How I Would Heal The United States

As some of you know, I am running for President and CEO of the United States (Incorporated).

Opinions on this effort vary widely of course, from “what an idiot” to “he can’t win” to “god-willing“.

Why…?” – This is another response I get, no doubt coming from the implausible thought that I don’t have any chance of winning, or for that matter even making a dent… Which is the whole purpose of running in the first place.

Here are some slogans I thought would be appropriate.

Vote for Clint, because he can’t win!

Don’t throw away your vote on the winner, throw it away on Clint!

Voting machines are rigged, just like the candidates. So pressing Clint for president wont matter anyway!

The law makes it impossible to get on the ballot in all 50 states, so write in Clint for president!

Dream a little dream… I sure am. Vote for Clint!

Save the world, literally. You’ll be glad you did. Clint for president in 2012!

Vote for Clint in 2012! After all… the world is ending anyway.

Ok, so they’re probably not the best campaign slogans, but then I don’t have a speech writer. And more importantly, I never will. No teleprompter. No limo. No bullet-proof glass. No secret service. Just me…

So why am I running?

After a long consideration, pondering the ether of possibilities in search of how to fix this country and all of the damage that it has done to the rest of the world, I came to the conclusion that the only position of power that actually exists in America by law is in fact the President of the United States. The real battle is in getting someone (like me) into that office who would be independent from lobbies and other influences. Someone who wishes to actually act as CEO of the corporation, making self-actualized decisions on behalf of the people of the country. Someone who isn’t a puppet of the board of directors. And someone who will appoint the right people to positions of power.

After all, the president is the only office in the Federal government that is actually elected by the people. The vice-president is just along for the ride, and everyone else is either hired or appointed.

So the logical conclusion is that only one man can really lawfully act on behalf of the people and in their best interests, and that just happens to be the man (or woman) who is actually elected by the people. At that point – as President – all of the other departments in the federal executive office of government are under the authority and jurisdiction of that one man.

Do you want that man to be someone like Herman Cain – former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Omaha and Kansas City, and a ballistics analyst for the U.S. Department of the Navy (the guy who helps streamline and create better bombs)?

Or how about Michelle Bachmann – a tax attorney who worked for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) stealing peoples property legally through the Federal Income Tax Code?

There’s always Mitt Romney – the Harvard Law and Business school son of a Michigan Governor and a Nixon administration cabinet-man, who helped Monsanto become what it is today and criminally made the Olympics happen in Salt Lake City (the Mormon capital). He was also on the board of directors of Damon Corporation, a medical testing company found guilty of defrauding the government. He is cousins with George Bush, the Warburg family, the Roosevelt family, and the Queen of England though, if that makes you feel any better.

I could go on to the Democrats, but trust me when I say the choice has been made already, with or without your vote.


So here it is… my 10 step plan to heal the world economy
(paraphrased, obviously).


Step 1 – Establish a Federal (national) anti-usury law.

Usury is interest. It is the making of money from money. It is the creation of debt. By outlawing this practice with the stroke of a pen, banks and investment firms would collapse. Perhaps this sounds like a bad thing, but I assure you it’s not. My dream is to see all these bankers and men in three piece suits become farmers – complete with dirty fingernails and a suntan. With no interest allowed to be charged, the Federal Reserve will instantly be crippled, the first step to actually reigning in and ending the Fed. National banks that are chartered with the Federal Reserve will be equally handicapped, and the people who work for these corporations will have to seek real work elsewhere. As we will cover though, opportunity will be abundant for these newly freed corporate automatons.

Step 2 – Freeze the stock market.

The “stock market” is nothing more than a few private corporations moving paper around and profiting from that movement, even as they trade themselves on their own markets. There is no physical stock market to speak of; only corporate charters, paper, digital usury, and computers. This “market” serves humanity in no tangible or ethical way, other than to redistribute the wealth of the nation and indeed the world into the hands of a very small demographic of wealthy bastards. Of course, the concept that there can only be wealth if there is abject poverty seems to be lost on these people, who promote that world hunger and poverty with their wealth. The stock market is unnecessary and redundant. Corporations will be required to improve their products and services or close their doors due to competition. Ethics will be reinstated as the sought after business model. Competition will be newly sought after, and government will invest in the best and brightest new ideas and charter to be the main investor in alternative energy corporations. Even the little guy will have the opportunity to save the world with his ideas. Bailouts will no longer be allowed, and nothing will be too big to fail. Because government institutional funds are already the major majority shareholder of most or all corporations on earth – allowing government to be the proxy voting power and authority in this corporate structure – a significant house-cleaning of these corporations and their boards will be done through corporate governance; new boards put into place; and new CEO’s created by said boards. An ethical, non-usury policy will be instituted into the corporate structure via proxy vote, and the promotion of human interest will become the forefront of corporate ambition and motive. Profit will be made secondary, and profit-sharing encouraged. For those corporations who do not wish to be included in this business model, the government investment funds will sell those majority shares back to the corporation and it will be left to find new investors that are not foreign. This is a death sentence for any corporation who wishes to survive in an ethical environment with true competition via government sponsorship.

Step 3 – Forgive all unlawful debt and taxation.

All banking interest (usury) and national debt using the people of America, their property, and their prosperity as collateral will be immediately forgiven. Since most of the debt in America is self-funded (borrowed from itself and bonded to the public or “nationalized”), the only economic threat of this action is, again, to harm banks and investment corporations. I can live with that. All “seigniorage” and interest on Federal Reserve Notes and other money will be halted and dismissed. No new bonded debt will be created until all old lawful debt is paid, and no new debt should be necessary that is bonded to the people. With no debt pushing the economy, which will become based on a no debt model, the economy will have time to stop and think. Foreclosures will be halted and titles given to the people without debt or contract, with the intention of housing all Americans. Taxes are not necessary, as they are created out of the money supply every time a dollar is spent or earned (creation of taxes equals the creation of new debt-money). The true value of the United States is its interest and ownership of the corporate structure of America, for which the dollar has purchased. The “dollar” will become an instrument of value solely by the good faith and credit – i.e. the “reputation” – of the people and government of the United States. In this way and only in this way can the currency of America be “sound money”.

Step 4 – Overhaul the Patent Office.

All corporations as patent-holders will be required to begin immediate production of said held patents, with the requirement of offering the product produced from that patent for an affordable price to the public. Those that do not have a working model by the end of 6 months time and ready for production will loose all patent protection, and said patent will become public domain (the property of all people) and not eligible for re-patenting. Once again, the intention here is to induce competition to overcome corporate greed. Life-saving technology or medical miracles should never be kept secret or be owned by anyone.

Step 5 – Replace paper, plastics, and textiles with hemp and produce alternative energy.

Since steps 1, 2, and 3 will severely effect the economy. And so, all laws regarding the growth and use of hemp and the products made from it will be mute. In short, hemp will be made into a “weed” again, neither legal nor illegal. Government investment into new agricultural endeavors seeking innovations in hemp production and products will be made priority #1. Again, bankers will have to get their hands dirty, as the hemp and alternative energy industries will be the basis of this new economy, not usury. Quite soon, the petroleum/oil dependence suffered for so long will be replaced with such things as water power and zero point energy. The poisonous corn and soybean industry will be replaced by nourishing hemp products, which can be harvested multiple times a year instead of just once. Concrete, rope, clothing, protein, fuels, plastics, and so many other products can be made from hemp, and are in fact stronger, healthier, and non-polluting.

Step 6 – Dismantle the Armed Forces into state militias.

All conflicts in foreign countries will be ceased. All occupations of foreign countries will be terminated, unless requested by that foreign government for the purposes of rebuilding what U.S. Inc. has destroyed. Since no war has lawfully been declared by congress since World War 2, this process will be simple. Only voluntary assistance will be offered before leaving said country. As troops come home, their contractual service to the U.S. (federal) military will be terminated, at which time they may choose to serve in a state sanctioned and coordinated militia. These militias will be from time to time called upon for national purposes, but only with the consent of all 50 states and their representatives. No war or occupation will commence without declaring said war with approval from all representatives from all 50 states. The function of state military militias will become assisting with local or state emergencies in conjunction with federal oversight (which will be advisory only), and only at the request of the governor and county officials, and only by the consent of the people. These militia men will only “help” with the need and consent of the individual people requesting that “help”. Militia membership and leadership will imply no authority whatsoever over the individual people of the United States. All other regulations for these militias will be left to the individual states, with recommendations for uniformity by the strictly advisory Department of Defense.

Step 7 – Dismantle the prison industry and abolish 100% of victimless crimes.

The Federal Prison Industries Corporation will be unincorporated and destroyed. Any prisoners held in forced labor prisons shall not be required to work against their will, but may volunteer their skills if so desired. All victimless crimes that have no plaintiff or damage to other sentient people shall be dismissed, including tax protesters, and these prisoners shall be set free on a probationary status, with assistance from local governments to help in this transition stage. State prisons will be duly required to show evidence of a victim-oriented crime, and ordered to immediately release all other “prisoners”. The privatization of the prison industry will not be tolerated, and these corporations will be nationalized with the intent to rehabilitate prisoners. “Due no harm to others or their property” is the only law needed. All other codes and legalities shall cease to be enforced. Police will no longer be protected by municipal bonding (insurance), and will be responsible to the people for their own actions once more. Sheriff’s offices will be released of federal and United Nations constraint, contract, treaty, and takeover, and the elected Sheriff will be the law of the land (county) by consent of the voting public, with no extraordinary jurisdictional powers and full responsibility for his actions to the people by common law grand jury.

Step 8 – Education is paramount, voluntary, and free.

Many in this country, when presented with the option of volunteering to teach, would gladly give of their time to do so. Apprenticeship – the art of learning by doing – is a time honored tradition that has been lost with the advent of mandatory public education and technology. Every opportunity should be available to those who wish to receive them. Homeschooling, another cherished tradition, should be cherished once more. And the Department of Education should not be in charge of this art, but again act as a strictly advisory structure in promoting a liberal arts education – “how to think instead of what to think”. The concept of penalizing the people for not conforming to a standardized learning system is ludicrous, and the authority of the state over parental educational guidance will not be tolerated. With many instances of foreign governments offering free or extremely affordable education that wholly surpass that of America, a new model for education will be instituted. Sponsorship by industry is an option as well, being voluntary for trade schools, yet implying no special interest in curriculum (again, advisory only) accept to produce the best of the best in the academic realm of possibilities. There are many of these possibilities here, and there shall be no restrictions on these possibilities accept on the profiteering or control of them.

Step 9 – Promote the liberal arts, free thinking, and sovereignty.

With no taxation or interest pushing the economy, the concept of unemployment becomes mute. The liberal arts and betterment of human health and well-being can be pushed to the forefront of this country. This is where ideas come from, by way of and promotion of the freedom of thought and promotion of further education. The acquisition of land for individual land “ownership” will be encouraged, protected, and cherished, with mining and farming rights once again becoming the top tier of importance in economic function. Participation in foreign import and export trade will not be interfered with, but legislation for the protection of American people will ensure that foreign corporate trade will be minimized and frowned upon if not necessary, maintaining that self-sufficiency and responsibility (freedom) should become the economic norm again, even in the corporate structure. The great works of art in all facets of life, from architecture to music, art to rhetoric, from the spoken and written word to music, shall not be infringed by the 9 to 5 grind that currently keeps usury alive and well in America. Monopolies will be broken, anti-trust will be a natural consequence, health and longevity will become paramount, and cures for disease non-profit and easily attainable.

Step 10 – Apologize to the world and start a new beneficial friendship with our now foreign enemies.

One side effect for all involved will be the renewal of the independence and sovereignty of all nations. The choice to trade in mutually beneficial international commerce is the end goal. Wars need not be started for oil or food when these commodities are abundant and readily available and sharable. Water and land rights will be returned to the sovereign nations of the world, and the United States will swear to protect its own sovereignty and rights. The threat of traditional war is obsolete with the advent of energy weaponry and modern technology. And the Department of Defense will be transformed into a representation of its name: an federal “advisory” office in times of need for the national defense by state consent.


Now, the natural response from many people reading this will be… That sounds like socialism, or, that sounds new age or hoity toity, or, who is this commie?

And honestly, I can never overcome that kind of conditioning, and I wont even attempt to. There is no reason among the dogs of war and certainly no path of logic to the minds of the institutionally indoctrinated. Belief is a tall fence to climb, and so I don’t expect to hurdle that fence by just what I’ve written here. And that’s OK!

It will never be the masses that endeavor to change the world, only the few souls that dare to try.

And so with that, I ask you to let these ideas simmer and brew in your minds eye, and if you think there is some merit in what I propose here, then support me in my efforts. If you think I’m just a nut-job who lost his tinfoil hat, well… that’s OK too. I’ll fight for your rights even if you don’t know what they are.

Thanks for your time, and please leave your comments below. But try and keep them civil and constructive, for I don’t mind being wrong or changing my mind…

Check out my presidential website (still under construction), wish me luck, and pass this on if it so behooves you.

Link –>


–Clint Richardson (
–Tuesday, November 15, 2011


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  1. Go for it, sounds good to me and if you promote yourself on the internet it shouldn’t take billions of dollars to get elected! Frankly I think you should run for Sheriff of your county,because you can foster fast protection and change in your county/counties as Sheriffs are the law of the land in their juridictions. They are able to help their people fight every other office in the U.S! Go to Sheriff Macks page!! As a Sheriff your word is the last word!


  2. mauricio

     /  November 16, 2011

    Interesting and serious proposals. Ten stepping stones to building a new United States and halt the automaton creation project now in full swing. A program like that might actually allow for humans to start thinking about creating a human future.

    It is really incredible that people are giving away the very core of their human gift – abstract reasoning, culture creation, true liberty – by joining this stimulus-response Borg society, where one is conditioned like an animal from a very early age to be weak of mind, of heart and of soul.

    Few men are able to resist the bio-cognitive-psycho-spiritual violence this big training camp/animal farm imposes on them. Even fewer men have the balls and the humility it takes to start understading who, what, where, when, how and why they are.

    No amount of information and knowledge will save men that do not try to understand. Meaning and context – which are the product of continually answering those six basic questions – are the key for directing the production and use of information and knowledge.

    If we keep producing knowledge for unsubstantiated, meaningless, unimportant, hon-human and anti-human reasons, we’ll keep building anti-human and anti-life institutions.

    Machines and animals, no humans in between. The eugenicist’s dream.


  3. “We, the Anti-Electorate, do not believe there is a need for “strong leadership” in government. We are not drawn to “intellectual” authorities and political “heroes.” We are not impressed with titles, ranks, and pecking orders – politicians, celebrities, and gurus. We do not struggle for control of organizations, social circles, and government. We do not lobby the State for favors or permission to control those with whom we disagree. Rather, we advocate freedom. By its very nature, the State does not. Exercise your right to say “No” to the warfare-welfare system. Refuse to vote. Then tell your friends why.”

    On Election Day, vote for the ONE politician who is truly on your side — Nobody. Between now and then, tell your friends about the Vote for Nobody Campaign. Talk to your neighbors and family about the exciting possibility of voting for Nobody.


  4. Hey Clint, great article as always and I agree with every word.

    On another note I’m listening to your interview on The Road Less Traveled 2011.11.02 and here’s the 64 trillion dollar question, “Who” is in control of these CAFR funds? The Crown INC, The City of London INC or Vatican INC???

    “Who” (people) Is “The Government”


  5. usedtobesupermom

     /  November 16, 2011

    A couple of questions : What aboutmilitary benefits for those who earned them & what about seniors, disaled & poor?


  6. usedtobesupermom

     /  November 16, 2011

    sorry- forgot this what about regulations to protect consumers, environment & workplace safety? Ralph Naders work?


  7. jameslaffrey

     /  November 19, 2011

    Hello, Clint.

    It’s great that you expose Ron Paul. And here you have well thought-out ideas. Since I’ve done something similar on the EqualPartyUSA website, I understand your thinking goes beyond what you’ve written here in this one article.

    I’ll limit myself to one big question.

    Where and or how do you take into account criminal-, conspiring-jewry?

    (No, not “all” jews, but most.) The Federal Reserve is jew organized crime. All giant corporations and their crimes are jew organized crime. The education system has been seized and corrupted by jews. Communism and Capitalism are jew creations (born in the 1800s). Most readers will be shocked by what I’ve said, but I’m sure you’re not. Anybody at your level of awareness cannot be ignorant of jewry. Also, if we get control of our country from them, then we’ll have to face war on us from the other countries they control.

    So, it’s a big question. Please reply.



    • James.

      Jewish supermecism is the elephant in the room behind all of this.

      I do not trust anyone who does not call them out. It is impossible to fix this nation or the world without confronting this problem head on.

      everything else is just a waste of time and worse disinfo.

      clint, awesome work dude, but without calling out the goblin vampires it means NOTHING


      • If you read my blog, specifically Zionism 101 articles, I think I expose the “elephant” with quite a bit of detail.

        But I understand your concern. Can’t include this in everything I write.


  8. Thinker

     /  November 22, 2011

    There should be no taxes except a wealth tax.. Property tax should be eliminated
    Healthcare should be freed from the clutches of insurance companies
    Fiat currencies should be banned
    Free non monopolized market space should be provided for small businesses free of cost. It should be open to be occupied on a daily basis on a first come first serve basis. – something like farmers markets
    Monopoly of trade routes should be eliminated and subsidies to big businesses should be withheld


  9. Bill

     /  April 26, 2012

    Good points but two concerns: Couldn’t your money and time be better spent than running for an office you can’t possibly win or even influence for that matter? And…how are you going to run for president without a social security number?


    • That is the point. I can’t. I can’t win, and I can’t get on the ballot.

      This is the United States. Your questions are why I’m running – and that you are asking them makes it worth the time and money.

      Get it? Can you answer your own questions?

      The game is rigged.


      • jdfarrell45

         /  December 11, 2012

        well done Clint! the game is rigged people, but everyone i’ve talked with the last 6 yrs says, “you’re crazy, we’re not slaves, we’re free!” i don’t want partial freedom, i want 100% freedom!


  10. Ben Steigmann

     /  December 8, 2012

    I like your political ideas. They are some of the most rational and lucid I’ve come across.



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