Conspiracy Theory – A State Of Mind

There is a truth so simple, so obvious, and yet so elusive to those who seek it. It is hidden in plain sight. And it it is verifiable if you can walk a straight line without getting sidetracked by conspiracies. This is not to say that conspiracies aren’t happening all around you. On the contrary, this simple truth I speak of actually verifies these plans between two or more people (the definition of conspiracy).

Now, the hardest part about seeing this simple truth is in fact these 100’s of conspiracies that redirect your conscious thought. Yet subconsciously, the truth sits there and waits for logic and reason to pull you towards it. For, like a grove of aspens, all of these “plans between two or more people” are connected and supported by one central root system, and are dependent on this truth for their secrecy and continuity.

So what is this truth… this central root system?

As we seek the source of these conspiracies, we get distracted by the very conspiracies themselves and by the players involved. And I am by no means immune from this never-ending, reproducing fork in the road. We feel that this truth is constantly in front of us, but these conspiracies keep diverging our focus, and our path forks once again. Our frustration mounts, and we either fall by the wayside or keep trudging through.

When we sufficiently uncover the evidence of one plan, deciding that there is still a higher cabal that is guiding the hand of the perpetrators of that plan, certain shock jocks and even other sincere truth-seekers throw us three more conspiracies, often not even realizing that they are doing nothing more than obfuscating the truth, and creating another fork. But for some, this is an intentional effort.

Then someone like Walter Burien comes along and says, “Here it is… here is the truth that you seek”.

But we ask, “Yeah, but what about the Rothschilds?”

And Walter simply says, “Don’t look right, look straight ahead to the source.”

But we ask, “Yeah, but what about chemtrails?”

And again, Walter states, “Don’t look up, don’t get sidetracked, look straight ahead.  Who funds these weather experiments? Look at the source.”

And as we walk for a few steps on that path, we yet again diverge and ask, “Oh, look over here… what about the Federal Reserve?”

And as Walter smiles with a mix of empathy and frustration, he simply says, “No. Don’t look backwards, look straight ahead at the source.”

But the conspiracies flow like fireflies, distracting us from that path. And we say, “Oh my, what about fluoride in the water supply?”

And once again, Walter says, “Don’t look down either. You cannot change this without looking at who funds and allows this to happen. Will you please look straight ahead at the source.”

And we do, and we know who is responsible, and we know who funds this poison in our water with our own taxpayer dollars. But still we get distracted from this simple truth.

And so we say, “Ah… but what about Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, the CFR, and the Tri-Lateral Commission? Alex Jones says…”

And Walter in anger says, “Why aren’t you listening? Why aren’t you comprehending? Don’t look left, for that is where you are being fooled into looking. These things are just part of the source. Look at the source. It is straight ahead. Follow the path.”

And then every once in a while, not too often, but every once in a blue moon, someone gets it. They still may stray off the path every once in a while, but once the source is comprehended, all other paths eventually lead to the source. It becomes impossible not to see down the straight path, no matter how many curves and side roads we take.

So again, what is this truth? What is the source.

Well, let’s face it. Nothing happens in this country without some branch of the government knowing, approving, and regulating that thing. No conspiracy happens without government and its spy agencies being a part of it, or at least profiting from it. And no person, corporation, or business can operate within this country without the government knowing about it. Since all corporations are indeed government entities, taking direction from and following the rules of the government, no corporation is above government. This includes the banks, the Federal Reserve, investment companies, and the rest. And they all follow the Federal Law that states that all corporations must file a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), including the banks, the Federal Reserve, and the rest. There are no exceptions.

If a hybrid bank such as the Federal Reserve was above the government, or above the law, they certainly would not hand in a complete audit of themselves every year to the government, now would they? No. They are incorporated within the United States and under the government. They operate within the laws set by government. They are granted the favor of extreme power over the economy. But this is not total power, for they and their assets can be immediately seized at any time by the government. They are but pathetic, dangerous, but fragile men in expensive suits. They are not powerful without the consent of the people through their consent of the government. This is the truth.

Who sprays these chemtrails? Well, these planes would not be allowed to fly over U.S. airspace without government permission, right? Therefore the truth is that the government not only allows this spraying of our skies, but funds and benefits from this strangest of conspiracies. Simple logical deduction. No other theory is needed, only the knowledge of who these planes must get permission from to fly over U.S. airspace. This is the path of knowledge that can only be obtained by focusing straight ahead. Sure, look into the chemtrail theory, but don’t get sidetracked from the truth. This has to be a government or government approved operation. There is no other option.

Ok, let’s take the Rothschild family. So what. What are you going to do about them? They have oodles of money and investments. So what. One is a Senator. Ok. They own banks. Good for them. Those banks operate within the United States with government permission, under Federal charter or law. The Rothschilds’ are not above the government. Now, they may have their Zionist agents seated deep within our government, and indeed we see not only a fervent support for Israel, but a multitude of duel-Israeli citizens being appointed into that Federal Government. But government is still in charge, and it still runs the show. It is the people in that government that are the problem. They do not represent the people. And everything that happens and all of the conspiracies that take place must happen with government approval.

Yes, yes… there is fluoride in the water. Yes, it is a main ingredient in rat poison. Yes, it is the by-product of the aluminum industry. It calcifies the pineal gland of the brain. And yes, it has a calming effect on the people who ingest it, which is the only reason I can think of to explain why people aren’t charging Washington D.C. in droves, with pitchforks and guns and ropes… and Tazors! But the simple truth is that government must approve its use. It funds and owns stock investment in the companies that produce it. Government approves the dumping of this toxic waste into the water supply to save on the costs of properly disposing of this substance, thus improving its majority stock share value. Simple. Logical. No theory needed.

What is Bohemian Grove? It is where government goes to relax. What is the Council On Foreign Relations? It is a think tank funded by government. What is the Tri-Lateral Commission? A government entity. What is the Bilderberg Group? An obscure think-tank meeting of global government. And since it sometimes meets in the United States, and since the U.S. government officials who attend this meeting against multiple Federal laws are not punished for their actions, one must concede to the truth. Government is in control of these officials, and allows them to attend.

I was on this switchback trail for a number of years, turning over one conspiracy only to reveal three more, and never comprehending this simple truth, until fortune or fate brought me to cross paths with Walter Burien.

Now, the truth is clear. I can look at the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and see the vast stock investments, real estate investments, hedge funds of currency from every nation in the world, gold holdings and gold certificates, Special Drawing Rights, and junk backed securities and derivatives. I can see that government owns it all, through stock investment. I can see that through stock investment, government owns the Fortune 500 and other corporations for which it also regulates.

And so here is the truth…

The government as it stands today is in a complete and utter conflict of interest.

Simple. Logical. Provable by the CAFR.

A body which regulates, deregulates, sets the laws for, polices, audits, and then also owns the controlling interest in the corporate business world it is supposed to impartially oversee, is the biggest conflict of interest in the history of such conflicts.

So, the next time you get distracted from the straight path, from the true nature of government ownership and control of every facet of America and the world, just think of the CAFR. And remember that nothing happens in this country without government approval.

If you want to fix the nation and solve most of the worlds problems… replace government and elect non-corporate poor people in jeans and a tee-shirt, with no assets, no stock investments, or any other interest except in that of the people.

Follow the straight path. Go to the source.

Kill the conflict of interest. Save the world!


–Clint Richardson (

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

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  1. patrick rich

     /  April 3, 2011

    Hey Clint Great article. The info on that stuff I haven’t looked very well into But I understand the basic deal. just Too Outraageous, I had no idea till I saw some of your stuff, Thanks! REVOLT,REBEL,RESIST,DEFY Patrick p.s. Hope you are well.


  2. Great article and I appreciate the fact you actually bring up the Israel angle on things. Many people do not dare touch the “UN-Touchables”!

    The Government of the US agreed to yet bomb another country in which we were not attacked or threatened. Our government decided to have a regime change in Libya and take out most of their weapons. Also, we are told that we went in to protect the so called “Rebels” not get slaughtered. One question I have about all of this:

    We rush off to save Libyian people from harm, but we allow Israel to murder and take away the land of the Palestinans… Why don’t we invade Israel to protect the innocent men, women and mostly children who are murdered daily ?

    Like you said, it must be Government sanctioned to allow this crime..

    thanks ..


  3. Hello Clint and thank you for being here!
    You and CAFR are a fantastic resource and I applaud your research, cheers to you mate!

    I have been calling the destructive entity “corporate-government” for a few years because the symbiotic relationship is mortally fused in legal fiction!
    You, and Walter Burien do not provide evidence for which one is the controller or who are the living rulers, which will continue to spawn yet more conspiracies I guess. But the ruler(s) is/are likely to be a small cabal or secret (cartel) society and here is my reasoning:
    1. This is obvious but needs to be stated. Legal fictions, governments & corporations, are only paper and can’t think or exercise any actions. They are not living people.
    2. Congress are too numerous and too public, they are tied to tedious routine and constantly exposed to the public and have too many official duties to have the time to run the show and make the decisions. They (most of them at least) obviously get their orders from a smaller group.
    3. This is conjecture but is based on logic and historical records; Popes & monarchs are a small body that have centuries of experience ruling empires and nations. Now during these modern times they have gone secret and remain recluse except big events when all the nation’s heads of state convene in their private estates to make new global policies such as the G8 and G20 meetings, etc.. We find out the queen of the UK, Princes, Dukes, and Popes meets with heads of states and some are heads of states. These elites have legal immunities, secrecy and privaledges to access many things if not everything.
    I could continue with more supporting arguments but as you see this is rather lengthy and I apologise for that.
    My working hypothesis is that corporate-governments is a symbiosis and neither are the ruler. Taking a page out of your book it is obvious (though no longer remains in plain sight for public scrutiny and hatred) the Pope and monarchs never have relinquished their divine rights as global rulers. This may be worse than having the government in control because then the public could have some influence on real change.
    Hope to chat with you soon about the TRF and its limits.

    LOVE & Peace


    • Well my friend, I think we are on the same page.

      The reason I like the idea of Walter’s TRF is that it is based on the foundation of lawful (voted by the people) transparency. So if all the books and paper trails were opened to scrutiny, the trail I’m sure would lead to the folks you refer to here as the elite “cabal”.

      But the point I am making is that unless we get that transparency and change the laws, you and I will never be able to gain access to that trail. So I believe we should all be focusing on attaining that privilege by changing the law accordingly. Otherwise, we are beating a dead horse with 9/11, the Rothschilds, elites, etc… for we cannot do anything about it or them while the law is not on our side.

      I’ll be posting a new website soon that will be aimed at changing all of this… will be up soon. It just might work:

      You’ll get it when you see it!



  4. I like the article, which means I will use your thoughts in it, but you can’t really expect to be taken seriously, Clint, if you, on the one hand, elaborate about conspiracy theory as a state of mind (as an ideology or kind of piety) and then, at the same time, preaching the “Jewish World Conspiracy” under the catch-word “Zionism 101” on the other hand, you see? This simply doesn’t work. You can’t speak of American Feudal fiefdoms and then pass responsibility for this to one particular group, you know. In your case, the Jews.


    • Take the time to listen to the three hour recording I made after painstaking research located on this blog (Zionism 101).

      If you still feel the same way, even after my avid defense of the real Sephardic “Jews” who are against Zionism and even Israel (occupied Palestine) then by all means, dismiss this with the “race card”. It’ what you ‘re supposed to do. You learn to do this from kindergarten. Ignore the fact that Schindler’s wife said Speilberg lied about the whole movie. Forget that Anne Frank’s diary is a proven fraud in a court of law and written by a famous playwright. Forget all the admitted lies…

      I refuse to be silent about the truth. Understanding CAFR’s and Zionism are paramount to any understanding at all about reality.

      “I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist.” –Joe Biden, U.S. Vice-President (need I say more, really?)


  5. Did I say you should be silent about anything, Clint? What makes you think that I would dare to demand something like this from you? Hey, it’s me, okay?

    The issue of my comment, I think, was mainly that you can’t argue against believing in a conspiracy at the same time you advocate a conspiracy yourself. That is simply a matter of logic, alright? Nothing else. In other words, preaching “the truth” will always contradict oneself at some point.

    “Understanding CAFRs and Zionism are paramount to any understanding at all about reality.” I totally agree with that, but there is a lot more that’s paramount to this very goal …

    I promise to you that I will take the time to listen to your three hour recording, I take back the “in your case, the Jews” part, and I will comment your painstaking research about the subject.
    “Need I say more, really?” Not to me (at this particular point anyway), but there’s, of course, a lot more to say about than what you hint at in your reply. And there’s really no reason to feel attacked by me, not at all. Because I’m not in the convincing business, you know: “But all civility that we know of has a very strong military touch, and the reason why “war is not merely an act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political intercourse carried on with other means” can, in my opinion, be found behind this shimmering veneer of sensationalist conspiracy theory: which is the fact that, despite all this professional theatricality around apparent democratic proceedings, there is a pretty monolithic, very bureaucratic, quasi-monarchic structure in power inside this culture that makes politics a military instrument in the first place. And belligerent persuasion-oriented rhetoric is the way this system operates, okay?”


  6. targeting a group of people that he does not belong to. If someone has a conspiracy theory about Jews it is almost a sure thing that that person is not Jewish. If African Americans have a conspiracy theory it is almost always about white people not about themselves. If someone has a conspiracy theory about the Vatican then chances are real good that that person is not Catholic. If someone has a conspiracy theory about the U.S. Government it is almost a sure thing that that person is not a lifelong government employee. The U.S. Government is the most popular target for conspiracy theorists. They have tens of thousands of employees. If they were really conspiring to do something nasty wouldn’t at least a few employees come forward to expose them? It seems that people who think this way always see themselves as the good guys and some other group as the bad guys. Do you agree or disagree?


    • Your statements are fallacies based on conditioning.

      1) In my extensive research on “Jews” I have turned up the unthinkable. But worse than that, I’ve had every single bit of it verified by Jewish acquaintances. There are Jews against Israel, and Jews against Zionism.Anti-Semite is a fallacy, since a “Semite” is defined as a black-African or Arab, not a Jew.

      2) Some of the most famous black people are the most conscious of their race. This is not racism, it is pride in heritage. Listen to Mohamed Ali and Reverend Farrakhan to understand.

      3) The Vatican is a foreign corporation. It has nothing to do with the majority of Catholic people. Many Catholics are very aware of the corruption from within the Vatican, but their belief in the religion trumps the few at the top.

      4) Government – since the word conspirace means a plan between two or more people, and since every bill and law passed in government is a plan between two or more people, everything in government is in fact a conspiracy. Just read the US CODE… no theories are necessary after reading that tome.

      Do I think I’m a good guy? You got me there. I’m fighting a dark force indeed, on your behalf, so that your opinions (as idiotic and unreasonable as they are) are still yours to give freely.


  7. Project Samson

     /  July 24, 2015

    Yes, the government controls everything. And you are the government.

    DUN! DUN! DUN!


    • Used to believe that spin. But it just aint true. My whole book is about that lie, and how it makes us all submit to government because we actually believe we are “The People”.



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