Marijuana – To Legalize Or Not To Legalize? That Is The Question.

Whether you are a pot smoker, eater, drinker, or total abstainer, you should pay attention to this…


Perception is a funny thing. The way we perceive things around us makes us act how we act, and talk or don’t talk to who we perceive as approachable. The perception of the laws that govern us and submission to the authority attached to the tiny group of people and the police who enforce these laws are really the only reason that these rules and laws are followed by us at all… well, and fear of repercussion and punishment.

And many peoples’ perception, as they sip their second after-lunch martini and then drive back to work, is that marijuana is a deadly drug that should be illegal. Of course, these people haven’t had the need of its holistic, hunger inducing, and pain-relieving qualities – the reasons that so many have been desperately trying to “legalize” the plant as a medical treatment for chronic patients. Their perception is that by legalizing marijuana, it will then be made more available to the sick people who really need it, and to those who just like to smoke a bowl every once in a while.

And this, my well intentioned marijuana advocates, is the perception that I am going to attempt to dissuade here. And I’d appreciate your listening to my reasoning.

To understand what a legal drug is, lets look at some or any of the prescription pharmaceutical drugs that are available to us. If I want to get a potent pain reliever like Lortab, Oxycontin, Percocet, or Condine I have to get a referral, then get seen by a doctor, maybe see a specialist, receive a prescription, pay my co-pay (or cash out of pocket for most of us), and then get one refill if the first batch wasn’t enough. And if I need more? I need another prescription, and I watch as my medical bills shoot through the ceiling.

Antibiotics, antidepressants, heart or blood-pressure medication, diabetes insulin, or anything that might save my life… requires a prescription!


The answer to this simple question is the most important aspect of legalized drugs that you can comprehend. Listen carefully…

If a drug is legal, that means it is only available with a prescription. So what this really means is that a legal drug available by prescription only, is actually illegal without a prescription.

I’ll say it again: Legal drugs are illegal substances unless a doctor prescribes them. And let’s face it, doctors are by definition drug pushers for their pimps, the pharmaceutical companies. They are told what to prescribe by their little computers, not because they think the symptoms through and do what is best for the patient.

So, when taking this into consideration, we can see that campaigning to get marijuana legalized is not a very good move. Altruistically, you are thinking that this is the right thing to do; that making pot legal is the civil and lawful way to smoke pot legally. But this I assure you is not the case. In fact, by making marijuana a legalized (or controlled) substance, you are taking all of the power of manufacturing and distribution away from the people, and giving the government and pharmaceutical corporations complete control over the growth and sale of this beautiful plant.

That means that it will eventually be even harder to get than it is now! Between the CIA drug runners and their corporate investment-held drug companies, the government does not like private dealers cutting into their take. If pot is made into a controlled substance (meaning controlled by them) then they have good reason to crack down and crack down hard on anyone growing their own, including the so-called “legal” dealers that are currently selling in California; you know… the ones that are getting their doors beat down by the feds and having their stash and their money stolen and laundered, never to be seen again? This is what legal marijuana will ultimately lead to, as the government wants to be the supplier and make it hard for the responsible local citizen to have a business.

Also important to note here is this… If marijuana is “legalized” and made into a controlled substance, then we have just given our right to grow, use, sell, and share this wonderful and natural plant away to the government. Once it is “controlled”, then it can be slowly fazed out of distribution, while the powers that be pass legislation that makes it harder and harder to get, until it is nearly impossible. Here are some examples:

1) Ok, you can have your pot by prescription, but we will only prescribe it for this illness and that symptom. All other uses are now illegal.

2) A new breakthrough in marijuana production has taken place! But it is so expensive… we will have to pass that production cost onto the patients. $100 per joint or pill please?

3) We here at Merck Pharmaceuticals have done extensive field research that shows the side effects of marijuana are much to significant to risk giving it to the patients who require it. We published these studies here, in the journals that we own and pay for which provide favorable reporting of our drugs and ignore the actual clinical trial results. Scientific double-blind placebo testing? Why no sir, we haven’t done that since that kind of true scientific research showed vaccines were deadly and cause cancer, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…

Anyway, surely you get the picture. Making a plant or drug legal gives the government the power to completely stop production or refuse its distribution to anyone it chooses, or to everyone. It would be no different than when they took Phen-Phen (deadly weight loss drug) off the market. One false study and a false-flag marijuana (typhoid) Mary, and it’s bye bye Bonzo!

So what is the solution? What else can we strive for?

Well to answer these questions, lets get philosophical… shall we?

Is a sunflower plant legal or illegal? How about a rose? A maple tree? A dandelion? A garden full of nutritious fruits and vegetables?

What I am submitting here is that marijuana should be considered as if it were any other weed that grew on the side of the road. It should be neither legal or illegal. It should just be – and be free of such petty categories and constraints. No one controls nature, as much as these megalomaniacs in government and corporations like Monsanto and the United Nations likes to think they do. Pot just need to be left alone. No legality is either warranted nor needed! This naturally occurring plant with a multitude of beneficial properties – and as far as I can tell no negative ones – must be given back to the dirt with no laws or restrictions attached to it.

What would this solve? Everything. No backdoor dealers needed. No prescriptions needed. No regulations or laws need be set, and therefore no enforcement of those laws. There would be no crime involved with its distribution, since anybody can grow or use it. And no ridiculous fines or jail time for doing what the ancient tribes of the earth have been doing for thousands of years in their spiritual journeys.

Freedom is not something you can limit or put restraints on. You either have it or you don’t. And making something legal should by no means be construed as a freedom, though through its legality it could be considered a revocable privilege. Marijuana should be free, just like the people should be free. Choice is freedom, and if you don’t like marijuana that’s your own choice. And that’s the beauty of freedom. Think of this as the common or natural law of plants and nature.

So what is your perception of freedom?

Remember, legal equals illegal without permission.

And permission is doled out by the government and its investment owned and controlled corporations.

That is not freedom.

End of story.


Clint Richardson (

January 31, 2010

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  1. yoy50

     /  February 27, 2010

    Hi there! I’ve been a little busy these day (family stuff), but I want to leave a comment WITHOUT reading this yet… (I like the title of this subject).

    I’m a frequent visitor abroad. Amsterdam (and even Paris) is one of my favorite spots. Again, without reading this post now, I just want to say… no one in the Netherlands is “stuck on stupid” because of pot! (smiles) I think it’s a harmless natural herb. Hey– I may regret posting this later, b/c you DO have a way of illustrating valid points… we’ll see… 😉

    okay… reading the post right now…


    • Yeah, I love Amsterdam!

      But this goes beyond the “drug” and deals with what legalization really means – in this country.

      I am all for pot, as I write here, but legal and illegal have nothing to do with the law. Legal = Illegal without prescription.

      This is a brilliant strategy that must be done away with.

      Good to hear from you again.


  2. yoy50

     /  March 2, 2010

    Maaaannnnn…. you slammed dunked this one! Yet again, I wonder who the hell you are and why you’re not running for any office. Oh yeah– you recognize the bull that is our system! (smiles)

    Really, this is an EXCELLENT article! Sorry for the delay reply on this (side tracked by the family stuff). And thanks for the welcome back, man. I’m never too far away.

    Really– you must keep sharing your understanding and knowledge. In case you’ve never been told– you are a rare gem!!!

    P.S. Never stop– some of us truly dig what you’re voicing!!!


    • Come come now… someone is paying you to say these things.

      Bull… in the system? Nooo… The system is the Matrix, and it is not fair to say that there is only some bull in it, when the whole thing is bull.

      Hope all is well on the family side, and with you as well my friend.



  3. well yeah,. would the word decriminalize be better? This IS what most ppl mean when they say “leagalize”,. the fact is many people are killed by “law enforcment operatives” over weed flowers,. and many more are held in dungons for the same,. . plants grow, seed spread, and in the end,. laws are meaningless. “No plants or animals for that matter should be outlawed.” -TM


  4. Roy Dobbs

     /  March 8, 2011

    I like your article, it makes sense, it puts it in a better perspective and I’m sure it is what the medicinal marijuana people really want and need also what the recreational smoker wants. It does boil down to where is the corpus delecti (injured party)when one decides to smoke unless in fact they do commit a crime. I’m sure that studies have most likely shown that most crimes that are committed by someone under the influence are by someone on alcohol, harder street drugs and alot under the influence of legal pharmaceuticals. Keep up the good and informative articles.


  5. grey

     /  June 14, 2011

    “Decriminalized” sounds nice.

    I think I’ll go and smoke a bowl now.


  6. Too many people in jail for victimless crimes. We have more people in jail than China and look at their population. Who are the real Communists here?


  7. You want to know WHY weed is illegal? Because legalizing it would cut into the cancer profits of Govco. (That’s U.S. Inc.) Just another good reason WHY, Mr. Obama isn’t giving every one in the U.S. radiation pills for the ‘accident’ at Fukushima Diachi. Too much $$$ lost…

    It was Standard Oil, who “educated” my parents when they were kids about ‘Reefer Madness’. Only for my mother to die of cancer back in 1984. Oh, they got her for ALL of her life savings. (3 million bucks!!)
    SURE they “cured her” of her $$$ though…….


  8. Well said and very logical. Spread the word!


  9. sleepingbear

     /  July 2, 2012

    I’m new to this site for about 3 months now and i am left speechless.the only thing that i can do is to bow to the presence of knowledge.i shedded a few tears reading alot of your articles only to wipe away the transparent is sad yet invigorating to have eyes that i never used until alot of the read articles.


  10. sleepingbear

     /  July 2, 2012

    We have all been deceived in believing it is easier to chew a lie than to swallow the truth. I’m an advent reader. Please keep educating the’s the media and our own ignorance that burns brain cells, not the inhalation or satration of a remarkable plant.Thank You for your rights being shared!


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