Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and TRF’s -vs- Common, Natural, Maritime, and UCC Law – Which takes precedence right now?

When I first met Walter Burien, I was full of anger and resentment… Not towards him, of course!

It’s just that I had learned so much about the corruption and horrific truths about so many things that I had become hopeless (thank you to great men like Alex Jones, Alan Watt, Mike Rivero, Jeff Rense, Steve Quayle, and others for that dour education).

I kept wanting to talk about things that I had researched and heard on the radio or in random emails with Walter.

“Walter, what do you think of this?” – “Walter, what about the horrible things that they did?” – “Walter, don’t you think this is important?” – “Are they the elite?”

But every time, even though he knew what I was talking about, he just shrugged it off as if it didn’t have any relevance to anything and kept talking about CAFR’s and TRF’s.

The best answer I got out of him was “What does it matter…?”

Needless to say, this pissed me off! I wanted to be heard! And because of this resentful state of mind, I wasn’t hearing or comprehending what really needed to be communicated to me.

And so, when I calmed down enough and realized that I was talking to what you might call the guru of government corruption and wealth, I fell silent and just started to listen…

And suddenly, once I was able to push all of the little pieces of the much more grand puzzle that I know I will never fully comprehend out of they way, I started to understand the importance of what this smoking, long-haired, long-winded, incredibly intuitive dude was saying. I started to comprehend what trouble we are all in if we don’t do something immediately to reverse the deadly course this country and it’s government have taken.

And I realized then that he was absolutely correct about these extraneous puzzle pieces… IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!

You see, we all perceive things in our own way. We all listen to different sources of information. We all like or dislike those sources of information based on other peoples perceptions of those sources. And we all comprehend the information that best suits our perspectives. And without even realizing it, we form our opinions of what we perceive as real or important from the hand-picked bowl of factoids swirling around in our heads that together give us our perception of the real world.

In short, we are all in a constant state of cognitive dissonance. ( Sure, we all know so much about so many different things, and knowledge is the key to comprehension. But what good does that knowledge of scattered little pieces from the unlimited cornucopia of fruit from the tree of knowledge do for us. How does this knowledge solve the problems that we all know this tree creates?

(I just used cornucopia in a sentence!)

In the end, it’s just information. And like a computer hard drive, we can only store so much of this conspiracy in the space of our minds until the drive gets full and can’t save any more data in a comprehensive way, or without writing over something else.

We learn something new and amazing, but then that thing reveals five more amazing things. And when those are revealed, suddenly we have 25 new and amazing things to learn, which points to what seems at the time to be an unattainable 125 new and amazing things. But eventually, we attain them, or at least an interesting enough part of them to look at the next 625 things with enough curiosity to actually keep this cycle going perpetually.

So, at what point do we loose the ability to keep our peripheral vision on all of these new and amazing things before we find that our un-sunned skin and lack of social involvement are signs that we are spending way too much time online or in books trying to figure out who is the main group of conspirators and who their leader is?


Now let me justify that, as well as answer the challenge of the title of this rant… which information should take precedence right now: CAFR’s and TRF’s  -or-  everything else…

Many responses, comments and emails I’ve received from the readers of my previous entry (The Biggest Game In Town…) who by the way have been very kind, have brought up common law, natural law, UCC code and Maritime law, the court of record, and many other topics which I must say interest me to the extreme. But, I have to ask myself…

Do they matter right now?

As much as I can’t wait to tear into this multitude of information and set myself free from taxes and tyranny, unfortunately the answer is no.

Is it relevant? Oh yes, very much so…

Will it help me solve the country’s problems, not just my own personal ones? No, I’m afraid not.

Let me explain, and by no means do I mean to belittle anyone or their cause, be it just, and for the good of the republic.

First, I always like to think of things in terms of relativity. I like to have a realistic perspective on life and all that goes on within it. And I always like to tell the truth, no matter how much trouble it gets me into.

So, let’s look at an example of reality:

If you are at an intersection with a four way stop sign, and you are in a fragile Geo Metro, and to the left of you there is a massive, decked out Dodge Hemi 4×4 who just pulled up to his stop sign at the same time as you pulled up to yours, who goes through the intersection first?

Well, the “law” or at least social  protocol states that the car on your right has the “right of way“, and so the Geo Metro wins with the perceived power of right of way (the law).

But I submit to you that the truck to the left wins every time regardless of the law or your perception of it, simply because the tires are as big as the entirety of the quite crush-able Geo Metro!

Will you challenge the 4×4 (the people) with your frail little body of a car (the government, who are about as useful as a Geo Metro) if he (the people) decides to take the right of way (power) from you?

This is the perception of ownership (in this case of the road). If the people unite to become the massive supreme and sovereign force they are, take down the “owners”, and rework that ownership for the people, then the people (4×4) take ownership from the government, queens and kings (Geo Metro).

So, let’s say we discover that the Rothschilds and the queen of England do indeed “own” everything in the world…

What does that mean exactly? What if they all die? Who owns it then? Then, what if they die? And then once it gets down to the last two people on Earth, and one claims total ownership of said Earth, and he dies… then what? Do you the sole surviving human own the Earth? Can you prove this ownership? To whom? Animals don’t read…

It’s just on paper. It means nothing unless you (we) let it. And we can take it back any time we want through peaceful means by getting TRF’s voted in place in each government venue.

But only if we unite and become Bigfoot the monster-truck and get this show on the road.

Yes, common law is a fascinating thing, and I can’t wait to start studying all of this conceptual semantic law.

But… Though I am not familiar with the technical aspects of Common Law, Natural Law, UCC Code law, the court of record, and the laws of the land and all that goes with it, I do know for a fact that it isn’t nearly as significant as what Walter and CAFR’s and the comprehension of government investment wealth for the general public and the change that is necessary with that.

Frankly, I don’t care who in their own perception rules the world, and here’s why:

#1) Once we set up a TRF in a city, the whole of the books for that city will be revealed. This will reveal links to other city’s, states, and countries for which the corruption and wealth building in that now completely audited TRF’d city was involved in. Thus, we discover who’s in charge by the chain reaction of audits in new TRF-based cities.

#2) Common law has the same symptoms as misguided or misused faith. Religion gives people hope. But this kind of hope, or faith, more often than not leads to inaction due to the faith that heaven awaits you regardless of your actions. And when that happens, and otherwise good religious folks refuse to get involved in government or politics, corruption in government and politics take over. Hope is a very dangerous tool. I should only have to point to Obama’s use of the empty campaign promises of “Hope and Change” to prove my point here. A faithful person full of hope who is convinced that everything will be alright simply because he believes in something else, easily becomes inactive in the real world around him. Even to the point that they will watch their own government order our armies to kill millions of innocent darker-skinned people without even a protest, simply because they have faith in their hearts that a few of those dark-skinned people in some far off place ran a few planes into some buildings in New York and Washington.

Proof? Nope. Just blind faith in the media… their God.

Inversely, a person who removes themselves from the tyranny of Maritime U.C.C. Code and law and clings to being free by natural or common laws, also may become inactive in the fight to set things right for our country as a whole. They have faith that they are free from the constraints of government and taxes and other tyranical slavery. But there is a huge problem with this inaction or lack of participation in the system that still governs everyone else who is unfamiliar with these freedoms around them, which is probably 98% of America – who still have faith in and believe in the law of the land and their corrupt government, frustrating as that is. They cling to thier social security number as if it was their first born. And I can sum this problem and the danger of it up in one word…


Obama’s new hand-me-down toy. How will common law save you if you are whisked away with no trial and no jury and no rights whatsoever to a holding cell in Ecuador? Think it can’t happen to you? Do you really think freedom brings some sort of immunity to this type of thing? Is there a freedom card that you present to get out of sticky situations in other countries… Or even in our own now completely corrupt and corporate (government) owned jail system? Learn more about rendition here: (Video)  –  (Story)  –  (Story)

You see, this common law and natural freedom is still based on a set of ideals and laws, god’s laws or other ones, that are still valid at this particular time in history if you know enough to invoke them. But if we allow the government to buy up every aspect of the United States, and they almost have by this point, and then take over the country, burn the Constitution and change the name to some Global Union of _______ ,  and make it a socialist fascist corporate state, what good will all of this common law knowledge be to anyone. It will become completely obsolete – null and void the second this takeover is complete. It would be as helpful as a 400 pound woman in a 150% gravity environment. When Rome took over a neighboring country, they did not abide by that countries laws in their theft no matter how beautiful and idealistic they were. If you went up to a Roman diplomat or soldier and tried to invoke common law from your now defunct country, you’d find yourself in the Colosseum being eaten by lions.

So, if you were to ask me what the importance of this whole social viability/common law/natural law/whatever you call it law, which is completely co-dependent on the current system of government and law (in other words America still being a free America despite the SS# and all that) compared to the importance of what Walters TRF’s will accomplish in protecting all of our sacred laws, constitutional or other, I’m going to have to say that TRF’s are 20,000,000 times more important at this time. Because all of those free-man laws go out the window if and when we are overtaken in a war or on paper by another country, a union of countries, or a conglomerate corporate monster, and we become Chinamerica. That is the thing that we must concentrate on and stop. And everyone that values their common or natural law status in this as of now free country, must maintain that country in its current state in order to keep those rights viable and applicable.

They are not free. We must fight for them and keep them.

And the country or corporate fascist government with the biggest stick (the biggest 4×4 truck) is going to win, and your idealist rights which are based on this constitutional system being still valid and screwing everyone else but you and your common law, will fade away into the night. That is, unless we take the investment wealth and “ownership” of our country back. And so far, the only person that has shown me how to do this is Mr. Walter Burien. (

So, by all means continue to practice common law, natural law, and any other free law that you can think of. I personally can’t wait to indulge in this myself. It gives me goosebumps.

But don’t for one minute think that this alone makes you a free man (or woman) or that you can stop paying attention and fighting for this system and its reconstructive change. Or you might be in for a shocking surprise when there is no corrupt United States government left to claim your freedom from. The Communists shoot people like you!

I would love to be wrong about this, and I may be. Corrections and debate to my humble opinions here will be warmly accepted…


*** No free people were harmed in the making of this rant.


-Clint Richardson (

Monday, January 11, 2010

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  1. Hal

     /  January 11, 2010

    The finest “State of the Union” address I’ve heard in My now 74-years of life!!! …

    Good-on Ya!!! And God Bless!!!


    • Funny, you don’t write that old…



      • Hal

         /  January 13, 2010

        Compliment or pejorative? … Either way, I’ll take it, since My posts only represent the net effect of:

         A 28-year, 13,420 flight-hour helicopter-driver career, wherein the MERCIFUL Hand of that Creator God – you choose to so flippantly address – was most Graciously extant more times than I care to recall (and without which you likely would not be reading this here), during;

         30-months of dodging bullets like a duck in a shooting gallery, in the U.S. Inc’s. S.E. Asian War-Games (6-mos. USMC, Viet Nam / 24-mos. Air America, Thailand & Laos), followed-on with;

         21-years, boring holes in the skies of 7-nations, on 5-continents, hauling U.S. & foreign oil and mineral exploration execs, workers & their “toys” around the jungles, mountains and deserts of the World – ranging across the “Outback” of Australia; to Prudhoe Bay, AK; the Peruvian Selva, to the Argentine Straights of Magellan, the South African Cape of Good Hope; and from Mobile, AL, to Pt. Isabel, TX on the U.S. Gulf coast – all, while living in those local economies & raising a family of 2-Daughters and 2-Sons to successful adulthood in the process, then, 1989;

         The U.S. Federal government’s Pennzoil Corp. surrogate abruptly ENDED THAT blemishless career, when I refused an practically and legally Unwarranted invasive urinalysis drug screen, without presentment of a duly executed SEARCH WARRANT, thus began;

         20-years of ad hoc law study, with concomitant realization of the World’s greatest FRAUD and how Noah must have felt, giving a “Weather Forecast” in his day, when I tried to make others aware of My discoveries.

        … other than these events; I can only offer you a “plain vanilla” high school diploma in education, here.

        Please forgive the intrusion, if I’ve offended.


        • Wow. And I thought I was just being funny and clever.

          You know, replacing “look” with “write”? Ha ha ha? Remember humor?

          Besides, yours was the ultimate compliment! Thank you!

          But I guess this just goes to prove that we perceive things way out of context because of our past experiences and perceptions.

          And, while it sounds like you could kick my behind like a good soldier, I don’t see how that helps get our country back.

          This ruffling of feathers is not something I’ll participate in, but I’d love to have a man with your passion join by my side in this fight.

          Your choice of course…

          You’ve nothing to prove to anybody but yourself.


          • Oh, and do not mistake my abhorrence with the way the corporate religions manipulate peoples beliefs and faith with my own beliefs, or to mean any disrespect to your beliefs.

            No two men perceive God or the Creator in the same way, even if they be from the same church reading the same version of the bible.

            I just believe that your perception of God is just that; a personal personification of the fabric of time and space and its creator. And it is an individual and personal perception that in the end, can only be tainted by the biblical translations of men, time and time again, from language to language.

            Please consider the conglomerate churches’ history with regards to using God for Ungodly things. This has nothing to do with individual churches or individual men and their faith, only the ones who by faith follow blindly the larger church (corporation) who misguides us all.

            As I said, corporate church doesn’t make sense to me.


  2. Doug

     /  January 12, 2010

    They stopped listening to us. They pacify the masses. That’s good enough for a large percentage of the masses. There are a few that can smell the decay in the air. Once the virtual cornucopia of fruit from the tree of Ralphs Market comes to a halt, the masses will join in to be lead around by the noses by whomever happens to be leading whatever that day.
    When they get really hungry, all hell will break loose.
    At this point in my little story, I instruct you to open your Bible to Revelation for, as Paul Harvey said, “The rest of the story.”

    (WOW! I just used “Virtual Conucopia” in a sentence!)


    • Just Me

       /  January 12, 2010

      While I am on the same mind set as you are, my problem is what do I do about it? How do we unit the people? I try by talking to friends, family and I get a lot of crap for it. Its like everyone is in denial and really does not want to hear this! I sure the general populous is much the same. So now what? I am hard pressed on what I can do to stop this corrupt government which by the way are well funded and not to mention have the power to stop anything I do by forceful measures. Please give me some direction. I am at a lose…


      • Read both of these rants again. Send them to anyone you can.

        And realize that the masses per say will never unite, they are too far gone. It is us that needs to unite. The awakened and the enlightened. Let the sheep graze while we do what needs to be done. End the Fed, WeAreChange, La Rouche, anti-Zionists, militias, and educated people everywhere.

        The reason religion is so effective in making people believe in the invisible man in the sky, be he true or not, without a lick of proof is that they talk to them personally, they make them know how much they care about their souls, they make them feel like they want to be part of something great.

        Movies on Youtube and group protests are’nt going to help. You’ll have to talk to people, let them know you care, and best of all… you have proof of this evil. but you have to talk to people you wouldn’t normally talk to, right. Religions send out missionary’s and scouts to convert everyone they can, on a 2000 year old fable. So you are telling me you can’t take some hard evidence out to those people and do the same thing? Pathetic. Are you scared of rejection? Take it to a church then. If you make the preist understand, I can’t imagine him not wanting his flock understanding. Hold up a sign in the town square, like the “The End Is Near” guy, only this time you can prove it.

        We are not able to effect change unless we all try and change the same thing, or even the right thing. Concentrating on who did it doesn’t solve the problem, and not acting on it makes you guilty of complicity and sheepleness.

        One TRF in one city and we have a force that will drive itself. Not to mention an example of a local government whose people are wealthy, have no need to pay taxes, and who will never have to worry about thier children going without anything.

        You can do it yourself. Remember town hall meetings (the real ones where the people did the talking)?


  3. Stan

     /  January 12, 2010

    It is hard to get the word out nowdays and get people to unite, but I wouldn’t go to a priest for
    anything. The Vatican and Jesuits are the cornerstone
    of the New World Order.

    Follow this link to find out how we ended up with a Federal Reserve.



    • Yeah, but does that matter?

      Do you think all priests are Illuminati Jesuit New World Order Bilderburgers?

      No. That’s ridiculous. Individual churches are the backbone of the strong community. Good people flock to them.

      And I say again, now you have proof. CAFR’s don’t lie.


      • Stan

         /  January 13, 2010

        I would say that most churches are very much controlled
        these days. Not just by the Vatican but also by
        their 501c3 tax contracts, etc..



        • Yes, but the congregation does not comprehend this.

          And that is the whole point of this thing: mass comprehension!

          Why should a church need any “tax status” at all? The people should be monitoring its own charities and churches, not the corporations that control them.


  4. Dr Duncan Druhl

     /  January 12, 2010

    Exposure. Public exposure of the state of things and the “truth” is the only way to combat this.

    Representative democracy, free market economics, and capitalism did not issue forth from medieval mental states when nobody but priests and the nobility were educated. No, they evolved from people who were sufficiently educated to “think”.

    The second Enlightenment should be encouraged.


  5. What is a TRF?


  6. The Rail

     /  January 13, 2010

    I’ve been following Walter and his concepts/ideas for a while now. I totally agree with everything. I’m in that clique that doesn’t understand why this whole thing can’t be presented to and understood by ANYONE with serious money or city clout ANYWHERE. ANYONE in ANY city, large or small, that is righteous enough, patriotic enough to fund/force mass distribution of this concept to an entire small town until they have what is asked for here. ONE TRF created. One town exposed. Once this is accomplished, it’s like you said, it will just snowball to next door, next state, etc..
    What I don’t accept is that there is absolutely NOBODY that fits this need anywhere in this country. To tell me that ANYONE, EVERYONE, ANYWHERE, with money, city clout, local media control, will ALWAYS take the side of the government seems very unlikely IMOI. I truly believe that there is more than one Washington Post of the 70’s with a Woodward and Bernstein that could understand this and make it happen somewhere today. It’s just too large. This makes me start doubting the validity of things like 87% of Microsoft owned by collective government. Help me out here. If any of my taxes, and I have paid alot in my life, were invested and I I didn’t get a cut of the returns, lots of people will ask the same question of their tax dollars. Is it really all that hard to expose an issue this large?
    Help me stay with this movement. Any replys are appreciated.


    • The hardest part to comprehend, or even to admit for some people, is that this could have all taken place right in front of them and they didn’t know it.

      First of all, it is important to understand that this money is not your tax dollars. It was earned by temporarily using your tax dollars and investing them. Then those tax dollars were put back where they were borrowed from (this is a simplistic way of looking at it, of course). Secondly, for about 70 years, the gains on those investments were REINVESTED over and over and over. This is why there is so much government wealth. Keep in mind that the stock market is therefore a bit less random than we might think, and the government wouldn’t invest in something that they didn’t have inside information on or own, knowing that companies future contracts because they’ll be government contracts! And finally, you must understand how much money the government brings in every year. Currently, that figure is around 14 trillion dollars. Inversely, the entire population of the United States earns about 10 trillion a year. Oh, but after taxes, that nets to about 5 trillion.

      So that’s 14 trillion for government and 5 trillion for the entire population of the United States. Does that sound reasonable? Do you think the government should be producing 65% of the GDP in this country?

      How’s this for right in front of our noses… This was on the front page of the “Money” section of the Salt Lake Tribune this morning:

      UTAH STOCKS – The Bloomberg Utah Index measures the performance of the state’s major publicly held companies.
      Utah Index Close – 264.56 (-3.64)

      As for big shots in government coming out in support of this… It will be a domino effect. Once these TRF’s are ushered in, as a politician you’ll either have to support them if you were good and honest, or get out of the country if you were a crook. We are trying our dangedest to get well-known people from all walks of life to support this. If you know any, just send them our way. It is not everyone of them that knows of this collective investment ownership, so I wouldn’t say that everybody will take the side of government. Not at all. But they must learn this information first. Sometimes when we learn we are unwittingly apart of something wicked that we didn’t know we were a part of, we change. I recently spoke with a certain Chief of Staff of a particularly high state government official who had no idea what I was talking about when I referred to the trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars in government investments.

      The documentary is finally streaming after many technical glitches, and we are testing the final posting of it now. We should have it up very shortly, at which time Walter will send out an announcement.

      If you have more questions, I’d be happy to answer them… though Walter is the most informed person I know of.


      • The Rail

         /  January 14, 2010

        My intention was not to debate or argue my point, although I would with anyone, but to get an honest reply to my questions and assure we all go expose this. If we can’t “sell” it, it dies on the vine like most things. If I myself have questions even I can’t answer if asked of me, I won’t make a sale. Now, you wrote “First of all, it is important to understand that this money is not your tax dollars. It was earned by temporarily using your tax dollars and investing them. Then those tax dollars were put back where they were borrowed from”.
        You mean you and Walter’s whole point wasn’t that it WAS my tax dollars used to make the profit from MY tax dollars? Just the fact you say, “it is important to understand that this money is not your tax dollars”, totally throws the whole concept of the argument way off base. Yes, the “profit” from my tax dollars being invested “is not” my tax dollars, but it certainly should be “my investment dollars”. I thought that was the whole problem and resolution. CAFR’s expose using my tax dollars to make a profit through investments and taking that profit and doing as they please for themselves without any knowledge or notifications to the taxpayer whatsoever. Simply notifying taxpayers (me) of the intentions and whole taxpayer buyin with the returns coming back to me in a TRF is the reolution. Just like a 401K to me. I give permission to invest my contributions and the returns come to ME. OR THE LOSS. The difference is when a taxpayer (me) pays taxes, we aren’t asked whether we want to take that risk with our taxes. We assume it pays the police, firefighters, or repairs a road, etc…I didn’t agree to invest it for profit. If all taxpayers did agree, they would be agreeing to gamble our taxes, which, in reality is what Walter’s TRF’s will be doing. If EVERY single taxpayer found out their taxes were “temporarily” used to invest for profit, with those returns kept privately, they would raise hell and revolt out loud. I thought that was the point you were bringing out to get Americans yelling.
        Talk to me dude.


      • If you explore the website, you’ll find the answers to most of these questions. This page explains it well. –

        I apologize. I should have quoted “tax dollars” and explained that it is the money earned from investing your “tax dollars” and not your actual “tax dollars” themselves being used. It is rightfully all of our money (the public). The government is our government, under our control. It is not a separate entity unbound by us. So any money it has is in fact ours!

        Again, the easiest comparison would be if your local bank where you had your savings account or CD kept the interest on your interest bearing account, and never told you that you were earning that interest in the first place. It’s your money.

        A TRF invests and reinvests for the peoples future into the public trust, while these government investments do not reinvest into any form of public interest, and go to profit government and corporations only. Investing into the public is a good thing, and you should not be afraid of this type of investment. But government investment into privately held government owned corporations with no benefit to the public is very much what you should be afraid of. A TRF fund would simply invest in the best of the best of business ideas, the ones that would benefit the people the most. If you have an idea, it will no longer be ignored or stolen. It gives you the incentive to start a business, and it gives the public (through public controlled government that is continuously audited) the incentive to invest in your idea or business because it benefits the whole of the public. No bail-outs for obsolete corporations, and no investment into failing corporations and businesses that don’t benefit the public interest yet make huge profits at the expense of us. Capital reinvestment is a very good thing – when a bunch of crooks aren’t running the show – and when the men and women who are in office and are constantly being watched and audited (total transparency) through a TRF system are paid according to how well the economy is actually doing through their governing, their reinvestment into the public health and well-being, and for their efforts in the downsizing of their local government.

        The government is not gambling this money away, they are using it to invest in and buy up everything in sight, privately! Malls, bridges, roads, real estate, industries, land, and anything of value, and placing these into private ownership without public benefit. They are doing this with the wealth built from the peoples money, which is taken from these funds and investments using taxpayer money that should belong to us (as a group) the public, and should be reinvested for the public’s’ benefit. Government is not supposed to be this way, per the constitution or through any ideal of good and just government. This is a corporate takeover of America!!! And if it isn’t turned around, there will be no country left, no constitution, no ideals, and no freedom. What is there to sell? Understanding this is the only selling point you need. The proof is in the CAFR’s themselves, though you may have to research what the figures on those CAFR’s refer to, and nothing is easy in life.

        One other thing to consider is this. The stock market works on a very simple concept, though it is made hard to understand by the media. When a stock goes up by one point (+1), that stock price just went up by one dollar ($1). If there are a total of 100,000 shares of that stock in the market, that company’s publicly held value through privately owned stock just went up by $100,000. But what if a stock goes from 50 points (dollars) a share and drops to 1 point (dollar) per share, if say a company like Enron goes out of business? Do you think that money just disappears? No. While that investment money seemingly does disappear from the stock-holders account balance and disappears into the fog and ether of the stock market, that 49 points (dollars) goes into someone else’s pockets. It transfers into another account. Stock brokers make money whether you win or lose, and so have no incentive for you to win in this game. If you lose, someone else wins when you sell your stock. Because when you buy or sell, someone is on the other side of that option in the selling or buying position. The middle man that is the stock-broker makes his money regardless. So what I’m trying to tell you is this… when you see a stock price suddenly rise to unheard of highs, and then shortly thereafter fall to unheard of lows, there is someone or something (government) making a lot of money by being on the other end of all of those trades, wins, and losses that are happening during that spike and decline. And the stock market of today rises and falls by hundreds of points in a single day without anyone questioning why. It is completely corrupt. And it is like a huge siphon that is sucking up all of your wealth, or will if you continue to gamble in that ridiculous market.

        The U.S. government has done a very good and thorough job of stealing everything from the people. It is now time for the people to understand that this has happened, understand that it is us who have the power over the government, and understand that if we don’t take that wealth and ownership back and place it into the public’s hands (which in reality, is what Walter’s TRF funds will be doing) we are doomed to fail as a country, as a society, and as a constitutionally free people.

        So yes, taxpayers should rightfully be angry that their taxes were used in this way. But revolt, at least violently, is not the answer nor the solution. TRF’s are a tool, the only tool i know of, to accomplish the legal and peaceful transfer of wealth and ownership back into the hands of the people. So the point is to make people aware, so that they support the efforts of CAFR1 and all involved in trying to correct this situation without bloodshed and at the risk of destroying what remnants of a free country we have left. What I’m trying to tell you, is that there is only one peaceful option to get this done, and that is TRF’s and all that goes with them. We must turn the corporations back into regulated businesses, and take the control of those corporations (including the United States itself) away from an elite few and place it back into public ownership through the already set up government investment using what is rightfully our money. Greed need not be the reason we are doing this, though the beautiful side effect is no taxes and downsizing government. But a better life for all of us is a beautiful goal.

        Does this answer your question?


  7. The Rail

     /  January 15, 2010

    Well, it was a great description of the stock market. I got out of the stock market in October 07 at around 13,600. Didn’t lose a dime. I haven’t made alot since and almost wish I had gone back in when it was 6500. I tried to get some of my buddies at work to get out, but they didn’t. One friends 401k was tipping the one million mark, and he was counting down when he retired. he lost 35%. Do the math. But I well know the wall street casino could be flipped in one day with the big boys. I can’t seem to convince people that the stock market is a very manipulated “game with your money”. The missing link in convincing folks is the solid evidence that the people/group/dominant owners of the stock market can and will “flip” that market to their advantage on any given day. To what extent will vary vastly, but when it dropped from almost 14,000 down to around 6500 in just a few months, LOTS of people lost LOTS of “paper” money. Now, here’s where I get VERY frustrated. It is impossible to go convince my buddies that lost so much of their “paper” investments that many, many people lost like they did and a very small pocket of people gained it all. When I say “For every dollar lost by one person, a dollar is gained by another” it just doesn’t sink in. This is one area where I need help in my cause. Along with others of course. Ya got me rambling now.

    My original question that went unanswered was why something that is so seemingly clear to me (and you), that there isn’t ONE progressive thinking person with serious money, notoriety or clout that won’t go into a city ,town, or one red light podunk community and make this happen. Are we avoiding people like, take these names with a grain of salt, Hollywoods like Matt Damon, George Clooney or even Alec Baldwin? Hell, I think I will send the whole package to Jesse Ventura for his Conspiracy Theory show on TV. Lots of people will see it, maybe some will do something. To summarize, it feels like this whole movement Walter Burien has created only has small fries buying in. Why is that?
    Thanks Clint for talking. I look for more. Walter has Your ear by him sending out links to your stuff. Ask him and let us know.


    • Actually, though I can’t name names, we are trying to get a few of those “big name” folks to participate. But just to use an example, Charlie Sheen (who has nothing to do with this) has come out publicly on several issues including 9/11. The fact that his name is smeared all over the cover of magazines and that news shows cover his supposed exploits for a half an hour at a time to discredit anything he says, is the main reason why most “stars” will not come out and talk about this. Not to mention they just don’t know about it. They are extremely comfortable in their wealth and fame and don’t want to blow it. They signed their souls over to the devil the first time the appeared in a Hollywood movie!

      But there might be exceptions. Once we can get this public and make people comprehend the information, maybe that might change. I can only say that some that we’ve contacted do comprehend, but are extremely hesitant to say anything publicly because they know what will happen. Some have already been raked through the coals by speaking out on other much less significant topics.

      I guess the only answer here is that at some point, the word will get around to someone with clout, because people like you talked to their friends, and they talked to their friends, and so on and so forth. But until that happens, and there is a significant enough support base in the average citizenry, we’ll be hard pressed to find anyone to go up against the system that pays them millions of dollars to just shut up, read their scripts, and look pretty! Just as professional coaches and players in the know will never reveal publicly that they get paid oodles of money to protect the secret that they work for the betting industry, and so cover the point spreads by allowing last minute touchdowns to cover those point spreads and ensuring that the mob come out ahead on their bets.

      I have hardly anything to lose. You could say the same thing about Walter. But these “stars” have everything to lose, and that makes a big difference. And I suppose that is the best answer to why in the end, this will likely be by necessity a grass roots movement by the people.

      And I wonder, now that Alex Jones is so well syndicated and is bringing in lots of money for his radio show, if he will have the nerve to continue to cover this subject and have Walter on as a guest after so many times before?

      When Jeff Rense had Walter on his show years ago, he lost a significant portion of his syndicated stations. I’d be surprised if George Noory doesn’t have some backlash from Walter’s interview (which got cut off in the middle) as well.

      You see the problem here?


  8. The Rail

     /  January 17, 2010

    I just want to help………..


  9. SIS

     /  February 22, 2013

    1. The word on the street is that the U.S. government is broke because of the corruption of the too big to fail banks and large corporations moving the jobs out of the country thus causing too many Americans to depend on Government subsidies.

    2. The Government is 15 trillion in debt and the Federal Reserve’s only answer is to keep the printing presses running which makes every dollar earned by private citizens worth less and less “worthless”.

    3. The main stream media blames the Baby Boomers for not living within their means while its apparently O.K. for the Government to borrow every dollar from the Federal Reserve which is literally the net effect of creating debt for no other apparent reason than to pay protection money tribute to the City of London “the nemesis of America’s founding fathers.”

    4. While the wealth and annual capital gains of the incorporated entities of United States and State and City governments have enjoyed unprecedented growth over the last fifty years; 99 % of American wage earners have not had a raise in income or standard of living since the early 1970s. Everything else has continued to rise causing the majority of this generation to become latch key kids because of the need for two incomes for family survival.

    5. Government continues to raise taxes, plead poverty and suppress scientific solutions to “all” health, educational, environmental, social, economic and energy related problems!

    6. While cutting off funding to all small businesses which made up the bulk of American employers they use the people’s tax dollars and alphabet regulatory agencies of the most vicious kind to run these companies out of business especially if they have solutions to any of the above mentioned problems.

    7. the bulk of the rest of the manufacturing jobs they have not moved over seas but in stead have created a way to ensnare and enrich the Justice system who are motivated by greed and stock investments to incarcerate as many Americans as they possibly can in a for profit prison system

    8. That system uses the slave labor of American citizens to manufacture weapons of mass destruction to sell to the rest of the planet including those they purport to be America’s enemies! Furthermore the government uses tax dollars as incentive to local jurisdictions to fill as many prison beds as possible while the true victims of this scam and their families pay the price including room and board to these “private for profit enterprises”!

    9. Instead of using the bail out money to fix the problems with liar real estate loans they have used a miniscule amount to commit further fraud and foreclosures by way of further criminal misrepresentation in their loan modification programs. These loans were absolutely proven to be fraudulently and intentionally structured to destroy the real economy by the banksters who use the government to cow the masses! The rest of the bailout money and billions more they have sent to their cousins and cronies in Europe.

    10. The culprits have put all of the wealth that belongs to the American taxpayer on the chopping block at fire sale prices so that they can buy it with the worthless dollars that they have created because of the bogus theory that there is no way out of the coming economic holocaust.

    The Government wants us to believe that it will eventually reach the breaking point because of over stressed social programs thus people will die from hunger and exposure to the elements or they will seek justice for the monumental theft of their future.

    Therefore it is only reasonable for the “poor broke government” to spend the majority of its capital collected from the tax payers to arm itself to the teeth, create concentration camps, order massive numbers of coffins that perfectly fit the size of shipping containers and continue to push killer vaccines, fluoridated water and GMO contaminated food on the people to weaken the able bodied, and infect and repel the masses and to declare marshal law.

    All of the problems which have been intentionally created by a class of criminals that need to be identified as civilization destroyers
    can be stopped by one irrefutable truth at the end of a time proven and peaceful path to a solution.

    This also gives us an understanding of the motive behind what is moving the world toward an extinction level event like WWIII and the myriad of lies being used to convince us that over population is destroying the planet therefore culling the world’s population is reasonable.

    Follow the money to who it benefits and you will find the 16 trillion that the government claims it has lost and thus owes to whom?
    Us that’s who!

    “One who dies without a will loses their wealth through escheat “es cheat” to the Treasury of the UNITED STATES corporation!”

    The evidence is right in front of our noses in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports of America’s incorporated governmental institutions and on the web sight of the Governmental Investment Officers Association of The United States and Canada.

    This group vigorously refutes the premise that the Government is irredeemably in debt and they should know because they do all the investing for the various incorporated entities of the Federal, State, County, City, Municipal, overt and covert governments of the U.S.

    Why not use them as a source to refute the pleas of poverty which is the usua excuse they keep using for every atrocity being committed against all of the world’s people in the names of the semi-conscious people of America.

    That Americans have agreed to and back the crimes of these sociopaths who take their marching orders from British Intelligence and ultimately the European Black Nobility including all of the Monarchies is perhaps the most traitorous lie of all time!

    Unfortunately the theft of our wealth to fund their programs will continue to make us complicit thus we have no other choice but to deal with it.


  10. roger13

     /  December 12, 2013



    MONSANTO IS PUSHING SECRETELY FOR AN ECONOMIC UNION BETWEEN UNITED STATES AND THE EUROPEAN UNION ( Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership TTIP) BUT ALSO FOR Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) AND Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).
    ” Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are grabbing headlines around the world. Meanwhile, Asia’s own mega-regional trade deal — the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) — is quietly being negotiated. But it deserves more press: the RCEP could create the world’s largest trading bloc and have significant implications for the world economy. So what would the RCEP cover and who will it benefit? ” 2013/05/20/tpp-ttip-and-rcep/
    ” The TPP is a proposed free trade agreement under negotiation by (as of August 2013) Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan,[9] Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam. ” 2013/11/13/the-tpp-is-by-far-the-largest-and-most-oppressive-economic-treaty-devised-thus-far/

    ” Transatlantic trade deal secretly pushed amidst the NSA scandal

    A major threat to global sovereignty is being pursued in near silence, as the NSA-Snowden story dominates the headlines. The Transatlantic trade partnership between the E.U. and U.S. is edging closer to completion, as a new regulatory regime is being developed to control trade deals throughout the world. ……..
    “While the idea of a Transatlantic Common Market can be seen as far back as 1948 in the global security integration of NATO, it first gained major momentum in April 2007 when President George W. Bush approved the Transatlantic Economic Council.”
    Robinson continues stating: “This council is a permanent international body… (it) seeks to harmonize a large number of complex U.S. and EU regulations in preparation for a free trade zone by 2015.”……….
    The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership or (TTIP) “seeks to expand U.S.-EU trade flows by eliminating tariffs, reducing U.S.-EU differences in product standards and regulations and increasing investment across the Atlantic.With the European Union and the United States representing 47 percent of global GDP and 33 percent of world trade flows, the potential benefits and risks of this trade agreement are significant.”……….
    In addition to being a trade deal, the TTIP, places heavy regulations on climate and food industries, proving this agreement has more to it than meets the eye. The language that was written for the TTIP could open doors for companies like Monsanto, allowing them to push their genetically engineered food production overseas as well as in the United States.
    Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has been a very outspoken critic of the TTIP and the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP, had this to say about the Transatlantic deal:
    “US seed companies that for a decade have been struggling to break the deadlock over the authorization for the cultivation of their [GM] seeds now will be presented with the ultimate opportunity to change the entire process to suit their needs.”
    The TTIP , is also imposing immovable policies on climate and environmental issues. Here is an excerpt from the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue report explaining how a ‘carbon tax’ scheme could be introduced with this new trade deal:
    “The agreement must facilitate a transition to more sustainable consumption and production patterns, and not water down or impose barriers to measures for promoting them. To advance sustainability and avert catastrophic climate change, the agreement must ensure that trading partners can adopt tax policies, mandatory performance standards, carbon and pollution regulations, schemes for self-generation or “feed-in” electricity tariffs and renewable energy standards without being subject to challenge under the agreement.”
    The picture is becoming clearer as we see the consolidation of sovereignty under both the Transatlantic and Trans-pacific trade deals. The excessive push by global industries to seduce the public into thinking this is in our best interest, quietly forcing us to comply with a new regulatory regime.
    These deals always happen in secret, in dark halls, with a devil’s hand shake. ” 2013/07/09/transatlantic-trade-deal-being-pushed-in-secret-amidst-the-nsa-scandal/


    ” Almost simultaneously with the publication of this article in The Nation, the Via Campesina reported the purchase of 500,000 shares of Monsanto, for more than $23 million by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which with this action completed the outing of the mask of “philanthropy.” ”

    ” Gates was made an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) by Queen Elizabeth II in 2005. ”
    ” Lord JACOB ROTHSCHILD, the behind-the-scenes controller of the Inter-Alpha Group, was a partner at Rothschild at the time he set up the Inter-Alpha Group in 1971, using its resources and then leaving in 1980 to continue his special mission, which includes advising the genocidal British Crown and managing the funds of Prince Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall, to finance his kooky, “green” schemes.”
    ” Prince Charles already played polo with EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD in his student years and later set up the Interfaith consultations with him. ”
    EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD ” In 1989, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II,[2] for whom he serves as a financial adviser. ”

    ” Pepsi, Nestle scandal – flavour ‘enhanced’ by aborted foetal cells ”


    ” Talks on the Atlantic portion of the secretive, dictatorial “free trade” policy being pushed by the Obama Administration, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), were cancelled yesterday, just after the cancellation of Obama’s Asian trip dealt a major blow to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks.
    Discussions with the EU over the TTIP were supposed to take place in Brussels tomorrow, after a first round of talks was successfully completed in Washington in July. But European Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht said yesterday that his U.S. counterpart Michael Froman called to say that Washington would not be able to send its delegation because of the government shutdown.
    And over in Bali, Indonesia, U.S. officials battled to put a positive spin on the country’s trade relations with Asia in the wake of President Barack Obama’s no-show at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit, the Singapore Straits Times reported.
    Both the TTP and the TTIP remove control of the participating country’s economy, placing it in the governing international trade body, similar to how the Brussels-based European Union usurped sovereignty of the captive European nations. Both treaties are treated as secret, but it is known that provisions of the governing body will override individual nations’ laws on critical matters such as health care, trade flows, and government run or assisted industries. ”

    ” Opposition lawmakers and German media have accused Ms. Merkel of hosting a private party at taxpayer expense for the birthday of Mr. Ackermann [FORMER CEO OF DEUTSCHE BANK], an influential but controversial figure in Germany. ”
    ” A German official confirmed that Mr. Ackermann proposed guests’ names to the chancellery. Guests included executives from big German companies such as BASF AG and Siemens AG, as well as media publishers and some leading academics.
    The dinner highlights the fact that relations between Germany’s political and business elites have long been cozy, reflecting a tradition of trying to govern the country by building a consensus with industry, banking, unions and other interest groups. ”

    ” On April 28 the Atlantic Council held its annual awards dinner at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington, D.C. where the U.S. State Department is also situated.
    The honorees were headed by former President Bill Clinton, who was given the Distinguished International Leadership Award for his intervention in the Balkans in the 1990s, expanding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and launching the North American Free Trade Agreement. Josef Ackermann, Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee of Deutsche Bank AG, was presented with the Distinguished Business Leadership Award. ”
    ( Atlantic Council: Securing the 21st Century for NATO )


    WE CAN NOTICE RELATIONS AMONG LORD JACOB ROTHSCHILD AND DEUTSCHE BANK. ISGP/organisations/introduction/PEHI_Jacob_de_Rothschild_bio.htm
    ” In addition, she serves as a Trustee of the ERANDA Foundation (a Rothschild family foundation), the Outward Bound Trust, the Alfred Herrhausen Society of International Dialogue of Deutsche Bank and the Global Commercial Microfinance Consortium Advisory Board of Deutsche Bank. ”


    3) EUROPEAN UNION AND OBAMA ARE WELL CONTROLLED BY GOLDMAN SACHS. politics/an-updated-list-of-goldman-sachs-ties-to-the-obama-government-including-elena-kagan/

    Lord JACOB ROTHSCHILD “Hosted the European Economic Round Table conference in 2002 at Waddesdon Manor, attended by such figures as James Wolfensohn, Nicky Oppenheimer, Warren Buffet, and Arnold Schwarzenegger ” ISGP/organisations/introduction/PEHI_Jacob_de_Rothschild_bio.htm
    The same Warren Buffet, that is chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, ” agreed to purchase $5 billion in Goldman’s preferred stock “. wiki/Berkshire_Hathaway
    ” Benjamin de Rothschild, only son of the late Edmond de Rothschild, was a classic case of great expectations gone astray. Despite being groomed for greatness from a young age, as a teenager he skipped university and instead headed for Los Angeles with dreams of being a film producer. In LA he started taking drugs, and ended up on heroin. Meanwhile, he failed to make it into Hollywood’s charmed circle and bombed as a film-maker. ”



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