National “Ask Ron Paul About The CAFR” Month

A gentleman named Richard was kind enough to write and tell me his experiences about trying to bring exposure to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). After repeatedly attempting to get the media and all major political campaigns to bring this information to the light of the people, his efforts were of course stepped upon.

Only if enough of the people (that’s you) demand that the Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty and other presidential campaigns start speaking of and divulging the government CAFR, including the Federal Reserve CAFR (the “audit” of the Fed) – this cooperative and complete cover-up will continue for all time.

As another reader commented…
“If you are going to attend any Ron Paul speaking engagements, I suggest you should print off a copy of the latest Federal Reserve Annual Financial Report and bring it with you. Every time Ron Paul mentiones the Federal Reserve, you hold the report up over your head at arms length for 5 seconds to show him you know the Fed is already being audited. I’m pretty sure after the first speech of this happening, he will come to realize that people elsewhere are learning the truth as well. It will also show you how many others in the audience know the truth. If you get to shake his hand, another thing to do would be to ask him for his autograph. If he agrees, ask him to autograph the cover of the Annual Financial Report.”  –John
I am posting Richard’s letter here:


I just wanted to share with you my experience trying to get the word out regarding the CAFR scam.  After I had been introduced to the idea by Walter Burien, I saw your excellent movie (the corporation nation, part 1), and that explained it very well.  I am still studying the whole thing, and connecting it to many other parts of the puzzle I have been working on since about 1965.

But I understood enough to see what an effect it could have on society if this money were exposed, such as no more excuse for taxes, and no more municipalities using the excuse of being broke to cut services and raise fees, etc.  So I started taking the time to call media outlets all over the country.  This included TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.  It was a very interesting experience.  In almost every case, the lower level employees that had no authority over anything were interested to learn more.  But as soon as it got to any minor managerial level, the investigation of what I presented was stopped immediately and communication was cut off.

My theory is that so many aspects of this go even deeper than we imagine, and all these media channels have already been threatened that they will cease to exist or worse, if they mention certain things, and CAFR is one of those. I think they all value their salaries, and will not even think of risking everything just to be honorable and inform the public. They are more like actors, just writing and speaking about what they are told is acceptable.

Then I started calling political offices all over the country, perhaps 100 of them or so, to see what their attitude would be.  It was pretty much the same. Some seemed interested at first, but soon cut off communication. It was pretty obvious that virtually all of them, regardless of party or political point of view, had been threatened or somehow scared into staying within certain limits.

As a last effort I called Ron Paul’s office, not once but perhaps 10 or 15 times. Many of the politicians are doing the excuse that if you are outside their district they will not even talk to you, yet they vote on bills that effect everyone. Complete hypocrisy in that policy. However, Ron’s office did not do that, and was very polite and the people there actually talked to me. That’s why I called them multiple times.

Many staffers were interested and may have watched the movie. However I was not able to get Ron himself to do anything with it publicly. I think he is a good man and honorable, and not under the direction of our rulers, but I also believe that getting assassinated is not his goal, and he may realize that could easily be the result of trying to bring up this topic. I have great appreciation for Ron for working on things like abolishing the fake “federal reserve,” the IRS, the income tax, withdrawing from criminal organizations like the UN, many unconstitutional treaties that are very bad for us, pushing strongly for health freedom which is in great danger right now, and just generally wanting to take government all the way back to its legitimate limits, eliminating much of what it does now, and he is the only major candidate even talking about these things. He has a very consistent and strong voting record for individual freedom, which I totally support. But I believe he knows about CAFR and knows also that his career would be over as well as his ability to continue his work, if he mentions CAFR.

I am still looking at other ways to expose CAFR so widely and quickly that it could not be stopped, something practical that could really accomplish this in our real life situation we are facing now. I am sure others are trying to figure that one out as well.  I am at least bringing it to the attention of others within my circles and it has been the first exposure for everyone I have mentioned it to. Thanks for helping me understand how it works, and especially for the detailed reports on specific states and cities, the examples are very helpful.  –Richard


–Clint Richardson(
–Sunday, November 6th, 2011

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  1. freedom

     /  November 6, 2011

    During the last presidential election, Ron Paul was a guest on the Alex Jones show, Alex asked him point blank about the CAFR’s and I remember vividly that Dr. Paul said “they would kill me.”

    He knows all about the CAFR’s, he’s spoken about them, he just can’t make it known to the general public.

    Hopefully, should he get elected, then he can work in into the national awareness.


    • That’s the point, exactly. Of course he knows!

      But the fact that he is lying about the “audit the fed” does not bode well that he would lie less as president.


      • freedom

         /  November 6, 2011

        For me, I would not say that he is “lying” about the CAFR’s but that he “cannot” expose them, yet.

        I also remember during the last presidential cycle the “truthers” got all bent out of shape because during the debates RP did not push their agenda, an independent investigation into 9/11.

        They were unwilling to see that the main point was to get him elected so that then he would/could be able to push it thru.

        First things first…


      • heroay

         /  November 7, 2011

        Excuse me! Didn’t you read what a.f. said? “He will get killed!” Even, if he insists on the jewdaics as authors of 911! What’s the rush? Even Walter Burien declared the same thing! If RP denounces CAFR BEFORE he is President, his plane to Texas will be blown by Mossad. What’s so difficult to understand?? As for the FED, that’s the PAW of the Beast. Trillions of NO sweat money to control the world. Chop it off, and the Beast will starve, as all slave countries will follow suit, without the menace of the USA’s NUKES. Elemental.


  2. Richard, I agree with many of your thoughts and applaud your attempts to expose CAFR fraud, but if Ron Paul does not attack the CAFR scam in his Campaign for Liberty, he must be a fraud as well. I think Clint was correct in stating that RP is probably being used to demonize the FED in order to use its demise to bring in a World government and/or Currency. I use to think my town of Ft. Myers FL was in really bad shape because of the Foreclosures and Unemployment, but after reading the CAFR, this totally corrupt town is swimming in cash that never makes its way to the people, yet they cry poor every single day. I am with you Richard ! I tell people constantly about the CAFR and willl continue. VOTE for Clint, only person running this the stones to expose CAFR FRAUD. thanks clint !


    • freedom

       /  November 6, 2011

      I do not know Ron Paul personally so I cannot vouch for his morals but Ron Paul being a “NWO” agent…if he is one of them he wouldn’t be concerned about being killed for exposing the CAFR scam.

      No disrespect to Clint but Rep. Paul, imo, is the country’s best hope…


      • heroay

         /  November 7, 2011

        freedom, RP is very close to the top. The jew-daic system is exposed end to end. They are running scared, though dangerous still. This senseless demonizing of RP fits the picture. It’s happening in most threads, but it won’t succeed. Too many people already know the score about these criminal parasites.


      • Oh no… there it is again. That word…


        We don’t need hope, man. We need action. So you gotta realize that voting for the same republican party gives me no hope.

        Hope is the opposite of action, and hoping for change is the death of change.


    • heroay

       /  November 7, 2011

      jmack, not much sense replying to all you say, but just one LOGICAL question, and answer if you have it: How on earth, after the FED is audited, the thieves are exposed publicly, and the constitutional death penalty for countefeiters is applied on these parasites, and of course the Constitutional Treasury of the united States with its Silver Dollar is restored… HOW would THAT bring in the JewWorldOdor? With the Rapine Masters, the RATschilds, out of yearly stolen Trillions? Perhaps, wishful thinking, even their criminal banks bombed out of existence (with the animals inside, naturally), just like Gaddafi was bombed by them. How?


  3. There is something wrong about Ron Paul !
    I cant understand why he does not file a complaint to a foreman of a grand jury I bet that they would return an indictment for felony treason charges against all of the oath violators , I suppose that is the only reason why they wont allow the people to grow pot due to the fact that not all the people smoke pot and all of the surplus pot would be made into ropes then we could hang them all
    Felony Treason , The punishment is death by hanging .
    When Moses came down the mountain he had Ten Commandment .but when king george came from england he brought a book that contained ten million codes to interpreting the Ten Commandment .
    First it was Jesus that chased the money changers . killed
    Lincoln printed the greenback got killed J F K printed United States note got killed Jackson killed the bank and the bank poisoned him l
    Lindbergh voted against the federal reserve act his son was kidnapped
    Pope John Paul 1 was going to return all the wealth that the black pope had stolen from the people he got poisoned .
    Licio Celli ( Vatican banker was going to testify against Paul Marcinkus they hung him under the the bridge in london
    Congressmen McDonald voted against the I M F they killed him and the rest of the crew
    Hmmmm maybe the people that own the fed. res. printing machine will eliminate anyone that messes with their legalized federal reserve debt notes !!! and it has been repeated time after time
    We The People must understand that money silver gold it has no value as except to deceive one another in the end food ,water and matches are the best things to have .
    The Bill of Rights are the American Ten Commandment , Memorize them oh by the way they are called Articles of the U S Constitution not Amendment yes 11 and up are amendment but you must compare the 11 th amendment with Article 3 Sec.2 see if you can pick out the conflict between the two and witch is the one conflicting it .
    The founding Fathers had proposed twelve proposals they rejected 11 and twelve because 11 was in conflict with the above .so they ratified only ten of those Proposed Articles and that’s why they are seven articles of confederation and ten Bill of Rights or (Articles ) not amendment .So if you understand the 11th and then read Article 3 Sec 2 you will see the conflict and the criminal that did that was Chief Justice J Marshal in the first supreme court case Chisholm Vs Georgia and in corporation with the judiciary act of 1789 regardless it was the judges that decided to make laws and that’ s exactly what the Founders dint want


    • heroay

       /  November 7, 2011

      Joe, why not give RP a chance to get in, then lean on him if he doesn’t comply with the Law of the land? Do you realize he is the ONLY ONE who dared say NO to most congressional scams for some 30 years? His son Rand had to LIE about israHell in order to be allowed to win, but now inside, just like his father, he wants the milk nipple for israHell ripped off. TWO guys against the entire machine. 70% of lawyers, 80% of fed judges, are jews. They will play ping-pong with RP if he allows them to get snared in their claws, law suit after law suit, going nowhere, while he has to run his campaign against them ALL. Too easy to talk behind a computer screen. You need to walk the talk, like him, and see reality outside… this blog?


      • A chance? Really?

        What is his “walk”?

        In 12 terms (a ridiculous amount of time to spend in government) Ron Paul has not done hardly anything.

        Not one bill passed in the house in 12 terms!

        3 co-sponsored bills passed in 12 terms!!!

        People refer to his voting record as somehow proof of his goodness. But anyone can do that – vote no or yes against the majority and call it constitutional. His voting record doesn’t change or prove anything. But it is used to prop him up as something supernatural.

        Wonder what his stance on term-limits is…



      • Phil

         /  February 24, 2012

        Guess you missed Clint’s 3 1/2 hour documentary exposing the CAFR fraud! He actually comes out from behind his computer and (gently) hammers a former comptroller on the secret slush funds. Condemnation without investigation…


  4. Look Up the word English in a Bible concordance


  5. How you doing Clint, you’ve been touching a nerve with TPTB.
    The reason I say this is I’ve been making torrents out of your videos and uploading them, and the trolls have been coming out of the wood work trying to debunk you and your material and we run em off.

    Anyways, have you ever given any thoughts on how the USof A got turned into the US INC back in 1871. I think you might get a good start by watching Kurt Kallenback “Season of treason” parts one and two




    • Hi Dave…

      Well I sure appreciate you helping get my stuff out. That’s the only way it will happen, as all of my sites are censored. My youtube numbers are off by 10’s of thousands. And I can’t even access my sites from certain hotel chains and department stores. And the trolls are a plenty, I agree.

      Am very familiar with U.S. Inc, and wrote about it here:

      This and other aspects will be a future documentary.

      Thanks for the link by the way, I’ll watch it asap.



  6. Ron Paul, a creationist, medical doctor, republican politician…hmm excuse me if i dont exactly TRUST him


  7. Clint, I have no problem with your exposure of this obvious attempt to deceive people. Ron Paul was always a choice that was equal to NONE OF THE ABOVE whether people realized it or not. Now we are to understand that the contents of the Fed’s CAFR need to be gone through line by line. PLUS, many of us are convinced that after 2008 the Fed may bot be telling us everything because of the amount of money that was requested for the bail outs. If it aint gonna be Paul, it will have to be Ventura.

    YOU DO NOT QUALIFY for POTUS. Who are you? Nobody knows. At least on my blog I give you some information about myself all true too. For all I know you are a lawyer, which disqualifies you per the original 13th amendment which we shall install sooner or later. I doubt you have served in the military. If you had I would give you a nod, but I doubt it. If you’re going top send people to get killed, or have that power, you had better have served.

    I have read you Healing America points and have agreement with only two of them. You have no fundamental understanding of what is wrong with the present banking model so you do not see what is wrong. Until THAT is taken care of nothing will change at all. You come off on the air as a smug kind of bratty kid or an innocent baby. That’s my take on it being a 60 year old who at one time worked at the Fed in New York. Besides all that there’s no way you will be able to do anything as POTUS but get yourself killed.

    You need to humble out and get your nose out of the asses of the bankers who deserve no mercy as they all have blood on their hands.


    • For a wise old man, you sure haven’t learned much. Jeez… where to begin?

      First, the qualification of a true “POTUS” are 35 years of age and natural born. If you believe me to be unqualified, after stating plainly that you know nothing about me, then I would ask if you are psychic?

      If by “POTUS” you refer to the Vatican and pontifical “qualifications”, I don’t consent to that, and intend to rat those weasels out of this country.

      Is it a requirement for me to be known to run for president? Did you know any of the past presidents? How about the current one?

      I have not served in the military, and do not support the military in its current form. On cannot support the troops and not support the (fake) wars. I do not support the occupation of the planet, and therefore do not support the troops.

      Your assumption that I have no fundamental understanding of the banking model and what is wrong with it, again, is not based on anything but your fallacy about who you think I am. Why say a statement like this with nothing to back it up? And most importantly, at what point did I ever say anything remotely close to favoring or approving of banksters? Again, you are pulling these things out of thin air.

      I can live with getting myself killed for trying to fix the country and heal the world. If you feel like that is bad or crazy, I can’t do anything about your feelings. As a former Fed banker, I guess I shouldn’t expect you to think in any way differently than this, and to keep throwing insults and lies about me despite not knowing anything about me or my writing, movies, or goals.

      If I am wrong about something and you can show me evidence of that, please do play it forward.

      Otherwise… Thanks, but no thanks.



      • OK Clint,

        I do not know whether I can reason with you or not. Probably not, but I’m going to try again. In the manner of a conversation –

        “For a wise old man, you sure haven’t learned much. Jeez… where to begin?”

        Watch it, pal! This is where it starts and it sounds across the radio, it’s in your voice. You look down on people and think you’re smart. You want others to admire you for your work too. OK, a little less cocky would suit a lot of us better.

        “First, the qualification of a true “POTUS” are 35 years of age and natural born. If you believe me to be unqualified, after stating plainly that you know nothing about me, then I would ask if you are psychic?”

        More of the same! There’s NOTHING about you on your website. Nothing at all about your background, where you got where you got in life, nothing. I have no way of knowing anything about you but what’s up on your sites and what I hear you say over the radio. I find that mighty strange.

        The basic Constitutional requirements are the bare minimum. I require additional things from a President of these United States.

        “If by “POTUS” you refer to the Vatican and pontifical “qualifications”, I don’t consent to that, and intend to rat those weasels out of this country.”

        I don’t know what any of this means.

        “Is it a requirement for me to be known to run for president? Did you know any of the past presidents? How about the current one?”

        I met a few of them, knew something of them, know something of the current candidates, have met a few of them too. I don’t know squat about you. You can find out more about me by looking at my websites.

        “I have not served in the military, and do not support the military in its current form.”

        Since being Commander in Chief is part of the job, one without military service is disqualified in my opinion. If you don’t like the way it’s being used, I can agree with you. It doesn’t make you qualified for the job, or shall I say, less qualified.

        “One cannot support the troops and not support the (fake) wars.”

        Agreed, but I feel tremendously for those families who have lost sons or daughters in this nation’s wars. I see a field of military graves and I hear the jingle and cynical laughs of fat greedy bankers and I grow very white hot with rage. Do you?

        “I do not support the occupation of the planet, and therefore do not support the troops.”

        The Occupy movement? It’s just another paid farce, intended by its backers to try and instigate violence so they can have a martial law scenario ensue. The only problem is that they know that things have gotten out of control and they can’t count on military support, not at all.

        “Your assumption that I have no fundamental understanding of the banking model and what is wrong with it, again, is not based on anything but your fallacy about who you think I am.”

        I already told you, all I know is what you say. You say the Federal Reserve is just a bank. Yes, you have an idea to remove interest from the system, ok. But I bet you wouldn’t dare take the power to create money away from the government where it doesn’t belong, would you? You couldn’t imagine a world without a big government giving senseless and needless advice to people who really have to get things done. Are my assumptions wrong? I hope they are.

        “Why say a statement like this with nothing to back it up?”

        I just tried to explain it.

        “And most importantly, at what point did I ever say anything remotely close to favoring or approving of banksters? Again, you are pulling these things out of thin air.”

        Clint, it’s the heart of the problem. The banking model always demands more money than it creates, causing a built in scarcity of money. All the money everywhere is loaned at interest. The money is created, the money to pay the interest is not. You’ve gotten that much.

        Banks also work in a coordinated manner to extend credit causing a boom and then retracting it, causing a bust, ensnaring other people’s property, ideas, whatever for much less than they would have to pay for it in open trade under normal circumstances. This is done through fractional reserve banking, which is an age old fraud that has been favoured and cemented into law.

        That does not make it right, in fact everything the government touches turns to shit. They have power over creating money so they are the BUYER. Any buyer gets what he wants. We cannot expect the government, ANY government to operate in any way counter to its own needs, so governments by armies, empires, surveillance, all kinds of control mechanisms that were we to buy, we of course would never want. The ONLY way to reverse this is to TAKE THAT POWER AWAY and give it back to the people. That’s where the Riegel Exchange Monetary System comes into being.

        “I can live with getting myself killed for trying to fix the country and heal the world.”

        LOL, you sound like a young idealist to me. Foolish too. You do not know what you are dealing with. You have not the ghost of a chance.

        “If you feel like that is bad or crazy, I can’t do anything about your feelings. As a former Fed banker,”

        Nope, I worked for them as a computer consultant though I did have some pretty amazing things to do which gave me a sense of what was going on. I earned the respect of many old timers who joined the bank the year I was born and were ready to retire. At the time, I still didn’t know what I know now. Another reason you’re not qualified. Well, neither am I.

        “I guess I shouldn’t expect you to think in any way differently than this, and to keep throwing insults and lies about me despite not knowing anything about me or my writing, movies, or goals.”

        Oh I did write up something about each of your goals. I could revise and send you a copy. I agree with you on some things, but on others, it’s not the government’s business.

        “If I am wrong about something and you can show me evidence of that, please do play it forward.

        Otherwise… Thanks, but no thanks.


        Right, well, if this finds a better reception, then I’ll continue following you. But seriously KID (over 35? you’re still a kd to me), you need to humble out, or someone in the government will likely get to you before you get too much farther. Ron Paul is a Mason, Ron Paul is a politician, Ron Paul certainly knows about the corporation, the corporations, etc. He knows damn well that nothing will come of anything until the people get so damned sick of it that they pull it all down. Before they do, we should remember that we do not really need government, we do need food, water, fuel, energy, etc. All of which we’d get just fine without government interference. That all comes form their control over MONEY. Think not? Hey buddy, money talks and BS walks.


        • The thing you are missing is my acknowledgment that I definitely do not know everything, and in fact know very little. This is the whole basis of my “platform” as president.

          Instead of pretending I have all the answers and will make all the decisions (as it is now via the “national emergency” status) I have stated that my “cabinet” will be a sort of council or round table where the Federal Executive decisions for all departments will be made, under my own responsibility. I would surround myself (appoint) experts from all relevant fields from the constitution to the economy, and in the spirit of a republic, would get all variables and information on the table.

          And finally, Federal government will be made advisory, not presumed (prima facie) law. States will have their own decisions to make as to whether or not to implement the best advise of the Federal Government.

          As for the military, as “Commander and Chief”, I will break the Federal monopoly on the military and assign each soldier/troop to the responsibility of each state (i.e. militias). Only when all 50 states agree to use the military as a whole will the “Commander and Chief” have that title in law. The militias are then free to respond to state emergencies and actually help the communities and people of the state. They will have no authority for arrest or trespass.

          These are just my ideals, and I would never attempt to implement them with out a consensus of my round table and the people.

          And so, sir, your premise of my “cockiness” is unprecedented and without merit. You don’t like my voice? I can’t help that. I hate Bob Dillan’s voice but damn what a writer.

          If you met me tomorrow – shook my hand, perhaps – and we had coffee and crumpets while discussing monetary policy and all things ponderable under the sun, you could then say that you know me. But in truth, you can never know what anyone is underneath their exterior, as is no doubt evidenced in the few politicians that you claim to “know” or have “met”. A profile means nothing. I stand by me ideals and my writing and speaking on the radio. If that isn’t good enough for you, sir, then feel free to suffer the wrath of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

          You can not reform a completely corrupt system without revolutionary actions. You cannot legislate hope. That is why I am out here suffering fools.

          I like your site and its money ideals, and recommend it for anyone reading this exchange. It is something I would consider most definitely, as there can be no wealth without equal and abject poverty.

          And yet I still know absolutely nothing about you!

          Thanks for your comments…



  8. Awake, Aware & Able

     /  March 18, 2012

    Clint… O.M.G. this absolutely loonie-tune has NO IDEA, no fortitude to succinctly comprehend what you posted!!! It’s a totally whacked out life-form in “backward upside-down” mode!
    Whatever it is– “DOESN’T GET IT”. You couldn’t have been more clear, more articulate in your first response to IT. “Duuuuhhhh!”

    61 yrs of what? Playing the casinos strung out on script psychotics? This is obvious proof of mental digressing (giving benefit of the doubt it started out with a full deck)…?

    All IT has to do is simply “READ” you’re articles of note, & watch your vids on your website– EH??? Capeche???

    Am age of this mental midget and you make every bit of uncommonly common sense to me! What is wrong with this age group of illiterate, non-thinking nincompoops??? Have been struggling with this question since coming of age when I did. Could never make sense of what in God’s name my peers were talking about let alone THINKING. Problem being– they DON’T think! They don’t LISTEN, they don’t seem to be aware of anything beyond their own nose.

    Real friends I’ve had my whole life were born around & in the early 1900’s, and after 1970. This happened naturally– totally bypassing my own generation, as a rule.

    I had nothing in common with that generation. I infrequently met any rare gems in my interim age group. So sad. This poster is exactly what I spent my life enduring thru. Mindless chatter that thrives on it’s ability to cogitate absolutely nothing outside it’s own excessive self-importance!

    This “I’m 61 something” generation has been the BANE of our existence today!!! WHY we are where we are now.

    My own self identity was singularly, totally self determining. For me peer pressure was absent any redeeming value. Viet Nam raging in the background while in-state all the (same aged) “rookie”, extremely HIGH PAID spooks with recording devices & cameras passing out free acid & speed balls were hell-bent & avoided like the plague. Tho my generation was being attacked on all sides… can you believe how many actually enjoyed their alcohol & drug-induced mindless lifestyles?! Most. And those same damn hedonistic addictions have carried over to today–

    Above poster is proof of a wasted generation that eventually filled the positions of influence here in America’s white house, boardrooms, casinos– police precincts & not to forget to mention all the intel black psyops, & drug-running groups growing rampant the last 40-50 years. BULL Crap to your “I’m 61” brainless jive!

    And this psychologically impaired midget DARE to imply his age & mindless spewing over-ranks you??? Dear God have mercy on it’s soul. (if it has one). I’m laughing myself silly here now… phew!

    I do apologize for it’s incorrigible mental ineptitude, there was absolutely no sane reason for spewing forth in that post! Apologize for it’s complete inability (failure) to simply review your website filled with invaluable data Clint. In all sincerity & respect.

    God bless you for ALL you’ve done & arel doing!


  9. Tim

     /  November 4, 2012

    Expose the CAFR TO THE PUBLIC.


  10. I’m about a year (almost exactly) late to this post (just found it; found the blog earlier). Just FYI (for the record) I am as we speak posting the CAFRs (starting with state-level) by state over at this blog: Cold,Hard.Fact$ and have of course been posting it elsewhere.

    A group called also have links to them in spreadsheet form (takes about 10 min on the site to find), which I also linked to — that group is pushing the debt, the debt, the debt (and is about to be outed on that also).

    Please comment or help. I’m also linking to Clint’s & Walter’s stuff. Blogging is piecemeal, but it can multiply. I’m simply going to post the CAFRs, & (obviously), keep my mouth open on the matter so to speak. Anyone that can afford PRWire or a free PRWeb announcement could also publicize this with a link.

    I’ve watched certain federal grants for 3 years; when they want something done, they dump money into “Technical Assistance & Training” (which means setting up glorious websites), and establish a network of cronies. The American Public is so stupid, overwhelmed, or distracted, they allow this to be appropriated year after year.

    Unbelievable stuff; it’s clear that the gov’t itself doesn’t care if people obey the tax code (i.e., file their nonprofits), if they can be used to further centralize power.

    Etc. Good luck to all, have fun voting! thanks Clint for good writing.
    http: // economicbrain wordpress com


  1. Get Real(itybloger)! — Call In, Read the Links on CAFRs, Review Regularly. | Let's Get Honest! Blog
  2. Tune in to The Corporation Nation radio show this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for CAFR School!!! Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) of government | Nesara Network

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