The Great Disclosure

We are in the time of the Great Disclosure…

In the blink of an eye, the Internet was born out of the digital nether and has become the great tool of the power elite. Suddenly whole bibliographical and indexed libraries are available at the click of a mouse. It has changed the way we perceive reality. It has caused reality to become symbolized. It has made pictures of nature more interesting than nature itself. It has made pictures of people more interesting and beautiful (or ugly) than real people. It has rewritten history. It has altered reputations. And it has brought about a great injection of knowledge and pseudo-comprehension into society both clandestinely and for those who seek it – through the social media.

The Great Disclosure is creating a Great Awakening. But only the fool believes that this waking up is anything but the latest controlled revolution by a few planners of the Order.

The Great Disclosure is the freedom of information by tyrants to their subjects. America, long ago labelled as the “New World”, has established the military force of law for a New World Order – the Masonic Authority who’s centuries-old goal of rebuilding the Third Temple of Solomon (Ezekiel’s Temple) in Jerusalem is now being implemented into the protection of laws in the unlawful State of Israel. Among these protections of law are the suspension of animal cruelty provisions to ensure proper animal sacrifice in the future Temple and suspension of civil rights in favor of the exclusion of women from that Temple. As Albert Pike so carefully penned, the Third World War will no doubt pit billions of Muslims against a handful of Zionists as the Masonic-planned Temple is to be built upon the most sacred of Muslim holy sights, between and over the golden Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque atop the Temple Mount.

Their universal corruption and power is being revealed to the world at high-speed digital connections and frequencies without the slightest concern that the masses will even blink. This arrogance blended with righteousness of these Brotherhoods and Bloodlines knows no bounds. And the ignorance blended with a certain righteous indignation and lack of malcontent from the masses shows that indeed a herd of human animals can be trained to love their servitude under the right pharmaceutical and morally corrupt circumstances – commodities for the global machine of the Illuminated.

The free flow of once secret and forbidden knowledge is taken for granted by those who inadvertently access it, believers in the randomness of that digital construct called the World Wide Web who believe their individual revelations and revolutions of the mind weren’t planned from their very inception by those ancient handlers of information and enlightenment. But we are all but flies in that Web. And with the touch of a button we share what we have found through provided tools such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s social media creation called Facebook. And thousands and millions of people across the globe instantly message their friends – symbolic digital straw-men of real people they’ve never met stuck in perpetual inaction within their own digital Internet Matrix. Like rechargeable batteries they suck it all in; feeling temporarily energized while lacking any real power to change the Masonic plan.

And as the Great Disclosure builds steadily to a singularity of total dystopian oppression of mind and information, the artificial world of symbolic revolution creates greedy gurus with nothing real to offer, exchanging digital dollars for misdirection in commercial entrapment – the false remedy of false gods who secretly bear the Mark of the 10 mile square Beast that is citizenship. As thousands rot in for-profit cells of government funded debtor penitentiaries for avoiding voluntary taxes, still millions more convalesce as the victims of the government funded asylum of corporate pharmacopeia. While Prions eat away at the brains and withered bodies of the vaccinated, the chemically lobotomized induce obesity through consumption of chemical waste sold as artificial sweeteners, sodium substitutes, and ever more unnatural and immoral “natural flavorings”. Soylent Green after all truly is people, as injected and transplanted cannibalism is the latest trend in medical advancements.

Information awareness is the name of the game, and its billions of players play by the rules of their rulers. For a Dungeon Master such as this must eventually reveal to its imprisoned commodities the outline of the Dungeon they cannot escape, for without the rules the game cannot continue and perceptions cannot be bound to limitations. The slaves must first believe they are free while the master planners build a virtual cage around them. And as the door is now squeaking to a close and about to hit us on the ass, the revelation of our ownership begins to come into focus. The cage is becoming temporarily visible while this transition takes place. Ironically, the people still believe they must fight the system that controls them from within that very same system, foolishly believing that law has its origins and authority in anything but corruption and military force. They believe a piece of paper gives them the right to carry a gun, never realizing that the gun itself and the willingness to use it is all that protects that right. Meanwhile, that paper is being altered and perverted by legislative action to make the people believe that guns can be stripped away from them without a fight. And even while there is still an incrementally more miniscule time to break free before that cage door closes, the disclosure of the cage itself cannot be seen through the rose colored glasses worn by the masses.

Those who choose to take off those glasses and see are overwhelmed by this vision; a sudden realization that the slaughter house is close at hand and that we are already in line to become hamburger or dog food. They Live. The Matrix is real. The 13th Floor exists. Our Equilibrium and Soma await ingestion. Terminators walk among us and fly above. It certainly is a dark, Dark City. 2012 is becoming 1984. War is Peace. And it is indeed becoming a Brave New World.

The Great Disclosure travels through many sources, but most importantly through social media. Shock jocks spell out the plan while selling the products of a dystopian and apocalyptic future and making millions, never offering solutions to the facts disclosed or actually trying to change anything at all. Digital radio stations hide behind seemingly Christian names like Genesis Communications while really being usurious corporate fronts for selling the ancient metal of the Sun – the Masonic solar metal named gold. Never mind the fact that the Bible is explicitly against usury. And pay no attention to all of this Christian Station’s Zionist sponsors supporting the new-lost kingdom of Israel and its goal of re-building the Masonic Third Temple.

The Great Disclosure is the purposeful controlled revelation of forbidden knowledge on a massive scale – the scale of the enlightened Justice of the Masonic Rite. It is the implementation of the laws of the ancient Orders of Lucifer the Light Bearer, through the “Sons Of Light” – the true name of Freemasons before the cornerstone of the Temple of Solomon was ever laid and destroyed.

The hidden hand is revealing its Order through social media. This brainwashing is nothing if not the induction of the majority of humanity into acceptance of this Order without the slightest comprehension it is happening – that the cage is near completion. The perverse Morals And Dogma of this illuminated Fraternal Brotherhood shine brightly over the masses of unwitting sun worshipers who no more believe or comprehend the story of Adam to be an allegory of the Sun or Easter to be the blood sacrifice to “Eostre” the goddess of light after the full moon than they perceive that this Brotherhood of Light even exists.

The illuminated must reveal their plan clandestinely, and must do so through the flickering trance-inducing lights of the magic screen and through blatant concert ceremonies of Lucifer’s music. Stockholm Syndrome is an infection of the mind as people cling to provided entitlements and privileges while protecting their rulers – who protect themselves by removing all semblance of natural law from the landscape while enforcing the Masonic Society of Law upon all the people. They amusingly call this uniform Code of their Order “civil law” – the forced equality of all common people. And the people mistake these equal rights and the political Equality it brings as an empowerment, never realizing that only slaves have equal rights – which means they have no rights at all except those granted to them as a group of slaves.

As the masses become more and more the useful idiots they have been conditioned to be, as technology begins to replace the need for those masses in manufacturing and construction, and as the redundancy of profitable debt service becomes obsolete with a world government and currency, this Great Disclosure will be followed by the Great Culling of the now unneeded herd. Only so many will be allowed to fill the cage and serve the Light Bearers. The rest will be left to starve and wither in the pestilence outside the Temple of Solomon – the Temple of Light.


If these words mean nothing to you, they soon will…

Stay tuned for my in depth presentation of the Masonic history of this United States, its origins, its symbolism, its future, and just how all of this seemingly prophetic gobbledygook is coming of age right before our very eyes.


–Clint Richardson (
–Monday, June 3rd, 2013


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  1. paul dahmen

     /  June 3, 2013

    the lifting of the veil. personally I believe that the man who survives must first have nothing to lose, secondly He must be able to run like hell.


  2. J. Lee

     /  June 3, 2013

    Clint, thanx for all your hard work and putting yourself out there. Many agree, yet do not wish to open themselves out to others.

    This is also the beginning of the Great Connection…to Source and to each other. Istanbul, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Greece, Egypt, are all resisting and amassing in numbers to say Ya Basta…No More!

    Evil contains the seeds of its own destruction. All should know this. Unfortunately we have to play by the rules of cosmic truths and do unto others whereas they can lie, deceive, manipulate and control.

    They’re are many many awakening now and within a couple of years I feel we will reach critical mass. Maybe the U.S. will be the last, since we are the youngest and most away from our cultural heritage and ability to live self sufficiently, but we also are the ones who, latently, chose these lands to occupy for our right to be free.

    Exciting times. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Keep up the leadership for us all and know we chose to be here now, where else would you rather be???


    P.s. whats happened since the TSA incident?


  3. Interesting. I just came from the Washington D.C. corporations page, looking up a strange (??) nonprofit ( 501(c)3 that is) called the US Conference of Mayors, which actually has an EIN# easily viewable on the web. However, there are (oddly) zero tax returns showing for this EIN#. It incorporated in 1963 in DC listed as a foreign entity (as to D.C.) with a home address in — surprise — Chicago, registered agent (changed just last year), a law firm (which dates itself back to 1938) in Chicago. The D.C. incorporator shows as John J. Gunther (“Death be not Proud,”) and its EIN# 53-0196642 reads, “No 990s Found.”

    (there are other “conferences of mayors” all over the place, whether state, county, or subject matter oriented. Baltimore & FL in particular).

    Yet this US Conference of Mayors, in association with some “philanthropic” foundations (that help traffick in human beings, through a variety of institutions), such as Annie E. Casey Foundation, set agenda for urban cities. They have signed on to the UN Millennium goals….pick winners and losers as to national model programs.

    Personally, trying to actually track down the source of the dysfunctional courts, I ended up in the history of nations, aka of monarchs, the corporations they chartered (in various continents: Africa, America….)… Regionalism, centralization, set up some concentration camps as sources of slave labor (see US prison population for another example), keep the spoils open another lending institution, propagate more myths with the new, improved technology and control obtained by looting someone else.
    Another interesting site, has a lot about freemasonry, bloodlines, etc. Particularly the section about the Cold War brings it current (see the book — which is on-line).

    Just to clarify: I’m not Muslim. If I were Christian (unlike some, I do believe in God), I’d sure as hell not be the kind we have since Constantine, i.e., the empire-building kind (see “burning translators at the stake, slave trade, coverup of child abuse, etc.”)

    So this guy (these guys) write: (pls pardon the long quote):
    “How did this come about? For centuries Muslims lived under unified rule, led by successive empires, primarily the Abbassids and eventually the Ottoman Turks. Also, centuries of pious effort were exerted to codify the message of Islam into a legal system apt at governing the affairs of large civilizations. This system is known as Shariah and in Sunni Islam is divided into four mutually compatible schools, called Mathhabs.

    “This Islamic legal system was the result of great vigilance with regards to the creeping influence of corruptive ideas, which would sometimes splinter into various movements and sects. However, as long as there was a political power in place, these splinter groups could be kept in check, and the sanctity of orthodox Islam proclaimed as the dominant one.

    “This all ended in 1924, with the final collapse of the Ottoman Empire. From that time forward, there was no vanguard for the orthodoxy of Islam, and many of these splinter groups then began to flourish. Most prominent among them are the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia. ~>~>~>~>~This sect was created by the British in the seventeenth century, in accordance with their strategy of “Divide and Conquer”, to disunite and weaken the Ottoman Empire.<~<~<~<~~>~>officially installed as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with British assistance in 1932. <~<~<~~>~>Christianity has been undermined through the corruption of Gnostic ideas<~<~<~, and finally the great revolutions of the eighteenth century succeeded in removing Church authority from the state. And, continuous negative propaganda ever since has managed to largely discredit Christianity in the minds of Westerners."

    (And rightly so; they're a disgrace historically. See Bush, 2001, Executive Order, faith-based initiatives, and the increased fascist state, hardly a new beast on the earth….).
    Anyhow, I'd be interested in what you think of some of that site, particularly the Cold War Years, BCCI etc.

    The Arc of Crisis
    The Existentialists
    Algerian War of Independence
    The Revolution in Iran
    Iran-Contra Operation
    **Mena, Arkansas
    U.N. Relief Organizations
    Anyhow, if you publish the comment, I think some of these things are fascinating, (while I"m getting disillusioned about waking anyone up sufficiently to do as WB recommends, while simultaneously holding body and soul together). Along with age comes a lot of disillusionment, and a lessened desire to join (almost anything). I'd rather seek understanding where I can find it; already know plenty about inhumanity. The thing is, to continue putting forth effort without a real hope or vision (acquiring wealth? Job stability?).

    Very eloquent writing above; I just read it once. Reminds me of some prophecies (well, NT writings) that actually survived somehow, i.e., I & II Thessalonians, and "the mystery of iniquity" not to mention prophecies about the re-institution of the temple. My (oddball, non-Trinitarian and non-attending [[what's to attend? a religious tax-exempt corp with a mortgage and subsidized housing leadership?]] believer in the name of Jesus Christ (and power associated) understanding of those times was, not that the law was suspended (which has some basics in general ethics), but the animal sacrifice was. The comment about its restoration is pretty interesting ….

    etc. Anyhow, continue to appreciate the writing and example you set in continuing to write.
    Sounding the alarm on deaf ears is getting a little old, and watching the bought-out-media as well.

    By the way, I grew up in a generation while this technology was being developed. My Dad worked 17-65 helping develop it, and I know it's military in nature; and then he died suddenly a few days (or some say weeks) after. I still don't have a sound explanation for what killed him, it was so sudden, and I was out of state at the time.


  4. Teach it Clint.

    There’s a guy by the name of “Freeman” who has researched extensively on Freemasonry/Luciferianism. I’ve learned alot from him. Likewise, I’m looking forward to reading what you will uncover on the subject.

    His website is


  5. steve

     /  June 5, 2013

    Wasn’t Masonary initially set up as a counter-balance to the abrahamic theocracy? Weren’t Jews banned from be Masons and only recently infiltrated and co-opted the freemasonic counter-balance??


    • The white folks who claim to be Jews today in Israel are not Jews according to the Jewish encyclopedia. They are not Semitic. They just admitted to making the Ethiopian Jews sterile through vaccinations. Masonry was set up over 5,000 years ago. Which part of that history are you referring to. And the Star of David is actually the Seal of Solomon.

      Read the Treaty of Tripoli.


  6. Tester

     /  June 6, 2013

    @steve: wheels within wheels and so on, usual dialectics.

    Clint, thank you for all your work! Soumd research and great analysis, wish I was as capable…

    If you ever have time, I’d love to know your opinion about the still ongoing occupation of Germany and the german version of the cafr-game. It is important since Germany is being abused as a tool to enslave all of Europe.


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