End The Fed? Ok, but lets talk first!

This whole End The Fed campaign is starting to worry me.

If I were part of the rich and powerful globalist elites who control the money and it’s inflationary and deflationary status, and I wanted to destroy the U.S. dollar, the economy, and the Constitution of the United States, the most logical thing I could do would be to indeed End The Federal Reserve. Then it would be much easier to bring in a world currency.

And the way I would do it?

I would provocateur a campaign to expose the Fed (which I all but own) and then get the people angry enough at it to want to expose it, and end it.

So… the people would unwittingly do my dirty work for me!

I would then use my interest in the United Nations and its powers to institute a global currency to replace the dollar, the fiat currency that the uninformed but well-intentioned people got rid of for me.

The moral of the story is this: Ya’ll better have a replacement currency system in place before “Ending The Fed”, or else you might just inadvertently “End The USA” on accident and as a side effect of your unfocused patriotism. I am deeply concerned about so many unorganized, or more importantly un-united political action groups working so hard and for so many different purposes. Only through the unification of all of these smaller groups into one united force will we be able to do what needs to be done. We can all agree that the Fed, along with its many acronymic enforcing bodies (FBI, IRS, etc…) is the root of most of the evils that befell this once great country. Yes, the income tax is a fraud. But caution must be maintained in dealing with this, lest we all take a giant step of a cliff with no safety net and no bottom.

Misplaced and unchecked confidence in the validity and strength of our cause might be our undoing.

When Bloomberg and other “mainstream” conglomerate media corporations begin touting the necessity of exposing or ending the Fed, I know there is something more happening here… something that none of us can fully comprehend.

A very good personal example: When Rupert Murdoch of Fox fame came forward on international television and “admitted” that global warming was real and man-made… I finally knew for sure that it most certainly was not man made or real!!!

Let’s unite the factions, join together as one powerful group force, and think this through.

-Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
September 18, 2009

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  1. DDearborn

     /  November 22, 2011


    Not only should the unconstitutional and therefore illegal “FED” charter be revoked. Every single officer of every single member bank should be immediately arrested and charged with high treason and terrorism. Not to mention all sorts of charges under the racketering acts.. Then after they are convicted they should all be executed just like all the Muslim “terrorists” the US and Israel have been murdering for decades. Hey a terrorist is a terrorist and given the gravity of the crimes these people should be treated just like the rest of the terrorists. They should start with say a year at GITMO and then 3-4 in solitary confinement and then maybe a military trial.


  2. Zach

     /  December 29, 2011

    I am not quite sure I agree with arresting every person that worked for the Fed. There are many quotes from many higher ups from the member banks that seem to expose the fraud that is the Federal Reserve. The problem is there is noone listening. I used to be one of them. When it comes to ending the FED I am all for it. I am with Clint in believing that ending the problem without a preconceived solution would be financial suicide. One thing that Ron Paul has suggested is that we should bring in competing currencies along side the Fed’s Currency which would be better than ending it without a solution. I’m not sure I totally agree with this if it is still to involve usury (another thing I agree with Clint with). One thing is for sure, we need to start now and we need to work together. I am trying to do my homework now as I have just woken up from my paralyzed coma of normal everyday life. So much to learn after 25 years of nothing but video games lol. It is amazing how nothing else matters once you have realized what is going on right in front of our face. Have a great day guys.



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