Corporation Nation Radio, Now History (His Story)

It is with profound comfort and sadness that after more than 2 years I have decided to cease broadcasting with Republic Broadcasting Network 5 days a week. This decision reflects nothing regarding that station or its employees, and I wish to thank John Stadtmiller for trusting and allowing me such a platform in such a prime time. Republic is unfortunately a remnant of the old model of network radio being systematically abused, attacked, and made obsolete by the technology of the internet. John is fighting one hell of a battle to keep RBN breathing and even to keep the lights on. Many similar stations have fallen by the same methods, and to the fact that now anyone with a cheap consumer microphone can upload their own show into the digital ether. This ability is not, as many believe, a new kind of glorious digital liberty as much as it is a destructive anarchy of unchecked and non-vetted information.

With that said, and with the broadcast sphere of Youtube and do-it-yourself internet radio personalities all selling their own brand of perceptive virtual reality (i.e. “truth”) for monetary kickbacks, the saturation effect is in my opinion a well-played tool by those who wish to obfuscate legitimacy in alternative broadcasting.

And so I have decided to focus my time in finishing what is now destined to be a three-volume work, my book series called “Strawman: The Real Story Of Your Artificial Person,” realizing that all of these digital creations may be gone tomorrow, erased from the digital ether, and leaving nothing behind to show for it. I look forward to creating an actual work in book-form that is immune from that red button of virtual and digital destruction and censorship, and even from the false flag “EMP” that may accomplish the same trick.

The first volume of this work will be free to download at my other website soon, and I will announce its posting in (.pdf) format for free download in the next couple of months. Instructions on how to obtain a hard copy (unpublished, not public, non-commercial) will be included within. As it is a private work, it will not be available by drone from Amazon or any other retail source, and is not “commercially” available in any way. It may only be obtained from myself. You will understand why this was my choice, my election when you read it.


While this privilege lasts, the internet gods are allowing my archives to be available for listening and download, again free of charge, at the external site listed below.

Special thanks to Drew Carter for not only being with me from the beginning, answering the call to archive these shows, but also for creating this searchable spreadsheet of notes and links for each show and other interviews I’ve done since on other networks. At this link and in this spreadsheet you will find links to all 487 shows plus descriptions of guests and their websites.


This spreadsheet may be updated with future shows where I am guest, and  these shows will be posted on the archive site if Drew has the time and gumption.

Of course, the original archives (with commercials not cut out) will be on the RBN website as well.

To the listener, please bear in mind that this show was a learning experience especially for myself, and so was a continuum of learning and shared knowledge as my guests and myself unraveled the not-so-hidden mysteries. And of course we will never in any of our lifetimes know it all. The point is that show #400 may include the presumption of information learned in show #300. In other words, because we have never tried to sell anything on this show, keeping its intent pure and charitable, we were actually there to learn and to teach without such low and mean distractions and monetary considerations. And so like in any school setting, missing the first half of lessons or not learning the early mathematical theories and answers may mean that later information is not able to be comprehended fully. And of course much of this journey of discovery was in correcting my own fallacious notions of history, of language, and of law, and especially of the spiritual, scriptural knowledge that cannot be discovered without learning the figurative and legal language it was written in. To read the kings law book one must learn the king’s “higher” language. This is what we have learned. We have attempted in every way to kill our superego by removing our respect of our strawman id-entity. Thus, the ego must die as well.

Thanks to all who have followed and stuck with me as we have broken down paradigms and utterly destroyed history. Thanks for your letters, your gifts of books and donations, and for your support in general. Equal thanks to the trolls who have had the opposite effect as they intended, which was to make me question everything and be extra careful to seek Reality over the perception of truth in fiction. And thanks to all my friends and family, both for their love and support (and patience) and for the abandonment and painful separation. I realized long ago that to be in search of the Reality of things is rare, and that seeking such Reality is the most self-offensive thing we can do. Nothing hurts more. Nothing is more offensive than the actual Truth of Reality. For we are all living our own lie in a very convincing fiction of law and society, and with religious and patriotic zeal we defend that lie to escape Reality, even to the death.

In the end, in my final shows, as I began to see more than I bargained for, as this debtor’s hell began to manifest before my eyes, my listening friends were not surprised to see me quit. They could hear it in my voice, a profound sobering and sadness, even a hopelessness manifesting in every new discovery. However, it is only through the act of destroying all hope and facing Reality head on without artifice that each of us may ever finally act upon our knowledge and stop ignoring the problems in the hopes of some superhero that will come and save the day. The return of the Savior. For even christ’s parabolic Word tells us that in the end we can only save ourselves.

And so I leave these words, these shows, as my gift to any who seek to learn from my own limited knowledge. I will continue to post to this blog, probably more often now without having a radio show every day, and I will continue to seek the solutions, not the remedies.

My next project, I have decided, in conjunction with my writings, is to make a research documentary about the history and possibility of establishing the modern version of a monastery. Since all of our land has been stolen (on paper) from under us, which is explained in detail in my work “Strawman,” our collective problem is that we have no where left to walk to. Our parents have nothing to leave us but defective, imperfect titles and debt paper. Our blood has been figuratively corrupted through our certified birth into the legal fiction, and we stand in public attainder through contract, without the ability to be lawful heirs. And so it is my belief, my passion, that we can make the idea of a religious society, a place of immunity and sanctuary from legal debauchery and pursuit of money in mammon cool again. We cannot be free without a place to be free. We cannot practice moral, natural law without a moral, natural place to do so without legal personification. And so I believe the monastery to be the answer, even as recognized by their law. For no law of man may stand in respect of True religious intent, and True religious intent means to never respect persons or flattering titles or the oaths they take.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”


The meaning of this is lost simply because we are not parties to this constitution as public persons in contract. We attend churches that are legal corporations, which means they are not only respected but restricted by the legal law of government. In other words, every corporation calling itself a “church” or organized “religion” is under the legal law, not over it, defeating the entire purpose of being a religious man. Each of us is the temple, and our temple is enslaved and destroyed by our participation in legal affairs through citizenship. And so we must strive to escape such respect of artifice, by standing unseen in a Pure and True religious being based on Charity and Love, without any need or participation in legal things. We must shed our strawman and stop respecting others.

FREEDOM OF RELIGION – Embraces the concept of freedom to believe and freedom to act, the first of which (belief) is absolute, but the second of which (action) remains subject to regulation for protection of society. (Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)


To put it simply, a public U.S. citizen-ship has no right to practice any moral or religious law. This is Caesar’s society, not our own. For U.S. citizenship is the abandonment of free religion and is an acceptance of the national flattering title of legalized “Christian,” as if one can be born as a follower of christ without first obtaining years of knowledge of the scriptures. A nation cannot be a follower of christ, because a nation is a damned fiction of law, and all who respect it are in damnation. And whatever is born of the nation, all citizenships, are thus nationally whatever their creator establishes them as, which in the case of a Romanized, Latinized, “Christian Nation,” is a false, artificial title of “Christian” under Caesar (district of New Columbia). The word district in law means seizure. And all things are seized under Caesar, under this modern contractual feud of public citizenship. Essentially, even the self-proclaimed “atheist” while acting in U.S. citizenship is a corporate “Christian,” no different than those pagans who partook in Caesar’s empire and sat in the colosseums watching the True, uncontrollable followers of christ be fed to the lions.

This is the whole point of religion. For religion is the one and only exemption to the secular, legal (anti-Nature, anti-God) law of man. The only way to abjure the realm (jurisdiction) is to be convicted of crime or to join a monastery! This is well documented, and is also the difference between a private and public man.

The religions of church and state stand purposefully opposed to this, as incorporated institutions of the state designed to take man away from his True religion and provide a false temple “built by hands.”

And this brings me to the precipice, to the beginning of a new journey. I hope that you will be a part of it. I hope that you will help to spread my free work when released soon so that others may discover their own disposition so well occulted by public-mindedness, public education, and public entertainment. The legal matrix cannot be seen, for it is only a coded language artfully made to appear as Reality. The strawman cannot be viewed in the mirror, for it is only a false man built of paper, of contracts and mortgages (dead pledges) in mortmain (dead hands), of credits and debits, and of legal words and flattering titles that do not exist in Nature.


“Receive my instruction, and not silver;
and knowledge rather than choice gold.

For wisdom is better than rubies;
and all the things that may be desired
are not to be compared to it.”

—Proverbs 8: 10-11, KJB


All that I have gained I am now ready to render back to Caesar, for all I have acquired has always been the property of Caesar’s public persona, the strawman I have possessed like a demon since its birth, the puppet I breathe life into, the ship I sail on the sea of commerce. No possession, no trinket, no dwelling place, and no paper title is worth debt slavery in seizure (Caesar). I am ready to give up everything in fiction so as to embrace the Reality of Nature and Its Highest, self-evident Law. And so after years of debilitating hope and much talk I am ready to act, to find my way and to walk the spiritual path.

Perhaps we shall meet along the way.

Or perhaps we may build our dreams and find Reality again together.

Till then, there is an unlimited wealth of knowledge in this internet, even as traditional books and libraries are being figuratively burned and ignored. Deciphering that knowledge between so much bullshit is the ultimate challenge. And learning the language that enslaves us is the greatest task of all, which is the purpose of my upcoming works. When every word we speak has an opposing (legal) meaning in the jurisdiction (fictional realm) of  the church and state, we can attain only false enlightenment. We cannot read the scriptures in common English, for it is purposefully designed to be the language of illiteracy, the public language of the multitude of goyim. The priest-class never gave us the tool to decipher the Bible because they reserved the Latin meanings of their words for themselves. And our laws are written in the same, “higher” language of that spell-craft. And so a master and professor of the English language is at best a complete idiot, so in love with the meanings of the lowest, vulgar form of words that all sense of Reality is gone, as the word becomes more important than the Nature of Reality so named. And we teach each new generation in the same vulgarity, keeping the human capital management system intact through sheer nightmarish ignorance of language.

My work is designed to teach that “higher” language as they who created it have labeled it, not to use it as they do to induce harm but to defeat it utterly by recognizing its purpose. For it can only be used as a lie, as all things legal or “higher” are a lie.

But I digress…

I cannot place thousands of pages and definitions into one simple blog post. I hope that you will find enlightenment in my upcoming works.

Thank you again to all who have joined me on this journey.

And remember that everything in the legal realm is artificial, including your self. This is the key to knowledge.


“For all the gods of the nations are idols…”

—Psalms 96:5, KJB



–Clint Richardson (
–Friday, January 8th, 2016

The Corporation Nation Radio Show

I will be hosting my own talk-show on Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN).

“The Corporation Nation”
radio program.

My first show will be this Monday, October 14th, 2013


5-7pm Pacific
8-10pm Eastern


Topics: natural rights and law, artificial persons, government CAFR investments,
trivium, Agenda 21, Common Core, vaccination, comet ISON, and much more.

This week’s tentative guests will include:

Jan Irvin (
Vicky Davis (
Freeman Burt (

I will be looking for sponsors.

Seeking an archivist.

Please join me and spread the word.

We have a lot to talk about!



Public Pensions: Welfare For The Middle Class


I often hear complaints from the well-to-do about how their hard-earned taxpayer money is drained from their paychecks so as to pay for the welfare system of government. Ironically, many of these middle and upper middle-class people are on a public pension system of some sort as government workers, from military to police and firefighters, judges to teachers, and mayors to laborers.

This irony stems from the fact that these public pensioners never comprehend that their pensions are in fact set up in the same way as the Federal welfare system. So let’s compare these two investment schemes…

1) Welfare is paid for by Federal and State taxes collected from all taxpayers and placed into an investment fund.

1) Public pensions are partially or wholly paid for by all taxpayers of the State, local, and Federal governments as “matching funds” and placed into an investment fund. Government employers are taxpayer funded, thus “matching funds” is taxpayer money.

2) The people (taxpayers) have no equity in the employer (taxpayer) contributions (taxation) to the Welfare system. That tax money is property in the trust of government.

2) The people (taxpayers) have no equity in the employer (taxpayer) contributions (taxation) to the Public pension system. That tax money is property in the trust of government.

3) Welfare pays benefits to people who qualify for it under certain criteria.

3) Pensions pay benefits to people who qualify for it under certain criteria.

4) Welfare is a trust run by government.

4) Pension funds are a trust run by government.

5) The taxpayers who never claim welfare benefits never get a return on their investment.

5) Taxpayers cannot claim pension benefits and therefore can never get a return on their investment.

6) Taxpayers are funding the benefits paid to welfare recipients with no benefit to themselves.

6) Taxpayers are funding the benefits paid to public pensioners with no benefit to themselves.

7) Welfare benefit recipients contribute their own tax money into the welfare system.

7) Pension benefit recipients contribute their own tax money into the pension system.

8) People who use welfare system benefits are knowingly mooching from the public tax-base.

8) People who use the pension system are either knowingly or unknowingly mooching from the public tax-base.

9) Welfare is an insurance pension investment fund that pays benefits for a certain amount of time for “un-employment”.

9) Pensions are insurance pension investment funds that pay benefits for a certain amount of time for “post-employment”.

10) The welfare system can be shut down and liquidated at any time by its owner, which is government, and pay no future benefits.

10) The pension system can be shut down and liquidated at any time by its owner, which is government, and pay no future benefits.

11) Benefits paid in both systems are a way to collect revenue as “contributions” for government that no longer belongs to the people, which is taken from the entire taxpayer base and invested in stocks, bonds, derivatives, foreign currencies, real estate, commercial paper, toxic debt contracts, mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, and everything else that is ruining the financial structure of the world, its markets, and the livelihood of all the people.


So what is the difference between the public pension system and the welfare system?

Perhaps the illusion and false-paradigm of integrity is the only thing that comes to mind…

For while welfare recipients (who paid for this insurance through taxation) collect benefits without pride and feel no certainty about their future, public pensioners brag about being on public welfare at the expense of taxpayers and feel justified in their arrogance and future financial security. Ironically, the average pensioner has no idea of his or her disposition of being on welfare at others expense. They believe that just because they themselves paid some of their own money into the pension system (though some do not contribute and these pension schemes are fully funded by taxpayers), this gives them entitlement to receive benefits without even a fleeting consideration that they are actually collecting welfare at their retirement or disability (post-employment).

While welfare recipients get the worst kind of horrific taxpayer-funded health care, pensioners enjoy the benefits and choices of mostly taxpayer funded private insurance-based health care.

While pensioners enjoy buying food, welfare recipients enjoy redeeming food stamps. The difference here is not palpable when considering that both are taxpayer funded and that food stamps represent tax dollars or debt funded by taxpayer debt. Either way you look at it, the taxpayers are feeding both welfare recipients and public pensioners.

All of this pride is based on the illusion that these benefits are based solely on years of personal contributions and savings by pensioners, while not comprehending (or not knowing) that most of their benefits are indeed publicly paid for.

And to be quite frank… I personally have much more resentment that for my whole working life I have been paying for the pensions of government workers while knowing that I will never receive any benefit for doing so, and that at my own retirement I will only have what I saved myself and anything I can scrounge from Social Security. In fact, I really have no problem contributing to the welfare system because some day it might actually save myself, a friend, or a family member from becoming homeless and totally destitute – I may actually receive a benefit from my own tax if I need it. And the fact that complete strangers that would otherwise suffer and starve without this subsistence certainly doesn’t create the same feeling that it does to think of public pensioners living high on the hog after taking early retirement and receiving monthly stipends for life simply for not working as long as all the taxpayers funding that pension fund.

And for those pensioners who just cannot comprehend that what I am saying here is true; that pensioners are welfare receivers based on the collection of taxpayer money, I would like to show you just how much money is spent on the welfare system by all taxpayers and how much is spent on the public pension system by all taxpayers…

I was happy to find that someone else had actually done the research to break down how much taxpayer money is paid for welfare and public pensions by government. Of course, the term “paid for by government” means paid for by taxpayer money. And when this is reported in the financial reports of public pension funds, it is stated as being paid for by “employers” or by the “state”. The employer is government, and again government is funded by taxpayer money. Never forget this, pensioners.

So well written was this article that I took the liberty to copy this well sourced researched presentation here, and give full credit to this site:

Begin excerpt:


“How Much Do We Spend On Welfare”

Whenever you see a pie graph that is meant to represent all government spending, you will probably see a graph like the one at US Government Spending or the one at Wikipedia which shows that “Welfare” spending is 12% of the federal budget.  The problem with that is that the government has no spending category called “Welfare”.   Therefore, what somebody calls “Welfare” is somewhat subjective and undefinable.

The Office of Management and Budget(OMB) does have a spending category called “Income Security”.  The two pie graphs I linked to in the introduction just take that entire category and divides it by total spending to get 12%.  In 2009 accounts categorized as “income security” accounted for 533$ billion in spending.  According to the government printing offices’ historical tables, table 3.2: Oulays by Function and Subfunction, that spending is broken down into 6 distinct subfunctions.

  1. General retirement and disability insurance
  2. Federal employee retirement and disability
  3. Unemployment compensation
  4. Housing assistance
  5. Food and nutrition assistance
  6. Other income security

But as I described in a previous post, 3 out of the 6 income security subfunctions go to pensions and unemployment – things that must be earned by working and paying into.

The 3 remaining subfunctions cost a combined 284$ billion dollars, but even that doesn’t tell the whole story.  Over the last week I’ve taken a more detailed look at each of these subfunctions to get an idea of how that money is spent.  What I found was that even in the remaining subfunctions, Food and Nutrition, Housing Assistance, and Other that not all of that spending was spent on the poor.

When I analyzed the “Other” income security subfunction, I  graphed how that money was spent by categorizing that spending into 4 different categories:

  1. Not Directed at Poor\Earned: Welfare not targeted to poor.  The poor may use these programs, but just being poor will not qualify you for these programs.
  2. Direct:  Welfare that’s Direct money to the poor
  3. In-direct: Money paid to 3rd parties on behalf of the poor
  4. Poor & Middle Class: These are tax rebates that poor and most middle class people qualify for and use.

I would now like to extend that analysis to the entire 533$ billion that the U.S. government spent on “income security”.  Here’s how the numbers break down.

Amount of Income Security Spending(in millions) by Type

(Click chart for Larger Image. See The Numbers for  this Chart)

As you can see the vast majority of the money spent in the “Income Security” function of the government is spent on programs not directed at the poor or programs where the income must be earned.  If you want to know how I categorized everything, here’s how I did it:

  • Unemployment and Pensions are classified as not-directed at poor\Earned.
  • For Food & Nutrition, WIC & SNAP(Food Stamps) are “Direct”, School lunches are “non-direct”, the rest are “not-directed at poor”
  • For Housing Assistance, I categorized the temporary “new homeowner” credit as “Poor & Middle Class” and the rest as non-direct
  • For the rest you can read my previous post on how I broke down “Other Income Security

If you would like more details on why I categorized the programs as such, I suggest you read my previous posts: Income Security, Food and Nutrition, Housing Assistance, and Other Income Security.

If you total up the direct and non-direct spending categories which are all the programs that are meant to help the poor, you will see that the federal government only spent 191$ billion on “welfare” for the poor.  That would be 5.5% of the unified budget.  I counted off-budget programs since the pie graphs in the beginning counted social security and other “off-budget” accounts.  If you only want to go with on-budget expenditures it’s 6.4%, still a far cry from the 12% that most internet graphs will show you.  Just for fun I decided to graph those numbers.  Feel free to copy these graphs to show anyone who thinks we actually spend 12% of the federal budget helping the poor.

Welfare Spending as percentage of Entire 2009 Budget Welfare Spending as percentage of 2009 on-budget expenses

(Click charts for Larger Images.)

Source for all numbers is the Public Budget Database

End Excerpt.


Now, this is certainly not a complete picture of the amounts contributed to public pensions.

Cristopher Chantrill states on his website that:

“Government pensions spending started out at the beginning of the 20th century at zero percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It increased very slowly during the first half of the century. It was only in 1931 that government pension expenditure reached 0.12 percent of GDP. By the beginning of World War II pension expenditure had doubled–all the way to 0.22 percent of GDP.

After World War II pension expenditures began to accelerate, reaching 1 percent of GDP by 1953 and doubling to 2.1 percent of GDP by 1958. Pension expenditure reached 3 percent of GDP by 1970 and 4.22 percent by 1974. Pension expenditure breached 5 percent of GDP in 1980.

The ramp-up in pensions expenditure began to moderate after 1980, reaching 5.3 percent of GDP in 1990 and 5.5 percent in 2000. Pension spending breached 6 percent of GDP in the recession year of 2009, hitting 6.56 percent of GDP in that year. Pensions expenditure is expected to stay in the area of 6.6 percent of GDP for the next few years.”

Total Government Spending
in the United States
Federal, State, and Local
Fiscal Year 2013

Government Pensions    $1.1 trillion 
Government Health Care $1.1 trillion
Government Education $0.8 trillion
National Defense $0.9 trillion
Government Welfare    $0.6 trillion 
All Other Spending $1.6 trillion
Total Government Spending $6.2 trillion
Federal Deficit $1.0 trillion








Again, this is translated as taxpayers from all over the United States are paying taxpayer money to fund pensions.

The GDP for the United States for 2012, according to the IMF, was $15,684,750,000,000 or $15.68 trillion dollars.

At 6.6%, pensions made up approximately $1,035,193,000,000 or $1.035 trillion dollars of taxpayer expenditures to fund pension funds.

So who is on welfare?

Are pensioners 3-4 times more angry with themselves for collecting post-employment benefits than with the poor who collect un-employment benefits? Can it be that this collective delusion by pensioners is self-induced? Are they the first to step up and complain that legal requirements for pre-funding of public pensions is literally driving Cities like Stockton, Ca and so many other governments to declare bankruptcy based on that pre-funding requirement? Does it bother public pension welfare receivers that the United States Post Office has had to borrow money every year to cover this legal requirement of pre-funding pension funds with taxpayer money, and has now reached its debt borrowing limit while Congress sits back and watches it happen without changing the law?

Can it be that pensioners refuse to bite the hand that feeds them because it would mean they would not receive welfare payments for post-employment? And they think welfare recipients and unemployed are the bad guys?

CalPERS responded to false rumors that pensions were funded solely by taxpayers by stating:

Myth: The State of California and taxpayers pay the total cost of public pensions.
January 26, 2011

Fact: Investment earnings pay the majority of the costs of public pensions. For every dollar paid in pensions, 64 cents comes from investments.

Public employees pay for pensions as well. Each month State employees contribute a percentage of their paychecks toward their pension. Through agreements so far, State employees are paying 2-5 percent more out of their paychecks toward pensions for a total of 8-10 percent each month. This has saved California up to $400 million. In addition, more than 175 local governments have decreased pensions for new hires.

In this very clever response, CalPERS has just stated that California taxpayers used to pay $400 million more in taxpayer money than it does today. This is like a store telling you that you just save money on your purchase instead of spending it – the latest selling point of grocery stores. Spending is saving; in true Orwellian style.

Of course, if the over $240 billion that is being held by CalPERS in liquid assets were cashed in (liquidated) today for their market value, this would pay for the total costs of this public pension for the next 10-15 years without ever collecting another employee or taxpayer dollar. And if that money stayed invested, for which the return on that investment is stated above to pay 64% of all pension costs, this public pension would likely last 20-30 years depending on investment return without ever having to collect another dollar from employees or taxpayers (employers). Trust me when I say that employees alone could never have built this fund up to this value without California and Federal taxpayer contributions.

Last year, taxpayers of California paid $7,834,616,000 dollars into the CalPERS fund, while employees paid $3,727,600,000  (according to the 2012FY Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for CalPERS, Page 41).

Link to CAFR:

I constantly ask myself why the taxpayers of California – the entire base of taxpaying citizens – would agree to pay so much money for the sole purpose of supporting the lavish retirements of just a small percent of that population? And my only conclusion is that this information is simply not comprehended by the vast majority of people who have no idea that their government is spending their tax money on pension funds for its employees. And this goes for all States and the Federal government, which means all taxpayers in America. Why do you allow this to happen… even as the result of this spending is financially ruining your well-being and creating the need for more taxation that is ultimately being created through DEBT???

At some point, even those benefiting form these public pension funds as welfare recipients must see the folly of this madness. But most fall into temptation and will not be delivered from evil. The haves very seldom give up what they have to the have nots, even to save themselves or to save the very system that makes them the haves.

For government is raiding these public funds as we speak, and placing more indebtedness on the taxpayer base to support this looting for “future pension payments”.

In truth, the Federal Government pays more taxpayer money for public pensions than it does for the National Defense budget. More for pensions than for Education. And a lot less for public welfare than we think to support a whole lot more people that need it.

In conclusion, the difference between welfare and public pensions is just one – everybody pays for welfare and everybody qualifies for it. But while everybody pays for public pensions, only a few qualify to withdraw it at all others expense.

The public pension system is the worst kind of welfare subsistence because it is based on privilege, not need.

So why don’t you public pensioners fund your own damn retirement and quit being such parasites on the taxpayer’s back? Isn’t that what you continuously demand of welfare recipients?


–Sunday, April 21, 2013

A World Without Gray – Episode 1

The 1st of my weekly radio shows is officially archived, and free to all.

My special guest: Freeman Burt from Colorado.

Burt’s website:

Join me as we take a stroll through the legal language in a way you’ve never comprehended before. Burt’s recent research projects have revealed the startling conclusion that the 2nd Amendment and natural right to bear “arms” remains strong and untainted, but our willingness to call them legal “firearms” makes them able to be regulated and indeed eventually confiscated by government. It is the clasic battle between lawful vs legal. And it is this voluntary acceptance of Federal contract (license) that puts your lawful guns (arms) at risk as legal “firearms”, and nothing else. Be a man, carry an arm!

We also discuss the fact that when the legal codes are examined, marijuana (i.e. cannabis) is not illegal. In simple terms, a plant alone cannot be a “controlled substance”, nor can it even be a “substance”. However, as with “arms”, we find that every person in jail for marijuana charges is there voluntarily – because they agree that their pot is a substance, not by fact, but by consent to fraud. The prison labor force is full of pot smokers who’ve committed no verifiable crime yet have accepted the government offer of imprisonment for their non-crime. In fact, would it surprise you to learn that federal law states that you may grow up to 100 marijuana plants??? Tune in and shed the fallacies and outright lies of fear and intimidation that is government’s fraudulent U.S. CODE…

Listen here:

Download here:

All archives will also be posted at


Next week’s episode: Royal Bloodlines and Bloodtypes: The true story of the “Founding Fathers” and Presidents of the United States.


–Clint Richardson (
–Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Clint Richardson Hosts New Weekly Radio Show

Archive – listen here:

Episode #1: Burt in Colorado talks about gun and marijuana laws with me.

Download here:


I have been asked to host a show on the “We ROAR” network once a week, produced by the good April Reigne.

No commercials. No restraints. No shock-jocks selling storable food, seeds, and guns while yelling that you are all going to die! And no doomsday predictions to pressure your purchase. Remember, I have nothing to sell.

The show will be called “A World Without Gray”, and will air Thursdays from 4-6pm Pacific Time Zone.

It all starts tomorrow, January 24th,  and you can listen live at:

Or you can listen on ITunes or media players with the link on this page.

My special guest will be free man Burt of Colorado (, bringing you the law as you’ve never heard it before!!! Is marijuana illegal? Are guns as “arms” controlled? The answers will certainly surprise you.

Check back here for this show’s archive. I’ll be posting the show each week in a new post.

Tune in and let’s deconstruct the world in black and white.

Callers welcome…


–Clint Richardson (
–Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013