CORE: Making Children Stupider Around The World

Ok… Stupider is not really supposed to be a word. But with CORE, who needs proper grammar? Slang is the new English!!!

I often tell people who want to research a company or government entity that they should seek out the audited “Annual Financial Report” for that corporation, association, etc. The fact is that all aggregate corporations, both public and private, are statutorily required to create, independently audit, and file with the U.S. Federal Government a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) (AFR), and that includes all governments from cities and counties (municipal corporations) to districts to states.

Though I had heard about the many issues with what is called “Common CORE” from many concerned but ill-informed parents and activists, I had never actually spent the time to research exactly what this thing is and how large it has become. As a friend in Texas was speaking of how her son’s homework in the CORE system of Texas involved a lesson about George Orwell’s 1984 as a learning exercise, I realized it was time to have a look.

Thanks to the efforts of a concerned mother who brought this travesty to the awareness of the people, here’s what that homework assignment looked like:

1984 Experience

The first thing I usually look for when researching any corporation is its latest annual financial report (AFR). And so I did a simple search with the parameters of “Common CORE annual financial report”, and up came the following link:

I instructed the finder to recover the “Annual Report 2011-12”, and up popped a (.pdf) file of that report.

It was so simple, and yet most people have no clue these reports even exist for their consumption…

The link to the actual 2012 fiscal year Annual Financial Report is here:\

Now, keeping in mind my own ignorance of just what Common CORE actually was, I am going to treat you, the reader, with the same disposition. My shock and awe at what was revealed in this report will likely have the same jaw-dropping effect upon you that it had on me. And even the armchair activist will be shocked at what is revealed within…

As I read the first page, I knew I was looking at the New Order of things to come – a global system of so-called workforce education that is quickly spreading across not just the United States, but the entire “civilized” planet. Over a blue light bulb with all of the continents of earth upon it, the cover-sheet’s title exclaims:

“CORE – Innovating To Transform The World”

One of the first things I noticed is that this is not a typical AFR. As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the rules and regulations for corporations becomes more model and uniform. Thus, I realized right away that this Annual Report was not American in origin. Indeed, this for-profit education corporation that teaches American children and teachers hails not from the United States – but from India.

The third section of the cover sheet continues, with poor sentence structure and grammatical error, to expand upon this theme of “Innovating To Transform The World”. If you can, try and imagine this paragraph in your mind with an Indian Accent:

“The world is changing at a much faster pace today than one would have imagined a decade ago. The way innovations of yesteryears like internet and mobility transformed the world today; innovations of today would go on to transform the world tomorrow. In the words of William Wordsworth, ‘The child is father of man’. Quite rightly, the shape of future lies in the hands of today’s youth. The responsibility to shape young minds and prepare them for a new world rests on Education. The world needs to renounce some age old practices in its education system and adopt a futuristic pedagogy. Core has been incubating innovations that are transforming the Education Systems worldwidefrom the US to the UK; from India to the Middle East and Africa. With innovative interventions across Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Governance, the company is rigorously at work. Innovating today what will lead to a transformed world tomorrow.”

The initial shock from reading this disclaimer is still boiling like butterflies in my stomach. And yet, I also realized that this report and the comprehension that CORE is a global network of for-profit corporations literally taking over the entire structure of education explains perfectly the changes I have seen in America. Even the most adamant activist gladiators had no idea that this CORE system originated in India and is spreading like a virus throughout the world. And this shows in triplicate the paramount importance of reading the annual financial reports of all corporations.

By the way, the word pedagogy is defined as “the science and art of education, specifically instructional theory.”

It’s etymology stems from the Greek παιδαγωγέω (paidagōgeō); in which παῖς (país, genitive παιδός, paidos) means “child” and άγω (ágō) means “lead”; literally translated to lead the child.

I sat back for a moment and imagined that our school system is now being traded for profit on the global stock exchange…

And that was when I started writing this report. For at its core, there is something very, very wrong with CORE.

The next page states in large font:

“CORE is India’s largest global education company with presence in US, UK, India, Singapore, Middle East, Hong Kong, Africa and the Caribbean”

Que jaw dropping again…

A further description claims:

  • “CORE’s pillars of strength – Huge network – India’s largest global education company, presence across US, 40 counties in UK, Pan India, Singapore, 9 countries in Hong Kong and 2 countries in the Caribbean
  • Strong domain expertise in the education sector, presence across entire spectrum of education
  • Strong asset base – ranked as the top transnational company in India in USD 150-500 mn global asset base
  • High thrust on innovation – The Company has the highest r&D spends in the sector in India and was ranked 12th from India and 788th globally in 2011 Industrial r&D Investment Scoreboard
  • One of the highest quality standards – Appraised at CMMi 5, the highest level of process maturity that independently verifies Core’s capabilities to continuously enhance its processes through incremental and innovative improvements
  • Access to quality resource base – Being headquartered in India, the company has an access to one of the world’s most skilled yet competitively priced human resources
  • Strategic alliances with leading global players including University of Oxford in the UK; Center for Higher Learning (“CHL”), Texas Instruments, Eastern Valley Institute of Technologies (“VIT”) in the US; and Institute Technical education (“IT”) Singapore amongst others”

The next page goes even further in establishing some very hard truths:

“Ready to create a promising future

The global agenda of the 21st century is set around economy and trade, with manufacturing shifting from the west to the east, employment landscape would immensely change at both ends. In order to sustain their economic growth, developed as well as developing economies need to intensify their human capital formation. Not surprising then, nations across the world are increasingly investing in education for continued development of their human capital, quantitatively as well as qualitatively…

“With governments across the world stepping up their spends on reinventing their education system in line with the unfolding realities of 21st century, CORE is uniquely poised to leverage its established and fast improving domain prowess. In doing so, it would help nations enhance the productive capabilities of their future workforce and create immense value for all its stakeholders over coming decades.”


I remind the reader once again that the grammatical errors are as reported in this Annual Financial Report. Apparently grammar is not high on the list for human capital development as a dumbed-down workforce. Of course, ‘knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave’, as a famous and free black man once stated…

There is so much wrong with these statements that I do not know where to begin.

Did you know that there was a 21st century global agenda that would shift the economic manufacturing base from America to Eastern nations and countries like China and India? We have all physically seen it happening, but I certainly wasn’t aware that it was part of an Agenda.

Unless that is, we are speaking of Agenda 21 (Agenda 21st Century).

And how do you feel when categorized Orwellian-style into “Human Capital” to be managed and “educated” to become part of the “workforce” of that new global agenda? Make no mistake, “human capital” means humans as trade-able and disposable commodities. In other words… SLAVES!

Do you believe that the “core” of education should be based upon training young minds to be workforce-ready by age 18 at the expense of the mind and learning how to learn? Should education teach what to think instead of how to think?

And do you feel at all comfortable that “stakeholders” of nations will benefit from the spread of this CORE system corporation?

Should a for-profit private corporation traded on the global stock market be put in charge of “re-imagining education”?

Should a government have the authority to require your children to attend a non-government school curricular system such as CORE run by partnerships with private corporations?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you had better get off of your butt and do something about this, and fast!

Unless none dare call this treason…


On page 4 of the Annual Financial Report, we read:


“Having fast matured over the last nine years, Core is better placed today than most of its Peers in partnering the governments and various developmental agencies in their education agenda. With a proven track record of enhancing efficiencies and delivering impact, it is finding a greater acceptance and even preference amongst its current and future patrons. Its impressive revenue growth at a CAGR of 53 percent over the last five years bears testimony of the same…”

“In a short span of nine years, CORE has expanded its footprint globally. Its diverse client base includes customers from America to europe to Asia to Africa. They come from the most developed economies like US and UK, from developing economies like India and the UAE, and also from emerging economies like Mozambique, Kenya, Ghana and Zambia in Africa.

The impact of CORE’s intervention is significantly huge today, with benefits accruing to more than 35 million students, 60,000 youth, 105,000 teachers, and 88,000 schools worldwide. Having established a strong global presence through 36 offices across the globe, CORE considers its journey to have just begun.

CORE leverages on its global best practices and a deeper understanding of varying needs of reforming education systems across different countries in creating a diverse suite of solutions. Each country, each province and each district is different from another and so are their requirements. CORE’s ability to partner them from the stage of need identification through development of custom solutions to testing and roll out with desired impact and efficiency makes it a preferred partner for them.

Having traditionally served the western markets with its IT/ITeS enabled solutions in education, CORE’s revenue mix had predominantly been skewed towards these markets.

Over the recent years, it has been increasing its focus on emerging markets and regions like India, Middle east and Africa.

Furthering its growth plans in India, it is aiming to set up Model Schools under Public Private Partnership model, participate in School Development Programs, intensify Teacher Training programs, and operate Vocational and Skill-based training centers.

CORE has successfully implemented various projects under Information and Communication Technology and Computer Aided Learning programs in over 10,000 schools across various states besides earning prequalification to bid for a Government project to set up 50 model schools under PPP model in Rajasthan.

During the year under review, Core also expanded its focus on other emerging markets. During the year it has entered into multiple joint ventures in the Middle east including partnership with the ras Al Khaimah Government to operate Academic Learning Centre at RAK FTZ in collaboration with Birla Institute of Technology Ranchi, offering programs in engineering, Architecture and Business Administration.”


For those not familiar with the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model of privatizing government functions through corporations, you should be very afraid. For when this form of partnership happens, the government hands over the operation and supervision of government functions and infrastructure to private and publicly traded corporations like General Electric, Monsanto, JP Morgan Chase, and other less than desirable corporate entities. These lease agreements and multi-decade contracts take the government out of government, allowing companies like CORE to sweep in and… well – “Re-imagine” the education of your children.

The terms “Model“, “Model Legislation“, “Model School“, and global “Best Practices” are all steeped in the United Nations Agenda 21 program. These agendas and rules are created by private associations and then rubber stamped by congress. Even the rules regarding Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are created by such private non-governmental associations as Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) and the Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) – which again are not government but completely private corporations or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO).


A few other interesting quotes from this report…

“CORE solutions are transforming the entire education spectrum from pre school to K-12, from higher education to vocational education” –page 6

“…Through its innovative solutions for Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Governance, CORE is helping countries globally to bridge their ever widening skill deficit and to significantly raise their educational standards. CORE Advanced Technologies and Consulting Solutions are making our customers more efficient.” –page 6

“Transforming Nations By Creating Holistic Knowledge Ecosystems” –page 7

“Core seeks to achieve transformation of nations by revolutionizing the key building blocks of education, namely – Teaching, Learning, Assessment & Governance. Core provides solutions to the entire spectrum of education – Pre-school, K-12(Kindergarten through 12th Grade), Vocational education and Higher education, to governments, schools and educational institutions, across the world… By boosting literacy rates, increasing employability, enhancing the learning experience and making education accessible and inclusive, Core solutions are helping transform societies and nations.”

“Core understands this premise and has collaborated with the University of Oxford to focus on comprehensive teacher quality reform. The programme aims at improving the professional working knowledge of teachers through a networked learning community that operates across geographies. The teachers are mentored on one to one basis using e-tutors. It is an online and collaborative teacher development program delivered through distance learning mode… Certification is awarded on successful completion of the programme” –page 7

**Author’s question: Will teachers be able to teach in the future without certification? The answer, perhaps, lies here:

To augment its teacher staffing capabilities and reach, Core acquired ITN Mark education. ITN Mark education is one of UK’s largest firms engaged in educational staffing services and a national provider of teachers and teaching assistants in england & Wales. ITN Mark education has a strong client network of around1600 Schools 3600 Teachers and 1300 Teaching Assistants across 16 locations in the UK and was the Winner of ‘Best Public Sector recruitment Agency’ title at the prestigious recruiter Awards for excellence, 2011. Today, Core assists educational institutions through contract staffing, recruitment services and specialized outsourcing.

Salient features

  • Cost effective contract staffing that helps in temporary, seasonal or ad-hoc hiring
  • Specialized outsourcing helps K12 clients to maintain continuity in the absence of permanent staff
  • ITN Mark has been accredited with Quality Mark by Department for education Quality Mark since its inception in 2002 for its strong internal practices and benchmarks” –page 8

**Author’s note: As this CORE system grows, and in order to maintain continuity in model and uniform teaching best practices, I’d say it’s fair to make an educated guess that required CORE mind control training for teachers from an “e-tutor” through “distance learning” is just around the globalized corner.

“CORE is assisting over 105,000 teachers globally to raise their teaching standards” –page 9

“A teacher plays a very critical role in national development. The quality of teaching has a direct bearing on the child’s future and in turn, the nation’s economic growth. Core teaching solutions help schools globally to productively utilize their student time and help teachers gain access to contemporary teaching methodologies through community based participation.”

You see, in a global society, the individual growth and development of an individual child’s mind takes secondary position to creating a globally ready workforce of like-minded children. As a group, children will become members of the nation, and therefore must be tuned in and molded to such end for national economic growth and sustainability. And of course the children must learn that the good of the “community” per the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights always outweighs the needs of the few or the one – defeating the constitution of the United States with one sweeping treaty! This is Agenda 21 at its finest!


Just how is this infiltration happening around the United States? Why through government contract of course.

From the CORE main website, we see the following press release:

“CORE Awarded Staffing Contract for Milwaukee PSD

CORE Consulting & Staffing recently won a bid with the Milwaukee Public School district to staff for their fall 2013 school year. This isn’t for just a few teachers here and there; they need to hire 100 Science, Math and Special Education teachers with our help!

Through our proven vetting process, we are staffing the best national talent to support this large school district of 78,000 students. Expanding the CORE Consulting & Staffing footprint to the “Brew City” is a valuable addition to our services reach.”



It is interesting to note that CORE is very interested in special education and special needs training. If the power of the now overwhelming population of autistic children can be trained on computers to produce sequential or repetitive actions, then a whole workforce can be created that will never complain or ask questions about why they are pressing keys on a keyboard… or building bombs on an assembly line.

In Aldous Huxley’s book ‘Brave New World’, where humans are divided into work groups labeled from Alpha to Gamma, the millions upon millions of special education and autistic children will become a perfectly pliable army of adult Gamma worker bees to support the Alpha elites.

If only the pharmaceuticals and government could perfect vaccine induced autism as a model standard of best practice…


“CORE to Provide IT Staff Augmentation for Ohio

CORE Consulting & Staffing has secured an exciting new opportunity as one of the staffing providers that the State of Ohio uses for all IT Staff Augmentation needsWe aid in staffing such positions as Programmer, Product Specialist, Service Desk, Database Administrator and many more!

This is part of our strategic growth and expansion plan as we continue to move west from our Northeastern stronghold.”



UMass Selects CORE for IT Staff Augmentation

CORE Consulting & Staffing was recently named as one of the winners of the (Massachusetts) UMass IT Staff Augmentation Contract. Staffing and recruitment services will be deployed from CORE’s NYC offices at 1 Penn Plaza, further expanding the footprint of CORE growing IT staffing business.

This contract encompasses 5 campus locations:

  • UMass Amherst
  • UMass Boston
  • UMass Dartmouth
  • UMass Lowell
  • UMass Worcester

The multi-year contract also includes the President’s Office and Central Administration Building where CORE will be supporting the University year round.


 And here is an example of Public Private Partnerships:

CORE ECS Named Dell Partner of the Year


Is it time to boycott Dell Computers and Texas Instruments?


To be clear… this is very real and happening now, with the full support of your government. Here is another press release from the CORE website that should shake your foundational outlook on government and whether or not it will protect your children from international corporate workforce training…

“Obama Highlights Georgia Pre-K – Powered by CORE

President Obama made a trip to Georgia, highlighting the state’s pre-K program as a model for creating statewide universal pre-K for children. CORE provides the software backbone, Pre-K Matters, that enables administrators to manage and assess pre-k providors.

According to the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, more than 83,000 children are currently enrolled in the program, which is funded through a combination of federal and state dollars and revenue from Georgia’s lottery.”



It’s your taxpayer money that’s funding this, folks. Your silence is your consent!!! So what are you going to do about it?

CORE’s AFR, on page 35, reveals the business and profit potential of United States children via government contracts paying taxpayer money to “education”:

For year 2009, the global spending on education was USD 3.93 trillion with US contributing just over a third of it at USD 1.33 trillion. Globally K-12 continues to be the largest segment forming close to half of the total education spend, followed by the higher education that is just over a third of the total market. (Source: Unleashing the potential of educational technology, executive office of the President Council of economic Advisers, Sep 2011)… Globally 570 million children are enrolled across various schools. As per GSV eDU education Sector Fact book 2012, the market size for 2012 is estimated to be USD 4.45 trillion.

And on Page 36, prepare to be blown away at the profits and cash and investments on hand for this global corporation:

Core continued its strong growth momentum, in spite of global slowdown. During the financial year, the company’s revenue grew by an impressive 50.1% to `16,379 million ($16.3 billion), eBITDA by 60% to `6,258 million and PAT by 44% to`3,231 million. During the year, Core associated with Texas Instruments (TI) to bring in a new way of teaching and learning maths and science to middle and secondary schools in India. The joint effort combines TI’s best-inclass education technology solution with Core’s worldclass content, teacher education and support to form one integrated solution called STeMpower.

A growth of 50% in one year? This is unheard of, except in government (taxpayer) supported corporations which symbiotically thrive together in public private partnerships.

On the same page, we see other statistics showing the most incredible growth rates imaginable:

                                                       As of 31st March, 2006   —  As of 31st March, 2012
School served per year                         15,000                   ~                   88,000
Children reached per year                  8,000,000               ~               35,000,000
Teacher covered per year                           0                       ~                  105,000
Total clients                                                 75                      ~                    2,000+
Total countries served                                 2                       ~                       15
Total Core offices                                         3                       ~                       36

(Note that a yearly 3% growth rate is considered very good for corporations. 50% is in the unheard of range.)


UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Key Statistics (CORE enrollment)

  • 64 million students in primary and secondary public schools
  • 6 million students in primary and secondary private schools
  • 4 million preschoolers
  • 2 million students homeschooled
  • 98,700+ public schools
  • 33,700+ private schools of all levels and types


And finally, in its financial statement on page 74 and after some creative balancing and accounting to minimize its actual assets, we see total investment and cash holdings listed on CORE’s balance sheet as of March 31st, 2012:

TOTAL 2012 –  ‘27,016,922,81

TOTAL 2011 – ‘18,933,818,951

It shows Cash and Cash Equivalents at ‘1,342,644,591.

Note: these amounts are not in dollars, but Indian Rupee’s, with a symbol of (₹). Of course, this curency is produced by the Central Bank of India. And of course the original seal of RBI was The East India Company Double Mohur with the sketch of the Palm Tree and a Lion, which was replaced with the tiger as the national animal of India. Of course monetary values are fixed by government in partnership with corporations, so assigning value is relative.)

Remember the big media frenzy when Apple had a billion in cash laying around? Well this corporation has that plus at least $25 billion in investments and other assets!!!

A Dyer Conclusion

As this India based corporation called CORE continues to “move west from its Northeastern stronghold” in India, I am beginning to understand how this travesty has happened in America. Incrementalization – the slow but steady encroachment and takeover of something – is the business model of the century. Slowly, this CORE system has invaded the education system in America and beyond in what can only be called a hostile takeover of slow and methodical corporate espionage. And just as parents and activists ponder the seemingly sudden power of this CORE system, as well as its acceptance and support by both local and federal government, we now realize that this slow process of re-imagining the education system has been incrementally taking place over at least the last decade. And like trying to fathom the growing of the tall grass around our heads, this incremental takeover was never truly visible to the naked eye.

For my friend in Katy, Texas, it literally took an Orwellian homework assignment based on 1984’s Big Brother to knock her into action against this global infestation into our young and old minds.

I can only hope that, after reading this, you will have a similar reaction and maybe, finally, become interested in politics and the world again – or at least in that of your child’s welfare. Or perhaps you are just alright with the legal status of human capital for your child in the global workplace?

You can help us all by sharing, re-posting, or re-writing this article with no permission needed from the author (no copyright), and by talking to others about this threat to the very nature of humanity and its ability to think freely. For this CORE re-education system is more powerful than any tyrannical government, more influential than any denomination of religion or cult of personality, and more sinister than any demon imaginable. And it has all future generations of innocent children dead in its cross-hairs, including your own.

It is no longer a choice to act against this threat, it is the duty of every parent and non-parent out there. For these minds are your future, whether you bore them or not. They will be your prison guards and sheriffs…

Act now, for this is truly the inception of a Brave New World.

I would ask that you read the rest of this Annual Financial Report for yourself, where surprise after dreaded surprise will rear their ugly heads.

I’d end this with words like good luck and hope for us all, but instead I would ask you to abandon all hope. For action is nullified with such wasteful thoughts. My only hope is that you will stop hoping someone else will do something about this, and take it upon yourself to help yourself and your children. No one else will, least of all the government that is allowing this CORE to be implemented at alarming rates.

Hear my latest interview about CORE here:

Fighting to keep free thought alive and legal…


–Clint Richardson (
–Thursday, August 29th, 2013

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  1. mahwah

     /  August 29, 2013

    Clint, as always, good writing.

    Anyone interested in the “CORE” subject can take part in a seminar with Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt at the conference on January 17-19, 2014 in Long Island. The title of the conference: Communist Core and School Choice: A Lethal Concoction.

    From what I heard, the focus will be on charter schools – aka public schools with private management – aka taxation/education without representation. The members of charter school (board of trustees) are unelected, self-appointed individuals. In other words, you, I, Johny, Mary and Samantha can open up a charter school lets say in a school bus and get fed/state/local funding…

    For homeschoolers out there charter is the ‘choice’ school after homeschooling. In a sense it’s better than public school. WHY? Public school is bigger and just as a logistic point of view at it – it is easier ‘fight’ with few individuals at charter than with the whole public school district with 2000 students. My kids do go to charter (far majority teachers are understanding) and I take them out from end of school state “mandated” testing. Did it for past 2 years and will do so in the future. Remember, “mandated” is not a law and they can’t legally persecute you. School has to qualify with certain percentage of test takers so they are RATED and able to get MONEY. There “must” be a 98% of test taker per school. Mine twins just fit in that ‘2%’ of non-takers. They don’t miss the school day, only hours of test taking.


  2. paul dahmen

     /  August 29, 2013

    You are becoming a rock star, I think. For me, the first album “corporation nation” was so cool to listen to I played it till I had memorized it. I have since ingested what I can of your work. The whole truth thing has this great rhythm that is so familiar that I keep playing it in the background. A nice antidote to the custom tailored crap that was shoveled at us from birth. reminds me of the early Rush and Yes albums I bought as a kid. just fucking makes me smile. thanks so much…..


  3. NoSirIwont

     /  August 29, 2013

    We’re getting smarter not dumber.
    “The average American I.Q. has been rising steadily by 3 points a decade. Spaniards gained 19 points over 28 years, and the Dutch 20 points over 30 years. Kenyan children gained nearly 1 point a year.”


    • I believe the correct word was stupider.


    • The point increase in the school system now used reminds me of a used car sales tactic: “You will get 50% off, so you won’t have to pay $30,000 for this gorgeous 2004 truck, from us you get it for $15,000 but only if you get it today.”

      A used truck that you can get from everyone else for $8,000 to $11,000.

      If a 10th grade student of today took the same academic test given in the 1940’s / 1950’s 10th grade the students of today would fail miserably. The scores have not been going up as you imply, the standards used have been steadily going down from school districts in planed and intentional contrivance to maintain funding in light of the worsening standards taught and used for testing over the last thirty years.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Helen Chandler-Meyer

         /  September 23, 2013

        No where in the CORE statements does it mention critical thinking skills, independent learning, learning styles, etc. As a former teacher (left the profession after 15 years because we were slaves to state tests and NCLB), this article scares me beyond belief. We are creating automatons and nobody will stand up and fight. What is the next logical steps to begin returning the education of our most precious resource to the individual States – where the Constitution intended?


  4. Reblogged this on Scanned Retina Blog and commented:
    From the genius of the mind of Clint Richardson…


  5. Good article Clint! Very eye opening!

    One note for currency exchange if an AFR is quoted in Indian Rupee

    Indian Rupee into US Dollars –


    • Tim Hanley

       /  August 29, 2013

      Regarding “Orwellian-style into “Human Capital” to be managed and “educated” to become part of the “workforce” of that new global agenda?

      See and the introductory video “Don’t Delta Me, Dude” about evidence that Agenda 21 includes the manufacturing of “autistic” children to serve as working drones in its agenda to create a global population of slave workers.

      Have read much of your material…we’ve also talked by phone.

      Thank you for your untiring work!

      Tim Hanley


      • Thank you Tim.


      • mahwah

         /  August 30, 2013

        I would have to agree with you Tim on autism and planned workforce. All evidence points to vaccinations as autism’s major cause. Here is a short excerpt from Clint’s documentary Lethal Injection: The story of Vaccination. This short segment shows how thimerosal (an Hg compound) destroys brain neurons in this LIVE on camera experiment under the microscope. (FYI all vids on that web are in English with Slovak/English description)


      • Rhetoric

         /  September 7, 2013

        A company called Afectiva has developed a bracelet that can measure a person’s attentiveness. The Bill Gates Foundation also funds this research……The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has poured more than $4 billion into efforts to transform public education in the U.S., is pushing to develop an “engagement pedometer.” Biometric devices wrapped around the wrists of students would identify which classroom moments excite and interest them — and which fall flat.

        Affectiva began their research by measuring emotions in autistic people. I can’t help but wonder if the Adam Lanza autism story was woven into the Sandy Hook event to suggest that if only he had been monitored, maybe they could have predicted his future behaviors…….As you can see, common core is not simply about national education standards. It’s much more. It’s being used to create the first ever national tracking system of all people from birth throughout life.



  6. I can’t even talk about this right now. How do you spell “hell”? By and large, the public schools KNOW they’re not up to the homeschoolers, and attempted to in the psat decade (as I recall) force all 166,000 homeschoolers in the state of California to shut it down; they came fairly close, but lost.

    To make up for the exit and the caste system (separate school systems — one are taught to leave and end up doing so, as well as believing that that privilege somehow makes them more noble and qualified to arrogantly treat the rest) there are systems for driving all stragglers — which includes single parents such as I was — to participate in the dumb down process, or forfeit their kids. I fought back, never broke a law or a court order, and when some (@55holes) got tired of waiting, simply snatched my children — overnight — in retaliation for enrolling them in an established, but INDEPENDENT public school.

    Some day I’ll write it up. I had figured out, before the end of my life, that I’m going to dis-assemble (take apart at the seams) one of two systems, which deserve to be dismantled — the family law courts, or the public school system. As unrealistic as that goal is, it sure is inspiring — and appropriate. I’m focused right now on the family courts, which have wasted about a decade of my times. The juicy center of that was inspired by not my ex (who didn’t particularly care about education one way or the other, and made significant attempts to keep his kids down, probably for some company) — but a recently credentialed non-parent from an Ivy League college.

    As this IS, it should be obvious that the public school districts aren’t FUNDED by government, but part of it (component units, you check it). See CALPERS, think about it.

    After some people got tired of waiting for me to crumble, and frustrated, because I refused to break court orders, and at that time was naively believing this was a good ethics for my kids, someone helped their Dad simply snatched them (motivation — less child support, a “win” and the payoff -someone else getted to control me; the motivation is generally money and was in this case). It was entirely a power play — and about nothing more than this. Contact was cut off, basically, and I was forced to stand aside and watch my kids try to disappear inside of themselves, be educationally deprived of what they were getting otherwise, and to start incorporating some of the narcissistic qualities that is encouraged.

    With respect for anyone who at least does charter school, I’d like to remind us that it’s still technically speaking public school, and these are that noble instituion’s attempt to prevent families from going all the way and simply networking with local communities to teach their own. I’d be interested to see if there was a separate fund in the school district’s CAFR referring to charters.

    There’s so much money involved; the biggest textbook publishers (last I checked) were Texas and California, so others copy them and also sanitize (whitewash) the language for political correctness, and because it’s so expensive to come out with a new version (per “Language Police” Diane Ravitch) that one copies the other.
    I have to come back and look at this post another time. It is a really sore point with me, to see the war that is going on for very real children who otherwise might be doing OK, and developing better relationships with adults — a two -way learning season, instead of learning weapons search, lockdown and becoming subject matter for all kinds of outside interests, including the pharmaceuticals (which has been exposed in TX and Pennsylvania, contact me if you want links. A whistleblower, thankfully, spoke up on PENNMap which copied the model from Texas on how to prescribe.

    They are indoctrination centers, it’s not just dumbing down, but also values change. I taught for years in all kinds of schools, and then raised children who were dragged in and out of public / private homeschooling (which is legal in our state) in this process. As a single parent, I couldn’t support the children and get them an adequate education (in our situation) without homeschooling. No matter, independence was to be stamped out. forcing me to waste my time, deprive my kids of waht was otherwise available to them, it is truly an ugly situation.

    I think if most people understood to what degree children’s education (USA) has already been retarded, intentionally (caste system) decade by decade, they’d fight. But somehow, in CT a classroom of kids gets gunned down and what parents want is more protection?

    How many homeschoolers are getting gunned down by crazed alienated (or off/ or on their meds) young — or older — men? (if I’ve missed girls doing this, let me know). So, to make the schools more safe, let’s disarm more Americans and more security in the schools (??).

    Thank you, Clint. I’ll repost. Please, for those who also do — remember to put this information together with the information on the CAFRs, and take a look at your own local school district.

    I have had some good years working for nonprofits that put back IN schools what the budgets cut OUT of them, typically the more enriching, inspiring, ennobling, or types of things which give kids some genuine sense of accomplishment from actually having accomplished something worthwhile. After what I’ve seen in 2000-now, I basically will NEVER work in a classroom again or for a public school caste-sorting system again. I will not support this, and feel we shouldn’t be either. It has taken me years to unlearn the negative lessons learned in them as a child (while sleeping in class and ending up with top grades anyhow, in also one of the top suburban public schools — what does THAT say?)

    These things are becoming more and more blatant. I don’t know what else to say, as so many Americans have come through the (public school) system already, they (we) are conditioned to trust too much and “take it on faith” with government, or complain about it without the tools to make change happen. New World Order really is ugly, and people have to make up their mind where they stand regarding it:

    Eat Drink and Be Merry for tomorrow . . . .(I’ll get what I can before things implode), or
    So long as it’s them, not me . . . .. or,
    We see what’s coming, and as a result, will give up something else, and develop a strategy beyond complaining, systems, and a game plan at least.

    The schools as corporations exist in large part to indoctrinate the young while their parents (one,two, whoever) go to work for the corporations, and to pay taxes to support the schools which are dumbing down their kids and enriching all the curricula providers. Generations later, we’re taught to ask for this, and complain when it’s taken away. ALL the school systems are obviously also real estate and capital building projects, money is made by SOME coming and going. Both the school systems AND the court systems are being gradually but steadily “unified” meaning less and less local control; regionalism.

    It’s one thing when you, an adult taking responsibility for yourself, are threatened. But when your kids are taken to control YOU (and them) for standing up- that’s an entirely different matter, much closer to torture. Teachers’ interests are pitted AGAINST parent’s interests financially.

    I am seriously wondering how soon this country is going to go down if it doesn’t have a fast change of heart, and people who want to see, for example, tax retirement funds (Burien model) happen, don’t in the interim, figure out sources of income while they are organizing change. Most of the people don’t wake up to how much change is needed until it’s a crisis — or they’re hungry (etc.). Some day I’ll write this up, I hope.




  8. Judy O'Hare

     /  August 30, 2013

    Btw, stupider is a word..I posted this on FB at or at Parents and Teachers against the Common Core
    Interesting comments on this at that page


  9. MikeV

     /  August 30, 2013

    Awesome lets play 1984! I wanna be a Thought Officer!
    Realize in our actual future considering available technology, the same way you are scanned for speeding and fined, it is quite conceivable that we will be scanned with facial /emotional recognition scanners and fined, “well sir I have you at a level 7 Anger on my scanner, you were probably going to hurt someone, please sign here and follow the instructions on the back”. Or simply get a ticket in the male no different then red light camera tickets I currently have a stack of. Emotion is Evil ! , “Equilibrium” was a great update on “1984”. Realize this is already conceived and the profit potential for big pharma, you will be forced to self medicate or face fines and/or prison, mandatory testing at your expense to make sure there are no illegal drugs in your system only state sanctioned ones…the profits are endless. We already have this system for addicts its called Methadone and they force this on them for years on end all profit driven.

    “Act now, for this is truly the inception of a Brave New World.”
    IMO we are far past the inception stage, when the flock is able to see anything in play it is already decades past inception. IMO the birth of the new age was 9/11/2001 while they had everyone hyped on 2012 we were already living in it, notice this Co. was started in 2002 right on schedule. I say birth because its inception was a long long time ago, when Orwell wrote 1984 that was closer to an inception for he obviously had knowledge of what was already being planned, I believe I heard somewhere the original title was 1948. There is a book called “The Road to Airstrip One” about Orwell I was planning on getting.

    Did anyone have “Model UN” groups at there H.S. , funny there was no “Model US Government” at my school even 20 years ago.
    Another bell ringer at the end of H.S., I was talking to a counselor at the local community collage as I was planning to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy. Now for the life of me I cant remember what the person looked like and its funny because I don’t forget a face in general. What the counselor told me blocked out all other senses it seems, he said that being a white male I had the least chance of getting into a quality PT program and that if I was foreign and believe he specified Indian/Asian I would have the best chances. Needless to say I had my daughter on the way shortly after and I decided to pass on the higher education scam.
    I raised my daughter to accept nothing and question everything, to respect her teachers but they were there for one function and to treat school like a video game that your simply trying to get the best score and do your best but it’s not real. I pulled her out of HS 2 years early to work on her GED because it just became too ridiculous and mostly the social aspects. Even at a private/catholic school when she first started H.S. they had a mass for the students, I was pissed to find out that the first 10-15 minutes the priest was preaching political doctrine and his person political views..WTF? 501c3 in full effect!

    “”Did you know that there was a 21st century global agenda that would shift the economic manufacturing base from America to Eastern nations and countries like China and India?””
    YES, The Royal Institute of International Affairs/ CFR was planning the agenda in 1937.
    This is a good read and some audio on it in the video link (about 1:26:00 – 1:51:00 is a good clip)

    “Human Resources” – Documentary (+ other good films here)


  10. Don Mathew

     /  September 1, 2013

    What do you think the Iso- 10000 standards is- manufacturing process written down, standard parts, process so factories can be closed & moved globaly !!!


  11. This is the incorporation of public education. The first rule of Corporations is they have to return a profit year after year, this profit must increase. Since children’s minds are the product, where does any thinking person see this going? How do you turn a profit from children’s minds? This is corporations seizing the minds of our most precious assets and the future of the world… their bodies will follow.

    Rochester, NY has had this program for the past six years. No wonder kids here can’t read and most don’t know left from right. The color coding thing of words and letters is disturbing… can’t imagine what sort of brain feck they’re building into that.

    So, serfdom is here. The most obedient of the lot get to go on to further indoctrination and get a specialization with a higher pay grade. Children who resist will get the low scale service jobs… no child left intact. What happens to children not deemed fit to bring in a profit/prophet?


  12. Tim Hanley

     /  September 5, 2013


    i see you’re tentatively scheduled to present “Outsourcing our Children’s Minds, the CORE of the Problem” on Dr. Rima’s Truth Reports webinar, AUTISM: AN INSIDE JOB.

    Right on! Pandora’s box is flying open on all fronts, especially given the cabal’s rabid-dog frenzy to unleash war in the Middle East and beyond.



  13. Churchill

     /  September 6, 2013

    Indeed, The great Rino State of Idaho adopted CORE as well. As a school janitor, I very much doubt if I make it through this school year. Also noted through the years is, ‘ as education progresses, the childrens character and manners digress on a general basis.


  14. Diane

     /  September 6, 2013

    Just FYI, etymology (word origin), not entomology (study of insects). 🙂


  15. Sidney Smith

     /  September 6, 2013

    The Core is illusion of law In violation, “right of,” did not arise from the United States Constitution and Treaties and Ones Peoples Public Trust of 1776, this corporate Slavery System and expressed abrogation of fiction by the United States Constitution and Treaties.


    • Tim Hanley

       /  September 6, 2013


      You referred to “Ones Peoples Public Trust” of 1776. i’m somewhat familiar with the current “The One People’s Public Trust” ( What is /was the “Ones Peoples Public Trust” of 1776, and is there a connection between that and “The One People’s Public Trust”?




  16. DAJA

     /  September 6, 2013

    Honestly Clint, I just see no real way to stop this crazy agenda short of JB Campbell’s solution.

    This CORE thing is INSANE in a long list of insanity.

    The jew is the enemy of humanity.


  17. “The Princeton Review Agrees to Sell K-12 Division To CORE Projects & Technologies
    NEW YORK, NY – December 29, 2008 – The Princeton Review, Inc. (Nasdaq: REVU), a leading provider of test preparation and
    educational support services, announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell the assets of its K-12
    Services Division to a subsidiary of CORE Projects & Technologies Limited, an education technology company. The purchase
    price is $9.5 million in cash plus an additional payment for working capital.”


    • Wow! Thanks for the news. I’ll include it in my next post.



    • Doesn’t 9.5 Million sound suspiciously low-ball? I liken it to the Washington Post Toilet Paper being sold for a cheezy 250 Million. Sounds like a token amount, makes it appear something groovy is taking place… at least to the idiot public… then they just bought it to flush it.


  18. Steven

     /  September 22, 2013


  19. Suzanne Tovar

     /  October 6, 2013

    Very enlightening! Knew and have heard about Agenda 21, Common Core, and am experiencing it with my own kids especially my child who is doing independent study and implementing. K-12. It is mind boggling how this has come to the USA like a nuclear bomb being dropped out of nowhere. A few years ago nobody had heard of it. As I read this article I couldn’t help but think of Obamas roots in India and his inaugural address in January of 2013 when I for the first time heard him talk about nationalized education for preschoolers. So many people are unaware of what is in front of their face because they are too caught up in their own lives and don’t pay attention to the big picture!


  20. can you please explain the direct link between common core and core. I have a state representative tell me that common core are only standards and have nothing to do with Core. That a group here in the USA came up with the standards. I have read all your information, I understand it, but I am looking for the direct link, undeniable link, to give to the representatives. I dont want them to be able to back out of it, in any way.

    I live in Oregon and Rob Saxton is the first appointed director of Dept of Ed. This was an elected position until recently. I asked him why they changed it from elected to appointed and he did not know. I let him know that this is a plan to change our entire system of government. He did not believe me, which is fine, but I did my part and told him.

    He is on a tour right now, going from town to town,, not saying much at all, just wasting peoples time. Avoiding questions seem to be his best trait, and dragging gov officials with him.

    Please help me to get the connection to my other state reps.

    We want to get Common Core out of our nation.

    Thank you


  21. Reblogged this on Real Estate Justice For ALL! and commented:
    And now we know why our kids in public school will never be taught to truly think critically and understand the machinations at play here, ESPECIALLY in the public school system which is probably the largest local expenditure most taxpayers end up funding (besides roads and utility systems).

    Great article Clint!


  22. Noticing comments on children dumbing down, and agree. Sheeple, I’ve seen in many places. Would like to share another reason for the damming up of minds: This, wireless telecommunications and excessive computer/tech use, interferes with mental abilities. I need help fighting this.


  23. jean miller

     /  November 21, 2018

    great info myfriend isan administrator of a school I will tellher to read all this thanks for yoursmart info but we only have 6 more years till end of the world world warIII is coming and antichrist is hhere and the rapture is coming and JESUS is coming back to reign,read your bible and watch christian TV and learn Hes our only hope are you going to heaven or hell Iurge you to check all this out it is true,I researched for 30 years and its alltrue I never believed before the bible is not from this world Jesus came from another galaxy to teach us how to live in this world as satan is the god of this world with all his evil please trust me on this and get saved and born again to enter heaven we are all born sinnersand need to repent of our sin and accept Jesus Christ as our PERSONAL SAVIOR youll be glad you did trust me on this in good faith Jesus loves you.MERRY CHRISTMAS. read gods book.It is out of this world literally.Praying for you and God bless.


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