The Inter-Net Is Being Cast Over America



“A national architecture…”

“This is the largest telecommunications project in the history
of the United States.
It’s going to cover every square meter of land
in the United States.
It’s going to be able to penetrate the basements
of Manhattan,
and cover the forest fires in the Sierra Nevada.”

–Sam Ginn, National Telecommunications And Information Admin.
First Responder Network Authority – Chairman,
Speaking at the Feb. 2013 NGA meeting


The private association called the “National Governor’s Association (NGA)” recently got together in Washington D.C. for its annual meeting. Yes, in case you didn’t know about this, our Governors indeed meet outside of the 50 states united under a non-governmental and no-profit private association to discuss, plan, and implement national and international policies and programs like Agenda 21.

One of its topics at this last meeting was about something called “First Net” – something that all Americans should really know more about.

Imagine if government had its own, private (not for public consumption) internet. No watchdog scrutiny, completely private untraceable emails, spying and GPS tracking of all persons on completely private servers with impunity and total secrecy , and total security from the prying eyes of whistle-blowers and activists. Well America, welcome to the New Age…

From the NGA website:

Washington, DC
Saturday, February 23, 2013

Governors from across the country gather in the nation’s capital this weekend for the National Governors Association (NGA) 2013 annual winter meeting…

On Saturday… the Health and Homeland Security Committee participated in a panel discussion titled “Protecting Our Nation: States and Cybersecurity.” Panelists include: David Hannigan, chief information security officer of; Richard Clarke, president of Good Harbor Security Risk Management; and State of Michigan Chief Security Officer Dan Lohrmann…

The Annual Meeting draws approximately 1,000 attendees. It is one of the organization’s two official business meetings held each year; the Winter Meeting is held in Washington, D.C. in February.

Broadcast live on the obscure “CSPAN3” channel of public access programming, this very important meeting on this very important subject pretty much flew under the radar, as does even the comprehension of most citizens that their 50 State Governors meet up in a private association with 950 other unelected officers and corporate representatives to discuss national implementation of Federal projects in all 50 States, including Puerto Rico and other insular “possessions” of the United States. And they do this not in one of these States, but in the sanctuary of Washington D.C, and on the taxpayer’s dollar – flights, dinners, lodging, and expenses for hundreds of participants all paid for by the taxes of the people. But the subject matter of this meeting is much more important than the usual and now to-be-expected waste of our politicians time and money in government.

Though I could not embed the video here, the link below takes you to the CSPAN website. In the far upper right-hand column you may click on the video link entitled “National Governors Association: Panel on States and Cybersecurity

LINK–> (

***Note that they refer to the services provided to you the citizenry, but instead they call you “customers”.

In short, this is the implementation of the government’s own closed-internet system called “First Net”, and it creates a cross-border, inter-jurisdictional grid for all governments and first responders – the implementation of a border-less and cross-jurisdictional law enforcement system connected to a private (not for public use) secure government internet which will cover “every square foot of land in America”. The people are paying $$$billions in appropriated debt for its construction and implementation, but the people simply won’t be allowed to use it. Access to government information will only be available to government and its contracted private and public corporations and other private associations – a secret internet for a secret government!

Firstly, it is important to note that for the most part, everything that will be happening within the implementation of “First Net” will be handled by contracted private and quasi-private corporations  and associations, as well as appointed (not elected) government/public officials.

Consider what Aldus Huxley stated in his novel, “Brave New World“:

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude…”

Without even a whimper, this is exactly what has become of the managerial structure of the United States, its States, and its local governmental bodies of counties, cities, and districts. In cities (municipal corporations) for example, most government charters are set up as “City Manager” systems, whereby the Mayor and City Council appoint a City Manager to handle most business of the City – the elected council members voting like yes-men with rubber stamps to all the City Manager puts in front of them. And the members of the elected council are generally members of non-governmental, non-profit, private associations which prescribe “Best Practices” and uniformity within all city government structures. They appoint “Information and Financial Officers” who are also members of other private NGO associations like the Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) and the Association of Government Accountants (AGA).

“AGA supports the careers and professional development of government finance professionals working in federal, state and local governments as well as the private sector and academia. Founded in 1950, AGA enjoys a long history as the thought leader for the government accountability profession. Through education, research, publications, certification and conferences, AGA reaches thousands of professionals and offers more than 100,000 continuing professional education (CPE) hours annually.”

“AGA members, who number more than 16,000, are local finance directors, state auditors, federal chief financial officers, academicians and private sector leaders. They all join for the same reason—access to the organization that represents the breadth of the profession.”

These “Officers” and other appointed governmental positions of power are assigned the power that was granted by the people to their “popularity contest” elected public officials – a government run by “all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers“, if you will. And this is how our government is run today – through private associations that do the thinking for our public officials!

The National Conference of State Legislators defines what a “public official” is:

Is a state legislator a public official?  Is a state employee a public officer?  And why does this matter?

In many states, ethics laws are written to apply to “public officials” or “public officers.” The subtleties in defining these terms play a significant role in determining who and what offices are subject to state ethics regulations.

Definition.  According to Black’s Law Dictionary a “public official” is “[o]ne who holds or is invested with a public office; a person elected or appointed to carry out some portion of a government’s sovereign powers.”  “Public officer” is defined in a similar way.  For this research, the terms “public officials” and “public officers” are interchangeable.

While each state has taken slightly different approaches, both terms usually include persons who have been elected to an office at the state or local levels. States differ on including appointed offices, judges and state employees.

Appointed offices.  About half of the states also include offices which are appointed, instead of elected, in their definitions of “public official.” Georgia, Nevada, and Utah take a slightly more restrictive approach and deem appointive positions to be “public officials” only when the officeholder is authorized to exercise some portion of the government’s sovereign powers.  New York includes appointed officials who receive minimal remuneration.”


Of course, the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) also happens to be a “non-governmental organization” (NGO) – which means that a non-governmental organization decides what is ethical for State legislators and the appointments they make. This is irony at its finest! In fact, almost nothing happens in government today that is not within the scope of Best Practices and recommendations of these 100’s of private non-governmental associations, all acting in concert to establish Agenda 21 within America and the world.

“…an all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude…”

The NCSL is described as:

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) is a bipartisan non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1975 to serve the members and staff of state legislatures of the United States (states, commonwealths, and territories). NCSL provides research, technical assistance and opportunities for policymakers to exchange ideas on the most pressing state issues and is an effective and respected advocate for the interests of the states in the American federal system. It has three objectives: to improve the quality and effectiveness of state legislatures; to promote policy innovation and communication among state legislatures; and to ensure state legislatures a strong, cohesive voice in the federal system.

All state legislators and staff members are automatically members of NCSL. NCSL provides research, publications, and networking opportunities to aid, train, and serve its members in a wide variety of ways.

NCSL is the premier legislative organization in the country and maintains relationships with the smaller policy organizations like the Council for State Governments (CSG). CSG representatives sit on NCSL’s Executive Committee and NCSL representatives sit on CSG’s Executive Committee and Governing Board.

In the most general terms, NCSL works to enhance the role of states in the federal system. NCSL opposes unfunded federal mandates and federal preemption of state authority, providing state legislatures with the flexibility to implement innovative policy solutions. NCSL supports enactment of the Main Street Fairness Act, which would simplify existing sales tax collection laws. The Act would grant states the authority to require all sellers, including online merchants, to collect sales and use taxes, generating billions of dollars of tax revenue for state governments. The full list of NCSL policy positions can be found here.

Note that the Council for State Governments (CSG) is also a nonpartisan non-profit organization in the United States serving the state governments. It serves state legislators, state courts, and executive branch officials and agencies, and is the only multi-branch organization of state governments in the United States. Also note that these sales and use taxes are corporate taxes that should be paid by the merchants (sellers), not the people (buyers). Read more about how you pay the sales taxes that should be charged to the corporations selling you products, and how government allows them to charge you for their own taxes, here:


Amazingly, the Act written by these associations and being voted upon in congress as if they wrote it themselves is being called the “Main Street Fairness Act”, which implies that it is somehow fair that all the people pay for the taxes that are actually “sellers” taxes – which should be paid by the corporations that sell to the people. When government forces businesses to collect taxes or loose their business license, the people have no choice but to pay those taxes or starve because they refuse and can’t buy without tax. This is not a state of being free, nor is it taxation with representation. This is, however, extortion.

Some of the other private (non-profit or non-governmental) associations that are associated with government’s “First Net” private internet system include:

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) – ( –

“NASCIO represents state chief information officers and information technology executives and managers from state governments across the United States.”

The National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) – As stated in the NASCIO document entitled “Advancing The C4 Agenda“, the close relationship of NASPO to NASCIO is described, to:

“…deal with jurisdictional barriers, governors and legislatures to deal with governance issues, and attorneys general, general counsels, chief acquisition officers, and state budget officers to deal with procurement and cost issues. CIOs also identify state agency heads, chief human capital officers, and industry and trade associations as potential leaders for overcoming selected barriers.”

And from its own website, NASPA was formed in 1947 in Chicago, and is:

“…a non-profit association dedicated to strengthening the procurement community through education, research, and communication. It is made up of the directors of the central purchasing offices in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the territories of the United States. NASPO is an organization through which the member purchasing officials provide leadership in professional public procurement, improve the quality of procurement, exchange information and cooperate to attain greater efficiency, economy, and customer satisfaction.

NASPO, in collaboration with the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), formed the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC) to encourage and award the Certified Public Procurement Officer (CPPO) designation and the Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) designation to those in the public purchasing arena. For additional information about the Council, visit (

The association also publishes various reference books which serve as guides for procurement officials as well as vendors who do business with the states.”

NASPO, in cooperation with GOVERNING Magazine, sponsors an annual How to Market to State Governments Meeting for suppliers interested in learning state procurement laws, policies and procedures.

NASPO also holds an annual conference and four regional meetings each year which provide members with excellent networking opportunities as well as chances to participate in sessions on timely and relevant public procurement issues.”

“…an all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude…”

The National Association of County Information Officers (NACIO) –  ( – The NACIO website tells us the top ten reasons why every county should have a propaganda system in place by hiring a Public Information Officer (PIO), where it states:

  1. “Don’t leave it up to the traditional media to determine what is news. A good PIO can not only influence media coverage, but can also help generate positive publicity using a county’s internal media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, website, etc.)
  2. Outsourcing PR and marketing duties is more expensive and less cohesive. Branding and marketing are synergized and more effective when using your own staff. Your own PR staff understands your organization better and is more loyal and committed to it.
  3. A PIO can get out good, positive news about what’s going on in your county to help to balance the times when there is a negative story. If people only see the negative, they think that’s all the county is about.
  4. A PIO can provide training and guidance for elected officials and management staff on working with the media, especially during a crisis or a potentially damaging story.”


Or, here’s a thought… We could just be honest and transparent with the people without a “PIO” propaganda minister spreading a positive spin on things. We could even pass laws requiring it! Just a thought…

In the end, and under the guise of first responder need, an entire private internet is being constructed on your taxpayer dollar that will be completely off limits to the public. It will, according to the National Governors Association meeting linked above, spread a digital wireless internet signal to every square inch of the United States, even within the most remote glaciers and forests of Alaska. Every inch of land and water in the United States jurisdiction will have wireless internet.

Like children are used, police and fire services are the political weapon of choice for the justification of this nightmare surveillance grid. It’s for the safety of citizens. How can you argue with that?

In reality, this is just the door closing tighter and tighter on whatever is left of anonymity and personal privacy left in America. Tyranny is always sold to the people as innocent necessity. It is only later that the law is amended to reveal the true nature of the “net”.

Please spend the time to watch the video linked above. It is your fate you choose to ignore this, for “First Net” is being done with your silence as consent.

For more information, also visit the National Telecommunications And Information Administration website, which just announce the headquarters for First Net operations in Northern Virginia, here:


–Clint Richardson (
–Saturday, October 26th, 2013

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  1. paul dahmen

     /  October 26, 2013

    This new network is most likely the privatization of the previous used frequencies for television broadcasting. the nga members that are glossing over what is happening is classic double speak that they are clueless about. They are quite crafty in portraying how the remote possibility of danger should override common sense. Grandstanding Ignorance that keeps all of the sheeple asleep.


  2. paul dahmen

     /  October 26, 2013

    I just viewed the “National Governors Association Panel on States and Cybersecurity” cspan video you linked to. The Video appears to be all about introducing another Frequency Specific boogieman that can and likely will harm us, and how we can trust that this boogieman can be kept at bay if we listen to, agree with, and enable via silence these largely ignorant or purchased pundits. We must resist being purchased as individuals first (stop the leak in the bucket) before we have any chance of eroding the foundation that holds up these pundits and their misguided message. These frequencies that are being bought ,sold, used, and abused cannot hurt us if we do not buy ,sell, rent, or lease them as individuals. If the stream of govt lies is impeded or enhanced they will still be lies. Obey Little, Resist Much. The truth is everywhere when one unplugs, the lies and useless noise flow like sewage if you plug into the govt stream of info and listen. Can you say “sevenhundredmegahertz”?


  3. April

     /  October 26, 2013

    I invite you to take a look at this post I made & the responses to it. “Bev” is correct, my post was all over the place. I did not have a comprehensive timeline so alot of my info is out of order. However, take a look at “Dale’s” response. I did not expect anyone to respond with knowledge of what I was talking about for months to years- at least. I checked this post 2 weeks later after a door to door visit from a local mortuary (purchased by SCI prior to the visit) concerned me. “Dale” posted 4 hours after my original post & knew what I was referring to & added information. He mentions NASCIO. The Lots Of Luck I took as Laughing Out Loud.


  4. Could Hillary or Donald Trump save us from this mess?


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