The Ten Commandments For Government

Imagine if the Ten Commandments were written today in U.S. CODE…

Though I am not a “religious” man, I think that the Biblical God might not have imagined that one day his word would be scrutinized and altered by his own terrible creation – politicians and attorneys.

Despite your beliefs when it comes to the Bible and religions, or that of my own beliefs, the Ten Commandments gives us one of the truest looks into the difference between a moral declaration of men and the legal code of persons in government.

We can even see this difference within the writings of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. While the Declaration is a poetic and moral outlook on the free and natural state of men, stating the ethical and lawful reasons for independence in common and heartfelt language, the Constitution is a legal document with legal terminology creating nothing but restrictions and legal bounds without emotion or ethics.

The perfect example of the difference between these two documents is to compare the Ten Commandments to the U.S. Constitution.

The concept of not killing other men is instilled by men to other men; by parents to their children. In a singularly simple statement the rule of not committing murder becomes readily apparent, the consequences dire. And yet, in no modern or ancient legal code of government can we find such simplistic logic and law – one that appeals to ethics, morals and values without creating exceptions to the rule.

If government and its officers and attorney’s were to write the Ten Commandments today, they would look similar to the original “Commandments” but would in fact be quite different – even unrecognizable  in their interpretations and legal meanings.

For example, Commandment #1 simply states:

1: “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

But if government attorney’s were to have written this within the U.S. legal documents, and codes, it would look more like this:

1 (USC). “Persons shall have no other gods before the One God, without written consent of Congress. Citizens shall gain license to worship said God and shall be subject to the punishments, pains, taxes, and exaction (extortion) of the corporation clergy thereof. Persons in violation and non-payment of tithing shall be assessed fees not unreasonable, to be determined by law. If a person is found to have any other gods before the One God, that person shall be fined not more than $10,000 and be subject to no more than 5 years in jail, under the Federal work program entitled “License Plates For Jesus”.

6: “You shall not murder.”

6 (USC). Murder shall be illegal under civil penalties, to be paid directly to the U.S. treasury, and under due process of law the person conducting the act of murder shall be incarcerated and made to labor under imprisonment, except as stated in paragraph (2) in this section. Murder shall consist of the ending of or severing of civil contract (civil death), taking the life and contractual nature of another person and citizen with government.

The definition of murder shall mean:

(1) The taking of another human life.

(a) the term “human” shall include only the male and female species of human beings, and shall include no other animals.

(b) the term “life” shall be defined as the civil contractual nature of a person, including individuals, associations, corporations, and groups of any of these.

(2) Exceptions. The following persons shall be exempt from Section 6 of this section: Congress (when ordering the cessation of other “human lives”), The President (when acting under Executive emergency powers), or any employee thereof acting within the bounds of the “United States”, Washington D.C, or any state, territory, or possession within, as well as persons of and employed by the “military” of the United States or other Executive Offices and corporations such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or any other private corporation acting within a contract with the United States, or when acting as agents of the United States as employees or through contract with the United States.

You see, government legal code has no morals, ethics, values, or any other good qualities of human nature. These things cannot be legislated. Love cannot be legislated. Ethics can certainly be made into rules, but true ethical behavior happens within the man, not without. And government’s codes are set up to bypass any laws passed or rules made to ensure ethics in government. The only honor in government is honor among legal thieves. After all, the rule-makers decide if they themselves are actually breaking their own rules – and they call these deciders the Senate and House “Select Committee on Ethics”. Morals are not something that can be forced. They exist or do not exist depending on the man, not the legal fiction person.

What can be legislated?

Punishments. Pains. Penalties. Taxes. Licenses. Incarceration. Extortion. Usury. Death…

And of course when was the last time you heard a political campaign that focused on anything but all of the things that cannot be legislated if that candidate were to be elected to office: Family values? Hope? Change? Children? These are not the things that politicians do!!!

A child is flesh, until he or she is made into a legal contracted “person” that government can control.

Nothing in legal code can be compared to the Ten Commandments. Again, regardless of your personal beliefs on religion, the Ten Commandments are moral declarations. The Constitution is not. The Bill of Rights is certainly not. Remember, the 5th Amendment states very clearly that your life, liberty, and property can be taken by government with due process of law and with just compensations. This is not moral or ethical, it is tyranny cleverly written by attorney’s and tyrants so that most persons will never realize how structurally enslaving the constitution and the Bill of Rights actually are in reality, just as these mythological 10 Commandment definitions are.

7: “You shall not commit adultery.”

7 (USC): Persons shall not breach the contract of marriage, a three party contract between the male and female persons and the State, in the act of adultery. The term “adultery” shall mean the act of copulation of two or more persons not in contract of marriage while one or more of those same U.S. citizens  (persons) are in fact under the constraints of marriage contract with another person of the opposite sex. Under due process of law, the just compensation of this violation of marriage license and contract shall be decided by the court, and monies collected for such actions shall be entered into the Court Registry Investment System (CRIS) before being credited to the recipient of said money payment installments. Persons shall obey all opinions of the court as if they are their own.

(1) Exceptions: The Congress, the Executive, and the Judicial branches and agencies of the United States and its insular possessions shall be exempt from the laws regarding adultery while acting as employees of the United States, whether in Washington D.C. or in any other territory or place under the jurisdiction of the United States, or in any state, or in a foreign land or country while acting under diplomacy as a representative of the United States.

The difference between law and the legal Code can definitely be seen when comparing the Ten Commandments with what we now call the law.

8: “You shall not steal.”

8 (USC): The taking of objects, monies, services, things, property, pets, persons, children, or other legal possessions of persons and of the United States, without the express permission of said person or U.S. government agency in ownership of that possession, shall be considered theft. The punishment for such stealing of private or public property shall be determined by a court of equity within the United States jurisdiction, and said “thief” shall be entitled to a fair trial and reasonable bail.

(1) Exceptions: The word “theft” and “steal”, and the title of “thief” shall not apply to members, officers, or employees of the United States government. Also, the activities of government, including Congressional Members, Executive Branch Secretaries and employees including military and the IRS, or that of any private corporate contractor with the United States shall not be construed as “theft” or “stealing”, and these persons shall not be titled as “thief” unless due process of law requires it. Actions that shall not be construed as “theft” or “stealing” by Congress and other Branch employees, officers, and Members shall include the following terms and definitions:

(a) “Insider trading” – the trading of stocks, bonds, and other “financial instruments” upon pre-knowledge of the activities of the corporation, municipal corporation, country, banking institution, or government with the express intention of profiting from that trade.

(b) “Eminent Domain” – Real Property taken legally according to the “Taking’s Clause” of the 5th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, as long as due process and just compensation, decided by the court, is paid to the person or citizen for whom that real property is taken.

(1) For the purposes of this section, the word “taken” and “taking” shall not be construed to mean “theft” or stealing”.

(c) “Exaction” – the legal extortion of U.S. Federal Reserve Notes as a rightful privilege of government shall not be infringed, be it through taxation, taking, or other methods of legal collection, as long as the taking in question is so accomplished by due process of law, and is within the definition of TITLE 42, Section 1981 of U.S. CODE.

(Link to TITLE 42 Section 1981:

Now, do I really need to create a fictional code for the 9th Commandment, which for all intents and purposes states that you shall not lie? I mean really, the very soul of congress is a lie, and lairs sit upon its throne! Every actor and politician is indeed a professional lair.

How about one for coveting your neighbor’s home or donkey? I think you get the idea…

The Ten Commandments, despite the parts about worshiping only one jealous God and about not making carvings about other images of other gods or worlds, was a declaration of morals, values, and ethics – something that is wholly lacking in government, and especially in its legal codes. The point here is that legal codes are not capable of these human qualities, and do everything in their power to take law away from the human side in favor of the fictional person side, where emotion, love, and all of the beautiful things about humanity are subsequently squeezed away, leaving only a cold and heartless code of rules and regulations that serve little purpose other than to extort from the people who contract with government.

And hell, if you think about it, why else would government wish to force the Ten Commandments to be torn away from government buildings, schools, courthouses, and legislative halls?


–Clint Richardson (
–Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

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  1. Virgil Remus

     /  January 30, 2013

    Hi My name is virgil remus, and have been reading your blog for quite some time.(love it) Can you help guide me thru the procces of finding out the investment ballance of my town, my county, the two biggest cities in my county according to the cafer. I am 80 years old and understand a lot about your subjects, strawman etc. I have never had any political asspirations, but have been asked to run for city council many times, and there is now an opening. My thought is if as a council member, and having a full grasp on the numbers I was reffering to, it could be quite interesting to bring this information forward. Thank You Virg.



    • Sure, just tell me the county and names of the Cities, and I’ll send you a few key points on both, with an explanation of how and where the investments are hidden so that all involved – even the layman – can understand.



  2. Neal

     /  January 30, 2013

    Hello Clint
    You are valuable resource and your posts always make me think we are beyond repair here in the land of the blind leading the lame.Thank you for what you do. There must be a way out.


  3. Excellent! !!! (it will be “twittered”). Thanks! A lot of grief can come from trying to get gov’t to have something it doesn’t — morals.

    You talk about the vast difference between the Declaration and the Constitution. The same basically can be said about difference between the scriptures (generally speaking) and what is commonly thought of as religion, or “church.” (see your post on Religion & Politics)… It’s as though the juicy innards were eviscerated and robes put on the outside, and for the wrong reasons, resulting in lots of live atheists, nowadays, and dead heretics over the centuries.

    I appreciate the Bible because of the beauty (expression, symbols, figures of speech, etc.) its language for describing some very basic human situations. It also addresses the legalism versus the spirit (heart) of ethics in terms of spirituality. Apparently the basic message was deflowered by the early 200 AD (or, CE) at latest, and got iinstitutionalized within 100 years. My thesis is that something

    I’m also remembering that both Jesus (allegedly) and George Carlin (videotaped) went on record as boiling “The Ten” down to just 2, although not the same two. Paul, “Love works no ill towards its neighbor (Romans 13).

    BTW, I found out that Catholic* tradition, apparently in order to get around #2 (no graven images) (I even have photos of this in stone mimicking the 10 commandments in front of buildings) has split “thou shalt not covet” (#10) by delimiting two things one shouldn’t covet (thereby eliminating all the rest, and obscuring the fact that the 2nd commandment was missing) Carlin alleges that not coveting would simply shut down the economy. I DNR exactly but think he got it down to don’t lie, and don’t cheat on your partner….

    *No offence meant; I am an equal opportunity mocker of religious and atheists, and some of my closest friends and toughest enemies come from either category. For both, “ye shall know them by their fruits.”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    [[Memo to Sen. Grassley on what to do with televangelists et. al, someone introduced a Bill in House of Rep., but a Sen. then met with Christian groups and they agreed to form a self-policing council EFCA
    (p5). Saddleback (Rick Warren) is on p. 13, and p.17 cites the 1943
    Rev. code requiring tax-exempt orgs to file returns — except: religious, educational, and charitable….]]


  4. Thought-provoking post, again thank you, keep writing!

    Responding to the hilarious but true #7 (your version, above).

    Hope the first several lines here aren’t too religious … it’s just that I’ve spent decades around these texts…always learning something new…

    But, if you don’t mind (no offence taken, just FYI) first, about that #1, in context it’s leading point is Identity (jurisdiction, maybe?) “I am the LORD thy God.”.. then corollary, “no other gods.”. In context (per the Bible anyhow), they’d been experiencing some heavy-duty power (miracle-style) against their captors, and then here’s a mountain that their prophet went up to, alone..powerful stuff, and they were afraid.

    Exodus 20 it again; the essence was, I am the LORD your God the one who brought you out of the house of bondage (i.e., see miracles, the seven plagues, Red Sea, etc.);

    In Deuteronomy 4,5,6 ( )
    Moses the prophet, as a spokesman for God, had been with them out of Egypt, but knew he wasn’t going to cross the Jordan with them — so this is preparing them go forward without him. Graduation day?
    Ch. 4 sets the stage, 5 lists “the 10” but 6 (here) talks about love, and heart:

    “4 Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord:
    5 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.
    6 And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart:…”

    Could this ever be done of the US Code? I doubt it!

    ~ ~Anyhow, that’s the part, Deut 6, Jesus quoted in condensing it down to only two commandments “on which hang” all the law and the prophets — not the restraint (no other gods) but the love for this one..
    This phrase comes up a lot in the Old Testament:
    “Now these are the commandments, the statutes, and the judgments, which the Lord your God commanded to teach you, ..” commandment =/= statute =/= judgment. Apparently the (ten) Commandments, on the stone — were the Covenant with Israel (about to go into the new land); but the statutes and judgments, Moses (who wasn’t going to go with them) was to teach. (Deut. 4,5,6).

    _ _ _ _Anyhow, re: Not committing adultery, hypothetical version, above:

    “. . . .Under due process of law, the just compensation of this violation of marriage license and contract shall be decided by the court, and monies collected for such actions shall be entered into the Court Registry Investment System (CRIS) before being credited to the recipient of said money payment installments. Persons shall obey all opinions of the court as if they are their own.”

    __Speaking of which _______
    Only three ways out of that civil three-way contract, per the Code: 1. Death; 2. Nullity; 3. Dissolution. Going in and coming out, there are fees for the records, and legislative debates about whether surcharges to them can be added.

    Some of us (just people, not a corp.) want to pull the plug on the streams of funding that help professionals prolong the process of divorce, and justify keeping the funds in-house longer. I kept looking at grants, and nonprofits — a tortuous swamp. But
    “After CAFR” I started seeing some of the funds set up around the marriage contract all of which, obviously, are costly. Records have to be kept, and of course who better to pay for them but “the public.”;
    Family Law Trust Funds, Children’s Trust funds, Child Support Trust funds, etc. A recent post shows it written into law (Conciliation Code): ~ ~ ~
    California’s Budgetary/Legal Basis Annual Report YE 2011 (not a CAFR).. ( p. 452 lists the funds by name and number at the end, plus about $9.88 Billion in bank accounts outside the state treasury (including plenty to deal with the courts, family, children, youth, etc.). $34 million undistributed child support (p. 440) held by the collection agency.

    A shorter, easier to view Supplement shows by year, 1 vol Revs, 2 vols Expenditures — check out the DMV, penalties, licensing fees, delinquencies, investments, etc. .. Again, these aren’t CAFRs but Budgetary/Legal (business plans??)

    ~ ~ Who’d even dream this’d be relevant walking into a court?~~
    1988ff set of grants & their rules & formulas for setting up programs to extort money in the states from parents This was $10million/year now to territories and states, since 1996.

    BUT to get (unawares half the time) in front of the conciliation courts funded by all the grants, filing fees waived. The specialty court WITHIN family law (and not well labeled for consumers) grabs jurisdiction, and there you have it, until: Death, Nullity, or Dissolution, or some judge has finished extracting the wealth, and prolonging decision (to keep money in certain interest-bearing/investment accounts, possibly by law)…
    I thought you’d find this reference interesting also. Who can solemnize a marriage (said 3-way contract) = to turn a license to marry into a marriage certificate (copy of which you must pay to get).

    Ca Fam. Code 400ff:
    400. Although marriage is a personal relation arising out of a
    civil, and not a religious, contract, a marriage may be solemnized by
    any of the following who is 18 years of age or older:
    (a) A priest, minister, rabbi, or authorized person of any
    religious denomination.## A person authorized by this subdivision shall
    not be required to solemnize a marriage that is contrary to the
    tenets of his or her faith. Any refusal to solemnize a marriage under
    this subdivision, either by an individual or by a religious
    denomination, shall not affect ***the tax-exempt status*** of any entity.
    (b) A judge or retired judge, commissioner of civil marriages or
    retired commissioner of civil marriages, commissioner or retired
    commissioner, or assistant commissioner of a court of record in this
    (c) A judge or magistrate who has resigned from office.
    (d) Any of the following judges or magistrates of the United
    States: (etc.)

    ##What’s the State’s definition of a “denomination”? I mean, religious organizations are tax-exempt but don’t have to file or, I think, apply for tax-exempt status like other nonprofits, so how’d they know? By the real estate holdings? The term makes about as much sense as “faith-based organizations,”….

    Section 402 expands it beyond “authorized person of any religious denomination….”

    “402. In addition to the persons permitted to solemnize marriages
    under Section 400, a county may license officials of a nonprofit
    religious institution, ***whose articles of incorporation are registered
    with the Secretary of State,*** to solemnize the marriages of persons
    who are affiliated with or are members of the religious institution.
    ~~~The licensee shall possess the degree of doctor of philosophy AND must perform religious services or rites for the institution on a
    regular basis. The marriages shall be performed without fee to the

    How many people throughout the state aren’t married legally, even with someone in robes or called “pastor” solemnized and signed the certificates. Either it wasn’t a “denomination” or they didn’t have a Secretary of State-registered religious institution, AND Ph.D.

    I wasn’t, and didn’t know til reading this… Believe it or not, that information spells some hope to me, after years of incomplete divorce from what wasn’t a legit marriage to start with, was religiously abusive and such violence routinely covered up by the Non-Section 400, 402 person who solemnized it, plus plenty of others who were witnesses. We’ve been separated over a decade it ain’t final, the process almost put me homeless; maybe nullify will work?

    Guess we should all be a lot more careful what we contract with, whether states as citizens, or other “persons” within the state. As it goes, read the Term and Conditions ahead of time.

    (submitted from different website, different focus)


  5. wayne

     /  February 3, 2013

    Do you currently have any adhesion or other form of contract with the fed inc. or any state/local corp?


  6. Danilo

     /  February 3, 2013

    Hey Clint. Have you had a chance to listen to Jan Irvin’s latest interview with Jose Barerra? If you haven’t, I think it’s right up your ally with your interests in code, law, and MAGIstrates.


  7. Hi guys, How many articles would say it would take to begin with and to grab the attention of readers for a starting blog?.



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