Conspiracy 101 – A Breakdown of Reality

Since nothing in the American culture of politics, religion, and society is what it appears to be on the surface, I’d like to just cover a basic truth for each paradigm we “believe” in…

1) The Constitution – There is no constitution. The United States was declared insolvent and bankrupt in 1933 by President Roosevelt, and it then became a communist state. ( Besides,  the only “people” that were ever bound by the constitution for the united states of America, were the ones who wrote and signed it, and they’ve been dead for 200 years. Any contract must be entered into willingly and signed, sealed, delivered, witnessed, or acknowledged by you in order for you to be bound by it. Therefore, the constitution is null and void for all of us. While our politicians do take the constitutional oath to keep up appearances, Article 1, Section 6 of the U.S. constitution states:

“They (politicians) shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.”

This means that they cannot be held accountable for anything they do that is “unconstitutional”. Therefore, the oath of office is a contradiction to the protections afforded by the constitution itself. And who decides what is supposedly unconstitutional? The judicial branch of the so-called “government”. So… “government” decides what “government” can and cannot do “constitutionally”. If the irony of this is lost on you, then quit reading now… The most simple way to comprehend this, is that the constitution guaranteed a republic form of government. However, we are in a democracy – a system vehemently opposed by all of the writers of this so-called constitution, and a system that is a communist platform (democracy, socialism, fascism, etc…). Therefore, the very democratic “government”, or rule by majority, that we all live under is already inherently unconstitutional. Therefore, we do not live under constitutional rule. Democracy is a communist ideal… period.

2) Government – There is no government, because there is no country. We have private corporations, not representative governments. This is easy enough to prove, simply by looking at the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports of all “government” bodies (corporations) in the “United States”. All for-profit corporations must file this report, as it is the law to do so. These are public domain, and hidden in plain sight. We have representatives of the “government” – some voted for, some not – from the president on down to local representatives. But, what is the actual “government”. If you can answer that, let me know. For it is not a tangible thing. It does not have any physical attributes that you can point to and say: “That is the government”. The closest thing to a “government” we have, are banks – since government is just transfer of wealth by government agents like the IRS by force. Your money or your life… or at least your property and your freedom.

3) Law – God’s law in natural law states that you shall do no harm to others, or their property. This is basic common law, and the only true law that really applies to us. An eye for an eye applies here… But over time, a bunch of lawyers and attorneys have come up with a bunch of unintelligible, barely comprehensible word phrases stating your inability to be free. Again, as there is no contract that you signed stating that you except and are therefore bound by these laws, you are not accountable for following these laws. A law can not be constitutional, since the constitution does not apply to our country or ourselves, accept in some idealistic, unrealistic theory. As long as you are duped into believing that your rights are granted to you by the constitution, you will follow even the most tyrannical, socialistic, communist, and draconian laws that are passed under the guise of constitutionality and false-liberty. A law is an intangible thing… Laws and the authority of their enforcers can only exist if the common people can be trained like dogs to follow them, forgetting their own natural-born, God-given authority to live free on this land without tyranny and oppression.

4) Borders – When you cross over into another state, do you somehow feel different? Does a little bell go off in your head on a trans-continental flight every time you fly into the official airspace of each state? When an “illegal” person of Hispanic decent crosses the Mohave Desert and over the U.S./Mexico “border”, are they any less hungry or thirsty as they step over the pretend invisible line? Are they any less Mexican? Borders are invisible lines – again not tangible things – which begs the question of jurisdiction… what actually stops the powers of the “government”? An invisible line? Each state is a separate corporation, controlled by the main corporation: U.S. Inc. And, when one researches who owns U.S. Inc, one finds that the United States never really separated from Great Britain, whom never really separated from the Vatican. So, the true jurisdiction of our “government” comes from a child molester in a big castle called the Vatican, which is not part of Italy, but rather a separate corporate state within the Italian “country”. There are no borders, only psychological fear and oppressive punishments for the crossing of imaginary lines by your “government” and its “code-enforcers”. Borders are ideological pretenses that mean nothing if you do not recognize their power, which is bestowed by the “government”, which of course also only has power if you give up your own. There are no tangible borders, because there are no “countries”, because there are no “governments”, because there is no “law” but what you participate in. Participation is paramount to communist control and domination. Without it, there is nothing but you and your own boundaries (borders).

5) Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States – The District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) is a separate entity from the United States. It is not a state – meaning it is not one of or part of the United States. It is not a commonwealth of the U.S. It is not a city, town, county, or island. It is however, a country! But remember, a country is simply a corporation. The ten-mile stretch of land that holds our federal government, is not under the jurisdiction of anything except itself. It is untouchable by us. We have no rights there, and we have no power to do anything to stop this corporation from doing its business – control of us. States are just sub-corporations under the Federal corporation of Washington D.C.

6) Terrorism – Blind acceptance of the myth that terrorism equates to individual persons or extremist “groups” killing and blowing up things for their personal gain is how terrorism has been sold to the American public. But I challenge you to find one person or group who has benefited from these terrorist incidents and attacks. Traditionally and historically, terrorism has been used by governments to persuade their citizens to act according to rule of law or to enter said “country” into war for profit. The act of terrorism is indeed a government tool for control. If you need proof of this fact, one must only inquire as to who profits from these acts of terror?

Osama bin Laden? He lost everything, and gained nothing… even losing all of the support of his people.

Saddam Husein? He lost his country, his wealth, and his life!

The Taliban? They are constantly hunted down, beaten, imprisoned, and killed like animals and are now cast as the scourge of the world.

But when one does look at who profits from terrorism, one finds massive profits in our corporate “government” and its corporate partners like Halliburton. We find the complete takeover of other countries, declared as the spread of “democracy”. Translated, this means the spread of corporate fascism – the takeover of all land by the main corporation, while destroying the infrastructure of that land in order to force monetary loans and debt in order to rebuild that infrastructure. Of course, since these “countries” can never pay back the “loans” provided by the charitable corporate “government” (banks), the terrorized “country” is forced through this clandestine terrorism to give up all mineral, water, and other resource rights to the corporation who conquered it through its spread of “democracy”. Incidentally, when one researches who it is that is bombing, killing, threatening, and destroying things all over the world, one always inevitably finds a connection to the CIA and/or the Mossad, though I’m not sure there is really a difference. From the shoe-bomber to the school-shooters to the suicide bombers (who bomb their own peoples schools and hospitals??? – Figure that one out!) to the 9/11 hijackers (many of which are still alive and asking why they are being blaming), there is always a CIA/MOSSAD connection. Even Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden (CIA name: Tim Osman) were involved with the CIA. There are no terrorists but our own “government agents”. Heck, where do you think they get all of their weapons???

7) War – The “United States” has not officially declared “war” since World War II. Therefore, all of the more than 50 “countries” that we have attacked, conquered, occupied, assassinated the leaders of, destroyed the infrastructure of, killed the people of, destroyed the pride of, and committed war crimes and human rights atrocities which are unparalleled in our history, were terrorized by us. These should be interpreted as nothing more than the corporate takeover of every world economy. War is something completely different, being a declaration that falls within the laws that govern such wars. War crimes, Geneva Conventions, and other protective vehicles for civilians do not apply in an undeclared war. We are the terrorists.

8) Voting – An educated voter is non-existent. Even the most educated of the voting public can not possibly “know” anything about the candidates for which they vote, besides by their portrayal in the propagandist media. Therefore all voters are technically uneducated. If that weren’t bad enough, we have been tricked into voting on machines – machines which have been proven over and over again to be fixable. In other words, at least 80% of the public votes on machines that can be easily manipulated to change their votes to a desired result. Elections are show business. They no more represent the will of the people than they do the integrity of the “government”. Elections can best be described as the hiring of non-representative corporate figureheads through carefully manipulated public opinion. The only vote that counts is no vote at all. Participation is the only action that lends credence to this false system of “government”. And when more than half of the entire country’s populace doesn’t even show up to vote in the first place, the legitimacy of these “politicians” to rule by majority vote is completely unfounded. There is no legitimate government…

9) America is a free country – This opinion has been propagated upon America’s population since day 1. So let’s discuss briefly what we as citizens are free to do: I can drive, but only with a license and mandatory insurance. I can buy and sell items, but only if I pay a tax and have a seller’s license. I can fly on a plane, but only after military style search and seizure and a complete background check with two forms of ID. I can get a job, but only if I am a member of the Social Security club and pay state, federal, and local taxes on my wages, as well as mandatory insurance. I can listen to the radio or watch TV, but someone is always there to decide what is proper for me to hear – editing out words and scenes, and sometimes even banishing my favorite speakers and shows from available viewership. I can own a gun, but only if I register it and let the police decide if I qualify for one based on my personal and criminal history. I can live in an apartment or house, but I must keep that house and its land up to local and state code, otherwise code enforcement (corporate private police) will be knocking on my door and handing me a citation. I can hold up a sign declaring my disdain for all of these rules, regulations, and the people who force them upon me, but only if I have a permit and do so in a free-speech zone. You do not live in a free country.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

10) Police are there to protect and serve – Police are there to enforce code. They are there to assign taxes, in the form of citations and tickets. They are there to command a sense of authority and the illusion of control. They are not there for the benefit of the people, though sometimes they coincidentally protect or serve some fortunate people, usually the wealthier ones. They are the corporate enforcers of legalities, statutes, codes, signage, rules, regulations, etc… Many police forces are in fact private corporate entities. Parking police aren’t police at all. They take no oath, and they are not schooled in standard police training. They are barely required to have a high school education, and may just hav a G.E.D. instead. Many are hired by private corporations who only hire minorities. The parking enforcement in Los Angeles, for instance, is part of a corporation based in New York City, which is paid for by taxpayer dollars to write tickets and tow as many vehicles as possible to make a profit. They have been caught many times removing temporary permits and handicap placards after breaking into vehicles, in order to ticket and tow. They have a quota. And the regular police do not have authority over these private corporate enforcement companies acting as police. Protection is purchased from private security, not bestowed by public police officers. Service is not in the law enforcement handbook.

11) Only a fool represents himself in court – When you hire an attorney or one gets appointed for you by the court, you are in fact admitting to the court that you are incompetent to represent yourself , and mentally unstable to the point that you must become a ward of the court (of the state), giving up all of your rights. Attorney’s, like police, are there to ensure that code is followed, and to object to anything the court does that might entitle his client to sue the court (the state). A monetary value must always accompany any judgement, and the attorney ensures compliance with legal procedure. He does not represent you, but instead represents the court. A BAR’d attorney has taken an oath to uphold the legal requirements of the judicial system. What you must understand is that the BAR stands for “BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTRY”. This association is housed in London England, or more properly, the small area in London that is not part of England, but rather like Washington D.C. in the fact that it is its own country – a corporate “state” controlling our own.

12) Churches are independent, non-profit, charitable organizations – Catholic, Mormon, Methodist, Jewish, Islamic, and all other organized religions have one corporate structure of which all individual churches are sub corporations (501-3c). The main church is a for-profit corporation. Each individual church is a non-profit sub-corporation of the main corporate entity. They are not independent. They must pay their share of money to be a part of this corporate structure. Charity is often not what it appears. Welfare is a form of domination and control. And religions, as for-profit corporations, are free to contribute to and influence politics, politicians, and government just as all other for-profit corporations are allowed to do. After all, according to the Supreme court: Corporations are people too!

13) You have rights – No, you have privileges granted by the state. Of course, you have natural God-given rights, but only if you know how to exercise them through sovereignty and natural law. Since the constitution does not apply to you, you cannot invoke this document as a source of your “rights”. You did not sign it. It is not a binding contract, even for the agreeable parts. Your privilages are granted by the “state” even though technically there is no state, only a corporation that exists solely because you let it control you and your life, liberty, and freedom.

14) You own your house or property – Actually, if you look at your deed or title, you are listed plainly as a “tenant”. Your land and by default the structure built upon it (your house) is the property of the “state”, or more accurately the bank. No matter how long you live in your house, you will be forced to pay property tax. This is not necessarily a tax as much as it is rent to the “government”. If you believe me to be in error about this fact, I would invite you to stop paying your rent (property tax). Your home and property will be confiscated. Consider this protection money… protection from corporate takeover. And if this is not enough to convince you, one only need consider the law and practice of eminent domain. This confiscation tool can be used to take your property at any time and for any reason. No exceptions there, except in cases of elodial title or land patent. Sure, they pay you what “they” set as fair-market value… but you must also consider that “they” are the ones creating the money supply and therefore the “market”.

15) 9/11 was an inside job – This is the popular cry of the 9/11 truth movement, of which I am happily a part of. But this is not a true statement. All roads lead to Israel and it’s CIA counterpart, the Mossad. That would make it an outside job. Of course, Israel is supported by billions of dollars of taxpayer money, and would not exist without U.S. backing. But, to say “inside job” doesn’t make clear that the people in our “government” who were involved with the events of 9/11 are Zionist and/or dual Israeli citizens, or very supportive and uber-friendly with the “state” of Israel. In other words, many in the Bush cabinet were in fact Jewish Zionist and duel-Israeli citizens. But also, to bring home that this event was not an “inside job”, our federal government is an outside entity (corporation), as discussed above, and not housed within the United States proper. Remember, Washington D.C. is not part of the United States. It is a foreign corporate entity. Therefore, any federally employed persons involved with 9/11 were operating outside of the “United States” – or the 50 unified states. So to call it an inside job is inaccurate, as this implies that our “government” is an inside entity and part of our “states united”.

16) Pro-choice means pro-abortion – Choice is a fundamental quality of freedom. Abortion however, is not. When someone is pro-choice, they are not necessarily pro-abortion. They are what the name implies… “for” the individuals right to choose, which should never be taken away. They are declaring freedom of “choice”, and are not declaring that abortion is in any way good or acceptable. No subject is cut and dry, and abortion cannot be classified into one of two group views. Choice is pro-choice, not pro-abortion. Education is key.

17) There is a difference between the Democratic and Republican parties – “The left-right paradigm” is a phrase coined by Alex Jones. It represents a state of belief in the two-party system. It means that which ever “side” you choose, you inherently and by default vilify the other side. It means that one is good and one is bad. All the while, party members and supporters never comprehend that there is no difference between the two parties standard platforms, excepting their “public” views on abortion. But even on abortion, the efforts by both parties to depopulate the world is clear, with forced abortion mandates in Africa, one-child policies in Asia, and others. These policies are corporate. They are instituted by the corporation, which dominates these poor countries. And the corporation includes democrats and republicans. You see, it doesn’t matter what you believe as a democrat or a republican, it only matters what the men and women who are the elected and unelected officials in these parties believe. They are corporate officers. They have no regard for what you believe is right or wrong.

It all boils down to this: If the democrats are in power – as they are now – they were put there because the public opinion of republicans was guided by the media to make you vote democratic this time around, not realizing that they are simply the same people playing good-cop/bad-cop roles in a publicly broadcast, fake dramatic sitcom. Now, after 8 years of horrific republican rule under the Bush regime, we will get 4-8 years of even worse tyrannical rule by the Obama ragime. And, once the media works its magic, we will once again vote republican. But, the same players (or actors) that were in previous administrations are again in power. Because what you have to realize is that by electing a single man for president, you are really “electing” all of the unelected officials that the “elected” president “hires” once he is elected. Therefore, we have tens and hundreds of “APPOINTED” officials ruling over us, and even ruling over our other congressional and senatorial elected officials. This is not a representative government… for you must be chosen to represent the people in order to hold the title of a “representative of the people”. And so as long as the republican party is there to catch the democratic party when it falls, and as long as the democratic party is then there in the future to catch the republican party when it falls, we will always have the same two party’s in office (which are just one party role-playing like professional wrestlers as good and evil – depending on what your perspective of good and evil is). It is a slight of hand trick that will continue to ensure the right-left paradigm stays in power by manipulating the perseptions of the voting public.

So one could put forth here that your vote doesn’t really count, unless you use it to vote out the two-party system by voting for a third party. But the media has manipulated you into thinking that voting for anybody but a democrat or republican is foolhardy. This is the paradigm we must all break out of if we are to ever be a free society.

18) Charities and foundations are grass-roots organizations run by good caring people – The Cancer Society was founded by none other than John D. Rockefeller. The US President only earns $400K ($200K as recently as Pres. Clinton) while the C.E.O. of the Red Cross earns approximately $565K, even though this person has “done little work in the primary mission of the Red Cross: disaster relief” and “will face a steep learning curve”.

Foundations, Charities, Associations, and Organizations are Corporations! Though billed as non-profits, the amount of money brought in by these foundations is staggering. When corporations donate to such things as Red Cross Haiti relief, they are not donating to the people of Haiti, but rather to the corporation of the Red Cross. In return, these corporations get no-bid contracts from foundations like the Red Cross. The board of directors for the Red Cross are the who’s who of agri-business, construction, contracting, banking, infrastructure, and other for-profit corporations. And while the Red Cross is indeed a non-profit, it gives this money away to it’s board of director’s companies, as well as paying them a ridiculous salary. So the majority of the money that you donate to these “charities” never reaches the people you believe it will help.

19) The nightly news is comprised of independant jounalism you can trust – When a news story is produced, it is writen in a way so as to be usable in all markets. It is then sent to each affiliate news station across the country, to be recorded by the local newscaster as if it was their own story. Meanwhile, on every other news station across America, the same story is being screened by different newscasters reading the same thing verbatim – but attaching thier name to the end of the story. This is media. It is entertainment. It is hypnotic. But it is not truth. It is a set of meticulously researched standards and practices employed to mentally labotomize you from discovering the true nature of your world and your “government”.


More detailed discussion of these topics can be found within this blog.


Clint Richardson (

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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  1. Laura Barro and Josh Barro

     /  May 29, 2010

    Wow. This is incredible. I’m so glad you decided to write this. This is definitely a really great summary of all the main ideas of the We Are Change group and it really helped us get a basic understanding. We both felt like this was a very clear and brief explanation. Josh even printed off a couple copies to give to some of the people we know. Thank you again for taking the time to write this.


    • Glad you liked it.

      It’s hard to live life normally and “fit in” when these things begin to come clear. Be careful, most people will get angry and disown you for damaging their idealism and belief. Religion and politics are that way. They are faith based, and breaking that chain is nearly impossible. After all… who could have made up the rule to never talk about politics and religion in mixed company, but a politician or a priest?



  2. maryjo

     /  November 24, 2010

    Really glad that I found your website – I have become allergic to lies – almost everything today is based on lies – once I realized 9/11 was done by those who had an “agenda”, this country never looked the same – there are very few people I can discuss anything with, but my spouse sees it – so I am fortunate. Our family members are all fast asleep (correction: there are 4 who see this “system” for what it is. So, not as bad as it could be. In the beginning, I was amazed that we are fed lies from birth to grave – now I am just sickened by the deceit. I also fell for alex jones – but my husband knew he was just a fear pusher the first time he listened to him – I get fooled easier.

    I appreciate and value those who tell the truth – not everyone is forever one of the sheeple. I think this US system is on its way out and who knows what the next stage will be – but perhaps we can eventually set up a form of govt that is of and for the people – I won’t be around but I hope it will happen – the idea of america is a good one just not the reality of america.


  3. grey

     /  June 13, 2011

    Hi Clint,

    I like your site and agree with most of your views. Alex Jones did not coin the term “the false left/right paradigm”, he borrowed it from someone else like he does with most of what he says.

    Pro-choice is just another form of sophistry, more word games. If you believe in God given rights and common law then you must be against abortion. What is the common law…to do no harm correct? It may be a woman’s body, and a woman does have the right to do what she wants with her body…But what about the tiny sovereign growing inside her, the other “body” that cannot defend or protect itself? I hope this contradiction and hypocrisy isn’t lost on you my friend?

    So how do we fight this evil? Are we all supposed to learn legalese and become lawyers? What abut the other 99% of the population that will just follow their herd masters without question? It’s very clear that we are about to hit critical mass, pass the event horizon, in other words, the shit is going to hit the fan. Though I agree with you and am doing my best to learn about these corporate systems it just isn’t enough. For in order for you and I to be free we have to break others out of their mental jail cell.

    If we don’t hang together we will surely hang separately. – Benny Franklin.

    The whole thing becomes even more convoluted when one realizes that we didn’t win the Revolutionary war and that the constitution was really just a scam to set up the most productive nation in world…for the express purpose of being the engine for the New World Order…Don’t believe me? Read this:

    “A holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the Crown [. . .] in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.” – Charles Cornwallis.


    • I’m not sure what to say, my friend… except that I wholeheartedly agree with you on every point.

      As far as the abortion issue, again, being against abortion does not constitute the right to punish others for their choice. A right is a right, like it or not. Judgment is a personal thing, but your opinion is not that of all others. If the minority must be represented, then the majority must not force morals on the minority.

      Pro-choice has nothing to do with being pro-abortion. This is very important.

      Imagine if laws were passed that forced everyone to be Christian? Or that laws were passed making 9/11 denial and “9/11 truth” a crime?

      I share your view on abortion, I just don’t share your righteousness to think that my opinion is paramount in taking away others rights. This is the toughest issue ever, and that is why it is so often used as a political tool to keep the distractions going. In a healthy society, abortion would be socially unacceptable.



  4. grey

     /  June 13, 2011

    …Continuation of my last comment…

    Doesn’t the Treaty of Paris confirm that we never truly broke away from the British Empire and by default, the Vatican or Holy Roman Empire?

    Have not our sons and daughters been used as cannon fodder for well over 150 years to create this New World Order we officially entered into in the year 2000? Isn’t the United States Military the tool the elites use to force all dissenting nations into excepting this New Order? Join or die takes on a whole different meaning when you look through this particular color of sun glasses, doesn’t it?

    I was a bit surprised when you recommended Zeitgeist to people so they could learn more about the banking scam. There are way better documentaries out there then Zeitgeist if people want to learn about the banking scam and they are free from the lies and manipulations found in Peter Joseph’s work of propaganda. The Money Masters and the Secret of Oz are both well documented and way better then Zeitgeist hands down. You pride yourself on speaking the truth by way of the facts. If that is true then please, don’t push Zeitgeist, it’s full of lies.

    Beyond those little criticisms I find you to be interesting and bright. Oops! I forgot one thing. You mentioned Osama Bin Laden had a CIA name, Tim Ozmond. For the life of me I could not find any definitive proof that such a story is true. I used to parrot the same thing, then one day a friend asked me for some documented proof and I tried my damnedest to find it, and failed. This doesn’t mean he wasn’t known as Tim Ozmond to the CIA, only that I could not find any documentation to verify it.

    Would you by chance have any definitive information that proves this story is true?

    I enjoyed your interview with the CEO of the Unified Police Force. The radio interviewer gave him a little too much leeway and he was allowed to dominate the conversation and spout off way too much propaganda. It was looking bad for you until he slipped up and accidentally verified what you had been saying all along, that he was indeed the CEO and that the Sheriff’s office had been swallowed up by this very odd corporation. You have to be careful in how you speak to these snakes, they can make a turd look like filet mignon.

    So..What do we do, how do we get ride of this spiderweb of criminals?


    • As you asked about Tim Osmand, can you show proof of the “lies” in Zeitgeist? In searching for the truth, I came across the very information that Zeitgeist lifted its info from, by way of Jan Irvin.
      His documentary and the book it is made from is essential viewing/reading on origins of all religion. See it here:

      Zeitgeist is an excellent and short explanation of the monetary system. That’s why I recomend it. Most people wont spend 3.5 hours watching Money Masters, or my Corporation Nation for that matter. So Zeitgeist is the perfect tool for a Federal Reserve explanation.

      All evidence seems to point to the US being a corporation or holding company as it will, acting as trustee for the land within for the crown.

      I’ll get back to you on the “Tim Osmand” issue, for sure.

      Of course, we are all going through the learning process, and I don’t mind being wrong if it eventually leads to being right. Thus, my blog is a journey of discovery in that way. Fighting this is another matter, and really is boiling down to the point that we cannot fight as the federalized police state rears its head. I fear it is too late to be honest. I am discouraged by the lack of empathy and anger that seems to be missing around me. Sorry to say, I think the solution if there is one is too late to be reality. Perhaps we need to fall apart before we can be rebuilt?


      • grey

         /  June 14, 2011

        Hi Clint,

        Freedom to chose to murder your own offspring, that’s not exactly a moral issue, it falls under God’s law, harm no one. I understand where you’re coming from but that is strawman argument. Allowing one human being to kill another human being has nothing to do with freedom of choice. It doesn’t even have anything to do with having the right to do what you want to your own body. This isn’t an issue about “rights” it’s a criminal issue. If you harm another human being you’ve committed a crime. Why doesn’t taking away the rights of an unborn child incapable of defending his or herself fall under your definition of taking away someone’s rights? If anything, the rights of those who cannot defend themselves are more important to uphold then the rights of those who can.

        I don’t see and self-righteousness, only common sense. It’s a pretty simple issue to understand. The real freedom of choice would have been to choose responsibility and not lay down with someone without understanding that you just might get pregnant. That is, after all, the primary function of sex, not pleasure. And to defend the murder of a child because some woman is too irresponsible or just too downright selfish to deal with the consequences of her actions, and then call it a freedom of choice issue is ridiculous and hypocritical.

        It sounds like something a man named Eric WhoRU once said to me. Completely illogical and self-serving. Protecting a life within the body of another human being is completely justified.


  5. grey

     /  June 14, 2011

    Sorry Clint,

    I posted the above reply under the second response you gave me, apologies.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not trying to break your balls, my only goal is to get you to think a little deeper on these issues.

    I think The Secret of Oz is shorter then Zeitgeist and the information is presented in much clearer way without all of the religious disinformation.

    Watch Zeitgeist Debunked, it totally destroys all of the propaganda contained in Zeitgeist. Read some books on the subject, check out the responses of well respected scholars who have studied these ancient religions for decades. They quickly picked out all of the many errors in Zeitgeist. Some of those scholars refuted it just to help out the laity, normally they wouldn’t have given such wild and unproven garbage the time of day because it was so obviously wrong on some many different levels. Most of the claims made in Zeitgeist are based on Catholicism, a religion that is based on the mystery religions. That’s why Peter Joseph focused on December 25, a date of zero importance in Christianity, biblical Christianity that is.

    I watched your documentary last night and it was pretty good for the most part. I don’t doubt that the UNITED STATES is a corporation by any means. I don’t doubt that we are surrounded by thousands of corporations posing as dejure governments.

    What you didn’t do in your documentary was make a case as to why this money exists and what the purpose of it is. In other words, who is really perpetuating this system. It’s not just the politicians, they come and go. What is this money used for if it just sets there accumulating annually? There’s a disconnect as to what these investments actually mean. The proverb of “follow the money” makes sense but I don’t think you’ve uncovered the primary purpose yet. What did Mayer Rothschild teach his sons to do? To never reveal their true holdings, to use every available trick to hide their wealth. So who is really in control of this massive wealth that has been uncovered in the CAFR?

    It isn’t the politicians because they don’t really touch the major investments in the fortune 500 companies. Sure they have huge expense accounts (I read your article on the Senate) but the king’s share of the money just seems to sit there and grow. So who is growing it and who is it being grown for?

    I’m in the same boat as you Clint, just learning as I go and trying to find the truth in this convoluted and deceptive world. I think it might be too late also, apathy is at an all time high right now in America. It is probably going to lead to a very bloody revolution or a very bloody slaughter similar to what Lenin and Stalin did to the people of the Soviet Union. I don’t see any other options. I have a more detailed outlook on the future that is rooted in my faith but I doubt you would want to hear it so I’ll forgo typing it up at present.



  6. I always wonder for those against pro-choice (I’m not pro-abortion at all I wold personally do that), what is the plan for after the unfit financially broke potentially raped pregnant teenage mom has this child? And if all those children were born and not aborted? Who is taking care of all these children? In a sick modern society people have sex, eat sugar, drink, etc to escape their reality. Now as I do not agree with abortion I also do not want to harm the child born into a world in which it will not receive proper attention and care. So I ask you how no harm is done to a child who cannot care for itself to a parent who is not able to take care of themselves? Thank you for this amazing article and please continue to ‘drop the rock’ despite those who are not considering that at present we do not live in the garden we were meant to and in an ideal world a woman and man would not lay together in the first place because sex would not one of the many tools used to divide, conquer and destroy us, but sadly again at present we do not live in said world just yet…


    • “There are no political solutions to spiritual problems… If the Creator put it there, it is in the right place.”


—Unnamed indian Chief, 1876

      Who am I or you or anyone else to judge a life to death just because it might not fit in to “society” because society is so grounded in its own debt? To base a life on money, on mammon, is to base that life on the root of all evil, to love money more than life and Nature itself. What else but monetary considerations could possibly drive men to kill the unborn so as to satisfy such a god as money/mammon? The second one values a life in money, that is when slavery is legitimized, when moral considerations die, and when innocent life is slaughtered for profit and gain. This is not a world I wish to live in.

      This is a debate that is purely political. To kill the spirit for political purposes is the gravest of sins against all Existence. In fact, this debate cannot exist in purely spiritual considerations. Pro-choice is a choice to act politically or not. Pro-life is a choice to always act spiritually and morally according to the law and laws of Nature. For the spiritual man, there is no debate, for there is no politics.

      POLITIC – adjective – [Latin politicus; Gr. a city.] …3. Ingenious in devising and pursuing any scheme of personal or national aggrandizement, without regard to the morality of the measure; cunning; artful; sagacious in adapting means to the end, whether good or evil. I have been politic with my friend, smooth with my enemy. 4. Well devised; adapted to its end, right or wrong. –Webster’s 1828 Dictionary




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