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  1. Rich

     /  March 18, 2011

    Great article, Clint!! You certainly have a way with words that lets the uninformed become informed instead of thoroughly confused.

    I have read that you can acquire the MCO for a NEW car, truck etc. if you pay cash. I believe that the dealer only has to send the MCO to the DMV if the car is being financed. Cash is king!!

    • Not sure about just cash… I think that you have to tell the dealer that you will be taking the car abroad. That way, the MSO can be transferred out of country, and so the dealer will give it to you. Don’t think just cash will do the trick. I think it is law that the dealer do this.

      Thanks… -Clint-

      • Brian

         /  October 9, 2011

        I have read, in Bob Plimpton’s book, that you CAN acquire the MCO if you pay in cash AND tell them that you will be taking the auto to a DIFFERENT state. (No need to imply that you are going to a different country), just a different state!

  2. Excellent part two Clint, thank you for taking the time and having the talent to put so much information so succinctly and in such an easily understood (should I say that ever again?) way!
    A difficult and LARGE subject cut down to size!

  3. x251kx

     /  June 20, 2011

    everything was brilliantly put together and enlightening. Great work! as a newbie to all this i was a little confused about accessing your STRAWMAN account, because if you access it doesn’t that mean you are acknowledging the contract that your birth certificate and S.S. number was issued on? and thereby giving consent? again i am well aware that much more research on my behalf is required.. just something that was on my mind. i am a firm believer that we as a people will all be free one day.. and very soon at that!

  4. Veronica

     /  June 23, 2011

    There is a subtle difference between ‘engaging in commercial activity’ and ‘labouring as a workman”. The most important thing to understand is that the term ‘commercial activity’ is a created term governed by the Law Merchant (lex mercatoria). Using the customs and usage’s from that law is what determines whether you are in ‘their’ activity or not. Such as commercial instruments, a business license, profit and loss records, balance sheets, advertising, receipts, business cards, insurance policies, social security numbers, drivers license, commercial speech, extended credit, limited liability, free mail service, ownership, etc. The use of such modes and instruments makes you subject to the Uniform Commercial Code (a private copyrighted ‘law’ by the American Law Institute).


  5. Hi Clint,
    I just wanted to tell you that your threads are by far, the best, the most detailed, the easiest to comprehend, of any and all websites out there dealing with like-minded material. You are awesome!
    Question; Can you, or can you lead me to a site or group/individual
    that can give an assist with identifying the bonding company/policy #
    on Officials’ bonds who have damaged me big time, and for which I’m looking to create remedy for their malfeasance, wrongdoing, and operating well beyond the limitations of their Oaths of Office and
    Public Hazard Liability Insurance. If you are familiar w/ this process
    and available to give an assist, please let me know what your fee
    might be, so I can create the remedy. I have good and complete
    commercial paperwork and proper SPC/UCC-1 standing to proceed.

    • Hey David,

      I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I am trying to get in touch with an acquaintance that has all of that information. Will let you know…


      • Brian

         /  October 9, 2011

        I, too, would thoroughly enjoy getting that info, as I would also like to file a Negative Averment and other documents, against corrupt public servants who violoate my unalienable rights to life, liberty and property! Thanks for all your wonderful words in these blogposts, that I just recently been blessed with receiving! Peace and love to you and yours, brother!

      • Dave

         /  July 19, 2013

        no prob take your time this information is very valuable to me, thank you

    • SamO

       /  September 17, 2012

      “”””Question; Can you, or can you lead me to a site or group/individual
      that can give an assist with identifying the bonding company/policy #
      on Officials’ bonds who have damaged me big time, and for which I’m looking to create remedy for their malfeasance, wrongdoing, and operating well beyond the limitations of their Oaths of Office”””

      All of these documents are Public Record and should be fled with the Register of Deeds for your county, if they are local officials.

      You should also write the official themselves and tell them to send you the information. If they refuse, you have still obtained evidence of good faith on your part, and bad faith on theirs.

      Some states may be different than mine, so if they are not at the Register of deeds office check the CODES for the state, or contact the county executive for the information

  6. Cynthia K. Gibb

     /  August 11, 2011


    Dear Mr. Richardson:

    Thank you so much for the additional information. I’ll be reading for quite some time. I have three comments on the data I have digested so far. With regard to the signature line on my checks, my little magnifier is not strong enough to tell what it may state. The line does look slightly different from the other lines, but I will have to locate a stronger glass to validate the statement. In respect to my SS card, the only number on the reverse is a Form OA-702 (4-76), but later cards may be different. Also, with regard to the dollar bill, if you delete the ending letter, and do not count the beginning letter, there are only 8 numbers. As far as I know, any SS number I have ever seen has 9 digits. I will keep researching! Cindy Gibb

    • Steven

       /  July 7, 2012

      I do see the authorizedsignature on my checks with a strong magnifying glass but I too do not have any number on the backside of my SS card except the form #.

      • mark

         /  November 12, 2012

        I lost my original in a fire….the older ones don’t have the cusip number. my replacement card does.

      • Tommy

         /  November 13, 2012

        All SS# cards issued after 1999 have the cusip # on the back in red: L 12345678

  7. Zach

     /  August 24, 2011

    I have just finished reading parts 1 and 2 of your STRAWMAN blog, and must say that I’m exceedingly happy to have found them. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been in an ever-accelerating process of waking up. I originally heard/read about the STRAWMAN a year or two ago, but didn’t quite comprehend the gravity or ramifications of it until recently. So, needless to say, I’m quite new to the scene and have LOTS of learning to do before I proceed with anything.

    I do have a couple of quick questions, which I intend to formulate in a way that will elicit quick responses… I know you have better things to do than spend a bunch of time on a response to a newbie like me.

    1. Where is a good place to begin my research? There’s so much to learn, and I don’t want to get too frazzled by starting with things that are too far over my head.

    2. I’m trying to wrap my mind around the process of obtaining true ownership of property… with specific regard to vehicle ownership. I purchased (financed) a car a year and a half ago and still have a couple years’ worth of payments left. My main goal is NOT to get out of the “loan”, but to ensure that I will be able to truly OWN the vehicle. Will I have to pay off the car completely before this can be accomplished? Did I doom myself by entering into a contract with the bank?

    • Hmmm…. I’d say that for primary research, start reading U.S.CODE. Jordan Maxwell has mass amounts of info, as well as some of the links in this article and Part 1.

      But this is also a compendium in logic and reason, so research is only part of it. Corporate person-hood is as old as the gods. The truly hard part is un-educating yourself from what you have learned from school and media. Cognitive dissonance will be your biggest enemy until you acknowledge it.

      As for the car, nothing is yours if there is a contract and a lien. Property ownership is a bit of an illusion, obviously, but allodial title is something to check out (land). All traffic laws are consensual, and that is where your power lays. Honestly, the real trick for the new car would be to get the original title by paying cash and stating to the dealer that you are shipping the car overseas and need them not to sent the original title to the government. If they don’t hold that, they have no proof of claim that they own your title. Used cars are lost forever, me thinks, as they are already registered (owned) by the state.

      But again, non-consent is the key for your situation. Police are a private corporate gang with no authority except what you give them… with the exception of harming a people or their property.

      • SamO

         /  September 17, 2012

        For a used car, get the Cert. of Title, write scrapped on it, and send it to the state. They will clear it from their systems and all “evidence” of title will be removed from the states records.

  8. Machael

     /  September 20, 2011

    Hi Clint,

    Awesome Blog, I have been learning about Sovereignty for about 3 years now and I love how you explain things even though I know about what you stated, I love hearing reminders and different people’s point of view. My only criticism is to not refer to a natural person or a living man or woman as a human being. According to Black’s Law it says to See Monster as the definition.

    But, other than that everything was on point my friend. 🙂

    • Steven

       /  July 7, 2012

      I don’t find “human being” defined in the Blacks Law Dictionary Seventh Edition, or the word Monster.

      • I believe this is referencing “people” who are not “persons – citizens”. They are free men who are not under the control of government. Human Being is the natural state of man without debt and servitude.

        And if I’m not mistaken, it is in much older versions of law dictionaries.

  9. Have you presented yourself as a sovereign in court and dismissed any case against you?

    • No sir… a good sovereign doesn’t generally need to appear.

      By signing a notice to appear with written non-consent, non-understanding, and under duress(written on the ticket), one only need send that ticket back into the office of assignment as not interested in contracting at this time, and some include a fee schedule.

      Avoiding court all together, or the contract to appear in the corporate court, is the key.

      Will be posting info on this soon… lots of it!

  10. How do I do that for a trial coming up in two weeks for an alleged crime that I did not commit?

    • Sorry my friend, as I did not see your response until today…

      I’d be glad to send you tomes of information on this subject, just shoot me an email at clint@cafr1.com

      But understand, I give no legal advise, just passing on information from others that has worked for them.

      Hope your case worked out.


      • einten

         /  June 2, 2014

        Thank you Clint for pt 1+2 articles as these are so informative.

        Do you have contact details for support people and resources in New Zealand as I know the UCC code is international and all of what you convey applies around the world however there are differences here as we are not a republic and in terms of the paperwork submission requirements and addressing specific coding/ acts which are not laws but they try to trump UCC with their corp fiction bs etc. Thank you.

  11. Neo

     /  December 18, 2011

    For newbies, This guy explains it better than I ever could.
    Side by side columns: The Republic vs THE CORPORATION
    http://www.usavsus.info/ Take the blue pill and ignore this and everything in your life will stay the same, take the RED PILL and open this, and the truth will be revealed to you and there will be no going back, it is your choice, your free will. But anyone reading this site has already taken the RED PILL.

  12. Y.Y.

     /  December 29, 2011

    Dear Clint,

    Thank you so much! Where can I find accurate detailed instructions on acquiring a Security Party Creditor status. A service that doesn’t make you pay a leg and an arm. Why do people charge so much for life-saving information?

    • Depending on the state you live, it is a legal document. Just do a search and it will come up under state forms/documents.

      Unfortunately, there are many who see these things as opportunity to profit, and they are simply victims of usury and its stranglehold. Patriots for profit disgust me…


      • Y.Y.

         /  January 6, 2012

        Thank you Clint. Since I want to do the Redemption process immediately, I’m considering RedemptionService.com. Are they legit? Do you know of any legit services that are fair and have quality service?


  14. Bill Deberg

     /  January 20, 2012

    I looked all over the IRS website for info on A4V filing or claims and found nothing. Are you sure this is something that the IRS will actually process?

    • I know people that have been doing it for years. I cannot offer advice on this, only to say that it works for some and not for others.

      This is not the route I choose to follow. But then I’m not in debt.

  15. Bill Deberg

     /  January 24, 2012

    So, do you have to go through the UCC thing and becoming a sovereign person prior to utilizing the A4V?

    BTW Clint….your blog rocks. I got hooked on you after hearing your interviews with Jan Irvin on Gnostic Media. I’m glad there are true patriots out there like yourself. Keep up the incredible work.

  16. Hello Clint;

    My name is ron and a friend of pam that you have had contact with via email. I am using her computer.
    My question is: If I go to court again GOD forbid,when they call me forward I will say, with due respect to your court sir I wish to answer your questions from here. Why? because I do not consent to entering the domaim of maritime law we are not on the high seas. Iam a living man with a soul that lives under natural and common laws.my plea- i wish not to enter a plea. No sir I donot fully understan why i smust enter your couts domain. etc—————— . what will happen to me ?

  17. Val Glemser

     /  March 30, 2012

    good luck in getting the proper papers filed ! I have tried in 2 states, they both refused to accept them. Got ideas for somewhere that will accept them ? The states are arizona and colorado.

    • What papers are you referring to?

    • Joe

       /  May 23, 2012

      I had a similar issue. They rejected on the grounds that “the debtor and secured party are the same person” (a common reply). I sent the filing back with a cover letter stating that I (the creditor) am a homo sapien and that the straw man (debtor) is a straminius homo and challenged them to produce the straw man (debtor). They accepted my filing.

  18. Clint, I couldn’t find a link to download the mp3 of Strawman_2, Would you email or point me to a link?

    • [audio src="https://realitybloger.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/killingyourstrawman_2.mp3" /]

      Hope it was worth the wait!

  19. Share

     /  June 3, 2012

    Can u fill out the info without your original BC

  20. quadul blackstone

     /  June 13, 2012

    i have commercial drivers liscense can i still do the process n keep my DL or what options do i have so i can keep driving for a living

    • A driver’s license is just a contract. It is like a social security card. You do not have to use it, just because you have it. “Driving” for work that requires the license is a contractual state of employment. This does not mean that you must have a license to “travel” in the rest of your non-employment based life, for your personal auto. But, of course, you must face the possible consequences of having that license revoked when traveling without it. This is a personal choice.

      The alternative…

      When I receive a ticket, I refuse to sign it. When they say I must or I’ll be taken to jail, I am then forced under duress to sign the contract (ticket). Therefore, I write “Signed under duress, I do not understand, I do not consent, this is not a contract, Clint Richardson (signature), (below) without prejudice”.

      I do not accept the contract (ticket). Therefore I send it back to the corporation that assigned it with a nice thanks but no thanks letter.

      • quadul blackstone

         /  June 17, 2012

        thanks clint

      • Daniel

         /  January 15, 2013

        Hey Clint, Thanks for all the info, 1 question.. do I need to have the ucc-1 filed and accepted before I can go to court as a “special appearance”?
        So in other words, can I stay out of the bar area and not understand etc… before filing the ucc-1?

        • A special appearance is a product of the legal system, and so anyone can declare as such their appearance to be “special” instead of “general”. This is part of court procedures.

          The UCC is not necessary.

          But I reemphasize that the real goal is to stay out of court, and to conduct business (commerce) with the court through certified, registered mail. Remember the notary public is your very own court. A special appearance would be toward the end of this process, and if caught in court, demand a grand jury so as not to be at the whim of the court.


  21. Hello Clint my name is Rasheen your info is very valuable, I’ve been studying about the STRAWMAN since last year and lets just say my eyes are finally open, I plan on doing this also but not until I learn a lot more, so thanks a lot for the info.

  22. Emily H

     /  July 1, 2012

    Clint, please learn to properly spell “losing”. It isn’t “loosing” as you keep spelling it. There is no such word. “Loose” for example might describe clothes that are not tight fitting. Otherwise you generally seem to be a quick study on being sovereign and your blog was enjoyable to read,

    • mark

       /  November 12, 2012

      You forgot the “,” before and after the words “for example”, but that’s ok, we love you anyway.

  23. James Farrell

     /  July 9, 2012

    emily, please learn to not focus on trivial stuff like the proper spelling of “losing”, you might learn more, and would be a much less irritating person. clint richardson is a brilliant man, and a better American Patriot!

  24. Paul

     /  July 12, 2012

    Good Afternoon,

    When it comes to A4V, how would one go about checking with the Feds to see what was drawn out or deposited into your account?

    • I would say one wouldn’t… But I’m not sure.

      Remember, A4V is what banks do when you give them a signed loan contract. They accept that contract for value and monetize it on your behalf. You create the money, it is deposited in the bank, and then given back to you, leaving the bank at a zero balance. The whole mortgage industry is a fraud – as principle and interest payments are pure profit for the banks. It is actually against the law to loan you the deposits of their other customers (deposits).

      As for your personal experience with A4V, it seems to be hit or miss. And I would defer you to someone else to get that information. I say don’t go into debt in the first place… and if you already are, make the bank prove that they loaned you any of their own money or nullify your “contract” with them!


  25. Thank you Clint. I’ve been looking into this for about a month and with so much being thrown at me i was starting to feel like this is all just one big trap to get money, but not anymore. I’ve felt it my whole life, why do i work for paper? Why do i need to be in debt to live? Why does everything that is ‘needed’ become so expensive? The more i look the more i see, and it seems that this UCC1 may well be my start on the path to seperation. I only wish to ask did you Clint fill out a UCC1 And a UCC3 and if you did, how has it worked for you?

    • I made a conscious choice to be free of debt and property. I own nothing (except personal belongings – but also know that those can be taken by an army small or large, and so i don’t kid myself there.)

      Since I wrote these articles, I have been researching much deeper and have found that because all law is contract law, I choose to now not contract. Instead I will be documenting my rescinding of citizenship in the future and will do everything in common law contract.

      I am also starting a consulting business so that I and a partner can do the same for others. This too will be through private contract with services payable by gold or silver.

      In short, I am making the conscious decision not to participate in their system of legal code (public policy) and instead only communicate and deal with government when necessary under common law contract.

      To really hit this home, I’ve discovered that these remedies are in the legal realm. I will never again go to court unless under force, thus court is a fraud if I have to go. If I want to sue an individual, I will sue him, not his strawman. In other words, if a cop harasses or violates my rights, I’ll put a lien on his home and property. All of this is done outside of court, and the only way for that cop of government person tp challenge my taking of his property is to challenge eme in court. Since I am now being challenged, the case will still never reach a legal court setting, as I will always demand a grand jury of the people in common law. I’ll never let a judge decide my fate again, unless I am forced.

      I am poor, happy, and do not own or want to own property. Land, maybe. But only in common law.


  26. Paro7

     /  July 30, 2012

    All the people I talk to about My Strawman Think I mad
    I think you are brilliant Dose that mean that you are mad too

  27. Paro7

     /  August 1, 2012

    All of the info here is good, a lot of time must have went into it.
    I hope you wont mind me putting some of into a book
    Called the escape from the GOST Ship ( Not misspelled )
    Or Im off the HOLODECK (Star-trek) if you have any success stories that I might add.

    Please anyone out here that has any success with abatement.
    or commercial liens I would be most interested in.
    ALL there is to be a Sovereign IS TO BE ONE.
    The rest will follow.
    Thank you for confirming all that I know to be true. unfortunately there is a lot more to learn

    My E-Mail pmtr@eircom.net

  28. shannon

     /  September 23, 2012

    how do i kill my strawman and become a human again

  29. Marvin Stafford

     /  October 19, 2012

    great stuff! you have filled in a lot of blanks for me. thank you any help is appreciated. my only criticism would be that you never touch on the fact that when congress does things like these, it is the DUTY of the citizens to rectify them. too many people are assuming these rights and freedoms are thiers by choice, and that they can choose whether or not to keeps them. these things are ours by birth, gifted us by our forefathers. the freedoms many seek to give up belong to our children and their children, none of us have the authority to give them up. every day we postpone, our DUTY becomes that much more difficult and costly.

  30. jan

     /  October 20, 2012

    So if clint richardson was teaching us a very dangerous way of redemption, what is the proper safe way ? And If redemption through UCC1 isn’t the way because its still a contract with the government, then how do we even begin to learn the proper way of redemption of our “STRAWMAN” ???

  31. pj from california

     /  November 8, 2012

    Very informative and helped this reader see the forest beyond the tree. Fear of authority is simply fear of the unknown. Like many I have heard of our “STRAWMEN” but could not fully see it until I stumbled across your blog. Thank you for putting this information out there, I will definitely continue my own research.

  32. This is a very good source for landowners to help them keep their property by PATENT and other informative filings http://www.narlo.org/

  33. ….also , ONE THE BEST BOOKS I’ve ever read , when I read this book, a feeling of AWE came over me after reading her work, God love her, she is truly a light and blessing to us waking up ! Her name is Mary Elizabeth Croft , her book : HOW I CLOBBERED
    … a Spiritual Economics Book
    on $$$ and
    Remembering Who You Are
    Mary Elizabeth: Croft @

  34. Brian Mazzola

     /  January 27, 2013

    Im interested in A4V my Mom is losing her house after my fathers passing and i wanted to know if she could save it that way.

    • I’ve no advice to give on that subject – the A4V.

      However, I can help with the correct process for her protection – the legal response that is.


      • James Farrell

         /  January 28, 2013

        clint, what is your best info on fighting foreclosure/eviction with the legal response? i’ve heard some unorthodox info from gordon hall’s “contracts in motion” show on talkshoe.com. i think you’d be intrigued big time. as you already know with all your cafr work, truth is wilder than fiction! my email is jdfarrell45@yahoo.com, and i love your work, it is top notch! may God bless you!

  35. Kellie

     /  March 27, 2013

    Does the IRS send you a receipt when it’s paid? How do you know when it’s paid? How long does the A4V process take? Thank you for all of this information. Hungry for more

    • Thanks for the questions, Kellie. I chose not to go that route myself, as it does not take you out of government but into UCC.

      Many others who are SPC can help you, but I myself will never be an artificial person again.


  36. John

     /  May 8, 2013


    What are your thoughts about the recent OPPT Movement ?

    • Well, I saw the legal documents that pertained to the establishment of the “trust” in question, and I was astounded. It included a blood oath, usually reserved for Masons and Mormons. It is legal, meaning it is artificial – and would be worthless without the current tyrannical government we have to uphold the trust.

      Leaving one government or trust of contract by escaping into another one is not reasonable or logical.

      A free man does not contract his natural rights away for political ones under any circumstances.

      Creating a trust or other government by incorporating under the current world/international government law does not make you any less of a subject of the powers that be, though they may allow you to think so.

      Just my opinion…


  37. DeMarco Davis

     /  June 17, 2013

    Do you have to already be a free person to do the A4V? I’m looking for the step by step instructions on how to have access to my trust account , can you help me

    • The word “free” and the word “person” do not go together. Being free is the absence of person. A person is granted the government privilege of “freedom”, a completely different thing. Freedom is the right to be forced to obey law. Thus, freedom = obey the law. Being free means shedding this political right and privilege of freedom for natural rights.

      My apologies, but I did not pursue this course. I leave this post up, but recommend my more current research. So I cannot aid you in this capacity, other than to say that your “contracts” are signed only by you, and that this makes you the sole signatory, which means only you can alter the contract since no other party signed.

      UCC is commercial in nature, thus not for me as a free man. It requires you operate under “commerce”, as implied by the name.


  38. Dave

     /  July 12, 2013

    Hello Clint thank you for your time and care with which you present this issue. I have to ask, any update since we’re in 2013 now?

    • I chose not to pursue the SPC or UCC avenue for myself, as I realized that the state of being a free man was dependent on having no paper trail of citizenship or anything else. UCC is COMMERCIAL in nature, and this is not where I wish to be. Because I decided to give up all “possessions” that can be “registered”, I am not in need of the SPC status. I will never have property. I will never again have debt. So I am in the process of relinquishing all ties that bind. And since most ties are based on the fraudulent Social Security number, they represent fraud as well. I will be documenting my process as I go.

      The first and only movie I have seen about actually being free is UNGRIP on youtube. Check it out.


      • Dave

         /  July 30, 2013

        Thank you Clint I will

      • Sarena

         /  January 16, 2014

        Hi, Clint my name is Sarena and I saw your blog on the strawman and I wondering if you could help me. I have a student loan and they recently just started garnishing my wages. I recived a letter from EOS CCA-ED debt collector to explain my hardship… the original debt was with Carrington collage DeVry Inc. I have this example letter below that I’m told to use for the loan haven’t sent it try to do more research. I just would like to know how I go about it stop garnishment and the debt completely thank you so much for your blog

        Example letter



        RE: Acct. # xxxxx

        Dear ???? (I do not in fact have a name to address this letter to, as not one of the letters I received came from a person.  They have been signed “xxxBank”, and so this letter is addressed similarly.)

        As a point of fact, I have no idea who, if anyone is reading this letter.  I send it as an exercise in communication.  Do institutions read? I have not in my lifetime ever had a conversation or exchanged correspondence with an institution.  This is a first.

        The letter in question was dated May 16, 2013.  I assume this was a computer generated date, as in fact there is no evidence otherwise.  The letter in question uses the pronoun “you” often.  It never, as a point of fact, references the writer of the letter.  I have no choice then but to assume this “formal demand…of the entire balance… within ten days of the date of the letter” is made by a computer.  I do not respond to demands made by machines.

        The last time I checked, I was a living, breathing being, fully empowered with my own value.  As such, I introduce the following information.

        It has been brought to my attention recently that on December 24th 2012, the Whitehouse was served with foreclosure documents.  Our alleged Governments (actually Corporations pretending to be Governments) were accused of Treason and Monetary System Slavery (in many forms).  These Corporations who were pretending to be Governments and all Banks, and all Companies who were operating as Corporations were foreclosed upon on that date.  Since the “alleged” US Government was a Corporation and never our Government, it has been foreclosed upon.  They were noticed 3 times in a row and given the opportunity to answer to this charge.  They remained silent.

        During a Christmas Vacation in 1913 while Congress was still in session, two Congressmen (Wall Street Bankers who became Congressmen), wrote a bill to Charter the Federal Reserve Bank. Woodrow Wilson, our president at that time, signed it into law. His face is on the highest denomination ever in circulation (1934 – 1935), the $100,000.00 bill.

        Around the same time all Government offices incorporated and created Corporate Government offices for profit.  Even the Securities and Exchange Commission is merely a Corporation for profit, and is not a lawful Constitutional Government office.  So, all Corporate Charters issued since 1913 are unlawful and illegal.

        When we are born a Trust Bond Account is assigned to you as well as every live birth human being.  You can see proof of that account number if you view any Birth Certificate, locate and see the Bond Number assigned.  This is assigned to the straw man name assigned to each of us.  That straw man name would be written or typed out in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.  Once a person passes 7 years old they file a charge that the person (straw man) has died, and Corporate Governments collect on that persons Trust.

        The straw man was invented to register everything and everyone in commerce. Why? The Constitution granted government the right to regulate commerce and explicitly forbade them from bossing around a natural person. So, they tricked natural people into registering themselves in Commerce, and then used the freedom built into the Constitution to regulate, own, and trade everything they had just put into commerce.  This includes you (assuming you are a natural person and not a computer or an institution) and me.  Once you’re registered in commerce via birth certificates, licenses, social security or simple contracts then they had you.

        Also when a person uses their signature, loan companies, banks and other institutions “monetize” that signature and turn it in for money.  It is becoming common knowledge that this can repeated for up to five times the original loan amounts.

        According to the UCC filings by the One Peoples Public Trust at http://www.peoplestrust1776.org alleged Governments, Banks, and Corporations (loan institutions) have all been filed upon through these UCC filings.  We are now under “Common Law” not “the law of the sea, Corporate Law, Maritime Law”; which is no longer valid.  The One Peoples Public Trust, with these filings, puts an end to all corporate entities which were created to “handle, manipulate and use for profit” all the commerce they created.

        All current UCC files can be viewed in full at the website listed above, see upper column and click on “UCC Filings”.  The Trustee’s phone numbers are posted at the website as well.  Included with this letter is a two page description of the Trust and filings.

        As a result of these actions, here are my questions and requirements. I have reason to believe that XXX Bank failed to disclose that XXX Bank used my note, capital, funds or money equivalent to fund a similar instrument that was used to fund the charges on the alleged account, whereby XXX Bank risked nothing of value; also, that XXX Bank has not used any of its own capital, money, funds or money equivalent to pay for any charges on the alleged account and in fact used my note to fund charges to the account while retaining payments from me.

        Was there ever an actual loan made?  To establish if a loan was made and that I may have a legal debt, you would have to produce documentation of prior title, ownership and rights to the money you purportedly loaned.
        Produce documentation of the history and origin of funds that they purportedly had prior title, ownership and rights to and that you purportedly loaned me (banking requires 3 generations at least if not all the way back to issuance/creation of the alleged funds…this is why Banks issue a letter of origin /history of funds).
        Produce documentation of the actual transaction and transfer of said funds (prior title, ownership, and rights) from loaner to borrower (invoicing /receipts) there is a difference between a loan and a debt, conceptually and factually.  Only an invoice has to be paid…however you would first have to show that a loan was made…if no loan, each invoice is fraud.
        Proof that one of my original wet ink signatures has not been monetized and you already have been paid in advance for my loan.
        The above, which by all current law is legally correct, means that the loan as indicated above was never legal to begin with, all slavery money making systems (those giving loans, using credit scores to give higher base loans, monetizing signatures and collecting several times from signature were fraud to begin with), in addition to all Corporations not having legal corporate charters because the Securities and Exchange Commission is a Corporation for profit and not a Constitutional Government office in the first place; then this institution is operating unlawfully.  The UCC filings state that all Corporations have been foreclosed.  All debt has been cancelled from these foreclosures.

        This is a plethora of evidence to that fact.  I believe the UCC filings are lawful and correct, and that you are

        One of those Corporations that has been foreclosed, and may be operating a unlawful Money Slavery System spoken about in the UCC filings, and
        2.  May also have monetized my signature on the documents and/or the check I counter signed as well.  I want proof you have not been paid off in advance, I want proof you are operating legally as a Corporation and according to the paperwork I have witnessed you are not.  I want proof this debt in fact has not been dismissed as a result of the UCC Filings.
        In communicating with me, I will need to know in what capacity you are doing so.  Since xxxxxxxBank is not a legal Corporation or a person.  Are you communicating with me as another person?  Any and all future correspondence/documents must be signed personally, not stamped by a computer.


        “I reserve all my rights without prejudice” UCC 1-308

        • You have no contract with a third party. Thus, the third party is acting under “color of law”, which carries huge fines and imprisonment, which can be found on the FBI website and in U.S. Code

          I have toyed with taking down this post, for I did not and do not intend to follow any commercial venture. I have learned too much to be fooled into another form of paper slavery. No person in debt can be free. I think you need to pay your debts, for the maxims of law are against you. Honor = payment of debt or obligation. One cannot be free without honor in their system.

          I will be posting a new post soon about this. But there is no easy out or easy answer.

          Sorry, but the game is much different than I could have ever imagined, so I can’t in good conscious tell you to follow commercial solutions.

          If you’d like to talk personally I’d be happy to, just send an email to temporaryinsanity4848@yahoo.com


          • Steve

             /  January 24, 2014

            Clint, If you have read Lysander Spooner’s No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority then you know all governments are men and women providing services at the barrel of a gun. Their killers, thieves and liars.

            The four elements of a contract are 1) offer 2) meeting of the minds 3) consideration 4) agreement.

            Hundreds and perhaps by now thousands of prosecutors have failed to show evidence the code and constitution are applicable to the defendant. Precisely because there is no evidence. This has been happening in several courts in at least a half dozen counties.

            Politicians don’t represent anyone but themselves. Pay the tax or go to jail is not representation. It’s ownership. I ask Mr. Politician: How can you claim representation when you have no voluntary support whatsoever?

            I’ll answer that myself. Pay or get shot is the end result of the force continuum which all code enforcers in every alphabet agency and police agency rely on. It doesn’t matter what the code violation is, if the person persists in resisting the aggressor (cop or code enforcer) the end result is being shot.

            So, to answer the question, Politicians are killers, thieves and liars. They have zero credibility from the get-go. And no human should give credence, dignity or air of legitimacy to them by using their code/laws/statutes or voting in their organized crime syndicates. BTW, I did my research on the STRAWMAN, commercial redemption and UCC back in 2006 through 2008.

            Because violent taxation is a crime in the real sense of the word, everything the government — men and women providing services at the barrel of a gun — does is invalid, not legitimate. It’s massive fraud and all the ill-gotten gains and wealth accumulated from their frauds must be returned to their victims.

            Here’s a link to an audio/reading of Lysander Spooner’s, No Treason: The Constitutions of No Authority. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWESql2dXoc
            Here’s a link to the text version that Spooner wrote: http://lysanderspooner.org/node/64

            “The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”~ Steven Biko
            “What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.” ~ Adolph Hitler

            Man didn’t progress from stone tools to harnessing fire to language to writing to the wheel to steam power/engine, to generating wide-spread electric power to nuclear energy to the Internet and beyond by the aid of government, but rather, inspite of governments.

            Essentially everyone is an anarchist/voluntaryist. Most have yet to realize it. Simply ask this question: Should a service be provided on a compulsory basis whether you want it or not? Ie, pay or get shot.

            Here’s a short video of that in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhyXveYtChk

  39. Tyco Tyson

     /  September 7, 2013

    How do I apply for a Visa Black Card from the US Treasury Department? Has anyone did this procedure yet? If you did, I wish to hear from you. My email is: tycotyson@yahoo.com

  40. Brittany Pollard

     /  November 2, 2013

    I am 18 years old, this is all new to me and my mind is blown! I’m amazed that this information is so rare to find. I want to help bring change, and more importantly I crave to learn more. Please if you have the time, help me to understand more. I’m most curious as to how one can still become employed or make money, pay utilities, etc. I have so man questions, along with extreme gratitude that you have written this arcticle! Don’t stop what you are doing. I may only be one (very young) person but today my life has changed. Thank you.

  41. Reblogged this on onewoundedman and commented:
    Knowledge is Power

  42. Hey, thank you for possting this 🙂

  43. Ya know, I really became excited upon learning of this technique. But then it occurred to me, was not Iraq a sovereign, also many of the other nations this government now occupies, all of which had a standing army and other military branches. Look what happened to them. These people are evil. We have reached a time in history where the only thing we can do to protect ourselves is to find a good hiding spot. Ultimately, the procedures described here will only draw attention. Let’s all go hide!

  44. Wiremu

     /  January 31, 2014

    Hi there, woulf deffinately like to have a private convrrsation with you one day. I have only really taken note of this truth if you like, since I was denied the right to name my child how I wanted. It brort about confusion n suspicion so I started googling and a year later I have arrived here. I have a journey nfront of me and I think u may have already taken part of it.

  45. james

     /  June 8, 2014

    How do we “kill” off the artificial person?

  46. Hard to find info on Gordon Hall. Looks like he was sentenced to 15 years for defrauding the U.S. government in his case. Nothing new on Creditors in Commerce site since early 2014. This is great mind freeing stuff, but you have to know EVERY angle before trying to put this in practice. I hope this is relevant to this blog.

  47. Reblogged this on A vision for 2020 Blog and commented:
    Why do humans have to make things so complicated? This is a very well put together blog. Thanks

  48. UnseenProoF

     /  October 14, 2014

    This was and is still well needed…thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Everyone should know this and all who are wise enough to understand all of this shud overstand all we are facing today. Im trying to learn all i can now before doing this.and i also woud love help getting it done.

    • UnseenProoF

       /  October 14, 2014


      • UnseenProoF

         /  October 17, 2014

        I know how to spell no need to correct my grammar. I would have typed the whole message in text message grammar but i didnt i actually just figured no one would try to correct it because you know what it says so i didnt bother. Oh wait (didn’t) But thank you. Lol smh

  49. Reblogged this on The Real Mommies and Daddies of the Real America and commented:
    Since an individual or agent erased this from my e-mail, I imagine that he/she/it did not want you, “We, the People…sovereign and elect, of divine and natural law or common law of the sovereign,” (to the best of my knowledge to the degree it has been sufficiently informed and noticed absent duress, threat, coercion, or law of necessity

  50. tamika

     /  June 1, 2015

    This is very interesting I dont know alot about law but I will now study this for my own knowledge I would love to be one of those individuals who crack the code knowledge is worth more than any money maybe one day We will form a group because great minds think alike and what I don’t know someone else may know but most of all is we need each other no one can do this alone

  51. Michael Hunter

     /  February 19, 2016

    Great Stuff. Thank you. Any way of downloading the Audio of Killing Your STRAWMAN 2 like on STRAWMAN 1?

  52. Robert Hicks

     /  July 6, 2016

    I want to do these things I’m 22, live in Norfolk, Va and I just want a bit more guidance to take control over my life.

  53. Dickhd

     /  November 2, 2016

    replyto: dbedboy@writeme.com

    This post question’s are intended for those who already wrapped up the debt creditor/debtor secured party game and simply put know what they are doing, ESPECIALLY MODERATORS and I truly assert that something fruitful will come out of it as workable solution for post-modern outside commonwealth countries/states.




    So I write this question’s with intent to find/forge workable solution, find existing parallels between jurisdictions and get myself on top of the game in EU non-common law jurisdiction as well. Might as well turn out interecting hacking/cracking the others code bodies unlike UCC.




    • EU is not a territory (not land), it is a district, like the Washington D.C. Members of it are purely fictions, not men.

      There are not personal names, only christian names and surnames (cognomen and agnomen). Cognomen is a family name and agnomen is an event, as the legal birth event of a legal entity. When the surname is registered to the christian name and used as a commercial vessel, that “citizen-ship” is property of the nation it is registered in. The christian name is property of Jehovah, and must be admixed to show intent to abandon Gods Law (of Nature).

      You need to know that the “common” law is in its foundational the King James Bible. The Bible is not religion, it is Law. The word legal means anti-God, anti-Nature. The only reason you would be mixed up in any nation is if you are not following the Bible Law, which states to never take or respect persons, flattering titles, numbers, etc. To be clear, the Bible is common law. The maxims of law allow choice, as the Bible does, and the legal system is therefore there to catch the fallen, which most of us are from birth.

      This definition helps us to understand its role in the United States, which is just a copy of other “christian nations” a false flattering title.

      Christianity – The system of doctrines and precepts taught by Christ; the religion founded by Christ. Christianity is said to be part of the common law. “Christianity is parcel of the laws of England; and, therefore, to reproach the Christian religion is to speak in subversion of the law.” “The essential principles of natural religion” and “of revealed religion, are a part of the common law, so that any person reviling or subverting or ridiculing them may be prosecuted at common law.” “The true sense of the maxim is that the law will not permit the essential principles of revealed religion to be ridiculed and reviled.” Christianity is a part of the common law of Pennsylvania in the qualified sense that its divine origin and truth are admitted, and therefore it is not to be maliciously and openly reviled and blasphemed against, to the annoyance of believers or the injury of the public. Not Christianity founded upon any particular religious tenets; but Christianity with liberty of conscience to all men. The maxim does not mean that Christianity is an established religion; nor that its precepts, by force of their own authority, form part of our system of municipal law; nor that the courts may base their judgments upon the Bible; nor that religious duties may be penally enforced; nor that legal discrimination in favor of Christianity is allowed. The best features of the common law, especially those which regard the family and social relations, if not derived from, have at least been improved and strengthened by, the prevailing religion and the teachings of its sacred Book. But the law does not attempt to enforce the precepts of Christianity on the ground of their sacred character or divine origin. Some of those precepts, though we may admit their continual and universal obligation, we must nevertheless recognize as being incapable of enforcement by human laws. Those precepts, moreover, affect the heart, and address themselves to the conscience; while the laws of the state can regard the outward conduct only: for which reasons Christianity is not a part of the law of the land in any sense which entitles the courts to take notice of and base their judgments upon it, except so far they can find that its precepts and principles have been incorporated in and made a component part of the law of the State. The maxim can have no reference to the law of the National government, since the sources of that law are the Constitution, treaties, and acts of Congress. (W C Andersons Dictionary of Law, 1889)

      The reason you believe there is not common law is because the common law is also called THE UNWRITTEN LAW. You cannot find it in the legal realm of public personhood. Citizenships of nations have no right to it, for they have abandoned the Natural Law for fiction and mammon (commerce).

      To your other inquiries I will not answer, for I have learned that there is not political and legal solutions to what are spiritual problems. There is no Life in commerce, and certainly no spirituality in UCC. Its in the name, a matrix of code designed to keep you from the unwritten, moral Law of the Bible.

      I am almost finished with my 1st book on this subject if you are interested, and may download it free at strawmanstory.info

      I can no longer in good conscious steer people towards commerce and legalism of any kind. It is forbidden fruit, false knowledge. This is literally a dead end for spiritually dead persons.


      • Dickhd

         /  November 4, 2016

        Consider this as for not being in commercce

        Definition of sovereign is holding ultimate and supreme authority over your self – without any conditions whatsoever.

        Claiming that you have God – an entity you belong to or/and your soul for that matter you have already admitted authority higher to you and therefore you entered into some or other kind of commerce – with you God.

        And as people deposit money into banks, lots of people deposit their soul into safekeeping into/under some deity/entity, essentially giving your power away for exchange of service of safekeeping benefit and indirect admission that you cannot take care of your soul on your own.

        Ponder on this two points as origin seed/concept/pattern that allows all other similar transaction happen and come into place.

  54. Rebecca Mowry-Korver

     /  January 4, 2017

    Do I have to file my ucc1 form with the state of my strawman was created before using the accepted for value

    • I do not recommend this process. Those who claim it to have worked were either lucky to not have been audited or were unlucky enough to have the IRS come after them when they caught up on their paperwork five years later. The common mistake amongst these redemption people is that they believe that something unchallenged is something successful, i.e. land patents, etc. This is not the case.

  55. Mark Voorhees

     /  June 8, 2017

    Part of the problem is this is not a government of people whose hearts have been broken and renewed, it is might makes right, I have gone far down this path , none of us has any right to even life before our Maker for we all have sinned, you death to Him is your contract with Him….the entire court corporate system before whom you stand is guilty and have no rights at all even to life…the very fact that all people proves the point everyone is standing before Jesus, what I testify next has been lived out through me ….you do exactly as Jesus directs you in every facet of your life, if He tells you to pay your taxes you do it leave the consequences with Him if in your obedience you receive persecution know of a surety it is,not Jesus harassing you…..maintain humility before Him remember we have all sinned He will avenge you, Lucifer wants to kill you, you died to Jesus your life belongs to Him not Lucifer…..are you beginning to get the point ? you cannot defeat Lucifer dont even think for a minute you can you cannot reason with him he is a liar and a murderer…..he does not care about any law of God nor man….he is simply defeated convicted and awaiting the execution of his sentence the “government seeking to hold you in bondage” they themselves are in bondage awaiting death. ….witness to them of the King who owns you and Has purchased you when you were doomed to suffer eternal death….vow before the judge with your right hand to heaven and the King thereof whose servant you are…..Jesus will speak through with a power and a wisdom none can gains a nor resist and Jesus will testify in their souls you possess a wisdom and a life far higher then they ….He has done this through me in courts of law twice….both times the outcome hinged on Jesus testifying through me …..remember simplicity in humility is the citidel that even Lucifer cannot breach…..you will be clothed with the panoply of heaven and depending on the severity of the issue, like people thirsting for your blood and seeking to kill you …Jesus will avenge and when His power lights down the wicked will know the living definition of Divine terror….do not rejoice that Lucifer and his Angels are subject unto the Word Jesus writes into your soul rejoice your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life

  56. The concepts being presented are very dangerous. In one breath you declare, you must separate from the state, the next breath you stand for the UCC?

    Please, brother, realize the UCC has been created by THEM. You are taking one foot out of the sea and placing it into the fire.

    Redemption does not reside in the UCC. How can you claim a separation from “THEIR” CODES, RULES and REGULATIONS by turning to more of “THEIR” CODES, RULES and REGULATIONS???

    Does This make sense to you?
    If you Enter a UCC1, you are entering into a contract with THEM!!!
    Many, many men are in jail right now for these same actions!

    The idea of A4V, or Accepted for Value is even more dangerous.
    You state that “THEIR” system is fraud, but then you “Accept IT for Value”???? Are you insane?

    These are the traps laid out for the uneducated. This system has a rule that its subjects must NEVER question the DEBT. If you play in THEIR system, you MUST play by THEIR rules!

    The only way to win is NOT to play!!! This is very hard for most because they thrive on the conflict. We have been raised in a society of competition, instead of cooperation.

    We must separate our company business from our personal business, because “It is ALL business”.

    The only way to truly win in their “courts” is before the fact with your paperwork, that proves you are NOT in their jurisdiction.

    Easiest way to see it is this: The U.S. opened up a company using your birth certificate number, then they waited seven years to see if there was a rebuttal to the presumption. Then, if you applied for a social security number for that company, you have then agreed to run that company according to THEIR rules. The company DOES NOT belong to you. It never did. It’s THEIRS.
    But the flesh and blood you, IS NOT the company.

    That is our redemption.

    Put their company down. Refuse to be the slave. This is very difficult for most. But more and more everyday are doing this successfully. You can too. But it takes work and it takes a village. You must find others that think and feel as you do and band together. “Where two or more are gathered” there is power. We all need someone to watch our back.

    If these type of ideas resonate with you, you can find others pursuing their right of self-determination at http://www.generalpost.org

    General Post Master, Steven-michael:Ben-yhwh

  57. I am looking for whoever understands the code I was shown by yhvh on this site. It was something He uniquely prepared me to understand. It was in the form of alphabetical characters displayed one at a time vertically, but could not be read in a linear fashion and understood. It spoke of the nails in His hands and something like a sand bar located in a certain region on earth. I pray I took screenshots. Looking now, it appears as if it could have, on the surface, just been an extreme kind of word wrap broken down literally to a letter by letter vertical chain but again, a linear reading was almost totally non sensical. Idk but Clint has not returned my email about it and the information I found in that alphanumeric string is something somebody needs to know if it was an unintentional occurrence. Yvhv is telling me He will be using my families property for children to be born, but NOT NUMBERED.

    Anybody out there getting this???

  58. Have no idea what you are referring to, nor the email I apparently didn’t answer.


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