Congressman Confirms: United States Is A “Corporation”

Junior Tea Party Congressman Allen West makes a huge confession: “…the President is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this corporation called the United States of America”.

Confession at 4:50 in video:

Hero? Or untrained employee of the “corporation”?

You decide…

Learn more about The Corporation Nation here:


–Clint Richardson (
Monday, August 1st, 2011



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  1. Lily

     /  August 1, 2011

    How disappointing that the judge did not ‘bite’ on the West admission.

    At least it is now ‘out there’ so there can be no denying it. Wonder how much ‘grief’ West will endure because of it.

    Thanks for yet another great post!

    • Martin

       /  August 14, 2011

      The judge is either completely oblivious to what that statement means or he is in collusion. I’m going to guess a little bit of both because he even alludes to the corporatism of the government by saying, “…compell [the President] to do what we HIRED him to do.” Not to mention the fact that Napolitano was a *governor appointed* judge in the New Jersey State Corporation Superior Court system…Meaning he was hired as well.

      • Don sanders

         /  January 19, 2013

        In the video “the ring of power” by amenstop on youtube it was asserted that about 50 or so years ago Rothschild bought AP wire service and Rueters wire along with 25 of the largest news papers in the country.I am confident he has been buying them up all along with fronts as needed. I accept the assertiion. Validate as you deem appropriate. I am confident all major media talking heads are owned one way or another and that many are in fact jesuits the exceptions proving the rule. as always validate as needed. If i am correct then imagine what they can not or will not tell us. what they tell us is alarming enough. Meaning the elite allow that much to be said without concern.

    • Don sanders

       /  January 19, 2013

      He probably would have lost his job if he had. good point though.

  2. I figured you’d like that video Clint, if I run across anymore goodies, I’ll post em on your prez site.


  3. Jerk

     /  August 3, 2011

    Has Connie Mack morphed is some way? I mean, he’s always been ugly (politically speaking), but my memory of him is different from the one posted. Am I wrong?

  4. chris

     /  August 3, 2011

    day late dollar short

  5. Simple means

     /  August 3, 2011

    Just a metaphor. Although I’d like to believe that, I think people are reading too much into a poetic statement. “I am the CEO of the corporation called my homestead.” What does that mean? The USA is not a corporation. It is home to people.

    • I would only say this: I live in Draper City Corporation, very near to Salt Lake City Corporation, withing the Municipal Corporation called Salt Lake County, within the State Corporation (and Federal District) called Utah.

      A corporation is not a tangible thing. It is not something you can point at and say “see, there it is.”

      It is a vale of artificial person-hood – and yes, the UNITED STATES is a corporation.

      Watch my documentaries here:


      • Don sanders

         /  January 19, 2013

        i have heard it said there is a place, some sort of corperate registrar where all corporations are listed. in that presentation it was suggested any and everything from village to the country is incorporated if its a form of government. Not sure if this is true. secondly i have heard of an institution called the crown temple located in london. further that this orginization owns and operates all bar associations in the US, Canada, UK, and on and on. which if true means all lawyers, judges and many politicians have sworn an oath to this orginization and if they cross these guys they get disbarred. If this is so does any one else see a conflict of interest here.

      • Don sanders

         /  January 19, 2013

        I am pretty sure the UNITED STATES is a corportationIf you will notice anything incorporated will be displayed in all capital letters including your name on any commercial or legal document. This is known as capitus diminutia maximus, check spelling. When you volunteer by signature, affirmation, or action to enter into any contract you place yourself under the jurisdiction of admiralty law, or UCC as per the terms of agreement annotated within the body of the contract. Once you have done this is some way your name will appear after that in all capital letters. Prior to your voluntary subjugation to any contract your name will appear in all small letters with only the first letter of each name capitalized. The rules governing this are very strict and broken only in error.
        For example if you review your junk mail any offers for credit card, insurance, anything involving a signature with a contract and you have not signed for it, your name will not appear in all caps. Those organizations you have entered into contract with present your name in all caps. All of your government I.d.s will appear in all caps.
        The same is true with states and the US. There are far more reliable sources but that one is fairly good as an indication of what is corporate and what is not.

    • jim

       /  August 4, 2011

      go to the cornell university web site and check the coorp. list, you might be suprised

  6. David

     /  August 3, 2011

    The Mayor of Quartzite, AZ said basically the same thing about his position in local government.

  7. justapersonlikeyou

     /  August 4, 2011

    the usa itself isn’t a corporation, but the people in power at the whitehouse, capitol, and supreme court seem to think it is. it is time WE THE PEOPLE show them it isn’t! it is a REPUBLIC, which even the citizens have forgotten. time to get back to the basics. we need to recall all military everywhere back to our country, all ambassadors back, shut our borders to all foreigners of any kind, stop sending out our money, tax foreign corporations and us corporations operating outside of us borders, fire the fed, tax the crap out of the rich and corporations, stop the income tax, and give us all back our country. if we just enclosed ourselves from the rest of the world for a while and fixed our own problems, we could then join the rest of the world without collapsing under all the CRAP we have to put up with NOW!

  8. He’s not confirming it. He’s asserting it. Big difference. It’s all part of the “I am a sovereign individual governed by common law and do not recognize the jurisdiction of this court” non-sense.

    Shake yer boobs!

    • Well boobs… in a country based on the concept of sovereignty and common law and jurisdiction, and that most of that “law” is based on a sovereign individual’s CONSENT to that “law”, I’d say your assessment is non-sense. Just one man’s opinion, though.


    • Don sanders

       /  January 19, 2013

      it is not non-sense. but it is foolish to try and play that game if you do not fully understand the rules of that game. he did confirm it and it is true.
      for example i would not try to use common law for a traffic ticket unless i was really bored. It is a risky game, make a mistake and a gudge will hammer you. not worth the risk unless its something real important. secondly i would not try it with anything federal. the stakes go way up, the opposition will be tought and on the ball. the penalties for failure severe. At the fed level they dont want to loose and set another precedent. people have succeded at that level. but not me, i aint trying it.

  9. pauly

     /  August 4, 2011

    A congressman doesn’t need to admit to “it”, it’s in their code!

    • That’s great… and since 0.0001% of the population actually cares enough to read that CODE, we should be ecstatic that this bonehead actually said it on National TV!

      It’s ok to just enjoy these things when they happen.



  10. James

     /  August 5, 2011
    The Bankruptcy of The United States
    United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303

    Speaker-Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House:

  11. Let us open our eyes and not stand still

  12. onwingsofeagles

     /  February 6, 2012

    This film was made 7 years ago. Have you seen it or heard of it ???

    Clinton blood scandal exposed in new film
    Documentary tying Arkansas guv to spread
    of AIDS to screen in Hollywood next week
    Published: 10/30/2005 at 10:10 PM

    WASHINGTON – A documentary seven years in the making tying Bill Clinton to an Arkansas prison blood scandal that spread AIDS to thousands around the world is set to screen in Hollywood next week – renewing controversy about the long-forgotten story.

    The film, which premieres at the prestigious American Film Institute film festival next Tuesday, reportedly uncovers fresh evidence about how thousands in Europe contracted AIDS and hepatitis through tainted blood deliberately shipped even after widespread problems were discovered in Canada where some 10,000 had already been infected.

    “Factor 8: The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal,” made by Kelly Duda, an Arkansas native, will reveal new details about how inmates at an Arkansas jail were paid to donate blood despite authorities knowing they had AIDS and hepatitis.

    The documentary shows how senior figures in the state prison system altered prisoners’ medical records to make it look like they were not carrying the deadly diseases.

    “While making this documentary, I lost several things. I lost my president, my home state, my family, many friends, and my innocence,” says Duda.

    The film reveals how for more than two decades, the Arkansas prison system profited from selling blood plasma from inmates infected with viral hepatitis and AIDS. Thousands of unwitting victims who received transfusions of a product called “Factor 8″ made from this blood died as a result.
    Duda interviews victims in Canada who contracted the diseases, state prison officials, former employees, high-ranking Arkansas politicians, and inmate donors.

    “In the early days of AIDS, we at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) were surprised that the hemophiliac community was infected so rapidly,” said Dr. Donald Francis, former head of the AID Laboratory for the CDC. “This shocking documentary tells why.”

    Duda, who has worked with CNN, the Canadian Broadcasting Company and Associated Press Television in their coverage of the blood-scandal story, says he was followed, sued, burglarized and had his tires slashed while working on the documentary. He was also part of the team for Fuji-TV that produced “The Hepatitis C Epidemic: A 15-Year Government Cover-up.” The program won a George Foster Peabody Award in 2003 and was watched by more than 12 million viewers in Japan.

    He also worked as a consultant in two major class-action lawsuits in Europe and Japan where plasma from Arkansas’ prison system showed up. He also assisted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in its investigation of the Arkansas prison plasma sales. He has also been in talks with the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI about a possible investigation in the United States.

    “Kelly Duda’s film screams to be known about,” says William Gazecki, producer-director of “WACO: The Rules of Engagement.” “The blatant abuse of power, the criminal subjugation of prison inmates, and the complete absence of government oversight and accountability make for a compelling, must-see story.”
    “Prior to the making of ‘Factor 8,’ I never considered myself an investigative journalist,” says Duda. “In fact, I had never written a newspaper article before in my life. I was an aspiring filmmaker who had a story thrown into his lap. Actually, it wasn’t even a story at the time but a series of events that allegedly took place in my home state in the 1980s. It was a tale I didn’t want to tell, but the more I looked into it, the more I found. It didn’t take long before I realized that regardless of the cost and sacrifice, the story you’re about to see which is a complicated one had to be told. There where quite literally lives at stake. I felt a moral responsibility, a civic duty to do something.”

    Last May, the Canadian Red Cross pleaded guilty to distributing blood tainted with HIV and hepatitis C in a health disaster that killed more than 3,000 people.

    The organization, which distributed the blood in the 1980s, paid a fine of $4,000 for causing more than 1,000 Canadians to contract blood-borne HIV and as many as 20,000 to become infected with hepatitis C.

    As part of the plea deal, Canadian Red Cross Secretary General Dr. Pierre Duplessis issued a public apology via videotape that was played in the courtroom to survivors of the victims.

    As WorldNetDaily reported, Bill Clinton was at the center of a scandal in Arkansas in the 1980s involving the sale of AIDS-tainted blood to Canada, which was distributed through the Red Cross.
    As governor of Arkansas, Clinton awarded a contract to Health Management Associates to provide medical care to the state’s prisoners. The president of the company was a long-time friend and political ally of Clinton and later was appointed by him to the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission. Later, he was among the senior members of Clinton’s 1990 gubernatorial re-election team.

    The death toll from the tainted blood has grown since the figure of 3,000 was calculated in 1997, but recent estimates are not available, the Associated Press reported.

    Duplessis said the organization accepted responsibility for “having distributed harmful products for those that rely on us for their health.”

    Prosecutors dropped criminal charges, including criminal negligence and common nuisance.
    The Canadian Red Cross already has paid victims $55 million in a separate fund. Along with the fine, the charity will set aside $1.2 million for scholarships for family members of victims.
    The Arkansas connection to Canada’s blood scandal began with a deal Health Management Associates struck with the state allowing collection and sale of prisoners’ blood in addition to treatment.

    Because of the exploding AIDS crisis, U.S. regulations did not permit the sale of prisoners’ blood within the country.

    But HMA found a willing buyer in Montreal, which brokered a deal with Connaught, a Toronto blood-fractionator, which didn’t know the source of the supplies.

    Sales continued until 1983, when HMA revealed that some of the plasma might be contaminated with the AIDS virus and hepatitis. The blood was also marketed overseas.

    Michael Galster, who conducted orthopedic clinics in the Arkansas prison system during the period the blood was collected, charged HMA officials knew the blood was tainted as they sold it to Canada and a half-dozen other foreign countries. He also alleged Clinton knew of the scheme and likely benefited from it financially.

    “It may sound sensational, but I assure you it’s true. In the process of making ‘Factor 8,’ I received strange phone calls, I was followed, my house was broken into, my tires slashed, and sensitive information – including my personal notes – mysteriously appeared on the Internet,” recounts Duda. “I also had a gun pointed at the back of my head, there was a murder, and a key inmate informant was whisked out of state and put into isolation.”

    He says when he went looking for Clinton’s governor’s papers to find state documents relevant to his investigation, he was told that 4,000 boxes had been hidden away in private storage and could not be found.

    “When I went to the Arkansas State Health Department to request records regarding disease rates at the prison and anything about the plasma program, I was stonewalled,” he said. “I actually had to sue the state agency just to get access to its files that by law are supposed to be a matter of public record. When I went to the Arkansas State Police Headquarters key documents had disappeared. When complete strangers showed up out of the blue asking me what I was doing and with whom did I work for, I had to ask myself, ‘What’s going on here?

    One thing is for certain, if I had a dollar for every time someone (in the past seven years I’ve been investigating this story) told me to “be careful!” I could have paid my rent several times over.”

    Duda says in 2004 he was sued shortly before “FACTOR 8″ was to screen in Park City, Utah. A federal judge blocked the premiere. The case eventually was settled out of court but set his project back nearly two years.

    Suzi Parker, writing in, described how the scandal unfolded: “At the Cummins Unit of the Arkansas penal system during the 1980s, while President Clinton was still governor, inmates would regularly cross the prison hospital’s threshold to give blood, lured by the prospect of receiving $7 a pint. The ritual was creepy to behold: Platoons of prisoners lying supine on rows of cots, waiting for the needle-wielding prisoner orderly to puncture a vein and watch the clear bags fill with blood.

    Administrators then sold the blood to brokers, who in turn shipped it to other states and to Japan, Italy, Spain and Canada. Despite repeated warnings from the Food and Drug Administration, Arkansas kept its prison plasma program running until 1994 when it became the very last state to cease selling its prisoners’ plasma.”

    While working at the White House, Linda Tripp – the former assistant to both Vincent Foster and Bernard Nussbaum – said received a phone call from someone who mentioned the “tainted blood issue.” The phone call came just after Foster’s mysterious death. The phrase meant nothing to Tripp and when she tried to find out more from a White House computer, the database denied her access. Testifying in a Judicial Watch deposition, Tripp said, “It had been alarming to me that when I tried to enter data from a caller that I was working with on a tainted blood issue, that every time I entered a word that had to do with this particular issue, it would flash up either the word ‘encrypted’ or ‘password required’ or something to indicate the file was locked.”

    The Ottawa Citizen reported attorney Foster had defended a lawsuit against HMA, the Arkansas firm shipping tainted blood from prison inmates.

    If you’d like to sound off on this issue, please take part in the WorldNetDaily poll.
    Previous stories:
    Canada’s Red Cross guilty in HIV scandal
    ‘Blood Trail’ author’s clinic burns

    Previous columns:
    The pricetag for Blood-gate
    Blood trail grows cold
    Blood scandal and Clinton’s plumbers
    We always get our man
    Clinton’s Arkansas blood scandal

    • Jean Knobloch

       /  May 25, 2012

      Does anyone really doubt that this type of thing happens and
      happens frequently? Common sense would tell us that we could not fathom how much corruption exists within our society. Our
      government has become a breeding ground for criminal activity.
      How many scandels do we need to hear about before we act?

  13. Reblogged this on dazzay and commented:
    I first found out about the USA being a corporation rather than a country (Have a look at the Act of 1871 from the 41st Congress). The fact that people recognise it goes to show that there must be something more than meets the eye.

    • Steve

       /  January 26, 2013

      The British North America Act was written in the same year. (Canada’s Constitution Act)

  14. bradSward

     /  September 22, 2017

    video now unavailable… not shocking to anyone that reads this blog, I’m sure.

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