The 9/11 Interview You Need To Hear

What would you say if I told you that if… IF you proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the United States government, G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and anyone else that you think you can somehow connect with what happened on 9/11 where guilty, complicit in, and responsible for 9/11 – that they were acting under the protection of law?

What if I were to tell you that Terrorism as defined in U.S. CODE is legal for the U.S. Government?

Well… this is the God honest truth.

On this 9/11/11, I feel almost obligated to say something about 9/11. After all… I was there. I watched the buildings fall from my roof. And so I finally shared how it felt that day in this interview:

Link Here:

After so many years of trying to wake up the sleeping masses to the crimes committed on 9/11 by their own government, I now know that acts of “Terrorism” by the U.S. Government and its contractors (i.e. Halliburton and Blackwater) are perfectly legal under the U.S. CODE.

There is not a damn thing we the people can do about it from within the legal system.

And so perhaps we should be focusing on what the law is before we tell others to wake up. All these years of telling others they are sleeping, and it turns out we were all wrong!

We say that Building 7 is the “smoking gun”… But there is no smoking gun when crime is legal.

Terrorism is legal my friends.

Listen and learn…


–Clint Richardson (
–Sunday, September 11, 2011

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  1. Every day we get a closer to discovering the TRUTH about these LOW LIFE BA$TARDS, bushkie and cheneniskie for the war crime they’ve committed!!! Hopefully they will spend eternity BURNING in HELL for what they’ve done for the dollar!!!!


  2. Benjamin

     /  September 18, 2011

    When will we begin to see the way we the people get royally screwed by our wonderful government and their leaders are out to use us from cradle to grave. We are under the control of the worst people ever.


  3. Hi,

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  4. Excellent site! Sharing with thanks from Canada!


  5. Dear Clint,

    At first glance, you seem to have a practical solution that I never heard of. I need to ponder and check out with other friends to make sure it really is feasible because as you most likely know, the sovereign movement is a dream.

    This above being said, I must say that I put your interview to my Facebook account, my own yahoo groups (reaching 3000 folks) as well as one of my youtube account. I also will support your “uncampaign” because you might not be a Freemason up to the 32rd degree. I say that because all of those guys involved in politics are above the 32nd degree and that I know too much to naively function in this world.

    Thank you for this interview, it was terrific Clint.

    Martine, M.Psy.
    Researcher, Pastor-Assistant,Webmaster, Translator, Writer


  6. You can not pass a law that is repugnent,or in violationn to the Constitution.Constitutionality is to be determined by the powers of Jury Nullification (On a case by case basis).Judges are bound by law to infom the Jury of this.If the Judge neglects his responsabiliy,then the task falls to the Prosecuter…I don’t have time to explain further,why this is illegaly ignored….Research: Jury Nullification.


  7. Cathy

     /  October 21, 2011

    The more I learn the better. But the lump I get in the pit of my stomach is getting bigger all the time from learning even more disturbing things about our government.

    Thank you for the info.


  8. phil

     /  October 23, 2011

    The corporation nation website seems to be down .? did you take it down yourself ? or are you hitting a few nerves ?


  9. I voted for both Bush presidents. I really believed that both of them were moral men who had the best interests of our country at heart. Just a short time before 9/11, I watched a live presentation on PBS TV of what I seem to remember was the Marine band. They were the after dinner entertainment for a group dressed in formal attire, a very classy affair. Laura and George were seated in the front row and as this wonderfully patriotic musical performance played, I became puzzled at the countenance of President Bush. He seemed so deeply moved and sad that it caught my attention. His face showed such sad emotion that I believe that he actually teared up. I was just so concerned about why he was acting that way but of course I could come to no conclusion. After 9/11 when people began to talk about it being a government conspiracy my first reaction was to defend our president and to be angry that any one would say such a thing but that earlier performance kept popping into my mind. Could the president have known what was going to happen and been saddened by it? I just couldn’t accept that a man who proclaimed to be a born again Christian could have had knowledge that it was going to happen and do nothing to stop it. It just didn’t fit with anything I had ever believed about out government. Sadly, as evidence came to light that the leaders of out country were surely involved the memory of President Bush’s demeaner just kept coming back to me. Finally, I have had to admit to myself that it was true. I’ve since read enough to convince me that there is actually a shadow government and the person sitting in the oval office is just a patsy doing as they are told. Young President Bush was never groomed for that positon. His older brother Jeb was slated for that spot but because of family problems he was no longer clean enough to be put in such a high office. I believe that young George was thrown in when a substitute was needed. If in fact this is the case, he would not have been privy to a lot of information until he was firmly seated in the postion because it is a need to know program. I just have to think he had been told what was to come and sitting there listening to all the patriotic music that is loved in this country he was truely saddened by what he knew was coming, the terrible tragedy of 9/11.


  10. Little Bright Feather

     /  June 1, 2012

    The UCC code law is what DC created to REPLACE the Constitution = which is Treason, and yes they CAN be charged with Treason for that alone not to mention what is in it ! DC has not followed or recognized the US Constitution since 1861 when Lincoln did a complete coup on the Founders govt and REPLACED ti with his own Marxist system that we are still under. From that time to this, it has been the Communist Manifesto that has been the constitution followed in DC ! And it has been followed to a T. If TRUE history was exposed to the public, DC would fold overnight and they know it. That is why all test books, encyclopedias , media, etc has only been allowed to use the Federalist fabrications and propaganda as “history” for the past 4 generations. This was by Lincoln’s order for his NEW DC union to take over all schools and education, and they did. Any nation that has govt run schools IS a dictatorship and it is Communism. WE have been a Communist system since 1861 – and have been programmed all our lives to think of this as “normal” and as “freedom”. That is why you keep hearing the programming “this is the best and most freest nation in the world ” burned into our minds daily. A TOTAL LIE ! We ARE the most censored, controlled, and surveillanced society in the world, including China ! That is why millions have escaped Amerika in the past ten years for freer lands ! NONE of them have ever wanted to come back ! There is no “government” in DC – it is just a criminal corporation that goes under their corporate TRADENAME of “US Govt”. It is a DECEPTION to make the public THINK they are a ‘govt’. THEY ARE NOT ! There has been NO govt in DC since 1861 when Lincoln , a dedicated Marxist, completely REPLACED our Founders govt. Everyone has been fully REconstructed in the past 4 generations. All part of the Communist Manifesto.



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