A World Without Gray – Episode 2 (Special Edition)

Episode 2: Total Genealogical Immersion…

What is the true secret of the ruling class? What does it mean to be “related by blood”? Is it possible that just one royal family rules over this entire planet? Were our “founding fathers” really who they are portrayed to be in our history books?

The proof of these strange and disturbing facts are laid out in this sourced and incredibly disturbing 4.5 hour audio presentation. I beg of you to learn the truth about our collective middle-class consumer-enslavement to this small percentage of the human population.

Listen in parts or all at once; but please, please, please listen.

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The following is a partial list of sources and information for this show (click on the links below). You may wish to copy or photocopy these just in case they disappear…
























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Any other sources available if I missed them here.


–Clint Richardson (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

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  1. Do you have the interconnection of my family. some are missing this because VP Dick Cheney;s mother was not a Dickey but a Hunt, Dickey was her first husband;s name. And The Stanley Dunham was a stolen Id by my cousin Daniel Wayne Pope. Pres Obama and Sarah palin are related on my Dad;s side. And VP Dick Cheney and Pope John Paul II are related as in the Hunt family which make an interesting twist of Hunt Oil, yes, founders are my mother;s cousins, connection to the Vatican. And then Ross Perot and Dick Cheney first cousins and their uncle JB Hunt. And both families are in the royals. So some info out there recently is wrong as too many of this era don;t know the truth of who they are. like President Obama may still not know his real dad which has never been in the media. He;s the great great grandson of Czar Nicholas and Alexandria of Russia through my Dad;s sister Helen Hardy Pope born Olga Romanov. Yes for a hundred years there has been fake paper rials and other documents. and this needs to end. My mother;s side, is another. which I have published on my web sites. Oh yes, Gary Hart ins in the family tree on my dad;s side as well as Gov Rick Perry. Bill Clinton is also in there on my mother;s side. Over the last thirty years its no unusual for someone one my fmaly to be running for the two highest offices in the USA and often against each other. So what of that? Not a good thing to be in the cross fire of all this in my position. Linda Joy Adams aka alexis daughter


    • I feel like there is a question in there somewhere…

      If I may ask, do you happen to know your blood-type, or that of your parents?

      And has your blood (family) helped you in life? Jobs? Wealth? Status? Property and inheritance? Obviously, not all people know or benefit from this.



      • Clint, do you have your own Ancestry account. If not, go to Family Search.org & create your own free Family Tree. I will help, I am a Fam. Hist. Consultant (volunteer).


        • To be honest, I have perhaps an unfounded but very sincere concern about doing my own genealogy, especially with Ancestry.com – Some sick feeling that they are collecting this information for a purpose other than charitable. Information collection…

          Perhaps I’m paranoid, but the whole disease-based-on-genes-or-blood-type concerns me. And to be honest, I’m not sure I want to know! Would not change anything.

          Thanks for the offer though.



  2. Are you trying to tell us Barak Obama has ‘blue blood? Give me a break! Maybe those prior to him might have had ‘royal’ connections, but you’ll never convince me B.O. is any more than a mixture of White trash and a street Kenyan street monkey! The last puppet that was in place showed signs of a common blue blood malady, i.e. a brain disorder which led to sheer stupidity (The last Bushie!)


    • No, the professional actor/liar George Bush fooled you into thinking that the leader of the “free-world” was “stupid”. Who’s the fool?

      As for Obama, I’d take a look before you throw your opinion around. As 1st cousin of the Kings of England, the term “blue blood” might not be a royal enough description.

      And by the way, your comment makes it sound like you believe that there is something special about blue blood, as if you worship it in some way. What is it about Obama that is non-qualified to be “blue”? Do you have some insight that we should know about? What are the qualifications to be so special? Is he too colored? Please enlighten us.

      Sorry ’bout your bubble…


  3. Joe

     /  February 10, 2013

    I listened Clint, I really did, but I think you’ve lost perspective here. The clincher for me came when you asserted that Hendrix made it not by brilliance, but by blood. Man, you need to listen to Hendrix again. But I digress. In order for this line of enquiry to have merit, you’d have to include probability figures. Beside that, most celebrities in Hollywood make it by waiting tables and sucking circumcised dick, not by showing that they’re rH-. The studio bosses on the other hand…


    • #1 Thanks for listening. Now, please don’t be offended here, but I’m done with political correctness and being nice… if you want that, ABCNNBCBS awaits your frequency reciever… And since this is my house and you are a guest, I guess I’ll tell it how it is.

      #2 Let me tell you about my perspective… I was in Hollywood behind the scenes, meeting names like Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, and even Marylin Manson, so my perspective is at the least better than 2nd hand. And voice-over actors with all the talent never get a “break”, no more than I would have as a sound editor and recordist, and no more than the the actual writers of most popular songs will ever get to sing them on stage. I got the cock-sucking stories about Kate Blanchet and the like straight from the Jewish producers receiving the handy-work as they were offering me my choice of a suitcase full of designer drugs from the back of their Mercedes and Cadillacs. And yes, the actor/waiter combo was mentioned in the show if you recall (if you actually listened). My roommate (a self-proclaimed actor) used to wait on his occasional customer Brad Pitt and his chain-smoking bitch of a wife from “Friends”. Many “made it” in Hollywood by “converting” or marrying into it, say like Joan Collins. The Sayan willing to screw his own race is not uncommon of course when opportunity knocks. Not all actors are celebrities or have political persuasive power. Most actors are “character” actors never attaining real celebrity. They are not all blood. I get it, I said it, moving on…

      #4 I did not, as you fallaciously allude to here, suggest that Hendrix was not brilliant at playing the guitar. Purple Haze was one of the first songs I learned on my electric guitar over 23 years ago. And as I said, 99% of the greatest musicians also end up waiters, sound editors, song writers, etc. I’ve played with exact clones of Jimmy Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen. It’s not hard, that is once you have made your fingers bleed from practice (dues paid). It’s kinda like research in that way. Jimi Hendrix was of a mixed genealogy – African American, Irish, and Cherokee. His paternal great-grandmother Zenora was a full-blooded Cherokee from Georgia who married an Irishman named Moore. Jimi’s paternal grandfather, Bertran Philander Ross Hendrix (born 1866), was named after his biological father, a grain merchant from Urbana, Ohio, and one of the wealthiest white men in the area at the time. Queen Elizabeth II is Jimi Hendrix’s great grandmother’s ex-partner’s second great grandfather’s wife’s great aunt’s fourth cousin 9 times removed… (Link: http://www.geni.com/path/Jimi+Hendrix+is+related+to+Queen+Elizabeth+II?from=6000000009583573375&to=6000000003075071669). This is fact. Believe what you wish, I am only dealing in fact here. If your choice is to dismiss this fact (and this bloodline and its “helpers”) as coincidence (as you are supposed to) then I would simply ask you to prove your theory. I have attempted with great strides and months of hard research to prove mine, and believe I have succeeded. I can do nothing but ask as I always have to be PROVEN wrong without emotion and with presented facts. You have no idea how difficult it is to be in the position of presenting and telling the unbelievable truth to unwilling ears. So how about you prove your comment, instead of just offhandedly suggesting I’m off my “perspective”? I have enough opposition without good people like you helping the controllers.

      #5 Why do I have to include probability factors? Blood is not a probability. It either is or is not. But more importantly, why don’t you help a brother out and you do the probability factors? If you want to know, why must I do it for you? Criticism is always so bitter tasting from the mouths of warrant-less givers. Are you suggesting that, after all of this factually sourced information, that it is all “probably” coincidence? Are we just all one big happy family, with fame and fortune a mere coincidence? Really?

      Again, thanks for the comment. I’ll try to do better (LOL)…



      • Joe

         /  February 11, 2013

        Thanks for replying and believe me I wasn’t denigrating the effort or time you put in, I was simply giving feedback on how I received it. Admittedly I was somewhat flippant and apologise for that. That’s cyber communication for you. I’ve got much better at reminding myself there’s a sentient being with feelings at the other end of the line, but I’m quite strident IRL, so my lack of sensitivity is my problem and not yours. And if I missed anything, it’s because it’s a very long talk that I listened to it in one hit and that’s a long time to concentrate.

        Now since you’ve made all that effort and recorded your findings, my guess is that was because you want to disseminate the information in a coherent and understandable manner. All I can tell you is what came to mind as I was listening and I had questions arising that weren’t getting answered.

        The first thing that came up was, ‘OK, I have long suspected nepotism, especially amongst ‘the tribe’, to be a major factor in keeping things tight knit and mutual back scratchingly kosher (lots of intermarrying, so some interesting bloodlines there to be explored for sure), but Clint is giving me these geneologies of famous people without a Joe Blow contrast. Maybe I’m just as well connected genetically as Obama and the rest of them and God knows I can use the money.’ Hence the probability remark. If you had given some data that demonstrated that most of us mere mortals only connect to more peasantry, then I would’ve been eagerly anticipating my next point being answered. How it works in practice.

        So assuming Chas Chandler and his record company weren’t won over by Jimi’s exceptional guitar prowess, how, exactly, did his family tree propel him to fame? Even if his record company did a background check and on realising his blue bloodedness, opened doors for him and promoted him to the hilt, that alone could not translate to massive record sales, sell out shows and the rise to stardom. That is down to public demand, not royal charter. Jimi did the clubs and built a following by dint of hard work and his enormous talent did the rest. Back in the 60’s and 70’s there were a lot of musician working the clubs, pubs and other venues. As a rule the mediocre stayed there, the great got noticed as marketable cash cows, were propelled to fame, exploited and fleeced.

        Respectfully, these are my queries.


        • Thanks for getting back to me.

          Admittingly, because I do not understand the way this works myself, I did not speculate or attempt to create fallacy regarding how the bloodline works, how you become famous, etc. The info here is factual in that the cousin-ship is established. I do not know the process. That is the next evolution of my research, to begin to break down the way it all works. The idea of dismissing the factual data because this aspect is not fully understood is ridiculous to me, but then so is trying to explain a process about a family bloodline I do not understand. I hope this inspires more people to learn more about blood-types and the lines who rule us. I could use the help figuring it all out.

          That said, I believe your next step is to research the subject of how all of this Hendrix/Morrison/Crosby/Mama Cass movement started in the first place. For this, you must see who these people’s parents were, most in the Military as high officers. In short, I do not fool myself into believing that any social movement or revolution in the past was anything but a controlled operation, especially the CIA funded LSD experiments leading to the “hippie” movement and much of the music and musicians of today and yesterday. The business is not easy to break into, I certainly know that. But when you see the following research, you will start to get a clearer picture as to why I would suggest that talent is not nearly as necessary as blood or something unseen by the average Joe.

          BTW… I coincidentally lived in the Laural Canyon area when I worked in Hollywood, above the pollution of the city. Had no idea about this stuff then, but heard some crazy stories of people who were there…

          Here are some links for you to study about the controlled movement that Hendrix was a part of, a victim of, and likely a willing participant of the controlled movement:


          (note: this has many parts to it)




          The point… they control everything, media and entertainment are produced by them. I hope this helps in your deconstruction of how the music revolutions begin and change with each new generation.

          Note that the “2012” movement was also engineered in the same way.

          Take care,



  4. Dayna

     /  February 12, 2013

    Hey Clint, I’m just wondering what your thoughts are on the music industry and control – specifically with regards to “underground” music. From the evidence you have come across, do the feelers run so deep? Is it merely another “controlled opposition”? Not sure if you are into it at all, but there are some pretty prolific underground hip hop artists, who talk about much of the stuff your blog focuses on. (If you are interested, check out some of the lyrics by Immortal Technique, and Mr. Lif). You see, I often feel like we are being told flat out what is “going on” in the world, thru movies and music, and it is loud and clear the message is coming straight from the source. I have been listening to underground music for a long time because it is “self produced” and lyrically free (or so I hope), but I often find myself wondering…its hard to trust anyone these days. I’d love to know what you think!


    • Alternative is just another flavor of mainstream, produced by the same record companies, news coming from the same Associated Press.

      The “rap” you are talking about as underground is good, some of the only rap I can stomach. But I would treat it as I do anything else – any other information that comes my way – is it verifiable? Is it fact? Or is it just rhyming poetry? I find that music sparks emotion, and often emotion is used in media to falsely pinpoint false ideas and graven images upon people, which alters their reality and outlook at things. The real trick is to not sing a song or rap a rap as if it is a history book. Enjoy it, but be removed enough that it does not influence your disposition and logic.

      The most dangerous thing you can do is to start promoting the “ultimate fallacy”. By this I mean to say that your opinion may be that because one “underground” rapper or group is good and honest, ALL underground rappers and groups are good. This is dangerous.

      I am German ancestry. Some people might believe that means that ultimately I am a Nazi. The ultimate fallacy by some are that all Jews are bad, or that all “white” people are the devil. These are dangerous superstitions.

      The importance of this fallacy is used in government and religion to divide the people. A good example is its use in law. The reason for creating uniform sets of codes and precedents in court is to do exactly this – make all people guilty until proven innocent. Trials should be case by case to be fair, but instead are attached to previous precedent (opinion) set by another case, even though the circumstances are different in each case. In this way, guilt by association is established.

      The fallacy applies to bloodlines/types here as well. It is not my intention to suggest that all people of a blood-type are bad or part of the family and in control. I barely see my 2nd or 3rd cousins ever in my life. And in fact there are likely over 1,000 blood-types. But all of these fit into the set of 8 or 9 blood types kept track of by the Red Cross and other associations for medical purposes. So are all O- people bad. No, this is not what I am tryi9ng to say. That would be a ridiculous fallacy. Each bloodline/type in the O- category is different as well, and cannot be all bunched up into some pre-determined set of traits. And only one is the pure line of the Queen. But in this way, the connection of blood will be dismissed by most because not all O- people are powerful or celebrity., therefore there is no connection of the blood with power or celebrity. It’s coincidence that our president has AB- blood, and that AB- blood represents only 1% of the population. Forget that other presidents have been AB-, even though the law of averages state that of the 45? presidents, multiple have been AB- which is statistically next to impossible.

      Bottom line… a spy gains your trust by killing one of his own and appearing to be on your side.

      I don’t trust anyone just because they are associated with a group – especially the music industry. I certainly don’t believe that revolutions of any kind just happen without a larger hand guiding it. If it happens in culture, it is likely being promoted or helped along.

      Consider all, but verify everything.



      • Hehehe, would be really interesting to find out George Soros blood lines & relations.


        • Dayna d

           /  February 12, 2013

          Just a quick Wikipedia search find this “Soros’ family changed their name from Schwartz to Soros in 1936, in response to growing anti-semitism with the rise of fascism”


      • Daynes

         /  February 12, 2013

        Thanks Clint! I value your thoughts indeed!


      • brian morrison

         /  February 20, 2013

        thank you for your front line work. i truly appreciate it and forward to all those i care about.

        since you brought it up – what DOES it mean to be a ‘nazi’ as you refer to it?

        it’s my understanding that the term ‘nazi’ is a slander word; essentially used (along with things like a fabricated genocide) to denigrate and distract from the economic miracle of the National Socialists of Hitler’s Germany.

        also – do we conclude that a preponderance of jews are negative blood types? i couldn’t quite make that out in your presentation.

        again, thank you



        • I’m not sure what reference you allude to here, as I generally make it a rule to not speak the word NAZI to perpetuate the myths surrounding that word. I do slip though due to the conditioning of childhood and media. Can you be more specific?

          Jewish is not a race, but a people who took on Jewishness. As for the bloodline aspect of those who claim Jewishness, Jews themselves have claimed to be of a different “origin” i.e. “blood” and “DNA”.

          Here is some interesting research for you on Ashkenazim “Jewish” bloodlines, keeping in mind that the Jewish Encyclopedia and other sources state emphatically that modern white Jews are not of Jewish (Semitic) decent, and are not really Jews (Synagogue of Satan in the Bible, Those who call themselves Jews but are not) – and I believe it to be a blunder to group all “Jews” into one category. The hatred and resentment between Sephardi and Ashkenazim peoples is quite strong:

          Ancestry of mtDNA in Ashkenazim Jewry -Portrait of a Recent Founder Event.” American Journal of Human Genetics 78 (2006): 487-497.

          “Both the extent and location of the maternal ancestral deme from which the Ashkenazi Jewry arose remain obscure. Here, using complete sequences of the maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), we show that close to one-half of Ashkenazi Jews, estimated at 8,000,000 people, can be traced back to only 4 women carrying distinct mtDNAs that are virtually absent in other populations, with the important exception of low frequencies among non-Ashkenazi Jews. We conclude that four founding mtDNAs, likely of Near Eastern ancestry, underwent major expansion(s) in Europe within the past millennium.”


          Malcolm Ritter. “Study: Most Ashkenazi Jews from four women.”
          Associated Press (January 12, 2006).

          “…about 40% of the total Ashkenazi population(?) are descended from just four women, a genetic study indicates. Those women apparently lived somewhere in Europe within the last 2,000 years, but not necessarily in the same place or even the same century, said lead author Dr. Doron Behar of the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel. … Each woman left a genetic signature that shows up in their descendants today, he and colleagues say in a report published online by the American Journal of Human Genetics. Together, their four signatures appear in about 40% of Ashkenazi Jews, while being virtually absent in non-Jews and found only rarely in Jews of non-Ashkenazi origin, the researchers said. Ashkenazi Jews are a group with mainly central and eastern European ancestry. Ultimately, though, they can be traced back to Jews who migrated from Israel to Italy in the first and second centuries, Behar said. Eventually this group moved to Eastern Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries and expanded greatly, reaching about 10 million just before World War II, he said. The study involved mitochondrial DNA, called mtDNA, which is passed only through the mother. … Mike Hammer, who does similar research at the University of Arizona, said he found the work tracing back to just four ancestors “quite plausible… I think they’ve done a really good job of tackling this question.” But he said it’s not clear the women lived in Europe. “They may have existed in the Near East,” Hammer said. “We don’t know exactly where the four women were, but their descendants left a legacy in the population today, whereas … other women’s descendants did not.” Behar said the four women he referred to did inherit their genetic signatures from female ancestors who lived in the Near East. But he said he preferred to focus on these later European descendants because they were at the root of the Ashkenazi population explosion.


          Nicholas Wade. “In DNA, New Clues to Jewish Roots.”
          The New York Times (May 14, 2002): F1 (col. 1).

          “The emerging genetic picture is based largely on two studies, one published two years ago and the other this month, that together show that the men and women who founded the Jewish communities had surprisingly different genetic histories…. A new study now shows that the women in nine Jewish communities from Georgia, the former Soviet republic, to Morocco have vastly different genetic histories from the men…. The women’s identities, however, are a mystery, because, unlike the case with the men, their genetic signatures are not related to one another or to those of present-day Middle Eastern populations…. The new study, by Dr. David Goldstein, Dr. Mark Thomas and Dr. Neil Bradman of University College in London and other colleagues, appears in The American Journal of Human Genetics this month…. His [Goldstein’s] own speculation, he said, is that most Jewish communities were formed by unions between Jewish men and local women, though he notes that the women’s origins cannot be genetically determined…. Like the other Jewish communities in the study, the Ashkenazic community of Northern and Central Europe, from which most American Jews are descended, shows less diversity than expected in its mitochondrial DNA, perhaps reflecting the maternal definition of Jewishness. But unlike the other Jewish populations, it does not show signs of having had very few female founders. It is possible, Dr. Goldstein said, that the Ashkenazic community is a mosaic of separate populations formed the same way as the others…. ‘The authors are correct in saying the historical origins of most Jewish communities are unknown,’ Dr. [Shaye] Cohen [of Harvard University] said. ‘Not only the little ones like in India, but even the mainstream Ashkenazic culture from which most American Jews descend.’…. If the founding mothers of most Jewish communities were local, that could explain why Jews in each country tend to resemble their host community physically while the origins of their Jewish founding fathers may explain the aspects the communities have in common, Dr. Cohen said…


          I hope that answers your question, as blood-type goes.



          • brian morrison

             /  February 20, 2013

            you mentioned in the reply above and wrote:

            I am German ancestry. Some people might believe that means that ultimately I am a Nazi. The ultimate fallacy by some are that all Jews are bad, or that all “white” people are the devil. These are dangerous superstitions.



            • Ah… I was referring to the Hollywood version there, specifically to the mythological pure-evil Aryan master-race concept, and only to enforce the fact that mixing all “Jews” up in one bundle is a ridiculous fallacy – as ridiculous as all Blacks being of slave decent, when even today blacks trade and sell other black slaves. Generalities are a plague.


          • brian morrison

             /  February 20, 2013

            thank you for the reply… so we don’t know if the negative blood type is a jewish trait. it looks for the most part we are talking ashkenazi jews.

            speaking of… you’ve most likely seen this website, but in case you haven’t i’m sure you’ll appreciate:





            • I gotta tell you Brian… when I look at the vast list of “Jews in Hollywood” I see that they are of the same bloodline cousin-ship as George Bush, George Washington, and the Queens and Kings. So I do not give much credence to their claim of “Jewishness” and I certainly don’t consider them Semitic in any way! Again… those who claim to be Jews but are not. So either all bloodline actors, rulers and presidents are Jewish or none of them are. This is why considering Jews as a single race is a mistake, since there are so many imposters – not to mention the eugenic efforts of white Jews against Semitic Jews (i.e. the “Ringworm Conspiracy). But yes, the Rh- is high in the Ashkenazim. And so is the IQ – because remember, IQ has eugenics origins and tests intelligence void of morals and ethics.


  5. bodger

     /  February 25, 2013

    Enjoyed the mp3, you must have spent a lot of time researching. As against that, I hope you don’t mind the following impromptu comments which are mainly impressionistic and not reflected upon:

    1. not sure what is connoted by the definition of Rhesus+ but could it not be accounted for by reason of the population at large having been vaccinated with innoculations containing rhesus monkey dna? (On that and also the Salk/cancer etc thing I just started reading Janine Roberts: Fear of the Invisible, see eg pp 25-28).

    2. You allude to We Are All Related; Six Degrees of Separation so pre-empt my question (partly) but this page for example suggests, people as closely related as third cousins have only 0.78% shared genes:

    So those and the remoter connections that you mention as existing between celebs (and how to be sure of anything for historic personages?) would suggest the odds of a degree of connection through shared DNA including blood group that is statistically neutral at best and usually a lot worse. Some expert input on that would be key I think.

    3. Related: Bryan Sykes: ‘The Seven daughters of Eve’ (2001); blurb: ‘almost all Europeans can trace their ancestry back to one of seven women’. (DNA study).

    4. The list of Hollywood stars of today reminds of the lists recited by Myron Fagan in his CFR and Red Stars Over Hollywood LP discussions. Communism was a necessary but not exclusive condition for inclusion.

    5. Given the empirical demonstration of the urgent pursuit of wealth and power in this present world it seems hard to accept that the Connected Ones care only for some unknown and quite possibly (probably) non-existent future world. If I undertood the argument right it seems to me weak and a non-sequitur.

    6. The Connected Ones model brings to mind the dual seedline stuff. Nature over nurture? What’s bred in the bone comes out in the flesh? Well, don’t think you said that but the scope is there for those who would like for their own reasons to put words in mouths.

    7. The City of London is an independent state. I think you said that, anyway. But assuming yes, I think the answer is no 🙂 Knuth’s book ‘Empire of “The City”‘ was correct on certain implications of pre-independence colonial legal status of overseas possessions but I have yet to see any modern legal, documented authority that suggests let alone confirms that the City of London is an independent sovereign state recognised as such under domestic laws of e.g. France, Canada or even England and Wales itself. I think the idea’s just an internet meme. It doesn’t matter that the City has its own police force, so do other administrative areas of the country.

    If size is no object(ion), suggest for future talk 22Hz / 32kbps / Mono.


    • Thanks for your thoughts… Of course this goes much deeper than I can put forth. It is said that the most sacred of knowledge is never written down, only passed down by word, allegory, and ceremony.

      In my own case, I am collecting piece by piece the most gnostic info, and as I go along and learn, I’m trying to piece it all together. There were many things I did not say during that interview, and was not attempting to speak the final word. I offer the sources and information for your learning and interpretation, and to cover all else I’ve learned would take another 4 hours.



  6. Traveler

     /  February 26, 2013

    Thank you for doing all this research. You are a machine!!!
    I too ran across the video of the 12 year old showing the lineage of the Presidents trailing back to King John, last year. It sparked some research on my part as well. I never expected to spend the next few months going into rabbit holes I never even dreamed existed. What an interesting piece of history King John and Pope Innocent III have projected into our modern times!
    I really appreciate your deeper digging around into other ‘bastard royals’ who are household names. I have long suspected that there was an invisible reason that some people do well and others who are far greater go UN-noticed.
    I think you have nailed it — this is not a Jesuit, or Zion or Illuminati foe that we face, those are just franchises of a Family Business. This is The Club that George Carlin talked about and the ‘monolithic’ conspiracy that others in History have alluded to.


    • I thank you Traveler, and I am certainly pleased to not be the only one that can or wants to see this. My greatest concern stems from the concept that we are indeed of different blood, and that modern medicine dismisses that fact – which appears to be purposeful with regards to such novel disease states as AIDS, some cancers, and other prion diseases. I think there is so much more to this than we can imagine, so keep on truckin with your research and I’ll do the same.

      I still say that “They Live” is the most accurate allegory to all of this, except with human species instead of aliens.



  7. steve

     /  June 27, 2013

    An exhausting listen!

    Regardless….nowadays it’s a 100% kosher deal…conveniently left out of the closing remarks


    • Don’t fall into that trap… These people who call themselves Jews but are not are the same bloodline. In Masonry, Judaism, and in royalty, the establishment of Israel was the first step to the goal of all – the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon. The “Jews” are all related to the presidents and the kings. To separate these people into sub-groups is a mistake, for it divides the conspiracy and creates a scape goat. The actual Semitic Jews are being exterminated by the non-Jews who claim Israel. Give credit where credit is due. Don’t fall into the trap. They are the same blood…


  8. sickpuppy

     /  June 17, 2014

    i’ve lost count of the amount of people i’ve directed to this recording. good job clint.


  9. diggin it

     /  November 22, 2015



  10. Colleen

     /  July 15, 2016

    I read through the comments, and noticed that you did mention that it would be a fallacy to claim that ALL people of a negative blood type/O-/Rh-….are ‘bad’ people who may or may not be a part of this ‘family’ yet not have any intention or desire to ‘enslave or harm’ ANY other Human Being. However, while I listened to this entire show, I couldn’t help but to ‘notice’ that it was not expressed during the show and only in a response to a comment. Forgive me if I missed it, as I was listening while doing other things. I think I am a ‘negative’ blood type…it’s been a long while since I donated blood and do not know my rh factor…and I have not idea if I am in any way a super distant cousin of this ‘family’…but I can guarantee that i care about and have empathy for ALL life on this planet. I am not, nor has my family been rich or famous or part of a powerful position in society.


    • Your blood-type makes you different. What that means can be expressed in many ways, from diet to literally your blood attacking and killing the different blood type of a potential father, literally preventing the “mixed” blood. You are free to speculate upon what this means, of course, and most speculation goes out the window with the advent of “modern medicine,” which is another way of saying modern witchcraft. Through medicine, in other words, the medical witchdoctors have prevented our bodies from naturally rejecting the different blood of another “human” type. So is nature racist? Or is nature merely blankly protecting its intent and design?

      As to your inquiry, there is no such thing in nature as “good and evil.” These only exist as fruits of the tree of knowledge, in other words, they are concepts that only exist in the minds of men. We might consider a spider, a Black Widow specifically, as evil. But is it evil, or just fulfilling its very nature? Ironically, if man were to attempt to eradicate evil from this world, the good would also perish, for nature (Creation, if you will) is a delicate balance of necessities. Scavengers, parasites, and thieves… this is the very definition of many species upon this planet, including men.

      I would probably say that because people are born into a specifically + or – bloodline, different family lines which protect themselves only because the laws of nature prevent such mixing of other bloodlines (until recently when man’s law interfered medically/pharmaceutically with those natural laws), and because those families each have their own way, their own mythology, their own religious rituals, and their own “good or evil” traditions, that we see their offspring follow in the same ancient ways and means as their family line. These criminal activities so engrained in their culture are not natural in any way, requiring tools such as title and money to control others, and so to postulate that such behavior is “natural” is preposterous, though the inclination to be either a slave or a master may very well be genetic, if you will. And so ultimately it is the training and upbringing that in my opinion causes such “evil” behavior, and the passing of fortunes and landholdings onto each generation certainly encourages such behavior, more as protectionism of estate than outright dark intent. The common people have no estates, no lands, and so this blood-tracking and fabled genealogy is worthless to us. We are refugees upon other people’s lands, properties that have been passed down to unwitting children since the dawn of such family histories were first recorded. This would also explain why some of those children became the enemies of their own families and instead became advocates for all of us. Martyrs. Those of good conscious that don’t believe in such artificial legal titles.

      I am not here to pass judgement, only to show you the design so that you might remove yourself or “save” yourself from it.

      The fact is that the bloodlines rule in every nation. Be this by happenstance or for the reasons mentioned above, by mere cultural ritual without conscious thought, so be it. The reason does not change the fact.

      Hope that helps…



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