New Documentary (Part 1): Wagging The Dog: The Story Behind The Story of Covid-19


Want to know what Covid-19 is and who invented it, and see the whole story behind the story of how all other Naturally occurring disease agents are turned into biological weapons like SARS-2 (Covid-19) and why these experiments are funded by your own government to be lab-grown? Want to finally understand what has happened to and who has taken over the medical, pharma, and so-called “scientific” industries?

In this short Red Pill show I simply introduce what is my current major project on SARS-2, which will eventually lead into the release of Part One of Lethal Injection 2: A Corruption Of Blood.


And finally, here it is, its full title being: Wagging The Dog: The Story Behind The Story of Covid-19: Part 1: Creating the Chimera.


As always, but especially with this, I encourage you to share it freely and to feel free to copy, redistribute (free, without profit), and send this to every politician and professional you can find contact for, if for no other reason to show their complicity by ignoring it. You have permission to shorten it into a smaller version or as part of one of your own. This is a documentary for True researchers, for film-makers, and for all to learn, not for mere time-wasting, pointless entertainment. I hold no copyright or other legal title, only asking for credit and contact info to be included in any repost.

This is only part one, and there will be much more coming. Lethal Injection 2, Part 1, will be posted here within the next couple of months or sooner, and from then on other sections whenever I can, as well as the conclusion parts for Wagging The Dog, for there is so much more behind that story.

I say again, this is a life or death situation. If we ignore the crimes against Nature and the Scientific Method that are being perpetrated by these so-called, government/military funded “scientists” in their biological terrorism as defined by their own US Code, then what is coming down the road will make Covid-19 look like the rather strange and brain-damaging day in Disneyland it always is. If left unchecked, they will kill us.

The side effect of this film is that, once you see and understand this religious cult of scientism and how it’s infiltrated into all institutions of so-called arts and sciences, suddenly the truth is obvious and unmistakable, and the question of why the whole world seems so screwed up is answered – because it’s being run by sociopathic men that believe to be a so-called “scientist” is to play god, from doctors to astrophysicists to experimental researchers. Their goal is to change you, to improve you, to take a big crap all over God, Nature, Its Design and Its Law. They are the source of trans humanism, and their new vaccine is a transhumanist tool to reprogram your DNA through synthetic RNA, which is an essential step toward the futurist agenda.

As I’ve said from the beginning, there is a war against man and Nature, and you are right in the heart of it, though you hardly even comprehend it happening all around you. You pay for it through taxes, and you support it through voting and chatting and clicking like or dislike, thumb’s up or thumb’s down, on every artifice and shiny screen you see. You are essentially, through ignorance and inaction, funding and supporting your own disease and demise. You even watch movies depicting such apocalyptic landscapes, zombie hoards, and killer viral outbreaks. You’ve been made to love that which you should abhor, even to have a longing for such anarchic visions.

But now it’s time to wake up out of your sleep and defend that which is your Life, your substance, that which causes you existence. Time to fight and to protect that which Truly sustains you.

But first you must learn what is behind this current trickery and the biological weapons research that is and has been happening for decades right under your nose, from which Covid-19 emerged. Only with this knowledge may you justify your actions to defend yourself and your family from what these same, so-called “scientists” have stored up and just waiting to be “accidentally” released into the public.


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Sunday, October 18, 2020

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  1. Reblogged this on Wake Up To The Truth.


  2. Armand

     /  October 19, 2020

    Hey Clint, I shared the link of the documentary on my Facebook page. I told them how great a researcher you are and that to PLEASE watch the documentary.


  3. H Scot

     /  October 20, 2020

    I believe a system AI or a person is deleting parts of your video and inserting a copy and paste of an earlier portion. I’ve seen this happen with other people’s videos before…anti-“system” / “network” people.


  4. One trick Tony

     /  October 22, 2020

    Very amazing work Clint as always, big thanks! However with my poor internet speed, or whatever is the cause, I can’t seem to download the whole thing from Google drive, and now they even say it’s not available. I think it would be a very good idea to put this up as a torrent as well, this way a large file as this could be downloaded in parts over time by us slow speed’ers, as well as truly being “out there” and beyond the clutches, I would hope, of evil “things” like Google.
    With warm gratitude and love.


    • Working on it. It will be up on soon and I will post the link. I definitely wanted the full film in one file before doing anything else.



      • One trick Tony

         /  October 23, 2020

        That’s great “man”, and of course a torrent file would be just one big file too, only the download could be paused and interrupted an endless amount of times. I’ve tried a few more times but it gets cancelled after a while, maybe it’s a timeout thing if I need 5 – 6 hours…? 😉


  5. steve kelly

     /  October 23, 2020

    Thanks, Clint. Another amazing effort. Powerful message. So much ego blocking the vision of so many good souls. Will share this widely, with love.


  6. 9 mins only and BOUM!!!! WOW!!!! 9h!!! i can’t wait for the ‘long version’ lol!


    • what’s forum

      a row of rowers, better… a banc/bank of rowers, where the grapes are pressed, the chamber of a tomb, a market place, forum symbolises public life (a symbol!), finance business, from ‘fortis’ (fort, castle, bank/berge/borg)

      From Proto-Indo-European *dʰworom (“enclosure, courtyard, i.e. something enclosed by the door, or the place outside, i.e. through the door”), from *dʰwer- (“door, gate”). Cognate with foris, forās, Old Church Slavonic дворъ (dvorŭ, “court, courtyard”), Sanskrit द्वार (dvā́ra, “door, gate, passage”) and Lithuanian dvãras (“estate”).

      a public forum is the symbol with representants talking about the management of the Bank of Cattle/humans/things/animals… A Court-yard, it’s a tribunal where people are enclosed, emprisonned… Gates keepers… etc… door is huis/huissier/bailif… door-mant… is dead, lying down

      with dhwer
      you get war
      with ghwer you get guerre/war…

      there is more to it!


  7. Regina

     /  November 8, 2020

    Dear Clint, Your documentary is the best coverage of the totality of what is happening to us. Absolutely astounding. Respect! Thank you so much.


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