The Great Disclosure As Informed Consent

It’s all over the news. Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. It is the revelation of organized crime at the highest levels. It is the revealing of slave colony Earth. And it all has a very important purpose.

It’s not the fact that government committed treason upon the people that is being talked about per say, but that some dude blew the whistle on that government treason and is now seeking asylum from a government that seeks to punish him for his bravery.

And then there’s Wikileaks…

We are supposed to believe that there is a rogue white-haired ghost out there posting government secrets that somehow he and only he has been able to tap. And somehow he has eluded capture for his whistle-blowing, despite the monstrous world-wide surveillance apparatus and smart-grid that has been set up and capable of spotting a pimple on Saddam Husein’s white ass.

And the news reports the horrors of the act of disclosure, even while they disclose the crimes of government.

But what about the actual crimes and treason committed under color of law by government?

What about the disease of organized crime that goes unpunished just because it goes under the moniker of “government“?

This great disclosure of secret government dirty deeds and military crimes has a very specific purpose that most of us have not considered. That is, to create understanding and acquiescence to these treasonous facts by organized government criminals of the world as just the way it is

In other words, this disclosure of crime creates what can be termed “informed consent“.

While the official act of obtaining informed consent is generally done within public notices and meetings, voting, and through other official means, the mere flooding of the airwaves and newspapers with information creates a much more devious form of consent of the people to government crime.

You see, government is exposing to the people its conspiracies. A conspiracy is simply a plan between two or more persons (a person being legally defined as a corporation – and each politician is actually incorporated as a “corporation sole”).

But there is one problem… a conspiracy (in law) does not exist unless first proven in a court of law. This simply means that while a conspiracy may have been happening for 10’s or 100’s of years, it is not officially recognized as such until a government court officially recognizes the facts of the conspiracy. Ironically, before this can happen, the best “conspiracy theory” must be argued in court with proper evidence. Until the court officially states that it is a conspiracy, anyone who claims such is nothing but a conspiracy theorist. We can point our fingers and report all we want on the blatant conspiracies happening daily in government, and yet the conspiracy (organized plan between two or more persons to defraud and harm the people) doesn’t technically exist until the court says it does.

Black’s Law 4rth Edition defines theory in law:

THEORY OF CASE. Facts on which the right of action is claimed to exist. The basis of liability or grounds of defense. (Pittsburgh, C., C. and St. L. Ry. Co. v. Rogers, 45 1nd.App. 230, 87 N.E. 28, 31. Higgins v. Fuller, 48 N.M. 218, 148 P.2d 575, 579.)

Thus, without a “theory of case”, there can never be a proven conspiracy, for the court will not hear a case without proper theory. With this understanding, we can certainly see why the news media and organized criminal politicians have turned the phrase conspiracy theory upon its head and into a negative insult and ad hominem attack against anyone who wishes to prove they are conspirators.

CONSPIRACY. In criminal law. A combination or confederacy between two or more persons formed for the purpose of committing, by their joint efforts, some unlawful or criminal act, or some act which is innocent in itself, but becomes unlawful when done by the concerted action of the conspirators, or for the purpose of using criminal or unlawful means to the commission of an act not in itself unlawful. (Pettibone v. U. S., 148 U.S. 197, 13 S.Ct. 542, 37 &.Ed. 419; Mitchell v. Hitchman Coal & Coke Co., C.C.A.W.Va., 214 F. 685, 708; Hamilton v. Cooley, 184 N.E. 568, 571, CONSTABLE 99 1nd.App. 1; Browning v.)

This definition is, let’s face it, the very description of the day to day operations of government!!!

It is what police do when they force you to accept exaction (extortion) through citation.

It is what States do when they take your property through eminent domain.

It is what the military does with each innocent life it takes abroad.

And it is what the president does with each Executive Order and Presidential Directive he passes.

For all of these officers are acting in conspiracy – a plan between two or more persons to commit unlawful acts under the color of authority and law.

Amazingly, this controlled media has actually pitted the masses of public opinion against any who dare call it conspiracy, attacking the character of the man by labeling that individual as a conspiracy theorist. It is indeed ironic to ponder that this term is exactly what is needed to stop the ongoing day to day organized crime of government – this conspiracy of powerful men – and that these very much needed theorists are made insignificant and outcast from society for their efforts.

But more to the point, what we see today is the disclosure of conspiracy without the reaction or punishment for the action. For the people have been bamboozled into trusting that government will police itself. With just a bit of logic we can see that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is nothing more than the Federal Government investigating itself! No sane and reasonable person should ever trust a self-investigatory agency to decide on the basis of a conspiracy within its own incorporation. The idea is ludicrous and preposterous!

The raging confidence of the organized criminal politicians and officers in government stems from this fallacy – that the people trust government to govern itsself and punish itself for its own crime. And it realizes that the people have lost their cognitive reasoning. It understands that the people have lost the ability and knowledge needed to actually sue the government and prove conspiracy in court without the assistance of government attorneys. And as an added bonus, government stacks the courts and utilizes the private legal BAR Society to administrate its legal codes.

Most people have been under the contracted BAR legal doctrines and opinions for their entire lives, never understanding that the true lawful Courts of Record have been buried under the wreckage of that private association, which is empowered and appointed by the very organized crime syndicate itself – the U.S. Federal Government under the Executive Department of Justice.

The Supreme Court is stacked with BAR attorneys in black robes (not to mention cousins of former and current presidents). It hears no cases without BAR approval. And so its conspiracy is nothing more than to protect the Federal Government – the corporation that gives it authority in the first place – from any theory of case of conspiracy from ever reaching the Justices of the Supreme Court.

And all of this is so because true law has been usurped by private codes and corporations, who administrate their own copyrighted case law and opinions.

Yet the lawful Court of Record lays dormant, as the highest court in the land – towering over the private Supreme Court – and awaiting the brave men branded as “conspiracy theorists” who would simply utilize its power and authority.

The great disclosure of ultra-criminal conspiracy is happening now. And without the good people taking the responsibility of their theories of cases to the proper lawful courts and out of the hands of the administrators of false “justice” in private law to prove conspiracy on the Record, the facts being disclosed on a massive scale of fraud and conspiracy will become something much worse than the conspiracy itself… they will become and remain legally justified acts done through informed consent. For we are being informed nearly every day of new and more devious organized crime with no punishment or remedy.

Without good men standing in the lawful court and sitting in grand jury indictments, these criminal acts will never be proven as conspiracy, and so these unproven conspiracies will remain nothing but the wasted and un-utilized theories of those conspiracy theorists on alternative radio who are demonized and belittled at every turn.

The great disclosure is the new informed consent, for if no man stands up and dares call it conspiracy then all unlawful acts by government are done by the consent of an informed people… who cower at their master’s feet and refuse to challenge authority.

Authority is such a scary word, but only because nobody seems to realize that authority actually means permission of the people.

Isn’t it time to bypass this private corporation called government and the services it offers in lieu of the law, so that we can once again see law in our land?

Isn’t it time that you (individually) stand up against the crimes that government claims your consent to and to rebut that presumption?

Consider yourself informed…

Read more on informed and presumed consent and other relative topics here:


–Clint Richardson (
–Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

The Libertarian Idiocracy

QUESTION: Why would a professed and staunch Libertarian such as Ron Paul officially run as a Republican Party candidate?


ANSWER 1 (planned obsolescence): Most libertarian voters are not registered Republicans, and therefore cannot vote for Ron Paul in any primary election or caucus, making Ron Paul’s campaign completely useless and obsolete due to lack of registered Libertarians as registered Republicans.

The series of presidential primary elections and caucuses held in each U.S. state and territory is part of the nominating process of United States presidential elections. This process was never included in the United States Constitution, and thus was created over time by the political parties. Some states only hold primary elections, some only hold caucuses, and others use a combination of both. These primaries and caucuses are staggered between January and June before the general election in November. The primary elections are run by state and local governments, while caucuses are private events that are directly run by the political parties themselves. A state’s primary election or caucus usually is an indirect election: instead of voters directly selecting a particular person running for President, it determines how many delegates each party’s national convention will receive from their respective state. These delegates then in turn select their party’s presidential nominee.

Each party (not the people) determines how many delegates are allocated to each state. Along with those delegates chosen during the primaries and caucuses, state delegations to both the Democratic and Republican conventions also include “unpledged” delegates, usually current and former elected officeholders and party leaders, who can vote for whomever they want.


ANSWER 2 (control of opposition): Because of this primary and political party structure and hierarchy, opposition to the pre-determined candidate (Willard Mitt Romney) is controlled and funneled out of the process before the primary even takes place, ensuring the bloodline candidate in both Democratic and Republican parties as the winning candidates, whom will progress to the General Election for president in November, where once again the “electoral college” of 538 people actually elect the president of the United States.


The Presidential candidate with the greatest
number of royal genes has always been the victor,
without exception, since George Washington…”

 –Harold Brooks-Baker,
publishing director of Burke’s Peerage


Note here that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are indeed cousins of George Bush.

In 2004 George W. Bush ran as a “Republican” against “Democrat” John Forbes Kerry – his 16th cousin.

In 2008 Barack Obama ran against cousin John McCain.

Obama and McCain Are 22nd Cousins Descended From King Edward I of England!

McCain, it turns out, is a sixth cousin of First Lady Laura Bush.

Obama is eighth cousin, twice removed, of the 39th President, Jimmy Carter, through his seventh generation maternal grandfather, Moses Teague (1718-1799).

Obama is the tenth cousin of former presidents Gerald Ford (once removed), George H.W Bush (once removed) and George W. Bush (twice removed).

Romney is actually related to… Franklin D. Roosevelt is his eighth cousin, twice removed, and both Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover are his 10th cousins. Then there is his sixth cousin (four times removed) Franklin Pierce, and both 10th cousins Bush I and II. Three out of these six were even (gasp!) Democrats.

Note that Bush, Romney, and Obama are therefore cousins – the bloodline presidents, all presidents being cousins of George Washington and the Queen of England.

Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman are also cousins with Bush, Obama, and Romney.

Fun links:

It goes on and on and on…

Also note that George W. Bush is a 9th cousin once removed with Barbara Peirce, his mother because brothers Israel Reade and Ralph Reade married Mary Kendall and Mary Peirce, who were siblings of William Reade and Mabell Kendall in the min-16oo’s.

Through these same types of genealogically interbred relationships, George W. Bush is also twice a 10th cousin once removed and twice an 11th cousin once removed with his mother Barbara Peirce.

To be fair, Ron Paul is the one candidate (winning or losing) I cannot seem to find in this bloodline. I’m not done searching though…

More major research on this expanded genealogy coming very soon…


SOLUTION: There are two options…

1) Either all Libertarians must in the future register as Democrats or Republicans (a travesty and purposeful deceit of idealism and political subterfuge amounting to an unethical sabotage of another party) meaning that they will not be able to register as Libertarians for their own political party of Libertarian so as to participate in their own primary election process, or…

2) All libertarians must stay out of the Democratic and Republican private political parties and therefore never elect a Libertarian into one of these two “major” or mainstream political parties, which again completely controls (controlled opposition) and oppresses the possibility that a Libertarian will ever become president under the current domination of the two-party political system.


THE MYSTERY: Ron Paul is either completely aware of these facts, or completely ignorant.


THE ONLY CONCLUSION: In either situation (awareness or ignorance), and in consideration of these preceding facts, Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign as a representative of the private association called the Republican Party was without question a controlled opposition – in the fact that in no way could he possibly win this primary election. At no time has Ron Paul been registered as a candidate for president in the general election with any other party affiliation, including Libertarian. Therefore, Ron Paul was never a true candidate for president of the United States.

In short, at no time during the entire 2012 election process (controlled by the private political party structure) was there any chance whatsoever for Ron Paul to actually become president of the United States.

It is this researchers opinion that Ron Paul is and was fully aware of these facts, considering his over 24 year congressional career and past attempts to run under the Libertarian party, and in considering his necessary knowledge of the facts presented here to run for president – including his attempts at gaining delegates in the Republican party as opposed to acquiring voters in the general elections.

It is also the opinion of this researcher that most Libertarians, as well as the vast majority of all registered (contracted) citizens eligible to vote in the United States are also completely unaware of the true political process in this country (corporation).

Oh, the joys and heartaches of logic and reason…


The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.

–Vladimir Ilyich Lenin



–Clint Richardson (
–Sunday, September 23, 2012

CAFR SCHOOL: The Vatican Is Broke?

In a small blurb on a back page of the Salt Lake Tribune was this little gem of a story, referencing a recent Associated Press article. I laughed out loud when I read it, and I think you will too…



Vatican posts $19 million deficit, worst in years
The Associated Press
First Published Jul 09 2012 01:28 pm • Last Updated Jul 10 2012 12:17 am

“Vatican City • The Vatican has registered one of its worst budget deficits in years, plunging back into the red with a (euro) 15 million ($19 million) deficit in 2011 after a brief respite of profit.

The Vatican on Thursday blamed the poor outcome on high personnel and communications costs and adverse market conditions, particularly for its real estate holdings.

Not even a (euro) 50 million gift to the pope from the Vatican bank and increased donations from dioceses and religious orders could offset the expenses and poor investment returns, the Vatican said in its annual financial report…”


Note here that we can all learn from this official statement from the Vatican in a big way. For this is exactly the same scam that all governments are claiming around the country, some even now in bankruptcy proceedings. So let’s list these similarities:

1) The Vatican is a corporation, as is each individual and Federal government entity.

2) The Vatican and government operate both in the non-profit and for-profit realm.

3) Both have an Annual Financial Report, and both have a budget report.

4) Both the Vatican and the Government have real estate holdings, as well as stock investments, foreign currency holdings, and both invest heavily into the world-wide corporate structure and fund its liquidity.

5) Both promote their debt, while hiding their investment asset balances.

6) Both have a central bank, which bails it out in moments of need, and then expects Catholics/taxpayers to pay the bill despite its liquid investment holdings.

7) Both openly lie by omission to the people of Earth, while in a position of trust, referring to a deficit while completely ignoring its investment holdings – as if these fund balances don’t even exist.

8) Both use the “depreciation” of capital assets (land holdings, buildings, etc.) to show on their financial reports a liability against other assets, in order to decrease reportable value of these investment assets.

9) Both create budgets that are falsely imploded with such things as future liabilities so as to justify its raising of taxes and its request for tithing.

10) Both create separate sub-corporations with their own financial statements as for-profit entities, but do not use those profits for the benefit of the people.

11) Both call the people “customers”, not people.

12) Both lay off employees with the excuse of budget shortfalls, still not dipping into their vast trillions in liquid investment capital.


In this truly ironic statement by the Vatican we can see perhaps the best example ever of how a government corporation lies by the act of utter and ridiculous disassociation and nondisclosure of its true wealth. And yes, the Vatican is a corporation, and it is the government of Vatican City – as a “nation state”. It just happens to call itself a church.

Associated Press story continued…


“The Vatican said it ran a (euro) 14.9 million deficit in 2011 after posting a surplus of (euro) 9.85 million in 2010. The 2010 surplus, however, was something of an anomaly. In 2009 the Vatican ran a deficit of (euro) 4.01 million, in 2008 the deficit was (euro) 0.9 million and in 2007 it was nearly (euro) 9.1 million.

The Vatican city state, which mainly manages the Vatican Museums and is a separate and autonomous administration, managed a budget surplus of (euro) 21.8 million. That’s largely due to a spike in revenue from the museums: More than five million people visited the Sistine Chapel and other works of art in the Vatican museums last year, bringing in (euro) 91.3 million in 2011 compared to (euro) 82.4 million a year earlier.

And the Vatican could also cheer that donations from the faithful were also up last year despite the global economic crisis: Donations from Peter’s Pence, which are donations from the faithful to support the pope’s charity works, rose from $67.7 million in 2010 to $69.7 million last year. That money, however, doesn’t figure into the Vatican’s operating budget, though contributions from dioceses, religious orders and the Vatican bank do.

The Vatican bank, known as the Institute for Religious Works, is able to make such a big contribution to the Vatican’s budget each year based on investments.

Draining the Vatican’s finances were the high costs for its main job of spreading the faith via Vatican media: Vatican Radio, the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano and Vatican television all have significant expenses and little or nothing in the way of revenue. Vatican Radio, however, is expected to save hundreds of thousands of euros a year in energy costs each year after it cut back short and medium-wave transmissions to Europe and the United States from its main transmission point in Rome.

The Rev. Federico Lombardi, who runs the Vatican radio and television departments and is also the Vatican spokesman, stressed that layoffs among the 2,832 Holy See personnel aren’t in the offing, although he acknowledged that savings must come from elsewhere.

During the meeting of cardinals who oversee the Vatican’s finances this week, he said, there was a “request for prudence and savings.”

“I’m not an expert,” he said of the deficit. “Yes, it’s bigger than in past years, it’s true.” But he noted that the amounts on a global scale aren’t alarming. “Certainly they indicate a need to pay attention and see the criteria the Vatican’s assets are administered.”



I’ve written extensively on the trillions in government investments that are covered up in the same way and completely ignored on the budget report while being reported on the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

The Vatican is no different. In fact, it is the extreme example of the government (nation state) hoarding of wealth that would benefit the people of the world.

Think about it for a moment…

Just one of the thousands upon thousands of artifacts, paintings, sculptures, precious metal coins and treasures, and every other trinket and parchment of knowledge that the Vatican holds within its bowels – just the value of one of those literally priceless artifacts could feed the entire world, let alone cover a 16 million euro deficit in the selectively presented budget report of the Vatican politicians.

And so, I’ve come up with a few propaganda slogans that I think might help the Pope, the Black Pope, and his financial officers continue to fool the useful idiots that keep donating to this massive for profit country called the Vatican…


“We can’t sell our assets. They are priceless.
There is not enough money in the world to buy just one.
Therefore, we are declaring bankruptcy.”


“The Saints organized a union,
and they are demanding health benefits.
Please give.”


“Where in God’s name did I put my savings account?”


“I’m sorry, but God just called.
He says we’re broke.


I could go on… and on and on and on… but you get the point. The organization of corporate religion is not a Christian one. And the Vatican is a corporate camel with no chance of fitting through even the largest gauge needle.

In the end, if you understand what has been written here, then you understand the entirety of the government investment scheme. And you understand that the people of America are wealthy beyond imagination, but that wealth is being hidden in plain sight while government creates welfare programs to sustain the poverty level while collecting even more taxes from the poor – never fixing the very problem of poverty because that is the only thing that will create wealthy men and corporations.

Welcome to America… a potential heaven on earth, kept in purgatory by government obfuscation and hoarding of its actual wealth.


–Clint Richardson (
–Friday, July 13, 2012

CAFR School: The Public Reading Of The CAFR

In this dramatically droll and boring school board meeting, the school district’s board is visited by its chosen and contracted auditing firm, for which a representative of that firm monotonously explains to the board the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) that it has completed for the district. I am posting this recorded school board video recording not for your viewing enjoyment, but for proof positive that all school boards and other local, district, county, and state governments are fully aware of and must acquiesce and approve their CAFR reports in a board or council meeting. Do not ever let any government tell you that they do not know what the CAFR is. They are lying. They may not be able to read it, but they know it exists and know they aren’t supposed to know what it really says! Ignorance is no excuse for malfeasance…

CAFR discussion begins at 2:23 in this video:

Let there be no doubt about this standard government accounting practice.


–Clint Richardson (
–Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination

Finally, I have finished this movie. Please watch, download, re-post, pass out, and spread this as much as you can. No permission needed from me. This is public domain!