case, that when the Truth of the Bible is shown to these followers of idols and false religious doctrines they too become angered, for the Bible does not agree with either their lifestyle or their false religious, flatteringly titled “Christian” doctrine. And so it is not the “Christian” that is persecuted, for the Bible never instructs any man to be a Romanized, Judaized “Christian.” No, it is the Truth-teller, the follower of the Law of God, the True reader, follower, and teacher of the Bible that is hated by the false “Christians” and all others living in a system of lies. As in this example above, only when the angry crowds of profiteers in idolatry believed they recognized the flattering title of Alexander as one of them, as a Jew (one fallen from Gods Law), were they open to exclaiming aloud the mystery of their religion, a mystery to all but themselves. We find similar experiences in such modern mystery religions (legal corporations) as the Mormon Church, where the full doctrine and pomp of non-Biblical, Masonic ceremony is only revealed to those “recommended” to service for the private temple. Scientology, as a mystery religion, reveals only to its top paying adherents the full tenants of its other-dimensional, alien gods. And to the strict Bible scholar, the Catholic worship of Mary is equally incredible and completely made up in their own doctrine, yet obviously tied to the ancient pagan worship of the same, sacred feminine moon/earth goddesses of all the various pagan mythologies. It is this anger, this irrational deviation from the Bible that is the greatest adversary to knowledge, to mutual peace and harmony between cultures, and most of all to sharing proper communication without confusion of doctrines (Law).

Let’s face it, the Christian church is basically a support group for sinners, like any other support group based on alcoholism, drug or sex abuse, etc. The Christian church, regardless of denomination, is a place where sinners embrace their sin, their crimes against Nature and its Law, doing so together yet never overcoming their collectivist disposition. For through false doctrines and teachings, most “Christians” have been misled into seeking legal (ecclesiastical) forgiveness by men acting as false gods (priests) for their continual sins instead of learning Biblically the Law and therefore how to overcome that which causes them to habitually sin, as if asking forgiveness or simply believing in the literal, historical character of Jesus Christ can somehow magically dissolve their lifestyle of crime. This is patently ridiculous, and I can’t help but think that most “Christians” would agree, and yet go through the motions because that’s what they are expected to do, though never receiving any Biblical proofs of any of these false-docrinal beliefs and customs, simply because there is none.

And so the Greek philosophers believed this concept of logos (their own logical conclusions) to be a second god. But the Bible specifically states that we should take no other gods before (other than) Jehovah. This is obviously the foundation of monotheism. It also tells us that God (Jehovah) is strictly and nothing else but what Is, what Was, and what forever shall Be (all self-Existence). It does not tell us that Nature is a separate deity from Jehovah, despite what the Catholic and many protestant breakaways teach in their polytheistic doctrines as the tenets of creation theory. The real question is this: is it the Universe (Jehovah) that is changing, or is it merely our perspective of the Universe that changes? If the Universe appears to change, then the limited logic of man without any other understanding of the Nature of the Universe and Its Law (Logos) automatically concludes that it must be so because that change is visible. Does the size of an amoeba actually change because we examine it through different magnifications upon a microscope? Of course not. It is only us that changes, or rather, our always limited perspective. Unfortunately, it’s this tool of perspective, combined with the limited possible knowledge of man, mixed with just enough logic to cause fallacious reasoning, that seems to be the weapon of choice against us. Logic based on limited perspective and thus limited knowledge can only lead to fallacy. And so from the earliest of ages we find men attempting to define Truth according to his own limited perspective. We sometimes call this the art of philosophy, which is of course the root causality of the art of mythology, while at other times we call this as the art of science. And nothing is more frightening and adversarial to the Truth than the later. But coming in close second is that strange collusion of these three arts, called as religion, which could be said to be the science of philosophy told mythologically. When philosophy (perspective) is logically concluded to be fact, then philosophy is thus transmuted into the art of religion. Still wholly perspective-based, religion necessarily has the causal effect of reversing the tenets of True science (the study of Nature/Jehvovah) so as to cause perspective without proofs, that is, logic without reason. Inversely, science has also become its own religion, or rather, anti-science. This is not in reference to the act of conducting science and proper experimentation (as a verb/action) in the search of understanding Nature, but in the naming and bestowing of the flattery of sydiclist title upon completely unscientific actions done against the Laws of Nature yet still labeled as “science,” which causes the art of science to be as much without any Truth or philosophical Reason or moral Law as any corporate, organized religion. This perfected mix of the arts of philosophy, the arts of science, and the arts of religion have been combined to create a now well-oiled machine, the legal matrix we call as society today. We possess thereof not a knowledge of Truth, but of a purposeful, indoctrinated, entrained misunderstanding of what is Truth backed by the combined logical fallacies of these unholy combinations, the syndicalists of the arts. For the typical human automaton active in only the perspective and logic of this system of depravity and absence of Truth, any attempt to explain these Truths is like trying to explain to a robot programed only to ever appear, act, and react as human that it is actually a machine. He that overcomes such programming must come to the understanding that Truth Exists without and despite perspective, and therefore must be accepted for what it Is, known or unknown, without the benefit of perspective. However, because of our limited perspective here on Earth, All that is Truth (God) has been instead logically concluded based on perspective to be something that It is not. And we use and respect this strong triangle of the arts in support of public claims by either philosophical, scientific, or religious superiority in our logical but ultimately fallacious conclusions, going so far as to make these best guesses as the standards and principles of legal (false) law. Note here that medicine is a science, and that atheism is a philosophy made into a religion. These, too, are arts, and require extremely limited perspectives and therefore unproven beliefs surrounding what is Truth.

And so from this way-back quote machine we may understand perhaps the extremely limited ancient Greek philosophical perspective (from this fixed, earthly position) that the universe appears to be that which is constantly changing, the same perspective-based fallacy that says for instance that if a tire is spun half way round its axis that it has actually “changed” by moving (since the last time I saw it). Is this a contradiction based on perspective? Can the Laws of the Universe be in a continuous state of change? Or are these apparent changes merely the effect of enduring, eternal sameness, like the ripples of a pool of water finally settling back into harmonious stillness until the next disruption causes the Laws of Nature to harmonize the Universe once more. Is this change, or merely the changing perspectives of a return to sameness? If Jesus Christ is said to be Logos in the Bible, that is, the Law/Word of God personified, and yet the origin of this Greek word logos is said by the ancient Greek philosophers to be that which changes, and then modern false-doctrinal scholars that create differing transliterations of the Bible state that the Logos is indeed a second God, as that which is separate from the Universe (Jehovah) Itself and yet somehow governs It at the same time, then are we actually worshiping the ancient Greek philosophy of a Godless logos instead of the Biblical Logos that is personified in Jesus Christ? Is modern, “Christian” religion therefore stuck in a case of mistaken identity, worshiping the idol of Jesus Christ (Logos) as a separate god before that of Jehovah? In other words, has the Law of God (Jehovah) called as Logos and thus personified in the story of Jesus Christ been magically transfigured into an empty symbol of Law, a historical happenstance that can only be worshiped as something unattainable by all other men? Has Jesus Christ (The Law of God) been made into a limited-to-time, historical super hero, like Superman, that instead of following by example, the modern “Christian” worships the Logos (Christ) in mere idolatry, as a separate, secondary God? Has the symbol of Nature’s Law become its own false idol, its own false god in the minds of men? Is there a difference between hoping that Superman will save us and hoping that Jesus Christ will save us? Yes, there is. That difference is a large part of the subject of this essay, exposing a religion that worships only some perceived form of God that is never the substance, the Creation (form) detached from the Creator (substance). For it is that very institutionalized religious doctrine of hope in Jesus Christ that prevents men from putting instead absolute trust and faith in God (Jehovah).

To be clear, Jesus Christ is the Law of God, which men are supposed to follow. Jesus Christ (Logos) is the savior of men, because the Logos is the Law of God. Men will only be saved, in other words, by following the Law of God. And God may only be truly worshiped and Loved when Its Law (Christ) is followed. This is a beautiful and self-evident Truth that only a fool can deny. The problem, however, is that we have all been made fools by this public legal system. And so it is that such a false hope that some super hero named Jesus Christ, as that apparently historical figure which therefore no man can become, will magically “return” in some again super-natural form at some future point and save us in the end, a religiously debased story which, like the comic book hero Superman, is indeed completely non-scriptural. In fact, it is pagan in its contemplation of Jesus as a polytheist, second god. It is the belief in the anthropomorphized form of the Law of God (Logos) as a man-god, without the substance of Nature. The thought that what will save Nature, including ourselves, is that which is above and outside of Nature, that is what is SUPER-Natural, is the grandest of delusions imaginable, not to mention a quite efficient means of mind control. What will save us, that is, we that are part of Nature but pretend to be superior to it? Why only the Law of Nature’s return of course. Only when we clean up our mess and set our lifestyles and Law re-accordingly with the example of Christ (Logos), and thus only when we quit pretending legal licenses and permission to pollute and destroy It, and thus our own well-being as part of It. As for the Christ story, this type of religiously literalist thought is indeed completely adversarial to the Bible, for it obviously requires men to break the Highest of God’s Law, which very importantly states that no other gods (i.e. idols) should be taken or worshiped before Jehovah. The point here is that we, those willing to become and act under the Law as the sons of God, can only become the sons of God if we fulfill without exception the Law of God, Logos, by following the example of Logos personified in the allegorical story of Jesus Christ. But this is illegal under the legal matrix code and debtors prison of man’s false commercial world. The True follower of Christ will be a law-breaker in the eyes of most citizens and magistrates of the corporate church and state. In other words, the True follower of Christ, a Lawful man that carries no name or flattering title such as that of “Christian,” but whom instead merely chooses at all times to live in Truth, under the Law of Truth, in worship of all that is Truth, shall be extremely persecuted from a society heading more and more into the technological trap of legal fictions and lies, where art has been declared truth over whatever that art represents. There is no place for a Truth-teller in such a destitute world. The return of Christ is and can only be the return of that which was lost, the Law of God in men. The return of Christ is the return of the Law of Nature, and therefore, subsequently, the return of the rule of Truth (God). For the Law requires Truth at all times and in all things.


“Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you,
and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you,
and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake.

–Luke 6:22, KJB


No man can serve two masters:
for either he will hate the one, and love the other;
or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.
Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

–Matthew 6:24, KJB


Boy do I know this well, being hated by the purveyors of for-profit lies in the so-called “truth movement.” He who tells the Truth and reveals such deceivers and purveyors of patriot mythology and lies should expect to be forcibly banned and thus circumcised (made separate) from those forums. I may complain, but I also wear my persecution as a badge of honor before my God.

Every man either Loves another man or merely values the person (valuation/status in mammon) that man pretends to bear (carry), but never both. For in mammon, in person-hood, there can be nothing True, nothing priceless, including Love, Charity, and Forgiveness. In mammon, all things necessarily have a price, for such a false-existence therein requires a false valuation based in some way on money. In other words, all things in mammon are rooted in evil (lies/art/artifice). Thus men may be driven to madness, to cheer and hate and even riot and kill each other merely for bearing the logo of an opposing sports team they place wagers upon. Not much different than wars between nationalists. This is insanity made popular culture, a culture where professional liars called “actors” are somehow respected in their political opinions and even become president. Mammon, that is, the valuation of persona (mask), means that the false persona of Donald Trump may become president. But it also means the false persona of Hillary Clinton can become president. Without false persona, or what you may call political appearance, and therefore without the flattery of titles like “president,” this false society would not be possible. When most people vote, they vote for an empty name upon a ballot; empty because they know only that candidates public persona (political mask) in mammon upon the television, and therefore nothing about the man.

So what happens when people are led to similarly, falsely worship only the empty name, title, and persona of Jesus Christ, knowing nothing of the substance behind that name/title from the Bible (Source)?

As we can now clearly see in the annals of history of nations and of technology (art), the most wicked, unholy, unscriptural, and non-Christ-Like thing we can possibly be led to do is to worship the Law of God (Jesus Christ) as an idol. For the purpose of an idol is to cause men to worship form without substance, to love that which does not Exist in Reality, to follow an empty name as a symbol that has no connection to any source. In the case of today’s many forms of “Christianity,” we find in all cases the worship of the mortal death of Jesus Christ, idolized in the crucifix, which in fact represents not only the death of God’s Law (Logos) in the hearts and minds of men, but the crowning of the artificial womb (matrix) of the Roman Catholic (universal) “Christian” Church. While it may seem too harsh to label “Christianity” in all its corporate forms and denominations as a tricked and misguided death cult, one cannot overlook the fact that the literalist (false) versions of this ritualistic death ceremony and worship is everywhere we may look in those corporate institutions. To Love the Life of Christ is to Love the Law of God. To bear the symbol of the death of Christ is to Love that which is antichrist. Some of my Catholic friends have referred to their jewelry in the form of crosses by stating that, “we (Catholics) proudly (with pride before the fall) wear our sin around our necks.” In other words, we sin without concern of the Logos (Law), pretending to be somehow exempt or “saved” by that empty idol representing the death of Christ. “He died for our sins.” Talk about a horrific mis-transliteration! Christ did not die so that we may sin as much as we want while pretending to each other (in public) on Sundays to be good little Law bearers, for Gods sake. To suggest this ritualistic, religious nonsense to be in any way Biblical is ludicrous. Let us be clear here that Jesus Christ, the Law of God, died and remains dead because of our continuous, legal, institutional sins against It. What possibly kills the Law of God but our own sins against It? We continuously kill our savior by not following It. For how can the Law save us unless we follow It once more without sin against It and Its Creator? In this “Christian” pretense we find the perfect example of complete and utter failure caused by fallacious logic. In fact, it doesn’t even bear the limited benefit of logic, unless such a continuous, societal, fallacious mindset is in fact the end-game. And what but the devil should desire such a wicked society that justifies its lies and sins against God by using Gods own Son as their excuse? A blasphemous, grand delusion indeed! It seems after all that this delusional mindset may be the political (legal) purpose behind the establishment of these legal, corporate, Romanesque “Christian” religions, especially when comparing them to the supposed Source they claim to be based upon, that of the Bible. In this comparison, “Christianity” as a public religion by so many denominations fails the litmus test miserably.


“I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

–Luke 5:32, KJB


Hint #1: Repentance of sins is not defined as going to church or as wearing a piece of jewelry.

Hint #2: Wearing the symbol of repentance is not actual repentance.

Hint #3: To repent from sins is not defined as to continue Life in sin and ask forgiveness. It is to stop sinning.

Hint #4: Calling oneself by the flattering title of “Christian” is not in any way the act of repentance of sin.


Repentance is a change of mind, or a conversion from sin to God
Repentance is the relinquishment of any practice,
from conviction that it has offended God.”

–Noah Webster, from his 1828 Dictionary of Law definition of “repentance”


Obviously, a repentant man is one that no longer acts in sin. In other words, one who abides by Truth and the Law of Nature (God) at all times — a conversion from legal lies (sin) to spiritual Truth (God).

It is also interesting to contemplate the significance of this Roman calendric system of time-keeping we find ourselves bound to, and in general the legal concept of time periods or ages, specifically that device of man called as B.C. or Before Christ.

Jesus Christ = Logos personified. So… what could possibly be Before Logos? Before the Law of God?

And then, or should I say now, there is the After Christ, or after death. So what happened to the time of Christ? We only have before and after! In other words, I’m starting to understand that this means in legal terms exactly what it should mean by these definitions of words — the beginning of the entirety of this modern matrix code of the legal system based on the Roman calendric timeline, founded by the Roman Church and State, the essential source of all nations and denominations of “universal” Christianity. The death of Jesus Christ is equal to the birth of the legal system, or in other words, the spiritual death of men by the loss of respect and faith in the Law of Gods Nature. For what can the death of Christ (Logos) be but the rise of that which is adversarial to Christ, that is, antichrist? Anti-Logos. The legal system of law…

So we are convinced to await with patience and long-suffering for the Life of Jesus Christ to return, yet at the same time we revel in all that is opposed and adversarial (satanic) to the Logos, the Law of Nature. We wait for what is supernatural. We wait for an idol, a false god. The literal conception of this as promoted in “Christian” religions is tantamount to institutionalized insanity. Unless we read correctly and with an open and poetic mind the Bible and actually apply the allegoric, metaphoric, beautiful reason behind the story of Christ (Logos/Law), unless we stop acting antichrist, there will be no return of Christ (Law). As opposed to religion, this is a self-evident Truth. We await, ironically, for something that only we may manifest, the return of the Law of God (Logos) caused by our own spiritual death and subsequent spiritual death as lived in the persona of this legal system (debtors hell). In other words, the age of the Law of God exemplified by Jesus Christ as followed religiously and without exception or excuse by men is the only action that will save us. We must be “re-born” outside of this Roman timeline of commercial artifice, of mammon and false law, born back into that which we were intended to be, back into and under Nature (Jehovah) and Its Law. When we start acting Christ-like then we will manifest the foretold return of Christ. This is not a religion, but preeminent Lifestyle. For Christ (Logos) cannot Exist without vessels of God to carry out that Will (Law). Until then, Christ remains a dead testator, hidden by the false histories of victors as a purely religious (without substance), non-Biblical idol to be worshiped but never followed as taught, and so stands as an empty symbol of that which is purposefully kept a mystery from us by the purveyors and father-gods of this legal system of a debtors hell in mammon. We are in a living hell that would make Dante blush, one of our own making and continuous refurbishing and renovating. It is the very spirit of Christ that must once again inhabit the temple of God, that is, each of us, that we may be “re-born” back into our Origin, Our True Nature, our Source of Creation, and thus be once again bound under Its Truth, Its Law, and therefore share in Its wondrous harmony together with all Life as part of the self-Existence of Jehovah.

Is it even possible to argue against this using “religion” while keeping a straight face?

Please do not mistake this with what is called as pantheism, as nothing I tell you here is not of the Bible. The difference between Pantheism (Earth worship) and Monotheism (Worship of Jehovah) is night and day, though the Earth is certainly part of the Whole that is Jehovah. This will be made clear in a moment, when we actually define the words God and Jehovah as was intended in the Bible, something that amazingly most “Christians” have never been shown. Yet we all attempt in vain to read the Bible, a book about God, without ever knowing the meaning or definition of the word God? No wonder the Bible is lost upon the religions of men. For the very root meaning of the word God (as Jehovah) has been kept a mystery to us by those that wish to keep us enslaved in this matrix of legal code and debt. Amazing… for this makes us like orphans, never knowing just what is our True Father, the Source of our Creation, the Reason for our self-Existence. This is the greatest of spiritual crimes committed against us all by these devils (attorneys/agents) in legal dress.

So what was this time Before Christ (Logos)? Babylon? What was this logical conclusion and conception by philosophical men of this term logos before Christ? Even more confusing is to ponder how can there possibly have been a time before Logos (the Law of God)? What an interesting conundrum… I think we have a riddle on our hands, a mystery. The wonderful thing about mysteries, though, is that behind them lies the Truth, either the Truth of Reality or the false-truths supporting that artificially constructed mystery. And so we must remember to distinguish at all times between the beautiful, wonderful, and often unknowable mystery of God (the Universe), and the troublesome, purposefully obfuscating and delusive mysteries created by men in their own societies, societies of their own secrets. For the greatest secret they hold is that their false mysteries are not of God, and are built entirely on empty symbols, words, numbers, and signs of their own creation and artful divination. In other words, they are bullshit artists. And yet the entirety of their power comes from the secrets they create and keep amongst themselves.

It is quite possible that the answer to this riddle may very well explain why modern religions are so far-fetched from their Biblical or other scriptural sources, why so-called “Christianity” has become a title of empty flattery without moral action in all denominated corporate religions that worship mammon under legalism instead of God and the Higher, moral (unwritten) Law, and why the Bible is somehow banned from the public institutions of what is said to be a “Christian Nation.” How can this be, unless what is labeled as modern “Christianity” is in fact baseless, being an empty and wholly detached symbol of itself, and therefore not found anywhere in the Bible? Is “Christianity” in corporate religion a simulacrum, a copy without an original, an effect without a cause, a teaching model without adherence to any actual source?

More importantly, how could there possibly have been a time without Logos (Law of God)? How can there be a time Before Christ (without Law/Logos)? Could Nature Exist without Its Law (Logos)? Or is there a more metaphoric, dualistic meaning here that we seriously need to uncover? Was this time before the New Testament Law indeed just the period of history ruled by Babylonian gods, as displayed in the Old Testament? Could, in fact, the problem be that the term “logos” we are entrained and led to falsely worship today is merely the philosophical conceptions of false-logic (logos) that existed well before the Christ story of Law — the True Logos, as God’s Law personified into storied form in the New Testament?

Firstly, we must differentiate between what is the self-evident Laws of Nature and what is called as the Law of Nature. The plural Laws of Nature refer to that which is not under the control of man. These Laws are recognized in the sciences, which describe the system of Life and Existence by the limited understanding that man has of Them, though as a law (principle), these sciences of and limited by the logical conclusions of men can never actually discover what causes anything to initially Exist (Creation). Science simply cannot uncover the origin of anything, only clone it. But cloning is not discovery, merely a perfected form of simulation, of diabolical flattery, of an image that cannot ever actually be or express the experiences (spiritual substance) of its original. These Laws of Nature should not be confused with the Law of Nature, which is in reference to the conduct not only between men, but between man and the rest of Natural Existence (the One True God). The Laws of Nature need not be debated or discussed, as they are self-evident and self-existent in and of themselves, as part of the Nature and Law (Logos) of God (Existence/the Universe). These purely self-existing (not man-made) Laws of how Nature Itself works and expresses Itself should not be mixed or used as any type of excuse for the conduct of men, which the Law of Nature is designed to control through the voluntary application of that Law, which again is personified by the moral story (allegory) of Christ (Logos) and stands equally as self-evident. This Law of Nature boils down in its simplest terms to one and only one thing — to Love, respect, and conduct ourselves only in Truth, for God is all Truth. Thus the use of legal things (socially accepted lies) like money are forbidden under the Law of God (Nature), simply because there is no Truth emanating from money, only the false valuation (mammon) assigned to it by men. Money is a creation of man, not God. It is not of Nature. In this example, the lover and user of mammon and its deep-rooted tool of all evil, money, by necessity must be one of two things: either completely unaware of ones replacement of God with mammon and therefore without understanding of how the Law of Nature (God) is being broken through that system of mammon, or one that is well-aware of the nature of money, its root in all evils, and chooses consciously to ignore such self-evident Truths. Today I seek the former, the not-so-innocent, purposefully ignorant fool that we have all become in legal society, whose causal choice is all but made for us through our complacent participation and illiterate lifestyles. For the Law of God (Nature) can in no way be fulfilled, without exception, in a system based on the monetary (ungodly/antichrist) valuation of all things (a legal system of mammon). The Law of Nature cannot have Existence unless men consciously practice It without exception. Without man, there would only be Nature, bound by the Laws of Nature while simultaneously unprotected by man, as man is the dominant species and therefore has “dominion” over the well-being of Nature. Dominion is a protective responsibility over God’s Creation, not irresponsible rule over It. It is oxymoronic to consider that men are in rule or authority over Nature when at the same time we are completely, 100% dependent upon it, from the food and water we ingest to the air we breathe. And so to worship Nature (God), we must follow Its moral, spiritual Law while respecting Its unchanging Laws of Existence. With the presence of men in dominion and as a dependent part of Nature (God), the Law of Nature must Live in and through all the actions of men. The consequences of not following this Law of conduct in Nature (Reality) is today already apparent all around us, in the polluted air we breathe and the chemically poisoned water we drink and in the pointless wars we fight.

We must first research and accept that the loose idea of a logic-based perception of logos and therefore the spiritual idea of Christ (the testator and example of God’s Law) existed before the New Testament (before Christ) was written, and thus before we may comprehend the difference between what is before and what is after the Christ story (as Logos personified). How do we know this? The Jews deny Christ, and still wait for their own savior promised in the Old Testament. Therefore the idea of Christ, of a savior from God, clearly existed before the New and the Old Bible stories were written. For how else could a “savior” have been spoken of or prophesied in those books of the bible unless the idea was already present with their authors? In other words, the idea of Logos (Law/Word) came before the story of Christ did, before the personification of Logos (God’s Law/New Testament), and thus before the Bible. This is purely reasonable and verifiable from the Bible itself, and so we need not tarry in unnecessary and pointless false-doctrinal opinion. Even the Ten Commandments show an obvious proof that the logical idea of Logos (the Law of God) came before the Christ story of the New Testament. The Ten Commandments, that is, the Law given by Moses, stands as a quite imperfect example of the logos (logic) of men pre-Christ (Logos). Why imperfect? Because the Old Testament (including these Ten Commandments) need fulfillment with the New Law, the New Testament. If the Old was perfect, the New would be again redundant. And indeed, what exactly does the New Testament (of Christ/Logos) do to the old Testament (Jewish/Babylonian Law)? The New disallows the excuses, the exceptions, and the licenses of the Old. The New fills in the loopholes of the Old. The New defeats the organized crime allowed by the Old. Thus, the New is not accepted as the “Savior” of the Jew, because the Jew cannot operate in mammon with legal license except under the Old Law. It is not that the New Law cannot save (be savior of) the Jews, it is that the New dismantles all the possibilities of criminal, psychotic, sociopathic behavior allowed or unrequited by the Old Law. The Old Testament is like a brick wall without mortar, with many holes and cracks. The New Law fills in all possible deviations, all those holes and cracks, allowing no possible logic (false logos) or excuse to penetrate. But make no mistake, for this also means that we must not let today’s modernized, often Judaized, and therefore false “Christian” religions steer us away from what the actual Bible states. For a True religion based on the teachings (Law) of Christ (Logos) would be a redundancy. Even the more and more typical religious, flatteringly titled “Christian” that believes other “Christians” should follow the Ten Commandments are known and called as Judaizers.” Did you know this? How many times have you heard the outright lie that Jesus was Jewish? Even a mere cursory contemplation of that statement in comparison to the Bible reveals how ludicrous it is. But the fact remains, “Christianity” in its modern format has been Judaized to the extreme, so that the modern “Christian” still speaks of the Old Testament and specifically the Ten Commandments as if it was the whole of the Law, worshiping only the name of Christ not as the New, fulfilled Law exemplified but as an idol, as a “second god.” The most efficient way of defeating True followers of Christ is to first organize them into a corporation (or 1000’s of differing, bickering, and even warring denominations), and then trick them into ignoring the New Law (Savior) for the Old Law alone, leaving the New Law as a mere anthropomorphized idol hanging dead on a cross? This is how Christianity has been Judaized, and thus how good men are laid to waste in their families and estates by usury and organized crime. For they know that a Bible-reading people cannot be enslaved.

The follower of Christ is only proven by his actions, not his attendance at some corporate, artificial person (church building) pretending to be of no profit in mammon. To be clear, a non-profit legal (anti-God) status does not make a church (artificial legal person) somehow any less steeped in the worship, collection, and use of mammon (legal tender), nor can it under such a legal status (persona) by that controlling legal law therefore follow in any way the Law of God (Christ/Logos). Remember, the temple of God is you, and me, and each of us… It is not a corporation or a building. Oh, but the “church” must pay its bills? Really? Have you so soon forgotten just what the “church” is? It is the sons of God. It is the followers of Christ. It is not a corporation under contract with the phone and electric companies. The New Testament allows no such excuses, no such false logics to defeat the knowledge of regenerate men, of the sons of God. It acknowledges the temptations of the flesh, of mammon, of the world, and clearly tells us to either refuse these and follow Christ (Logos/Law), or accept the adversarial (satanic) legal law of your local Caesar (legal district). When in Rome, do as the Romans do, for you are under a law that is not of God, and therefore you cannot do as Christ did. There is no need for religion (noun/name only) when the Law of God (Christ) is being followed religiously (verb/action) by men. This is to say that, like nations, the only purpose of any religion is to intentionally stand against the Bible with its own doctrinal purpose, for if it were 100% based on the Bible, there would be no reason for that religion to Exist.

But there is an ancient debate that still persists as to whether the idea of Existence Existed before the “Creation” of Existence. In other words, is God separate from what is defined as Creation, as a foreign Creator of and outside of Creation, or is Creation indeed a part of the Whole (Supreme, Eternal) Being that is God (Jehovah)? More importantly, we must ask the origin of these two streams of questioning. Ultimately, it all boils down to that deeper question of which came first: the chicken or the egg, or rather, the idea (logical question) of the chicken and the egg? Can Existence Exist without Existing? Can Existence have an idea about the future manifestation of Its own Being? The Bible certainly doesn’t state that only nothingness Existed before the Genesis account. That would be a bit strange, since nothingness implies a lack of Existence (Creation), and that therefore God would have been the God over and of nothingness. And surely one must consider the purely narcissistic contemplation that if the Earth didn’t exist, then nothing of the Universe must have existed either, that the stars and the heavens were created just so that the Earth could suddenly be Created into Existence to house mankind in Gods image? Only the logic (false logos) of man could lead to such a limited in perspective conclusion. Oh, the arrogance, that God created everything for mans benefit! The fallaciously logical question, being extremely religious (non-Biblical) and thus limited in perspective, would be to ask: what possible purpose can God serve without something to be God over? This logical discourse, however, requires or at least implies a “God” that is wholly external from all Existence, and therefore not the same as Creation (Existence). As ridiculous and limited to purely speculative logic as that concept is, it has become the religion of most “Christians,” that is, the belief that Creation and the Creator are not and for some reason even cannot possibly be the same Being. But what is Being? Is it being used as a noun (of men) or a verb (of Nature)? What is Being? It’s a verb. It is an action. Any being that Exists within all of Being (Existence) must therefore be part of (dependent upon) that all-Being (verb/Existence). So then, are “Christians” being led to worship a being (idol) called God, or all of that which is Being (self-Existence) as is defined to be that Highest God (Jehovah)? In other words, are “Christians” worshiping what is self-evident in Nature, or what man has logically concluded is a God? Have we been tricked into worshipping the empty name (noun) of a God without substance, and therefore a God without or outside of Existence in all Existence (Being), as the result of centuries of logical deduction and conclusion based on only the extremely limited perceptions of man? Most “Christians” will stand in complete ignorance of the Bible when they express their religious (non-Biblical) opinion on how the World was “Created” by the “Creator.” Again, this logic, and I dare say this logic-based form of “God” is not in the Bible, and it would be impossible to conclude and concede to such a “Creation” event (i.e. 7 “days” story) if only the story and its words were read without purposeful bias and therefore logical fallacy. What Existed before the story of the Book of Moses’s anciently familiar account? The Book of Moses (later re-named “Genesis”) does tell us that only darkness was present at that time before, which of course is the same metaphorical usage of the ancient term darkness we find in use today. So was it the Earth that was created in the first book of Genesis, or was it man’s legal recreation of the world in the legal form of church and state? What was the Light that came from that so-called darkness? Let me show you so that you may embrace the common use of such metaphor throughout the Bible, for the literalist may never find such Light…

For clarity sake, we find that the word “darkness” is used in the following verse as a translation for two different words with two different meanings — one literal and one metaphorical. This is one of the more obvious cases in the Bible where this purposeful confusion of terms is deliberately caused by translation, and therefore is readily apparent and undeniable. In other words, to read the Bible, one must become a master of being able to spot the True and the metaphoric meaning of words at all times and in all verses. Let us compare these two verses so that we may see indeed that the word “darkness” in Genesis 1:2 is in fact intended to be the same metaphor for actual “darkness,” a poetically used word to describe the “ignorance” of men, that is also used in this verse from Deuteronomy:


“And ye came near and stood under the mountain; and the mountain burned with fire unto the midst of heaven, with darkness (#h6205), clouds, and thick darkness (#h2822).

–Deuteronomy 4:11, KJB


Darkness and darkness? What gives? Why the same word twice? And why do they have different Strong’s Concordance reference numbers if they are literally (as written) the same word used twice in a row?

Do you believe that the so-called “dark ages” of history were literally days when the sun didn’t shine, or are you familiar with this metaphor and its meaning of the ignorance and/or evil actions of men both common and as standing (legal) authorities (false gods)?

The first use of this translated word darkness in the above verse is translated from Strong’s H6205 – `araphel  – and is not used as a metaphor. For this is a word literally meaning darkness and thick cloudiness, including the darkness of night. Its meaning, of course, must be understood so that its use as a metaphor may then be applied. Again, this is an obvious rule of the lingual arts. But to the literalist the Bible’s wide-ranging use of the metaphor, the parable, and other forms of moral-storytelling causes utter confusion and false doctrine, to the point where the necessarily literal backbone of the metaphoric, poetic verse becomes an empty symbol of that metaphoric meaning. Thus simple words like “rock,” “cross,” and “nail” are mistaken as literal terms. (See index for these terms in my 1st book).

But this second word translated also as “darkness” is used in mere similitude to its literal counterpart, as darkness, both from Genesis 1:2 and from this Deuteronomy verse above as defined from Strong’s #H2822 – choshek – and carries a completely different meaning an intent, which has the following metaphorical definition:

choshekmetaphor – (a) misery, adversity.Isaiah 9:1; Job 15:22… “he does not hope to return out of darkness (or destruction);” …also used of death, Ecc. 11:8… (b) ignorance, Job 37:19… (c) sadness,Ecclesiasties 5:16 — (d) wickedness, Poverbs 2:13…].


In other words, the correct translation is that the earth (part of Jehovah) already existed and was filled with men (adam/mankind) in misery, adversity, ignorance, sadness, and/or wickedness among the world of (created by) men. It was not dark because the Universe (including the sun and stars) did not yet Exist. That is after all ridiculous because such a state of Existence can never be known by man. It was intended to mean that men were miserable and without Logos (God’s Law). They followed the Babylonian gods, not the Law of Nature (of Jehovah). The Law, in other words, Logos (Jesus Christ) had not come to save them yet.


“For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life:”

–Proverbs 6:23, KJB


“Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world:
he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life

“As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

–John 8:12; 9:5, KJB


This cannot be taken literally. Yet the literalist refuses to take other less obvious uses of metaphor or simile or parable as such. Why? Simple. Because a metaphor is not bound by the unnatural rules of the logic of men (false logos). The ability to think Higher, to consider all things with a foundation of Spirituality outside of the limited breadth and width of the human mind… this will be the man, the son of God, that has the ability to use ears to hear and eyes to see the True Logos.

The Law is light.

Jesus is the light of the world.

He that follows the light (Jesus/Law/Logos) shall escape the darkness.

Ultimately, what possible use would the story of Jesus Christ as Logos be if in the beginning (Before Christ) there was anything but darkness — the ignorance of God’s Law that Christ personified? What a beautiful way to tell future generations of the Law! Unfortunately, the art and beauty of language, the use of poetry, metaphor, and parable, etc., has been lost on our logic-based generations. We have arrived in a new and more dangerous, destructive dark age, one full of useless information without knowledge, form without substance, symbols without source. And leading our way is the false logos (logic) of legal, corporate religions and false legal gods (magistrates). We love fiction because we are no longer able to decipher between what is Truth (Light of God) and what is a lie (darkness/delusion).

One would need to be an incorrigible fool to take these few verses literally, for we all reasonably know that a lamp is not a commandment in Reality. But the lamp does serve as a perfect model to express moral, metaphoric verse (poetry). Obviously many verses verify the meanings of other verses in the Bible, and trying to comprehend one verse as a stand-alone finality is dangerous in the mouth of fools, to those who take literally words by custom or by their own limited logic (false logos) with no due diligence. We must also take note that in the Genesis account (Book of Moses), the Light was “created” before the sun. How is that literally possible, unless we are to understand the proper use of this concept as a beautiful metaphor? The Source of Light in this chapter is not in fact the sun, it is Jehovah, the Universe as it already Exists. Further study reveals more impossibilities according to the Laws of Nature, the Laws of the Universe (God). Guess what else was created before the stars and the Earths’ sun and moon? Here’s a list — Day and Night, evening and morning, the firmament, the waters, the seas, dry land, grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so! Yet the sun was still missing at this point of the Creation story, on this “day.” How can that be? The sun is an integral part of the Laws of Nature, without which the grass and the seeds cannot grow for lack of sunlight. And strangely enough, even the seasons came before the sun and moon, though we know those seasons to be absolutely dependent upon the predictable Existence (Design) of these celestial bodies. So what gives? What really is this story revealed as “Creation” but something else entirely?

The story of the Babylonian Creation mythos reveals that it was the magistrates that worshiped the Babylonian gods (elohym) in Genesis 1, which commanded let there be light (knowledge/logic as false logos), and thus the creation of man’s world (i.e. the legal realm), the fictional world and legal governments of men were “formed” and named as the properties of men, not God. Mankind (adam) then put legal names and titles upon all things in existence to establish legal dominion over them. The Bible tells us that we will be destroyed by knowledge (empty, unspiritual information), another word for both revelation and apocalypse, because this destructive knowledge is not of Nature, but of the fake legal gods and fictional informations revealed by the limitations of the sciences (arts), the invented (recreated) world (artifice) of man that is no part of God’s Kingdom, no part of Truth. To create something legally is to make a lie, to manufacture fiction, which in the Bible is called the “world” of men, or man’s recreation and invention of devises. Man’s devises are designed to be divisive towards God’s Creation and Its Law.

DEVISEverb transitive – s as z. [Latin] 1. To invent; to contrive; to form in the mind by new combinations of ideas, new applications of principles, or new arrangement of parts; to excogitate; to strike out by thought; to plan; to scheme; to project; as, to devise an engine or machine; to devise a new mode of writing; to devisea plan of defense; to devise arguments. To devise curious works in gold and silver. Exodus 35:32. In a bad sense: Devise not evil against thy neighbor. Proverbs 3:29. 2. To give or bequeath by will, as land or other real estate. – verb intransitive – To consider; to contrive; to lay a plan; to form a scheme. Devise how you will use him, when he comes. Formerly followed by of; as, let us devise of ease. – noun – 1. Primarily, a dividing or division; hence, the act of bequeathing by will; the act of giving or distributing real estate by a testator. 2. A will or testament3. A share of estate bequeathed. – noun – Contrivance; scheme invented. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


To create a testament is to devise, to contrive, to form a scheme. Its intent is to cause division, as to effect only those men of a specific distinction. This applies to both the Law of God and the law of man, which stand completely distinct and generally opposed to each other. The antonyms of testament are actual sin and disinherit. And so the Law of God, the scripture, is the will of God, or in other words the inheritance of all men that choose to accept such a gift of Grace. But like all wills, unless the rules and instructions of the will are followed, one is disinherited from the benefits and good Graces of the will. We are currently, publicly standing in the legal debt prison of a nation, being disinherited from the Kingdom of Gods Nature, for we have not followed the Logos (Law/Son/Word) of God. We have ignored the will of the testator, and so suffer from our sins against Gods Nature and Law (will). The Will of God could be said to be the same as the Harmony of Nature. In general, man acts against that harmony in his decisive inventions. Whether this term devise is good, evil, or neutral depends upon the intent of the inventor/Creator. What do you possibly think the Ten Commandments were designed (devised) to be but a scheme to divide people into the Lawful and the unlawful? This is not good or bad, merely a neutral understanding based on proper terms. There obviously cannot be a “chosen people” unless that people is divided or imprisoned from the rest of us. He that is chosen is not a race or religion of men, but he that follows the Law (logos) in worship of Jehovah. There cannot be an American people or United States persons unless we are divided from all other nations and people/persons. Status is pointless without other, unequal statuses. Again this is self-evident. The Law is certainly intended to divide the wheat from the chaff. It’s really that simple. The Law of God does not unite all people, but rather it divides the law-abiding, God-fearing people from the rest of that unregenerate hoard of the fallen adam (mankind). The legal law carries the opposite devise, to separate and control as one disinherited, common (vulgar) mass those unregenerate in the Logos (will of God). As I cover in triplicate in my first book, we must remember that the New Testament of God’s Word (Law) was not designed to replace the Old Testament of Law, nor was it meant to replace the ten commandments delivered by Moses the lawgiver. The New Testament of Law was intended to fulfill and thus complete the old Law. For example, the Commandment that we shall not kill refers to men, but the Mosaic Law gives unwritten exception for the persons of men to kill,and even to take an eye for an eye. In other words, a man acting in the legal (fictional) person (status) of the church or state may kill with legal permission of those false gods (magistrates) of the church and state (combined/married government). The New Testament Law closes that loophole, allowing no lame excuse to be cast by any sinner, by any breaker of the Law, and instructs that no man should be respected as a god (king) over any of us. Government is in the business of theft by taxation and exaction (extortion), and therefore cannot be bound by the New Testament. The Jew (banker in mammon) thrives upon usury, and therefore cannot abide under the New Law. There is simply no excuse under God to break Its Law of Nature, and so the Law was fulfilled by the story of its savior and testator Jesus Christ (Logos personified). Remember, its a parable, a moral story devised to teach the Law of God (Logos). Remember also that God (Jehovah) is Truth and nothing but the Truth, and so the Law of God allows no fiction, no lies, and thus no persons or flattering titles (status). This is especially poignant to those today calling themselves as “Christians,” for as the Bible teaches, it is not the name or title but the actions of the man that causes him or her to be a follower of Christ (Law). I never need identify myself as a “Christian” (status) if all my actions are under the Law as a follower of Christ’s example — as a “son of God.” This goes for all flattering titles, be they of legalistic professions like doctor or lawyer, or of false statuses given to those that are “poor” or “rich.” These are all based in mammon, upon false valuation, not on Reality. The man who heals others is certainly not a “doctor,” for doctors don’t exist in Nature, only men. Yet “doctors” in their legalistic, flattering, protected titles are clearly, statistically listed as the third leading cause of death and harm to men, for they are not acting as men, but instead pretend to be a flattering title that is allowed malpractice insurance — insurance and legal protection against causing harm and death. Men acting as “doctors” are, in other words, not self-governing under the Law of Nature (God). They are not self-responsible for the well-being of others in any way. This is totally against the New Testament Law, but not necessarily the Old Testament Law of the Jews. Thus the Jews reject Christ. They reject the New Law (Logos) that Christ represents and personifies as our example.

What did Jesus say about those who say but do not do, those who can look but have not eyes to see, those who hear but do not listen, those who know the law of God (Logos) but do not act under It? More importantly, what did he say about our leaders in both religion and government? Do as they say, not as they do. Practice what they pretend to preach, not how they act. For though they may preach from the Bible, and though they may speak emptily about God, Christ, and the Law, they do not follow it and therefore should not be your example. Follow only Christ.


“Then spake Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples, Saying,
The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat:
All therefore whatsoever they bid you observethat observe and do;
but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.

–Matthew 1-3, KJB


If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not.
But if I do, though ye believe not me, believe the works:
that ye may know, and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him.

–John 10: 37-38, KJB


Ouch! It is as if Christ just called out all of Christianity in one fell swoop! But most of all it is the ministers, the preachers, the evangelists, and the false fathers of church and state he refers to here, as those that use the Bible as a prop to quote from while acting legally and therefore in no way under the Law (Logos) of God. Yes, they are certainly the objects of this warning, but here Christ is specifically speaking to all of us who listen to them, for we should hear and do (act), not pretend justification for our lack of action because of the men that play false christ pretenders (fathers) every Sunday on bully pulpits. The point I’m trying to make is that every single flatteringly titled “Christian” I know also carries such flattering titles as “doctor” or other “employee” upon a legal surname (a legal persona), and therefore act in that persona/mask (name and number of a subjected citizen) of the United States or other nation, and so are completely bound under the legal law of men through their personhood and titles. They listen and read the Bible but do not act, paying only distant homage to that which they do not understand (stand under). They stand under the authority of the legal law which is wholly opposite to and adversarial (satanic) to the Bible. This is a direct violation of the Bible, of the Law of Nature (Logos), that is, to pretend personhood and title — to pretend to be something when you are no thing, no person, place, or thing (noun/name). We are all living a lie.

We must also know that only in the second book of Moses (Genesis) do we finally find the word translation of the word LORD as Jehovah, the One True God. While Moses was a law-giver, Jesus Christ is the Law personified, the spiritual light shining in the darkness but as what keeps men from their own self-inflicted, voluntary state of darkness. Big difference. Genesis 1 is a severely redacted version of the Babylonian Creation mythology, a fact little argued amongst prominent Jewish and other Bible scholars. The people in that Old Testament story were certainly worshiping and sacrificing to Babylonian gods, as evidence by the mention of such Babylonian gods as Murdok. In that darkness (anarchy to the Law of Nature) of the Genesis account, these were the false (non-self-evident) gods that men worshiped. For Marduk defeated Tiamat, taking its rib and blood and created the universe therefrom:


He sliced her in half like a fish for drying: 
Half of her he put up to roof the sky, 
Drew a bolt across and made a guard to hold it. 
Her waters he arranged so they could not escape.

–Dalley 255, “Enuma Elish,” – Babylonian Creation Myth


In other words, this was the formation (creation) of the “firmament.” Marduk then proceeds to create the universe from Tiamat’s body, and from two ribs of Tiamat, Marduk creates east and west, and with her liver, he creates the pole (north) star. He also creates the sun and moon and organizes their daily and monthly cycles. The other gods swear fealty to Marduk through a similar anointment (christening) process as modern kings and baptismal customs, “by touching their throats with oil and water.” Murdok then “preformed miracles” by creating man, where the god Ea takes the god Kingu, cuts his arteries, and makes mankind from his blood. Ea then imposes the toil of the gods upon mankind, while Marduk divides the gods up and assigns them their various positions in heaven or earth. In gratitude to Marduk, the gods decide to build Babylon… (sited from: Grand Valley State University website, entitled ‘The Babylonian Creation Story, Hebrew: Enuma Elish)


The ancient Babylonian calendar was based on the division of time into weeks of seven days

Easton’s Bible Dictionary, definition of ‘Sabbath’


Rome/Vatican = Babylon.

In the Babylonian Creation mythos, the order of the creation story is an exact match to the Genesis account of Moses, who was obviously recounting the same story as follows:

(Order below = Bible — Elena Emush (Babylonian Creation myth):

Who Created the universe = A single God, YHVH. — A God battling a Goddess.

Initial state of the earth = Desolate waste; covered in darkness. — Chaos; enveloped in darkness.

First development = Light created. — Light created.

Next development = Firmament created – a rigid dome separating the earth and heaven. — Firmament created; also perceived as a rigid dome.

Next development = Dry land created. — Dry land created.

Next development = Sun, moon, stars created. — Sun, moon, stars created.

Next development = Creation of men and women. — Creation of men and women.

Final development = God rests and sanctify the Sabbath. — Gods rest and celebrates.


It’s pretty hard to deny at this point the origin of the Genesis accounting as anything but a dumbed-down knock-off of previous mysteries of the pagan religions, though not any more ridiculous than the scientific theory of the Big Bang. And yet, though this might offend those that insist on the Truth of such a nonsensical order of appearance (e.g. light before the sun, etc.), I believe the only Real lesson to learn here is that man does not and cannot know the origin of Existence, that this knowledge is not for man to know. Man cannot know the cause of Life, lest man then becomes a false god (creator) of Existence in mans own image, which I assure you will be very ugly for us all. Some things cannot be known to man, only to God. This is not merely a mystery of God, but a self-evident Truth. And it’s ok to not know, really. In fact, our not knowing is the spice of life and the safeguard of Natures Design. Be thankful for such True mysteries of the Universe (God).

We may find similar stories of the creation of this metaphoric “light” from various cultures, of course. Take for example the oldest text of the ritual called as the Border Sacrifice, which took place at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, built A.D. 1420. This was where the emperor, whom like the pope was also high priest, would offer sacrifice to the gods. The ceremony is transcribed to begin: “Of old in the beginning, there was the great chaos, without form and dark. The five elements [planets] had not begun to revolve, nor the sun and the moon to shine. In the midst thereof there existed neither forms or sound. Thou, O spiritual Sovereign, camest forth in Thy presidency, and first didst divide the grosser parts from the purer. Thou madest heaven; Thou madest earth; Thou madest man. All things with their reproductive power got their being.” This recitation praising Shangdi as Creator of heaven and earth sounds unsurprisingly a lot like the first chapter of Genesis: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep” (Genesis 1: 1-2).

Here we find monotheism as well, the record of Chinese dynasties worshiping One God, as the Creator of all. The prayer continued: “Thou hast vouchsafed, O Di, to hear us, for Thou regardest us as a Father. I, Thy child, dull and unenlightened, am unable to show forth my dutiful feelings.” And so the same metaphorical relationship between man and God, that being Father and son, permeated this culture as well. But in order for the priest class to rule, we see that this prayer causes men to defile their own self-actualization and self-government, where the kings (god) of men teach that man cannot become such a son, cannot follow the law (light) of their God, and thus must be governed by the always married church and state. The emperor (false god) must make sacrifice to their God for forgiveness of his people’s inevitable sin.

For Christians, the ritual sacrifice of the Old Testament to the Babylonian gods and to the monotheistic set of related “Gods” was replaced by the Light of the World, Jesus Christ, the Son and Testator of the Living God Jehovah, the personified example of how every man may follow the Law and thus remain in the Light. These similarities are to be found throughout the various cultures of Earth, and like all the knowledge and custom that came before the Bible and thus that led to the authoring of the Bible, it’s perfectly okay to acknowledge this fact. For the self-evident Truth is that the Bible could not have been written by men unless they already had been given the Light of Truth, of self-Evident knowledge, just as I am unable to write this essay without the massive data set I have at my fingertips, both in my research and what is allowed me in libraries and on the internet. I would never claim that any of this writing is due to my own brilliance, for I know the Truth, that there is nothing new under the sun. My words may be different and in a unique order, but they are not my own. I can give only what I have learned, and I can only edit myself by passing the same litmus test as the Bible, that being the self-evident Truth of my words. I must strive to keep my opinions based on human logic to myself, in order to let the Truth flow at all times. And I ask the reader forgiveness for those times when this may not be my disposition. It is your job to call me out, to research further whatever I say that brings doubt. But I guarantee, the Bible will enlighten you if your desire and intent is to be enlightened. Or it will cause doubt if your desire and intent is to be a doubter. If you are reading this essay with the intention to doubt or disagree, then chances are you will do just that. Stop reading until your desire is to find undeniable Truth, whether it be good or bad to your ego. For all inventions, arts, devices, words, and symbols of man are false. The Truth can only be found in Jehovah, in Nature and Its Law, in what is self-Existence. This will become clear soon enough…

As one last example, one that many people reference and respect as the first written code of law, we must realize that the Code of Hamarabbi sets that king (false god) as the very descendent of the same gods, from Marduk and the rest of the Babylonian gods. Like any other man posing as a false god so as to control the masses of men, here we find Hammurabi to be just as much of a charlatan as the popes and kings and emperors and presidents of all history. That’s right. Hammurabi was the original, self-proclaimed son of the gods — just the first of many conmen of religious societies using the form of some idealistic fabled story of a pluralistic “God” figurehead as their justification to rule in the empty name (authority) of “God” — the first of many to follow that laid claim to be the living, anointed (Christened)  Son of God (Christ-head) on earth.

The “Code of Hammurabi” was apparently compiled in 1780 B.C. It was based on the ancient Babylonian gods called Anunaki. Hammurabi, in the code itself, claims such power and authority of law because he is a descendent of the Babylonian gods themselves:

Hammurabi’s Code of Laws

Translated by L. W. King

When Anu the Sublime, King of the Anunaki, and Bel, the lord of Heaven and earth, who decreed the fate of the land, assigned to Marduk, the over-ruling son of Ea, God of righteousness, dominion over earthly man, and made him great among the Igigi, they called Babylon by his illustrious name, made it great on earth, and founded an everlasting kingdom in it, whose foundations are laid so solidly as those of heaven and earth; then Anu and Bel called by name me, Hammurabi, the exalted prince, who feared God, to bring about the rule of righteousness in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil-doers; so that the strong should not harm the weak; so that I should rule over the black-headed people like Shamash, and enlighten the land, to further the well-being of mankind.

Hammurabi, the prince, called of Bel am I, making riches and increase, enriching Nippur and Dur-ilu beyond compare… the sublime prince, who makes the face of Ninni shine; who presents holy meals to the divinity of Nin-a-zu, who cared for its inhabitants in their need, provided a portion for them in Babylon in peace; the shepherd of the oppressed and of the slaves; whose deeds find favor before Anunit, who provided for Anunit in the temple of Dumash in the suburb of Agade; who recognizes the right, who rules by law; who gave back to the city of Ashur its protecting god; who let the name of Ishtar of Nineveh remain in E-mish-mish; the Sublime, who humbles himself before the great gods; successor of Sumula-il; the mighty son of Sin-muballit; the royal scion of Eternity; the mighty monarch, the sun of Babylon, whose rays shed light over the land of Sumer and Akkad; the king, obeyed by the four quarters of the world; Beloved of Ninni, am I.

When Marduk sent me to rule over men, to give the protection of right to the land, I did right and righteousness in…, and brought about the well-being of the oppressed.


They obviously had no problem with run-on sentences back then! But you get the picture. Hammurabi (the Rabi Hammu) ruled not only by his gods but in the place (as vicar) of his gods. Anti-god. Not the I AM but the am I. He was self-proclaimed as the appointed king of the Babylonian gods. Sorry to those who patriotically believe the right to land as property is a right given by God (Jehovah), but in reality it is Marduk the Babylonian god, through his vessel Hammurabi, from which the origin of your delusional (godly) rights came from. Property rights are not in the Bible, for the part cannot own the Whole. Property rights are the device of nations, bestowed to subjects (goyim) that suffer without God’s Law in legalistic darkness. Hammurabi is one of the celebrated law-givers of the Congress of the United States. Jesus, however, is nowhere to be found in Washington D.C., for Jesus Christ is the Law of God in and of Itself. Only men, false gods, have their busts hung in the halls of Congress. Jehovah, the One True God, is absentee as the ultimate giver of the Son, the Law of Nature. And so we see that those who compare and make claim that Jesus Christ is the same as the sun worship of the sun gods of those Babylonian mystery religions are horribly mistaken. The Son of God is not the sun, nor is the Light of wisdom the rays of the sun.

Inversely, if anyone out there thinks this claim by Hammurabi is any different than what the Vatican corporation and its pope claims in being the appointed prince and therefore replacement god and Christ on earth, you are indeed fooling yourself with the mastery of the Babylonian worshiping masses of the Old Testament. Oh, and England, your queen claims the same thing in her (or the king’s) anointment of christening, to be the replacement (anti) Christ of the kingdom, the marriage of church and state. You need to be blind not to see this same, continuous pattern of the false gods of history up until today. Do not forget that the law and god of the master is therefore the accepted law and god of the subject (citizen).

As all constitutions are indeed masonic by their nature (origin), let us hear on the subject from Albert Pike, remembering that in Genesis 1, it is the Babylonian “Elohim” (gods) that “created” (devised) the Earth (man’s world), not Jehovah, for the Earth as we call it is already a part of Jehovah (self-Existence/the Universe). We must understand that Jehovah is the Universe, and that all things adversarial to Jehovah are of the adverse (adversary/Satan). The Universe (Jehovah) is the One Living God, that is, the very meaning and intention of the word monotheism. All self-Existence as One God. This, the Bible says, is YHVH. Not an unspoken word, just unspeakable, as that which is unfathomable in terms of the mere artful words of men. Jehovah (YHVH) is the Known and the Unknown Existence of all Creation — the Living God. The word LORD and GOD was never intended to mean anything but this, nor was there ever any conception that anyone would actually debate the Existence of Existence (God) itself, as the “educated” fools of today do. But such a wondrous, beautiful Truth, that God is all Truth, must be confused, confounded, controverted, and controlled by these societies of their own secrets, false information and false gods created to interfere with our own understanding of the Truth of what our God Is. Through these Babylonian mystery schools and religions the public is kept away from the Truth, away from our own Source. For the best way to keep secret the Nature of God and the Law thereof is to cause the common people to not only believe in so many false gods and versions in idolatry of the same image of what God Is, but to obfuscate the intended meanings and definitions of the words of the Bible so that clarity is only possible to the one in a million that devote their lives to such research and understanding. But those men are usually not honorable, acting merely as part of the priest-class (secret-keepers) of the Church and State and its societies of the secrets they create that cause ignorance for the masses. Pike reveals this revenant worship of their Babylonian religion of mystery here:


Man descended from the elemental Forces or Titans [Elohim], who fed on the body of the Pantheistic Deity creating the Universe by self-sacrifice, commemorates in sacramental observance this mysterious passion; and while partaking of the raw flesh of the victim, seems to be invigorated by a fresh draught from the fountain of universal life, to receive a new pledge of regenerated existence. Death is the inseparable antecedent of life; the seed dies in order to produce the plant, and earth itself is rent asunder and dies at the birth of Dionusos (Dionysus). Hence the significance of the phallus, or of its inoffensive substitute, the obelisk, rising as an emblem of resurrection by the tomb of buried Deity at Lerna or at Sais… And in this sense, as presiding over life and death, Dionusos is in the highest sense the LIBERTATOR (Liberty): since, like Osiris, he frees the soul and guides it in its migrations beyond the grave, preserving it from the risk of falling under the slavery of matter or some inferior animal form…”

–Albert Pike, ‘Morals and Dogma’, page 393, 1872


It amazes me still that most visitors to the Vatican, to Washington D.C., and to the City of London have no clue that this same touted phallus shaped obelisk erected in honor of the Old Testament Babylonian gods stands openly in each of these and other centers of false authority. Yes, your so-called liberty comes from the congressional worship of a giant, erected cock representing the Liberator Dionysus. For these places of false law and religion do not worship Jehovah, the Living God that is the Universe, the God of Nature and Its Law, but instead derive their false law from that which is opposed (adverse) to It, the codes of storied men like Hammurabi and other legalists of history, the progenitors of the Roman (written) law of man, of that which is anti-God, antichrist. And the common (vulgar) citizens of the nations actually believe that their legal franchise of “liberty” in these open-air prisons of mammon is of the God of Nature, instead of what its obelisks celebrate in open worship, Dionysos the “Liberator” god and the idol (statue) of Liberty that adorns the commercial port of america. This idol standing again openly in defiance of the Bible Law, that of the pagan goddess Madonna, called generically for the masses as the Statue (idol) of Liberty, is of course the same ancient pagan “Queen of Heaven,” the wife of Nimrod, or Semiramis, Isis being the Egyptian name for the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, the same as Greek goddess Athena, the Egyptian and Greek goddess Minerva, the Syrian goddess Astarte, the Roman goddess Cybele, The Babylonian (Jewish/Israel) Ashtoreth, and the Attic-Ionian (Ephesus) goddess Diana. And just what is Lady Liberty and whom was its architect Auguste Bertholdi?


“Auguste Bertholdi was a member of the cultic Masonic Lodge in Paris, a `…secret international brotherhood linked to the ancient builders of the pyramids and the cathedrals‘ [quoted from Statue of Liberty, by Weisberger]; and as a result, fellow members of the mysterious order of Masons `…were frequently involved with the creation of the structure, and the various ceremonies that were dedicated to it [ibid., p.44]. For example, the pedestal was built by another mason named Richard Hunt, and the design came from his study of `…pyramids, ziggurats, and other… styles’ [Statue of Liberty video]. You’ll recall The Tower of Babel was a ziggurat; and of course, the Statue of Liberty is actually a tower.

–James Lloyd, Beyond Babylon, p.103


It is admitted that the secret system of Free Masonry was originally founded on the MYSTERIES OF THE EGYPTIAN ISIS, THE GODDESS-MOTHER, OR WIFE OF OSIRIS. But what could have led to the union of a Masonic body with these Mysteries, had they not had particular reference to architecture, and had the god who was worshipped in them not been celebrated for his success in perfecting the arts of fortification and building. Now, if such were the case, considering the relation in which, as we have already seen, Egypt stood to Babylon, who would naturally be looked up to there as the great patron of the Masonic art? The strong presumption is, that NIMROD [the arch-rebel against Elohim — Gen. 10:8-10] must have been the man. He was the first that gained fame in this way. As the child of the Babylonian goddess-mother, he (NIMROD) was worshipped, as we have seen, in the character of Alamahozim, ‘The god of fortifications.’ Osiris, in like manner, the child of the EGYPTIAN MADONNA, was equally celebrated as ‘the strong chief of the buildings.’ This strong chief of the buildings was originally worshipped in Egypt with every physical characteristic of Nimrod.

–Alexander Hislop, “The Two Babylons”  p.43


Need I mention the modern day Mary (Fatima) sacred feminine worship of the Catholic Church, also called the MADONA, carries over into much of protestant “Christianity,” and therefore many of these continue to “universally” (Catholicly) worship Mary as a sort of goddess idol as well, as the actual human “mother” of Christ, as the Romanized, Judaized “Christians” have been entrained to believe in a literal sense? I stress again here that Jesus Christ, the Law of God, the Logos, was not born of Mary, but of God. This distinction is so completely different from one another that it would be like mistaking a prop in a kindergarten school play colored in by a 4 year old as a Real tree. Mary worship is as empty as Christ worship, and it is patent, scripturally identifiable idolatry.

In fact, I say again, Christ is to be formed (conceived) in all of you, in me, and in all men that may receive that Blessing of the Logos and subsequently act within Its Grace at all times as sons of God. To worship Mary as mother of Christ is again to externalize the metaphorically maternal ability of us all to conceive of Christ in our own lives.


“My little children,
of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you,
I desire to be present with you now, and to change my voice;
for I stand in doubt of you.
Tell me,
ye that desire to be under the law,
do ye not hear the law
? …”

–Galatians 4: 19-, KJB


How will Jesus Christ (Logos) be formed in all of us, we who seek to become the sons of God? To the literalist, perhaps, this is tantamount to some spiritual mass-orgy so that we may all become pregnant and have a “virgin” birth? Imagine that, men giving birth to billions of Baby Jesus’s. Metaphorically, because Jesus Christ is the Law of God (Logos) personified, the Law of Nature, this is of course to be taken in the beautiful and poetic way it is intended, that we may carry Jesus Christ with us as our salvation (Law of Jehovah), that we may bear the burden of God’s Grace as protectorate in dominion over the Earth through the Law, that we may manifest the True Logos in all our actions. Just as water can be impregnated with copper, so too must man be impregnated with the Logos, Jesus Christ.

But what is the difference between the Catholic version of “Mary” and that which is of the Bible? After all, every alter I’ve seen displays Mary in benevolence and reverence while poor Jesus is like a museum piece hanging in his death on a cross with a crown of thorns. Meanwhile, we see that the “blessed Mother” Mary holds the baby version of Jesus Christ in her swatling arms, celebrated somehow as the mother of God. This, of course, places Jesus Christ as God, not as the Son (Word) of God. Big difference. And this misconception (pun intended) is merely because most Catholics have no idea they are actually worshiping the old Babylonian gods in a case of purposefully mistaken identity, for what appears in the form of Mary and her son (Jesus) is actually the representational mystery of the goddess-mother Isis bearing her sun-god (son). Of course in the ministry of the vatican empire, Christ must be un-scripturally worshiped as a God so that the pope can pretend to be vicar of God (Christ) on earth, the anti (replacement) God and Christ-head. But to be the mother of Jesus Christ… does that make Mary a Titan (Elohim) according to Pike’s quote above? In most Roman Catholic tomes of devotion this Lady of the Jesuits, an ancient mythological version of the Mother of God, is enthroned and completed with scepter and crown as the Queen of Heaven. This is no different than the worship of Astarte of the Assyrians, Ashtoreth of the Sidonians, Bowaney of the Hindoos, and of course Venus or Hera in Greece and Juno in Rome, all of which occupy the same basic honorable title in the conception or creation of all things. It is also rumored that the statue of St. Peter holding the keys to heaven is actually Juno’s consort, the god Jupiter repurposed for official “Christian” worship – not of christ but of the so-called (by Catholics) “first pope.” Another name for Juno is “Regina,” meaning queen, mother of Mars and Vulcan. She is also the “protector and councilor of the state.”

Yet all of this pagan worship of gods and saints has nothing to do with the scriptural story, except to say that before Christ, during the time of Moses, the fictional Babylonian gods and the laws emanating therefrom ruled supreme over man (in darkness). It appears that in the Catholic tradition, this fact never changed, which is why the Bible warns us so much against putting our faith in that Roman corporation and its false doctrines.



“I. Definition: “Virgin-birth” is the correct and only correct designation of the birth statement contained in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Immaculate conceptionis of course manifestly a blunder due to the confusion of one idea with another. “Supernatural or miraculous birth” will not do, because there is no intimation that the process of birth was in any way exceptional. “Supernatural or miraculous conception” is equally unsatisfactory as it involves a question-begging comparison between the birth of Christ and the exceptional births of the Sons of Promise (e.g. Isaac, John the Baptist, etc.). The only statement which is sufficiently specific is “virgin-birth,” inasmuch as according to the New Testament statement Mary was at the time of this birth virgo intact.”


This word virgin takes a very different meaning than the literalist and vulgar sexual connotations of the masses entertained by such oddly pornographic concepts, as that of Strong’s H1330 – bĕthuwlah (áÌÀúåÌìÈä) (virgin) and is used figuratively according to the Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon in the following manner:

“(1) a virgin, pure and unspotted, so called as being separated and secluded from intercourse with men (as being and acting with purely religious manners)…(3)… familiar to the Hebrews, by which cities or states are spoken of under the figure of women, they are also called virgins also simply “the virgin of Israel” (is used) of the people of Israel, in Jeremiah 18:13; 31: 4, 21, and in Amos 5:2. Rightly… the congregation of Israel.”


The word daughters is also used to describe the people of a city in that old, metaphoric language. The translation to English is virtually impossible to understand unless this poetic nature of the older languages is understood and applied with vigor to the scriptures. The non-Biblical Catholic term immaculate conception is of course left over from the Babylonian worship of the sacred feminine


“She (Mary) has been appointed by God
to be the Queen of heaven and earth.” 

—Quote by Pius IX, 1854, made “official” bull in 1954 by Pius XII.


“I can never forget the shock I received when I first saw in their churches in Italy, the Virgin Mary crowned as Queen of heaven, seated on the same throne with Jesus crowned King of heaven. These were the God-man and God-woman enthroned alike. There was nothing to distinguish the one above the other.”

—Reverend M. Hobart Seymour, “Evenings with the Romanists,” page 254


Appointed by God… You see, unless you know that the pope is acting vicariously as the false (anti-) God and as the false (anti-) Christ (false Logos) anointed by oils, then you cannot understand how it is that “God” could have possibly appointed Mary as queen of Heaven and Earth since this fact is absolutely nowhere in the Bible. The pope pretends to be God. For further understanding, keep reading, and you will have no doubt that the pope has a serious God complex, that his office allows him to change the Law of God, the Bible doctrine, to his own corporations’ needs. This isn’t Clint’s opinion, but the Vaticans. Stay tuned…

I feel it to be so important to differentiate the innocent and pure of heart notion of Mary in the bible from the Babylonian Queen and mother of heaven worship of the corporate Roman church that I include this whole entry on the subject for clarity and proof of this corruption in the false “universal” Roman church. Let us examine the sacred feminine deity of Catholicism, the mother goddess Mary, also styled as “the mother of mankind,” not as celebrated for her allegorically  innocent, unplanned generation of Jesus Christ by the Grace of God, but by her own supposed (by a Papal Bull in the 1800’s) and completely unscriptural perfection of birth. It is the birth of Mary (Fatima), not Christ, that the Catholic cherishes.

The Immaculate Conception – (i-mak’-u-lat kon-sep’-shun):

1. Definition: The historic designation of the Roman Catholic dogma promulgated by Pope Pius IX on December 8, 1854, in the Papal Bull entitledIneffabilis Deus.” The term is often incorrectly applied, even by those whose intelligence should make such an error impossible, to the VIRGIN BIRTH of Christ (which see).

2. Statement of the Dogma: The central affirmation of this proclamation, which was read in Peter’s in the presence of over two hundred bishops, is expressed in the following words: It is proclaimedby the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ and the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul and in our own authority, that the doctrine which holds the blessed Virgin Mary to have been, from the first instant of her conception, by a singular grace and privilege of Almighty God, in view of the merits of Christ Jesus the Saviour of Mankind, preserved free from all stain of original sin, was revealed by God, and is, therefore, to be firmly and constantly believed by all the faithful” (see Schaff, A History of the Creeds of Christendom, II, 211, 212).

3. Objections to the Dogma:

(1) Drawn from Specifically Protestant Principles. Objections to the dogma are mainly two:

(a) the claim to authority upon which the proclamation rests. There is every reason to believe that one of the major motives to the entire transaction was the wish, on the part of Pius and his advisers, to make an unmistakable assertion of absolute doctrinal authority by the Roman pontiff. To Protestants of all shades of opinion there would be unbearable offense in the wording of the decree, even if assent could be given to the doctrine itself. The whole vital issue of the Reformation is involved in the use by an ecclesiastic of the wordsin our own authorityin addition to the wordsby the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ and the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul.

(b) The tendency to Mariolatry in the entire movement. As we shall see, the ascription of Divine honors to Mary is avoided in the public statement of the dogma and in the defense of it by Roman Catholic writers, but one has but to survey the course of discussion leading up to the publication of 1854, and subsequent to it, to discover a growing tendency to lift Mary out of the realm of human beings and to endow her with Divine attributes and functions. An extended discussion of Mariolatry lies beyond the range of this article (see MARY); it is only necessary to point out the obvious connections (see Roman Catholic Dictionary and church histories, sub loc.).

(2)Drawn from Roman Catholic Principles. It is far from the truth to suppose that there are no objections to this modern dogma save those which are specifically Protestant. From the viewpoint of the devout Roman Catholic, and for the sake of the prestige of the papacy, this particular dogma seems to have been unfortunately chosen.

(a) It Has No Basis in Scripture. The only attempt made to provide a Scriptural argument is by using a vague and unsatisfactory parallel between Mary and Eve before the Fall, to be found in the writings of certain church Fathers who did not hold the papal dogma but unconsciously provided a slender and most insecure basis for it (see inacanus). Most Roman Catholic writers are intelligent enough to admit that theory of inspired tradition alone can be appealed to in support of the idea. The ordinary and only tenable argument is that the ecclesiastical promulgation and acceptance of the doctrine prove its apostolic origin (see Catholic Dictionary, sub loc.).

(b) It Weakens the Authority of the Church. It would almost seem as if the doctrines of ecclesiastical authority and particularly of papal infallibility had, in this unfortunate proclamation, reached a reductio ad obsurdum for the comfort of their foes.

Notice with care the historical standing of this dogma:

(i) The acknowledged absence of all positive evidence for apostolic origin and primitive authority (see Catholic Dictionary ut supra).

(ii) The abundant positive evidence that the principal Fathers of the early church did not believe in the sinlessness of Mary (see list of names and references given by H.C. Sheldon, History of the Christian Church, sub loc.).

(iii) The uncertain and equivocal testimony per contra drawn from the early Fathers. They are practically confined to the following: Ephrem Syrus (Carmina, Hymn 27, strophe 8), where he says “Truly it is Thou and Thy mother only who are fair altogether. For in Thee there is no stain and in Thy mother no spot“; Augustine (De Natura et Gratia, cap. 26), “Two were made simple, innocent, perfectly like each other, Mary and Eve,” etc. To these may be added the words of Irenaeus: “The knot of Eve’s disobedience was untied by Mary’s obedience” (Catholic Dictionary, 422). In regard to these three passages it may reasonably be contended that even if these statements necessarily implied the Immaculate Conception of Mary, which they certainly do not, they would still have to be estimated against the many weighty statements which may be brought forward on the other side.

(iv) The prolonged controversy over the doctrine. From the earliest time when the idea of Mary’s miraculous freedom from sin appears, up to the Old Catholic agreement of 1874, devout and faithful Roman Catholics have protested against the addition of this unscriptural dogma to the faith of the church. Bonaventura (Locus Theol., VII, 1) says: “All the saints who have made mention of this matter, with one mouth have asserted that the blessed Virgin was conceived in original sin.” With the statement of the Old Catholic agreement we may safely sum up the ecclesiastical situation, even from the viewpoint of those who hold to the doctrinal validity of tradition. Art. X reads: “We reject the New Roman doctrine of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as being contrary to the tradition of the first 13 centuries, according to which Christ alone is conceived without sin.

(3) Drawn from General Considerations of Christian Doctrine. The most serious objections to this offensive and gratuitous dogma are not at all specifically Protestant but, rather, broadly Christian. It is necessary at this point to assure ourselves that we understand (as many Protestants evidently do not) just what is meant by the doctrine as a doctrine. According to the accepted Roman Catholic explanation, Mary, at the supposed stage of her conception when the soul was actually infused into the body waiting for it, received the special grace of God whereby she was delivered from all stain of original sin. The point which Protestants need especially to note is that, according to Roman Catholic ideas, this gracious act of God was performed on the basis of the foreseen merits of Christ’s sacrifice. This tones down the offensiveness of the doctrine in that it does not per se imply the equality of Mary with Christ, but rather the contrary, in so far as the grace bestowed upon her was gained by anticipation from Him. Roman Catholic writers naturally emphasize this fact in recommending the doctrine to Protestant minds. None the less the offense remains. TheImmaculate Conceptionnecessarily implies theimmaculate life,” and on the same basis of supernatural grace, else would the special miracle have occurred in vain and the fall of Adam been repeated in Mary. Hence, a full account of the doctrine would be that Mary was completely and miraculously redeemed at her conception and completely and miraculously kept from sin throughout her whole life. Apart from all questions as to the rightful place of Mary in Christian thought, this idea involves utter doctrinal confusion. It means that Mary never became a true human being and never lived a true human life. Redemption by a miraculous process begun at conception and carried on throughout the life is an utter impossibility, for the Holy Spirit does not work impersonally, and miraculous holiness which is holiness of a purely Divine character, without a free, cooperating human factor, is no human holiness at all. This dogma reads Mary out of the human family, reduces her to an image and makes her life a phantasm. Moreover, the parallels which are adduced in its support are not true parallels at all.

Our Lord’s sinlessness was not mechanically guaranteed by His miraculous conception (see VIRGIN BIRTH) but was His own achievement through the Holy Spirit granted to Him and personally appropriated. The Hallowing of Children at the Font (see Catholic Dictionary, 470a), the sanctifying of thoseseparated from the womb” (Ga 1:15) to God’s service, does not imply the miraculous guarantee of artificial sinlessness, but such a gracious influence as enables the subject freely cooperating to obtain victory over sin as a controlling principle. Actual sin and need of forgiveness is not pretermitted by such special grace.

We can only say, in conclusion, that every reason, which usually operates in a Christian mind to insure rejection of a false teaching, ought to preclude the possibility of accepting this peculiar dogma which is Scripturally baseless, historically unjustified and doctrinally unsound.

LITERATURE: The best simple and reasonably fair-minded discussion of this dogma from the Roman Catholic viewpoint is to be found in the Catholic Dictionary already mentioned, where wide references will be found. For the Protestant view consult any authoritative church history, especially that of Professor H.C. Sheldon where copious references to Patristic literature will be found.

—‘International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia,’ entry written by: Louis Matthews Sweet


Here we can see the damning infiltration of Catholic dogma into most other denominated protestants of the Catholic corporation, that of the worship of the sacred feminine, the goddess. In other words, the pope made Mary into a goddess by acting as the replacement for (anti-) God and Christ on Earth, changing the Bible doctrine to fit the worship of the ancient Babylonian sacred feminine. Let us be clear, that by claiming to be vicar (replacement) of Christ on earth, the pope is indeed claiming to be the replacement of the Word of God, or in other words, he that may change the Biblical doctrine as the Word of God. The pope is literally claiming to be the Law of God personified. The Law and the Law maker (God). Get it? The point of the story of Jesus Christ was not that he was merely born pure and unblemished but that he overcame all temptations and remained pure and unblemished. Why? Because all men must become Christ-like. We must all overcome. We must be the bearers (carriers) of the Logos (Law of God). We must be reborn as True followers of Christ, as the sons of God. If this still sounds like nonsensical religion to you, then I can only feel a deep sense of sorrow for you, knowing how easy it is to be lost myself. Yet nothing is harder than convincing others they are acting in the same foolish way that I once did, believing in non-Biblical lies which cause the impossible, empty belief in the non-existence of Existence (Jehovah).

But when we read the so-called Hail Mary mantra, we find the True understanding that this is all merely worship of the sacred feminine, of the same Babylonian mythos as always…


Hail Mary, full of grace.
Our Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.


This is not a prayer to Jehovah (God). This is a prayer to the sacred feminine, the goddess Mary (same as Isis, Fatima, etc.) that gave birth to God (Jehovah). When did the mortal Mary become Gods Mother, if God (Jehovah) is the Creator of all? False logos. False gods. But let us not forget, the Catholic doctrine says that Jesus is God (Jehovah) and not merely the Son (Logos/Word) of God. Trinity, you see. So somehow Mary is mother of God and the Son of God at the same time? What happened to have no other gods before Jehovah? This is not the True Logos, this is failed logic (false logos). Most importantly, this is against the Word (Son) of God.


Turn ye again now every one from his evil way, and from the evil of your doings,and dwell in the land that the LORD (JEHOVAH) hath given unto you and to your fathers for ever and ever: And go not after other gods to serve them, and to worship themand provoke me not to anger with the works of your hands; and I will do you no hurt. Yet ye have not hearkened unto me, saith the LORD; that ye might provoke me to anger with the works of your hands to your own hurt. Therefore thus saith the LORD (JEHOVAH) of hosts; Because ye have not heard my words

–Jeremiah 25: 5-8, KJB


Put not your trust in princesnor in the son of man,
in whom there is no helpHis breath goeth forth,
he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish.”

–Psalms 146: 3, KJB


God is not a man, that he should lie;
neither the son of man, that he should repent:
hath he said, and shall he not do it?
or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?”

–Numbers 23: 19, KJB


Jehovah (as “God”) is obviously not intended to Exist nor be defined as a man, and certainly was not born of Mary! What can be said about this fanciful doctrine surrounding Mary worship except that it goes against every aspect of what the Bible teaches, yet matches perfectly the Babylonian Creation mythos (Enuma elish) and its “mother” god entity? There is only One True God (Reality, Existence), that is Jehovah, to pray to. One does not pray to Jesus Christ, Logos, the Law of God — though many “Christians” have been made so doctrinally ignorant that they’ve been fooled into idolatrously doing so. But the Law of God is not a God unto itself. Jesus Christ is obviously not an “other god.” In fact, there are many instances when it is Jesus Christ that is doing the praying to Jehovah (Father) in the Bible, yet never does the scripture tell us that we are to pray directly to the Christos as if Jesus Christ is God. But then, why would anyone pray to saints or to this false version of the mother of God, unless, that is, they are false “Christians” of the Romanized, Judaized, universal church and state globalist corporate structure? How could religion have possibly gotten so far off course, so far off subject, so far away from the Law (Word) of God unless it was intended to be so by the false gods of church and state in power? Was religion always designed to universally deceive and therefore cause men to reject the Law of Nature? And wasn’t it the Nicene council that created this Trinity doctrine in the first place?


No, we’re not false gods, honest!

Wikipedia: Icon depicting the Emperor Constantine,
accompanied by the bishops of the First Council of Nicaea (325),
holding the Niceno–Constantinopolitan Creed of 381


Amazingly, even within the rewriting of this creed we may see the changes made in just this 56 year period, where even the definition of Jesus Christ was changed. Let’s take a look:


The Creed of Nicea (325 A.D.)

We believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of all things, visible and invisible; And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, begotten from the Father, only-begotten, that is, from the essence of the Father, God from God, light from light, true God from true God, begotten not made, of one essence with the Father, through Whom all things came into being, things in heaven and things on earth, Who because of us men and because of our salvation came down and became incarnate, becoming man,suffered and rose again on the third day, ascended to the heavens, and will come again to judge the living and the dead; And in the Holy Spirit.


The Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed (381 A.D.)

We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible; And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Only-begotten, Begotten of the Father before all ages, Light of Light, Very God of Very God, Begotten, not made; of one essence with the Father, by whom all things were madeWho for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven, and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, and was made man;And was crucified also for us under Pontius Pilate, and suffered and was buriedAnd the third day He rose again, according to the Scriptures; And ascended into heaven, and sits at the right hand of the Father;


What’s the difference? The devil is in the details, literally. Let me show you:

  1. Birth: Jesus Christ was begotten, not made in the first version, becoming as man on his own, which is in line with scripture. Yet in the altered version Jesus Christ was made (formed) into a man by the “Mother” of God Mary in the second Creed, which is in accordance with the Babylonian Creation myth. This places Mary higher than Jesus Christ.
  2. Reason: Jesus Christ came because (as a result of) the behaviors of men, because of our salvation. But in the update, Jesus came for (on behalf of) men, for our salvation. This is not at all a subtle difference. The first reason is as an effect, while the second reason is a cause. We are not saved because Jesus was given to us, we are saved because we follow the Law (Jesus Christ). We save ourselves by acting Christ-like, by following the Law of God (Logos). Everything else is just idol worship.
  3. How: Jesus Christ suffered and rose again in the first, but in the second, being Christ was made a man, he was buried as a dead man. In the first version, Christ does not die, because the Law of God (Logos) is not mortal. To cause Christ to be a historical, mortal character is to take away the fact that Christ is the Law of God personified that came about because of men, not for men. Christ was begotten because of men, a Law to govern the actions of men. But the church and state wishes to continue its false reign over us as the false or anti (replacement) Christ, the anointed kings and magistrates and preist-class of the legal realm of mammon. Therefore Jesus Christ was a gift given to them, for they pretend to be the descendants of the Son (Word/Law) of God, and in order to do this Christ must be idolized as a dead man (on earth) so that the false, flattering title of immortal Christ (anointed) may be passed on between mortal men as an office of the false (corporate) church.

And so those who continuously point to the Nicene council as a reason for these false doctrines of the catholic (universal) “Christian” church are certainly correct. No such creed is ordered or desired from the Bible doctrine, only that we follow the Law of God (Logos). Ultimately, I cannot stress the importance of this non-Biblical addition of the sacred feminine goddess worship to Christianity, causing the universality of Babylonian false god worship to be publicly accepted while hidden behind the True intent of the Bible.

Again, in Genesis, Chapter 1, it is the “Elohim” (translated from the plural word “gods”) that “formed” each listed thing, but not as a new Creation of Jehovah. Form is created after substance. This is further evidence of the dualistic, dumbed-down, Babylonian-tainted story-telling of the Old Testament. And never forget that this phallic symbol of Osiris, the obelisk, is a national monument in many places, the most notable being Washington DC (the Washington monument), the City of London, and of course as the central monument in the Vatican Square. If you think this to be coincidence, you might as well get an “I went to hell on earth, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt” T-shirt. The New Law fulfills the Old Law (testaments). They are not compatible except as what is old and what is new (the later or last/newest being of more authority). Some would call this fulfillment of the Law as the coming of the Messiah, or Logos (personified in Jesus Christ), that fulfills the prophecies of the Old. Same thing, unless you are a Jew (having “interest” in mammon, not Jehovah and Its Logos).

But let us return to the logic-based, seemingly endless fractal of the question at hand… who created the creator, ad infinitim. Here we delve into the most excellent example of the nihilistic, self-destructive thought pattern, the always limited, circular logic of the artful, humanist mindset. This question is indeed one of those perfect logical fallacies, and it makes the inquirer feel superior in its apparent unanswerableness, though at the same time it proves nothing but the limitations of perception and logic. It is a question we have all either been entrained to ask or have had to deal with in our own utter fascination and frustration. It is nothing more than an obfuscation, a debate question, one asked knowing that the end goal of logical debate (think attorneys) is not to come to the Truthful answer for any question, but to influence the questioner or listening audience into never being able to find or at least agree upon the answer (Truth). That perfect logical fallacy is this: who or what Created the Creator. Who or what Created God? No matter how many times one may answer that question, the same question can then be reapplied as: who or what Created the Creator of the Creator? The nihilist (anarchist) mindset seeks to destroy meaning and appearance, as the connection of symbology, word, or sign to anything Real, and has in many cases succeeded. For while appearance is immortal, meaning is only mortal. Meaning comes from and is preserved by man through culture and religion, and it dies with man, while appearance requires nothing but limited perspective. The clouds make their appearances as all sorts of formed animals, but there is no meaning or reason behind those appearances, only the short-lived perspective of he that watches them continuously morph. But modern society is a sure sign of the twisted success of the nihilist (anarchist), following the successful intervention of the French Revolutionist movement. But most importantly, it is the meaning and purpose of God and Its Law of Nature that has been defeated, lost, destroyed, and thus cast away from our own self-governance. The devises of anarchism have successfully annihilated the meaning and purpose of the Law of God from our minds, from our symbols, from our religions, and from our lifestyles. For there is simply no answer to this circular question of who Created the Creator that can ever satisfy the logician. One cannot find spiritual answers while asking logic-based questions. And yet, the answer is actually quite simple, and more powerful than 100 such nihilistic, destructive inquisitions. The only answer that is Truth is: I don’t KNOW. When anyone asks why I am so enamored by the Bible, this is what I tell them. Not that I don’t know, but that the Bible tells me its ok to not know, that I should never pretend knowledge about the Universe (Jehovah) that only the Universe (Jehovah) can have knowledge about Itself. I am told that Pluto is a body that exists in space (in the Universe), and yet I can have no actual experiential knowledge myself of that fact. I don’t know, and neither does anyone else. The Bible tells me that one of the highest states of knowledge is to know the limits of what can be known (experienced). If pluto is suddenly shown to be a lens flare, a practical joke, or just a lie, then that will effect me in no way whatsoever, for I have never testified to the Truth of that which I can not actually experience and thus know for certain. All I know for certain is that the Universe Exists, and that if Pluto Exists, it is part of the Universe. I can go no farther than that in what I am able to state the Truth of.

Likewise, I can never prove the non-existence of anything. In other words, I can never prove a negative, so there is no point to such a claim of having knowledge of that which does not exist. The atheist claims the non-existence of God, the absolute knowledge that God does not Exist. This is the type of impossible knowledge based on limited logical perception that the Bible warns us to avoid. Yet the same is True when examining the speculations of those that believe a God does exist in various supernatural (outside of Nature) forms, and their claims of a personal relationship thereto. Yet each of these people have different ideas and perceptions of what God Is, from a man in the clouds to all that is good to the various artistic images of Jesus Christ, which are not portraits but simulacrum (copies with no original). No one painted an image of Christ, nor of God. They did not sit down and pose for the painter. This too is the belief in an image without knowledge. Form without substance. Appearance without meaning. For when anyone claims a positive fact, only then must one therefore show proof of that positive claim. Of course, there is no proof of such forms of what God Is, for they are all inventions of the imaginations of men. To each of these, the idea of the most honest answer of I don’t know is inexcusable and unacceptable.

And so when I tell people that I know what the Bible “God” Is, their response to my answer is often violent resistance on both sides of the debate. Why? Because my answer is not one given to an unknowable and therefore impossible to answer question. The answer is not given rhetorically nor as one open for debate. I know with utter sureness, and so I answer in that same matter. Why ask the question if you don’t really want the answer, or if you are already certain you have the answer, or if any other answer will disrespect your own perceived best answer? My answer: It is not up to me to decide. “God” is what It is defined to be in the Bible. “God” in the Bible is whatever the author of the Bible intended its meaning to be. Is this not the only actual answer possible? If you ask me what the Hindu or Muslim  scriptural versions of God or gods is my answer will be the same, that is, to seek the intended meaning from the words the author used so that you may understand the purpose, the reason behind the whole story. And if someone asks me whether Robin Hood was a good guy or bad guy, I would tell you to seek that knowledge from the author (creator) of that work, for he and he alone can define the intended meaning of the terms of art he chose to use. Only the author can define what Robin Hood is and what the intent of his story was.

The point is that anyone that reads the Bible without knowing the definition of “God” is doomed to failure and misunderstanding. One will never understand the meaning and purpose behind the Bible without knowing how each word is used and intended by the author for the reader to understand. This is a maxim of any and every law, for that matter. It is self-evident. I cannot disagree, for instance, that what the author of Robin Hood says Robin Hood was in his own story is incorrect. Likewise, I am a fool to believe whatever the hell I want to believe when it comes to what the authors of the Bible intended Jehovah to mean. I have no choice in the matter. For if I redefine what is already established, then the story and its intended purpose will necessarily be lost on me. One cannot read anything in comprehension of its intent without knowing first the intention and meaning of its specifically chosen words. This is an unarguable, universal law, even by the anarchist, though anarchistic thought also requires foundational meaning and Law to be destroyed. And so we must hereon endeavor to conclude not what God Is or Is not, but what God Is defined as by the authors of the Bible so that we may know how to attain meaning and purpose from the Bible. And yet we must also recognize that, because for centuries the Bible was kept out of reach from the common man, that the Kings transliterations and use of purposefully obfuscating mistranslation are designed to cause the causal reader to fail. The kings words must be examined in each verse to ensure clear understanding of pre-translated intent. And the litmus of self-evident Truth must always be present in our study, knowing that while poets use fables and lies to metaphorically, allegorically relay spiritual Truths, evil men use those lies to deceive, to conceal, and to cause men never to attain the Truth. Remember, the king (and pope) is a false legal god in charge of a false legal law. Never forget this Truth.

By establishing what the word “God” means in the Bible, and therefore what the word “Logos” means by the intent of its authors, we may establish here whether it is in fact change or permanence that defines what is to be worshiped as the Supreme Being, as the One, Living, eternal God. Jehovah (God), the Father of Logos (personified in the Bible as Jesus Christ), is of course a VERB specifically defined as that substance which is unchanging, as the unchanging Universe, not a being but the act of Being (Existence) as the Supreme Being, the ultimate verb (action) of all Natural self-Existence in and of Itself. While some men may look at the earth only skin deep and say, see, the skin burns, quakes, fissures, floods, and over time changes, and so therefore the entire structure and Design of the Universe must also be in constant change (chaos), while in the next sentence they will refer to one of many of the absolutely predictable (harmonious) elements of Jehovah (the Universe) to prove the same theory. The scientific predictability and therefore forecastable-ness of the sun, the moon, the planets, the stars, and even the basic seasons each year seem to be at best immune from or a pesky annoyance to the idea of a changing (chaotic) Existence. Predictability (harmony) is the essence of the Law of Nature, not only in the heavens but as the foundational Law for man to follow above all others. It is the very unchanging permanence of the Law of God, the Law of Nature, that causes it to be the Highest, and therefore above all manmade inventions of legalism in engineered societies. This Law of (belonging to) Nature and not of man, in the Bible, is referred to as Logos. And, as clearly shown in my 1st book, the words Law, Word, and Son all bear the same meaning in their highest consideration. In other words, Jesus Christ is Logos personified in the Bible. Jesus Christ is the Word (Law) of God put into an allegorical story for all men to follow. And so the Son of God is the Word (Law) of God personified. I cannot explain the importance of even this simple contemplation between a noun and a verb, that is, God as a person, place, or thing (noun) versus God as the very Life-force and Existence of all things as One.

Jesus tells us in his own words that he is not to be worshiped, that he is not the Source of Law, only the example of one that follows it. For, of course, it is self-evident that Jesus Christ (in the flesh) would certainly take no other doctrine than the Word of God, the Truth, nor create any of his own. Again, the Son is not the Father, as that which is sent is not the sender:


“Jesus answered them, and said,
My doctrine (Law) is not mine, but his that sent me.

—John 7:16, KJB (synonym (Law) added by myself for clarity)


We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us.
When we see land as a community to which we belong,
we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

―Aldo Leopold


So what does it mean then to worship this secondary, re-invented (by men) notion of logos (as logic) in idolatry instead of the self-evident Creation and Law of Jehovah (God) as it already Exists in self-Evidence? What happens when that which is Eternal is instead considered to be alterable, when what is Permanent is instead worshiped as temporary, when what is the Perfection of the Design of Nature is thought instead to be unreasonable, illogical, or just not good enough, and when what ought to be Sacred is instead considered to be opposed to such qualifications of sacrosanctity? What happens when Logos (Law), in other words, is confused as that which is a temporary contemplation of man instead of the permanent Son (Word/Law) of God? Look around at this utterly failing, immoral, unlawful society and you will see the quite evidentially-based manifestation of the answer to this question.

Perhaps we have another, deeper, more pressing cultural identity crisis instead, that being the importance of the influence of ancient Greek culture and philosophy upon the human authors of the Bible, with an honorable mention to the Romans that copied much of it. Like today, the Roman culture was shallow and superficial, not merely based on status and wealth but specifically the artificial simulation of symbols and art that projected such social status. When we peal back the surface of our modern society, especially when we examine the lavish, non-christ-like decor, art, and other illusions of wealth of many churches, we find that like then that today we adorn cheap, imitation copies of Greek architecture and cultural items. We worship the simulacrum, the copy built and worshipped without any substance or meaning to its original. For example, we read:

“In the late fourth century B.C., the Romans initiated a policy of expansion that in 300 years made them the masters of the Mediterranean world. Impressed by the wealth, culture, and beauty of the Greek cities, victorious generals returned to Rome with booty that included works of art in all media. Soon, educated and wealthy Romans desired works of art that evoked Greek culture. To meet this demand, Greek and Roman artists created marble and bronze copies of the famous Greek statues. Molds taken from the original sculptures were used to make plaster casts that could be shipped to workshops anywhere in the Roman empire, where they were then replicated in marble or bronze. Artists used hollow plaster casts to produce bronze replicas. Solid plaster casts with numerous points of measurement were used for marble copies. Since copies in marble lack the tensile strength of bronze, they required struts or supports, which were often carved in the form of tree trunks, figures, or other kinds of images.

Although many Roman sculptures are purely Roman in their conception, others are carefully measured, exact copies of Greek statues, or variants of Greek prototypes adapted to the taste of the Roman patron. Some Roman sculptures are a pastiche of more than one Greek original, others combine the image of a Greek god or athlete with a Roman portrait headThe meaning of the original Greek statue often lent beauty, importance, or a heroic quality to the person portrayed. By the second century A.D., the demand for copies of Greek statues was enormous—besides their domestic popularity, the numerous public monuments, theaters, and public baths throughout the Roman empire were decorated with niches filled with marble and bronze statuary.

Since most ancient bronze statues have been lost or were melted down to reuse the valuable metal, Roman copies in marble and bronze often provide our primary visual evidence of masterpieces by famous Greek sculptors. All the marble statues in the central area of the Mary and Michael Jaharis Gallery at the Metropolitan Museum are copies made during the Roman period, dating from the first century B.C. through the third century A.D. They replicate statues made by Greek artists some 500 years earlier during the fifth and fourth centuries B.C.

—Department of Greek and Roman Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Roman Copies of Greek Statues.” In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000– (October 2002)


Let us be clear, here, that “the Met” just admitted that their Greek statues are all simulacrum, copies with no original to possibly verify their accuracy. They are Roman fakes! And yet isn’t the real point here that we in Europe and America have followed in the footsteps of Rome and thus live today in a giant statuary of false idols and symbology without source? Are we not Rome before its famed fall? Are we not acting as much without God’s Grace and Law as they?

So how do we qualify these facts with our own empty, plastic culture, complete with even plastic Christmas trees and crucifixes and statues (idols) of Mary, with this patriotically garnished Americanism politically and culturally being mostly a simulacra of not only itself but of the Roman (and Plato’s) republic, making American culture merely a copy of that which was an already empty, meaningless copy of the original; a simulated lie based on the forgotten meaning of some other culture’s symbols?

At this point in our ridiculously empty culture, we may simply shop at the many Walmart-type discount and dollar stores where we find such poorly plastered copies of statues of supposedly ancient origin, in our choice of plastic, styrofoam, or some other artificially invented material not found in Nature. The closest thing to art we use marble for today is to cut it into kitchen and bathroom countertops on assembly lines or attached as the faux surface of some downtown bank buildings’ wall. We, just as the Romans in their spiritually empty bread and circus culture, seek symbols and architecture directly plagiarized from ancient cities and religions not in any way christ-like. We take what Nature provides and squander it like devil-spawned children. Everything from our Christmas trees to our ornamental statuaries stems from the paganish Roman holidays as we celebrate every year our accomplishments of spiritual emptiness. We worship in our own imagery, adultery, and idolatry everything but Nature, everything but the Truth of God’s Creation, and at Christmas, everything but Logos (Jesus Christ). We revel in symbology not our own, pretending it to bring luck or stature that simply does not exist in Reality. We are for all intents and purposes a dumbed-down version of the Roman archetype.

ARCHETYPEnoun – [Gr. beginning, and form.] 1. The original pattern or model of a work; or the model from which a thing is made; as, a tree is the archetype or pattern of our idea of that tree. 2. Among minters, the standard weight, by which others are adjusted. 3. AMONG PLUTONISTS, the archetypal world is the world as it existed in the idea of God, before the creation. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the American Language)


The world as it existed before Creation…

The world was an idea of an external God, not a Natural outgrowth of the Universe and Its Law(s)?

Sounds like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to me.

Sounds a bit like an oxymoron, a paradox, doesn’t it? How can anything exist before it is created?

To believe in this type of logical rhetoric, one must believe exactly what modern “Christian” religions teach despite the Bible — that God is separate and outside of Nature, outside of the Universe, outside of Creation, that Creation was a historical event, and that Christ is unattainable by men as a historical character. This is a logical, literalist nightmare.

Let us take the celebration of “Christmas” as a perfect example of this empty, Plutonic type of reasoning that has completely infiltrated the Romish culture of so-called Christian nations, especially the United States. Is anything about the secular celebration of Christmas every year not a monument to satanic behavior? Is any part of Christmas not a lie, as the supposed celebration and Worship of Christ (Christ Mass)? Is Christmas not the ultimate simulacra, a celebration of the opposite of the very namesake of that supposed holy day?


Where is Christ at Christmas?
Does the timeless Christ really have anything to do with Christmas?
Do you really think the timeless Jesus Christ celebrates birthdays
according to the legal, Roman calendar (the fiction of men)?
And just what are you causing your children to worship and emulate at Christmas?
Because I guarantee you Christmas is not teaching the Law (Son) of God!
Logos is certainly absentee from Christmas.

Must watch!


Notice that the little girl is praying to the Christmas devil Krampus to forgive her sins. And do we not pray to judges (false gods) when we go to court for a lesser punishment against the legal (anti-God) law? Praying to and worshiping antichrist, in other words, that which is opposed to God, seems to be what “Christians” have been tricked into doing as their religious traditions and holidays, false holy days. This is an obvious conclusion when examining the American culture. And this includes praying to Jesus Christ as a god/idol instead of (anti) to Jehovah, the One True God. So why do we call Santa father Christmas against God’s Law?

By the way, there is no “birthday of Christ in the Bible. Not in December, and not in September. In fact, the term birthday really should be known to you that celebrate them, especially your own, because in the intent of its meaning you are actually worshiping your own spiritual death, creating it as a holy day unto your own rebirth as a slave (goyim) of the pagan nations. From Strong’s concordance we read that the word birthday as used in the Bible is “a birthday celebration, a birthday feast – the earlier Greeks used this word of funeral commemorations, a festival commemorative of a deceased friend.” The truth is that you have been socially conditioned to worship your own birth and that of others before Christ, and in much more grandiose celebration and inebriation. Remember, men are born in Nature and reborn thereto through Christ (Logos/Law). Only persons are birthed into the legal system. Birthdays are Roman pagan holidays, all about the recognition of the ego, the self as bonded property in surety to the state, of the day you were legally placed into adulterous, spiritual death (person-hood).

Keep in mind that the controlled use of simulacra, the copy without referential to its original, is a very powerful tool in political and spiritual control of the ignorant masses. And so while we believe the non-Biblical idea that Jesus Christ was a historical figure born on an already well-established, specific Roman holy day, we are tricked into morally debasing ourselves with the pagan customs surrounding these pagan gods, while at the same time believing we are somehow celebrating the birth of Christ. This is especially ironic because everything we do at “Christmas” time is strictly antichrist, or in other words, against the Law of Nature (Logos). This brilliant marketings strategy by the combination of satanic forces involved in the governing, manufacturing, retail, grocery, banking industries has completely overcome any rational patterns of thought or worship of Source. Christmas, without irony, is today nothing more or less than the celebration of mammon (the money system and false valuation). It is the literal mass-sacrifice of living pine trees, whole forests of God’s Living Creation pointlessly (Satanicly) cut down and dressed up in idolatrous fashion. This is the opposite of stuardship, of dominion, of being the protectorate of Gods wondrous Creation and intricate beauty.

But what about the rest of the year? We revel in nothingness, worshiping pleasingly adorned and impressive looking statues and pictures upon money that are in Reality but empty and meaningless, misrepresentative gargoyles of ancient men we know nothing about posed in a form that is so far removed from their origin, purpose, and Truth that they have become likened to gods; legends falsely immortalized through plaster molds and casts of other, previous gods from some other simulation of culture. Hell, even the casts and busts of famed president George W. Bush will cause his appearance and disposition to be worshiped by future generations as wise and noble, as the great Romish actor of our time.

In other words, everything in our culture has been Romanticized. The droll nature of Reality has been enhanced and made super to (above, outside of) what actually existed, that is, if it or they every really existed at all. And so the tales of history and historical characters and lawmakers have been Romantically simulated in our modern nomenclature. Our minds have been filled with Hollywood archetypes that are ultimately only simulacra, poor copies of previous idealistic copies of much less than Christ-like men (their personas/masks), places, and things, which have never actually Existed as their copy portrays them. There are no great men, only lawful and unlawful ones. Nothing else really matters.

It would be insane to consider the authors of the Bible as immune from these same cultural and social influences of the day, as well as the simulated history that came before their own times. And so perhaps in Christianity we have not so much a Roman problem, but instead what amounts to a Plato problem, an Aristotle problem, an ancient, pre-Biblical Greek philosophy problem, where like the wacky and moldable toy by that same name (Play-dough) has replaced the Word of God (Logos), twisting and mixing the Bible Word up with what is the modern, non-Biblical, secular teachings of these old polytheists of perceived logic (false logos). Indeed, Encyclopedia Britanica explains the influence of “Platonism” when examining Paul’s Biblical stylings as such:

Well before the beginning of the Common Era, Jews with some Greek education had begun to make casual use of popular Greek philosophy in expounding their revealed religionthere are traces of this in the wisdom literature of the Hebrew Bible. In the New Testament, Paul the Apostle’s speech to the Areopagus (Acts 17) uses commonplaces of Stoic philosophy for apologetic purposesBut, as far as is known, the first Jew who was really well-read in Greek philosophy and used it extensively in the exposition and defense of his traditional religion was Philo Judaeus (Philo of Alexandria [c. 15 BCE–after])… The essential point at issuebetween Platonists and their opponentsthrough the centuries has been the existence(in some sense) of a spiritual or intelligible reality that is INDEPENDENT of the world,and is the ultimate origin of both existence and values. This is a very rough generalization that does not apply to the Skeptical Academy (see above Greek Platonism from Aristotle through Middle Platonism) or do full justice to the thought of the 20th-century skeptical Platonist George Santayana. Platonists have understood this central doctrine in a great variety of ways and defended it with a great variety of arguments…”

–Encyclopedia Britannica online, entry for Platonism, and Evaluation of Platonism


Reality beyond reality? God beyond God. Heaven beyond Life?

Could it be said that modern, organized “Judaeo Christianity” (antichrist influenced Christianity) is more akin to Platonism and other Greek and Roman philosophies, as the belief in a realm or being (second God) outside of Nature (outside of Jehovah), and thus the separation of Jehovah (Nature/Existence) from the Creation of (belonging to/part of) Jehovah? In other words, are we practicing a belief that has at its foundation the separation of Law (i.e. Jesus Christ) from its Source? Is this why Christians have been fallaciously taught that when they die they will go to some unknown, undefined “Heaven,” so that we can never realize such a heavenly paradise here on Earth (Source)? Is not that the perfect way to make a slave, and to cause most men to disregard the Law of God’s Nature because heaven is only obtainable by physical death from this Earth? Yet, one must ask, for what reason would the Bible be written as a book of Law, specifically the Law that applies exclusively to this realm of Nature, to the Universe (God) Itself, and specifically for the men and other Creatures Living here, if all that matters is some transcendence from this realm to another one with different Laws? Never mind that the Bible does not mention the word or notion of an afterlife? Such mis-transliterations of what the symbolic word death, heaven, and hell means are well-documented in my first book, taken from the lexicons and concordances. Does one not have to take pause when one considers that every religion of man in the world always promises heaven if we only cooperate with the tyrants of this current life in legalistic, logic-based hell? Work 8 hours, play 8 hours, sleep 8 hours, and observe national (legal) holy days. Does this not describe every religion? Yet where can we find this in the Law? It is the pope that defines the sabbath, and it is said that he who decides what is the sabbath day is he that controls the world. Yet this is the remnant of Jewish, secular law. The Logos (Law) is that every day is to be kept as Sabbath. Why? Because there is no day, no night, no year in the Universe. The Law of God does not depend on the cycles of the stars, planets, and moons, but rather is the very Source and causality of their self-Existence and Natural Design of movement. Creation does not control the Creator. Only men have such delusions that we may alter for the better the Blessings of God’s Nature. In the Bible, the word day can mean an age as well as a day, depending on its spiritual or secular use and meaning, which we must all have the due diligence to pursue. God is not restrained by the days of the Roman calendar, for God (eternal Existence) is of course timeless, and so too is the Sabbath day. What is Sabbath to God is not the same as what is the sabbatic, secular legalisms, customs, and state-religions of men. Again, see my first book (Page 880) for a discussion on the “sabbath day” or σάββατον, or (sabbaton) as a secular day of the calendric week, as opposed the spiritual, capitalized word it is taken from.

In fact, to my utter delight and joy, it is written that Jesus Christ defied the sabbath day of the Jews and legal gods, for it was not of Jehovah. This is never spoken of in organized religion, for that false “Christianity” is itself secular, legal, corporate, and is the causality of men’s acceptance of these false legal holidays (false holy days of the church and state). So let us read and cheer as Christ defied this false sabbaton to express the timeless and boundless day (Age) of the Sabbath of God! Remember, the kings purposeful translation yet again placed the secular word and the spiritual word together as the same translation. Therefore, how may any one possibly know the difference, for the priest of the corporate church is as the blind leading the blind. Here we find the ultimate in spiritual activism against the powers of the legal church and state…


“At that time Jesus went on the sabbath day through the corn; and his disciples were an hungred, and began to pluck the ears of corn, and to eat.”

–Matthew 12:1, KJB


“And it came to pass on the second sabbath after the first, that he went through the corn fields; and his disciples plucked the ears of corn, and did eat, rubbing them in their hands. And certain of the Pharisees said unto them, Why do ye that which is not lawful to do on the sabbath days?And Jesus answering them said, Have ye not read so much as this, what David did, when himself was an hungred, and they which were with him; How he went into the house of God, and did take and eat the shewbread, and gave also to them that were with him; which it is not lawful to eat but for the priests alone?

—Luke 6: 1-4, KJB


“And they watched him, whether he would heal him on the sabbath day; that they might accuse him.

–Mark 3:2, KJB


“Then said Jesus unto them, I will ask you one thing; Is it lawful on the sabbath days to do good, or to do evil? to save life, or to destroy it?

—Luke 6:9, KJB


Or have ye not read in the law, how that on the sabbath days the priests in the temple profane the sabbath, and are blameless?

–Matthew 12:5, KJB


“And he said unto them, What man shall there be among you, that shall have one sheep, and if it fall into a pit on the sabbath day, will he not lay hold on it, and lift it outHow much then is a man better than a sheep? Wherefore it is lawful to do well on the sabbath days.

–Matthew 12:11-12, KJB


 “And he was teaching in one of the synagogues on the sabbath.

–Luke 13:10, KJB


To be clear, in each of the above verses this purposefully mis-transcribed word sabbath is actually, originally written as sabbaton, based on the Jewish calendric legal system. What else would one expect from the vicarious, antichrist gods of the temporal church and state? For the kingdoms of men would crumble without the Word of God (Logos) being twisted by logicians into the legal word (false logos) for the masses to follow.

It is, in fact, without any logic or reason and certainly without spiritual consideration that we worship Sundays and holidays, which are inventions of men, and call these legal, corporate “days” as sabbath. For on what day, what week, what month, what year, what age would Jehovah declare to men that they should not follow the Law of Nature (Logos)? It makes no sense, not that religion has to make sense, unless you are a dictator (false god/magistrate) and therefore require that the Law of God should not govern us at every moment and in every endeavor we partake in, but that instead we should follow false, legally appointed replacement (vicarious) gods. What fool can possibly believe that Nature would be ok with us polluting and destroying It 6 out of 7 days of the week? That God would be ok with us acting secularly 85% of our lives, as long as we abstain from work and commerce on Sundays? Or that the Jewish and Roman calendar is a work of God? Do you really think the Universe (God) rested on the 7th day of… what? Did the planets stop revolving? Did life cease to exist on that day? Is the power and spiritual benefit of the metaphor so lost on modern folks that we cannot grasp the reason behind it? Or is it that we have been tricked into separating the notion of God from that which it is defined as, as the Universe Itself? How can the Universe, all of self-Existence, suddenly come to a rest, like a record or movie slowing to a pause for a day and then suddenly restarting Itself. Does the entirety of Existence, the Universe, the Highest substance that Is God need rest? LOL! For those willing to take the plunge, you will discover that the Genesis (Book of Moses) account of so-called Creation story is actually the Babylonian Creation mythology (Hebrew: Enuma elish), and that it was the plural gods (elohym) of the world of men (nation-builders/legalists/logicians) that needed rest, not Jehovah. “Jehovah” does not appear in genesis until Chapter Two of that book. See my 1st book (page 370) for more on this, and how most Biblical scholars agree that there are two separate creation stories therein. We’ll cover what is the meaning of the word Creation shortly…

Perhaps logic (liberal art), science (Natural art), and technology (technical art) has so entangled the minds of men that our ability to spiritually reason and see or sense Truth (Reality/Source) is long dead, which means that a poem or story can only be judged thereby according to its logical evaluation in cultural society, by the extremely limited perceptions of the secular human mind? Humanism… Godlessness. Detachment from Source.

Let us contemplate this for a moment, for this artful, humanist, pagan mindset may certainly sit at the very root of the problem… Could it be that most corporate Christians are more familiar (indoctrinated) with Platonic and other Greek and Hellenic philosophy-based rhetoric and limited logical conclusion regarding the Nature of Logos in these modern, false religions than the Bible itself? I’ve certainly heard “professors” of the liberal arts claim that their circular mathematical equations and solutions are equal to what God is or is not, as if God is a math problem provided for us to figure out. Are we, in other words, being conditioned and taught the philosophy of the elitist, polytheistic (pagan) men and their ancient bloodlines regarding Logos, or are we being immersed in what the Word (Law/Son) of God actually is from the Bible? (Hint: the Bible is banned from most public schools).

PLATONISMnounThe philosophy of Plato, consisting of three branches, theology, physics and mathematics. Under theology is included moral philosophy. The foundation of Plato’s theology is the opinion that there are two eternal, primary, independent and incorruptible principles or causes of all things, and matter, from which all things are made. It was a fundamental maxim with him that from nothing, nothing can proceed. While therefore he held God to be the maker of the universe, he held matter, the substance of which the universe was made, to be eternal. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

PLATONICadjectivePertaining to Plato the philosopher, or to his philosophy, his school or his opinions. Platonic love, is a pure spiritual affection subsisting between the sexes, unmixed with carnal desires, and regarding the mind only and its excellencies; a species of love for which Plato was a warm advocate. Platonic year, the great year, or a period of time determines by the revolution of the equinoxes, or the space of time in which the stars and constellations return to their former places in respect to the equinoxes. This revolution, which is calculated by the precession of the equinoxes, is accomplished in about 25, 000 years. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

PLATONICALLYadverbAfter the manner of Plato. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

PLATONISM, PLATINIZEverb intransitiveTo adopt the opinions or philosophy of Platoverb transitive – To explain on the principles of the Platonic school,or to accommodate to those principles. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


How many people say their relationship is Platonic without having a clue as to that word’s origin? Love but no sex, no actual carnal knowledge, distant contemplation without experience, as the false Masonic “brotherhoods” of secret societies and other elitist organizations.

So it was a theory, or rather, a philosophical opinion of Plato that there are two gods, as two eternal, primary, independent and incorruptible principles or causes of all things and matter? Is this ancient guru where the false doctrine of “Christ as God” stems from? Is this what Christians inadvertently worship: Plato’s logic as logos? It certainly is not in the Bible. Can these two patterns of thought be mixed and confused and still retain their individual uniqueness, or can Christianity be at peace with both? Or are unwitting, self-proclaimed “Christians” merely practicing the ancient philosophies and mystery religions of old, of that which the New Testament strives to repair?

Indeed, we find the answer by looking closely at Freemasonry:

Plato observed that the study of the universe involved the analysis of different volumesas all that is in this worldfrom the smallest atoms to the largest items, consist of volume. When he studied each shape (triangle, square etc) he concluded that only 5 shapes remain completely equal regardless of the angle they are viewed from. These shapes we know asThe Five Platonic Solids and are described in detail in hisTimaeus.’ The five solids represented the four base elements of this world (fire, air, water, earth) plus the fifth, being heaven, served to represent the universe as a whole.

Mathematicians have long understood that these five polyhedra are the only geometric constructs that are able to equally divide three-dimensional space, and this understanding represented the essence of ancient geometric and esoteric knowledge (a sphere also may equally divide space, but as it has no faces, edges, corners or degrees, it was not considered to be a solid).

The Seal of Solomon and the five elements:

On a cursory examination, we would not notice the five Platonic shapes present within the Seal of Solomonbut when we count the number of right-angles, their presence becomes apparent. We note that the number of right-angles in the Triple Tau (The key), and a multiple of it, are equal to combinations of the triangles in the Seal of Solomon. Hence the Triple Tau, or key, unlocksthe Seal of Solomon to reveal the five Platonic shapes, just as our 24 reduced Fibonacci numbers placed in a circle also generate the five solids by way of their interaction.

Clearly this Masonic Royal Arch key serves to unlock exactly the same secret we have discovered within the 24 reduced Fibonacci numbers.

The Triple Tau and the 90 degree Right-Angles.

Examining the form of the triple Tau, we can note that it is comprised of 8 x 90 degree angles, which is in turn equal to a value of 720 degrees. Therefore, the number of degrees in a Triple Tau is equivalent to 8 x 90 degrees = 720 degrees.

”It contains eight right angles, and is used as a measure or mnemonic whereby the Platonic Solids can be calculated.

Taken alone, it is com­mensurate with the Tetrahedron, the sides of which, being four equilateral triangles, are together equal to eight right angles, because the interior angles of any triangle are together equal to two right angles. It is said that this solid was used by the Platonists as a symbol of the element Fire.

Two of these Keys are equivalent to the Octahed­ron, which contains sixteen right angles, and was con­sidered to represent Air. Three Keys are commensu­rate with the Cube, the sides of which contain twenty-four right angles; this figure was supposed to typify Earth, because it is of all these figures the firmest and most immovable upon its basis.

Five of these Keys give us forty right angles, which are equal in amount to those contained in the twenty equilateral sides of the Icosahedron. This solid was taken to express the element Water.

The remaining Platonic Solid, called the Dode­cahedron, has for its sides twelve regular pentagons.

It is a rule in geometry that the interior angles of any rectilinear figure are equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides less 4 right angles; thus the interior angles of a pentagon are 10 – 4 = 6 right angles; therefore the dodecahedron is contained by  seventy-two right angles, and consequently is represent­ed by nine Keys. So it will be seen that this Key is the greatest common measure of all these Platonic Solids, and that is why on the scroll round it in the Jewel of  the Holy Royal Arch Degree we find the Latin phrase: Nil nisi clavis deest, “Nothing is wanting but the key”, teaching us on the one hand that without the inner knowledge all these symbols are but lifeless, and on the other that, great as is the teaching given, there is yet more to be found as we move along on the path of Masonic progress.

There is a method by which, by sub-dividing the triangles and the Seal of Solomon into smaller triangles and adding up the total number of degrees formed by all their angles, we can yet again work out the number of right angles equivalent to those of the Platonic solids.

This process is complicated, and is of little practical value, so I do not give it here; although it is true that the Platonic Solids have a profound meaning in connection with that process of Divine Creation, upon which the Degree of the Holy Royal Arch contains such priceless teaching.”

–Quote by C.W. Leadbeater.


Are shapes (geometry) in or worshiped in the Bible? NO.

Is the measure of the Universe (Jehovah) by volume instructed in the spiritual Law of Nature through Christ? NO.

Are mathematics present in Nature? NO.

Math is a language which describes emptiness. It is form without substance. It is manmade. Terms like “sacred geometry” have fascinated men for centuries. So too might a 1,000 piece puzzle fascinate a nursing home patient. The difference? Intent. One does not generally worship a puzzle nor call it sacred, for puzzles are invention of men. And even the dementia patient doesn’t believe the puzzle (representation) to be the Real thing (Truth) pictured therein. To believe the Universe is mathematical is to believe that a math equation solved by man is God. To put it another way, one does not worship the puzzle, which is a mere picture (form without substance) of Nature (Reality), as if it were actually the Real thing. This worship of numbers as the formal structure of the Universe (God) is no different than any other idol worship. And yet this making sacred of numerology is part and parcel of these societies of their own secrets. The Bible does not implore men to keep knowledge secreted from others. In fact, it recognizes that only those wishing to control others would keep secrets. It is not that they know anything about God (Nature), only that they pretend their knowledge is of God (Nature). The devil(s) controls through deceit. To be clear, none of the above Platonic references are self-evident Truths. They are not part of Nature, and the atrociously built cities of men are certainly proof of man’s worship of mathematical precision, grotesque skyscrapers and candy-cutter housing developments that could not be constructed without the geometric proportions of man’s design. One cannot point to anything in Nature and say look, there is a square, there is a triangle. These concepts are made of words, not substance. Because a pile of dirt is formed in a square fashion does not make it a square or a cube, but just a pile of dirt. The form does not alter the substance. Platonism, as most “sacred” inventions of men, and including this modern confusion called corporate “Christianity,” is based upon idolatry, the worship and holding sacred of symbols and organized words. This modern “Christianity” as with all organized religion is but a simulacrum of itself, a copy that has little or nothing to do with its original Source. When the symbol becomes custom, when it is seen in form but without any substance behind it anymore, then the symbol becomes an idol. Likewise, when geometry is considered as sacred over that which it represents symbolically, then, like religion, the emptiness of the symbol becomes the banner of war, the justification to break all of the Laws of Nature, to satisfy the fallacious appeal and false history of the idol. The idol is thus turned against its progenitor, as the cross has beed turned against the meaning and intent of Jesus Christ. The church has been turned against God, for the modern church is only that which is built by hands (by men), whereas the True church of Christ exists only as the name of a People that follow the Law of God (Logos). A church is not a corporation. A church is not a building or temple. A church consists only of the blood and faith of men. And this church and this church alone is where Logos is realized, self-actualized, and is the Highest Law.

So where is this Church?

We are lost, scattered, and clamoring to find each other against all odds. We are obstructed by the system of mammon, lost in the sciences and other liberal arts of men, believing that our salvation lies within those hypoxic institutions. This academic, syndicalist organization of the sciences is no different than the universal organization of corporate, institutionalized Christianity. For even the term science is become as an idol, a simulacra of its own identity, an excuse to break the Laws of Nature only to attempt to exploit and improve on the perfection of Nature’s Design. Just as the flatteringly titled “scientist” identifies and justifies his actions against God by that empty word, in the name of science, so too does the “Christiain” justify his daily, hourly sin, the breaking of God’s Law through that empty name (form without substance). Let’s face it, the title of Christ is used today as nothing more than a mark of being (acting) antichrist, a license to sin, to commit crimes against Nature, and to pretend oneself to be sacred. We are empty, walking symbols of Christ, pretending to be copies thereof while leaving the Logos (Law) completely unfulfilled.

But how can we know that we’re acting with or adversarial (satanic) to God if we all have given ourselves carte blanch to define God in our image, by our own imagination, and by our own set of justifications? How can there be harmony with God if It remains a mystery? How can we be a church (like-minded, lawful people) if we all believe differently in the form of God without ever comprehending the substance?

First we must define the Highest usage of the translated word “God” in the Bible, as that which is supposed to be held Highest above all else, and thus above all other gods. We must know exactly where it is that Logos (Christ) emanates from, lest we treat Christ as a second god. The use of the term Jehovah (YHVH, Jah, Yah, Yĕhovah, Yahweh, Etc.) is the only time that this word is used as a verb representing the Supremacy of all Being (self-Existence) rather than a mere flattering, empty title (noun/name) bestowed upon mortal men (kings, magistrates, archons, elohym, etc.). In fact, Jehovah and Jesus Christ are specifically not the same terms nor character nor species nor do they in any way carry the same meanings, though the word “Jesus” is relatively, purposefully translated in Strong’s Concordance (#G2424 – Iēsous) to the termJehovah is Salvation.” The word Christ, or Strong’s Concordance (#G5547 – Christos), has the meaning of “anointed,” as one being spiritually anointed by the “Gladness of God” (translation: Jehovah). To be clear, Christ is not a surname. Christ is not Jesus’s last or family name, for the Son of God knows and participates in no such vulgar, legal customs of man. The synonym of anointed is to be blessed, while its antonym is to be cursed. Christ is, of course, therefore blessed by God. But let us be clear here that the Christ (Anointed Son) never blesses God. In other words, the Law (Son) never pretends to be higher than its Creator (Father). The Law is not nor can it be the Creator of Jehovah (the Universe, all in self-Existence). This is not a plexor or a chicken-or-the-egg type of riddle. Without the Universe (God) there in fact could be no Law of the Universe (God). The Law of Nature emulates from God (the Universe), not God from the Law. The Law (Son/Word) is not God, It is of (belonging to) God. Logos is not God.


“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly 
places in Christ…”

–Ephesians 1:3, KJB


Jesus Christ never blesses, for Christ never pretends to be God as priests and popes do. Christ is Blessed (Anointed) by his God and Father (Jehovah) and acts as God’s vessel, as should we all according to Christ’s example. Christ is not therefore to be worshiped as Jehovah, or for that matter as any form of secondary or replacement God. Christ does not equal Jehovah. Christ is a gift given by Jehovah (God); a blessing to all men if they may choose to follow His allegorical story, therefore choosing to remain (be meek) under God’s Law of Nature and no other. Christ is OF God, not God Itself. The word OF means belonging to, and it is written that Jehovah, not Jesus Christ, gives all blessings. What Christ projects in his words and character is not the law of Jesus Christ, not the law of man, but is the Law of God (his Father), as Christ distinctly repeats throughout the Bible. We are not to pray to Christ for blessings of for that matter for anything at all, for Christ is already a blessing to us from Jehovah, and this would be (is) idol worship and is absolutely opposed to the Bible. We are not to pray to Christ, for we are to pray to God and God alone, taking no other gods before Jehovah, as we are commanded. This seems self-evident, yet the corruption of the church abounds, and false, idolatrous Christ-worship is now completely out of hand. In other words, we have already turned our false perception of Logos into a secondary God. We worship a false idol and pretend it to be the intention of the allegorical story of Jesus Christ, while at the same time completely ignoring the Word of God, which Jesus Christ is the personification of. To be the Law of God personified and thus exemplified for men to follow is the entire reason and purpose of the Biblical story of Jesus Christ. This is the True Logos. We are Biblically instructed to exemplify the one and only Christ (Law/Logos) of the Bible to attain the Grace of God by example (by following the personified Law of God), but nowhere does the Bible tell us to falsely worship Christ as an external, personal or impersonal idol (false, secondary god). To follow the Word of God (Logos) that is personified in the story of Christ is opposite of the empty worship of Christ’s name and title in this modern, artful form in idolatry that has infected most so-called “Christian” religions. The Bible is clear… to worship (believe in) Christ in mere symbolic idolatry is to act in an antichrist behavior.


For by grace are ye saved through faithand that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

–Ephesians 2:8, KJB


Unfortunately, this verse is commonly used in the logical fallacy of “faith without works.” That is to say that the unregenerate, unread corporate “Christian” is taught that somehow one can follow Jesus Christ (Law) without actually doing anything but professing a vulgar belief in the story of Christ as a literal history. Imagine that, a Law that need not be followed for one to be Lawful, a savior that needs not be followed to be saved by It. This is ridiculous. What this is trying to teach is that through Christ we cannot help but do good works, for that is the state of grace that automatically befalls a son of God, a follower of the Law, WHICH REQUIRES GOOD WORKS. And yes, it is certainly true that any man may pretend good works, for even the devil (darkness) will pretend to be the Light. It is very easy, in other words, for bad men to call themselves as “Christians” and falsely prove (pretend) their faith by doing otherwise spiritual good works with no empathy or good intent at all, as the politician simply wishing to be seen in church to qualify his public persona, or the banker masquerading as a “Christian” on Sundays while dealing in money (the root of all evil) the rest of his Roman-calendric business days. We are Gods workmen. We are the delivery system of Love, Charity, Forgiveness, and Good Will. These cannot be known unless manifested by men through our Good Works.

This verse only makes sense when we do our due diligence and see that the word-term Christ Jesus holds the meaning that “Jehovah is salvation,” which is why we find Christ constantly demurring to his “Father” as the One and only Source of his words, his wisdom, and his purpose of intent. When we walk with Christ, we necessarily walk in the example of what is Good Works, yet have no need to speak of them in vanity, no need to prop ourselves up, only others. Thou shalt worship and serve no other God. (Exodus 34:14). Cant get much clearer than that!

When we scour the Bible for proofs of this, we certainly find it, and without exception. For these are the words of Jesus Christ:


Then saith Jesus unto him,
Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written,
Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God,
and HIM ONLY shalt thou serve.

–Matthew 4:10, KJB


“And Jesus answered and said unto him,
Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written,
Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God,
and HIM ONLY shalt thou serve.

–Luke 4:8, KJB


Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh,
when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalemworship the Father.

–John 4:21, KJB


“For we are the circumcision, which WORSHIP GOD in the spirit,
and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN THE FLESH.

–Philippians 3:3, KJB


Please note here this incredible last statement, as it destroys the notion that one should worship Christ as God in the flesh. We are told in the Bible that Jesus is to be considered in the flesh. And yet here we find the Highest Law that we are to have no confidence in the flesh. Is this paradoxical? Is it a contradiction of some sort? No. Of course not. There are no contradictions but by the false interpretations and in the desired false doctrines of men. It’s just that most people do not put these pieces together in proper metaphor, allowing a false, corporate religion to spell it out falsely for them. And so what does it mean then to the story of Jesus Christ if we are not to have confidence in the flesh that we are to consider him in?

Here again, we must define terms and consider this subject both spiritually (poetically) and literally. Firstly, let us state clearly that the expression of confidence is always a personal, individual emotion or state of being. The con man, or confidence man, for instance, must first gain your trust before he can use your false confidence in himself to rob you blind. The magician’s illusions are only as good as his audiences confidence that magic exists and that the magician is practicing it. And even the historian that lived not one day in the history he so confidently reports must fill his storied past with his own deluded descriptions of what his perception of living in that historic time was like. And when that always false history is turned into a film, the film is judged and given awards not by its accuracy of historical sequence, for that is impossible even for the historian to judge, but is instead given “Accadamy Awards” for best (imaginary) costume, best cinematography, best music, and best ACTING (best professional liar). This makes about as much sense as the fact that sports are the most important and financially lucrative aspect of universities, lower colleges, and high schools. Likewise, the wealthy “Christian” evangelist on television and even your local priest is very much a confidence man, not an illusionist but a dillusionist, very much unlike Christ Jesus was in his allegoric, moral, truth-telling character. Therefore the “for-profit” evangelist must first achieve a sense of false confidence (trust) in his or her listeners, as parishioners, before he can convince them that God’s kingdom needs money (mammon) to continue in the flesh, that the “father” of that secular church needs a new, private jet. This is the type of confidence (idol worship) that the followers of Christ are not supposed to succumb to if they only follow God’s Law of Nature personified in Christ, which inversely is exactly what most corporate religions require, that of idol worship and open satanism (adversarial-ness) towards the Law written in the Bible.

Nothing harms my own spirituality and psyche more than having to ask openly for donations so that I can barely eat healthy and survive in this legal system while I try and do this work and give it freely so that we may all find the exit, but I am in no possible position to “practice what I preach” and also continue on this path of discovery. My visits to the thrift stores for clothing, books, and shoes keep me grounded that I am only one step away from the homelessness I witness there, a fact that can only be remedied by returning to the debt-slavery of human capital management in mammon. I pretend no excuse for my disposition, being as content as possible, keeping the faith and confidence in Jehovah, trying to live through the Christos (Logos) as much as possible in this legal hell, and can only hope my works prove not only my intent but perhaps some day justify my lifestyle and the judgement and ridicule I bare because of my choices, my sacrifices. I choose the life of a martyr, if you will, living in this strange, false existence a spiritually dead legal person caught up in my own corruption, so that I may help others (and hopefully myself) to find the path and become the remnant, the meek, the sons of God. I’ve little support nowadays, for as the Bible warns, you too will be persecuted for telling the unwanted, unrequited Truth of Gods Word (Logos), that is, True Christianity without religious nonsense. Yet I ask for no confidence by you, or anyone, only that you judge my words as True or false by verifying them both literally and spiritually, letting them turn over in your mind without prejudice and with eyes to see. And as the world (flesh) becomes more covered with technology and institutionalized, satanic “sciences” and syndicalist, educative lies, I would wish my life, my burden and its disposition upon no man, for it often feels like being voluntarily, spiritually entrapped in some extremely twisted version of purgatory. But I digress…


I and my Father are one…”

If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not.

—John 10: 30 and 37, KJB


Membership (including citizenship) to anything, especially toward religions and bodies politic (municipal corporations) is in essence a publicized certification of devotion and confidence. To have confidence in any one or any thing is to put faith and trust into that collective (fictional) thing itself. This is an external worship of empty form alone, a trust that the substance beneath that form is one in the same. Most of us have either been convinced to put confidence in Christ (i.e. the “second coming”) against the Bible or have instead turned away from religion and therefore the Bible for this reason, the outright evangelically-based lie as a completely non-Biblical (literal) notion that Jesus Christ will return to Earth (in the flesh?) to save us all that believe (have confidence) in Him. Not only is this patently ridiculous on so many levels both spiritually and physically, but it is obviously the main confidence game of corporate religion, of popes and of kings (magistrate gods). It is the ultimate offering of false, perpetually unfulfilled hope. All the planets (gods) and symbols of the zodiac are also considered as the “returning gods,” and as Pisces is about to exit, the age of Aquarius will surely follow. Circular, orbital logic. Another Babylonian copy. To materially worship something is not at all the same as spiritually or religiously (in action) worshiping something. Jesus Christ must be actualized in every man. Manifested. To spiritually Worship God, as Jehovah, we were given the “how to” example to follow in Christ. In other words, to worship God, we must act at all times Christ-like, which means to follow the Law of Nature (God). We are not to worship Existence (Nature) without Being part of it, the Creation, and it is ridiculous to worship anything without following its Law. Nowhere does the Bible tell us to put confidence or worship into the Existence of Law as an idol, but to follow it wholeheartedly and with all your body, mind, and soul without exception or lame excuse. For what use, what purpose, what GOOD is a Law that is not followed? Again, to have confidence in Jesus Christ is to treat the Law of Nature as one might treat a street thug carrying a gun — with false, useless respect except to save yourself. To follow religiously in our daily actions according to Christ as the example of God’s Law is the meaning of “believing” in and respecting the Reality of the Nature of Jehovah, not the tales of an empty, historical figure (form without substance) known as Jesus Christ.


If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I.

—John 14: 28, KJB


“Jesus answered, If I honour myself, my honour is nothing: it is my Father that honoureth me; of whom ye say, that he is your God

—John 8:54, KJB


“…at that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you. He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him. Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world? Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him. He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: AND THE WORD WHiCH YE HEAR IS NOT MINE, BUT THE FATHER’S WHICH SENT ME

—John 14: 20-24, KJB


Over and over we find Jesus Christ demurring to his Father, to Jehovah, that no man should put confidence in Christ lest his words are self-evidently of his Father, and specifically to make clear that Jesus Christ is not Jehovah, only the vessel and instrument used by Jehovah to teach the Law. It doesn’t get much clearer than this. What Jesus speaks as the Word of God (Law/Logos) is not coming from Jesus Christ, but from God through Jesus Christ. Metaphorically, Christ is like a telephone call. You either receive its words or you don’t. The choice is and always will be yours to make.

Inversely, one would need to be a fool to not have confidence in (not to believe in) Jehovah (Existence). For the Fear of God is the respect of Gods Law. To respect God is to treat all of Creation, all of Nature, as one Living Being in Supremacy, and specifically therefore to follow and respect at all times Its Law. The fear of God is only a fear in what happens when the Law of Nature (Logos/Jesus Christ) is not followed. This is not just pagan nature worship without consciousness, this is the worship of the very Source (Nature) of Life and all True (self) Existence. To Love and protect Nature is the action of worshiping God. To follow the Law of God as that which guides our actions in Love and protection of Nature is the True Life of a Christian, Living and acting at all times in Truth. Therefore the persecution of Christians is actually the persecution of Truth and Truth-tellers. But Truth-tellers actually following Christ (Law) should never be confused with the spiritually empty vessels calling themselves even as the corrupted Romans did, as modern, corporate “Christians” that live and breathe only by the man-made legal system and in respect only of its false gods (magistrates of nations/states, etc.) and in mammon. The difference is one of exactness. “Christianity” has been turned into its opposite, into open satanism, (adversarial-ness to the Law and Nature of God) while paying imaginary homage and respect to the legal law of the land and its lawmakers and false judges (gods). And as agenticly acting artificial persons (corporations) created by the legal system of the nation, religions are by their nature (legal source) absolutely in opposition with the Word of God (Logos). For nothing artificial is a Creation of Jehovah. God’s kingdom is not made with or by the hands of men. God requires full knowledge and Faith through Jesus Christ (the Law of God personified as Logos), while religions require only the ignorant confidence of men in their false doctrines and fictional “fathers.” But most importantly, the word Jehovah as God is known to us, defined, self-evident all around us, and not the mystery that religions promote. This is not my opinion, for the Bible says it is so:


“God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; Neither is worshipped with men’s handsas though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all thingsAnd hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us

–Acts 17:24-27, KJB


Again I must stress here that this is not the description of some old man in the clouds or a burning bush, these being allegorical anthropomorphisms used to tell the Bible story, just as the Law of God is anthropomorphized (personified) into Jesus Christ to tell our story and direct our path. This is telling you that God is known to you, undeniably, not some religious creation but the obvious and self-Existent Being that is all things in Oneness and harmony. There is nothing to believe or not believe in, there is only the love or non-love of what already Exists, or more accurately, what is all of self-Existence, that which is not man-made (of this world). The reader of the Bible is never given a choice, because the definition of God is that which is self-evident, or more vulgarly, a description of everything that science (the study of Nature) can ever possibly discover. To not believe in Jehovah is nihilism. And such non-belief actually requires a secondary god, an alternative belief in something that is not self-evident, that has no available or visible proofs, and is not at all what Jehovah is defined as, strangely enough. In other words, it takes more effort to create a story and image in ones head so as to not believe in the false God one has self-created than to simply understand and accept what is by default all of Existence as One Being. To not believe in what already Exists is way more bonkers than anything religions can come up with!

And so we have two notions of confidence, one in Truth (what is of Jehovah) and one in Truth’s adversary (what is man-made):

CONFIDENCE – noun – [Latin  See Confide.] 1. A trusting, or reliance; an assurance of mind or firm belief in the integrity, stability or veracity of another, or in the truth and reality of a factIt is better to trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in manPsalms 118:8I rejoice that I have confidence in you in all things. 2 Corinthians 7:16Mutual confidence is the basis of social happiness. I place confidence in a statement, or in an official report. 2. Trust; reliance; applied to one’s own abilities, or fortune; belief in one’s own competencyHis times being rather prosperous than calm, had raised his confidenceby success. 3. That in which trust is placed; ground of trust; he or that which supportsIsrael was ashamed of Beth-el their confidence. Jeremiah 48:13Jehovah shall be thy confidenceProverbs 3:264. Safety, or assurance of safety; securityThey shall build houses and plant vineyards; yea, they shall dwell with confidence. Ezekiel 28:265. Boldness; couragePreaching the kingdom of God with all confidence. Acts 28:316. Excessive boldness; assurance, proceeding from vanity or a false opinion of one’s own abilities, or excellenciesTheir confidence ariseth from too much credit given to their own wits. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


Jehovah shall be thy confidence. Trust Jehovah, not men. Trust not in the flesh.

Hmm. So where does that leave Jesus Christ — the supposed man come in the flesh?

Houston, we have a problem here…

It’s simple. I have confidence that Jehovah provides all that I need to Live. If I pollute the clean water that Jehovah provides through Natural biological cycles then I am obviously in contempt of that which assures my own Life cycle. Thus my confidence in what Jehovah will provide for me on this Earth is not enough, for in over-confidence like today’s society I begin to abuse these systems as if they will last forever. Jehovah must be protected by us, from us. Thus the Son of Jehovah, that is, the Law of Nature was (ALLEGORICALLY) given to us by the Living God so that the testament of the Living God could be expressed to us through the death of a testator. The Living God cannot die to pass on its will, lest we all die with It. Thus the Son was sent (as a parable) to die for us, or in other words to deliver the Law and show us how to follow It so that all of Jehovah, including man, may Live in harmony with all the rest of Gods Creation. To take this as a literal story destroys the purpose of telling it. To understand this as a parable designed to teach a moral story and Law is the Divine purpose of telling it. Again, I will elaborate on this in my next post, providing Bible sources in evidence. For now we only need have empathy for God’s disposition, in that Jehovah created man into the eternal Universe and in order to deliver the Law of Nature in terms man could comprehend. God sent his Son to show us the way, not to die but to be reborn, and thus to leave a will and testament, so that Nature Itself does not die from man’s lawlessness. I happen to think this is a beautiful allegory that only a fool would dismiss because it isn’t True according to his own measures of perception and logic. Most stories told to teach a moral lesson or Law are not of Real people, nor are religions set up to worship those fabled characters as if they were Real and historical characters and events. Because this has happened with the story of Jesus Christ does not take away from the story itself, it only proves the story by showing how foolish men are and how easily they can be tricked by confidence men in fancy robes and royal headgear. In other words, the story of Christ is ironically designed to keep people out of religion and in to worshiping and protecting all of Nature as God. The story proves itself and the power of its Law in today’s world simply because men are completely ignorant of the intent and meaning of the story and thus the Law. But I believe that some day men will stop putting confidence in Jesus Christ and start acting the part themselves, following the Law of God, and thus rejoining our place in Its Nature. I have to believe this because the only alternative is our own utter destruction of ourselves and our ability to Live in Nature. And that’s what keeps me doing what I’m doing against all these daily poverties, criticisms, and persecutions by fools.

To put this another way, considering that in England and in the early colonies (States) it was unlawful to speak poorly or in criticism of the Bible story, Christ, and Jehovah, we must realize that it was this way in most other cultures as well, and in some modern countries it still is. One did not blaspheme Isis, Baal, Marduk, or the fabled gods of Greece and Rome because they were the backbone of the story of the Law, storied moral (and immoral) anthropomorphisms of very Real human conditions. The Bible story is no different in this regard. In fact, I’d say this current cellphone “selfie” society could use an injection of the moral story of Narcissus, wouldn’t you agree? It was not so much that people believed in the gods as much as they respected the fact that the story of the gods was the authority behind the unwritten law. Today, most people believe in the presidents and kings of nations, but have forgotten the god or gods that were used to justify the creation of those kingdoms and false flattering titles in the first place. For every king and every country is created in the name of “God,” whatever that “God” be in reference to. Without God, without the Bible story of Christ, the United States cannot continue to pretend it has the justification of God to exist not Gods authority and protection behind it, as all the so-called founding fathers and other architects of the States united and their masonic constitutions conceded in their personal and literary writings (papers), their lame excuses to become slave-holding tyrants of their own company farm.

It certainly can be said that in order to trick men into giving their confidence unto the false safety and security of (legally created) nations, the founders of those nations must convince men that each nation is somehow, impossibly, without scriptural backing, pretended to be ordained by “God,” meaning whatever God pertains to that private people. Yet every nation at some point wars with the other somehow “in the name of God,” never acting in the Peace and Law of God. This is again non-Biblical false doctrine, that is, it is paradoxically opposed to the New Testament of God’s Law. Nations, and all other corporations legal or ecclesiastical, are of the realm of man’s fiction, which is never that of God’s Kingdom or Realm and Source of Nature. Nations are the literal creator of the entire system and currency and credit/debt instruments of money (mammon). Any confidence put in any nation is always according to its currency and place in commerce (mammon). Nations and religions are the epitome of the worldly manifestation of the confidence game.

The entire backbone and foundation of this legal system of nations is in fact to get us all to publicly declare and confirm our incompetency. No competent man needs an attorney, and to hire an attorney causes one to become a ward of the court — an imbecile, legally speaking. He who cannot govern his own mind under the Law of God through the example of Christ is a man of no confidence to the State and its false gods (judges). In other words, Nations thrive only when their common masses of populations are ignorant of the Bible, meaning that they are ignorant of how to self-govern their own minds, bodies, and souls. Only goyim are citizens of nations (fictions).


“…For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justifiedFor when the Gentiles, which have not the lawdo by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves: Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another

–Romans 2:13-15, KJB


Indeed, we find the root of the word Gentile to be from the word nation, for only he that does not follow Christ can be caught up in any legal system of law.

GENTILE – noun – [Latin gentilis; from Latin gens, nation, race; applied to pagans.] In the scriptures, a pagan; a worshipper of false gods; any person not a Jew or a christian; a heathen. The Hebrews included in the term goim ornations, all the tribes of men who had not received the true faith, and were not circumcised. The christians translated goim by the Latin gentes, and imitated the Jews in giving the name gentiles to all nations who were not Jews nor christians. In civil affairs, the denomination was given to all nations who were not Romans. – adjective – Pertaining to pagans or heathens. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


Many or most of us, acting as the common plebes of the nations, believe we are acting Christ-like despite the fact that hardly any of us follow the Law of God that Christ exemplifies for us to follow. We have no idea how we have been tricked into being Gentiles, Goyim, as slaves to a legal system of law that is diametrically opposed to and antichrist to God’s Word (Logos). We are literally born (birthed) into it. Our god is mammon. We worship money as if it is more Real than Reality. We have re-valued every part of God’s Creation, every individual thing in self-Existence in Nature, and put a price upon it in money, into a system of mammon, and nothing could be more blasphemous to Jehovah than rooting every thing to money, the source of all evil. What is priceless under God has been marked by a price in mammon, including ourselves and our children. We believe we are that which we are not because we have broken the Law of God and allowed the false, flattering title of “Christian” to be placed upon our lifestyle of utter disrespect of God’s Law of Nature, which requires us to respect no persons, including of men and of corporations (artificial persons), including cities, counties, states, and nations. All persons are fiction, and all fiction is opposed to Nature. No Law of God will ever support any law of man, nor will any Law of God support a fictional creation of man, especially one that is a legal state or state-sanctioned religion. Nothing legal is of God, only man. Legal law is the confidence game made strict and permanent, so that it seems so Real in its enforcement that, like watching television 24 hours a day, man forgets his blessed connection with his Source, thus forgetting he has a choice to instead follow the Highest Law of God over any of man’s false recreations.


Assemble yourselves and come; draw near together,

they have no knowledge that set up the wood of their graven image,
and pray unto a god that cannot save.

—Isaiah 45:20, KJB


The modern “Christian” has no knowledge of who or what built the cross and alter they worship to (probably a Chinese company in a country that outlaws the Bible and Christianity as a threat to Communism, or even more ironic, a Jewish owned business. LOL!) For he that expresses his faith to an empty symbol or trinket necessarily does so to a god that is a creation of man, not God. One cannot attain the awesomeness and slender and Grace of Nature (Jehovah) while disillusioned by a talisman of no connection thereof, and one certainly cannot commune with God (Jehovah) while in a false church (artificial temple) made by the hands of master masons (men). On that note, remember from my first book that the word “sacred” has a duel meaning, for what is sacred to evil men, to that evil genius of men that worship greed in mammon is that which is accursed to and by Jehovah. Sacred means cursed when that which is being held as sacred is not of God (Nature), when it is a false idol of what is Real, a symbol without True Source. For God is Truth, and so only what is of Truth should be held as sacred. This is yet another foundational self-evident Truth, being therefore part of the Law of God not because I say it is so, but because what is self-evident cannot be defeated by the contrarian, conflicting, empty words and devices of men. For words are also but symbols of what is Reality, and so like all symbols, they are easily constructed into lies, into copies without an origin or Source (simulacrum). And what is the great simulacrum of the Babylonian Creation myth (Genesis)? That man was created in the image of Jehovah. This mis-transliteration serves to cause men to believe and propagate that same myth of the Hamarabian Code, that God is as a man, and that man can rule Nature (Jehovah) in the stead of Logos — that is, without and in spite of the Law of Nature. This is the underpinning foundation of presidents, kings (queens), and popes. And through their unnatural teachings, so too has the modern man become as the “many antichrists” warned about in the Bible. To deny the Law of God is to deny Jesus Christ, which by definition (not opinion) is antichrist behavior.


“Little children, it is the last time:
and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come,
even now are there many antichrists;
whereby we know that it is the last time.”

—1 John 2:18, KJB


“Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ?
He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

— 1 John 2:22, KJB


Note the words Father and Son are capitalized. Their meaning is therefore specific, yet translated by the king only with this clue of capitalization (a capitanym) as to their special meanings. For while men may become the sons of God by following the Son (Law/Word) of God, no man is THE Son. No man is the Law, but all men may fulfill the Law as the story and example of Chirst (the Son/Logos.) Even the most untrained, uneducated, or unregenerate man must be able to reasonably understand what is being said here, despite the propagandist evangelism of the church and state. This is not telling us to vulgarly believe in our minds the “history” of the Father (Jehovah) and the Son. If you are honest with yourself you will see that any perceived history of Christ is worthless. The story is told to pass on the Law, not any historical fact. It is and has been this way in every society and tribe from the dawn of man’s understandings of such things. Belief is pointless when that which is the object of belief is Truth. What place or effect can belief have upon that which is already Existent and unchanging? But here is where logic escapes us, for we are entrained to take this literally as the false image (i.e. the image of men), mistaking Jesus Christ and God Itself to be after the image of men, since man was apparently created in the image of God. Talk about a ridiculous logical fallacy!!! It is only the lack of definition of Jehovah that we cannot see the foolishness of suggesting that “the Universe,” that the Nature of Existence Itself is modeled after the image of man. In some cultures, this type of thought would land you in the loony bin, or possibly elevate you to some cult leader of dictatorial status. Yet this is how “Christians” have been conditioned to contemplate God — in the image of themselves. Thus we have the false logos that is built upon the logical conclusions and perceptions of men. Instead of the Law of God, we are entrained into the logical fallacies of insane men that we call as gods and fathers. To deny Christ is to deny the Law of God, which by necessity is a denial of God. One cannot claim to respect one’s Father while at the same time completely disobeying all of his Father’s Rules. Thus, to claim some empty belief in God (as Jehovah) while practicing nothing but the legal, anti-God (antichrist) law of men is patently ridiculous. Yet “Christianity” in its modern form is exactly that, form without substance, a God that cannot save. For if you haven’t figured it out by now, God does not save men, only following God’s Law (Jesus Christ/Logos) saves men. In other words, we may only save ourselves by acting Christ-like, by worshiping not in the false confidence of the cross but by following Jesus Christ as the personified example of the Law of Nature (God). It is our choice, the very reason behind the doctrine of Free Will. We may choose legal (artificial) hell, or we may choose the Grace of God (Truth). There are only these two Choices. Obviously, we have chosen the big legal lie. We have chosen open anarchy toward God (Truth), a socially accepted form of satanism masked by the false Christian doctrines of our greatest adversaries, of men that seek to be our anti- (replacement) gods. And so we have become the antichrists we were warned about. I believe this can change, that we can overcome mans trickery and deceits, but only if we first admit ourselves to be the problem. For we must remember that the devil can only make an offer to contract. It is us that must fulfill that contract. It is us that must sign in the name of an artificial, legal persona (mask). We lie to ourselves most of all. Our legal person is our rented, insured, personal satanic vessel, which stores and carries (bares) all blemishes, all marks, numbers, names, flattering titles, and other crimes against Nature (Truth). Our person is our registered trademark, a mark that we are beasts, traders in the legal commerce of mammon, as traitors to our Source (True Creator), the lovers instead of money and not God.

To further clarify what this word worship means and how it is used either spiritually or fallaciously in legalism (fiction) and idolatry (religion), let us define terms clearly. For this word worship has its roots in the notion of value or worth, a term of mammon, and therefore through false worship (false valuation/idolatry) it is easy to fall from Grace. In God’s Grace, everything Real is priceless. Free. Charitable. No one part of God (Nature) is to be considered as more valuable than the next. This is the only spiritual worship of God, where valuelessness is equal to Being priceless (True equality). To be priceless is, in other words, to be in the Highest state of Being, unsellable, Free and self-governing. Thus we say that God-given rights are unalienable, meaning that they cannot be sold. To be unalienable means no legal lien or contract or debt can be put upon any man. A man (son) of God is not for sale. Evil always has a price, and the devil always requires a contract. God-given “natural rights” have no value in man’s fictional world other than to utterly annihilate and defeat it in their unalienability. This is said to be the shield of God, but only when every aspect of God’s Law is followed without error. It is quite simply the difference between moral values (God) and monetary valuation (mammon). This difference in perspective represents all the problems we face, and is the foundation of slavery. Only one of these is able to be acted upon by men, while the other is salable, empty, and without True value. One is of God, one of mammon. We must choose our master with every action we take.

WORSHIP – noun – [See Worth.] 1. Excellence of character; dignity; worth; worthiness. –Elfin born of noble state, and muckle worship in his native land. In this sense, the word is nearly or quite obsolete; but hence,  2. A title of honor, used in addresses to certain magistrates and other of respectable characterMy father desires your worships company. 3. A term of ironical respect. 4. Chiefly and eminently, the act of paying divine honors to the Supreme Being; or the reverence and homage paid to him in religious exercises, consisting in adoration, confession, prayer, thanksgiving and the like. The worship of God is an eminent part of religion. Prayer is a chief part of religious worship. 5. The homage paid to idols or false gods by pagans; as the worship of Isis. 6. Honor; respect; civil deference. Then shalt thou have worship in the presence of them that sit at meat with thee. Luke 14:10. 7. Idolatry of lovers; obsequious or submissive respect

WORSHIP – verb transitive – 1. To adore; to pay divine honors to; to reverence with supreme respect and veneration. Thou shalt worship no other God. Exodus 34:142. To respect; to honor; to treat with civil reverence. Nor worshipd with a waxen epitaph3. To honor with extravagant love and extreme submission; as a lover. With bended knees I daily worship her. – verb intransitive – 1. To perform acts of adoration. 2. To perform religious serviceOur fathers worshiped in this mountain. John 4:20. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Of The English Language)


We should walk in them… We are not the workmanship (Creation) of Christ, we are the Creation of God (Jehovah). Through Christ (the personified example of the Law/Word of God) we may honor Jehovah. In other words, there should be no notion of good or bad works in our hearts and minds. We are not to make comparisons or keep tally as in fairy tales, but to continuously and effortlessly walk in Christ-like (Light) works, under the Law of God’s Nature. Our faith is only shown by our works, not our words, but shine never as a reflection of ourselves, only as a doer of the works of Christ in honor of Jehovah. This is a lifestyle without end or holiday, an unbroken vow (promise) to God to be Christ-like in all our actions, all the time. Not on Sundays. Not on special days celebrated by church and state. Every day, all the time, without exception, till death due us part. At this level of following Christ, we are not making choices anymore, but have already made the choice to become the sons of God. Christ is the True representation and comprehension of what Logos is — the personified Word/Law/Son (Reason) of God.

But when men worship Reason alone, without the source of Reason, it turns into the emptiness of self-fulfilling logic and this becomes empty idolatry. To worship Jehovah (Nature) requires us to follow this Logos but not as a god, but instead as the way (Spiritual path) and the Light. Reason is not merely a vulgar term leading to logic, but a word carrying the meaning of purpose. Our purpose must be to worship God by following the example of Christ in the Bible. Logic carries only the purpose of the man bearing it and is always limited by the ignorance of that man, and should never be confused with Natural Reasoning under the Law of Nature’s God. For today’s confused corporate Christian, this logical fallacy causes Christian gobbledygook and doublespeak because almost everything we all do defies God’s Law (Word/Son), like this:


Unedited title: The Shit Christians Say:

This is worship of an “unknown God” (Acts 17). This is confident confusion.
None of this nonsensical drivel is of the Bible, and certainly isn’t Christ-like.
This represents nothing more than complete ignorance of the intent of the Bible.
Yes, this is parody, but not at all removed from the modern, empty, corporate Christianity
that turned me personally away from religion, and thus consequently from the Bible.
This is the comical yet evident result of worshiping logic and religious nonsense as logos.


Over and over characters in the Bible are blessed by God through “faith” (trust) in (following) Jesus Christ (God’s Law personified), yet they are seldom actually blessed by Christ Hisself. Ever notice this? And why is this True? Simple. The Law doesn’t bless, because everything that is already in self-Existence is already, obviously, a blessed Creation of Its Creator. Wouldn’t be here otherwise, would we? When reading the Bible, we are specifically instructed to consider the character of Jesus Christ, as specifically written, as being just as susceptible to the desires of the flesh as any man, or in the flesh. Christ is representative of the imperfect man behaving as perfectly as possible under God’s Law, a story we can all follow by example even despite our own desires and temptations of the flesh. This is Logos in Its True intent within the Bible. But what religion do you know of (or preacher of them, for that matter) that actually follows the Bible as Law? LOL!

Now to be clear, there are purposeful mis-transliterations in the Kings version that must be looked upon so as not to confuse the English word “bless” with the the notion of “being blessed.”  Saying (eulogizing) “bless you” to someone after a sneeze does not carry the same weight, meaning, or intent as being “Blessed by God.” This is the inherent problem with English (dog-Latin). The word bless in the Bible is translated from several different words, and those uses depend on the character assigned to the use. For instance, when the word is capitalized, it is always referential to the word in Strong’s h1288 – בָּרַךְ barak, as in Zechariah 11:5 the term “Blessed be the LORD,” translated from Strong’s#h3068 – יְהֹוָה – Yĕhovah). But this is not the same translation in other instances, where the word bless was transliterated for another ancient word that carries a different meaning. This causes much confusion in the reader that does not intentionally look these words and their meaning and intent up, which is a long and arduous process. Yet it is a great learning experience, for you may with sometimes painful relief discover your own shortcomings and lack of understanding of the ancient languages, as well as how the King purposefully used different concepts as the same translated word. Only deep research and discovery can uncover these things, these purposeful mysteries and obfuscations, which is why we are instructed to study the Bible every day.

In fact, for this purpose, and to show that you cannot merely read through the Bible and expect to understand what each word means, here are the various words that the King transliterated into the single, generic word, bless (blessed):

H833 אָשַׁר ‘ashar blessed, lead, go, guide, happy, leaders, relieve
H835 אֶשֶׁר ‘esher blessed, happy
H1288 בָּרַךְ barak bless, salute, curse, blaspheme, blessing, praised, kneel down, congratulate, kneel, make to kneel, misc
H1289 בְּרַךְ bĕrak (Aramaic) bless, kneel
H1293 בְּרָכָה Bĕrakah blessing, blessed, present, liberal, pools
Strongs # Greek Transliterated English Equivalent
New Testament (Greek) for “bless”
G1757 ἐνευλογέω eneulogeō bless
G2127 εὐλογέω eulogeō bless, praise
G2128 εὐλογητός eulogētos blessed (said of God)
G2129 εὐλογία eulogia blessing, bounty, bountifully, fair speech
G3106 μακαρίζω makarizō call blessed, count happy
G3107 μακάριος makarios blessed, happy, happier
G3108 μακαρισμός makarismos blessedness
G6050 κατευλογέω kateulogeō bless


To be happy (‘esher) is for instance a much different meaning than being praised, saluted, or cursed (barak), yet these are all translated into the English word bless or blessed. In the old texts it would be these words used separately and thus without transliteration into false sameness, and there would be no question as to which meaning was intended, nor would we need to research and find out. Silly king, tricks aren’t just for kids after all! Believe me when I say that this is how the entire Bible is transliterated, and so one must look up just about every word, even the many words translated into the singular English term “God,” to be able to properly read the Bible. Yes, you must define the word God every time you come across it or you will not know whether it is Jehovah or a man acting as a god (king, magistrate, judge, etc.) Again, not my opinion, but obvious fact with just a cursory bit of research, and a perfect, typical example is right above in this graph. The fool will say I don’t believe you, Clint. And to that I cannot possibly respond but with a special kind of defeat and sadness, and then continue on trying to reach anyone left out there that’s not insane. It is this mixing of specific meanings and the intents of words that keeps the kings and popes and presidents in power, for they are the very false gods and antichrists we are warned about. It is they that tricked us into citizenship through personhood (status/valuation), which we will discuss shortly. This confusion in language has become part of what the leaders (gods) and kingdoms of nations call one of their mysteries (lies), as part of their roll of secrets, for man has no power over any slave if the slave speaks and comprehends the meaning and intent of the same language as his master.

When, for instance, it is said in Daniel that he (Jesus Christ) blessed someone by laying his hands upon them, this is specifically the word eulogeō, from which we get the English word eulogy, which very interestingly is a specific combination of two words, those being Strong’s #G2095 – eu, meaning “good, well or to prosper,” and the word word (Strong’s G3056) – logos, the subject of this current work. In translation, the term bless here means to give the good (eu) Word of God (Logos). And what else would one expect from the personification of Logos but this? Obviously a passive reading of this verse would be at best confusing without further research into these variant translations. Note that in this usage, that is, when Christ “blesses” a man, the word logos is not capitalized. This signifies a generic (uncapitalized) use of the term as logos, the very same term mistaken by logicians for what John intended, as we can read below, to be as the Divine (capitalized) notion of Logos in Jesus Christ. But here, as a blessing from God through the Christos, the term refers only to the vulgar (common) usage, as Christ (a fabled man) spreading the Word of God (Logos) in a common language of the general words of men (logos).

For what is a word but a logo of something else, some idea, or something real? A logo is a graphic representation or symbol for something else. We see the word (symbols) Pepsi or its image (logo) and know instantly what it means — carbonated corn syrup. Jesus Christ is the logo for Law, though in its divine sense, we capitalize the word as Logos. But it is this vulgarity or common word logos as referring to mere speech and the logic behind it that most are worshiping in the stead of Jesus Christ, the True Divinity of the Word (Son/Law). For clarity, imagine in some future dystopian setting loving the Pepsi logo without knowing what that symbol references nor having ever tasted a Pepsi drink, or viewing a stop sign without knowing its meaning because there are no more working cars and the roads are thus overgrown by Nature’s unending purpose and Course. This is the empty logo that Christ has become for most Christians, who have lost connection not with the logo, the symbol, but with the Source and reason behind it.

The symbol that is the cross, for instance, bears no referential at all to the actual story of Christ. There were no crosses, and the word cross is translated from stouros, meaning “an upright “stake”, esp. a pointed one, used as such in fences or palisades.” When Jesus Christ says pick up your cross and follow me he does not reference the useless action of picking up a symbol, for that would be a useless gesture without moral teaching. Here, as with most of the story, the metaphoric term is meant, the word cross a purposefully confusing transliteration and meaning a “stake” one holds over and in the land (legal fiction), as one calls himself a stake-holder in municipal lands or other bodies politic (States) and private corporations. Remember, there is no terra (Earth) in fiction, just as there is no actual dirt in The Matrix simulation, and that “land” is a legal term with no actual substance behind it. Again, to stake out the Real land (terra) of Jehovah, men pretend in their persons (legal status) to bear flattering title upon that land in ownership. A title is just a piece of paper. Again, it has no substance. Yet it is the flattery of ownership title to land that wars are fought over, not the land itself. The right to call Jehovah by any name and flattering title except Jehovah is the mission of the church and state and their vast military operations. Most of America, for instance, was not legally titled as anything until it was legally titled and registered as the legal fiction called “America.”

The simulation no longer bears any True resemblance to what it is supposed to simulate. And so the symbol becomes the false truth, the false logos, and any Truth behind the symbol is lost to the bearer. It becomes a simulacrum, a copy without an original. The lie that is the emptiness of the symbol becomes the new, artificial truth. That false truth is worshiped, that is, forced not only to be perceived as truth, but the new source of all systems built around what is falsely worshiped as truth (source). This is modern religion, and today’s corporate religions are the result of the false truth of a man-made (purely logical, impossible form of) logos. This ever-changing, always false logos, in turn, is the source of both the modern “Christian” and the atheist, the flattering titled scientist and the misguided fool spouting sophomoric philosophy and theosophy. All this exists today because of the purposeful deceit and mis-transliteration of those in power over the marriage and total dependence upon the false, legalized church (religion) and state (legal gods).

Part of the Strong’s definition of logos in this particular separation of common and Divine usages is this:

“λόγος lógos, log’-os; from G3004; something said (including the thought); by implication, a topic (subject of discourse), also reasoning (the mental faculty) or motive; by extension, a computation; specially, (with the article in John) the Divine Expression (i.e. Christ):—account, cause, communication× concerning, doctrine, fame, × have to do, intent, matter, mouth, preaching, question, reason, + reckon, remove, say(-ing), shew, × speaker, speech, talk, thing, + none of these things move me, tidings, treatise, utterance, word, work.”


I would suggest that the reader examine the whole Strong’s entry for this word logos to understand these two very different meanings in transliteration, especially that of Jesus Christ (Logos, The Law of God) being an expression (logos) of God, and not a God Itself, which can be found here:

While most usage of the word bless is Old Testament (pre-Christ), the few times Jesus Christ uses the word bless he is instructing men to bless each other.


“But I say unto you, Love your enemiesbless them that curse youdo good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you…”–Matthew 5:44, KJB


Bless them that curse youand pray for them which despitefully use you.”

–Luke 6:28, KJB


And what does it mean to “bless” your enemy? Nothing more than to eulogize to him, to speak and act in and under the Word of God, the Truth. It means be Christ-like. In other words, when Christ blesses anything in eulogy this means he says a prayer over it to his Father (God), because Christ is not God. He also blesses bread, for instance. But religions have warped the sense of this word bless as if it were some magic spell to be cast, where a priest pretends to bless us by placing his spiritually dead, corporate (employed) hands upon us. This phony ceremony has nothing to do with the works (the actions) of blessing others, nor with the blessing that Jesus Christ is to us from God. Priests have no Godly power, and they are not Jesus Christ, as much as in their delusions they wish you to believe they are. Christ only manifests in the actions of men. Christ will only return (as a metaphor) when men start acting Christ-like toward one another, when Logos is fulfilled. As long as Christ is idolized, externalized, so too will the idea of peace and prosperity in harmony with Nature (God). The part (man) must reunite itself under the Law with the whole (Jehovah) instead of trying to live without (outside) of It and pretending our own law. This is a self-Evident Truth. This is the Word of God. Here are some other examples of Christ’s usage of the word blessed, which point to the fact that mans actions are what causes his own and others blessings, not the mere idolization of Christ on a pedestal or in some trinket worn around the neck:


Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:
for they shall be filled.
Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake:
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you,
and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake
And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me
But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear

–Matthew 5:3-11, 11:6, 13:16, KJB


Bottom line: you are not blessed because you go to church and pretend to be a “Christian” in flattering title alone. Those being referred to here are blessed because they are acting in these descriptions, not because they read about them or listen to a pretender christ preach to them every Sunday about them. Blessed is he that follows each of these Laws of God, who manifest Christ (Logos) in their actions. You see, Jehovah doesn’t choose whether you are blessed or not, you do. You must act the part in Loving sincerity and a totally Charitable lifestyle. You must be the meek and you must seek after righteousness. No idol of a God will do it for you. No cross you bear proves any of these blessings can be claimed as your own. For the blessings of God do not emirate from the hands or talisman built by the hands of men, and certainly not from the hands or logic of some minister or priest. You are a part of Jehovah, and you must act like such under the Law of Jehovah. Calling yourself “Christian” means nothing, and certainly doesn’t create some bond or blessing with God or Christ, no personal relationship that you may define your own personal God (Lawgiver) and Savior (Law). This is ridiculous and without Biblical merit. You are blessed by your works, your actions, your words, and even by the fact that you are persecuted for acting in Truth, in Charity, in Love, in Eulogy of and by Logos (Law). You are a son of God only if you are a peacemaker, not a passivist or a war-maker, and not a conscientious objector. In a spiritual war, no man may sit on the sidelines, for that is where the darkness lurks. You are blessed when and only when you choose your God, and thus your Law, and you abide by It, no matter the cost. And there are only Two choices in the end: Truth or lies. Nature or fiction. Reality or artifice. This is the story of the Life and therefore choices of Jesus Christ, and likewise, will be the story of every man’s choice to be blessed or to be cursed by Jehovah. Sadly, it seems, most men will follow whatever false legal god (magistrate) that currently claims to be the antichrist of the day, or the one that everyone else blindly voted to be so. And so the Logos, the Law (Word/Son) of God is put aside so that the legal doctrine may be followed. We therefore become sons (per-sons) of the fictional state (corporation/artificial person) and its legal (artificial) law. And so our spirits and the ability to religiously follow God’s Law are crushed beneath that false doctrine. The written law overtakes the unwritten like a fisherman’s net, the immoral/amoral stands highest over the moral. Everything is backwards, even from the very maxims (principles) of law that these nations were founded by. But then that is the very definition of satanism, straight from the mouth of Albert Pike:


The true name of Satan, the Cabalists say, is that of Yahveh reversed; for Satan is not a black god, but the negation of God. The devil is the PEROSNIFICATION of Atheism or Idolatry. For the Initiates, this is not a Person, but a Force, created for good, but which may serve for evil. It is the instrument of Liberty for Free Will.”

—Albert Pike, ‘Morals and Dogma,’ Page 102


The absence of God is the presence of Satan (that which is adversarial to God). Just like the absence of health is the presence of disease and the absence of light is the presence of darkness. In other words, the negation of God’s Law (Logos) in the legal nations under the legal (fictional) system is caused by the enactment of legalism, of logic-based planning and false law, and therefore of the very false doctrines warned about in the Bible. We are currently living in the True meaning of this term Satanism, in that which in every way is opposed to God’s Law. In other words, what is missing from our societies is a respect of God, and thus we find an empty void in place of the Law of Nature. This cannot be denied, and is the purpose of my book series. I cannot stress enough that leading the way in this adversarial construct of legalism (law of the land) is the self-proclaimed “Christian” corporations and their followers — not the actual (nameless) followers of Jesus Christ (Logos), but of the false doctrines of church and state, by the citizens (subjects/goyim) of nations that go to church and pretend their sins are washed away through the flattering titles they accept, though the Bible clearly declares that no flattering titles should be respected, no persons. Today’s society and church bodies is the exact reason why such titles as “Christian” should never be respected. That would be like Kim Jong-un showing up to meet president Trump with a T-shirt that says don’t worry, be happy: I’m a Buddhist and therefore a peacemaker. The title means nothing, especially to those that the bearer has never met or to whom one’s reputation precedes the flattering title. The actions of the man determine the quality and legitimacy of his character, and thus any name he uses, not the name itself. This is the self-evident Law of Nature. This is not a judgment, not an insult, not a curse, just the absolute Truth as is again warned about in the Bible. There will be many antichrists (1 John 2:18)…

What do I mean when i say that the respect of persons and flattering titles are against the Word (Law/Son) of God? It’s not my opinion. It’s the foundation of Biblical teaching. In short, no fiction allowed. That is, no fictions should be attached to you in a way that the law of that fiction may control your actions, and turn them against Jehovah. This, obviously, is the Law of Nature. If Nature could speak for Itself, It would certainly, self-evidently agree. A citizen of the United States is a person, which is a fictional character, a legal status under legal law, and upon that status we pretend to place flattering titles like employee, president, attorney, Christian, etc. The paradox here is self-evident to the reader of the Bible. But in short, this simply means that these names and titles that are attached to a fictional character (legal person/citizen/subject) mean nothing except what the law of persons, of citizens, of subjects says they can be. The name and title, in other words, becomes a proprietary term, the property of the state. They are not bound in any way by the Law of God. And so to say that one acting in the agency and capacity of a legal person in mammon is also a “Christian” by title is to speak adversarially, to lie to both oneself and to all others in respect of that title. For one cannot be both under the false doctrinal law of the legal (satanic) state in fiction (un-Truth) and also under the Law of Nature (Reality) while following Christ. As I revealed in my first book, it is literally illegal to act upon the Bible, the Word of God (Logos), while under the legal system in legal persona. I cannot stress this enough.

The trickery of words used by the legal state says that we may have freedom of religion, not religious freedom. There is a huge difference. It means that while you may choose any religion you wish, you may not act upon its law, and that includes the Bible. You may believe what you wish, but you must follow the legal law. This makes all religions in America null and void, for at the very root of all religion is the Law of God. To be able to worship God without being allowed to morally object to the legal law is oxymoronic at best. It means you cannot follow Christ because it would be against the legal law. And this means that any man calling himself a “Christian” while also being a national citizen is bearing a false, flattering title that he cannot fulfill. No Christian can act Christ-like while under the legal system of any nation/state. It is impossible. And this spells out the entirety of our collective problems in society, on Earth for that matter, for no man may stand up against the authority and actions of the state or nation in the name of God and under Its Law. No “citizen” may practice and Live spiritually by the Law of Nature. It’s illegal. No man (in his or her actions) may be a son of God. And so when I (and the Bible) state that you are flattering yourself by calling yourself a Christian without acting the part, I don’t mean this as a judgement or insult, I literally mean that you are bearing an impossible title. You cannot be a Christian and a worshiper of mammon (commerce/money). You cannot work in and support this fictional (legal) matrix and also worship the Truth of Nature of Reality that is the Supreme Being of Jehovah. This is again a self-evident Truth. To take offense at what is self-evidently True is a diseased state of mind, for the Truth cannot be offensive to anything but lies, to fiction, to legalism, and especially to logic.

But again, let us consult the scriptural teachings on the subject for absolute, inexcusable clarity. The following verses take away all possible arguments about this subject and blows the lid off of the notion that a nation (corporation/artificial person) can be a blessing from God, or that a man acting in legal persona may also worship God by following Christ (Law). For all legal systems require man to be surety (responsible and liable) for some fictional person (legal status), and to respect those persons and flattering titles that are higher than one’s own.


And if ye call on the Father, who without respect of persons judgeth according to every man’s work, pass the time of your sojourning here in fear: Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers

—1 Peter 1:17-18, KJB


“My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons.

—James 2:1, KJB


For there is no respect of persons with God.

—Romans 2:11, KJB


Let me not, I pray you, accept any man’s person:
neither let me give flattering titles unto any man.

—Job 32:21, KJB


“Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

—Philippians 4:11, KJB


But if you have respect to persons, ye commit sin,
and are convinced of the Law
as transgressors.”

—James 2:9, KJB


To have respect of persons, is not good:
for a piece of bread, that man will

—Proverbs 28:21, KJB


“Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright.

—Hebrews 12:16, KJB


“But them that are without, (let) God judgeth. Therefore put away from among your selves that wicked person.

—1 Corinthians 5:13, KJB


“Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgement, thou shall not respect the person (titleof the poornor honor the person (en-title-mentof the mighty, but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbor.”

—Leviticus 19:15 (words in parenthesis added by author for clarity), KJB


And ye have respect to him that weareth gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place: and say to the poor, Stand though there, or sit here under my footstool…”

—James 2:3, KJB


“These things also belong to the wise: It is not good to have respect of persons in judgement.

—Proverbs 24:23, KJB


It is not good to accept the person of the wicked, to overthrow the righteous in judgement.

—Proverbs 18:5, KJB


“And ye masters, do the same things unto them, forbearing threatening:
knowing that your master also is in heaven,
neither is there respect of persons with him.

—Ephesians 6:9, KJB


“My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ the Lord of glory, with respect of persons.

—James 2:1, KJB


“Wherefore now, let the fear of the Lord be upon you, take heed and do it: for there is no inequity with the Lord our God, nor respect of persons, nor taking of gifts.

—2 Chronicles 19:7, KJB


“For he see that wise men die, likewise the fool, and the brutish person perish, and leave their wealth to others.

—Psalms 49:10, KJB


But he that doeth wrong, shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons.

—Colossians 3:25, KJB


Thou shalt eat it within thy gates, the unclean and the clean person shall eat it alike, as the Roe buck, and as the Hart.”

—Deuteronomy 15:22, KJB


And his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries (flattering titles).

—Daniel 11:21, KJB (words in parenthesis added by author for clarity)


“Master, we know that thou art true, and carest for no man: for thou regardest not the person of men, but teachest the way of God in Truth. Is it lawful to give tribute to Cesar, or not?”“…And Jesus answering said to them, Render to Cesar the things that are Cesar’s(give back the legal person, relinquish flattering titles and privileges), and to God the things that are God’sAnd they marveled at him.”

—Mark 12: 14 and 17, KJB


For the vile person will speak villainy, and his heart will work inequity, to practice hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

—Isaiah 32:6


This line of not respecting persons and flattering titles is stressed in every book of the Bible. It is perhaps one of the most important of spiritual Laws one may have, that is, to not pretend to be some thing (artificial name/noun) when you are no thing under God (in Nature), as when accepting and believing in (trusting) persons and the flattery of legal (fictional) titles. Only in (under) this acceptance may inequity take over any man, for while all men are Equally Created (born into Nature with unalienable, God-given rights), all legal (man-made) statuses (persons/titles) are certainly not equal, and never can be. For if titles and statuses were the same, they would have no use or practicality. They would be redundant. To the son of God that follows Jesus Christ (Law), this fact is apparent, and no title or status is ever needed, for these are not Creations of God and so not to be found anywhere in Nature. The son of God acts the part (the Real Self) at all times, and so has no need to present papers or symbols that only represent good acts but do not prove them in Reality. Only under personhood may men be enslaved and put under a false doctrine of legal law, for with every person (status) and title (flattery) comes a new set of man’s law. To be entitled is to be both bound by and empowered and tempted by the laws and licenses/permits (false/legal forgiveness of crimes against Nature) of men. There is no need of any title or persona (mask) for a son of God, a follower of Christ (Logos), because there is no need to hide ones True Self. There is no need for a mask (persona) because there is no need to commit any crime. This is the foundation of the Law of Nature, so that fiction may never necessitate harm to any part of Nature, including each other. True Charity under God is an action, and so It knows no anonymity. Giving money is not True Charity, for it involves no actual charitable acts. Love cannot be sourced out, it must be given Freely and without limitation. Good will (Lawful behavior) goes beyond the legal matrix code of written words, and can only be shown in our acts toward one another and in protection (True Worship) of Jehovah. Good will (acts) is based on and can only come from Good Testament (Law/Logos), for they are in sameness, one being the measure of the other. This is self-evident, and is built in even to the maxims of law:


The foundation being removed, the superstructure falls.

–Sublato fundamento cadit opus.


To put this situational Truth into more simplistic terms, let us consider a common (goyim) soldier. Will it be the man or the flattering title of “soldier” that will be judged by God for the murders the man commits while acting (pretending) to be something he is not, in the name (rank/status) of the legal system he bears entitlement from with legal (anti-God) license to kill? Will the man (Reality) or the person (fiction) that title of soldier is attached to be judged? Is it the man or the “soldier” that actually does the killing? Hint: there are no persons or titles in Nature (Jehovah). Thus the answer is quite self-Evident. For God can only judge Its own Creation, not what is not of God’s Realm. And just what is this concept called “judgement?” Ask any man that did such killing on the ground, and he will tell you of his post-traumatic stress and regret, though he may be so brainwashed by patriotism that his lawless actions under the Law of Nature, which were legally premised and licensed under the satanic (adversarial to Nature’s God and Law) state or nation, are still blamed on the persona and flattering title he was acting in. He will continue to justify his own actions in the name and title of the person he pretends to be, upon which the flattering title of “soldier” and “patriot” were placed along with a license to arbitrarily break the commandment of DO NOT HARM or KILL.


“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

—Samuel Johnson, quoted from Boswell’s: ‘Life of Johnson’


Or he may commit suicide (self-murder) upon his True Self because he cannot manage the cognitive dissonance that the Truth creates in his own mind. He at least has stress and regret because deep down the self-evident Truth is apparent and inescapable — there is no moral excuse under the Law of God (in Reality) for his own voluntary actions. And regardless of what flattery of military (state) title he bared (pretended to carry), his actions were always voluntary and self-evidently his own. For God is no respecter of persons, and no man may carry a title without accepting the mark of such a persona (legal, fictional status). No man (son) of God, in other words, may ever bear a false persona nor act under its law, and therefore in no way may bear any flattering title. The Law of a son of God (follower of Christ) does not recognize any legal (artificial) status in any of man’s invented (fictional) societies or nations, not even that of “the poor” or “the rich.” For to each of these men flattering themselves with fictional titles the son of God will act Christ-like towards the man but not his title, in this way loving his enemy (the man despite his lies, fiction, artifice), feeding him (the man without name or title) if he’s hungry, clothing him if he is naked, and supporting him with Love, and blessing (eulogizing to) him in his fall from Grace so that he may find his path to and in Christ (Logos). This is the fulfillment of Logos (Law), the return of Christ manifested in the permanent, Lawful actions of men. We never Love the person or title of the man, only the man, for the man is of (belongs to, is a part of) Jehovah while his titles are always false and are therefore ALWAYS our enemy (of logic/legalism). We contract in persons, and contracts are ALWAYS under the law of man, not God. But no man is an enemy (Law-breaker) of God without such false, logic-based, legal statuses. What is a part of Jehovah cannot therefore be Its enemy, no more than a leaf is an enemy of its tree. But if that leaf gets infected, then the leaf becomes the enemy through the disease. The disease is metaphorically akin to that which is antichrist, while the healthy leaf is Christ-like in its work towards the benefit and health of the whole tree, and all trees exist of course being part of Jehovah and thus in self-Existence to nurture the Whole. Ultimately, this is the perfection of spiritually-based Self-interest, without greed or desires for artificial things. The tree nor any other part of Jehovah cannot survive or thrive unless the sum of all every self-existent part is in harmony, acting not merely as the self but as and in harmony with the Whole. Legal names (persons) and flattering titles are a disease toward Nature (Reality), as all artifice and lies are. This is not opinion, again, but self-evident Truth. What is artificial is not a Creation of God. The enemy of Jehovah is only the legal fictions and inventions of men that oppose Logos, oppose the Harmony of Nature (Jehovah) and Its Law.

Ultimately, there is one verse in the Bible that says it all, answering any question or proposed exception to this idea of persona (mask) and flattering titles. In its singular eloquence stands a perfection of the spoken Word (Logos). Following it we find the same unabashed Truth applied to man’s legal “world” and its matrix of systems (nations):


If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves.”

–Galatians 6:3, KJB


All nations before him are as nothing; and they are counted to him less than nothing, and vanity.”

–Isaiah 40:17, KJB


Nations are built (constituted) in nothingness (words on paper). Their representative appearance (perspective) can only be one of pure vanity, of anti-Logos. Persons are as well this same form without substance. No man can ever be a person in Nature, in Reality, for this is impossible. And it is a maxim of law that no man may be forced to do what is impossible. This is very important, for it only applies to the limitations of men, not fiction, not persons. What is impossible under the Law of Nature is made (pretended to be) possible under the law of man. We must grow spiritually to know that the Highest Law must always trump the possibilities of lawless men, of they whose structures are always without Foundation in Jehovah. A man may only be deceived and thus allow himself to exist in self-deceit by playing the part of a legal status, a person, a title that exists (fictionally, falsely) in the artifice of some non-Existent nation. In other words, nations and persons are not self-Existent, but are inventions of men. They are not therefore bound by the Law of Jehovah (Nature), and neither therefore are the men who pretend to legally act in them. They do not Exist and are not Creations of God. Their roots are legal (anti-God) and thus without any True Foundation. To say I am a United States citizen-ship is saying I am the nation. I am American. I am not of God.

For “The Walking Dead” comic or television show fans, to declare oneself to be I am American is the same as saying I am Negan.


To be I AM anything is to relinquish Free Will,
to abandon the Grace and Blessing of God,
to pretend to be what one is not,
and so to follow a false god by following its law (legal words).
Negan is representative of a false logos not at all unlike any other leader of any nation,
though perhaps just a bit more brutally honest and forthcoming about what he represents.
I am Negan means I am not an act of God.


Yet the Highest Law is that of the I AM, that I AM is the only answer, which means I AM JEHOVAH, which really means I AM no other person, place, or thing. What is the intent? That I AM not able to be entrapped by the inventions and laws of man, that I am the manifestation of Jesus Christ and nothing but a Creation of God. I AM no title, no name, no nation, no country, and no subject. I AM THAT I AM. I am part of the free and eternal Nature of self-Existence (God). If you can understand this, as a complete lack of status or any other man-made conception (a result of illicit logic), then you may understand the fullness of the Law of God, the Law of Nature (Source).

It is perhaps most simple to say that every word in the (red letter) Bible that comes from Christ is considered to be representative of the Logos (Divine Law of Jehovah/Nature). Thus the word bless, when used as that of a common word coming from Jesus Christ, is a compound of the words logos and eu — the good news or good Word (Law) of God. When in reference to the character of Jesus Christ, then the term Logos carries the Higher (Divine) meaning and purpose, and is thus capitalized as that which is coming from or is a gift of God. Though it is very difficult to direct the usages of such language arts from their Greek and Latin due to the purposeful obfuscations of the King’s English translations, I hope that I have explained it enough here by example that the reader may now see the difference between what is the True Logos (Son) of God and the logic (false logos) recreated by the extremely limited contemplations (words/logic) of men. In the old languages this differentiation would be clear. Christ, being characterized as in the flesh, thus spoke to men in the vulgar form of logos (words based on self-evident Natural Reason, not mere logical conclusion) that represented Logos (the Law of the Universe/God). Christ, being the personification of the Word (Law) of God’s Nature, is therefore not in the flesh, of course, but is referential to the Divine Nature (Law and Purpose) of God, and is thus Logos capitalized to mean the Highest example (as a personification). The point is that man’s worship of the limitations of his own logic, including all of so-called, contextual human “history,” as a replacement for the self-Existent and self-evident Law of Nature (the Son of God) is a perfect description of both modern “Christianity,” the corporate-syndicalist sciences (arts), and philosophy, both modern and ancient. The logician worships Plato and Socrates, not the Divine Author (Truth) of the Universe and the Bible.


“Let me control the textbooks, and I will control the state.”

–Adolf Hitler


The greatest bulwark against an overreaching government, as tyrants know, is a religious population. That is because religious people form communities of interest adverse to government control of their lives; religious communities rely on their families and each other rather than an overarching government utilizing force.” 

–Ben Shapiro


If this is all too religious sounding to you, that is no doubt because you don’t understand what religious freedom is. Why? Because the Truth is that you’ve never actually had it! Remember that religious communities were the original, individual eastern settlers of America, as self-governing congregational churches (people), and that the establishment of a central (federal) government was a tyranny against such True, independent organizations of religious freedom. This, again, was not an attack on merely the vulgar, empty belief in some contextual history of God or gods, but specifically upon acting morally according to that belief – the taking away of the right to practice religious belief and Law. This is a huge difference, one which we are all fooled into calling as the legal franchise of “freedom of religion” in international circles, which amounts to nothing but belief without action (acts); where, for example, the act of charity is illegal without state license. There is no law for any national citizen (goyim) but that of the textbooks of the state (district), for no law is or can be higher to a creation (invention/device) of man, as a legal fictional persona (legal status) than that of the law that binds and controls legal fiction. The Law of Nature, the Law of God simply does not apply to fictions, and, indeed, cannot and never will. It is literally, mentally, physically, and spiritually impossible for a legal person (citizen) to follow the Law of God (Nature).

But also remember that most of the Bible is metaphor and parables written by men to teach moral stories of the Law (Son/Word), and that their Divinity is not supernatural but merely an expression (words) of self-Evident Truth, which is said to be only of the Source (Jehovah) and never of men. No man was possessed by God to write the Bible, but rather it was written by men that understood they were possessions (properties) of Jehovah. The words of men are only Divine (God-like) when those words express absolute, self-evident, self-Existent Truth without ego, but the words of men are never Divine in and of themselves. In other words, the words of men are not part of the self-Existent Supremacy of Being (God). The words of men are never the Source of Truth, only expressive or opposed to Truth. Thus the Bible is a Divinely inspired work, which means inspired by the Truth, and God is Truth. Let not these words trick you into lies and self-delusions. Again, the litmus test for any man’s words is to compare those words to the Word of God (Logos), to the Truth of that which is self-Existent. Logic is never the path to Truth, for Truth never needs the contemplation or words of men to Exist. Man may only ever speak of a Truth that already Exists in and of itself, being self-existent, the very definition of Jehovah. The mysteries of these words spin an intricately beautiful and spiritual web when the false mysteries (fictions) of men are discarded.

The Truth about the Bible as printed in the dumbed-down, spiritually dead, numbingly literal English language (dog-Latin) is that every individual man that reads it will take from it exactly what he wants to take, which depends solely on his intention. He may justify wars with the Bible in “God’s” name, never realizing he has the wrong translation of the word God, which means magistrate, king, or anyone held in respect of to much authority. And yet when this man learns such truths, he will deny them because his intent was always only to justify war. Likewise, the atheist will mistranslate the Bible all day to prove his position and flattering title, never realizing that what he stands for (atheism, nihilism) is impossible, never understanding that Jehovah is defined as all Existence, and so the belief in the non-existence of God (Jehovah) is actually the paradoxical logic that Existence does not Exist. All this because the word Jehovah as “God” was never given to any corporate goyim “Christian” nor taught in any public school, because the gods (magistrates) forbid it. Atheism is a non sequitur, a non-starter, because it is based on religion, not the Word and intent of the Bible. Yet the atheist may indeed also worship his own imaginary (logic-based) form (without substance) of his own false logos — that is, his own version of what he thinks the Universe (all of self-Existence) Is in Its Being. Only a fool, which indeed I certainly was one for most of my life, actually believes that there is a choice to believe or not believe in what the Bible defines as Jehovah (Existence). What is self-Evident needs not mans vulgar, logical belief system to be part of Existence (Jehovah). In this way, we may read the Bible without the supernatural element and mystery that religions have placed upon “God.” Once this hump of nonsensical anthropomorphism is overcome, the rush of available knowledge in the Bible and in other works of men is endless.

Remember, it was the elitist Horace Greeley that stated both of these separate but interlocking quotes, which support each other in almost indefatigable ways:


It is impossible to enslave, mentally or socially, a bible-reading people. The principles of the bible are the groundwork of human freedom.

—Horace Greeley, founding editor of ‘The New-Yorker’ and ‘New York Tribune’ newspapers


“We have stricken the (slave) shackles from four million human beings and brought all laborers to a common level not so much by the elevation of former slaves as by practically reducing the whole working populationwhite and black, to a condition of serfdom. While boasting of our noble deeds, we are careful to conceal the ugly fact that by an iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery.”

–Horace Greeley (1811-1872), founding editor of the ‘New York Tribune,’ speaking on post-civil war or ‘14th amendment’ citizenship


Please stop and consider these two quotes together, and then contemplate your own state of 14th amendment (commercial) citizenship to the nation (district), where the Bible is all but banned from the education system. Amazing… Think of your addiction to money, to usury, to debt, and to grocery, as that which is strictly prohibited by the Law of Nature. Ask yourself what is social and political equality but slavery by a different name?

Now ask yourself how do we as a people free ourselves from this modernized “chattel slavery.” Obviously the answer is not religion. The answer is both to read your Bible and then act upon its principles of Law. The principles (maxims) of Law and thus freedom are to be found there, as well as all the warnings to not do exactly what we all do every day in this legal (anti-God) system, “Christian” or not. In a word, True Freedom is just another way of saying self-Government under the Law of Nature (Jehovah). The juxtaposition of these two quotes are essential to understanding the difference between the false and the True Logos. For the second quote is referring to a legal system based strictly on the purely adulterated logic of men —  the worship of idolized logic over the True Nature of Reality and Its Law.

Noah Webster was also quite clear, that education is useless without the Bible. And you wonder why the bible is now almost completely banned in our Rockefeller-initiated public schools? Do you wonder why you and your children will never be free? Isn’t it self-Evident by now? Indeed, for those that doubt this to be true, you’ll need to argue with these Congressional resolutions:


“The United States in Congress assembled…
recommend this edition of the Bible to the inhabitants of the United States…
a neat edition of the Holy Scriptures for the use of schools.

–United States Congress 1782


“The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools.

–United States Congress 1782


Why was this so? Thomas Jefferson said it best, though he obviously should have held much less confidence in his constitutional system and more of the fear of God. He said:


“I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be
that men may be trusted to govern themselves without a master.

–Thomas Jefferson


All that had to be done for evil men to become the masters of those unable to govern themselves was to “democratically” take the Congressionally recommended Holy Bible (Law) out of schools, thus driving the foundation of that trust and the very principles of self-government out of men and their children’s minds. For it is True, and they knew it to be True, that a Bible reading people could never be enslaved. This was a spiritual war to rid the common man from having adequate understanding of the Word of God from the inception of this constituted and then legally incorporated nation (district). Start with the children. Make a child’s mind into a slave’s mind and he will never even comprehend the idea of self-governing himself under the Law of God, for he will not experientially know such a Law and the Natural Freedom it entails even Exists, even despite Its self-evidence. He will quote it, he will argue with it, but he will never have the source of it, and therefore will never self-actualize it. This is the typical story of the American patriot, another pointlessly flattering title. For the True Patriot would be self-governing, as planned, not a subject of a completely corrupt nation in a legal system of mammon. Again, everything is backwards, as we worship and protect that which we should despise and abolish.


The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge:
but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

—Proverbs 1:7, KJB


Kings, queens, and other self-proclaimed vicars (replacements) of God and of God’s Christos (the anointed) are instead falsely blessed (christened) with empty ceremonial oils — a ceremony of Mystery Babylon consisting of but a corporate anointment (appointment) in legalist (logician) idolatry. They are their own self-appointed, false gods (artificial persons/corporations), standing as nothing more than organized criminals and imposters pretending to be representatives of God’s approving (anointing) Right Hand, if not a replacement (anti) God Itself. But in their fictional tales built upon mammon and in legalese, they only rule over the nothingness that is legal fiction. They are not merely false gods, but are the gods of everything false. They are anti-God. Antichrist. They cannot be anything else by their very nature (source), their flattery of title, their person (status), all of which is fiction and therefore against God’s Law of Nature.

If you somehow don’t know or don’t believe that men from popes to kings to presidents to judges are still to this day considered as “gods” just pick up any early 20th century or older court case where the defendant “prays” to the “god” (magistrate/judge) of the court! Today the word plea is used instead of pray, and administrative judge instead of god. And what really is a judge but a false god over that for which he judgeth? This is fully explained and sourced in my first book.

In England today, this really has not changed except in the ignorance of the English people to what their queen actually stands for (and therefore against) as defender of the Crown corporation, as if anything of her vicariously flattering title has changed since its original, fictional inception. Look up the word “for” and you will find the word “against” defining it, just another form of the vast system of word trickery continuously used against us. And so we find that in most nations the common people are tricked into worshiping Logos, as a secondary Godhead, instead of that God and Father that even the name and story of Jesus Christ is unquestionably beholden to. In other words, when considering most of common, corporate “Christianity,” the lines between what is the Anointed (Christos) and the Great Anointer (Jehovah) have been blurred to the point that men may pretend to be anointed as the current Christos and therefore possess false, God-like powers, where even the pope claims the power to change, alter, and dismiss the words of the Bible (the Law of Nature Itself). Please understand, it is not the Bible that is the source of Law, for God is the Source of all things in Nature, including Its Law. The Bible is self-evident Truth, and where Truth is, Jehovah Is found. Jehovah (God) is Truth. There is no other Source of Truth but Jehovah. The Bible stands hard and steady as self-evident Truth, and therefore is the Word of God, as any self-evident Truth would be. So let’s delve into this grand delusion and get to the bottom of not only what True Christianity (following the Law/Word/Son of God) is supposed to be on a separate, individual level, but how, in this author’s opinion, only with this True understanding of the Bible message and what Logos is actually supposed to mean may the fundamentals of spirituality and thus True Love of all Life and Creation be implemented in saving our almost completely broken, fiction-based (temporary) societies… and each other.

To worship the Sacred Permanence of the Universe, of Nature, is to worship and protect (be in sacred dominion over the earth that Is part of) Jehovah. To follow the Law of Nature, as the Word (Law) of Jehovah personified through the story of Jesus Christ as each individual mans most perfect example, is to know and follow Logos in order to worship Jehovah. But there should be no worship of Logos, for Logos can only be manifested through our own actions, our works of Light. Jesus Christ Exists only when men act Christ-like (lawfully under God). In other words, the example may only be fulfilled by one that uses the example. The story of Christ is pointless unless men act the part. The same cannot be said about Jehovah, of that which Is all self-Existence Itself as the Supremacy of all Being, as all that which Exists without and despite man.

The difference between these two concepts, their proper consideration and relation, and especially their hierarchy is the main subject of this essay. Most importantly though, we must never confuse Jesus Christ with Jehovah. We must never confuse the Anointed with the Anointer, the Law (Logos) with the Lawmaker (Jehovah), the Created with the Creator, the Son with the Father, such as modern Christianity has been plagued and deceived into doing. Please note that in no way should this essay at all be taken by the reader as diminishing to what the character of Jesus Christ Is or represents, only to expose and correct the trickery of organized (incorporated) religions calling themselves by the false, flattering title of “Christianity” while being bound under mans legal system of false law that all men may finally overcome the lies of our adversaries and become the self-governing people (church) we are born into Nature (Jehovah) to be – Living equally and equitably under the Law of Jehovah by the example of Christ in order and for the sole purpose of Worshiping Jehovah, which we are part of and cannot live without.

Remember here above all else, we are not interested in what you or I believe the word God or Jesus Christ to mean. We are only interested in what the author(s) of the Bible intended these words to mean in the order and intention of their usage so as to understand the Bible. One would hope this to be common practice for any serious reader, student, or scholar of anything, that is, to understand the words used to make up a fiction or non-fiction book. Imagine reading the history of New York City without knowing what the United States is, or about a dog named Lassie without knowing what a dog is or believing that dogs are cats? Is it not safe to say that only the authors definition is what matters in any communication, and that it is the duty of the reader or hearer to verify text and context? What use is any work if the words used are left open to translation? What use are language arts at all then, if no foundational meaning for them is clear or practiced? Ah, the answer to this question is the difference between a master and a slave. For the master never teaches his slaves how to correctly engage in the masters language, lest the slave be able to achieve equal footing with the master.

My opinion and speculations are mute to this end, as are your own. To read the Bible and understand its content and lessons as intended, we must know what the words were intended to mean despite our own logic-based conclusions or false beliefs of what they could or should mean. Who in his or her right mind would read any work without knowing or searching for the intent and meaning of the words used therein? That’s insane. Yet that’s also the basis of public education. That’s entertainment. That’s religion. And that’s legalism. We are, most of us, simply not acting or thinking in our right mind. How can we? The masters (gods) don’t allow it, or else they would loose their flattering titles and we ours. We’d all be just I AM (Naturally Equal under God’s Law) if none of us respected persons and the flattery of any titles.

Learning the intended meaning of the word Jehovah, as the verb of Supreme Being, the Highest God, for me was on of the most clarifying and spiritual moments of my life. God is a verb! This destroys religion, for religions are the exact opposite of the Verb that is Jehovah and Jesus Christ (Logos), as the ultimate organized, controlled opposition towards the Bible and Its Law. A Christian is a noun (name), not a verb. A noun can never be a verb, only describe and define it. A noun, that is, a name or title of a fictional person, place, or thing, can never act by itself, can never act or exist as self-existent or self-evident. All names and titles (nouns) are fictions created by men placed on that which is Created by God in order to pretend authority over the substance through the empty form (name). The ultimate, self-evident Truth is that God’s Creation (everything Real/self-Existent in Nature) has no names. It is the respect of the name over the Reality that name represents that creates the fiction of hell, of the control and abuse of Nature by men. All names (nouns) are of man, not God. If you control the word, the name of anything, then you control the law of that thing by tricking others to respect the name/title of what is Real (of Jehovah) over that which is Its substance. This is how the lie, the name, the title, and the symbol becomes more hyperreal than the Source that lie simulates. So what is the Supreme Being (verb) as God? Every part of the Whole that is True, that is not man-made, that is not a name, a title, a symbol, a work of art, a technology, or any other form without substance. Obviously, there are no instances in Nature (Jehovah) where we find forms without substance. Think about that. For to know God one must know what is Real and what is false, what is Source and what is a copy or compound, what is timeless and priceless and what is of mammon (artificial registration and valuation).

JEHOVAHnoun – The Scripture name of the Supreme Being. If, as is supposed, this name is from the Hebrew substantive verb, the word denotes the Permanent Being, as the primary sense of the substantive verb in all languages, is to be fixed, to stand, to remain or abide. This is a name peculiarly appropriate to the eternal Spirit, the UNCHANGEABLE GOD, who describes himself thus,I am that I am. Exodus 3:14. (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


Yĕhovah (Strong’s Concordance #H3068)יְהֹוָה Yᵉhôvâh, yeh-ho-vaw’; from H1961; (the) self-Existent or Eternal; Jeho-vah, Jewish national name of God:—Jehovah, the Lord. Compare H3050, H3069. Jehovah = the existing One.” A. the proper name of the one true God. 1. unpronounced except with the vowel pointings of #0136. “Jehovah, proper name of the supreme God amongst the Hebrews, (etc.) …allusion is made Exodus 3:14; I (ever) shall be (the same) that I am (to-day);” the name being derived from the verb to be, was considered to signify God as eternal and immutable, who will never be other than the same. Allusion is made to the same etymology, Hosea 12:6, “Jehovah (i.e.) the eternal, the immutable is his name.” [We have thus the authority of God in His word, that this name is derived from the idea of being, existence, and not from any relics of Egyptian idolatry.] With this may be compared the inscription of the Saitic temple, Plut. de Iside et Osiride… [This shews (shows) how Pagans borrowed ideas from the true theology of God’s revelation, and not that the later borrowed any thing from the former.]…”


Note here that to colloquially describe oneself as I am that I am is indeed to describe oneself as nothing at all, as that which is self-existent (without name, title, or other fiction of man). To be the same as what I always was and always will be is to be without flattery of title or office or employment or contract under surety. To be the I AM is to be unmarked, unblemished, and without any legal dis-ease or flattery. Inversely, to be of satan, that is, to be adversarial (satanic) to Jehovah, is to be I Am a lie (some thing, noun/name). If we take the mystery out of the word satan and comprehend its intention, then we can see what is of Truth (God) and what is of the lie (satan). Where Truth is not to be found, satan therefore exists. What is of Jehovah is never a lie. What is of satan is never the Truth. And what is the Law of Truth has no power over the law of the lie without men acting in Truth and thus under and through Logos (Christ). When, as today, everything is a lie, then the Law of God (Truth) has no control over the legal law of fiction (lies) and thus does not control the will and acts of men. No man can self-govern himself when his whole life is devoted to keeping up the appearances of that which is adversarial to Truth, of money, of value, of reputation (persona/mask), of vanities, and of greed.

Corporations, be they governments, religions, or commercial entities, can only have power (be respected) when the Law of God (Logos) is specifically not followed. Corporations are artificial persons, and let us be clear that nothing in the Bible is more warned against than the respecting of persons of any kind (form without substance). While all types of persons (legal status) are fictional, as creations of man, corporations (associations, etc.) are especially dubious because they can by default have no spiritual conscious overriding their purposeful greed. Their stated goal of false existence is to make money (in mammon) for their shareholders at any cost, which means denying and even causing to make illegal the Law of God (Nature) so that they may operate freely in their destruction of Nature. Meanwhile, being caught up in the individual legal status of personhood (corporate membership) ourselves, we are thus bound by the legal doctrine (law) of the state, which creates, protects, and makes law to benefit corporations (artificial persons). No follower of Christ, therefore, as a follower of God’s Word (Son/Law), can ever be a citizen of any nation or state while at the same time properly worshiping Jehovah (God), for the legal right to “freedom of religion” is a complete and utterly deceitful lie. It means only in its legal parlance that one can believe (in the mind) in any “religion” one wishes, but that one cannot act morally upon those beliefs. Christ-like behavior is literally illegal in any legally-driven nation. In other words, the ability to do the works of Jehovah through Christ are stripped from all national (legal) persons by their contractual performance debt known as public citizenship. This is not “religious freedom” at all, which is the power to believe and act on those moral beliefs, but is instead the legal stranglehold over the expression of the Natural Rights of men to follow their moral conscious and Law. There can be no True religion in legal societies because the legal law is directly opposed to God’s Law and the ability to self-govern oneself under It. This is to say that while one may join a religion as a “legal” member, one may never act religiously in following any moral, spiritual, Higher Law. A religion (noun/name) is false, while acting religiously (verb) is to follow a Law. The difference here is essential to understanding the corruption of our society. And so corporations (artificial persons) like Monsanto (now insanely being allowed to be purchased and subsumed and further monopolized by Bayer corporation, the former German I.G. Farben chemical and pharmaceutical corporation) are allowed, forgiven, tolerated, and made immune from its crimes against Nature (Jehovah) because there are no followers of Christ in Existence to stop it, for all men calling themselves as “Christians” are in actuality bound by the legal doctrines of men (the law of the land respected by corporate religions) in fictional personas (legal masks of fictional status), where artificial persons (corporations) are people too, and have the legal “right” to literally alter and destroy all that is sacred in Jehovah, all that sustains Life on Earth. Remember, there are no actual “People” in the United States, and there are no persons in the private/several States. And so in the United States, there are only “natural” persons and “artificial” persons, the word natural in legalese meaning something very much different than what Nature (God) Is (see page 813-816 in my first book for legal/satanic definition of “natural,” which actually means “idiot”). In this way, we are all made to worship that which causes change, instead of the unchanging perfection of God and Its Design that is the Earth as part of the Unchanging Universe. Yet in all seriousness, all good Christian men that understand what Jehovah and Logos Is should be defending Nature with our very Lives at all times, especially today. This is our duty to God, and should be expressed by our continuous works in Christ’s Name, and under the protection and authority of the Highest possible Law, the Law of Nature (God/necessity), defeating at all costs these artificial persons posing as gods of the corporate (fictional) world. By all rights and reasoning, Monsanto should be burnt to the ground by tomorrow morning, its chemical labs violently turned over and crashed like the money-changers in the Temple… that is, if Christianity as the Law of God were actually being Lived in amongst the common people. Instead, we are helpless before the legal (artificial) law, which protects that which is pure evil in the eyes of God, as that which protects and rewards only fictional persons, not men or any part of Nature (Jehovah).

And in case you haven’t noticed, we are seeing the ever widening wrath and judgement of God (Nature) upon us thanks to these legal corporations (governments/nations). For what is the wrath of God (Nature) but the result of man’s interference with the Law and thus Harmony of Nature (self-Existence)? What is any apocalypse but the reasonable effect and result of man’s turning away from the very Law of Nature that causes Life to Exist? What other creature could be so ridiculous that it abandons the very Nature (God) of its own Source of Life and happiness? One cannot reasonably blame God (Nature) for the resulting ramifications of ones own actions against God’s Nature and Law. Jehovah is, at best and at worst, a neutral Being (Existence). It’s judgements are not bound by the limited false reasoning and logic-based drivel of men. If it fissures, it bleeds lava and creates a scab abundant with thousands of years of future nutrients for the abundance of new, eternal Life. There is no actual, vulgar, anthropomorphic anger in these judgements, be they plagues, earthquakes, acid rain… except in the metaphorical sense. We tell the story of God being angry and jealous, not to be literal but because we are to take no other God before Jehovah (the unchanging Nature). The Universe is not actually jealous, but to consider the metaphor, the timeless story, helps us to follow the spiritual Law that’s designed to limit our own daily actions against what God Is and thus Live spiritually in subjectivity to the Law of Nature.


It’s impossible to have religious freedom in any nation
where churches are licensed to the government

—Congressman George Hansen, quoted from “In Caesar’s Grip,” by Peter Kershaw


Of course congress knows all this. The whole system those modern Philadelphians of the Bible calling themselves as congress assembled created into the District of (New) Columbia is founded on the covert theft of True religious freedom and the subversion and indeed outlawry of the Law of God’s Nature. The Word of God must be replaced by the words (strict/Roman law) of congress, the false gods of the United States corporation. These are not Statesmen when they are acting in United States district, these are employees of the US government, hirelings of their own legal creation. They wear two hats, de jure (legitimate/State/of the private People) and de facto (illegitimate/national/over all commoners). They are Statemen only when they act in “Congress Assembled,” which is extremely rare. All religions are corporations of the United States, and so is each congressman. A Dun & Bradstreet company search for “Dianne Feinstein” for instance, turns up the corporation called “Senator Dianne Feinstein,” 1 Post St Set 2450, San Francisco, CA – 94104, as it would any senator or congressman. Yes, this is a business only search. These are not Real people. These are titles of corporations (employees doing business as). These are immortal offices filled by moral men, as temporary gods (magistrates). Need I even compare this to the Law of Nature?

To be clear, again we have the list of instances where the term “God” or “god” was used by the king’s transliterators to confuse the reader. Whenever the word “God” is used in the Bible, it is of absolute necessity to verify whether that “God” is Jehovah or a man acting as a god, such as a king or other magistrate. After a while it is obvious, for the the God of Nature has none of the evil qualities of men. Yet the way it is written, “God” is blamed instead of men playing as flatteringly titled gods for many dastardly and murderous deeds of men.


Strongs # Hebrew Transliterated English Equivalent
Old Testament (Hebrew) for “God”
H136 אֲדֹנָי ‘Adonay Lord, lord, God
H305 אַחֲלַי ‘achalay O that, would God
H410 אֵל ‘el God, god, power, mighty, goodly, great, idols, Immanuel, might, strong
H426 אֱלָהּ ‘elahh (Aramaic) God, god
H430 אֱלֹהִים ‘elohiym God, god, judge, GOD, goddess, great, mighty, angels, exceeding, God-ward, godly
H433 אֱלוֹהַּ ‘elowahh God, god
H1100 בְּלִיַּעַל bĕliya`al Belial, wicked, ungodly, evil, naughty ungodly men
H1412 גֻּדְגֹּדָה Gudgodah Gudgodah
H2486 חָלִילָה chaliylah God forbid, far be it, be…far, Lord forbid, misc
H2623 חָסִיד chaciyd saints, holy, merciful, godly, good, godly man, Holy One, holy one, ungodly
H3068 יְהֹוָה Yĕhovah LORD, GOD, JEHOVAH, variant
H3069 יְהֹוָה Yĕhovih GOD, LORD
H3863 לוּא luw’ if, would God, O that, Oh, would it might be, if haply, peradventure, Oh that, pray thee, Though, would
H4136 מוֹל muwl against, toward, forefront, before, before it, against, forefront, from, God-ward, with
H5760 עֲוִיל `aviyl ungodly
H6697 צוּר tsuwr rock, strength, sharp, God, beauty, edge, stones, mighty One, strong
H7563 רָשָׁע rasha` wicked, ungodly, wicked man, misc
Strongs # Greek Transliterated English Equivalent
New Testament (Greek) for “God”
G112 ἄθεος atheos without God
G516 ἀξίως axiōs worthy, as becometh, after a godly sort
G763 ἀσέβεια asebeia ungodliness, ungodly
G764 ἀσεβέω asebeō live ungodly, commit ungodly
G765 ἀσεβής asebēs ungodly, ungodly men
G932 βασιλεία basileia kingdom (of God), kingdom (of heaven), kingdom (general or evil), (Thy or Thine) kingdom, His kingdom, the kingdom, (My) kingdom, misc
G935 βασιλεύς basileus king, King (of Jews), King (God or Christ), King (of Israel)
G1096 γίνομαι ginomai be, come to pass, be made, be done, come, become, God forbid, arise, have, be fulfilled, be married to, be preferred, not tr, misc, vr done
G1140 δαιμόνιον daimonion devil, god
G2098 εὐαγγέλιον euaggelion gospel, gospel of Christ, gospel of God, gospel of the Kingdom, misc
G2124 εὐλάβεια eulabeia godly fear, fear
G2128 εὐλογητός eulogētos blessed (said of God)
G2150 εὐσέβεια eusebeia godliness, holiness
G2152 εὐσεβής eusebēs devout, godly
G2153 εὐσεβῶς eusebōs godly
G2299 θεά thea goddess
G2304 θεῖος theios divine, Godhead
G2305 θειότης theiotēs Godhead
G2312 θεοδίδακτος theodidaktos taught of God
G2313 θεομαχέω theomacheō fight against God
G2314 θεομάχος theomachos to fight against God
G2315 θεόπνευστος theopneustos given by inspiration of God
G2316 θεός theos God, god, godly, God-ward, misc
G2317 θεοσέβεια theosebeia godliness
G2318 θεοσεβής theosebēs worshipper of God
G2319 θεοστυγής theostygēs hater of God
G2320 θεότης theotēs Godhead
G3361 μή not, no, that not, God forbid, lest, neither, no man, but, none, not translated, misc
G3785 ὄφελον ophelon I would, I would to God, would to God
G4151 πνεῦμα pneuma Spirit, Holy Ghost, Spirit (of God), Spirit (of the Lord), (My) Spirit, Spirit (of truth), Spirit (of Christ), human (spirit), (evil) spirit, spirit (general), spirit, (Jesus’ own) spirit, (Jesus’ own) ghost
G5207 υἱός huios son(s), Son of Man, Son of God, child(ren), Son, his Son, Son of David, my beloved Son, thy Son, only begotten Son, his (David’s) son, firstborn son
G5377 φιλόθεος philotheos lover of God
G5463 χαίρω chairō rejoice, be glad, joy, hail, greeting, Godspeed, all hail, joyfully, farewell
G5537 χρηματίζω chrēmatizō be warned of God, call, be admonished of God, reveal, speak, be warned from God
G5538 χρηματισμός chrēmatismos answer of God


Yes, all of these ancient words (and more) were translated into one word, that of “God” (“Lord”) by the kings scribes. This usage of these words like god in place of other terms is not an uncommon practice for most of us. We may say that an Olympic medalist swam or sported like a god, for instance, or that a male or female body-builder or other sex-symbol is like a god or goddess. In fact, it is very easy to fall into this trap of lingual similitude and simulation. The problem for us lies in our actual belief in the God-like authorities of men, like say, the President (god/magistrate) of the United States. Or how about the administrative judge (god/magistrate) that, through legal trickery, wishes to steal your child away in a custody hearing? We are cowed even by our so-called city councils, as if these men and women actually possess some god-like powers that we don’t. We pay taxes to pay the salaries of the municipal police that exact, extort, and beat us, and seldom do we even consider the thought of fighting back or protecting our friends, neighbors, or children from them! When fiction is blurred with Reality, when false gods are perceived as Real ones, then all hell breaks loose and becomes the organized criminal rackets of religion and government.

METONYMY – noun – [Gr. over, beyond, and name.] In rhetoric, a trope in which one word is put for another; a change of names which have some relation to each other; as when we say, ‘a man keeps a good table.’ instead of good provisions. ‘We read Virgil.’ that is, his poems or writings. ‘They have Moses and the prophets,’ that is, their books or writings. A man has a clear head, that is, understanding, intellect; a warm heart, that is affections. (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


A king or legally appointed judge (magistrate) that commands all firstborn to die, for instance, is not the work of Jehovah, but of a false “God.” To blame God for the works of men acting as gods is ludicrous, yet isn’t that exactly what both the Christian and non-christen populations do? Judges are mandated by the queen to be called flatteringly in the title of “Lords,” but we must not confuse them as being Divine or of Jehovah. And the court records used to state that defendants prayed to the god of the court, which today reads plead or plea (pray) to the judge (god). Nothing has changed but the words used. The meaning is the same. A judge is a god in the legal realm — the realm that is not of Jehovah or Jesus Christ (Logos). What is God-like or godly is not Jehovah, only likened to It. A lover of God is obviously not Jehovah, yet is called “god” by the king (false God). Archons, a type of “gods,” and which the Gnostics considered to be as “demented brain parasites” that controlled the brains of men, is surprisingly not on this transliteration list, and are also not to be confused with the Supremacy of Being (verb) that is Jehovah. What is divinely inspired is not God, only representative of It (Truth), and therefore nothing that is Divine (Of Jehovah) should be mistaken for what is Divine action or words by men. To act divinely is a choice, not something that is automatically granted to some pope or king (false god) under a purely flattering title. What is a Godhead is not of Jehovah, only a simulation of It. What is a goddess is obviously not of Jehovah. There are no Gods before or equal to Jehovah, and there cannot be, for no “god” can be both lesser than and equal to the Whole. And so every usage of the word “God” in the Bible must be carefully examined. And the “blame” we often here against God for bad things happening to people or nations suddenly becomes clear as the fallacy it is, for man and man alone may be cruel and murderous to his own people. An Act of Nature has no intent, but to harmonize Nature Itself. Only men acting as gods, such as the very King James himself and his current bloodline successors and presidents, can be blamed for un-God-like events. Once this neutrality of Jehovah is understood both spiritually and about the physical Universe, it is only then that we may understand why we must stop emptily worshiping the symbology of Jesus Christ and start acting Christ-like ourselves, to stop respecting the authorities of the false gods of church and state, and to govern our own actions under the Law of God (Logos) and no other. There are no solutions to be found in the legal realm, for fiction will always subvert what is moral and just under the Law of Reality. We will not survive our collective institutions and unnatural science arts unless we change ourselves, each and every one, and stop respecting those corporations (governments and commercially driven artificial persons) and associations that are licensed to destroy that which sustains our very place and well-being in Nature. This is not a choice, it is a spiritual war already happening all around you, and it has already defeated many. For our choice is not by ballot or by claiming to be saved by religion, our choice is manifested by our actions. We either worship and protect God (Nature) or we sit and watch It burn. Empty religious words mean nothing, and many instances in the Bible speak to this fact, that he who calls himself as a “Christian” never knew Jesus Christ, for to know Christ is to act Christ-like in every thought and action. The world will not be saved by “Christians” of the over 1,000 denominations of false religion. It will be saved, if it can, by men without title, without pride, without ego, and without need of publishing and getting credit for their deeds.

The Bible is clear as to what the law of man is intended for, the unrighteous man that is not self-governed by the Law of God:


But we know that the law is good, if a man use it lawfully; Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine

—1 Timothy 1: 8-10, KJB


I am amazed that the typical, common citizen of every nation in the world has no idea that they are by default legally declared as lawless and disobedient (incompetent), and that all public citizenships (persons) are wards of the state (voluntary slaves) because of this lack of self-governance. But how can one possibly know this to be so? The answer is right in the Bible above. Because we are in respect of the persons of men and under the legal law of man, which is the law of and over fictional persons (legal status). A man is free, unless he uses the property of another. A person is a status. A person is therefore a property of some nation. The Greek persona means mask, or in other words, to pretend to be a person is to pretend to be some thing that one is not — to be clothed (masked) in false, legal persona and therefore under false law. A person is not a man. A person cannot follow Christ, for a person is not bound by God’s Law of Nature. What is unnatural is not in sameness with that of (belonging to) Nature. Man is a property of Jehovah, just as hydrogen is a property of water. But the water never believes it is anything but part of the Whole that is Nature (God). Man is the only Creature that suffers from such ridiculous belief systems, that he can own himself, be his own god, and thus follow his own self-perceived version of Logos (as false logic). And he has been convinced that he can be his own sovereign, when the only path to sovereignty is through self-governing, through Christ, which requires that there be only one Sovereign (God) and therefore one, always Highest Law. But instead, man hides behind fictional masks (persons) that carry the legal (artificial) title of pretended sovereignty (godhead). Man as god. The righteous need not such a legal system, for the righteous man is always self-governing, needing no mask (persona) to walk his path, for his path is of God not the legal system of citizenship, licenses, passports, and permits. The True follower of Christ acts the part of a Christ, of a son of God, while the false “Christian” bears only the empty, ceremonial and religious marks and signs of Christ, never attaining the substance for himself. The righteous man will not let that which is not of God’s Nature and Law into his life, nor respect that which is an invention of man to interfere with his ability to self-govern. His negative burden is to bear no mask, no ease, no false law. Yet the very purpose of every nation is to put men under the law of man and thereunder control our actions under a false law, including all “Christians” as members of corporate churches/religions. This is called legal freedom, which is not even close to religious freedom (the freedom to follow moral Law religiously in mind and in acts). Legal freedom is just another lie. As Orwell demonstrated, freedom is slavery. And in Truth, any type of freedom is indeed slavery to a chosen law. There is no freedom without law. The question is only whether that slavery is neutral or not, of the self or of legal force (contract), for to be a slave of Jehovah is only to fulfill ones destiny, to stand in husbandry and harmony with all of Nature and Its Law. If that’s slavery, sign me up! Quite simply, it is which law one chooses that defines the nature of one’s enslavement, no matter what status we pretend. The confusion of most Christians is that they may join a corporate church or religion and assume its corporate doctrines, and therefore become a Christian by ranting some line about being saved while continuing in a legal life of corruption and disrespect of every aspect of God’s Law, the Law being the Savior). Sorry, but the Bible is clear that this is not how it works. There is no Christian Church in the Bible, no religion but that of Christ, which is the Law (Logos) to follow. It is not an organization, not a corporation, and not a congregation. It is the path of a man following Law religiously (without excuse or error), and therefore one always consciously aware of each action he takes being in support of or against the Law of Jehovah. A slave of Jehovah is just as voluntary as a slave to men, to the legal church and state. Choose your Law, and by default you thus choose your master (God).

The lawless and disobedient to Jehovah will be prisoners of war under the law of nations, as citizen-ships (vessels of commerce/mammon) thereof, though they may and are certainly free to patriotically believe otherwise in their foolishness, even while bearing the symbols of their supposed anarchy. We spend our lives learning to lie to ourselves and others through such nihilistically false righteousness of nationalism, the ultimate excuse under the law of man. We, the common goyim of the nations, are why the law of man and nations was created in the first place — to control prisoners of war and conquest under districts (nations) administrated by false gods. And yet most don’t realize their own legal disposition, though it is our default persona (legal status) at law, for no hope is placed by such governing gods upon the lawless to ever be self-governing, that is, to find Logos (Law) through the example of Christ. It’s not that they prevent us, only that they design our legal matrix in ways to ensure ignorance of the law. This is important, for ignorance of the law is never an excuse, but ignorance of the facts is perfectly excusable. It is impossible to be ignorant of the law and also voluntarily contracted under it, for the maxim of law states that to know the law and be under the law are considered in sameness, that is, assumption must be had that if one agrees to anything bound under the law that he must know the law, and that not knowing it is his fault alone. The law is clearly published and quite easily accessible. It must be public information and accessible in order to cause volunteerism (citizenship). Thus there is no hidden law, that is, no law that is unknowable, and so ignorance of the law is never an accepted excuse. The Truth is that no man in his right mind, that is, one that follows the Law of God through Christ, would ever volunteer to be placed under the contracted dis-ease that is the legal law and political systems of man. For God’s sake, just read the US Code, and you’ll find that you give permission for government to do all sorts of nasty things both to you and in your name, including murder, extortion, biological and chemical testing, imprisonment, seizure of assets, kidnapping of your children, rendition, and total control of the commercial economy, all because you have accepted and respected its persons and flattering titles under the totality of its false law. The fact is that false Christianity is so concerned with the “afterlife,” a word and concept not even found in the Bible, that they are willing to abandon the heaven (Nature) of Earth and Its Law to live instead in the hell of legal societies and nations that by default make them debtors, while their false churches promise them the dream of utopia once their slave-contracts are finished here on Earth. Again, this is not what the Bible promises, and nothing about the Bible is set in any life after physical death, for the Bible is the Law of Nature, of Reality, of this Life in eternity, not dead vessels with wandering, unknown souls. The heaven and hell of religion is not the heaven and hell of the Bible. Read it for yourself. Heaven is not a place, it is the result of the harmony of man with God’s Nature and Its Law. Never forget what is our place, our destiny in this voluntary hell of artifice we’ve allowed to be created around the Heaven that is Jehovah (Nature) unaffected by us…

HELL – The name formerly given to a place under the exchequer chamber, where the king’s debtors were confined. (Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)


Remember, in the realm of legal fiction, a king is a god. The exchequer (treasurer) is the courtroom, upon which another god (magistrate) sits. There is no debt without a treasury, and no bank without a courtroom and judge. The word bench means bank. The judge (god) sits upon the bench and judges creditors and debtors. There is nothing else to judge therein, for all cases are monetary (of the exchequer). All crimes and cases are monetized. The nation is divided into three branches, the law executing god (Executive), the assembly of lawmaking gods (Congress), and magistrate gods (Judicial). This is a legal truth, that is, to anyone that is a citizenship of the nation. And without realizing it, the goyim citizenships in the United States now attend exclusively Executive courts, as the Department of Justice now exists therein. No court of the Judicial Branch is used for such petty affairs of the goyim in our debtors hell. We attend instead administrative courts. Why? Its simple. The judicial is for common (private) law amongst private men. The administrative court is just that, it administers the public persons (including corporations) of men, not men in and of themselves. Nothing living exists in the legal system. It administers commerce in a system rooted in the evils of money and mammon (false valuation) based on false, flattering titles and names (words on paper) that are the creation of (birthed as) property (status) of the United States corporation. In other words, the administrative courts operate over the commercial property (including persons) of the United States, never the property of God, and therefore certainly never over men. They are places of business between fictional persons, places, and things (nouns/names/titles). For men are not creations of these false gods and therefore cannot be administrated unless they respect the persons and flattering titles (properties), and therefore unless they are not self-governing under God’s Law, as followers of the personified Word/Logos/Jesus Christ. The respecter of persons will be governed by men under the law of persons because he cannot self-govern his own affairs. This is the Law. No person (status), no legal law. And to be clear, the fictional status of “illegal alien” only means that that man respects the person (legal status) of another nation, and so under the law of nations, is thus illegally present (in person) in some nation. No man is ever illegal unless he respects persons. And that is why the Bible instructs us that the respect and use of persons is against the Law of Nature. Any practice and respect of fiction is against the Law of Nature. This is self-evident Truth, but only from the perspective of Nature (Jehovah). The Law of Nature cannot protect anything created by the law of legal fiction. There are no persons or titles in heaven, only the Lawful, self-governing, forever persecuted sons of God. If there is no rest for the wicked, then the meek must at all times have the Word of God (Logos) at hand. To be meek is to be spiritually prepared under the Law of God for any and every situation… and the meek shall inherit the earth.

What is the United States district, then? Answer: an open-air prison for debtors.

But the even harder question is this: what, exactly, is a debtor? Answer: our opinion doesn’t matter.

The answer to this question, within the legal and Biblical understanding that all US citizenships (persons) are in surety as debtors subject to the legal laws of the United States, allows us evermore clarity on why the Bible instructs us to never respect persons. To not respect persons or flattering titles is, at the same time, to not respect the authority of “creditors,” “debtors” or “debt.” These titles over men’s persons do not exist in Nature, for Nature is priceless, and debt requires artificial, monetary or other valuation (mammon). To understand what this means, we must first take money (the root of evil) out of the equation. Money is an induction tool and temptation to create debtors through desire and deceit, but money is not the source or substance of what is a debtor. A debtor is a citizen at birth. A debtor is a subject of some contracted law (dis-ease). He who is under contract is a debtor to (performer of) the law of that contract. In other words, regardless of what that contract entails, the signer of that contract or user of any property (implied or express) is therefore a performer under the will and law of that contract. A debtor is a performer of law. A citizenship of the United States is by default a debtor, a performer of US Code, etc. All persons (status) of the United States, as property of that corporation nation, are bound under the legal system of law of that nation and are therefore in performance debt to that nation.

Consider that a cartoon may only exist and perform in the artificial cartoon realm, never in Nature. Likewise, a person (status) may only exist and perform in the legal (fictional) realm, never in Nature. A character in The Matrix program may only ever exist in that simulated construct, never in Nature. Man may view the cartoon but never be the cartoon. Man may act as if he were a person (status) in agency but may never be that legal person or title. Man (as God’s Creation) only Exists in Nature, in Reality. And all his problems stem from accepting fictions and their law instead of God’s Nature and Law. The word perform is legally defined as that which executes a contractual duty, which means that the performance debt ends when the contract is executed. Execution, in other words, brings fictional death to the subject of that contract, as its required performance (life) thereunder is complete (executed). Citizenship is an endless performance debt until one becomes a self-governing man — a True follower of Christ (Logos/Law of God).T

axes, for instance, are a debt to be performed (paid) by all public persons as scheduled by the gods of government. But the tax itself is not a monetary debt as much as it is a performance debt. There will always be new taxes, so one can never be free and clear, be it at the gas pump or the grocery store or the bank. The point of the tax (or fee) is to cause us all to perform unnatural, uncharitable, unloving acts in order to obtain government-owned and printed money to pay the tax. It’s not much different than throwing a ball for a dog that tirelessly jumps in a frozen lake to retrieve that ball. The dog is performing for its master’s pleasure, just as citizenships do. We are so inured with the punishment for not paying our taxes and fees that we forget there is no actual law that requires such a payment in Reality, in Nature. We forget the law of man is fictional, that the person (status) owes the tax and not us, except for our foolish contract of surety to that person (fictional character) against the Bible Law (Logos) that causes our performance or inversely allows us to be voluntarily punished. We forget the money has no actual value in Nature, which is priceless. The purposeful scarcity of the money causes legal performance (employment) in the nations, in debtors hell. In other words, the money is not the purpose of the tax, but is rather the causality of the action of fulfilling the taxing all persons (statuses) to exist. This was the reason behind the Revolutionary War, that the colonies had to pay the king in the king’s script of money only, not in any other form of currency, not in gold or silver, etc. They could not print their own money, and the king’s legal system made it difficult to acquire that specific script. If today you replace the word king with the word nation (district), then you have the same situation as then under a modernized, digital, nationalized money (mammon) system. Again, they care not about the money, only that its scarcity and law causes all of us to perform against our Nature, against God and Its Law. It keeps us fallen with no hope of rising again, for we are made to believe that only money (evil) can cause such a rise. Rising on the ladder of corporate status is not a spiritual rising, but one rooted in evil (money). We do not rise to overcome evil but to worship it in our fullest capacity. This is how we are controlled, our love being misdirected so easily by shiny objects and the false status of flattering titles. We are controlled and made to act satanic (adversarial to the Law of Nature) not by money itself but by respecting and loving (believing in) money as Real. To owe and pay the tax, men must use and respect persons and flattering titles so as to earn the specific government-issued money (property of government) to pay the tax that allows them to exist artificially in the persona (mask) of citizenship. Earning is the result of performing (employment), and like 100’s of millions of puppets we perform our asses off to satisfy the ponzi scheme that is this bulwark of public taxation requirements. Idle hands would have time to read the Bible, and would figure out that taxation is only possible through voluntary (legally contracted) slavery.

Without the root of all evil, money, what possible incentive would anyone have to perform the average “job” in the United States? Most people would never do their current job charitably, that is, without being paid in mammon to do it. And we wonder why we are not happy? Never content? Money is not evil, but rather the root causality of all evil actions and behavior. We fight and even kill for what we love. And we defend the system that creates that which we love, be it God or mammon. This Truth is self-evident in our societies, being rooted in our wars, our commerce, and our many otherwise impossible addictions.

Charitableness is True happiness. But remember, charity without legal license and permission is illegal in the United States, for charity is a religious freedom. If ones Highest Law is not Charity at all times under God and to all men, then one does not have the right to be Charitable. Legal charity is not Charity, it is a corporate person (status), nor is giving money to some corporation calling itself a charity. Charity is the actions a man takes toward everyone he may meet in life. Charity is the Law of God and has nothing to do with money and mammon (value). Legal charity is a financial scheme to make certain men wealthy. True Charity is a lifestyle and a requirement under the Law of God. Why is it illegal in the United States? Because True Charity and Forgiveness are the two actions that, if all men would take as their spiritual and Highest Law, would utterly defeat and destroy the legal system of men. It would cause money to be valueless, and thus all things in Nature to be priceless, including each of us toward each other. All crime is financial in origin, meaning that in some way all crime is because of some valuation in money. One cannot steal from another that is Charitable at all times, and so no such criminal intention need fester. There is no profit to make from True Charity, no usury or grocery, which is why government requires all charitable actions of its citizens to be reported as a monetary value, a deduction, or as a corporation. Most churches are section 501 “non-profit” corporations (artificial persons). Yet the Law is clear — respect no persons, for all are artificial, never of God’s Nature and Law.

The point here is that a Truly 100% Charitable man under the Law of God cannot be a debtor. He cannot be enslaved by debt, for he is a Bible reading/following man. Likewise, a church cannot be a person (legal status/corporation), for to be a church is to be a people. The plural of person is persons, not people. People are not persons. Persons (legal status) are not People (flesh and blood). Persons (as citizenships/commercial vessels) of the United States are therefore not the People of the private States united listed upon the constitution and other laws. US persons are voluntary slaves in surety, subject to the will of the People (States). Persons are managed like cattle in a holding company called “United States” for the benefit of the private People. Status (persona) is everything in the legal realm, and yet it is nothing in God’s Kingdom. Without it, we cannot be ruled and they cannot rule us.

It is also interesting to note that the word Job, used as a name, carries the meaning of either “hated” or “persecuted,” and that the root of this word persecuted is to “be born” (think birth certificate). Remember that the word nation comes as well from the root “to be born.” Persons are of course birthed into the nation, both being fictions of the legal realm. So naturally a goyim born in the nations is automatically persecuted, for the law of nations, the law of men, is created for those unable to govern themselves — those that are disobedient to God’s Law of Nature. Remember also that to be employed by another is to be “used.” You see, once the religious and patriotic nonsense is removed from the equation, we find our actual disposition regarding both sets of opposing law, and how each is designed to defeat the other. The only religion needed thereof is to follow one of either of these systems of law religiously, without deviation, without temptation.


“And Elijah came unto all the people, and said,
How long halt ye between two opinions?
If the LORD (Yĕhovah) be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him.
And the people answered him not a word.”

—1 Kings 18: 21, KJB


The Bible does not mince words here. It does not accept lukewarm behavior. It is clear that one cannot have one foot in God’s Law and one in mans law. This is impossible in two purposeful opposing sets of Law. Reality and fiction do not exist in the same realm, and therefore cannot be under the same law. Fiction is created to defeat the laws of the Real. And so when in Rome, do as the Romans do, the Bible declares. In other words, don’t pretend to be a a follower of Jesus Christ (Logos) while satanically following man’s legal system of law and existing falsely therein. God or mammon, this is a choice. But it is never a choice to follow two gods.

And here we find the very reasons in the legal realm why we are not able to perform our God-given rights of the spiritual (Real) realm of Nature, for no person (legal fiction) has anything given to it by God but hatred and thus damnation. To be a legal person (status) under the legal system in citizenship to a nation, men must relinquish all God-given rights along with any claim to the negative protections of the Law of God’s Nature to become and remain such a goyim. The maxim of law is clear: the contract makes the law.

I say to you again, the United States (district) is an open-air prison for debtors. The fool would offer the perspective that some citizenships have no debt to pay, that they are debt-free. But remember, a debtor has nothing to do with money, only performance under the law. Be you without monetary debt (credit) or completely bankrupt, you are equal in your legal, debtor status (persona) with regards to performing according to the law. And that law makes True Christian action and lifestyle illegal, for a man that claims to be of Christ without performing the part in his acts and under God’s Law has no right to call himself as such in the eyes of the law of the legal (anti-God) law. For to be metaphorically a citizen of God’s Kingdom of Nature, one must also perform under the Law of God, which means acting Christ-like at all times. In other words, “Christianity” is not a status (persona) but is more of an anti-status, or to be without legal status of any kind. This is once again a self-evident Truth. For the empty, flattering title “Christian” in and of itself causes no fear or respect from the legal system and its gods. Only the man that refuses respect of all such flattering titles and persons, including that of false “Christian,” can be Truly self-governing, for he never pretends to be anything he is not, and what he ever and eternally (without change) Is must be bound by the Law of God (Nature). The only Real Christian is he that performs his life and works according to Christ (Logos). The rest of us have settled ourselves in this debtors hell, performing wonderfully for all of the corporate, personified adversaries of Jehovah and Its Word/Law/Son, satanically speaking.

And yes, I include myself amongst all the rest of us acting against God and Its Law, even as I search for and recognize these Truths daily. To be clear, I am not asking you to follow me. I am only showing you how to follow the True Logos as I uncover it for myself. For I believe there are those stronger than me that only need shown the way that they may walk the path. These are my works, my evangelism, if you will, and I will only be judged by That whose Word I speak. The path is clear. The choice to walk it, however, is clouded with many centuries of the false logic and writings (false logic) of self-gratifying men. It’s this morass of confusion and its resulting contagion of narcissistic pathos that I wish to uncover so that the Truth may shine and the path may become clear.

If you still don’t understand what a district is, as Washington, the District of (New) Columbia, then let me lay it out real simple for you. To district is to distrain. The word strain means blood, heraldry, as a strain of species, a strain of seeds. The DI added to the word strain, becoming distrain, means to take away that strain, that blood right, that family name and heraldry. Thus any connection to Nature (privacy) is removed for any man acting under a distraint (a district). Remember, all nouns come from the verb form of the same or similar word. Putting the pieces together, it goes like this:

DISTRICT – noun – [Latin, to press hard, to bind.See Distrain.1. Properly, a limited extent of country; a circuit within which power, right or authority may be exercised, and to which it is restrained; a word applicable to any portion of land or country, or to any part of a city or town, which is defined by law or agreement. A governor, a prefect, or a judge may have his district. Some of the states are divided into districts for the choice of senators, representatives or electors. Cities and towns are divided into districts for various purposes, as for school, etc. The United States are divided into districts for the collection of the revenue… (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

DISTRAIN – verb transitive – [Latin Dis and stringoSee Strain. Blackstone writes distrein.] 1. To seize for debt; to take a personal chatel from the possession of a wrong-doer into the possession of the injured party, to satisfy a demand, or compel the performance of a duty; as, to distrain goods for rent, or for an amercement. 2. To rend; to tear. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

STRAIN – noun – 1. A violent effort; a stretching or exertion of the limbs or muscles, or of any thing else. 2. An injury by excessive exertion, drawing or stretching. 3. Style; continued manner of speaking or writing; as the genius and strain of the book of Proverbs. So we say, poetic strains, lofty strains. 4. Song; note; sound; or a particular part of a tune. Their heavenly harps a lower strain began. 5. Turn; tendency; inborn disposition. Because heretics have a strain of madness, he applied her with some corporal chastisements. 6. Manner of speech or action. Such take too high a strain at first. 7. Race;generation; descentHe is of a noble strain. [Not in use.] 8. Hereditary disposition. Intemperance and lust breed diseases, which propagated, spoil the strain of a nation. [Not in use.] 9. Rank; character. [Not in use.] (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

STRAIN – verb transitive – [Latin This word retains its original signification, to stretch.] 1. To stretch; to draw with force; to extend with great effort; as, to straina rope; to strain the shrouds of a ship; to strain the chords of an instrument. 2. To cause to draw with force, or with excess of exertion; to injure by pressing with too much effort. He strained this horses or his oxen by overloading them. 3. To stretch violently or by violent exertion; as, to strain the arm or the muscles. 4. To put to the utmost strength. Men in desperate cases will strainthemselves for relief. 5. To press or cause to pass through some porous substance; to purify or separate from extraneous matter by filtration; to filter; as, to strain milk. Water may be stained through sand. 6. To sprain; to injure by drawing or stretching. Prudes decayd about may tack, strain their necks with looking back. 7. To make tighter; to cause to bind closer. To strain his fetters with a stricter care. 8. To force; to constrain; to make uneasy or UNNATURAL. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)DI – A prefix, a contraction of dis, denotes from, separation or negation, or two. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


Remember, the word DIS is one of the names Dante used for the devil, for satan. Indeed, when DIS is added to a word it generally takes away or acts adversarial to that which is the root word. It negates the purpose of the root. To have ones strain taken away (as di-strain) is to have ones blood consideration (inherent, inheritable, and God-given rights) taken away according to law (contract/status). In other words, to be in distraint (districted) is to be disconnected (separated) from our private, family bloodlines and placed into a limited district, an open-air prison for debtors. In other words, to district (distrain) a man is to separate him from his Source, to separate us from our very Nature, from our self-evident destiny and purpose therein. The nation exists to separate us from God (Jehovah) through legal fictions and false doctrine (law). The nation exists to make men gods (magistrates) over each other and over their own false law. Patriotism is the celebration and worship of open satanism (false gods and their legal law of nations). Patriotism is a slave’s best attempt at justifying his own lack of responsibility and thus abandonment of God’s Law. And as Samuel Johnson put it, patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. What he referred to was exactly all of us, as men of great moral delinquency. For all men acting as legal persons are, according to the Law of Nature, indeed living in scoundrelism toward God’s Law. To be insulted by this self-evident Truth is to be insulted by nothing more than the proper definitions of words. The reader may attack the messenger (myself), but that will never solve the problem of the readers ignorance of language and lack of neutrality on the subject. Johnson merely spoke the Truth, according to law, by the very definition of this word, for all persons are scoundrels by contract. All persons are required by legal law to follow the law of men. Neutrally speaking, Johnson didn’t actually insult anyone by this statement, but merely told the Truth by correct definition of terms. It only sounds insulting because chances are the common man in nativity (born captivity), as a goyim of the nation, has no idea he is acting at all times outside of the Law of God, believing that his immoral actions under the legal law somehow places him and his nation upon the right-hand side of God. Nothing could be further from the Truth than such patriotic nonsense. But then, what really is the difference between worshiping false gods in the idolatry of legalized adultery (citizenship) and being patriotic towards them? Patriotism is merely the unprovable religion of the goyim, the worship of fiction as God-given. There is no more dangerous religion than patriotism, of mutual, institutionalized scoundrelism.

VILLAIN – An opprobrious epithet, implying great moral delinquency, and equivalent to knave, rascal, or scoundrel. The word is libelous. (Black4)


Do not distress, for the type of scoundrel, the classic villain in our organized criminal society most often referred to here is the one propped up by the bloodline of their fathers, a necessary patriot by his own birth. The most notable scoundrel is the politician, the publican, as he who attains flattery of title only by his accident of birth, stepping at all times upon his fore-father’s coattails but never filling that emperors clothing. The greatest base of scoundrels are those sitting in congress, the Senate, and whom act as the godheads of major corporations that their fathers created. But what is worse, the known villain and scoundrel that clings to his fathers legacy, or the common subject with no pedigree that latches on like a leech to them for some shitty public status (persona) and low title that will never be higher than those bestowing them? Of course the masses that refuse to or cannot govern themselves under the Highest Law would instead choose to be patriotic towards their slave-masters, who not only legally (artificially) forgive their sins but create job titles in the epitaph of those sins! What employee is not patriotic toward the corporation (artificial person) that he works for and gets paid in mammon from? What bomb-maker can also claim to be a pacifist or peacemaker? What agent exists without a principal? What citizen can also be a follower of Christ? What patriot can possibly believe that God is on his or her nations side? This paradoxical state of thought can only exist in one that is either a victim or a villain, a subject or a master. And that defines everyone in the nation and everyone controlling it. The patriot is nothing more or less than he who refuses to bite the hand that feeds it, he that has no status or flattering title without it and its military force. What follower of Logos (Jesus Christ) could possibly be a patriot to any nation? I suppose the answer to that question lies in the same ignorance that allows that same man to join a corporate religion and call his or her self by that religious title, though it is nowhere to be found in the Bible, and it breaks the rule of I AM (self-existence). Why would I consider it any different or any less of a logical fallacy to support the institution of the state over or equal to the church? Both are legal (anti-God/antichrist) entities created by men to enslave other men under false law.


That thou mayst be by kings, or whores of kings;
Boast the pure blood of an illustrious race,
In quiet flow from Lucrece to Lucrece;
But by your fathers’ worth if yours you rate,
Count me those only who were good and great.
Go! if your ancient but ignoble blood
Has crept through scoundrels ever since the flood,
Go! and pretend your family is young,
Nor own your fathers have been fools so long.
What can ennoble sots, or slaves, or cowards?
Alas! not all the blood of all the Howards.
* * * * *Who wickedly is wise, or madly brave,
Is but the more a fool, the more a knave.
Who noble ends by noble means obtains,
Or, failing, smiles in exile or in chains,
Like good Aurelius let him reign, or bleed
Like Socrates, that man is great indeed.

–Alexander Pope (1688-1744), from ‘An Essay On Man,’ Epistle IV


Most important to comprehend here is that a district is that which is defined by law or agreement. So, too, are the persons created within that district defined by law. Man is not defined by any fictional law. Man is the creator of legal law, not the other way around, just as the Law of God (Logos) is not the Creator of God (Jehovah). Law does not Create what is Real, only fictions come from and are of law. The constitution and the inherent rights it protects in men does not apply to those persons (legal statuses/citizens) that are birthed in and thus domiciled in that United States district. Persons are not men, are not Creations of God. To be defined by (created by) mans law is to be a property of it. And what does the Highest Law say again… Oh yeah! Take no other doctrine (law) before the Bible. Take no lie before the Truth. Take no false logos or statuses of men. Take no replacements for Christ (Law). The purpose of nations and the law of nations is to district the world and its people, to defeat our connection to our God, and thus to dis-strain that which is at all God-like (Christ-like) from our essence of Being and action. Its design is literally, physically and spiritually, to rob us of our destiny. The law of nations is nothing more and nothing less than that which is designed to replace the Law of God (Logos) with the law of men. I cannot dissect this any further. The Truth is obvious just as the anti-truth that is the legal system is obvious. It is a question of choice. But as we can see, only the initial choice matters, for all that follows the initial choice is controlled by the choice-less causality of whatever Law we maintain to support according to our initial choice. Thus, we may understand why the Bible has been stripped from government sponsored public schools and discourse. For to teach the Law of God is to teach that there is another choice than being governed by man’s false law in personhood. To teach the Highest Law is to specifically teach and thus defeat the purpose of the Nation and its lesser law. To teach the goyim (common citizenry) of the nation that knowledge if the Bible which would remove the very legal mark of being a goyim (beast/slave) makes no economic or national sense, if you have empathy for these devil gods (creators and profiteers) of the nation. And isn’t that what our history books teach, to believe in (respect) through Stockholm Syndrome the “fathers” as gods (creators/constitutors) of this nation, which the constitution clearly states is under the international law of nations? Are we not taught to take such false gods and their successors, in the form of congress and its president, as our own modern version of those legal fathers (gods/creators)?

How does one show an entire population, of any and every nation, that we are practicing openly a form of satanism, of adversarial-ness to God and Its Law, by being members of such nations and false religions? How can I possibly convince the typical, brainwashed “Christian” that everything he or she does is in fact antichrist by design of the nation and its legal matrix code of false law and corporatization of religion, causing religions to follow the law of man, never God. It is not as if these facts aren’t obvious to one that wishes to see and hear them, its just that he who says these truths openly is shunned and persecuted. For True followers of Christ are Truth-tellers, and it is Truth that is persecuted, not men with flattering titles lying to themselves behind a golden cross around their neck. How can I possibly defeat such an adversary as the purposeful ignorance and institutional banning of the Bible in Its intended substance? For my part, this open and free and persecuted work of imparting these Truths is all I can do, which is like standing in front of a purposeless stampede with my bare hand up, with nought but an appeal to some stolen reasoning that perhaps we all might possess if our mothers and fathers had been well-read in the Bible. I cannot part the sea of commerce, I can only tell you what is the purpose and destination of the part. And Jesus Christ showed us how to walk upon that sea without sinking into and drowning under its depths of debt. For though the law of the sea has been artificially extended over the legally defined land and its law, that fictional water of mammon need not steal us away, if we but follow the law and walk as if no such lie (artificial water of commerce) exists. There is no commerce in True Charity and in Love and in Forgiveness. And forgiveness defeats all possible debts imaginable by any adversary.

Jesus answered the question (above) by stating that we must rend (render) back to Caesar (the district/that which distrains, distresses, and seizes) what is (the property) of Caesar. Give back that which causes a performance debt. Give back the person (status) and titles that distrain us under the law of Caesar, the false god of any nation. To be under any district is to be rendered, to be torn asunder from our roots, our blood consideration, our place in Nature as the I Am with unalienable rights from God. This is not religion, this is exactly how the law works. Dismiss it at your own convenience or take it to heart. Either way, my duty is fulfilled, even upon those that have no eyes to see or ears to hear.

But what would happen then? What would we have left in our “name” if we rendered it back to Caesar?

When considering an ancient society of men that lived by the Law of Nature, or that which is self-evidently the way we should treat and actually respect each other as parts of the same Whole, as the I Am, I find this particular quote to be the perfection of that example. This is Truly what it means to live in the Likeness of Christ, in and as the I AM, the actualization and manifestation of Logos. This is the death of ego, the destruction of the false id-entity:


“No one paid any special attention to worthy men, nor did they single out the man of ability. Rulers were simply the highest branches on the tree, and the people were like deer in the woods. They were honest and righteous without realizing that they were “doing their duty.” They loved each other and did not know that this was “love of neighbor.” They deceived no one yet they did not know that they were “men to be trusted.” They were reliable and did not know that this was “good faith.” They lived freely together giving and taking, and did not know that they were generous. For this reason their deeds have NOT been narrated. THEY MADE NO HISTORY.

—Chuang Tzu


And then we ate of the forbidden fruit of the tree of useless information, of names and flattering titles, of mammon and of unnatural logic and perception.

Why do I stress that history is a dead, at best second hand art-form that can bring no good to anyone? Because the True heroes under God need not their name or other flattering title attached to their works. Their works are of God, and only God may judge them accordingly. Men such as the “founding fathers” and other broods of men that have been falsely made into deities and idols for the Godless men (goyim) of the nations lay signature to their works, for the legal law of man requires such things. The devil always needs consent, always requires a signature. They did not make history, they made fictions. God’s Realm is timeless. God issues no calendars as men (false gods) do, so history is, spiritually speaking, a mute point. It is those men without legal names and titles that will be ignored by the annals of man’s legal recreations. It will be we who choose to overcome such menial and base, low confections of the rewards of men that will be charged by the history books of men as unaccomplished and unmentionable. The story of Jesus Christ is intended to be the same, though one cannot tell the story of the Law without personifying It into a storied form. To respect only the history of Jesus Christ “the man” is to miss the entirety of the story of eternal (timeless) life, of life not lived in the artificial construct of the Roman, Jewish, and other calendars. The story of Christ is and shall always be a timeless one, for just as Jehovah, as Nature Itself, as the Universe, the Law is unchanging. The great men of God, a word that represents all time and space of Eternal Existence, of what Is, what Was, and what shall Be in the Creation cycle of Eternal Life and Law (Logos), which we would vulgarly and without spirituality call as the “history” of man’s extremely limited recordings of logic-based perceptions and intent to use such “history” as a political, moral, and spiritual weapon… the great men of God are merely those that Lived to suffer for their firm obedience to God’s Law. These have but two places in man’s journals, either as wrongly accused (judged by men) prisoners of the church and state, or as the blank pages unkept for those who had no legal name or title to mention, no blood connection to the elitists, whom instead stood absolutely and without wavering against the very evils of the legal systems of the corporate (married) church and state. To these anonymous men I pay my humble respect, but call no man as my father. And to those so-called “founding fathers” of the United States, those Biblically known as “Philadelphians” whose only creation was a corporation called Washington, the new District (Caesar) of Columbia, they exist now only as the genealogical records of blood and title that allow completely irrelevant men to become their legally appointed sons in congress. In their death, their grandsons and daughters emerge to carry on their “fore-fathers” legacy in the very same corporation and District of Washington, that of of total enslavement of the common man to their incorporated benefit as false, legal gods.

The next time you are asked why Jesus Christ is not mentioned in any other history books or works besides the Holy Bible, you may now know the answer. The Bible is not a history, but a Law Book. Jesus Christ is not part of man’s romantic history, but is the eternal Law of God. Christ made no history any more than he was a historical figure, for history is always a lie of men, and usually told only by the victorious ones. No history can be written of the unwritten (Natural) Law, for it necessarily Existed before man ever could. Until men start acting Christ-like, we will all continue to be made the personified history of the Roman calendric legal system. History does not exist in Nature, for history cannot also exist in the present. There is no rewind button in this eternity, nor does eternity ever question its own history, for what is is what was and what shall be, and there will be and has been nothing new under the sun. Think about it. Debt cannot exist without the tracking of time, i.e. history, nor can the pretended historical age of anything in the present. History is not of God, only a device of men. What is debt without a specific time to pay it? What power and control would debt have over men if they had no limits of time to pay or perform that debt to? Without man’s artificial tracking and devices of time-keeping despite the timelessness of Jehovah, no time-based or date-based payments could be demanded or paid. To make no history is to follow Christ without want or desire to call any action as a historical thing, to act without title (property), without debt, without contract, and thus without expectation of carnal rewards (credit) such as a side note in man’s false historical context. All actions of history are forgiven and therefore given no respect, be they of love or of charity or of hate, for all past actions are but non-present (non-existing) deeds done by empty names (form without substance). Christ never blamed the past for his present state of Being, nor did he blame his Father when he found himself helpless and seemingly trapped in this world of men, though he certainly begged the question. All True Charity under God is done in good will to men, not persons, not titles (like “the poor”), but to nameless men that have no more qualification for being due Charity than need itself. There is no debt in purely Charitable acts, and therefore you get no credit for acting Charitable. You are not a hero of historical tales for merely following naturally the Law of God. One does not act Charitably to receive thanks but to give thanks (to share God’s blessing with others). One does not give gifts only to receive gifts, but to celebrate the act of giving and the happiness such actions fulfill in the soul. The story of the follower of Christ will not be narrated. We will not make history any more than we will respect it. To Live in and be Free by the Truth is an ode to the future, not the past. History will save no man, presently, for no man exists in any history. The Timeless, Living God is not history.

Can you even imagine this anymore? They had no name or status for their lifestyle, instead merely existing in love, charity, forgiveness, and kindness to one another, never even fathoming that there could possibly be an adversarial, opposite lifestyle to such a perfect one as this. There simply was no legal law, no evil to be tempered by artifice. There was no reason to steal, to fight, to harm, or to kill. They lived purely in the self-evident realm of God and Its Law, in harmony with Nature and each other. They knew and respected no lies or legal fictions. And like it or not, this is the only way, the only path out of this legal matrix system. Again, we cannot overthrow it, for power corrupts absolutely. We must overcome it. We must strive to be in the I Am as quoted above.

Some might argue and rightly so that this type of lifestyle is susceptible to all sorts of evils, not the least of which is the force of some military or gang. I make no qualms about this. And would simply remind the detractor that as a citizen of any nation, you are also equally as susceptible to such violent force, in fact, even more so. You accept this as part of your volunteerism into society. You are in an open-air prison kept by the United States military. And my only response would be this: if I could but for one day live in such a way as described above I would release myself of all possessions, of all money, of all title, and therefore my place in the artificial cycle of Roman calendric history and dwell within that short-lived utopia like a drunkard bathing in a barrel of beer, if only to experience such a True Love as no-one alive today has ever known before. One day of Logos actualized is worth 1,000 lifetimes in this legal hell. If you don’t agree, and you find the urge to continue in your contrarian efforts, then you may use yourself as the example of why men like me find it impossible to find Peace. You insist on annihilating any idea of harmony with God because the melancholic depression of nihilism is perhaps all you may ever know. Detraction and obfuscation has become your sport, and no longer a purpose-driven mantra of past revolutionary times. The drowning man will attempt to drown his savior if only to get the last breath, the last possession between two doomed men.

The law of man, that is, the legal matrix and systems of nations, is hell incarnate. Organized chaos. Lawlessness dressed up as a melancholic system of justice and peace. In reality, the legal law in any form is nothing more or less than anarchy (lawlessness) against God, against Logos, against the Harmony and Law of Nature. There is no other purpose for any other law (doctrine) than to be different from, opposite to, and to defeat the Law of Nature. Lies are created for one and only one purpose, to battle with Truth (God), to pretend what is self-existent and self-evident is somehow not Truth. Nations (corporations/districts) are the abodes of sinners. They are artificial places where men break the Law of God continuously, as a lifestyle, and yet have the audacity to flatter each other and self-proclaim themselves as “Christians.” No son of God Exists in this fictional Hades. No man of God is legally birthed into these corporate municipal zoos. No follower of Christ would follow so many false gods as are present therein. And no son of God would take nay other Law but that of his True Father (Creator). Welcome to the grand delusion…


We (men) are going to become gods. Period. If you don’t like it, get off. You don’t have to contribute. You don’t have to participate. But if you’re going to interfere with ME becoming God, we’re going to have big trouble. We’re going to have warfare. The only way you can prevent mein thisis to kill me. You kill me, I’ll kill you.

–Richard Seed, Physicist, human cloning researcher


If you do not think we are at war, in every way possible, then you will become one of them even in your blindness.

Of course, there is no place to get off, no exemption to stop participating, in this now global legal system. Conform to technology or die, that is the only choice offered. Thus, this system and men like this must be overcome. We must leave (circumcise) ourselves from it all. The question is, will you die to fulfill your purpose, your destiny, your duty to God’s Nature, or will transhumanists like this be your new gods? Will you join them or fight them to the death to preserve Creation from being re-created in this psychopath’s image? The time to choose is upon you. The gauntlet has just been laid before you.

We know what is sound doctrine, for we are not to take any other doctrine (law) but the Word of God (Logos/Truth). What else is or can be sound but Truth? What else would any sane man ever wish God to be but Truth? No doctrine (law) of man should be respected. Why? The answer is obvious. Man’s law is at any time alterable, changeable, while the opposite is True of the Law of Nature (God), for Jehovah is defined as that which is unchanging. Here again we find what is self-evident Truth, and it breathes into our soul a beautiful, spiritual sense of confidence. Only without such respect and false confidence in the law of men may the superstructures built by men through unsound doctrine (law) fail, as does any strength or authority perceived in the flattering titles created as fictions of (belonging to) law. Why? Because all of mans creations are self-evidently temporary. End of story.

In examining this list above, we see that Logos is actually not translated into the word God (Jehovah) or any other form or implication of godhood at all. In other words, Logos is not even a word translated to “God” in the Bible! Yet It’s also apparently not quite something else entirely either. Logos is not exclusive of Jehovah, yet It keeps the balance and ensures the Life and Force of what is that multitude of the parts of the Whole. But it seems that only men may screw It up, which is why the Bible story of Christ (Logos personified as a moral teaching story) was inspired to be our example of the Divine Law of Nature and thus between each other. Perhaps Noah Webster stated it best in his 1828 dictionary in his definition of the word withdraw, again letting us know that the Existence of Jehovah is not a choice and certainly not predicated upon any vulgar belief or non-belief by men, where he stated that: “It is impossible that God should withdraw his presence from any thing.” Jesus Christ is also noted for suggesting that if one examines a piece of wood, that in that wood He (Logos) can be found, He being of course metaphorically referential to the Law of Nature. Dive into the ocean, and the Law of Nature (Logos) is there. Jump off a high cliff, and unfortunately for you, the Law of Nature is there and will break and crush you in your ignorance of that Law. Man calls it gravity, as if such a force of Nature could be created or “discovered