The Master Plan: Agenda 21 In Action

The Master Plan, as referred to in the title of this writing, means something other than what it seems.

In fact, now that I am starting to understand the full agenda, the use of the “Master Plan”  by local and state governments is perhaps the most dastardly representation of Agenda 21 tools and principles I’ve come across to date.

A basic tenet of the implementation of United Nation’s (Agenda 21) world-wide program entitled “Sustainable Development” is to replace the many declarations of rights and privileges called “constitutions” of the many countries with one global charter. This constitution of the Earth, called the ‘Declaration of Human Rights”, has one very important distinction between itself and that of the U.S. Constitution: the critical altering of individual rights so that the good of the collective people and the state have absolute rights over the individual people. In essence, the concept of natural or God-given rights are erased within this global charter.

This video presentation is critical to understanding Agenda 21:

In essence, the rights of the people to have private property must be eroded or stripped, making all ownership of any property a part of the “community”. Only then can the global Agenda 21 Sustainable Development take a root where once there was individual rights and property. And only by making private property into public (community) property, can the State and local governments justify the legal theft of that property in the name of the people.

The “Master Plan”, as stated above, is one of the most useful tools in this takeover and subversion of private property rights for individuals.

What is the Master Plan?

Each municipality (city), county, and State government generally have something called the Master Plan on file at their offices or city halls; a literal drafted blueprint for the future construction of roads, bridges, schools, and other “public” and “private” infrastructure for which the government has planned to build.

The only problem is… the Master Plan and its creators don’t care if your land, home, or business is located where this future construction is planned to be built. And through the use of the abusive powers of eminent domain with the BAR’s “due process” establishing “just compensation”, the governments of the States, counties, and municipal corporations (cities) grant themselves complete autonomy and overpowering authority to take the property of anyone that stands in the way of completing the Master Plan – all in the name of “community development”.

Like anthills or moles holes, the property of Americans everywhere is being pre-meditatively squashed for the crime of having their foundations within the future expansion of the Master Plan.

Now, it is very important to understand where this idea stems from, and that it is fully supported from the highest levels in government; up through to the federal government and the United Nations. In fact, this practice of legally stealing land and property from the people is actually one of the standards and practices recommended by the Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) – a very powerful organization.

When we go to the GFOA website, we find that this non-governmental organization (NGO) is a private association for which many local, state, and federal financial officers hold membership within. And we also find that this organization is heavily steeped in United Nations and Agenda 21 planning principles.

This particular link brings us to the recommendation by the GFAO to local and state governments on how to use their Master Plans as a standard and practice (best practice) for stealing the peoples private property for future economic development:


Begin Excerpt from the GFOA:


The Role of Master Plans in Capital Improvement Planning (2008) (CEDCP)


Many governments establish long-range strategies focused on community development and sustainability through the use of Master Plans.1 As blueprints for the future, these plans identify economic, land use, and infrastructure development and/or redevelopment, which may include transportation, housing, and public facilities. Master Plans, most frequently coordinated by the local government’s planning department with broad community participation, identify jurisdictional needs ten to twenty-five years into the future. Regular updates to these plans are imperative to ascertain development or infrastructure needs as local conditions change.

Master Plans are the foundation for:

  • the development of physical plans for sub-areas of the jurisdiction;
  • the study of subdivision regulations, zoning standards and maps;
  • the location and design of thoroughfares and other major transportation facilities;
  • the identification of areas in need of utility development or extensions;
  • the acquisition and development of community facility sites;
  • the acquisition and protection of open space (private lands);
  • the identification of economic development areas;
  • the incorporation of environmental conservation (Agenda 21 Sustainable development);
  • the evaluation of short-range plans (zoning requests, subdivision review, site plan analysis) and day-today decisions with regard to long-range jurisdictional benefit; and
  • the alignment of local jurisdictional plans with regional plans (i.e. organized crime).

In addition to a long-range Master Plan, governments utilize Capital Improvement Plans (CIP) to identify present and future needs requiring capital infrastructure. Such plans operate for a shorter duration, often three-to-five years, and list the projects and capital programs planned for the community with corresponding revenues and financing sources. Paying attention to financial factors during the development of master plans allows for a smoother transition of long-range plans to implementation and lessens the impact on the CIP and future operating budgets. Subsequently, to adequately guide the fiscal, operating, and land use needs of the community, finance officers should use Master Plans as a framework for capital project requests that go into the CIP.

Recommendation. The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) recognizes the role of Master Plans as one of the CIP’s important elements and recommends that governments consider the following:

1. Master Plans should provide a vision for capital project plans and investments

2. Governments should make capital project investment decisions that are aligned to their long-range Master Plans

3. The finance officer should play an active role in the early planning process

4. Financial factors should be considered as part of the development of Master Plans

Approved by the GFOA’s Executive Board, February 22, 2008.

1 – Jurisdictions may refer to Master Plans by various names, including Comprehensive Plans or General Plans. This Recommended Practice utilizes the title Master Plans to denote the long-range plans (10 – 25 years) that act as a framework for capital project requests that direct the Capital Improvement Plan.

–End Excerpt


Now, to help you to understand how this recommended “best practice” is most likely being utilized in your State or municipality, I would like to explain how this is being used where I live, in Draper, Utah (Salt Lake County).

In the historic Draper area, one of the wealthiest areas in the Salt Lake area, sits one of the oldest farms in Draper’s history, the Fitzgerald farm. This farm has cows, sheep, and horses on over 100 acres. It used to be a working dairy farm as a milk supplier to the local Costco chain, until this small family farm was pushed out of the business by some of the larger dairy providers in the area. Not by coincidence, the Winder Farms Dairy is a very large supplier of milk in the Salt Lake valley.

The Deseret News in Salt Lake City reports:

WEST VALLEY CITY — Winder Farms will celebrate another milestone today, Oct. 11, its 130th birthday.

Over its 13 decades, the local company has established a rich history and legacy. It is also a family business, with a sixth generation now involved.

Besides the dairy business, the Winder family has a lesser-publicized legacy — it has produced 10 elected officials in Utah, as well as one general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The following is a list of the Winder family’s 10 elected officials over the years, plus four other prominent family members. (An asterisk by the name means the person is still living):

John R. Winder (British immigrant, Mormon pioneer and LDS general authority) — Salt Lake City Council (1872-78), Salt Lake County assessor and collector (1870-84), president of Utah State Fair Board (1866-1900)

William C. Winder (son of John R.) — President of Utah State Fair Board (1919-37)

George Winder (son of William C.) — Utah State House of Representatives (1935-37), president of Utah State Fair Board (1930s and 40s)

Shirl Winder (son of William C.) — Utah State House of Representatives (1921), Utah State Senate (1923-25)

Ed Winder (son of William C.) — Granger-Hunter Improvement District trustee (1960s)

Ned Winder (son of Ed) — president, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce; Utah State Senate President; and Salt Lake Area United Way

Richard Winder* (son of Ed) — Granite School Board, president of Granite School Board (1966-67, 1971-72)

Judge Dave Winder (son of Ed) — U.S. district judge appointed by President Jimmy Carter (1979-2009)

Pete Winder* (nephew of Shirl, Ed and George) — original West Valley City Council (1981-87)

John Winder* (descendant of John R. Winder) — Sandy City Council (1982-2006)

David B. Winder* (nephew of Shirl, Ed and George) — Gov. Mike Leavitt’s cabinet, director of Community & Economic Development, (1997-2002); and special assistant to the Governor (2002-2004)

Kent Winder* (son of Ned) — Taylorsville City Council (1996-97); chairman of the board, ChamberWest (1996-97); and Granger-Hunter Improvement District trustee (2008-present)

Mike Winder* (son of Kent) — West Valley City Council (2006-2010), mayor of West Valley City (2010-present), and Utah Board of State History (2005-present)

Jim Winder* (son of Judge Dave) — Salt Lake County sheriff (2007-present)

Jim Winder is now the county Sheriff. If you aren’t familiar with my toils with this completely corrupt Sheriff, know that he succeeded after his election in dissolving the entire Sheriff’s Department, and implemented a new corporate structure called the Unified Police Department (UPD), which made the former Sheriff’s deputies into county municipal police. Winder accepted this corporate structure as the elected Sheriff, and gave up his authority and autonomy as Sheriff (America’s last hope) by agreeing to be CEO of this UPD under the authority of the county council and the mayor of the county.

Please see my research on Jim Winder “The Sheriff Who Sold His County”, here: (VERY IMPORTANT)

Mike Winder was on the city council of what is known in Salt Lake County to be the most corrupt of the incorporated municipalities in the county, especially the courts.

This information is important to understand, as when sometimes secret no-bid contracts are given to private corporations after the land and property of the people is taken or force-bought through intimidation by the governments and local city councils and mayors, we find that these corporations are often friends or family of the councilmen and mayors enforcing the eminent domain. They often take more land than they need for their master plan, and then sell off that land to developers and businesses. And of course one of the jobs of the Sheriff of the county is to enforce state liens and sales of the peoples property, whether its a “bank-owned” foreclosure or eminent domain property. So organized crime in Salt Lake County, as you can see, is often a family affair. And it is much easier when the Sheriff’s Department has been “federalized” into a state “incorporated” district.

Now, back to our good Irish farmer…

This farm, which has been in the Fitzgerald family for many, many generations – since before the “Draper” city councilman’s and mayor’s parent’s-parents were even born – has over the years been slowly taken by the Draper City Corporation and the State of Utah. Bit by bit, these government entities have used the recommended Best Practices of utilizing the Master Plans to forcibly dismantle and steal the land and property of the Fitzgerald family farm.

Firstly, it is important to know that over the years, people have built their homes all around the Fitzgerald farm, and that it is now completely surrounded by these neighboring home’s backyards, except along the main road. This raises these homes property value. But it is also important to know that the majority these “neighbors” will not lift a finger to help this family retain its working farm, and some of them actually support the city and state in its organized criminal effort – at least they did until they realized a train station and train tracks was being planned to pass right by their peaceful homes. One might consider that they deserve what they are getting as such good neighbors!

Step 1) The city first approached the farmer about selling part of his farmland a part of his frontage land along the road (byway) of the farm. Though the farmer consented to the sale, the Municipal Corporation was the only entity that made an offer. In other words, the City was quite clear that this “deal” would be a no-bid or single-bid transaction. The farmer could not sell to another interested developer or buyer. This land was eventually turned into the City Hall Offices, coincidentally where the Master Plan for Draper City is now housed. The house that originally stood on this land was relocated by the city and is used by the cities Chamber of Commerce. And to add insult to injury, the Draper council and newspaper still refers to this stolen home as “The Historic Fitzgerald Home”.

Step 2) Next, the Master Plan was changed to show a K-6 grade school complete with parking lot, playground, and a large soccer field on the farmers property; and the farmer was again approached by the city to purchase another swath of land. Though the Fitzgerald family didn’t necessarily want to sell this land, as it was growing alfalfa to feed its cows, horses, and sheep and to sell to other farmers – and had been in the family for over 100 years – the city council was very clear that it was going to purchase this land whether the farmer wished to sell it or not. After all, it was in the communities interest to force a private property owner to forcibly sell his land or face eminent domain proceedings. The school was then built on a closed court street, causing major traffic problems and dangerous conditions for the children.

(Note: Farms are dirty places. They have scrap metal, old machinery and tractors, and out of use stainless steel milk machines laying around, among other supplies. But one of the tactics used by the city was to order the farmer to clean up his private property, and to hall away some of the scrap. If he didn’t obey the city, they threatened massive fines and fees. Once the sale of property was complete, the threats and intimidation ceased.

Step 3) The City once again approached the Fitzgeralds’ to sell even more acreage from their farm. This time, the master plan showed other community services. The farmer once again agreed to sell so that the Draper City Library could be built.

Step 4) Next to the Library, the Farmer yet again agreed to sell about an acre of his land so that a senior citizens center could be built according to the Master Plan. Important to consider, this non-frontage 1 acre sold for about $200,000.

At this point, knowing that eventually this whole farm would definitely be taken by the City, developers (who were friends with the councilmen and the mayor) started approaching the farmer so as to buy the land in order to develop it. And it is important to note that these types of housing developments are sometimes purchased and built despite the fact that the city’s Master Plan shows something different planned for this land in the future. The developer doesn’t care, as he will get paid to build the houses regardless. The City often allows this to happen and issues all the necessary permits despite its foreknowledge that it will confiscate the new development and the land according to this Master Plan scheme. After all, these developers are friends of the family, and sometimes are even family themselves. And so the properties that are build are then stolen by the city or state through eminent domain, and perfectly good houses or businesses are condemned and destroyed.

Step 5) The farmer owned 15 acres across the main street, where more alfalfa was growing. But the State and the City had made different plans for this land, and the Master Plan shows this area as a parking facility for the future site of a public transportation railroad – a light-rail system. The owners of an Associated Farming grocer was also put on notice that eventually their property would be taken. The Farmer has received word that the City was looking to eminent domain further into his frontage land, and that his family home was in the proposed taking – an historic adobe home that is over 100 years old where the farmer’s retired father and mother now reside on the family land. But this alfalfa field across the street was even more valuable, as its boarder faced an even more well-traveled frontage road that was highly sought after to build commercial real estate upon, meaning that the price on this property should be enormous. The State valued this property at over $5 million dollars in its evaluation, before the eminent domain proceedings began. But the county/City appraiser contracted to attain the actual “fair value” of the property – what the constitution of the United States refers to as “just compensation” in the 5th Amendment (the takings clause) – decided to assign only a value of just over $2 million. And in the end, after the attorneys squabbled, the farmer received about $2.5 million for the State-stolen land, despite the fact that the state appraisal showed its true value at over $5 million. Remember, just one acre fetched $200,000 without having access to a major 4 lane business road. The State “TRAX” station and railway is currently under construction, and has been the cause of many similar eminent domain cases throughout the county. To add insult to injury, once the land was already force-purchased by the government, they charged the farmer for a bridge that had to be built over an already existing eight-foot wide irrigation ditch to the tune of several hundred-thousand dollars.

Step 6) The current Master Plan on display at the Draper City Hall shows several new roads going through several parts of the farm. These roads do not exist today, and the farmer has not been contacted about the building of these roads… yet. The farmer was recently forced to allow the City to build a blacktop bike/nature path through the middle of his field, along with fences and a bridge so that the farmer could get his equipment and tractors to the outlaying fields. He will have to sell off some of his cattle now, since the hey supply cannot be kept up to support his animals now that over 20 acres of farmland have been legally stolen by the organized crime syndicate called the City/State. And the farmer and family are quite sure that the farm will definitely be taken through eminent domain at some time in the very near future – a families heritage literally destroyed in the name of the community through the use of Best Practices of the GFOA and the United Nations Agenda 21 principles.

It is also important to note that when the city attorneys and council conduct these types of transactions, the victims of this organized crimes receive what can only be called a “gag-order” until the eminent domain transaction is complete. This ensures that other interested developers or potential buyers of the property cannot and will not be allowed to place another higher bid in for the property, making the transaction a no-bid contract. You could call this a monopoly on theft. But it is also important to understand that instead of returning the unused portion of this land (that the State/City will not use), some of this land that was taken from the farmer by the State/City will be sold for a profit to interested developers along the main frontage road for businesses to be built. And chances are that a bond will be issued with taxpayer money to complete the construction of this infrastructure. The farmer will not see a penny of the profit from this transaction.

Please note that the same intimidation techniques used on this farmer can be much, much worse, as in the case of Andrew Wordes, as reported by Natural News and the Health Ranger:

This is the crime of the century. It is perfectly legal. And it will not stop…

And this, ladies and gentleman, is the Master Plan.

Do you know what yours is?

The real question is: When will you, the People start defending each others property from your elected city and state representatives, before you become the neighbor that nobody cares about or helps?

And what good is the second amendment if the people don’t ever use it for its real intended purpose – to fight for your rights and the rights of others?

We pay this “right” lip service, but never prove our worthiness to keep it.

And now the United States is just one of the many United Nations.

How very sad…


–Clint Richardson (
–Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

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  1. five words

     /  April 18, 2012

    Thanks Clint


  2. Alex

     /  April 20, 2012

    I just stumbled across your site and found your posts very well written, well researched and insightful. Your really should consider compiling all your posts and writing an e-book on those topics. I bet you could sell it on or off your own website. Even if you only price it at $2.99 or so, you could sell a couple of hundred thousand copies at least. Great post on A21.


  3. d

     /  April 20, 2012

    Master Plan?
    I have no toleration for a Master!
    The Plan is to stick with God’s Plan!
    Man is too stupid to have any good Plan….


  4. Herr Chickychickie

     /  April 20, 2012

    In the UN British Commonwealth Nations outvotes the US vote 54 to 1
    The UN is Britain.
    The British finally voted who was their greatest foe.
    George Washington is Britain’s greatest enemy?
    They are sneaks…they win.
    PS they are using community churches with small group dynamics to brainwash foolish Christians into partnering with the government and corporations.
    Tony Blair and the Purpose Driven Life leader Rick Warren who swore Obama in without the Bible are partnering to use phony churches to re educate the sheeples to communitarianism for Jesus!
    Rick Warren’s “PEACE PLAN” DECEPTION – Apostasy, Saddleback-Style!

    The front churches go by many names…but they are all the same …they are ARC Churches (small group Hegelian dynamics manufactured consent practitioners)
    It’s Machiavelli on Holy Steroids
    They look like the Marysville Washington Cult.

    These “churches”are all over the world if you check the ARC find a Church page.Not just the US
    They are poison,and Bono (G 20 Bono)is one of their greatest assets they say! These Churches are also partnered with Blackwaters Erik Prince’s Focus on the Family racket.
    Some real preachers just think it’s a faith thing…
    A good one showing you what a joke these community <~ Churches are about is Mike Hoggard.

    But seeing as they call it church then no one even bothers.
    It is commie unity re education and new age weirdness only the Nazi's could love!
    Phony Christians are going to hang us.


  5. Gary Jacobucci

     /  April 21, 2012

    The author writes… “In fact, now that I am starting to understand the full agenda, the use of the “Master Plan” by local and state governments is perhaps the most dastardly representation of Agenda 21 tools and principles I’ve come across to date.”

    I’m the second longest sitting member on our community’s Planning and Zoning and we are currently doing our 4-year update on our Master Plan. There is not the slightest influence of Agenda 21, nor have I heard of it rearing its head in other Community Master Plans in the County.

    The “most dastardly representation of Agenda 21” in Elko County, Nevada is the road closures by the Forestry Service and the declaration of the sage grouse as an endangered species which will have a huge impact on freedom of travel and negatively impact the local economy – two of the primary objectives of Agenda 21.

    I think a larger perspective is needed here. Rosa Koire’s book ‘The Green Mask’ provides a good foundation.


    • Here’s what you do…

      Go ask your financial officers if they are members of the GFOA.

      If they say yes, then Agenda 21 by default, as well as the United Nations, is very much in control of your city.


      I’d certainly agree about the road closures. Again, re-wilding certainly ranks up there as equally evil and treasonous.



  6. Trevor

     /  April 22, 2012

    tenant = a person who occupies land or property rented from a landlord.

    tenet = a principle or belief, especially one of the main beliefs or a religion or philosophy.

    Their definitions are not interchangeable and should not be treated as if they were. The incorrect usage detracts from an otherwise fine article.


  7. Tom

     /  April 22, 2012

    A very well written and insighful article. Unfortunately, we live in a nation of “everybody for themselves”. In general people cannot be trusted whether in positions in authority or not. The only one to trust is in God.


  8. Mihail

     /  April 25, 2012

    If you want to understand Agenda 21,the whole plan and who is behind it,please read this important book,


  9. wc

     /  August 14, 2012



    Heard you today on RBN and glad you are publicizing how these city officials are using their ‘administrative’ procedures, docs, regulations, codes, etc. to obtain property, extract $ and exert undue influence over an unsuspecting public.

    Since administrative law is basically ‘color of law’ (aka FRAUD) then it’s critical that folks learn how to (1) respond to the original letter / notice (2) send them a notice and demand to prove up their authority & the constitutional basis for the action, etc. & (3) default them when they do not respond properly and within a specified period of time.

    Across the country many brave researchers are continuously peeling back layer after layer of info on how this deception is being perpetrated through Agenda 21 and other land use policies. They have come to understand that the (alleged) legal system is corrupt beyond belief and is full of pathological criminals intent on destroying whoever they come in contact with to achieve their goals. The key to fighting this system is understanding how corrupt public officials use their administrative tricks, presumptions and word-art that to slam dunk their intended victims.

    This game is being played on a level very few understand & even less are willing to study because it involves divorcing oneself from the world of I-this or I-that plus the plethora of sports as well as other bread & circuses……only those with ‘eyes to see’ have even a remote chance against this monolith.



    • I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the note. And I’m glad that there are people like you so that people like me aren’t alone in this battle.

      I thought of a new catch-phrase today, tell me what you think:

      “Your words mean nothing, if you don’t know the meaning of your words.”



  10. Clint……that’s very much on the money when it comes to dealing with these useful idiots that are nothing more than tools of those who’ve designed the (alleged legal system). I think another guy had some very enlightening observations about lawyers….can easily be found in Matthew 23:1-39. I really like the timely use of words like ‘serpents’ & ‘generation of vipers’….if he were around today he might well ad ‘and a special place in hell is reserved for all the 501C-3 pastors who bow to their gov’t masters every Sunday’.


  11. You absolutely outdid yourself today. Color me impressed.


  12. I’m delighted to find out that there’s actually a little fantastic content
    to find online. I’ve gotten so sick of google giving me garbage.


  13. The current Constitution Review and the involvement of the United Nations Agenda 21


  14. Constitution Alert New Zealand! ~ Agenda 21


  15. Tusense96761

     /  April 10, 2013

    If this agenda 21 was such a great thing for the future why is it all being done in secret? The reason the Clinton’s , Obama’s, Gates Gores have planned this in secret because it is in NO,WAY good for the people . They planned to kill 90 percent of the world’s population and to sterilize women to limit future population levels. I listen to a 2 hour seminar based on the book Agenda 21 , the actual plan. The man givinng the lecture was extremely knowledge on the plan and had quite the salesmanship worked in his presentation. It looked as if he was talking to a large room of senior citizens. When taking about the schools and the family it made me so made at the gall of the planner of such a sick agenda that no way would the American people ever accept this way of life. Go to HELL Bill and Hillary CLINTON and Al Gore you don’t deserve to walk on America soil. I hope you end up in jail with these evil plans of ours.


  16. Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs and commented:
    Legalised theft? For the good of the community – a handy cover for thieves.


  17. Doreen Agostino

     /  March 20, 2014

    The video presentation ‘Critical to understanding Agenda 21’ appears to be disabled.


  18. Doreen Agostino

     /  April 13, 2014
  19. Doreen Agostino

     /  April 13, 2014

    You wrote: This video presentation is critical to understanding Agenda 21:
    Do you have a video URL since the video above is no longer available?


  20. Hi there! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a collection of volunteers and starting a
    new project in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us useful information to work on.
    You have done a extraordinary job!


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