Understanding The 2012 Electoral College

So you think you, the People, elected the president of the United States?


“In reality, when the voters of North Carolina voted this past November, they were actually voting to pick this slate of electors instead of voting directly for the president and the vice-president.”

–Elaine Marshall, Secretary of State of North Carolina,
speaking at the 2012 Electoral College ceremony


After all of the pomp and circumstance of the 2012 “popular” vote of the “people” of the United States; including the wasted billions upon billions in campaign coverage, donations, PAC’s, Super-PAC’s, advertising, public relations, buttons and brochures, the media coverage of baby kissing, and everything else that went into the carefully planned charade of the fallacious popular election of the president and vice-president of the United States, the president was finally “formally” and indirectly elected by the Electors of the Electoral College on December 17th, 2012.

That’s right, folks. I’m here again to tell you that you “the People” do not elect your president.

This time, however, I’ve got a little help from my good friend the Secretary of State of North Carolina. In the following video coverage, she actually tells the truth: that the majority of United States citizens (people) do not know that the Electors, not the people (voters), elect the president.

It is not as if this is a secret, though it could be called a very open secret per the void of comprehension existing within the country. It’s just that the procedural and true indirect election process is not talked about openly at any other time of the election process. Instead, the popular vote and all that is involved with it takes over the limelight and the media specifically promotes the fallacy that the people have a direct effect on the actual election of the president. This is not the truth, yet it is what most American voters believe. And every four years the question arises amongst the masses – Who are you going to vote for as president of the United States?

Some of those people, whom without reading their constitution or knowing that this 4-year election process is indeed an indirect election without consideration of their individual vote, actually wait over 7 or more hours in line just to cast their popular vote, as is the case in the State of Florida. They truly believe that this sacrifice will actually make a difference in the outcome of the presidential election. And to me, this is such a sad spectacle.

Despite the billions of dollars pumped into the popular election process that is then broadcast on every major news station in the world, we find that comparatively, the electoral college is lucky if it even gets mentioned at all on the main television stations, and is generally barely even broadcast on C-SPAN over a month after the popular election takes place – just enough time for the people to get over their win or loss and stop giving a rat’s ass until the next rigged election.

So un-hyped is the actual election of the president and vice-president each year, that this year apparently C-SPAN felt that the importance of the actual real constitutional election of the president of the United States was just about important enough to be broadcast to the public on C-SPAN’s Channel #3 – not even the main C-SPAN channel.

Here is the C-SPAN website where just two of the actual electoral college elections (happening simultaneously in all 50 States) was broadcast and is available for re-viewing. It states:

Monday, December 17, 2012

The 538 members of the Electoral College met on Monday in their respective states where they cast their votes for President and Vice President. 270 electoral votes are required to elect the President. C-SPAN coverage included two of these meetings, Ohio and North Carolina.

Last month, President Obama won the popular vote in Ohio, which has 18 electoral votes. Governor Romney won the battleground state of North Carolina, which has 15 electoral votes.

VIDEO LINK –> http://www.c-span.org/Campaign2012/Events/North-Carolina-Electoral-College-Vote/10737436611-3/

Thankfully we can watch this event on Youtube here for easier reference, thanks to “Voterradio.com”:

Please note that as of December 24th, this video has a total of 31 views. This indeed shows the popularity of the Electoral College and how much it is comprehended by the voting public, especially when comparing the multi-100’s-of-millions of views for a single Lady GaGa video, or if your style is Gundam…

I suggest that, after reading this entire rant, each of you who may be reading this go through this entire video so that you can actually understand how the presidential election works – and comprehend the fact that you do not vote for president in any form of direct election, and that the president is indeed elected by the 538 member Electoral College – and that in reality the office is elected via proxy by the two privately incorporated political parties who submit these electors to the government. In short, the election of the president and vice-president (a separate election process) is conducted by the Republican and Democratic parties, not by the people of the United States.

For your reference, and for those that just don’t seem to have time in their busy days to learn that their country operates as a constitutional fascist oligarchy by indirect election of its C.E.O. under private associations called political parties right under their noses – even as you Rock The Vote every four years – here are a few direct quotes from the CSPAN coverage spoken by the Secretary of State of the great State of North Carolina. Pay close attention, as these quotes tell the story of the whole election process…


As quoted from the Secretary of the State of North Carolina at the Electoral College ceremony (video above), December 17th, 2012:

“North Carolina did not participate in the very first presidential election because North Carolina did not ratify the constitution until after passage of the Bill of Rights. And only then did North Carolina officially join the Union, approximately 10 months after the election of George Washington.”

“Today, we are gathered, essentially, to certify the will of the people of North Carolina who voted in the presidential election in November of this year.”

“I will note once again that the voters of our state turned out in big numbers… I hope many of those voters have tuned in today to see their– that process reach its completion.”

“As North Carolina becomes more global we are mindful that our impact in the world is significant, as evidenced by the fact that we have so many foreign consuls now in North Carolina. Three of them are here with us today… France…Sweeden… Moldova… we welcome all three of you to this 56th meeting of the North Carolina Electoral College.”

“Now, as we prepare to begin the voting process for the North Carolina Electoral College, I would just like to take a moment to reflect on the importance of this institution. This is the 56th North Carolina Electoral College meeting and it represents a proud history of citizens (electors) peacefully passing on presidential power from one term in office to the next. Today’s activities are a combination of constitutional law, Federal law, and State law.”

“In the end, this (electoral college) system was designed for several reasons (unintelligible) rights. Those reasons included: that the meetings be held throughout the 50 states versus one convention to keep the sites separate; that electors cannot also be powerful public officials; and that every state gets a formally set number of votes in order to give it a vote in the process. That is why today people all across the United States are gathering at State capitals to conclude the 2012 presidential campaign – in a formal sense – and to move us toward the 2013 presidential inauguration in Washington D.C.”

“I am often asked: How does a citizen ever become an elector? Well the process is fairly simple. You must be a citizen who is over 21 years of age and eligible to vote. You also cannot be a Federal office holder, or certain kinds of other public official. Then you offer your name to your political party for consideration. Generally the political parties pick their slate of elector nominees pursuant to party rules at their annual political convention in each election year. Those names are submitted by the respective parties to the office of Secretary of State sometime in the summer, and they are held until the election of November. (Hesitantly) Once– We wait and see, which– candidate has been certified (by the political parties) to us we then call those electors. The elector nominees from the different political parties just simply wait to see who the voters vote for as president and vice-president – which means in reality, when the voters of North Carolina voted this past November, they were actually voting to pick this slate of electors instead of voting directly for the president and the vice-president.”

“As we move to the former meeting of Electors, I would like to introduce our electors to this gathering. The 15 Republican electors were called to Raleigh and have assembled here to cast North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes for president and vice-president. I am honored to introduce these distinguished– people…


Now, before you watch this absolutely rehearsed, staged, and predetermined stage play of a ceremony for the election of Mitt Romney as president of the United States and Paul Ryan as vice-president of the United States, I would very much like for you to read what one of these Electors had to say about this circus side-show called the Electoral College and his participation in it. And trust me when I say, this honest and candid statement by the man elected by the 15-member North Carolina Electoral College to be president of that college in the election ceremony is perhaps the most important truth about this fraud that is the presidential election process that you are ever likely to read by one of its inside players.

Sit back and hold on to your lunch…

Local Resident Elected President of N.C. Electoral College

By John Nagy
As of Monday, December 17, 2012

Robert Levy, a local attorney and chairman of the Moore County Republican Party, has been elected president of North Carolina’s Electoral College.

Levy also is a political columnist for The Pilot. His column appears every Sunday.

The college on Monday will be responsible for electing the next president of the United States, but the result is not in doubt. President Barack Obama secured 332 electoral votes in November’s presidential election. The popular vote, though commonly thought to be the way the United States chooses its president, is actually a precursor. The Constitution requires the president be chosen by electors apportioned to each state.

Electors are not bound by the Constitution to cast their ballots according to their state’s popular vote, but the states themselves stipulate the way electors will vote. In all but two states, it’s winner-take-all. North Carolina has 15 electors, and its members are required to mirror the state’s popular vote for president. As such, the electors will vote for Romney on Monday.

In a Dec. 9 column on his experience as an elector, Levy wrote “It reminds me of “Gone With the Wind.” No matter how many times I see it, Scarlett still loses Rhett, and the South still loses the war.

You see, I am one of the 538 electors who will go enact a secular passion play called the Electoral College. I know how the play ends. Obama will win. Romney will lose. Why should I go? It seems silly.

“Although the Constitution might suggest differently, North Carolina law is clear. If I do not go to Raleigh this month, I will be fined. If I do not vote for the Republican nominee, my vote will not be counted, and I will be replaced by someone who will vote as commanded. All the while, everyone knows that in other state capitals, the vote for Obama will make what I do meaningless.

“Yet I am going to vote for Mitt Romney. I am taking my daughter with me to watch me vote. No matter what I do, the candidacy of Mitt Romney will die as it died in November.

Like Billy Pilgrim in the Kurt Vonnegut novel “Slaughterhouse-Five,” I will realize that I have seen my death. I have visited it many times. It always turns out the same. But I go there anyway in order to make a statement about the principles for which I stand.

(Source: http://www.thepilot.com/news/2012/dec/17/local-resident-elected-president-nc-electoral-coll/)


Perhaps it is this final irrational and illogical patriotic statement that best describes the disposition of America and Americans today…

This man, even after his brutal honesty about the sham that is the Electoral College, still believes in the validity and rightousness of the very country, government, and constitution that created this blundering inferno of wretchedness called the presidential election. Perhaps this is because he is a BAR attorney, with an oath as an officer of this government and its courts. He states here that his vote will literally not be counted, that his appearance there is only for show as a character in a predetermined “play”, and that in truth he has no legal choice in who he actually votes for by the laws of the State. He even states that he will be fined if he votes for anyone aside from who he is scripted to vote for in this “secular passion play”, and then states that if he does vote for another candidate, his vote will not be officially counted and he will be replaced by someone else from within his political party who will vote according to the scripted Republican or Democratic plan as required by State law.

And so like the American people at large, this man literally enters into an oath to protect the very fraudulent system he lends credibility to, voting for a candidate even though he knows his vote doesn’t count. And the People do the same thing, voting without conscious for political parties, lending the collective “People’s” credibility and legitimacy to a completely corrupt and purposefully misunderstood Electoral College system, all because the television and their indoctrinated peers tell them it is unpatriotic not to vote. This attorney and president of the Electoral College literally and publicly pretends to believe in a system he knows is an absolute fraud against the people because he is vested in that system as its officer, and to keep the cohesion and continuity of that very fraudulent system going as its legal cog and as its beneficiary both monetarily and in the status it provides.

This, my fellow Americans, is beyond fallacy; beyond self-destructive; beyond irrational and illogical… it’s just downright stupid!!!

How can someone such as myself cause a mass of indoctrinated people to stop supporting the very system that extorts from them their wealth, liberty, happiness, prosperity, and even their knowledge of how that system even works in the first place, and to stop voting for and legitimizing these self-inflicted wounds with their consenting votes when such petulant patriotism surrounds this once-every-four-year-event? How indeed…

At this point, as I watch this charade of entangled absurdity and corruption unfold on C-SPAN channel #3, I can’t help but laugh hysterically at the wealth of stupidity involved that would create such a void in the general comprehension of the way this voting system works for the president and vice-president of the United States. My crazy “Huckleberry” style laughing borders on that of a mad-man cherishing the chaos he has created – only this scenario was created and perpetrated by the most treacherous and ultimately deceiving madmen of all: the government. And I am its hopeless victim – doomed to see this enslavement to deception with open eyes but forced to live in its clutches, watching as men with no honor among them continue this false paradigm of legal logistics merely for some false sense of honor to retain their societal and professional status. Honor, that is, among thieves…

For the true nature of this most bizarre ceremony you are witnessing here, and eternally for every four years in the future, is strictly as this disgusting attorney, head of the Republican Party, and president of the N.C. Electoral College says it is – to go through the legal motions of an act in three parts: 1st the popular vote to elect the electors, 2nd the electoral vote to elect the president, and 3rd the inauguration that really never had anything to do with anything related to either of these scripted and rigged votes. You see, this whole game of thrones is nothing more than a pretentious procession of legal chess moves by the powers that be to gain the consent of the people by deceit – through trickery and illusion of the legal language and process. The people must above all else believe in this system, though it be so blatantly transparent, in order for the people to believe in the authority of that system and its cogs. Without this perception of power, jurisdiction, presidential privilege, congressional choice, and justice for all, these men would fall back into the sewers from whence they crawled through to rise to this perceived power through falsely wrangled and manufactured collective consent. It is this illusion of legitimacy that creates and continues the illusion of authority that so enslaves us all.

And all of this because we participate in a fake election, unknowingly granting all of our powers of consent to one of two political parties, which ultimately were set up to do exactly what we have uncovered here – to carry on the perpetual, illegitimate theft of elections via the relentless popularity and commercialism of the celebrity vote for president.

What we have here, my fellow American Idiots, is literally the perfect crime. It is organized crime, and it is legal crime. It is as politically correct as it is morally and ethically defunct. It is the power of the people, stripped, raped, and transformed into the power of the legal consent of the people – to be represented without having a choice of who that representative really is.

The true power of the people has literally been extracted and funnelled into the hands of the two major political parties, who in turn vote for party loyal electors, whom then elect the president of this illegitimate corporate structure colloquially called the United States government.


Explaining this process is nightmarish, as it does not make sense to most people. That’s because most people believe in the system, and cannot believe that it is a false belief. Unfortunately, this is the religion of the statist.

To attempt an easy explanation is an impossibility, but I will try to attempt it here:

The people, according to the constitution, are called voters. They do not vote for president. Instead, they have been fooled into casting their votes in political party elections called primary elections. This primary election narrows the many specific party candidates that are running as party representatives down to one person as the official party candidate. Thus, the first vote is nothing more than a popularity contest within these two parties, and has nothing to do with actually electing a president of the United States. For instance, an independent candidate with no party affiliation would not have a primary election, and only run in the actual election called the general election. In the general election, the voters (people) vote for which ever candidate they like. But in actuality, they are only voting for the party that they like. If the vote for the independent candidate, in many States, they must also vote for the elector of that candidate. So the people, without quite understanding this process, actually vote for the electors of the president. There are 538 electors, one for each congressman in Washington D.C. The office of president, as well, is an office in Washington D.C. You see, the president of the United States is not the president of the people, for the people do not elect him. The president is the president of the government, not the people, which is why the people do not elect him. They instead elect representatives, 538 of them, who then delegate according to the constitution one vote for each office to the political party chosen electors. The vice-president is as well the president of the Senate, and has the controlling or “tie-breaking” vote in that office. He literally presides over the senate. Thus, the vice-president is a very important office as well, and not just a wanna be president who could be president if the president dies. The voters (the people) do not actually even vote for who the electors will be, for this is done within the political party itself despite the people. Once the general election is complete, refered to as the popular vote, this event creates a certain legitimate public consent to the Electoral College members to then cast their votes for president as the official electors of that office. In truth though, the Electoral College is just a formality – a necessary legal step in the constitutional process to create the legal transference of office to either the same or different persons as president and vice-president. In other words, the Electoral College is all but ceremonial in its power, since the vast majority of its members must vote according to what State laws dictate, making their vote not an actual free vote, but a legal action predetermined by the government. In the end, the true elector of the president and vice-president of the United States is actually the political parties themselves, which are private associations with limited governance and limited relationships with the people or “citizens”. In the end, the whole election process is literally a scheme to legally and with manufactured consent take the power from the people and shift it into the political party system. Thus, the people do not vote for president, they vote for which political party they wish to rob them of their right to vote, generally without knowing this scheme is even happening. And that is the easiest I way I can explain how the word democracy in America is nothing but a cruel hoax played every four years on the people of this country.


In conclusion, I’d just like to point out a few incongruities in this Electoral College speech for those who might have missed them.

1) It is unclear to me why the Secretary of State of North Carolina stated in her opening speech that “North Carolina did not participate in the very first presidential election because North Carolina did not ratify the constitution until after passage of the Bill of Rights. And only then did North Carolina officially join the Union, approximately 10 months after the election of George Washington.” But I would note that if this little tidbit of North Carolina history is true, then the very constitutional legitimacy of the presidency of one George Washington as the first president of the United States of America must come into question. For as one of the original thirteen colonies, how could the president have been properly elected to rule the “nation” of States without this State’s electoral and popular vote? In this first presidential election, only slightly over 1% of the population voted, and the idea of even having a popular vote was ridiculous, especially by black men and women. 6 of the States had limited popular votes, but these were mere formalities to allow for upper classes to choose their electors that would in turn elect the president. Washington ran uncontested, receiving 100% of the electoral vote (minus North Carolina).

2) In her speech, the Secretary of State pointed to foreign consuls attending the ceremony as she refered to the global status of the State of North Carolina. Of this, I wonder, do I even need to make a comment? I’ll simply ask the question: Why?

3) Also in her speech, the Secretary of State for North Carolina stated that the Electoral College was organized and ratified in order to prevent the possibility “that electors cannot also be powerful public officials”. When this iteration escaped her mouth, I chuckled out of both ends in amazement and surprise, slightly splattering my mouth full of freshly sipped coffee onto my computer screen.

To nip this fallacy in the butt, let’s just take a cursory look at just one of the group of Electors from one State:

North Dakota had three (3) electors in 2012:

The current Governor, the current Lieutenant Governor, and the current State District Attorney.

(Source –> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_presidential_electors,_2012)

Are we to believe that these are not “powerful public officials”?

4) Notice that after this speech is over, the Electoral College members are introduced and sworn to take an oath before the ceremony can actually begin. You should listen to the words of this spoken promise. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this oath is that these 15 political-party-elected members of the Electoral College must swear to uphold the entire structure of government and the constitution that supports this entire scam in the first place. So this is not so much an oath to the good people of America as it is a legal compact that ensures that these 15 Electoral College members will obey under penalty of perjury and fine the laws that govern the whole corrupt election and Electoral College process in the first place. In other words, by taking an oath to uphold the constitution and Federal and State laws, these 15 electors just gave away any freedom of choice that they might have had to actually choose anything other than the Republican candidate for president – for the laws they just swore to obey state clearly that they can only vote for one candidate and not the other. Another way to examine this phenomenon is to imagine taking an oath before a court case that states that you will lie about any testimony you give in that case before the court, and that if you tell the truth you agree to be fined and punished for telling the truth – which would be breaking the law you swore to uphold in your oath. Think about it…

5) Finally, it is important to note that the Electoral College in each State is either Democrat or Republican, and never a mixed group from both parties or other independent candidates. Logic would dictate that in a fair and balanced election, this Electoral College membership would be split according to the actual popular vote statistics. So it would be reasonable to conclude that if the popular vote were cast at 30% of people voting for the Democrat Party candidate, 60% of the popular vote for the Republican Party candidate, and 10% of the popular vote for say the Libertarian (3rd party) candidate, we should see a North Carolina Electoral College that has 15 electors with 9 Republican electors, 4-5 Democrat electors, and 1-2 Libertarian or 3rd party electors. But this is not how the College works. Instead, the popular vote determines the total domination of the Electoral College regarding its popularly voted political party. So all 15 electors in the State of North Carolina are Republican Party members. This means that in each State, the entire election is decided by electors that MUST BE PARTY MEMBERS. And this means that ultimately, the election process is completely done within the political party system, without the involvement of the people in any way. If in the unlikely event that a 3rd party or independent candidate were actually to win the popular election process, then the electors of that State by law would also all be chosen by that political party, no different from other two main parties, which would not change anything at all about this corrupt system. The whole Electoral College of each State will be members of whatever single party won the popular vote. Alternatively, if the independent candidate won, the men and women for whom the people voted for as electors when they voted for that independent candidate would by law be required to vote for that candidate, and not for those in the other parties.

So if Obama, for instance, commited unethical or publicly unacceptable acts between the time of the popular vote and the electoral vote, the electoral college would still be required to vote according to thier party.

If you get nothing else out of this presentation, please get this:

Political parties are the problem with this country! They steal by manufactured consent any semblance of a true lawful election and kill any competition by not allowing other regular people to run for president. State laws prevent any true competition. And the people and the State governments are beholden to these party’s choices of electors.

The moral of this true story is a simple one.


Insist that candidates run as men, not as party members who represent the party, not the people. And don’t vote for them if they run under a party – any party. Boycott groups and businesses that promote this con. And teach your children well…

Act as individual free men, not as group mentality idiots. Vote as men, not parties, or don’t vote at all. End your membership in parties, and demand that the Electoral College system be reformed or abolished.

And the next time you get on someone’s case for not voting in an election, perhaps you should think twice about it. After all, it is you, the voter, that is responsible for your own ignorance of where the power of your own vote is granted. And it is you who lend legitimacy to this corrupt system with every vote you cast to the two-party political system.

Cheers and happy holidays…


–Clint Richardson (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Monday, December 24th, 2012

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  1. Bart

     /  December 24, 2012

    Why do I feel that religion and politics have anything in common when I read this?

    Is this really about noticing that there’s this sick monopoly of the mind or collective conscious that is all around us the whole time?

    If so, then it took me over 20 years to figure that out….

    Besides this issue, I’m wondering how the theistic war is; are the atheists really starting to realize that the theists also are full of it?

    Maybe this is too much for now, but at least that’s just a thought, for now.

    Then what about:


    Just maybe (I’ll find my way in this world with you guys), right?


    • There are a few things I’ve realized since begining this journey…

      1) All authority, be it eclesiastical or governmental is all based on perception of authority. Without belief, there is no power.

      2) Those who are in power due to this perception, be they eclesiastical, governmental, hollywood celebrity, or other, are all cousins of one “royal” bloodline. In other words, they are all related by blood – and likely blood “type”.

      3) As far as religion is concerned, the end to all religious arguments is simply that if God exists, he/she/it exists not because of you or your belief, but despite you and your beliefs. Existence is not dependent in any way upon perception, only power and authority is. This is how religions gained power, by creating the meme that God is predisposed to what each individual person does, and is watching like Santa Clause. Again, God existence or non-existense is a fact that does not depend upon peoples perception. However, wars fought in God’s name are dependent on people’s belief otherwise.

      Striving to be like a biblical figure does not require belief, only deep rooted desire and consciousness of the above facts and the yearning to change it.



  2. Here is the process of Electoral Voting and what is to occur within the next few weeks. We STILL do not know WHO will be the Pres for the next 4 years!

    Furthermore, they are not voting for a PARTY – they must vote for a Pres and for a VPres!

    Dec 17 Electors meet & vote for Pres.

    Dec 26 is the deadline for receipt of the electoral votes by the President of the Senate and the Archivist – States face no legal penalty for failure to comply.
    If votes are lost or delayed, the Archivist may take extraordinary measures to retrieve duplicate originals.

    On or Before January 3, 2013
    The Archivist and/or representatives from the Office of the Federal Register meet with the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House in late December or early January. This is, in part, a ceremonial occasion. Informal meetings may take place earlier.

    January 6, 2013
    The Congress meets in joint session to count the electoral votes on January 6, 2013.
    –>If no Presidential candidate wins 270 or more electoral votes, a majority, the 12th Amendment to the Constitution provides for the House of Representatives to decide the Presidential election. If necessary the House would elect the President by majority vote, choosing from the three candidates who received the greatest number of electoral votes. The vote would be taken by state, with each state having one vote.
    –>If no Vice Presidential candidate wins 270 or more electoral votes, a majority, the 12th Amendment provides for the Senate to elect the Vice President. If necessary, the Senate would elect the Vice President by majority vote, choosing from the two candidates who received the greatest number of electoral votes. The vote would be taken by state, with each Senator having one vote.
    If any objections to the Electoral College vote are made, they must be submitted in writing and be signed by at least one member of the House and one Senator. If objections are presented, the House and Senate withdraw to their respective chambers to consider their merits under procedures set out in federal law.

    January 20, 2013 at Noon—Inauguration Day
    The President-elect takes the Oath of Office and becomes the President of the United States.



    • Hey Reigne… here’s a question all should be asking…

      Why hasn’t Ron Paul, knowing the elections are rigged, ever contested or objected to the electoral college? Why does he promote the popular election for any other reason than to collect campaign donations?

      And these electors will vote for the party member, and no one else, according to state laws – or be replaced and fined. Yes, they vote for a person, but only because they are required to vote that way; as party members.


      • Why? Because he is an important element to the dog n pony show.

        3 decades in Congress and he has FAILED (intentionally?) to lead congress to fulfill their duties, to honor their Oaths, and to file criminal/treason charges upon any of his fellow members.


  3. Hopefully now folks will comprehend the dog n pony show of these Party Tickets! It’s a SCAM to TAKE YOUR MONEY!


  4. If you are looking for a scam forex site, this is the place for you. Here you find all forex scammers!


  5. Z

     /  April 11, 2016

    You realize that he said his vote wouldn’t be counted if he voted for a candidate other than what the people of his state voted for right? For example he stated that mitt Romney won the popular vote in NC so he’s supposed vote for Romney because that’s what voters want. If he was to cast a vote for Obama, which is not who the majority of voters in nc voted for, his voted wouldn’t be counted.

    How can none of you understand this. You’re whole article here is based on you not understanding.

    If electors don’t vote for the candidate that the majority of the people in that state vote for, there vote is not counted because they have to vote for who the majority votes for.


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